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Pages 748-758

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Series 2, Volume 1, Henry VII. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1898.

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Raby, Richard, 1145.

Racclyff, Robert, knt. See Radcliff.

Rachford, co. Heref. See Rochford, co. Worc.

Rackheath, Rakheith, co. Norf., land in, 458.

Radbourne, Rodburn, co. Derby, advowson of, 776; manor of, 776; Pole, Ralph of. See Pole.

Radcliff, Ratclyff, on Trent, co. Notts., land in, 917.

Radcliff, Racclyff, Radclyf, Radclyff, Ratclyf, Alexander, esq., s. and h. of John, 1178.
-, ………, Geoffrey, s. and h. of Thomas, 265, 266.
-, ………, Joan, wife of Thomas, late wife of John Mannok, 265.
-, ………, John, 1178.
-, ………, John, knt., Lord Fitzwalter, 53, 266, 1143; land held of, in co. Essex, 32, 391, 924, 1135; in co. Linc., 1041; in co. Norf., 319, 677, 812, 1058; in co. Suffolk, 234.
-, ………, John, s. and h. of William, of Ordsall, co. Lanc., 1178.
-, ………, John, the elder, 266.
-, ………, Robert, clk., 1178.
-, ………, Robert, knt., 721; land held of, in co. Suff, 234.
-, ………, Thomas, rent due from, in co. Cumb., 245.

Radcliff, Thomas, Norf., 266; Suff., 265.

Radcliff, Thomas, esq., land held by, in co. Westmd., 432.
-, ………, Thomas, of Standish, co. Lanc., clk., 1178.
-, ………, William, brother of Robert, clk., 1178.
-, ………, William, of Ordsall, co. Lanc., 1178.

Radclyf, Robert, knt. See Radcliff.

Radclyffe, Geoffrey, &c. See Radcliff.

Raddeley, co. Berks. See Radley.

Radden, co. Devon. See Raddon.

Raddestok, co. Somers. See Radstock.

Raddon, Radden, co. Devon, knight’s fee in, 536; land held of manor of, 461.

Raddon, John, 899.

Radecliff on Wreke, co. Leic. See Ratcliffe.

Raden, co. Somers., manor of, 385.

Radenham, co. Hants, land in, 1246.

Radeway, co. Devon. See Radway.

Radewell, co. Herts. See Radwell.

Radford [in Plymstock], co. Devon, land in, 78.

Radle, Richard, 1143.

Radley, Raddeley, co. Berks., land in, 132, 707; manor of, 957.

Radmylde, William, esq., 106.
-, ………, William, knt., land held of, in co. Sussex, 437.

Radnam, co. Hants, land in, 187.

Radnor, honor of, land held of, in co. Heref., 825.
-, ………, Old, Bromhill, John, rector of. See Bromhill.

Radstock, Raddestok, co. Somers., advowson of, 248, 1171; land in, 248; manor of, 248, 1171.

Radway, Radeway, Radwey, co. Devon, land in, 59.
-, ……… [Fitzpaine], co. Somers., manor of, 548.

Radwell, Radewell, co. Herts., land in, 512.

Radwey, co. Somers. See Radway.

Radworthy, North, co. Devon, land in, 899.

Radyngton, John. See Redington.

Raechford, co. Essex. See Rochford.

Rafe, Alice, &c. See Ralph.

Rafe, Brompton. co. Somers. See Brompton Ralph.

Raffe, Brawnton, co. Somers. See Brompton Ralph.

Ragon, Hugh, clk., 825.

Raincliffe, Raynclif, co. York, manor of, 477.

Rainham, Reynham, co. Essex, land in, 237.
-, ……, co. Kent, land in, 396, 606.
-, ……, co. Norf., manor of, 35.
-, ………, East alias St. Mary, co. Norf. See Rainham, St. Mary.
-, ………, Great, co. Norf., land in, 1143.
-, ………, Little, co. Norf., land in, 1143.
-, ………, St. Martin, co. Norf., Scales manor in, 1143, land held of, 1143; William Tendale’s manor in. See Scales manor.
-, ………, St. Mary alias East, co. Norf., advowson of, 210; chantry in church of, 1143; Havyles manor in, 1143, land held of, 1143; Rowses manor in, 1143; Ingoldesthorpes manor in, 210; view of frankpledge in, 210.
-, ………, South, co. Norf., land in, 1143; view of frankpledge in, 210.
-, ………, West, co. Norf., land in, 1143; view of frankpledge in, 210.

Rake, Henry, esq., escheator, 259, 260, 986, 987, 989, 990.

Rakheith, co. Norf. See Rackheath.

Rale alias Rawlyn, Simon, 143.

Ralegh, Edward, &c. See Rawleigh.

Ralff, Alice, &c. See Ralph.

Ralph, Rafe, Ralff, Alice, wife of John, and d. of Richard More, esq., 1194, 1244.
-, ………, John, 1194.

Ralph, Brompton, co. Somers. See Brompton Ralph.

Ramerick, Rammardewike, co. Herts., manor of, 727, 847.

Ramesden, co. Essex. See Ramsden.

Ramesey, Thomas. See Ramsay.

Rammardewike, co. Herts. See Ramerick.

Rammesby, William, esq., 812.

Rampton, co. Notts., manor of, 962.

Ramsay, Ramesey, Thomas, 54, 1031.

Ramsden, Ramesden, co. Essex, land in, 104.

Ramsey, co. Essex, Folton Hall in, 100; land in, 152, 631; manor of, 152, 459.
-, ……, co. Hunt., Abbey of, land held of, in co. Camb., 476; in co. Hunt., 412; in co. Norf., 940, 1159, 1162.

Ramsey, Thomas, 172; land held of, in co. Bucks., 426.

Ramston, Anne, wife of John, late wife of John Kyng of Dunmow, co. Essex, 50.
-, ………, John, 50.

Ramys, John, 565.
-, ………, John, father of Robert, 565.

Ramys, Robert, N’th’l’d., 565.

Ramys, Robert, s. and h. of Robert, 565.

Randolveston, co. Dorset. See Ranston.

Rangeborn, Robert, &c. See Ringbourn.

Rangeworth, co. Glouc. See Rangeworthy.

Rangeworthy, Rangeworth, Rengeworth, co. Glouc., manor (1/4) of, 860.

Ranston, Randolveston, co. Dorset, manor of, 386, 897.

Ranworth, co. Norf., Basewyk by. See Bastwick.

Ranys Fee, co. Bucks. See Amersham.

Rasen, Rasyn, Middle, co. Linc., Nevill Fee in, 1115; Panell Fee in, 1115.
-, ………, West, co. Linc., manor of, 1115.

Rashleigh, Raysshelegh, [in Wemworthy], co. Devon, rent in, 155.

Rasyn, co. Linc. See Rasen.

