Index of Persons and Places: K

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 1, Henry III. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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'Index of Persons and Places: K', in Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 1, Henry III, (London, 1904) pp. 370-373. British History Online [accessed 5 March 2024]

Index of Persons and Places K K Ka ... wedon, co. Essex. See Canewdon. Kacheleg, co. Salop. See Catsley. Kacheleg. Ralph de, 170. Kackeston. See Caxton. Kadriding, co. York. See Kate Ridding. Kaenas. See Kaynes. Kaercolion [co. Salop]. See Carreghova. Kaerdif, William de, p. 157. Kaginton, co. Salop. See Caynton. Kahingham, co. York. See Keyingham. Kaines. See Kaynes. Kakeston. See Caxton. Kalkewell, co. Linc. See Cawkwell. Kalui, Kaluley, co. N'humb. See Callaley. Kaluley. See Caluweleye. Kameys, Kamoys. See Cameis. Kan. See Ken. Kaneveles, co. Essex. See Canfield. Kanewedon, co. Essex. See Canewdon. Kanloby, co. Linc. See Candlesby. Kanoc, co. Staff. See Cannock. Kardevill, Kardunvill. See Cardunville. Karel, Ivo, 584. Karesbroc, co. Hants. See Carisbrooke. Kari Lowel, co. Somers. See Castle Cary. Karleton. co. Camb. See Carlton. -, co. Norfolk. See Carlton. -, co. York. See Carleton Carlton. - See Carlton. Karlyon, Karleun, Morgan de, 150. Kary, co. Devon. See Carey. -, co. Somers. See Cary. Kasterford [co. York]. See Castleford. Katangre, co. Somers. See Cathanger. Kateral, co. Lanc. See Catterall. Katerale. See Caterale. Kate Ridding, Kateriding, Katerig, Kadriding [in Skelton parish], co. York, p. 266, p. 267, p. 268. Katherton. See Catherton. Katirhal, co. Lanc. See Catterall. Katirhale. See Caterale. Katon, co. Lanc. See Caton. Katon. See Caton. Kaumvill, Kaunville. See Caumvill. Kauwode, co. York. See Cawood. Kauwode, John de, 668. Kauwode, David son of John son of John de, 668. Kaverham, ... de, 563. Kaylly. See Cayly. Kaynes, Kaynnes, Kaines, Kaenas, Yenis, Luke de, 425. Kaynes, John de, son of Luke, 425. -, Robert de, son of Sir William, 633. -, Sir William de, 493. Kayngham, co. York. See Keyingham. Kearby, Kereby [in Kirkby Overbrow parish], co. York, 452. Kedelinton [co. Oxford]. See Kidlington. Kedington, Kediton, co. Suff., manor, p. 152. Kegghes, Hugh de, 633. Kelbrok, Matthew de, 470. Kelbrook, Kellebrok [in Thornton in Craven], co. York, 470. Keleby, William de, escheator, 339. Keleshal [co. Suff.]. See Kelsale. Kelgrimeshar, Kelgrimisharg, co. Lanc. See Kellamergh. Kelham, Kelum, co. Nott., 378. Kelithorp, co. York. See Kelleythorpe. Kellamergh, Kelgrimisharg, Kelgrimeshar, Kelgrimesarth, [in Kirkham parish], co. Lanc., 143, 313. Kellebrok, co. York. See Kelbrook. Kellet, Over [in Bolton le Sands parish], co. Lanc., 329, 427. Kellet, William de, 427. Kellet, William de, son of William, 427. Kelleveden, co. Essex. See Kelvedon. Kelleythorpe, Kelithorp, co. York, 691. Kelmarsh, Keylmers [co. N'hamp.], 652. Kelminton, co. Devon. See Kilmington. Kelsale, Keleshal [co. Suff.], advowson, 744. -, manor, 744. Kelsey, North, Northkelleseye [co. Linc.], manor, 526. -, South, Suthkelleseye [co. Linc.], 526. Kelum, co. Nott. See Kelham. Kelum, Peter son of Peter de, 378. Kelvedon, Kelleveden, co. Essex, manor, 476, 521. Kemerton, Kenemerton, co. Glouc., p. 157. -, manor, 311. Kempsford, Kinemerford, Kinemersford, Kenemerford, co. Glouc., 417. -, barony, 417. Kempton, Kempiton [co. Salop], p. 281. Ken, Kan, Walter de, 91. Ken, Kan, William de, 91. Kenardington, co. Kent, 55. Kenbel. See Kynebel. Kendal, Kirkby in Kendal, Kirkeby, co. Westm., 800 (p. 265, p. 267), 820. - , St. Leonard's hospital, 114. Kenebauton, co. Hunt. See Kimbolton. Kenebelle, co. Buck. See Kimble. Kenemerford, co. Glouc. See Kempsford. Kenemeriston, co. N'humb. See Kimmerston. Kenemerton, co. Glouc. See Kemerton. Kenilworth, Kenilewrth [co. Warw.], prior of, 524, 679. - , dictum of, 814, 816. Kennington, Keninton, co. Surrey, manor, 471. Kensington, Kensenton, co. Midd., church, 586. - , manor, 586. Kent, river, co. Westm., fishery in, 820. Kent, Margaret, countess of. See Burgo. Kentemere [co. Westm.]. See Kentmere. Kentes, Gilbert le, 10. Kentewell, William de, 47. Kentewell, Mabel daughter of Walter de, 47. Kentmere, Kentemere [co. Westm.], dale, p. 267. Kerchel, co. Dorset. See Crichell. Kereby, co. Leic. See Kirby. Kereby, co. York. See Kearby. Kereseford, 587. Kermerden. See Carmarthen. Kerneslawe, co. N'humb. See Kerslaw. Kerneteby, co. York. See Carnaby. Kersey, Kers', co. Suff., manor, 807. Kersing, co. Essex. See Cressing. Kersingham, co. Norf. See Cressingham. Kerslaw, Kerneslawe, co. N'humb., 49. Kertlinton, co. Oxford. See Kirtlington. Ketleston, Keteleson, co. Norf. See Kettlestone. Ketteringham, co. Norf., manor, 559. Kettlestone, Ketleston, Keteleson, co. Norf. 361, 657, 756. - , manor, 361. Kevengalonkok [co. Salop], p. 281. Keweden, co. Essex, 104. Keyingham, Kahingham, Keyngham, Kayngham, co. York, advowson, 471. - , marsh, 471. Keylestorp, co. Linc. See Calcethorp. Keylmers [co. N'hamp.]. See Kelmarsh. Keylmers, Ralph de, 652. Keylmers, Simon de, 652. Keynell, Scheynel, Henry, 417. Keynsham, Keynesham, co. Somers., p. 159. - abbey, p. 158. Keyworth, Keworth, co. Nott., 611. Kibbelinton, co. York. See Kipling (?). Kibworth-Harcourt, Kybworth, co. Leic., 411. Kickle, Ykkele [in Haversham parish, co. Buck.], 877. Kidewylde, Margery, 396. Kidlington, Kedelinton [co. Oxford] manor, 558. Kilham, Killum, co. York, 691. - [co. Hants ?], 722. Killcot, Killicot in Dean [in Newent parish] co. Glouc., 311. Killington, Kylington, co. Westm., manor of 114. Killpeck, Kilpek, Kilpec, co. Glouc., 35. Killum, co. York. See Kilham. Kilmersdon, Kynemersdon, Kynemeredon, co. Somers., 475. - , manor, 629. Kilmington, Kelminton, co. Devon, manor, 798. Kilnerton [co. Salop]. See Kinnerton. Kilnsea, Kilnese, co. York, 