Index of Persons and Places: A

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 16, Richard II. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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M. C. B. Dawes. M. R. Devine. H. E. Jones. M. J. Post, 'Index of Persons and Places: A', Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 16, Richard II, (London, 1974), pp. 457-463. British History Online [accessed 14 June 2024].

M. C. B. Dawes. M. R. Devine. H. E. Jones. M. J. Post. "Index of Persons and Places: A", in Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 16, Richard II, (London, 1974) 457-463. British History Online, accessed June 14, 2024,

Dawes, M. C. B.. Devine, M. R.. Jones, H. E.. Post, M. J. . "Index of Persons and Places: A", Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 16, Richard II, (London, 1974). 457-463. British History Online. Web. 14 June 2024,


Abberbury, Richard, 1015

Abbot, William, 560

Abburbury, co. Salop. See Alberbury

Abdick, Abdic, co. Somerset, hundred, 503

Abergavenny, Bergeveny, co. Monmouth, 13, 14, 889, 918
-, castle, 13, 14, 889, 918
-, lordship, 13, 14, 889, 918

Abingdon, Abyndon, co. Berks, abbot of, 58, 777
-, inquisitions taken at, 933, 976

Abinger, co. Surrey, Paddington in, q.v.

Ablington [in Bibury], Ablynton, co. Gloucester, 69

Ablington [in Figheldean], Ablyngton, co. Wilts, manor, 215

Abraham, Abram, John, clerk, 11, 14, 887–921

Abthorpe, Apethorpe, co. Northampton, 710
-, manor, 710
-, Hale in, q.v.

Abyndon, co. Berks. See Abingdon

Abyndon, William de, 773

Acford Shillyng, co. Dorset. See Shillingstone

Achecote, co. Buckingham. See Edgecott

Achekote, William de, 268, 270, 271

Aclom, Mary de, 987

Acomb, co. York, Dringhouses in, q.v.

Acre, Castle, Castelacre, co. Norfolk, castle, 678
-, See also Newton

Acton [in Babergh hundred], Aketon, co. Suffolk, 241
-, Sutton of, q.v.

Acton Burnell, co. Salop, 452, 947

Acton, Iron, Irenacton, co. Gloucester, 449

Acton Trussell [now a parish with Bednall, formerly in Baswick], co. Stafford, 453

Adam, Richard, chaplain, 1086
-, Roger, 1069, 1070
-, Walter, 55

Adam, son of Gilbert, 838

Adam, son of Hervey, 881
-, Juliana wife of, 881

Adam, vicar of Shirburn, 431

Adderley, Adderleye, co. Salop, inquisition taken at, 44
-, manor, 44

Addingham, co. Cumberland, Unthank in, q.v.

Addingham, Adyngham, co. York, 842

Addington, Adyngton, Adynton, co. Kent, manor, 239, 533
-, parson of. See Feld, John atte

Addington, Adyngton, co. Surrey, manor, 782

Addington, Little, Little Adyngton, co. Northampton, 454

Ade, Robert, 558

Adeky, Walter, 487

Adekyn, Robert, 487

Adlerston, co. Somerset. See Atherstone

Adyngham, co. York. See Addingham

Adyngton, Adynton. See Addington

Affpuddle, co. Dorset, Puddle, Bryants, in, q.v.

Afton, Thomas, 1067, 1068

Agglethorpe [in Coverham], Akilthorpe, Aklethorpe, co. York, 741, 747

Agmondesham, co. Buckingham. See Amersham

-, Joan daughter of, 90

AGUYLUN, ROBERT, knight, 82

Aike [in Lockington], Ake, co. York, Marshal of, q.v.

Aill’, Aillesbury, co. Buckingham. See Aylesbury

Ailmer. See Aylmer

Ainsty, Little, co. Hereford. See Anstey

Aire, river, co. York, 987

Airton [in Kirkby Malham], Ayreton, Ayrton, Ayrton in Craven, co. York, 743, 748, 833, 842, 843, 845
-, manor, 396

Aisby in Haydour, co. Lincoln. See Hasseby

Aiskew [in Bedale], Ayscugh, co. York, manor, 584

Ake, co. York. See Aike

Akeld [in Kirknewton], co. Northumberland, 594

Akelysdon, co. Gloucester. See Dixton

Akelyston, John de, 449

Aketon, co. Suffolk. See Acton

Akeworth, co. York. See Oakworth

Akilthorp, Aklethorpe, co. York. See Agglethorpe

Akstan, co. Kent. See Axton

Alanby, co. Cumberland. See Ellonby

Alastre, co. Derby. See Allestree

Alberbury, Abburbury, cos. Salop [and Montgomery], church of St. Peter in, 947
-, Breiddin, The, Bretchel, Eyton, Hayes and Wollaston, Great, in, q.v.

