Index of Persons and Places: Q

Page 395

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 1, Henry III. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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Quarel, Sir Ivo, 299.

Quarlous, co. Lanc. See Wharles.

Quasheved, co. Westm. See Whasset.

Queeniborough, Queneborou [co. Leic.]. See Curson.

Queldal, Euphemia de, 653.

Quency, Quinsy, Roger de, earl of Winchester, 587, 732, 776.

Quency, Robert de, 587, 776.
-, -, R. de, 776.

Quendon, Quendene [co. Essex], 301.

Queneborou [co. Leic.]. See Queeniborough.

Querdon, Ralph de, 734.

Querendone, Geoffrey de, 913.

Querendone, Ralph de, 913.

Queteley [co. Lanc.]. See Wheatley.

Quinscaldisherthe, Quinschaltishurede [in Kirkham parish], co. Lanc., 153.

Quinsy. See Quency.

Quintin, John, 872.

Quistan, co. Lanc. See Whiston.

Quitewell, co. Norf. See Whitwell.

Quitewelle. Richer de, p. 152.