Addenda to Vol. III

Pages 277-278

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 13, Edward III. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1954.

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CHESTER. Assignment of dower to Margaret late the wife of the said Urian (undated).
She has the following:—
Cherlton. The manor, held of Robert de Prayers.
Piketon. The manor, in the barony of Shipbrok, held of the king.
Nantwich and Acton, which are held of the king. 4l. rent.
See Vol. III, No. 280.
C. Edw. I. File 72. (3.)
LINCOLN. Proof of age of the said Geoffrey, who says he is of full age and was born at Irneham; whereupon the king gave him a day to prove his age before the king, to wit, in one month from Michaelmas, and the sheriff was ordered to summon jurors and warn the king's clerk, Malcolm de Harleye, escheator on this side Trent, to show cause why the king should not restore to the said Geoffrey his inheritance. The said Malcolm did not appear, and the sheriff caused him to be summoned by Roger de Ingoldeby and Simon le Clerk of Ingoldeby &c. The said Geoffrey and the jurors appeared, and Geoffrey prayed that proof of his age might be taken; and as Malcolm did not appear, although warned, and showed no cause why the proof should not be taken, let the proof be taken &c.
William de Coleville of Swynestede, aged 50 years, distant from Irenham 1 1/2 leagues, says that the said Geoffrey was 21 years of age on the eve of Whitsunday last. This he knows because he had a son named John born three days before Geoffrey, and his said son was 21 years of age four days before Whitsunday last. Geoffrey was born at Irenham and baptized in the church of that town on Whitsunday. Geoffrey de Burton was one of his godfathers; as to the godmother and other godfather the witness knows nothing.
Richard Arnald of Swafeld, aged 30 years, distant from Irneham 2 leagues, agrees and says that Simon de Corby, his kinsman, had a son named John born on Wednesday in Whit week last (sic), who was 21 years of age on Wednesday after Whitsunday last. This son, after his father's death, was in the wardship of Sir Gilbert Peche, his lord, until the quinzaine of Michaelmas last, when it was proved by inquisition in the great court of Corby that he was of full age, whereupon his lands &c. were delivered to him.
Nicholas de Burton of Stanford, aged 40 years, distant from Irneham 9 leagues, agrees and says that at that time he was servant to Master Robert Luterel, who then was and still is rector of Irneham. A certain canon baptized the child, and Geoffrey, his (the deponent's) brother, gave the child its baptismal name. The deponent himself was present at the baptism. He has been in the said parson's service for 22 years, and the said heir was born in the second year of such service.
Geoffrey de Burton of Brassingburgh, aged 40 years, distant from Irneham 2 leagues, agrees and says that he was godfather and gave his name to the said heir, and was then in the service of the father of the heir's lady mother. He also says that on the feast of the Purification next after the birth of the heir he married his wife, and on the same feast next to come it will be 21 years since he married her. (The rest of the proof is torn away.)
Cf. Vol. III, No. 406.
C. Edw. I. File 79. (6.)