471. Kilpeck, co. Heref., prior of, 109. Kilpek, co. Glouc. See Killpeck. Kilwardby, Culverdeby, co. Leic., 776. Kimberley, Kinborle, co. Norfolk, advowson, 908. - , manor, 908. Kimble, Little, Kenebelle, co. Buck., manor, 673. Kimbolton, Kenebauton, co. Hunt., 791. Kimmerston, Kenemeriston [in Ford parish], co. N'humb., 341. Kinardesle, Kynardesle, Kynardesleg, Kynardele, John de, 324, 356. Kinardesle, Hugh de, son of John, 324. Kinborle, co. Norf. See Kimberley. Kinemerford, Kinemersford, co. Glouc. See Kempsford. Kinestorp, co. Norf., 583. Kingesdun [co. Kent]. See Kingsdown. Kingesdun, Richard de, 805. Kingeseye, co. Buck. See Kingsey. Kingeshagh, co. Nott. See Kingshaugh. Kingesham [by Sombourn], co. Hants, 417. Kingesheye, co. Buck. See Kingsey. Kingeshome, co. Glouc. See Kingsholme. Kingeslond [by Sombourn], co. Hants, 417. Kingeston, co. Sussex. See Kingston. Kingeston, Jordan de, 293, 364 (p. 175), 865. Kingham, William de, 743. Kingscliffe, Clyve, co. N'hamp., park, 694. Kingsey, Kingeseye, Kingesheye, co. Buck., 82. - , manor, 673. Kingsdown, Kingesdun [near Rochester, co. Kent], 468. Kingshaugh, Kingeshagh [in Dunham parish], co. Nott., 380. Kingsholme, Kingeshome [in King's Barton parish], co. Glouc., 926. - , Goswikmulle in, 926. Kingston, Kingeston, co. Dorset, manor, 776. - , Kynestan, co. Nott., 344. - , Kingeston, co. Sussex, 711. Kingstone, Kyngeston, co. Kent, advowson and manor, 924, Kingsweston, co. Glouc. See Weston. Kingthorpe, Kinthorp, co., Linc., 61. Kington, Kinton, co. Heref., 654. - Kyngton, West, co. Wilts, manor, 34. Kinmarley, Robert de, 810. Kinnerby, fee of, 396. Kinnerby, Geoffrey de, and Ermetrude his wife, 396. Kinnerton, Kilnerton [in Wentnor parish, co. Salop], p. 280. Kinsley, Kyneslay [in Hemsworth parish, co. York], 44. Kinthorp, co. Linc. See Kingthorpe. Kinton, co. Heref. See Kington. Kipling (?), Kibbelinton [in Middleton on the Wolds], co. York, 691. Kippax, Kypexk, Kypes [co. York], manor 418, 587. Kirby Muxloe, Kereby [in Glenfield parish], co. Leic., 339, 438, 797. - , Kereby [Cold Kirby in Feliskirk parish], co. York, 824. Kircandr, co. Cumb. See Kirk-Andrews. Kircosewal, Kircoswald, co. Cumb. See Kirkoswald. Kiriel, Sir Nicholas de, a hospitaller, p. 153. - See Crioil. Kirington, co. Linc. See Kirmington. Kirk Andrews, Kircandr', Kirkamdres, co. Cumb., 199, 811. Kirkburn, Kirkbrun, Kirkebrun, co. York, pp. 2668. - , manor, p. 267. Kirkby, Kirkeby, Kirkebi [in Walton on the Hill parish], co. Lanc., 253, 313, 338, 390. - , Kyrkeby [on the Bain ?], co. Linc., manor, 145. - , Wharf, Kyrkeby upon Werf, co. York, manor, 296. Kirkebrid, Euphemia de, 811. - , Richard de, 811. Kirk Deighton, Ditton, Dicton, co. York, manor, 97. Kirkebi, Kirkeby, co. Linc. See Kirkby. Kirkeby, co. Westm. See Kendal. Kirkeby, Kirkeb', John de, 376. - , Richard de, 114. - , fee of, 44. Kirkelund, co. Lanc, See Kirkland. Kirketon, co. Linc. See