Index of Persons and Places: Y

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 1, Henry III. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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'Index of Persons and Places: Y', in Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 1, Henry III, (London, 1904) pp. 427. British History Online [accessed 5 March 2024]

Index of Persons and Places Y Y Yalding, Elding, co. Kent, p. 155. -, p. 154. Yarm, Jarum, co. York, pp. 2657. Yarmouth, Ermue, Ermine [I.W., co. Hants], p. 175. -, manor, p. 175. -, Gernemuth, co. Norf., tolls of, 361. Yarnewik, co. York. See Yarnwick. Yarnewik, Robert de, 743. Yarnton, Erdinton, co. Oxford, manor, 808. Yarnwick, Yarnewik (now disappeared), co. York, 743. Yarwell, Jarewell, co. N'hamp., 694. Yatton, Jatton, co. Wilts., 417. Ychakwehelytte, co. Cumb., 314. Yeddefen, John de, 703. Yeddingham, Jetingham, co. York, 636. Yelden, Gilveldene, Hiveldon, co. Bedf., p. 159. -, manor, 393. Yeldham, Little, Gelham, co. Essex, manor, 586. Yenis. See Kaynes. Yeovil, Givle [co. Somers.], church, 912. Yerdhil, William de, 202. Yetindene, Sir Nicholas de, 670. Yetlington, Jettelinton [in Whittingham parish], co. N'humb., 499. Ykkele, co. Buck. See Kickle. Yle [co. Somers]. See Isle. Ylkelay, co. York. See Ilkley. Yllech [co. Suff.]. See Eleigh. Yllech, Adam de, 762. Ylmer, co. Buck. See Ilmer. Yngeham. See Ingaham. Yngoldeby. See Ingoldeby. York, town, 743. -, house in, 753. -, castle guard, 351. -, St. Mary's monastery, 753. -, -, abbot of, 154. -, -, fee of, 314. York, archbishop of, 471, 521, 671, 709, 874. -, Walter, archbishop of. See Gray. Youlthorpe, Ulvestorp, Yolttorp [in Bishops Wilton parish], co. York, 471. Ypres, Ipri, merchants of, 477. Yshale, co. Cumb. See Isell. Yvetis. See Ivez. Ywdde [High wood?], co. Hants, p. 175.