Ratclif, co. Devon, land in, 403.

Ratcliffe, Radecliff, Ratclyff, on the Wreak (Wreke), co. Leic., land in, 164; manor of, 90.

Ratclyfe, Thomas. See Radcliff.

Ratclyff on Wreke, co. Leic. See Ratcliffe on the Wreak.

Rathewill, co. Cornw., manor of, 761.

Ratlysden, co. Suff. See Rattlesden.

Rattery, Rattre, co. Devon, land in, 303.

Rattlesden, Ratlysden, co. Suff., land held of manor of Rattlesden Hall in, 234; Stonhams manor in, 575; Woodhall in, 234.

Rattre, co. Devon. See Rattery.

Rauffe, Brampton, co. Somers. See Brompton, Ralph.

Raundes Cotez, co. N’hamp. See Raunds.

Raunds, Raundes, Rawndys, co. N’hamp., rent in, 1147.
-, ……… Cotes (Cotez), co. N’hamp., land in, 1192.

Rauson, Richard. See Rawson.

Raven, Thomas, 342.

Ravenesden, co. Bedf. See Ravensden.

Raveneswath, co. York. See Ravensworth.

Ravensden, Ravenesden, co. Bedf., Trayles manor in, 842.

Ravensworth, Raveneswath, co. York, castle, &c., of, 258.
-, ………, Kirkby, co. York. See Kirkby.

Ravenwik Scalez, co. Cumb., land in, 157.

Raw, Greynham, co. Cumb. See Greynham.
-, ………, Sparkehede, co. Cumb. See Sparkehede.

Rawe, Robert, 1166.

Raweson, Joan, &c. See Rawson.

Rawleigh, Ralegh, Edward, knt., land held of, in co. Devon, 674.

Rawlyn alias Rale, Simon, 143.

Rawlyns in South Elmham, co. Suff. See Elmham.

Rawmarsh, Rawmershe, co. York, land in, 353.

Rawmershe, co. York. See Rawmarsh.

Rawndys, co. N’hamp. See Raunds.

Rawreth, co. Essex, Beches, or La Beche, manor in, 1161; Colman rent in, 1161; land held of Beches manor in, 1161; land held of manor of, 62; land held of Rawreth Hall manor in, 1161; land in, 1144, 1161; manor of, 1144.

Rawson, Rauson, Raweson, Christopher, 886.

Rawson, Joan, widow, d. of Thos. Fyler, Essex, 391.

Rawson, John, 886.
-, ………, John, s. and h. of Joan, 391.
-, ………, Richard, 237.

Raygate, co. Surrey. See Reigate.

Rayghley, co. Essex. See Rayleigh.

Rayleigh, Rayghley, Rayley, Reyleigh, co. Essex, honor of, in Rochford Hundred, parcel of duchy of York, land held of, in co. Essex, 64, 124, 278, 779, 1144, 1161. See also Rochford.
-, ………, land in, 1144.

Raynclif, co. York. See Raincliffe.

Rayne, Reyn, Reynis, Ashe, co. Devon. See Ashreigny.
-, ………, Great, co. Essex, land held of manor of, 759; Naylingherst’s tenement in, 759.

Rayne, Little, co. Essex, advowson of, 152; land in, 152, 759.

Rayneford, William, &c. See Raynsford.

Raynford, William, &c. See Raynsford.

Raynold, Richard, &c. See Reynold.

Raynsford, Rayneford, Raynford, Raynsforth, Reifford, Reisford, Reynsforth, Anne, late wife of John, formerly wife of John Writtle, esq., and d. and co-heir of Humphrey Starkey, knt., 195, 1165.

Raynsford, Anne, late wife of John, formerly wife of John Writtle, esq., and d. and ch. of Humphrey Starkey, knt., Essex, 459.

Raynsford, Edward, esq., 631.
-, ………, John, 459.
-, ………, John, esq., 1006.
-, ………, John, esq., s. and h. of Laurence, knt., 631, 743.
-, ………, John, s. and h. of William, esq., 313.

Raynsford, Laurence, knt., Essex, 631; Norf., 743.

Raynsford, Richard, escheator of Middx., 211, 212.

Raynsford, William, esq., Oxford, 313.

Raynsforth, Richard, &c. See Raynsford.

Raysshelegh, co. Devon. See Rashleigh.

Read, Rede [in Marden], co. Kent, manor of, 1235.

Reading, Redyng, co. Berks., Abbey of, land held of, in co. Berks., 711, 733, 1031, 1106, 1120, 1244; in co. Warw., 748; messuages in, 711, 1244.

Rearsby, Reresby, co. Leic., Chaumberlayns manor in, 164; land in, 164.

Reaveley, Reveley, co. N’th’l’d., messuage in, 348.

Recorder of London. See London.

Red Castle, co. Salop, 604.

Redcar, Ridker, co. York, Cobleferme in, 612; manor of, 612.

Reddesdale, co. N’th’l’d. See Redesdale.

Rede, Reed, co. Herts., manor of, 995.
-, ……, co. Kent. See Read.
-, ……… Hall (Reedhalle), co. Suff., manor of, 810.

Rede, Edmund, knt., 560, 561, 932, 1200.

Rede, Edmund, knt., Berks., 466; Bucks., 465; Oxford, 467.

Rede, Henry, 1060.
-, ………, John, chaplain, 312.
-, ………, John, of Newport, co. Essex, 993.
-, ………, Katharine, late wife of Edmund, knt., sometime wife of —— Gainsford, 467.

Rede, Katharine, late wife of Edmund, knt., sometime wife of —— Gainsford, Bucks., 561; Oxford, 560.
-, ………, Robert, 485, 753.
-, ………, Robert, serjeant-at-law, 530.

Rede, William, grandson and heir of Edmund, knt., 465, 560.
-, ………, William, s. and h. of Edmund, knt., 465, 560.

Redecombe, co. Devon, land in, 303.

Redehede, William, 554.

Redehone, co. Dorset. See Redhove.

Redenhall, Rodenhall, co. Norf., manor of, 173.

Redesdale, Reddesdale, Riddisdale, co. N’th’l’d., customs, &c., within, 971.

Redeswell, co. Essex, land in, 1144.

Redfenford, co. Devon, land in, 855.

Redham, co. Norf. See Reedham.

Redhill, John, 656.

Redhode, William. See Redhood.

Redhood, Redhode, William, 426.

Redhove, Redehone, co. Dorset, hundred of, 39.

Redilcom, co. Devon. See Riddlecombe.

Redington, Radyngton, John, 204.

Redmane, Edward, esq., 969.

Redwallys, in Marches of Wales, land in, 601.

Redylcombe, co. Devon. See Riddlecombe.

Redyng, co. Berks. See Reading.

Ree, Roger, 237.

Reed, John, &c. See Rede.

Reedhalle manor, co. Suff. See Rede Hall.

