Index of Persons and Places: E

Pages 499-503

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 16, Richard II. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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E…, Robert, 1056

Eakring, Ekeryng, co. Nottingham, Henry rector of, 33, 50

Ealdenge, co. Kent. See Yalding

Earde, co. Kent. See Erde

Eardisley, Erdesley, co. Hereford, manor, 519

Earle [in Doddington], Yerdhill, co. Northumberland, manor, 71

Earsdon, co. Northumberland, Hartley, Holywell and Seaton Delaval in, q.v.

Earsham [in Wingfield], Ewysham, [co. Suffolk], 1052

Earswick [in Huntington], Ersewyk, co. York, 737, 749

Easebourne, Esborn, co. Sussex, church, 79
-, Cowdray in, q.v.

Easington [in Chilton], Esyngton, co. Buckingham, manor, 447

Easington, co. York, Baulby and Liverton in, q.v.

Eastbourne, Bourne, co. Sussex, inquisition taken at, 32
-, manor, 32

Eastbridge, co. Kent, ‘Brechefeld’ in, 424

Eastbury in Compton, Estbury in Compton, co. Surrey, manor, 476

Eastby [in Skipton], Estby, co. York, 842, 845

Easthorpe [in Appleton le Street], Yaresthorp, co. York, manor, 743

Easthwaite [in Irton], Ostethwatt, co. Cumberland, 385

Eastington, Estyngton, co. Gloucester, manor and advowson, 451

Eastleach Turville, Estlecch, Estlech, co. Gloucester, 449
-, ‘Chamberleyns’ in, 449

Eastleigh [in South Stoneham], Estlee, co. Southampton, manor, 647

Eastling [in Dover], Eslynge, co. Kent, 51

Eastmoor [in Wareham], Estmour, co. Dorset, 1011

Easton, Eston, co. Wilts, prior of, 437

Easton [in Berwick St. John], Eston by Berewyk, Eston by Berewyk St. John, co. Wilts, manor, 496

Easton Maudit, Eston by Bosyate, co. Northampton, manor, 713

Easton on the Hill, Easton by Collyweston, Eston by Staunford, co. Northampton, 710
-, manor, 323

Eastwell, Estwell, Estwelles, co. Kent, advowson, 612, 620

Eastwell, Estwell, co. Leicester, 1082

Eastwood, Estwode, co. Essex, 276, 884
-, manor, 276, 884

Eaton Bray, Eyton, co. Bedford, 456

Eaton, Church, Eton, Eyton, co. Stafford, 453

Eaton Socon, Eton, Eton by St. Neots, co. Bedford, inquisition taken at, 984
-, manor, 984
-, Bushmead and Wyboston in, q.v.

Eaton upon Tern [in Stoke upon Tern], Eton upon Tyerne, co. Salop, 565

Eaton. See Eyton

Ebbelesborn Wake, co. Wilts. See Ebbesborne Wake

Ebberley [in Roborough], Ebberlegh, co. Devon, 867

Ebbesborne Wake, Ebbelesborn Wake, co. Wilts, manor, 332
-, Fifield Bavant in, q.v.

Ebbw, Ebboth, co. Monmouth, river, 450

Ebbw [in Rhymney], Ebboth, co. Monmouth, 450

Ebrington, Ebreton, [co. Gloucester], 440

Eccles [in Aylesford], Ecclys, co. Kent, manor, 611, 612
-, field names, etc., in, 612, 622

Eccleshall, Eccleshale, co. Stafford, inquisition taken at, 753

Eccleston, co. Chester, manor and advowson, 159, 160
-, Belgrave in, q.v.

Ecclys, co. Kent. See Eccles

Echyngham, Echynghame, Simon de, 620
-, William, knight, 611

Edburton, co. Sussex, Perching, Little, in, q.v.

Eden, Richard, parson of Llanvrynnach, 289

Edenbridge, Edonebregge, co. Kent, 439

Edeneworth, co. Somerset. See Edingworth

Edenham, co. Lincoln, Grimsthorpe, Southorpe and Vawdey in, q.v.

