Index of Persons and Places: Q

Page 724

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 10, Edward III. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1921.

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Qhyte. See Whyte.

Quainton, Queynton, co. Buck., 277 (p. 243).

Quantock, Cantok [in Bishop’s Lydeard parish], co. Somerset, 38.

Quappelade, co, Linc. See Whaplode.

Quatford, co. Salop, 320.

Quatt, Quatte, co. Salop, 382.
-, ……, manor, 382.

Queen Hoo, Quenehawe [in Tewin parish], co. Hertf., 441.

Queldrike, co. York. See Wheldrake.

Quenby, Queneby [in Hungerton parish], co. Leic., 45 (p. 33).

Quenehawe, co. Hertf. See Queen Hoo.

Quenton, Quentone, co. Glouc. See Quinton.

Querdon [Everdon? co. N’hamp.], prior of, 45 (p. 36).

Queye. See Quy.

Queynton, co. Buck. See Quainton.

Quickbury, Cowykbury [in Sheering parish], co. Essex, 46 (p. 53).

Quincy, Roger de, earl of Winchester, 32.

Quinton, Quenton, Quentone, co. Glouc., manor, 518 (p. 405).

Quitfeld, Thomas de, 162.

Quixhill, Quixhull [in Rocester parish], co. Staff., 308.

Quy, Queye, co. Camb., manor, 617.
-, …… fishery, 617.

Quyntyn, Alexander, 314 (p. 264).
-, ……, John, 646.