Reedham, Redham, co. Norf., manor of, 916; Wythes manor in, 976.

Reedman, Alan; mayor of Calais, 871.

Reginald son of Peter, heirs of, 612.

Regis, Byre, co. Dorset. See Bere.
-, ………, Houghton, co. Bedf. See Houghton.
-, ………, Lyme, co. Dorset. See Lyme.
-, ………, Newton, co. Warw. See Newton.
-, ………, Nymett, co. Devon. See Nymet.

Reifford, or Reisford, John, esq. See Raynsford.

Reigate, Raygate, co. Surrey, manor (1/4) of, 879.

Reighton, Rygton, co. York, land in, 488.

Reigne, John, &c. See Reigny.

Reigny, Reigne, Reyny, Joan. See Courtenay, Joan.
-, ………, John, 757, 1231.
-, ………, John, the younger, 1231.
-, ………, Richard, land held of, in co. Devon, 680.
-, ………, William, clk., land held of, in co. Devon, 855.

Reigny, Ash, co. Devon. See Ashreigney.

Reisford, or Reifford, John, esq. See Raynsford.

Religious Houses. See Abbotsbury; Abingdon; Amesbury; Ankerwyke; Ashby, Canons; Athelney; Axholm; Bardney; Barking; Barlinch; Barnwell; Bath;; Battle; Beauvale; Bel-Champ; Belvoir; Berkley; Bermondsey; Beverley; Bicester; Bilsington, Priory; Bindon Abbey; Binham; Bisham; Blythburgh Priory; Bodmin; Botle; Bradenstoke; Brewood; Bridlington; Bromholm; Bruton Priory; Buckfast; Buckland, Minchin; Buildwas; Bullington; Burton-on-Trent; Bury St. Edmunds Abbey; Bury St. Edmunds, St. Peter’s Hospital; Byrkehyll; Campsey; Cannington; Cannonleigh; Canterbury Priory; Canterbury, St. Augustin’s without; Canterbury, St. Sepulchre’s; Canwel; Carrow; Castle Acre; Catesby; Cerne; Chatteris; Chertsey; Chester; Christchurch Twinehame Priory; Cirencester; Clerkenwell Priory; Cliff; Clothall, Hospital of St. Mary Magdalen in; Coggeshall; Colchester, Hospital; Colchester, St. Botolph’s; Colchester, St. John’s; Cold Norton; Colne; Combe; Combwell or Cumbwell; Coxford; Crabhouse; Creake; Crowland; Croxton; Darley; Dartford; Deerhurst; Dorchester; Dunkeswell; Dunmow; Dunstable; Durham; Easby Abbey; Ely; Ensham; Eston; Evesham; Exeter, Hospital of St. John; Exeter, St. John’s; Exeter, St. Nicholas; Eye; Farleigh; Faversham; Felley; Flaxley Abbey; Ford, co. Somers.; Fountains; Frithelstock; Garendon; Gisburn; Glastonbury Abbey; Gloucester, St. Peter’s; Godstow Abbey; Gracedieu Priory; Graces; Hales; Halesowen; Halistane; Hartland; Haverholme; Hempton Priory; Henes; Hickling Priory; Higham; Horton, Monks, Priory; Hulme, St. Bennet’s; Huntingdon; Hyde Abbey; Ipswich, St. Peter’s; Ivychurch; Jervaulx; Kenilworth; Keynsham; Kingswood; Kirkham; Lanercost Priory; Langley Abbey; Launceston; Leighs; Lenton, Lessness; Lewes; Lilleshall; London, St. Helen’s, Bishopsgate; London, St. Katharine’s by Tower; London, St. Mary Graces by Tower; Maiden Bradley; Malmesbury, Malton; Malvern, Little; Marlborough, St. Margaret’s; Maxstoke; Medmenham; Merevale; Merton; Mewx; Milton; Missenden; Monmouth Priory; Montacute Priory; Muchelney Abbey; Netley; Newark Abbey; Newnham; Newstead; Northampton; Northampton, St. James by; Northampton, St. John’s Hospital; Norwich, Priory of Holy Trinity in; Oxford, St. Frideswide’s; Pentney; Pershore; Peterborough; Peterstone; Pilton; Pinley; Pipewell; Portsmouth, House of Christ; Poughley; Prittlewell; Ramsey; Reading; Ripon; Rochester; Romsey; St. Agatha, Abbey of; St. Albans; St. Denys Priory; St. Faith’s; St. James’ ——; St. Katharine’s by the Tower; St. Neots Priory; St. Nicholas’ Hospital, near Carlisle; St. Osyth; Selby; Shaftesbury; Sherborne; Shouldham; Shrewsbury; Sibton Abbey; Southampton, God’s House; Southampton, St. Deny’s; Southwick; Stanley; Stratford Langthorn; Studley; Sulby; Syon Abbey; Tarent Abbey; Taunton; Tewkesbury; Thorney; Thornton; Tickford; Tor; Tynemouth Priory; Tywardreath; Walsingham; Waltham Holy Cross, Abbey; Warden; Watton Wellington; Wendling; Wenlock Westacre; Westminster Abbey; Wherwell Abbey; Wigmore; Wilton Abbey; Winchcomb; Winchester, St. Mary’s Abbey; Winchester, St. Swithin’s Priory; Wintney; Wooler; Wormsley; Woodspring; Wykes; Wymondham; Wymondley; York, St. Leonard’s Hospital; York, St. Mary’s Abbey without the walls.
-, ……… See also Colleges.

Remisit curiam, 1169.

Rempston, Remston, Alice, 569, 570.
-, ………, Elizabeth. See Cheney, Elizabeth.
-, ………, Thomas, 569, 570, 572.

Remston, Thomas, &c. See Rempston.

Remyngton, co. N’th’l’d. See Rennington.

Remyson Landys, tenement called, in Kennerhugh, co. Cumb., 157.

Render, Robert, parson of Compton Wyneatys, co. Warw., 882.

Rendlesham, co. Suff., land in, 439.

Rengeborne, John, &c. See Ringbourn.

Rengeburn. See Ringbourn.

Rengeworth, co. Glouc. See Rangeworthy.

Rennington, Remyngton, co. N’th’l’d., manor of, 542.

Reppes, Robert, &c. See Repps.

Repps, Reppes, Reppys, John, 173.
-, ………, Robert, 916.

Reppys, John. See Repps.

Reresby, co. Leic. See Rearsby.

Rescarrek, Isabel, &c. See Roscarrock.

Reseys manor, co. Norf., 976.

Respleth by Grantley, co. York, messuages in, 541.

Resshbooke, John. See Rushbrooke.

Restewold, Robert. See Restwold.

Reston, North, co. Linc., manor of, 1239.

