Index of Persons and Places: Q

Page 550

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 12, Edward III. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1938.

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Quale, co. Westm. See Whale.

Quappelade, co. Linc. See Whaplode.

Quarrendon, Querendon, co. Buck., manor, 326 (p. 306).

Queenhill, Quenehull, co. Worc., manor, 366.

Queldrik, co. York. See Wheldrake.

Quenby, co. York. See Whenby.

Quenehull, co. Worc. See Queenhill.

Quenton, co. Warw., 321 (p. 295).

Quenyld, John, 63 bis.

Querdelyng, William, churchwarden of St. John the Baptist upon Walbrook, London, 280.

Querendon, co. Buck. See Quarrendon.

Qwerf, the river. See Wharfe.

Querlton, co. York. See Whorlton.

Querton, Hugh de, 258.

Queth, Robert, 404 (p. 391).

Quethiock, co. Cornwall, Penpol in, q.v.

Quidenham, co. Norf., 7 (p. 6), 457 (p. 432).

Quinffell, co. Cumb. See Whinfell.

Quixlay, Ralph de, 442.

Quixsale, co. Salop. See Whixall.

Qwerlton, co. York. See Whorlton.