Alberd, William, 455, 457
-, Lucy wife of, sister of William Spygornell, the elder, 455, 457

Alblasterer, Ralph, 1002
-, Isabel wife of, 1002
-, Robert, Richard Benet kinsman of, 1002

Albon, John, [co. Bedford], 80
-, John, [co. Northampton], 454

Alcote, Richard de, 290

Alde Parke, le, co. Westmorland. See Old Park

ALDEBURGH, MARGERY wife of William de, the younger, 511, 1077, 1078, 1079
-, WILLIAM DE, the elder, knight, 510, 511, 1078, 1079
-, WILLIAM DE, the younger, knight, 510, 511, 1077–78, 1079
-, Elizabeth sister of, wife of Brian de Stapilton, knight, 1077–79
-, Sybil sister of, wife of William de Ryther, knight, 1077–79

Aldeby, co. Norfolk, manor, 418

Aldeleme, John, 546
-, John son of, 546
-, Katharine wife of, 546

Aldeley. See Audley

Aldemore, Le, co. Northumberland. See Oldmoor

Alderne, Nicholas, 745

Aldersfield [in Wickhambrook], Aldersfeld, co. Suffolk, 445

Alderton, Aldryngton, co. Gloucester, 449
-, Dixton in, q.v.

Alderton, co. Northampton, 633

Aldeworth, co. Berks. See Aldworth

Aldewyncle, co. Northampton. See Aldwinkle

Aldon [in Stokesay], Auldon, co. Salop, 1010

Aldrington, Aldryngton, co. Sussex, ‘la Fanne’ in, 398

Aldryngton, co. Gloucester. See Alderton

Aldwinkle, Aldewyncle, co. Northampton, 454

Aldworth, Aldeworth, co. Berks, ‘Faldeyeslond’ in, 1015
-, Beche, La, in, q.v.

Aldyngton, co. Wilts. See Allington

Alesby, co. Lincoln. See Aylesby

Alewenton, co. Northumberland. See Alwinton

Alexander, vicar of Rudgwick, 430

Alexanderman, William, 1026
-, Joan wife of, 1026

-, John, [co. Devon], 1068
-, John, [co. Leicester], 104
-, John, [co. Lincoln], 378

Alford, co. Lincoln, inquisition taken at, 409
-, See also Ulceby

Alford, Robert de, 945

Algar, William, sherman, 185

Algarkirk, co. Lincoln, Beausolace in, q.v.

Alice, widow of Robert …, 380

Alice Holt, Alsisholte, co. Southampton, forest, bailiwick of, 150

Alisaunder, Elysaundre, John, 1013
-, Richard, 1057

Alkebarowe, co. Lincoln. See Aukborough

Alkham, co. Kent, 612, 620
-, Hallmead and Wolverton in, q.v.

Alkham, Peter, 620

Allecannynges, co. Wilts. See Cannings, All

Allendale, co. Northumberland, Haydon in, q.v.

Allensmore, co. Hereford, Cobhall in, q.v.

Allen Wood [in Aylesbeare], Ayllyngwode, co. Devon, 875, 880

Allerthorpe, co. York, Waplington in, q.v.

Allerthorpe [in Pickhill], Arlawthorp, Arlowthorp, co. York, 742

Allerton in Shirwod, Allerton Undreshirewode, co. Nottingham. See Ollerton

Allesley, Allesle, co. Warwick, manor, 28, 911, 923

Allesley, William de, 109

Allestree, Alastre, co. Derby, 1030

Allington, Athelyngton, co. Dorset, manor, 629
-, advowson of chapel of, 629

Allington [in Amesbury hundred], Aldyngton, co. Wilts, 640

Allisland [in Petrockstow], Allislond, co. Devon, 538

Allowenshay [in Kingstone], Alwynesheye, co. Somerset, manor, 525

Almesho, co. Hertford. See Almshoe

Almeton, co. Nottingham. See Ompton

Almodington [in Earnley and Almodington], Almodyton, co. Sussex, manor, 427, 428, 430

Almshoe [in Ippollitts], Almesho, co. Hertford, 390

Alne, co. York, Tholthorpe in, q.v.

Alnemouth, co. Northumberland. See Alnmouth

Alnewenton, co. Northumberland. See Alwinton

Alnewik, Alnewyk, co. Northumberland. See Alnwick

Alnham, co. Northumberland, Unthank in, q.v.