Restwold, Restewold, Richard, s. of Thomas, esq., 934.
-, ………, Robert, esq., 167.
-, ………, Thomas, 554, 712.
-, ………, Thomas, esq., 934, 935, 1120.
-, ………, Thomas, of La Vache, co. Bucks., 172.

Restwold. See also Ristwald.

Retherby, co. Leic. See Rotherby.

Retherffyld, co. Hants. See Rotherfield.

Rethirwyke, co. Hants. See Rotherwick.

Rethyrfeld Gray, co. Oxford. See Rotherfield Greys.

Rethyrfeld Pippard, co. Oxford. See Rotherfield Peppard.

Reve, John, 543.

Reveley, co. N’th’l’d. See Reaveley.

Revell, Margery, widow. See Astry, Margery.

Revenhale, co. Essex. See Rivenhall.

Revers, Earl of. See Rivers.

Reveton, co. Devon. See Riveton.

Revettes manor, co. Norf. See Rivetts.

Rewardyne, co. Glouc. See Ruardean.

Rewestokhay, co. Devon, messuage in, 674.

Reycote, co. Oxford. See Rycote.

Reydon, co. Essex. See Roydon.
-, ……, co. Norf. See Roydon.
-, ……, co. Suff., Hopton, John, clk., vicar of. See Hopton.

Reyleigh, honor of. See Rayleigh.

Reymerston, co. Norf., land in, 1089.

Reyn, co. Essex. See Rayne.

Reynes, John, 577.

Reynham, co. Essex. See Rainham.
-, ……, co. Norf. See Rainham.

Reynis, Little, co. Essex. See Rayne.

Reynold, Raynold, Henry, clk., 190.
-, ………, John, 419.
-, ………, John, of Fletching (co. Sussex), 591.
-, ………, John s. of William, 1166.
-, ………, Richard, 30, 419.
-, ………, Walter, land held of heirs of, in co. Devon, 978.
-, ………, William, 1152, 1166.

Reynsforth, Anne, &c. See Raynsford.

Reyny, Richard. See Reigny.

Reyny, Asshe, co. Devon. See Ash, Reigny.

Ribbesford, Rybbesforde, co. Worc., advowson of, 370, 792; manor of, 370, 792.

Riby, Ryby, co. Linc., manor of, 639.

Rich, Margaret, wife of Thomas, sister and co-heir of Hugh Shaa, 985.
-, ………, Thomas, of London, mercer, 985.

Richard, John, 1166.

Richardes alias Fermar, Thomas, &c. See Fermor.

Richards Castle, co. Heref., land held of, 825.

Richardson, Richard, 780.
-, ………, Thomas, 328.

Richmond, Richemond, co. York, burgage (1/3) in, 223, 663; castle of, land held of, in co. York, 541, 600, 1062; Countess of. See Beaufort, Margaret; Earl of, land held of, in co. York, 223, 541, 600, 663, 670; fee of, land held of, in co. Herts., 34; in co. Norf., 35, 173; Hartford by. See Hartforth; honor of. See Mileham, co. Norf.; land held of, in co. Camb., 33, 51, 150, 543, 587, 704, 744, 890, 933, 1119; in co. Essex, 924; in co. Linc., 6, 324, 1174; in co. Norf., 539, 1143: in co. York, 250, 1062; land held of manor of, 600; land in, 257; liberty of, manors in, 675; Stainton by. See Stainton; Weldon, John, of. See Weldon.

Richowdes, co. Norf. See Walton, East.

Rickling, Rykelyng, Ryklyng, co. Essex, deed dated at, 291; Langley, Henry, of. See Langley; manor of, 291.

Ridale, co. York. See Ryedale.

Riddisdale, co. N’th’l’d. See Redesdale.

Riddlecombe, Redilcom, Redylcombe, Rydelcombe, co. Devon, manor of, 379, 1231.

Ridell, co. Westmd. See Rydal.

Ridill, Chiche, co. Essex. See St. Osyth.

Ridker, co. York. See Redcar.

Ridlegh, John. See Ridley.

Ridley, Ridlegh, Ryddeley, John, land held of, in co. Camb., 157.
-, ………, Roger, clk., 168.

Ridlowe, co. Wilts. See Rudlow.

Ridon, co. Devon. See Wolborough.

Rier County of Lincoln, land held of, in co. Linc., 639, 1149.

Riesle, co. Bedf. See Risely.

Rigby, Rygby, Thomas, 82, 468, 548.

Rigge, Rygge, Arundell, Est, co. Devon. See Rudge.
-, ………, in Beckington, co. Somers., land in, 955.

Rigge, Thomas, of Boothby, co. Linc., 1127.

Righton, co. York. See Ryton.

Rigmadyn, Margaret. See Sandon, Margaret.

Rikesbye manor, co. Camb. See Bourn.

Rilston, Rylleston, Ralph, 1145.
-, ………, William, 475, 477, 542, 544, 547, 552, 566.

Ringbourn, Rangeborn, Rengeborne, Rengeburn, by Devizes, co. Wilts., manor of, 83.

Ringbourn, Elizabeth, wife of Robert, esq., 83.
-, ………, John, cousin and co-heir of William Sturmy, knt., 770.

Ringbourn, Robert, esq., Hants, 70; Wilts., 83.

Ringbourn, William, land held of, in co. Wilts., 151, 282, 1122.
-, ………, William, esq., brother and heir of Robert, 70, 83, 770.

Ringstead, Ryngstedde, Ryugstede, co. N’hamp., land in, 1147, 1192.
-, ………, Little, co. Norf., Ringstead manor in, 875.

Ringwood, Ryngewode, Ryngewoode, co. Hants land held of manor of 830 1121

Ringwood, Charles, Hants, 407; Wilts., 408.

Ringwood, John, s. and h. of Charles, 407, 408.
-, ………, Margaret, wife of Charles, 407.

Ringwould, Rungeweld, co. Kent, manor of, 109.

Ripley, Rypley, co. York, Rowcliffe, John, rector of. See Rowcliffe.

Ripley, Richard, 346.

Ripon, Rypon, Ryppon, co. York, land held of manor of, 541; messuages in, 541; St. Wilfrid’s College, land held of, in co. York, 541; Salley by. See Sawley; Sutton by. See Sutton.

Ripon, Charles, bro. and h. of John, 928.
-, ………, John, 169.

Ripon, John, Berks., 928.

Ripons alias Smewyns, co. Berks. See Waltham, White.

Risangles, co. Suff. See Rishangles.

Risborough, Monks (Monken), co. Bucks., land in, 106.
-, ………, Princes, co. Bucks. See Wick, Long, land in, 106.

Risby, Rysby, co. Suff., land in, 495.

Riseholme, Risom, co. Linc., land in, 706.

Risely, Riesle, Ryesle, Ryseley, co. Bedf., land in, 559, 593; manor of, 577.

Rishangles, Risangles, co. Suff., land in, 1094.

