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Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 10, Edward III. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1921.

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664. ROBERT, SON OF SIMON (fn. 1) DE TOTHALE or SIMON BARRY (addendum to No. 492).
Commission to Richard de Baious, Thomas de Reymes, Richard de Piryton and Gilbert Bernard, referring to the inquisition on the said Robert, an idiot (No. 492), and to letters patent committing the custody of his lands to Henry Eweney and Alice his wife, sister of the said Robert; it is now understood that though Simon father of Robert, by the name of Simon Barry, was jointly enfeoffed of the manor of Herdewyk, co. Huntingdon, with Joan his wife, who survived him, to them and the heirs of their bodies, by a fine, and was succeeded by the said Joan, who was succeeded by Robert, who remained in seisin until the manor with other lands &c. in co. Buckingham was taken into the king’s hand by reason of his idiocy, yet John Michel of London, Baldwin Belamy (Belany in inq.) and Thomas de Eston intruded and ejected Henry and Alice from the custody. The commissioners are to enquire as to the facts. 1 May, 36 Edward III. By Council.
HUNTINGDON. Inq. taken at St. Noot’s, Monday before St. Matthew, 36 Edward III.
Herdwyk. Simon died seised jointly enfeoffed with Joan his wife of the manor of Herdwyk called Tothalebury, as above. She survived him five years and died on Friday before All Saints, 11 Edward III. The inquisition finds the facts as in the writ, except that Thomas de Eston is stated to be in no wise guilty in the intrusion. The manor is held of the king as of the honour of Huntingdon by knight’s service.
C. Edw. III. File 143. (6.)
665. RICHARD DE PLAYS, knight (addendum to No. 598).
Writ de feodis &c. to the escheator in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Hertford. 20 February, 35 Edward III.
NORFOLK. Inq. taken at Wetyngg, 12 April, 35 Edward III.
Norhtwold. A moiety of a knight’s fee held by John de Wesinham.
Bernham and Welbourn. A moiety of a knight’s fee held by Robert de Mortuo Mari.
Loden. A knight’s fee held by Thomas Bakon.
Sistronde. A third part of a knight’s fee held by Michael de Poyningg.
Fransham and Skernyngg. A knight’s fee held by Gilbert de Fransham.
Bacounisthorp. A knight’s fee which John de Claveryngg held, now held by Thomas Bakon.
Sparham. A knight’s fee held by Robert de Malteby.
Geyton. A moiety of a knight’s fee held by Edmund de Geyton.
Wetyngg. A fourth part of a knight’s fee held by Roger Potoys.
Norhtbarsham. A sixth part of a knight’s fee held by Roger Sire and others.
Depham. A knight’s fee held by the heir of William Blomvyll.
Depham and Little Elyngcham. A knight’s fee held by Roger Cosyn.
Bromhill. The advowson of the priory.
[CAMBRIDGE.] Shodecampis. A knight’s fee held by Nicholas Hauchauch.
Foulmere. The advowson of the church.
He held no other knights’ fees or advowsons in the county.
C. Edw. III. File 150. (3.)
666. ADAM DE BENTON (addendum to No. 654).
Writ to the escheator in co. York (sic) on the claim of Isabel de Swynhowe and Cristiana her sister, kinswomen and heirs of Beatrice, late the wife of the said Adam, that the latter held by the law of England of the inheritance of the said Isabel a toft, 12a. land and a fourth part of a mill in Howyk by fealty and service of 1d. yearly; which the escheator in a return to a writ de causa captionis says that he took into the king’s hand because he found by inquisition taken ex officio that the same Adam, who at the time of his death held them of the king in chief by knight’s service by reason of the forfeited fees late of John Mautalent, an adherent of the Scots the king’s enemies, died on 20 September, 23 Edward III. Isabel and Christiana have requested the king amovere manum suam. The escheator is to enquire as to the tenure of the premises, the relationship of applicants to Beatrice, their ages &c. 6 November, 36 Edward III.
NORTHUMBERLAND. Inq. taken at the castle of Newcastle upon Tyne, Tuesday in the fourth week of Lent, 37 Edward III.
Howik. He held as in the writ by fealty and by service of 1d. yearly and not by knight’s service.
Isabel de Swynhowe, aged 40 years and more, and Cristiana her sister, aged 44 years and more, are heirs of the said Beatrice as regards the premises.
Adam died on 20 September, 23 Edward III.
C. Edw. III. File 155. (14.)
667. JOHN TYREL (addendum to No. 618).
Mandate to the escheator to deliver to Agnes, late the wife of the said John, the moiety of lands &c. in Tangele, assigned to her in dower, of the lands &c. late of the said John in the king’s hand by reason of the minority of Hugh Tyrel, brother and heir of the said John. 5 November, 35 Edward III.
SOUTHAMPTON. Answer of the escheator. It was found on 12 May, 34 Edward III, that John Wake, tenant in chief, held the premises by knight’s service, and died seised thereof, and accordingly the escheator on 3 November, 34 Edward III, took them into the king’s hand, where they are still, and he has not delivered them to the aforesaid Agnes, because John Tyrel, her late husband, one of the heirs of John Wake, never brought a writ of livery of seisin, during his life, nor in the writ of the said Agnes was any mention made of those tenements.
C. Edw. III. File 151. (5.)


  • 1. In the writ of 15 March, 33 Edward III (No. 492) the lunatic is (erroneously?) called Robert son of Robert de Tothale.