Alnmouth, Alnemouth, co. Northumberland, 1036, 1037

Alnwenton, co. Northumberland. See Alwinton

Alnwick, Alnewik, Alnewyk, co. Northumberland, 71, 1036, 1037
-, bailiwick, 594
-, inquisitions taken at, 592, 1043
-, partition made at, 594

Alnwick, Alnewyk, Alnwyk, barony, 394, 470, 1043

Alpheton, co. Suffolk, 149
-, manor, 149

Alrewas, co. Stafford, 1080

Alsisholte, co. Southampton. See Alice Holt

Alstanesfeld, Alstanesfelde, co. Stafford. See Alstonfield

Alston [in Huntspill], Alvyston, co. Somerset, inquisition taken at, 144
-, manor, 143

Alstonfield, Alstanesfeld, Alstanesfelde, Astonesfeld, co. Stafford, 194
-, manor, 1065, 1073, 1074

Altarnon, co. Cornwall, Codda in, q.v.

Alton, Aulton, Aultone, co. Southampton, 1059, 1060
-, inquisitions taken at, 151, 436, 477
-, manor, 399, 477, 1060
-, Kingswood, Kyngeswode, in, 1059, 1060
-, ‘Tatheshall’, ‘Totheshall’, ‘Totheshalle’, [in Trenchant] in, 1059, 1060

Alton, Alveton, co. Stafford, lord of, 953, 1065
-, manor, 953

Alton [in Figheldean], co. Wilts, manor and advowson, 215

Alvaston [in Alvaston and Boulton], Alwaston, co. Derby, 811

Alvediston, co. Wilts, Trow in, q.v.

Alverdiscott, co. Devon, Bulworthy in, q.v.

Alvetham, John de, 351
-, Margery Banastre wife of, 351
-, Robert son of, 351
-, John de, son of Robert, 351

-, Elizabeth and Thomasia daughters of, 204
-, Stephen brother of, 204
-, John son of, 204

Alveton, co. Stafford. See Alton

Alvington [in Carisbrooke], Alvyngton, co. Southampton, manor, 295, 298

Alvington, West, co. Devon, Youngcombe in, q.v.

Alvyston, co. Somerset. See Alston

Alvythele, co. Essex. See Aveley

Alwaldby, co. Lincoln. See Autby

Alwaston, co. Derby. See Alvaston

Alwington, co. Devon, Portledge in, q.v.

Alwinton, Alewenton, Alnewenton, Alnwenton, co. Northumberland, 470, 1043
-, Biddlestone, Burradon, Clennell, Farnham, Netherton and Sharperton in, q.v.

Alwynesheye, co. Somerset. See Allowenshay

Alyngton, co. Lincoln. See Allington

Amarl, Amarle, Daumarle, James, 263, 264, 413
-, John, 875

Ambaston [in Elvaston], co. Derby, 811

Ambaston, John de, chaplain, 181

Ambesbury, Ambresbury, co. Wilts. See Amesbury

Amcotts [in Thorne], Amcotes, co. Lincoln, Raulyn of, q.v.

Amersham, Agmondesham, Angmondesham, co. Buckingham, 90
-, inquisitions taken at, 90, 730

Amesbury, Ambesbury, Ambresbury, Aubresbury, Aumbresbury, co. Wilts, honor, 764
-, inquisitions taken at, 215, 640, 909
-, prioress of, 522

Amington and Stonydelph [in Tamworth], co. Warwick, Kingswood in, q.v.

Ammory, John, 696

Amotherby [in Appleton le Street], Aymonderby, co. York, 140

Amoure, John, 184

Ampthill, Ampthull, co. Bedford, inquisitions taken at, 87, 957

Amwyk, co. Lincoln. See Anwick

Amyas, John, 6
-, Walter, clerk, 11, 14, 887–921

Amyot, John, 7

Amys, John, 487

Ancaster, Ancastre, co. Lincoln, 228, 812
-, inquisitions taken at, 635, 636
-, Sudbrook and Willoughby, West, in, q.v.

Andover, Andevere, co. Southampton, 399
-, inquisitions taken at, 295, 331, 399, 1014
-, prior of, 399

Andrewe, Richard, 569
-, Robert, clerk, 695

Anglesey [in Bottisham], Anglyshay, co. Cambridge, prior of, 432

Angmering, co. Sussex, Barpham and Ham in, q.v.