Rising, Risyng, co. Norf., castle of, land held of, 1084.
-, ………, Castle, co. Norf., land in, 1084.
-, ……… Wood (Woderysyng), co. Norf., land held of manor of, 1089; land in, 1089.

Risley, Rysley, John, knt., land held of, in co. Bucks., 426, 554.
-, ………, John (or Richard), knt., 174; land held of, in right of wife Thomasine, in co. Middx., 133.
-, ………, Richard, knt. See Risley, John.
-, ………, Thomasine, wife of John (or Richard), knt., and daughter and heir of Richard Turnaunt, esq., 133, 174.

Risom, co. Linc. See Riseholme.

Rissington, Wick, co. Glouc. See Wick.

Ristwald, Richard, land held of, in co. Westmd., 10. See also Restwold.

Risyng, co. Norf. See Rising.

Ritforth, co. Linc., rent in, 639.

Rithe, Edward atte, 823.

Ritherthroup, co. N’hamp. See Rothersthorpe.

Rivenhall, Revenhale, co. Essex, land in, 1040.

River, Alice, of Exeter, 899.

Rivers, Revers, Ryvers, Earl. See Widville.
-, ………, Stanford co. Essex. See Stanford Rivers.
-, … ….. Stoke, co. Devon. See Stoke.
-, ………, Wynsford, co. Somers. See Winsford.

Rivershall manor, co. Essex. See Boxsted.

Riveton, Reveton, [in Langtree], co. Devon manor of, 155.

Rivetts, Revettes, manor, co. Norf. See Newton, West.

Road, Rode, Zouche, co. Somers., land held of manor of, 537.
-, ……, co. Somers., manor of, 537.

Roade, Rode, co. N’hamp., Shortwode in, 372.

Roathebury, co. N’th’l’d. See Rothbury.

Robarth, John, cousin and heir of Ralph Penne, 171.

Roberth, Walter, esq., 781.

Robeshard, Terry, &c. See Robsart.

Robeshart, Terry. See Robsart.

Robhode, John, 1022.

Robinson, Robynson, John, 245.
-, ………, William, rector of Stondon [Massey], co. Essex, 821.

Roborough, Rowburgh, co. Devon, land in, 661.

Robsart, Robeshard, Robeshart, Lewis, 173.
-, ………, Terry, knt., 1033; land held of, in co. Norf., 1143.

Robsart, William, esq., Norf., 173.

Robtotes, co. Essex. See Bumpstead, Steeple.

Robynson, William, &c. See Robinson.

Rocclyff, Brian. See Rowcliffe.

Roccombe, co. Devon. See Rocombe.

Rocheburn, co. Cumb., land in, 157.

Rocheford, John, esq. See Rochford.

Rochester, co. Kent, Alcock, John, Bishop of. See Alcock; Audley, Edmund, Bishop of. See Audley; Bishop of, land held of, in co. Kent, 65, 782, 984; messuages in, 745; Palace of, land held of, 65; Priory of, land held of, in co. Bucks, 8; in co. Kent, 745.

Rochford, Rachford, Raechford, Rocheford, co. Essex, honor of, land held of, in co. Essex, 64; hundred of. See Rayleigh.
-, ……, co. Heref. See Rochford, co. Worc.
-, ……, co. Worc., manor of, 549.

Rochford, John, esq., land held of, in co. Linc., 1041.
-, ………, Robert, 1125.
-, ………, William, Provincial of the Friars Preachers in London, 1090.

Rockingham, Rokkyngham, Rokyngham, co. N’hamp., Castle of, land held of, in co. N’hamp., 447; land in, 1179.

Rockland, Rokelond, co. Norf., Carbonell manor in, 1159; land in, 1026.

Rockley, Rokeley, [in Ogbourne St. Andrew], co. Wilts., manor of, 40.

Roclyffe, Brian. See Rowcliffe.

Rocombe, Roccombe, co. Devon, manor of, 155.

Rodberd, John, gent., Somers., 209.

Rodberd, John, son and heir of John, gent., 209.

Rodbourne, Rodeburne, [Cheney], co. Wilts., land in, 1152.
-, ………, [in Malmesbury], co. Wilts., land held of manor of, 752; land in, 752.

Rodburn, co. Derby. See Radbourne.

Rodd, Roode, co. Heref., hamlet of, 549.

Rode, co. N’hamp. See Roade.
-, ……, co. Somers. See Road.

Rodeburne, co. Wilts. See Rodbourne.

Rodelond by Broadway, co. Dorset, land in, 39.

Rodenhale, co. Norf. See Redenhall.

Roderfeld Grey, co. Oxford. See Rotherfield Greys.

Rodes, Rodez, Thomas, 468, 548.

Rodez, Thomas. See Rodes.

Roding, Rodyng, Rothinge, Rothyng, co. Essex, land called Frayes, in, 24.
-, ………, Abbess, co. Essex, Rookwood Hall, alias Brown’s manor in, 409.
-, ………, Aythorp, co. Essex, Marion, John, of, See Maryon.
-, ………, Beauchamp, co. Essex, land in, 409; Long Bernys (Barnes), manor in, 24.
-, ………, Berners (Barnardys), co. Essex, land in, 859.
-, ………, Leaden (Leden), co. Essex, manor of, 1144.
-, ………, White, co. Essex, Hadleys manor in, 409; land held of Maskelsbury manor in, 1144; Maskelsbury manor in, 152; Stok Hall manor in, 409.

Rodington, Rodyngton, co. Salop, land in, 1243.

Rodyng, Leden, co. Essex. See Roding, Leaden.

Rodyngton, co. Salop. See Rodington.

Roffe, Hoton, co. Cumb. See Hutton Roof.

Roger, John, &c. See Rogers.

Rogers, Roger, Roggere, Roggers, Anne. See Brocas, Anne.
-, ………, Anne, wife of John, esq., 117.

Rogers, Anne, late wife of John, esq., sometime wife of, — Crosby, Dorset, 339; Somers., 340.

Rogers, Elizabeth. See Essex, Elizabeth.
-, ………, Henry, esq., land held of, in co. Somers., 147, 421, 651, 697, 1202.
-, ………, James, land held of, in co. Somers., 146.
-, ………, John, 449.
-, ………, John, land held of, in co. Dorset, 143.
-, ………. John, esq., 339, 340, 934, 1004, 1199.

Rogers, John, esq., Dorset, 117.

Rogers, Margaret. See Langford, Margaret.
-, ………, Margaret, wife of Thomas, 460.
-, ………, Thomas, 334, 996.

Rogers, Thomas, Berks., 460; Herts., 405; Hants., 494; Staff., 345; Sussex, 365, Wilts., 521.

Rogers, Thomas, esq., 934.

Rogers manor, co. Berks. See Lambourn.

Roggere, John, esq. See Rogers.

