Inquisitions Post Mortem, Henry III, File 47

Pages 306-312

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 1, Henry III. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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Inquisitions Post Mortem, Henry III, File 47

908. John de Estotevile.
Writ (missing). Extent (undated).
Norfolk. Kinborle manor and advowson (extent given).
C. Hen. III. File 47. (1.)
909. Hamo de Sancto Quintino.
Writ (missing). Inq. (undated.)
William his son, aged 35, is his heir.
[Essex.] Briche and Purle. 1 knight's fee held of the king in chief through the honour of Hageleg; but he held nothing of the said fee on the day of his death except 1 mark rent, because he had sold the whole fee.
C. Hen. III. File 47. (2.)
910. Robert de Tregoz, the king's adversary, killed in the battle of Everesham.
Commission (missing). Extent made in the hundred of Eyneford, before the justices assigned to enquire concerning those who were against the king in the late war, (undated).
[Norfolk.] Billingford manor (extent given). Rent of assize received by Sir John de Barderne 57s. 3d.
C. Hen. III. File 47. (3.)
911. Emma de Waye.
Writ (missing). Inq. (undated.)
Philip de Salmunvill, her son, is her heir.
[Somerset.] Niweton. 1 hide land held of the king in chief by service of 1 napkin and 1 towel price 5s. yearly.
C. Hen. III. File 47. (4.)
912. John Wac.
Writ missing. Inq. concerning lands, &c. of John Wac in Somerset and Dorset, (undated.)
[Somerset.] Ile. He had a moiety (extent given of rents, goods and chattels, &c.) of Walter Croc.
Lopene (similar extent given).
Bert'. ½ hide land (similar extent given).
Duuelis church, which is at farm for 4 marks, and was in the sheriff's hand for 3 years, whence 12 marks of arrears may be had from the sheriff.
Ichestoke, he had of the lady of Wigeberga; it is at farm for 4 marks 8s. 4d., and the said lady has 13 marks 11s. 8d. of arrears, and Robert de Pidekeswell 30s.
He had also the wardships with marriage of Adam de Winesham, and Roger Luvel of Redlis (similar extents given); and pensions in cos. Somerset and Dorset from John de Monte Acuto, the priors of Glastonbury and Lodres, the abbots of Muchelenie and Midelton, the lady of Wigeberg' and the churches of Stockeland, Givle and Mertoc.
C. Hen. III. File 47. (5.)
913. Geoffrey de Querendone.
Writ (missing). Inq. (undated.)
Ralph his son, aged 24, is his heir.
Buckingham. Botlecleydon. 9 virgates land held of Thomas de Argenteym by service of one mark yearly. The king holds 6 virgates which lie uncultivated, the bailiff of the honour of Peverel receiving the issues of meadow and pasture since the first inquisition of serjeanty, because he did not make his fine, and also the service of 3 virgates; Master Simon de Nevile holds 1 virgate, John son of Richard de Cleydon 1 virgate, and Isabel Avenel 1 virgate, by charters; and the said bailiffs (sic) receive a third part to the king's use.
C. Hen. III. File 47. (6.)
914. Robert de Saucethorp.
Henry his son, is his heir.
[Lincoln.] Tynton alias Thynton. 1 carucate land held of the bishop of Carlisle by socage, rendering 36s. 6d. yearly.
C. Hen. III. File 47. (7.)
915. H. [de Montibus.]
Writ (missing). Inq. (undated.)
Robert de Montibus his son, aged 16½, is his heir.
[Northampton ?] (Unspecified.) 6½ virgates land in demesne, a garden, 7s. 4½d. rent of assize, &c. held of the king by serjeanty of training 1 brachet at the king's mandate, receiving ½d. daily from the king's purse so long as the brachet shall remain in his keeping.
C. Hen. III. File 47. (8.
916. Henry de Braybroc.
Writ (missing). Inq. (undated.)
The two daughters of Walter Ledet, aged 12 and 11, are his heirs.
[Northampton.] Coreby manor held in fee and inheritance and by the king's charter. It was the king's ancient demesne before he gave it to the said Henry and his heirs, who held it at fee farm for 10l. yearly. It is in the king's hands by occasion of Robert Peche, who was in the Isle of Ely with the disinherited, and had the wardship of the manor through his wife, sometime the wife of Walter Ledet, by whom she had two daughters who are heirs of the said manor. (See Rot. Fin. 25 Hen. III. m. 1.)
C. Hen. III. File 47. (9.)
917. Ralph Parmenter.
Writ (missing). Verdict concerning lands &c. which were of William son of Thorstan in London, and which King John gave to Ralph Parmenter his servant as his escheat by charter, (undated).
He died in the time of King John, year unknown.