Edenstowe, Henry de, clerk, 543

Edgecott, Achecote, Hachecote, co. Buckingham, 447

Edgmond, Egemondon, co. Salop, manor, 1005

Edington [in Moorlinch], Edyngton, co. Somerset, manor, 999

Edington, Edyngdon, co. Wilts, Augustinian monastery of, rector and brethren of, 784

Edingworth [in East Brent], Edeneworth, co. Somerset, 638

Edlaxton, co. Stafford. See Ellastone

Edlesborough, Edlesburgh, co. Buckingham, 98, 457, 1033
-, inquisitions taken at, 98, 788(?)
-, manor, 98
-, Dagnall and Northall in, q.v.

Edmondsham, Edmondeshame, co. Dorset, manor, 609
-, Iryssh of, q.v.

Edmund, John, 532

Edmundeston, co. Norfolk. See Scole

EDOLPH, ROBERT son of Robert, 681
-, Cecily daughter of, 681
-, Emma daughter of, 681
-, Joan wife of, 681

Edonebregge, co. Kent. See Edenbridge

Edvin Loach, Yeddefen Loges, Yeddefenlogges, Yeddevenlogges, [co. Hereford], formerly co. Worcester, 773, 776, 1042
-, advowson, 776

Edward I, 1047

Edward II, 833

Edward III, 62, 80, 97, 98, 118, 176, 196, 203, 233, 235, 258, 471, 771–4, 826, 885, 887, 888, 889, 897, 899, 901–3, 905, 908, 909, 914, 915, 921, 978, 1081, 1106
-, butler of. See Strete, William
-, serjeant-at-arms of. See Ellerton, John de
-, surgeon of. See Rous, Adam de
-, yeoman of. See Armes, Richard des

Edward, prince of Wales, 157, 158, 259, 307, 309, 317, 1064

Edwarde, Richard, 78

Edwinstree, Edwynestre, co. Hertford, hundred, 36

Edworth, co. Bedford, 462

Edwynestre, co. Hertford. See Edwinstree

Edyngdon, co. Wilts. See Edington

Edyngton, co. Somerset. See Edington

Egefenne, Henry, 1069

Egemondon, co. Salop. See Edgmond

Eggeforde, co. Somerset. See Eggford

Eggerton, Ekerden, co. Dorset, hundred, bedelry of, 1028

Eggford [in Frome], Eggeforde, co. Somerset, 272

Eglingham, co. Northumberland, Beanley, Brandon and Branton in, q.v.

Egloskerry, co. Cornwall, Penheale in, q.v.

Eglosroes, co. Cornwall. See Philleigh

Eglwyswrw, Egylsyrowe, [co. Pembroke], 1064

Egmanton, Thomas de, heir of Christiana de Thwayt, 642, 643

Egremont, co. Cumberland, castle, 385
-, inquisition taken at, 385
-, manor, 385
-, tolls, 385
-, town, free farm of, called ‘borghmatis’, 385
-, Bigrigg and Woodend in, q.v.

Egylsyrowe, [co. Pembroke]. See Eglwyswrw

Eillisford, Eillysforde, co. Kent. See Aylesford

Ekerden, co. Dorset. See Eggerton

Ekeryng, co. Nottingham. See Eakring

Elbridge [in Bersted], Wyldebrug, co. Sussex, manor, 427, 428, 430

Eldersfield, Eldresfeld, co. Worcester, 449

Elesfeld, Gilbert de, knight, Elizabeth wife of, 532

Elford, Elleford, co. Stafford, manor and advowson, 1080

Elham, co. Kent, Shuttlesfield, Little in, q.v.

Eling, co. Southampton, Testwood in, q.v.

Ella, Kirk, co. York, Wolfreton in, q.v.

Ellastone, Edlaxton, co. Stafford, 453
-, Calwich and Wotton under Weaver in, q.v.

Elleford, co. Stafford. See Elford

Ellerdine [in High Ercall], Elwardyn, co. Salop, manor, 1010

Ellerton, John, king’s sergeant-at-arms, 524
-, Margaret wife of, 524

Ellesmere, co. Salop, 287
-, manor, 287, 289
-, market and fairs, 287
-, vicars of. See Hampton, Roger de; Wyke, Thomas de
-, Colemere and Hampton in, q.v.