Angmondesham, co. Buckingham. See Amersham

Angram, Angreham, co. Northumberland. See Ingram

Angus, earl of. See Umfravill, Gilbert de

Anne, queen of England, 210, 378, 636, 717, 719, 888, 917, 947, 1015

Anne, John, chaplain, 382

Annery [in Monkleigh], Uppeanry, co. Devon, manor, ‘Hole’ in, 333

Annesley, Hugh de, 181, 811, 905, 922
-, John de, 971

‘Annesson, Robyn’, John, of Butterhaw, 724

Anny, John, 667

Anstey, Ansty, co. Hertford, castle, 530
-, Anstey, Little, Little Ainsty, in, 389

Anstey [in Thurcaston], Ansty, co. Leicester, 558

Anstey, East, Estansty, Esthansty, co. Devon, 203, 1067

Anstey, West, Westansty, Westhansty, co. Devon, 203, 1067

Ansty, Ansty by Combe, co. Warwick, manor, 109

Ansty, co. Wilts, Wardour in, q.v.

Ansty, William de, chaplain, 109

Anthony, Joyce, 74

Anwick, Amwyk, co. Lincoln, 229

Apelton, co. Norfolk. See Appleton

Apelton, Blaunche. See London, Blanch Appleton

Apethorpe, co. Northampton. See Abthorpe

Apley, co. Lincoln, Kingthorpe in, q.v.

Appelby, co. Westmorland. See Appleby

Appeltrewyk, co. York. See Appletreewick

Appilton, co. York. See Appleton Roebuck

Appilton in Rydale, co. York. See Appleton le Street

Appleby, Appylby, co. Lincoln, inquisition taken at, 282

Appleby, Appelby, co. Westmorland, castle, 836
-, inquisitions taken at, 233, 322, 836, 844
-, manor, 836
-, ‘Ribbilandes’ in, 838
-, St. Laurence, parish of, Colby and Hoff in, q.v.
-, St. Michael, parish of, Crackenthorpe, Flakebridge, Hilton, Langton and Murton in, q.v.

Applegarth [in Holme Abbey], Appylgarth, co. Cumberland, 385

Applegarth [in Bainton], co. York, 762

Applegarth [in Marske], Applegarthes, co. York, 396

Appleton, Apelton, co. Norfolk, 52

Appleton le Street, Appilton in Rydale, co. York, 743
-, Amotherby, Easthorpe, Hildenley, Newsham and Swinton in, q.v.

Appleton Roebuck, Appilton, co. York, 108

Appletreewick [in Burnsall], Appeltrewyk, Appletrewyk, Appyltrewyk, co. York, 743, 748, 833, 842, 845
-, Dowshill Laithe and Woodhouse in, q.v.

Appylby, co. Lincoln. See Appleby

Appylgarth, co. Cumberland. See Applegarth

Appyltrewyk, co. York. See Appletrewick

Apton [in Canewdon], co. Essex, manor, 821

Apuldrefelde, Henry de, 51

Aqua, Richard de, 392

Aquila. See Laigle

Aquitaine, 157

Archenfield, Irchenfeld, co. Hereford, hundred, 468

Archer, William, [co. Kent], heirs of, 51
-, William, [co. York], 1001, 1002

Arclid [in Sandbach], Artcluyt, co. Chester, manor, 160

ARDERN, Arderne, THOMAS, knight, 1080
-, John son of, 1080
-, Andrew, 861
-, Henry de, knight, Ellen wife of, 160
-, Henry de, 209
-, Roger, 581
-, Thomas, 560
-, Thomas de, 776
-, Walter, 532

Ardeswyk, Thomas de, 109

Argalles, co. Cornwall. See Arrallas

Argentein, John, knight, 341
-, Elizabeth Seint George daughter of, q.v.

Arkleside [in Coverham], Arkelset, co. York, vaccary, 739

Arlawthorp, co. York. See Allerthorpe

Arlesey, Arlicheseye, Arlycheseye, co. Bedford, 119, 462

Arley, co. Warwick, advowson, 588

Arlicheseye, co. Bedford. See Arlesey

Arloe Croys [unid.], co. Berks, inquisition taken at, 269

Arlowthorp, co. York. See Allerthorpe

Arlycheseye, co. Bedford. See Arlesey

Armes, Richard des, king’s yeoman, 175, 177

Armestrong, Robert, 300
-, Margaret wife of, 300

Armyngton, co. Cambridge. See Arrington

Arnald, Robert, of Swafield, 1008

Arnall, co. Nottingham. See Arnold

Arncliffe, co. York, Hawkswick in, q.v.

Arne, co. Dorset, Eastmoor, Middlebeare and Westport in, q.v.

Arnold, Arnall, co. Nottingham, manor, 940

Arrallas [in St. Enoder], Argalles, co. Cornwall, manor, 145, 146

Arrington, Armyngton, co. Cambridge, 432

Arrow, co. Warwick, Ragley in, q.v.