Isabel daughter of Ralph Stoperhang, is his heir, as the jury understand, for she came before Sir W. de Eboraco, &c. the last justices of eyre at the Tower, and showed that she was his heir as daughter of Avice his sister, and showed a charter of King John, which testifies that he gave to the said Ralph the lands of William son of Thurstan.
London. All Saints parish. A messuage where hay is sold, known as Beurepeyr, held by the said Ralph for life, and by others since (names given), but now the greater part is ruinous.
St. Mary Magdalen parish at the Fishmarket. 4 shops similarly held of the gift of King John, and afterwards by others (names given), which, with 7 small shops since built by Walter Buk, render 20s. yearly to the chief lords of the fee, and 20s. to Peter son of the said Walter.
The Goldsmiths' Quarter in the Cheap of London (Orfaveria in foro London'). A house and 2 shops similarly held, of one of which the said Ralph enfeoffed Robert Blundus for 20s. yearly; and since held by divers others (names given). Of whom the said William son of Thurstan held the above, is unknown to the jury from lapse of time.
C. Hen. III. File 47. (10.)
918. Thomas la Veylle.
Writ (missing).
John his son, aged 22 and more, is his heir.
Norfolk. Extent (undated).
Haninges alias Haning alias Haniges manor (extent given), including a marsh called Goldingmers, held, with Sudherpingham, by 1 knight's fee, of whom is unknown to the jury, but they believe, of Robert son of Roger, the heir of Claveringe, who is in the king's wardship.
Norfolk. Extent (undated).
Witton manor (extent given), with a moiety of the church of Redlington, held, with Fissele, of the king in chief by service of 1/12 knight's fee.
Norfolk. Extent (undated).
Fissele manor (extent given), including 80a. land in demesne, whereof 22½a. with the messuage held of the king in chief, and the residue held of the earl marshal and others, a marsh called Kypesmers, herbage in Upton, and a moiety of the church of Fissele, held, with Witton, of the king by service of 1/12 knight's fee.
Norfolk. Extent (undated).
Herpingham manor (extent given) held, with Haniges by service of 1 knight's fee.
C. Hen. III. File 47. (11.)
919. Ivo de Scraueleg.
Writ (missing). Inq. (undated.)
William, father of the said Ivo, and who held the following tenements all his life, had an elder brother named Thurstan, who had a son Peter, who lately made himself the said Ivo's heir, but was born 25 years before the said Thurstan married his mother: the said William and Thurstan had a sister named Lucy, who in lawful marriage had a son named Ralph, whose son by his wife is Godfrey, who now makes himself the heir: which is the nearer heir is left to the king's discernment.
[Warwick.] Screueleg. 1 carucate land, 20s. rent, and 1lb. pepper.
[Warwick.] Olenhal(?). 10s. rent.
[Warwick.] Wyleby. 1 carucate land, 20s. in rents and works, and 1lb. pepper.
All held of the king in chief, service unspecified.
C. Hen. III. File 47. (12.)
920. William de Welle.
Writ (missing). Inq. (undated and defective.)
Thomas, son ... , is his heir, and of full age.
Dorset. Welle. 40s. land held of the king in chief by ... of being the king's baker.
Swanewiz. 1 knight's fee held in chief of [Henry] de Novo Burgo, who holds it of the king in chief.
C. Hen. III. File 47. (13.)
921. ... [Ba]skervill.
Writ (missing). Inq. (undated fragment.)
... his ... , aged 2½, is his heir.
[Salop ?] Lauton. 2 carucates held of the king in chief, service unspecified.
[Salop.] Pykethorn. ½ virgate land (held) of the king in chief, service unspecified.
C. Hen. III. File 47. (14.)
922. Imbert de Salines.
Writ (missing). Extent (undated).
[Surrey.] Waleton and Ewell. 46a. land, a curtilage, 4a. and 3r. of a certain escheat, 9l. 7s. 4½d. rent of assize, &c. held of the king's bail, service unspecified; and they were never accustomed to be taxed.
C. Hen. III. File 47. (15.)
923. Richard de Tunlande.
Writ (missing). Inq. (undated.)
John his son, aged 2½, is his heir.
Kent. Wodecherche and Rokinge. 40½a. land and 20s. rent, held of the king in chief, by 5s. yearly for the guard of Dover castle, and suit at the court of Relevet which is of the honour of Hagele.
C. Hen. III. File 47. (16.)
924. Richard de Dovor and Rose his wife.
Writ (missing). Extent, Wednesday after St. Matthew.
Richard, son of Richard de Dovor, aged 21 on the eve of the Purification next, is his heir.
Kent. Chileham, Northewode, Kyngeston, Rudelingewealde and Lesnes manors (extents given), held of the king in chief by reason of the barony of Chileham, but Lesnes manor does not pertain to that barony but is held of the king by homage.