Ellesworth, co. Cambridge. See Elsworth

Ellesworth, George de, 708

Ellingham, Suth Elyngham co. Norfolk, 816

Ellingham, Elyngham, co. Northumberland, lord of, 1036
-, Charlton, North, and Doxford in, q.v.

Ellingham, Elyngham, co. Southampton, Rockford Moyles manor in, 1089

Ellingham, Great, Great Elyngham, co. Norfolk, 815

Ellingham, Little, Little Elyngham, co. Norfolk 816

Ellington [in Woodhorn], Ellyngton, Elyngton, co. Northumberland, 71, 746

Ellisfield, Elsefelde, co. Southampton, manor and advowson, 399

Ellonby [in Skelton], Alanby, co. Cumberland, 835

Ellyngton, co. Northumberland. See Ellington

Elmbridge [in Dodderhill], Elmerugge, co. Worcester, 776

Elmerugge, Adam de, 776
-, Katharine, 775

Elmesthorpe, Aylmersthorp, co. Leicester, 581
-, manor, 558

Elmet, John, of London, 98

Elmeton, co. Derby. See Elmton

Elmeton, Walter de, 849

Elmham, South, Southelmham, co. Suffolk, 813

Elmham, William, knight, 995
-, William de, knight, 79

Elmton, Elmeton, co. Derby, inquisition taken at, 242
-, manor, 242, 849
-, Cresswell and Whaley Hall in, q.v.

Elmy, John, 813

Elneston in the manor of Honeford, co. Somerset.
-, See Elston Combe

Elsefelde, co. Southampton. See Ellisfield

Elsey [in Skipton], Elyshowe, co. York, 833
-, wood, vaccaries in, 833

Elsham, co. Lincoln, 141, 232, 812

Elsing, Elsyng, co. Norfolk, 406
-, manor and advowson, 406

Elslack [in Broughton], Elslak, co. York, 842, 843, 845

Elstanewyk, co. York. See Elstronwick

Elstewyk, co. Northumberland. See Elswick

Elston Combe in Hendford [in Yeovil], Elneston in the manor of Honeford, co. Somerset, 265

Elstronwick [in Humbleton], Elstanewyk, co. York, 303

Elswick [in Newcastle upon Tyne], Elstewyk, Elstwyk, co. Northumberland, 721, 1036
-, stone quarry in, 721

Elsworth, Ellesworth, co. Cambridge, 708
-, manor and advowson, 708

Elsyng, co. Norfolk. See Elsing

Elsynge, Richard de, 51

Eltisley, Eltisle, co. Cambridge, 708

Elton [in Warmingham], Elton by Wermyncham, co. Chester, 159

Elton, Aylyngton, [co. Huntingdon], 710

Elton in le Peke, [? Elton in Winster, in High Peak hundred], co. Derby, 811

Elvaston, Aylwaston, Aylweston, co. Derby, 811
-, inquisition taken at, 219
-, soke, 219
-, Ambaston and Thulston in, q.v.

Elvington, Elvyngton, co. Kent, 51

Elwardyn, co. Salop. See Ellerdine

Elwell [in Upway], Hellewell, co. Dorset, 757

Elwick [in Hart], Elwyk, co. Durham, 834

Ely, bishop of, 30, 283, 726, 887, 916

Ely in Knowle St. Giles, Illegh, Illegh in Knolle, Illeigh, Inleigh, co. Somerset, 988, 989, 991

Elyngham. See Ellingham

Elyngton, co. Northumberland. See Ellington

Elyot, Thomas, 77

Elys, John, co. Kent, 620
-, John, tenant, co. Devon, 1069, 1070
-, William, Joan wife of, daughter of William de Everyngham, 543

Elysaundre. See Alisaunder

Elyshowe, co. York. See Elsey

Embleton, Emeldon, Emuldon, co. Northumberland, 721, 1036
-, Broxfield, Brunton and Newton by the Sea in, q.v.