Roggers, James, &c. See Rogers.

Rokeley, co. Wilts. See Rockley.

Rokell, Geoffrey. See Wormingford.
-, ………, Richard de la, land held of heirs of, in co. Norf., 1036.
-, ………, William de, land held of, in co. Norf., 976.

Rokell Manor, co. Norf. See Trowse.

Rokelond, co. Norf. See Rockland.

Rokes, Rokys, John, 1244.
-, ………, Margery, mother of Thomas, esq., and d. and h. of Thos. Sackville, 317.
-, ………, Reginald, 381.
-, ………, Thomas, esq., cousin and heir of Thos. Sackville, knt., 317.
-, ………, Thomas, of Ascot, 418.
-, ………, Thomas, the elder, esq., 1147.

Rokesford, co. Herts. See Hertinfordbury.

Rokeshawe, William, clk. See Roukeshawe.

Rokesley, co. Kent. See Ruxley.

Rokewode Hall, co. Essex. See Rookwood.

Rokey [in Barkway], co. Herts., manor of, 34.

Rokkyngham, co. N’hamp. See Rockingham.

Rokwod, William, esq. See Rookwood.

Rokyngham, co. N’hamp. See Rockingham.

Rokys, John. See Rokes.

Rokysley, co. Kent. See Ruxley.
-, ……… alias Shaldeford, co. Surrey. See Ewell.

Rollandwright, co. Oxford. See Rollright, Great.

Rollesley, Agnes, wife of Robert, d. of John Linacre, esq., 424.
-, ………, Robert, 424.

Rolleston, co. Notts., Nevill, William, of. See Nevill.
-, ……, co. Somers. See Rolston.

Rollright, Rollandright, Rowlond Ryght, co. Oxford, manor of, 137.
-, ………, Great, co. Oxford, land in, 46; Weston’s orchard in, 46.

Rollyston, co. Somers. See Rolston.

Rolnes, messuage called, in co. Herts., 171.

Rolston, Rolleston, Rollyston, co. Devon, manor of, 155.
-, ……… [in Banwell], co. Somers., land held of manor of, 716; land in, 1150.

Rolston, William, 273.

Rombaldkirk, Rumal Kyrke, co. York, advowson of, 258; messuage in, 258.

Romesey, co. Hants. See Romsey.

Romford, Rumford, co. Essex, land in, 237, 832.

Romney, Rumpney, Marsh, co. Kent, land in, 856.
-, ………, Old, co. Kent, manor of, 109.

Romsey, Romesey, Rumsey, co. Hants, Abbey of, land held of, in co. Hants, 259, 646, 987; in co. Wilts., 657; Gaterygges place in, 259, 987, 989; messuages in, 96, 646; Paunesfotes Hill manor in, 259, 987, 989; Shulveley by, land in, 96; Wade in, 646.

Romsey, John, 1023.

Romsey, John, Hants, 1057.

Romsey, John, the younger, s. and h. of John, 1057.
-, ………, Richard, 1057.

Ronewell, co. Essex. See Runwell.

Roode, co. Heref. See Rodd.

Roof, Hutton, co. Cumb. See Hutton Roof.

Rookwood, Rokewode, Hall, co. Essex. See Roding, Abbess.

Rookwood, Rokwod, Elizabeth, wife of Roger, esq., d. and ch. of Edmund Alcock, gent., 806.
-, ………, Roger, esq., 806.
-, ………, William, esq., 976.

Roos, Richard, &c. See Ros.

Roos, Wyset, co. Suff. See Wissett.

Rope, Hugh, land held of, in co. Devon, 443.

Roper, John, esq., 996.
-, ………, John, gent., 379.

Roper, John, esq., Kent, 277.

Roper, John, s. and h. of John, esq., 277.

Ros, Roos, Ross, Edmund, Lord de Ros, land held of, in co. Cornw., 580; in co. Leic., 1182, 1222; in Co. N’hamp., 647, 1146.
-, ….. …, Eleanor. See Beaufort, Eleanor.
-, ………, Henry, land held of, in co. York, 220.
-, ………, Henry, esq., 37.
-, ………, Henry, knt., 738, 827, 1078.
-, ………, Joan, wife of Robert, knt., and d. and h. of John Halsham, 1078.
-, ………, John, Lord de Ros, land held of, in co. Linc., 1041.
-, ………, John, s. of Robert, 614.
-, ………, Lord de, land held of, in co. Linc., 570; in co. York, 998.
-, ………, Philippa, wife of [Thomas], Lord de, and sister and co-heir of John Tiptoft, Earl of Worcester, 21.
-, ………, Richard, knt., 37.
-, ………, Robert, 265, 614.
-, ………, Robert, knt., 1078.
-, ………, Thomas, esq., land held of, in co. York, 1005.
-, ………, Thomas, knt., Lord de Ros, 247.
-, ………, Thomas, Lord de Ros, attainted, 247.
-, ………, Thomas, Lord de. See Ros, Philippa.

Rosby, Little, co. Linc., manor of, 1133.

Roscarrock, Roscarrek, Isabel, Cornw., 364.

Roscarrock, John, s. and h. of Isabel, 364.

Rose, John, of Harby, co. Leic., 645.
-, ………, Robert, 913.
-, ………, William, 136.
-, ………, William of Alderminster, co. Worc., 837.
-, ………, William, of Brobury, co. Heref., 619.

Roskyn, Jasper, &c. See Ruskin.

Ross, co. Heref., burgage in, 262; honor of, land held of, in co. Heref., 451.

Ross, Edmund, Lord. See Ros.

Rossal, Rowshall, co. Salop, land in, 1243.

Rotby, co. Leic., land in, 1069.

Roteland Toftes, co. Norf. See Tofts.

Rothbury, Roathebury, co. N’th’l’d., manor of, 542.

Rotheram, John. See Rotherham.

Rotherby, Retherby, co. Leic., land in, 164, 1222.

Rotherfield, Retherffyld, Rethyrfeld, Roderfeld, Rytherfeld, Greys, co. Oxford, Anstyes, land called, in, 413; Grayles, land called, in, 413; land held of manor of, 751; land in, 1030.
-, ………, in East Tisted, co. Hants, advowson of, 402; manor of, 402.
-, ………, Peppard, (Pyperd), co. Oxford, land in, 413, 1030.

Rotherfield, Elizabeth, d. and h. of William, 402.

Rotherfield, William, Hants, 402.

Rotherham, Rotheram, George, 887.

Rotherham, Joan, wife of George, d. and ch. of Richard Lovel of Boveney, co. Bucks., Bucks., 887.

Rotherham, John, esq., 150; land held of, in co. Bedf., 668; in co. Bucks., 356.
-, ………, Thomas, Bishop of Lincoln, afterwards Archbishop of York, 150, 429, 764, 778, 887, 898.