Arrundel. See Arundell

Arsik, Arsyk, honor, 612

Artcluyt, co. Chester. See Arclid

Arthingworth, co. Northampton, 972

Arundel, co. Sussex, inquisitions taken at, 122, 429, 430

Arundel, earl of, 72, 428, 429, 430, 579, 611, 615, 1052
-, See also Fitz Alan, Richard

ARUNDELL, Arrundel, Arundale, Darondell, JOHN, knight, 951, 952
-, RALPH, knight, 507
-, Elizabeth wife of John, 951
-, John, [co. Cornwall], 259
-, John, [co. Northumberland], heirs of, 721
-, John, [co. Warwick], heirs of, 970
-, John brother of Ralph, 507
-, John, knight, [co. Dorset], Eleanor wife of, 264
-, John, knight, [co. Dorset], 1046
-, John, knight, [co. Sussex], 427, 428
-, John son of, 430
-, John, knight, father of Ralph, 507
-, John, knight, of Trembleath, 507
-, John son of John, 951, 952
-, Thomas, archbishop of York [1388–1396], 952

Asby, Great, co. Westmorland, Asby, Little, Coatsforth and Winderwath in, q.v.

Asby, Little, [in Great Asby], Little Askeby, co. Westmorland, manor, 837
-, Asby Grange, Askeby, in, 838

Asceby, co. Lincoln. See Ashby de la Launde.

Aschefeld. See Asshefeld

Ascheford, co. Derby. See Ashford

Aschefordby, co. Lincoln. See Asserby

Asches, John del, 543

Ascome, co. Westmorland. See Askham

Aselakton, co. Norfolk. See Aslacton

Ashampstead, Asschamstede, Asshamstede, co. Berks, 1015
-, manor, 1015
-, ‘Billardeslond’ in, 1015

Ashby by Partney, Askeby by Pertenay, co. Lincoln, 328

Ashby, Canons, Asseby Canonicorum, Canows Assheby, co. Northampton, inquisitions taken at, 173, 693
-, manor, 693

Ashby, Cold, Cold Assheby, co. Northampton, 68

Ashby de la Launde, Asceby, co. Lincoln, 328

Ashby Folville, co. Leicester, Barsby in, q.v.

Ashby Puerorum [with Greetham], Askeby by Gretham, co. Lincoln, 328

Ashby with Fenby, Askeby, co. Lincoln, 328

Ashchurch, co. Gloucester, Aston on Carrant in, q.v.

Ashcombe [in St. Ann Without], Asshecombe, co. Sussex, manor, 611, 621

Ashden [in West Compton], Assheden, co. Berks, manor, 1015

Ashdon, Asshedon, co. Essex, manor, 380

Ashdown, Asshedon, co. Sussex, forest, 398

Ashendon, Asshindon, co. Buckingham, 885

Ashfield, Great, Ashfield Magna, Asshefeld, Great Asshefeld, Great Asshfeld, co. Suffolk,
-, manor, 2, 995, 996
-, Ashfield, Little, Little Asshefeld, Little Asshfeld, in, 2, 996

Ashford, Ascheford, Assheford, co. Derby, manor, 311, 687

Ashford, Ayssheforde, co. Devon, 258

Ashford Bowdler, Assheforde Boudeleres, co. Salop, 775

Ashill, Asshele, Aysshele, co. Norfolk, advowson, 897
-, manor, 21
-, Uphall in, q.v.

Ashill, Asshull, Aysshull, co. Somerset, manor, 478, 781, 1028

Ashington, Astyngton, Astynton, co. Somerset, parson of. See Monketon, William
-, Seymour of, q.v.

Ashley, Asshele, co. Northampton, manor and advowson, 103

Asholt [in Newington next Hythe], Essholte, co. Kent, wood, 612, 622

Ashow, Assho, co. Warwick, 559

Ashprington, co. Devon, Bowden in, q.v.