Dovor. A certain rent with a watermill, worth 10l.
Essex. Chilgelforde manor, value unknown.
To Chileham manor pertain 9 1/30 knights' fees, to Kyngeston manor 2½, ¼ and 1/8 fees, and to Lesnes manor 1/10 and 1/20 fee.
The advowsons of Rudelingewalde, Kingeston, Northewode, Cherleton and Hothfelde in co. Kent, pertain to the said barony.
C. Hen. III. File 47. (17.)
925. Maud, late the wife of William de Lucy.
Writ (missing). Inq. (undated.)
John de Lucy, aged 30, is her heir.
Gloucester. Lands (unspecified) worth 100s. yearly, held (of the king in chief) by service of ⅓ of 1/6 knight's fee.
C. Hen. III. File 47. (18.)
926. William de Albaniaco.
Writ (missing). Inq. (undated.)
John de Albaniaco, aged 20, is his heir.
Gloucester. Kingeshome. 2 carucates land in demesne, held of the king in chief by service of keeping the door of the king's 'dispensarium,' at the king's summons; and a mill called Goswitemulle, held of the king in chief, rendering 15s. yearly to the exchequer at Westminster; which mill used to pertain to the land of Henry de Lesseberewe and Denise his wife.
Upthone. 1 virgate land held of Sir John de Muchegros, rendering yearly to him 20s., and to the abbot of St. Peter, Gloucester, 5s.
(Unspecified.) A messuage held of John de Holecumbe rendering 1 lb. pepper, and ½a. meadow, rendering 1d.; and 10a. land held of Ralph de Walesworthe, service unspecified.
C. Hen. III. File 47. (19.)
927. Peter de la Mara.
Writ (missing). Inq. (undated.)
Sir Robert de la Mara his son, aged 40, is his heir.
Wilts. Stupellavinton demesne (extent given), held of the king in chief by service of 1 shield; and the said land is now in the king's hands. He gave 11l. 17s. rent in the same town to Sir Roger de Dantese in free marriage with his daughter. (See Rot. Fin. 38 Hen. III. m. 11.)
C. Hen. III. File 47. (20.)
928. Robert de Turpt.
Mandate, &c. reciting writ dated 3 Dec., ... (fragment).
Inq. (undated.)
Adam his son, aged 7½, is his heir.
Cumberland. Edenhal alias Eddenall. 61a. land in demesne, 21 bovates land, 6½a. meadow, divers tenements (names of tenants given), a mill, pannage, &c. whereof Margery late his wife holds 17a. in demesne, 7 bovates land, and 2a. meadow in dower, held of the king in chief, service unspecified. (See Rot. Fin. 36 Hen. III. m. 15.)
C. Hen. III. File 47. (21.)
929. Edmund ...
Writ (undated fragment). Inq. (missing.)
C. Hen. III. File 47. (22.)
930. John ...
Writ (missing). Inq. (undated and defective.)
William his brother (?), aged 30 and more, is his heir.
[Norfolk ?] Waltone. 11a. and 1r. held of Geoffrey le Lord, service unspecified.
C. Hen. III. File 47. (23.)
931. (fn. 1) _
Extent and rental (undated).
[Southampton.] Lemneton borough (full extent and rental with names of tenants). When the king shall take tallage of all his boroughs throughout England, then the lord can take tallage of his burgesses to the value of 1 mark.
Lemneton old town (full extent and rental with names of tenants).
C. Hen. III. File 47. (24.)
932. Thomas de Haya.
Writ (missing). Inq. (undated but endorsed 30 Hen. III.)
Alexander his son, a child of 8 years, is his heir.
[Suffolk.] Livermere. 4a. land held of Matthew de Telnetham, 3a. of John son of Laurence, and 94a. of Robert de Livermere. [See No. 655.]
[E. Series I. File 1953, No. 5.]
933. Richard Danesy.
Writ (missing). Inq. (undated but endorsed 34 Hen. III.)
Richard his son, aged 23, is his heir.
[Wilts.] Dulton, 2 carucates.
Bratton, 1 carucate.
Both held of the king in chief by serjeanty of finding 1 man at his own cost for 40 days in the king's army; and afterwards that serjeanty was rated by Robert Passelewe at 10 marks yearly.
C. Hen. III. File 47. (25.)
934. Avice Marmioun.
Writ (missing). Extent (undated).
[Lincoln.] Wulingham manor (extent given) including a free fishery, whence Avice Marmioun seeks dower against Ridell Papilun. (See Rot. Fin. 26 Hen. III. p. 2. m. 1, and Rot. Pat. 6 Edw. I. m. 10d.)
C. Hen. III. File 47. (26.)


  • 1. This may belong to No. 564, as Lymington was amongst the lands of Isabel de Fortibus, countess of Albemarle.