Rotherhithe, co. Surrey, land in, 502.

Rothersthorpe, Ritherthroup, co. N’hamp., manor of, 611.

Rotherwick, Rethirwyke, Rytherwyke, co. Hants, land in, 187, 1194, 1196.

Rothewell, co. N’hamp. See Rothwell.
-, ……, co. York. See Rothwell.

Rothinge, co. Essex. See Roding.

Rothley, co. N’th’l’d., land in, 565.

Rothwell, Rothewell, Rowell, co. Linc., land in, 706.
-, ……, co. N’hamp., land held of manor of, 1146, 1254; land in, 37, 664.
-, ……, co. York, Carlton by. See Carlton; land held of manor of, parcel of duchy of Lancaster, in co. York, 316.

Rothyng, co. Essex. See Roding.

Rothynge Beauchamp. See Roding Beauchamp.

Rotsea, Rotsee, co. York, land in, 363, 1188.

Rotsee, co. York. See Rotsea.

Roucestre, Robert. See Rowchester.

Rouclyff, Brian. See Rowcliffe.

Roucombe Park, co. Wilts., 1063.

Roudham, Rougham, co. Norf., land in, 384.

Roudun, Walter, 787.

Rougham, co. Norf. See Roudham.
-, ……, co. Suff., deed dated at, 305; Sudburyes alias Druryes manor in, 305.

Rougherdecote, co. Glouc., manor of, 213, 214, 222.

Rougholm, St. Nicholas, co. Norf. See Gressenhall.

Rougtonnes manor, co. Suff. See Troston.

Roukeshawe, Rokeshawe, Ruckshaw, William, clk., 477, 542, 552, 566, 714.

Roundthwaite, Rounthuayte, co. Westmd., land in, 10.

Roundway, Rundewey, co. Wilts., land in, 864.

Roungton, co. Norf. See Runcton.

Rounthuayte, co. Westmd. See Roundthwaite.

Rous, Rows, Agnes, wife of Henry, esq., 804.
-, ………, Edmund, s. of Henry, esq., 804.
-, ………, Edward, brother of Henry, esq., 804.
-, ………, Edward, esq., 700, 701, 1180, 1181.
-, ………, Henry, 52.

Rous, Henry, of Dennington, esq., Norf., 805; Suff., 804.

Rous, Humphrey, 804.
-, ………, John, land held of heirs of, in co. Devon, 255.
-, ………, John, brother of Henry, esq., 804.
-, ………, Margaret, wife of Edward, esq., and d. and ch. of Robert Liston, 700, 701.
-, ………, Reginald, esq., 804, 805.
-, ………, Thomas, brother of Henry, esq., 804.
-, ………, William, s. and h. of Henry, esq., 804, 805.

Rouses manor, co. Suff. See Dennington.

Rowburgh, co. Devon. See Roborough.

Rowchester, Roucestre, Robert, cit. and draper of London, 532.

Rowcliffe, Rocclyff, Roclyffe, Rouclyff, Brian, Baron of the Exchequer, 406, 420, 446, 1115.
-, …….., John, clk., rector of Ripley, co. York, 1115.

Rowdon, John, 997.

Rowell, co. N’hamp. See Rothwell.

Rowell, John, land held of, in co. Devon, 1000.

Rowheddes, co. Suff. See Shimpling.

Rowington, co. Warw., Crudsales in, 748.

Rowley Somerey, co. Staff., manor of, 288.

Rowlond, Nymet, co. Devon. See Nymet Rowland.
-, ……… Ryght, co. Oxford. See Rollright.

Rows, Edward, &c. See Rous.

Rowses manor, co. Norf. See Rainham St. Mary.

Rowshall, co. Salop. See Rossal.

Rowuntons manor, co. Suff. See Dennington.

Roxham, co. Norf., land in, 210, 1162.

Royal, Farnham, co. Bucks. See Farnham.

Roydon, Reydon, Rydon, co. Essex, Bull, Thomas, of. See Bull.
-, ……, co. Norf., advowson of, 35; land in, 1084; manor of, 266.

Roydon, John, esq., land held of, in co. Essex, 631.

Royleyes, co. Essex. See Bumpstead, Steeple.

Roynon, Ruymon, Ruynon, John, land held of, in co. Somers., 562, 768.

Royses manor, co. Norf. See Walsham, North.

Royston, Ruston, co. Herts., advowson of free chapel of, 31.
-, ……, co. York, land in, 256.

Rreworth, in Marches of Wales, manor of, 982.

Ruardean, Rewardyne, co. Glouc., manor of, 126.

Ruckshaw, William. See Roukeshawe.

Rudby, co. York, advowson of, 675.

Ruddham, co. Norf. See Rudham.

Rudeston, Robert, land held of, in co. York, 273.

Rudge, Rigge, Rugge, Arundell [in Crediton], co. Devon, manor of, 30.
-, ………, East, co. Devon, land in, 907.

Rudgwick, Ruggewyk, co. Sussex, land in, 401.

Rudham, Ruddham, co. Norf., land in, 1143.
-, ………, East, co. Norf. See Coxford; land held of manor of, 1143.
-, ………, West, co. Norf., manor of, 976.

Rudham, John, of Great Plumstead, co. Norf., clk., 1229.

Rudlow, Ridlowe, in Box, co. Wilts., manor of, 1163.

Rudstane, co. York. See Rudston.

Rudston, Rudstane, co. York, land in, 233.

Rudston, John, clk., 387.

Rudyng, John, M.A., Archdeacon of Lincoln, 595.

Rufforth, Rughford, York city, manor of, 165.

Ruffynneswyke, co. Berks. See Ashbury.

Rugge Arundell, co. Devon. See Rudge Arundell.

Ruggerode in Spreyton, co. Devon, land in, 661.

Ruggewyk, co. Sussex. See Rudgwick.

Rughford, co. York. See Rufforth.

Ruglee, co. N’th’l’d., manor of, 542.

Rumal Kyrke, co. York. See Rombaldkirk.

Rumbaldyswyke, co. Sussex. See Rumbolds Wyke.

Rumbolds Wyke, Rumbaldyswyke, co. Sussex, manor of, 365.

Rumburgh, co. Suff., land in, 439, 1136.

Rumford, Runggeford, co. Dorset, land in, 514.
-, ……, co. Essex. See Romford.

Rumpney, co. Kent. See Romney.

Rumsey, co. Hants. See Romsey.

Rumsey, John. See Romsey.

Runcton, Roungton, co. Norf., land in, 1143.
-, ………, North, co. Norf., Kenston, John, of. See Kenston.

Rundale, co. Kent, manor of, 781.

Rundewey, co. Wilts. See Roundway.

Rungeweld, co. Kent. See Ringwould.

Runggeford, co. Dorset. See Rumford.

Runham, co. Norf., manor of, 457; marsh of, 916.