Ashreigny, Esse Reigny, co. Devon, 538

Ashridge [in Little Gaddesden], Asshrigg, co. Hertford, 8, 9

Ashstead, Asshstede, co. Surrey, manor, 1095

Ashton [in Eye, Moreton and Ashton], Asshton, Asshton by Lemestre, co. Hereford, 359
-, manor, 1104

Ashton Gifford [in Codford St. Peter], Asshton Gyffard, Aston Giffard, co. Wilts, manor, 202, 1066

Ashton, Long, Ayshton, co. Somerset, 798

Ashurst, Asshehurst, co. Kent, manor and advowson, 235

Ashwater, Aysshwater, co. Devon, inquisition taken at, 360
-, manor, 360

Ashwell, Asshwelle, co. Hertford, 390

Ashwellthorpe, Thorp, co. Norfolk, 814

Ashwicken, Wykes, co. Norfolk, 814

Ask, Conan (Covenando, Cunanus) de, 720, 742, 747, 748

Askeby, co. Lincoln. See Ashby

Askeby, co. Westmorland. See Asby, Little

Askeby by Gretham, co. Lincoln. See Ashby Puerorum

Askeby by Pertenay, co. Lincoln. See Ashby by Partnay

Askeby Cottesford, co. Westmorland. See Coatsforth

Askeby, Little, co. Westmorland. See Asby, Little

Askeby Wyanderwayth, co. Westmorland. See Winderwath

Askereswell, Roger, 264

Askham, Ascome, co. Westmorland, manor, 837
-, Hilton in, q.v.

Askham Bryan, co. York, manor, 584

Aslacton, Aselakton, co. Norfolk, 392

Aspeden, co. Hertford. See Aspenden

Aspele, co. Bedford. See Aspley Guise

Aspeloun. See Asplion

Aspenden, Aspeden, co. Hertford, 1050
-, Buntingford in, q.v.

Aspley Guise, Aspele, co. Bedford, 729

Asplion, Aspeloun, John, 1068
-, Thomas, 870

Asschamstede, co. Berks. See Ashampstead

Asseby Canonicorum, co. Northampton. See Ashby, Canons

Asselyn, Henry, of St. Nicholas in the Shambles, London, 499

Asserby [in Bilsby], Aschefordby, co. Lincoln, 328

ASSH, Asshe, Aysshe, Ivo ATTE, of Hinxton, 88
-, John son of Ivo atte, 88
-, Ralph de, 258
-, Robert atte, vicar of Prittlewell, 276
-, William de, 182

Asshamstede, co. Berks. See Ashampstead

Asshe, co. Salop. See Nash

Asshe. See Assh

Asshebury, Geoffrey, 975

Assheby, Canows, co. Northampton. See Ashby, Canons

Assheby, Cold, co. Northampton. See Ashby, Cold

Asshecombe, co. Sussex. See Ashcombe

Assheden, co. Berks. See Ashden

Asshedon, co. Essex. See Ashdon

Asshedon, co. Sussex. See Ashdown

Asshefeld, co. Suffolk. See Ashfield

Asshefeld, Aschefeld, Robert de, 2, 52

Assheford, co. Derby. See Ashford

Assheforde Boudeleres, co. Salop. See Ashford Bowdler

Asshehurst, co. Kent. See Ashurst

Asshele, co. Norfolk. See Ashill

Asshele, co. Northampton. See Ashley

Asshfeld, co. Suffolk. See Ashfield

Asshford, Thomas, 91
-, William, 524

Asshindon, co. Buckingham. See Ashendon

Assho, co. Warwick. See Ashow

Asshrigg, co. Hertford. See Ashridge

Asshstede, co. Surrey. See Ashstead

Asshton, Asshton by Lemestre, co. Hereford. See Ashton

Asshton Gyffard, co. Wilts. See Ashton Gifford

Asshton, Aysscheton, Robert de, knight, 169, 170, 698
-, Elizabeth wife of, 170
-, Cf. Essheton

Asshull, co. Somerset. See Ashill

Asshwelle, co. Hertford. See Ashwell

Assynbrook in the Hope, co. Essex. See Hassenbrook

Astbury, co. Chester, manor, 160
-, Davenport, Moreton, Great, Newbold Astbury, Radnor and Somerford in, q.v.

Astcote [in Pattishall], Auescotes, co. Northampton, 832

Asteley Abbots by Bruggenorth, co. Salop. See Astley Abbots

Asteley, Thomas, knight, 865

Astell, Robert, 567

Astewode, co. Worcester. See Astwood

Asthall, Asthalle, Asthalle under Quichewode, co. Oxford, manor, 1102

Asthorp, John, 965

Asthrop, co. Northampton. See Astrop

Astley Abbots, Asteley Abbots by Bruggenorth, co. Salop, 452

Aston [in Kingsland], co. Hereford, manor, 515, 654

Aston, co. Hertford, 942

Aston, co. Rutland. See Ayston

Aston [in Stone], co. Stafford, 453

Aston [in Birmingham], co. Warwick, 106
-, Bordesley, Duddeston and Haybarn in, q.v.