Emsworth [in Warblington], Emnesworth, co. Southampton, manor, 873

Emuldon, co. Northumberland. See Embleton

Enborne, Enedeborn, Knobourn of the fee of the Marshal, co. Berks, 435, 449

Enbrook [in Cheriton], Enebroke, co. Kent, 620

Endon, co. Stafford, manor, 194, 453, 1065, 1072, 1073
-, park, 194

Enebroke, co. Kent. See Enbrook

Enedeborn, co. Berks. See Enborne

Enford, co. Wilts, Combe in, q.v.

Engayne, Dengayne, Eleanor, wife of William Ferour, 410, 837
-, John, knight, 984
-, Elizabeth daughter of, wife of Laurence Pabenham, knight, 984
-, John son of, 984
-, Joan wife of, later wife of William Colvyll, 984
-, Joyce daughter of, wife of John Goldyngton, 984
-, Mary daughter of, wife of William Bernak, knight, 984
-, Thomas son of, 984
-, John, knight, (another), 708

Englefeld, co. Denbigh. See Tegengl

Englefeld, Roger, 447

Englyssh, Engleys, Inglis, Inglisch, Adam, parson of ‘Caumpys’ [? Castle Camps, co. Cambridge], 674, 821
-, John, 232, 812

Enhale, co. Cambridge. See Yenhall

Epping, Eppynghethe, co. Essex, inquisition taken at, 35

Epworth, co. Lincoln, manor, 636

Ercall, High, co. Salop, Ellerdine and Rowton in, q.v.

Erchesfonte, co. Wilts. See Urchfont

Erde [in Crayford], Earde, co. Kent, rector of, 948

Erdesley, co. Hereford. See Eardisley

Erdeswyk, Thomas, 453

Erdyngton, Thomas, knight, 453

Erethe, co. Kent. See Erith

Ergham, Erghum, Ergom, Ralph, bishop of Salisbury (1375–1388) and of Bath and Wells (1388–1400), 296, 1084, 1085, 1087, 1090

Erith, Erethe, co. Kent, proof of age made at, 948
-, Lessness in, q.v.
-, Garton of, q.v.

Erie, John, tenant, co. Somerset, 598
-, Elizabeth wife of, 598
-, John, tenant, co. Norfolk, 975

Erleche, Robert, 777

Erlestoke, co. Wilts, manor, 873

Erleton. See Orleton

Ermington, Ermyngton, co. Devon, inquisition taken at, 932
-, manor, 932
-, Worthele in, q.v.

Erneshull, John, 460

Ersewyk, co. York. See Earswick

Erwarton, Everwarton, [co. Suffolk], parson of. See Coteller, John

Esborn, co. Sussex. See Easebourne

Escheby, co. Lincoln. See Haceby

Escote, William, 882

Escrick, Escrik, co. York, 987
-, Dawene and Lascels of, q.v.

Eshton [in Gargrave], Essheton, co. York, 842, 843

Eskdale, Eskedall, co. Cumberland, 385

Eslington, Eslyngton, co. Northumberland, manor, 120, 247, 251

Eslynge, co. Kent. See Eastling

Eslyngton, co. Northumberland. See Eslington

-, ROBERT DE, 247, 251
-, Elizabeth former wife of. See Heron, Elizabeth
-, Christiana daughter of Robert and Isabel, wife of William de la Vale, 247, 251
-, Elizabeth daughter of Robert and Isabel, wife of Gilbert Heron, 247
-, Isabel daughter of Robert and Isabel, wife of Robert de Bowes, 247

