Addenda and corrigenda

Pages vi-vii

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 15, Richard II. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1970.

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No. 4, line 5 from end. Before John de Orreby insert Joan daughter and heir of.

No. 6, line 3 from end. For Edward brother of Edward read Edward his brother.

No. 12, p. 5 line 18. Delete of Walter de Chyvenynge; and for the said Walter read Walter de Chyvenynge.

No. 14, p. 6 line 6. For Mayhenstrete read Mayheustrete.

No. 16, p. 7 line 3. For convent read consent.

No. 31, heading. For Catfield read Catfeld.

line 2 from end. For Eustacia, sometime his wife, was read Custa[n]ce, sometime his wife, afterwards.

No. 46, line 4 from end. For Kelly read Kelby.

No. 49, heading. For Mirfield read Mirfeld.

No. 75, last line. For Trevygen read Trevygou.

No. 90, line 8 from end. For Teme read Tene.

No. 119, line 5. For Councy read Couucy.

No. 131, p. 50 line 18. Delete bracket.

No. 134, line 10 from end. For prior read priory.

No. 135, line 3 from end. For Mortus read Mortuo.

No. 142, p. 57 line 9. For of service read by service.

No. 147, line 4. For Trethens read Treuthens.

line 13. For Trenthens read Treuthens.

line 15. For Treneloghen read Tregeloghen; and for Trenasawe read Trevasawe.

No. 149, line 8. For burgate read burgage.

line 10 from end. For Wodeland read Wodelond.

Pages 62-3, first lines. For Wyllyngton read Wyllington.

No. 167, p. 69 line 11. For Lyn read Lyu.

No. 168, p. 70 line 20. For Helleston read Helleton.

p. 70 line 14 from end. For Treurys read Treureys.

p. 71 line 25. For Trelosle read Trelosk.

No. 178, p. 77 line 3. For Crook read Brook.

No. 195, line 5 from end. For Laulay read Maulay.

No. 197, p. 84 line 1. For Estayfforde read Estaysforde.

No. 205, line 5. For the said John read the said Joan.

No. 211, p. 89 line 12 from end. For Qwenyene read Qwenyeve.

line 2 from end. For Aylrichesford read Aylrichesfeld.

No. 219, line 3 from end. For Dygye read Dygge.

Page 105, line 1. For Middleton read Middelton.

No. 255, line 5. For idiotcy read idiocy.

No. 270, line 3 from end. For Swynneston read Swynnerton.

No. 306. For 305 read 306.

line 5. For Tonthorp read Touthorp.

No. 323, p. 133 line 13. Add Calendar of Close Rolls, 1381-1385, pp. 172-3.

No. 326. Add at end: Extents of fees assigned as dower to Mary, late the wife of the said Roger, and the pourparties of his two daughters and heirs. [See Calendar of Close Rolls, 1381-1385, pp. 172-3.]

No. 352, line 4 from end. For Manger read Mauger.

No. 369, line 3, and line 2 from end of p. 152. For Dokesworth read Bokesworth.

No. 373, line 2. For per read her.

No. 375, line 8. For Cotton read Potton.

No. 379, line 2. For Acheford read Scleford.

No. 416, p. 170 line 2. For Cefteford read Cesteford.

No. 423, p. 173 line 18. For Robert read John.

No. 424, line 8 from end. For John Ryver read William Ryver.

No. 435, p. 178 line 21. For under-manor read under-mentioned manor.

No. 452, p. 188 line 4. Delete comma after Wight.

No. 458, p. 191 line 6. Insert (sic) after Margaret.

No. 494, line 3. For Means read Meaus.

No. 559, line 12. For last inquisition read last inquisition but one.

No. 611, line 9. For ‘slykkesilver’ read ‘stykkesilver’.

No. 618, line 2 from end. For marshall read marshal.

No. 623, line 5. For Aldiston read Aldirton.

No. 656. For existing heading read Mary, daughter and heir of [Joan, daughter and heir of] John Orby, knight.*

p. 266. Add as footnote *The words in square brackets are omitted from the proof but are included in the writ.

p. 267 line 1. Before John insert [Joan, daughter and heir of].

No. 661, footnote. Add See also Calendar of Inquisitions Miscellaneous, vol. VII, No. 195.

No. 687, line 4. For St. Leonards read St. Leonard.

No. 742, p. 295 line 12 from end and last line. For Wentemore read Wentenore.

No. 769, last line. After knight insert (sic).

No. 787, p. 311 line 1. For excheator’s read escheator’s.

No. 805, p. 316 line 4 from end. For warin read Warin.

No. 830, line 3. Delete and before lands.

No. 860, line 11. For Scallgill read Scabgill.

No. 887, line 8. For Ivor read Ivo.

line 9 from end. For every read ever.

No. 916, line 3. For Robert read Roger.

No. 949, line 4 from end. For Margaret read Margery.

last line. For the above Margaret read Margaret sister of the same Richard.

No. 976, line 4 from end. Before John insert Joan, daughter of.

No. 981, line 1. For movember read November.