Runton, co. Norf., land in, 1143.

Runwell, Ronewell, co. Essex, land in, 1144.

Rush, Russhe, co. Berks., manor of, 466.

Rusham, co. York. See Rusholme.

Rusham, Thomas. See Rusholme.

Rushbrooke, Resshbroke, John, 813.

Rushden, Russheden, co. Herts., manor of, 230.

Rusholme, Rusham, co. York, land in, 1145.

Rusholme, Thomas, 1145.

Rushton, Russheton, co. N’hamp., land in, 37, 1179.

Rushton, John, 995.

Ruskin, Roskyn, Ruskyn, Ellen. See Dakin, Ellen.
-, ………, Elizabeth, d. and ch. of Jasper, esq., 457.

Ruskin, Jasper, esq., Leic., 457.

Ruskin, Katharine, d. and ch. of Jasper, esq., 457.
-, ………, Katharine, wife of Jasper, esq., 457.
-, ………, Margaret, d. and ch. of Jasper, esq., 457.
-, ………, William, 457.

Ruskyn, Jasper, &c. See Ruskin.

Russe, Christine, wife of John, gent., 794.

Russe, John, of Yarmouth, gent., Suff., 794.

Russe, Robert, s. of Christine, 794.

Russell, Elizabeth, d. of Robert, 888.
-, ………, Elizabeth, widow, 888, 937.
-, ………, Elizabeth, wife of Robert, the younger, d. of Thomas Bainham, esq., 888.
-, ………, James, 145.
-, ………, Joan, d. of Robert, 888.
-, ………, Joan, wife of Robert, 937.
-, ………, John, Bishop of Lincoln, 163.
-, ………, John, esq., 145; land held of, in co. Dorset, 15, 145.

Russell, Robert, Glouc., 937; Worc., 888.

Russell, Robert, the younger, s. and h. of Robert, 888, 937.

Russhe, co. Berks. See Rush.

Russheden, co. ——, rector of, 718.
-, ……, co. Herts. See Rushden.

Russheford, co. Devon, land in, 303.

Russheton, co. N’hamp. See Rnshton.

Russheton, John. See Rushton.

Rust, Thomas, chaplain, 309.

Ruston, co. York. See Royston.
-, ………, Sco, co. Norf. See Sco.

Rustynges, manor called, in Congham, co. Norf., 53.

Ruthin, Lord de. See Ruthyn.

Ruthyn, Ruthin, Lord de. See Grey.

Ruxley, Rokysley, co. Kent, advowson of, 434, 1102; manor of, 434, 1102.

Ruycote, co. Oxford. See Rycote.

Ruymon, John. See Roynon.

Ruynon, John. See Roynon.

Ryall, co. York. See Ryhill.

Ryalton, co. Cornw., land held of, manor of, 580.

Rybbesforde, co. Worc. See Ribbesford.

Ryburgh, Little, co. Norf., manor of, 1143.

Ryby, co. Linc. See Riby.

Rycote, Reycote, Ruycote, co. Oxford, land in, 1030.
-, ………, Little [in Haseley], co. Oxford, land in, 75.

Rydal, Ridell, co. Westmd., manor (1/2) of, 314.

Ryddeley, Roger. See Ridley.

Rydelcombe, co. Devon. See Riddlecombe.

Rydmore, co. Devon, knight’s fee in, 536.

Rydon, co. Norf. See Roydon.

Rye, co. Berks., manor of, 578.
-, ……, co. Sussex, messuages in, 322.

Ryedale, Ridale, co. York, Appulton in. See Appleton; Butterwick in. See Butterwick; Nunyngton in. See Nunnington.

Ryell, co. N’th’l’d. See Ryle.

Ryesle, co. Bedf. See Risely.

Ryftoft, Walpole, co. Norf. See Walpole Rystoft.

Rygge, Thomas. See Rigge.

Ryhill, Ryall, co. York, land in, 670.

Ryke, Rykys, John, s. and h. of William, 710.

Ryke, William, Berks., 710.

Rykedon, Robert, 109.

Rykeling, co. Essex. See Rickling.

Rykesby manor, co. Camb. See Bourn.

Ryklyng, co Essex. See Rickling.

Rykston, co. Cornw., land held of manor of, 761.

Rykys, John. See Ryke.

Ryland by Dunholme (Dunham), co. Linc., land in, 706.

Ryle, Ryell, co. N’th’l’d., manor of, 344.

Rylleston, William. See Rilston.

Rylondgate, co. Herts., churchway between Elstree and, 171.

Ryndeslegh, co. Kent, manor of, 530.

Ryngewode, Charles, &c. See Ringwood.

Ryngewoode, co. Hants. See Ringwood.

Ryngstedde, co. Norf. See Ringstead.

Ryngstede, co. N’hamp. See Ringstead.

Rypers, Buklond, co. Dorset. See Buckland Ripers.

Rypley, co. York. See Ripley.

Rypon, John. See Ripon.

Ryppon, John, &c. See Ripon.

Rysby, co. Suff. See Risby.

Ryse, John, clk., master of Portsmouth Alms House, 987, 992.

Ryseley, co. Bedf. See Risely.

Rysley, Richard, &c. See Risley.

Rystoft, Walpole, co. Norf. See Walpole.

Ryston, Sco, co. Norf. See Sco Ruston.

Rysyndon, Wike, co. Glouc. See Wick Rissington.

Ryther, co. York, advowson of, 614; manor of, 614.

Ryther, Lucy, wife of William, 614.
-, ………, Ralph, esq., bro. and h. of Robert, knt., 614.
-, ………, Robert, father of William, knt., 614.

Ryther, Robert, knt., York, 614.

Ryther, Robert, knt., 600.
-, ………, Robert, s. and h. of Robert, 614.
-, ………, Robert, s. and h. of William, 614.
-, ………, Sibyl, wife of William, knt., 614.
-, ………, William, father of Robert, 614.
-, ………, William, knt., 614.
-, ………, William, s. and h. of William, 614.
-, ………, William, s. and h. of William, knt., 614.

Rytherden, John, heirs of, land held of, in co. Devon, 685.

Rytherfeld, William, &c. See Rotherfield.

Rytherwyke, co. Hants. See Rotherwick.

Ryton, Righton, co. York, land in, 363, 947.
-, ………. See also Reighton.
-, ……… by Baschurch, co. Salop, land in, 1243.

Ryver, co. Sussex, land held of manor of, 365.
-, ………, Wutton, co. Wilts. See Wootton Rivers.

Ryvers, Anthony, &c. See Rivers.

Ryvers, Stanford, co. Essex. See Stanford Rivers.
-, ………, Stoke, co. Devon. See Stoke Rivers.

Ryvershall in Boxted, co. Essex, manor of, 378.

Ryvote, John, 515.

Ryz, John, land held of, in co. Devon, 760.