Aston Blank, Coldeaston, co. Gloucester, manor, 799

Aston Cantlow, Aston Cantelow, Aston Cauntelowe, co. Warwick, manor, 28, 911, 923

Aston, Church, Muchel Aston, co. Salop, 1065

Aston Clinton, Aston Clynton, co. Buckingham, manor, 347
-, St. Leonard in, q.v.

Aston Flamville, co. Leicester, Burbage in, q.v.

Aston Giffard, co. Wilts. See Ashton Gifford

Aston, North, co. Oxford, 764

Aston on Carrant [in Ashchurch], Aston, co. Gloucester, 449

Aston Pigot [in Worthen], Aston Pygot, co. Salop, 452

Aston Rogers [in Worthen], co. Salop, Brockton in, q.v.

Aston, Joan Charneles wife of Robert de, 817
-, John de, escheator in cos, Devon and Cornwall, 114, 145, 607
-, Robert de, 863
-, Thomas de, knight, 964, 965, 969, 970, 971
-, William de, clerk, 583

Aston Yngeyn, William de, 468

Astonesfeld, co. Stafford. See Alstonfield

Astreby, Alice de, 861

Astrop [in King’s Sutton], Asthrop, co. Northampton, 560

Astwick, Astwyk, co. Bedford, 729

Astwood [in Dodderhill], Astewode, co. Worcester, 776

Astwyk, co. Bedford. See Astwick

Astwyk, John, 80

Astyngton, Astynton, [co. Somerset]. See Ashington

Aswarby [in Aswarby and Swarby], Aswardby, co. Lincoln, 127
-, manor, 770

Aswardby, William de, 127

Aswell, Richard, 1021

Athart, Athert, co. Wexford, 62

Athelney [in Ling], Athelneye, co. Somerset, abbot of, 170

Athelyngton, co. Dorset. See Allington

Athereston, co. Warwick. See Atherstone

Atherington, co. Devon, Umberleigh in, q.v.

Atherstone [in White Lackington], Adlerston, co. Somerset, manor, 1028

Atherstone, Athereston, Atherston, co. Warwick, inquisitions taken at, 685, 817

Athert, co. Wexford. See Athart

Atholl, earl of. See Strabolgi

Aton, co. York. See Ayton, West

Aton, Lady Margaret de, 987
-, William de, knight, 4, 6, 743, 744, 763
-, Anastasia daughter of, wife of Edward de Sancto Johanne, 6, 763
-, Elizabeth daughter of, wife of John Conyers, 6, 763
-, Katharine daughter of, wife of Ralph de Evere, knight, 6, 763
-, heirs of, 743, 744

Attelburgh, co. Norfolk. See Attlebridge

Attington [in Tetsworth], Attyndon, co. Oxford, 270

Attlebridge, Attelburgh, co. Norfolk, inquisitions taken at, 900

Attyndon, co. Oxford. See Attington

Aubourn and South Hykeham, co. Lincoln, Haddington in, q.v.

Aubresbury [co. Wilts]. See Amesbury

AUBREY, ROBERT, 508, 509, 648
-, THOMAS, 508, 509
-, John father of, 508
-, Margaret wife of, 508, 648

Audley [in Newcastle under Lyme], Audeley, co. Stafford, assignment of dower at, 1072
-, ‘le Lytelpark’ [? Park End] in, 1065
-, manor, 194, 1065, 1073, 1074
-, park in, 194
-, partitions made at, 1072–74
-, pasture in, called ‘Foxley’, 1065
-, Heighley in, q.v.

AUDLEY, Aldeley, Audele, Audelegh, Audeley, Audeleye, Awdele, Daudele, Daudelee, Daudelegh, Daudeley, JAMES DE, of Heighley, knight [1316–1386], 74, 193–203, 258, 538, 867, 965, 966, 1064, 1065, 1068, 1075
-, NICHOLAS DE, of Heighley, knight [? 1386—1391], son of James, 453, 765, 966, 999, 1062–76
-, WILLIAM DE, 346, 347
-, Joan wife of, 346
-, Thomas brother of, Elizabeth daughter of, 346, 347
-, Elizabeth wife of Nicholas de, 1062–67, 1069, 1070, 1072, 1073
-, Isabel [2nd] wife of James de, 198, 203, 1064
-, James son of James de, 198, 203
-, Joan [1st] wife of James de, 1064, 1065, 1075
-, Joan Touchet daughter of James and Joan, 1064
-, John Touchet grandson of, q.v.
-, John, 571
-, Margaret daughter of James and Joan, wife of Roger Hillary, 1062–68, 1070–73, 1075
-, Margaret daughter of James and Isabel, Fulk Fitzwaryn son of, 1075
-, Nicholas de, of Heighley, knight [1313–1316], father of James de, 1065, 1075
-, Joan wife of, daughter of William Martyn, 1065, 1068, 1075
-, Oliver, Roger and Roland sons of James de, 198, 203
-, Thomas son of James de, 203
-, lord de, 449, 453