Kirton. Kirketon, Kyrketon, William de, 773, 804. Kirketot. See Criketot. Kirkham. Kyrkhem, co. Lanc., 409. Kirkland, Kirkelund, Kirlund [in Garstang parish], co. Lanc., wood and fields, 114. Kirklinton, Leventon, Levynton, co. Cumb., 199, 811. - , advowson, 199, 811. - , manor, 811. Kirkoswald, Kircosewal, Kircoswald, Kyrcoswald, co. Cumb., 106, 738, 752, 758, 811. - advowson, 758, 811. - , manor 752. - , Rawenholme in, 752. Kirkstall, Kyrkestal [co. York], abbot of, 296. Kirlund, co. Lanc. See Kirkland. Kirmington, Kirington, co. Linc., 732, 776. Kirneshall, co. Nott. See Kneesall (?) Kirtlington, Kertlinton, co. Oxford, manor, 807. Kirton, Kirketon [in Lindsey], co. Linc., soke of, 154. Knapton, Chnapetun, co. Norf., advowson, 711. - manor, 711. - , Brodigg in, 711. Knaresborough, Cnarisburg [co. York], honour of, 225. Kneesall, Knesal, Kneshall, Kirneshall (?), co. Nott., 378, 870. - , church, 587. - , manor, 587. - , Herteshorn wood in, 378. Kneesworth, Knesworthe, co. Camb., 891. Knesal, co. Nott. See Kneesall. Knesworthe, co. Camb. See Kneesworth. Knightley. Knittele [co. Staff.], p. 280. Knightlow, Knytelawe, co. Warw., hundred, 793. Knittele [co. Staff.]. See Knightley. Knockyn, Knock [co. Salop], p. 280. Knolle, co. Somers. See Knowle. Knook, Cnuk, co. Wilts, pp. 152, 158. Knot, Germanus, 674. Knottingley, Knottynglay, Cnottingley [in Pontefract parish, co. York], 418. - fishery, 418. Knowle, Church, Cnolle [co. Dorset], advowson, p. 158. - , Cnolle [in Bedminster parish], co. Somers., manor, 628. - , Holdeburi in, 628. - , Cnoll, Cnolle, Knolle Inweaus [in Shepton Montague parish], co. Somers., 315. - , manor, 353, 735. Knowlton, Cnolton, co. Dorset, p. 161. Knuk, co. Wilts. See Knook. Knutton, Cnotton [in Wolstanton parish], co Staff., 308. Knytelawe, co. Warw. See Knightlow. Knyvet, Thomas, 10. Kochull [co. Worc.]. See Cookhill. Koclyherling [co. Norf.]. See Harling. Kokersond [co. Lanc.]. See Cockersand. Koket river. See Coquet. Kolton, co. York. See Colton. Kopcopedhoc, Robert de, 650. Kotis, co. Camb. See Coton. Krokestun, co. Norf. See Croxton. Kroxton, John de, 323. Krubba, Morgan de, 60. Krumbewell. See Crombwell. Kryche, co. Derby. See Crich. Kybworth, co. Leic. See Kibworth. Kylinton, co. Westm. See Killington. Kylpek, Hugh de, 35. Kyme, Kyma, William de, 470, 690. Kyme, Lucy de, 690. Kyn, Thomas, 732, 776. Kynardele, Kynardesle. See Kinardesle. Kynebel, Kenbel, Richard, 528. Kynemersdon, Kynemeredon, co. Somers. See Kilmersdon. Kyneslay [co. York]. See Kinsley. Kynestan, co. Nott. See Kingston. Kyngeswinterburn, co. Dorset. See Winterbourne. Kyngeston, co. Kent. See Kingstone. Kypersmers, co. Norf., 918. Kypes, Kypexk [co. York]. See Kippax. Kyppeyer hospital in Durham, 528. Kyrcoswald, co. Cumb. See Kirkoswald. Kyriul. See Crioil. Kyrkeby, co. Linc. See Kirkby, Kyrkestal abbey. See Kirkstall. Kyrketon. See Kirketon. Kyrketot. See Cricketot. Kyrkhem, co. Lanc. See Kirkham.