Auescotes, co. Northampton. See Astcote

Aukborough, Alkebarowe, co. Lincoln, 895

Aukeland, William de, 71
-, Christiana wife of, 71

Auldon, co. Salop. See Alton

Aulton, Aultone, co. Southampton. See Alton

Aumale, honor, 46, 49, 636, 643, 744, 833

Aumbresbury, co. Wilts. See Amesbury

Aunger, Thomas, 983
-, Alice Cawode wife of, 983

Aungre, Aungre ad Castrum, co. Essex. See Ongar, Chipping

Aure, co. Gloucester. See Awre

Autby [in North Thoresby], Alwaldby, co. Lincoln, 328

Aveley, Alvythele, co. Essex, free chapel of St. Mary in, advowson of, 797

Avenbury, co. Hereford, Noakes in, q.v.

Avenel, John, 391

Averay, alias Careway, Richard, 502

Awdele. See Audley

Awre, Aure, Overe, co. Gloucester, 1054
-, chantry, advowson of, 217
-, manor, 217, 795
-, Severn pasture in, 1054
-, Blakeney in, q.v.

AWRE, JOAN DE, wife of David ap Yvor, 1054
-, MARGARET DE, 1054
-, John de, father of Joan and Margaret, 1054
-, Richard de, husband of Margaret, 1054

Axbridge, Axebrigge, co. Somerset, 187
-, Blagdon near, q.v.

Axholme, co. Lincoln, Mowbray of, q.v.

Axton, Akstan, co. Kent, hundred, 620

Ayer, co. York. See Aire

Ayer, William, 104

Ayerton, co. York. See Airton

Aykesgarth, co. York. See Aysgarth

Aylburton [in Lydney], Aylberton, co. Gloucester, inquisition taken at, 639
-, manor, 639

Aylesbeare, co. Devon, Allen Wood and Houndbeare in, q.v.

Aylesbury, Aill’, Aillesbury, Ayllesbury, co. Buckingham, 931
-, inquisitions taken at, 132, 305, 347, 457, 474, 931, 1093
-, manor, 305
-, Walton in, q.v.

Aylesby, Alesby, co. Lincoln, manor, 861

Aylesford, Eillisford, Eillysforde, co. Kent, 612
-, manor, 533
-, Eccles and Tottington in, q.v.

Ayleward, Eylward, John, [co. Kent], 948
-, John, [co. Norfolk], heirs of, 975

Ayllemere. See Aylmer

Ayllesbury, co. Buckingham. See Aylesbury

Ayllyngwode, co. Devon. See Allen Wood

Aylmer, Ailmer, Ayllemere, Baldwin, 198, 966, 967

Aylmersthorp, co. Leicester. See Elmesthorpe

Aylwaston, Aylweston, co. Derby. See Elvaston

Aylweston, co. Huntingdon. See Weston, Hail

Aylwy, Reynold, 75

Aylyngton, [co. Huntingdon]. See Elton

Aymonderby, co. York. See Amotherby

Ayot, Laurence de, Margery Wotton daughter of, 254, 255
-, Lettice de, 254

Ayreton, Ayrton, Ayrton in Craven, co. York. See Airton

Ayscugh, co. York. See Aiskew

Aysgarth, Aykesgarth, co. York, 740, 741, 747
-, advowson, 739, 749, 750
-, mills, 740
-, Bishopdale, Bolton, West, Burton, West, Gill, Kidstones, Newbiggin, Thoralby, Thornton Rust and Walden in, q.v.

Ayshton, co. Somerset. See Ashton, Long

Aysscheton. See Asshton

Ayssh Burgh, co. Cornwall. See Saltash

Aysshe. See Assh

Ayssheburgh, co. Cornwall. See Saltash

Ayssheforde, co. Devon. See Ashford

Aysshele, co. Norfolk. See Ashill

Aysshull, co. Somerset. See Ashill

Aysshwater, co. Devon. See Ashwater

Ayston, Aston, co. Rutland, manor, 846
-, parson of. See Hungerton, John de

Ayton, Aton, co. York, Chaumbre of, q.v.

Ayton, West, [in Hutton Bushell], Aton, co. York, 763

Azerley [in Kirkby Malzeard], Azerlawe, Azerlowe, co. York, 913, 914