Espley [in Hodnet], co. Salop, 1010

Essa [in Lanteglos by Fowey], Usse, co. Cornwall, 370

Esse Reigny, co. Devon. See Ashreigny

Essex, earl of. See Thomas of Woodstock

Essheton, co. York. See Eshton

Essheton, Robert de, 843
-, Cf. Asshton

Essholte, co. Kent. See Asholt

Estansty, co. Devon. See Anstey, East

Estbedwynde, co. Wilts. See Bedwyn, Little

Estbergholt, co. Suffolk. See Bergholt

Estbolton, co. York. See Bolton, Castle

Estburton, co. Dorset. See Burton, East

Estbury in Compton, co. Surrey. See Eastbury

Estby, co. York. See Eastby

Estcarleton, co. York. See Carlton

Estchelworth, co. Somerset. See Chelwood, East

Estchikerell, co. Dorset. See Chickerell, East

Estdeone, co. Southampton. See Dean, East

Estdepyng, co. Lincoln. See Deeping St. James

Esteph’, John, 952

Estgeveldale, co. York. See Givendale, Little

Estgrymstede, co. Wilts. See Grimstead, East

Estgrynstede, co. Sussex. See Grinstead, East

Esthacche, co. Wilts. See Hatch, East

Esthansty, co. Devon. See Anstey, East

Esthanyfeld, Esthanyngfeld, co. Essex. See Hanningfield, East

Estharpetre, [co. Somerset]. See Harptree, East

Esthaukeswell, co. York. See Hauxwell, East

Estherford, co. Northumberland. See Hartford, East

Estherlyng, co. Norfolk. See Harling, East

-, Robert de Hidwyn son of, 246

Esthidwyn, co. Northumberland. See Heddon, East

Estker, Thomas, 1053

Estkeswyke, co. York. See Keswick, East

Estlecch, Estlech, co. Gloucester. See Eastleach Turville

Estlee, co. Southampton. See Eastleigh

Estlee, Thomas, knight, 816

Estlegh, co. Devon. See Leigh, East

Estlexham, co. Norfolk. See Lexham, East

Estlillyng, co. York. See Lilling, East

Estlotton, co. York. See Lutton, East

Estmour, co. Dorset. See Eastmoor

Estoft, Thomas de, 814

Eston, Eston by Berewyk, co. Wilts. See Easton

Eston by Bosyate, co. Northampton. See Easton Maudit

Eston by Staunford, co. Northampton. See Easton on the Hill

Estpecham, co. Kent. See Peckham, East

Estsutton, co. Kent. See Sutton, East

Esttuderlegh, co. Southampton. See Tytherley, East

Esttystede, co. Southampton. See Tisted, East

Estuderlee, co. Southampton. See Tytherley, East

Estwalton, co. Norfolk. See Walton, East

Estwell, Estwelles. See Eastwell

Estwhelpyngton, co. Northumberland. See Kirkwhelpington

Estwode, co. Essex. See Eastwood

Estwoggewelle, Estwoggewille, Estwogwille, co. Devon. See Ogwell, East

Estwynch, co. Norfolk. See Winch, East

Estyldesle, co. Berks. See Ilsley, East

Estyngton, co. Gloucester. See Eastington

Esyngton, co. Buckingham. See Easington

Esyngwald, Robert, 566—71

Etloe [in Lydney], Ettelowe, co. Gloucester, 795

Eton, Eton by St. Neots, co. Bedford. See Eaton Socon

Eton, co. Buckingham, manor and advowson, 1005, 1006

Eton, co. Stafford. See Eaton, Church

Eton, co. Warwick. See Nuneaton

Eton upon Tyerne, co. Salop. See Eaton upon Tern

Ettelowe, co. Gloucester. See Etloe

Etton, co. York, 303

Etton, John, Katherine wife of, daughter of William de Everyngham, 543
-, Thomas de, 5, 6

Eure, Euere, Evere, Ralph de, knight, 737, 763
-, Katharine wife of, daughter of William de Aton, 6, 763
-, Robert son of Hugh de, 743

Euston, co. Suffolk, 813

Eva, prioress of Broadholme, 367

EVERARD, alias Redhed, PETER, 540
-, Hugh father of, 540
-, Richard brother of, 540
-, Alan son of, 540

Evere. See Eure

Everingham, Everyngham, co. York, manor and advowson, 543
-, rector of. See Shipton, Richard de

Everlond, co. Southampton. See Yaverland

Evershit, co. Dorset. See Evershot

Eversholt, co. Bedford, 729

Evershot, Evershit, co. Dorset, inquisition taken at, 414

Eversle, John, 345

Everton, co. Nottingham, 129

Everwarton, [co. Suffolk]. See Erwarton

Everyngham, co. York. See Everingham

EVERYGNHAM, ADAM DE, knight, of Laxton, 541–3
-, Joan wife of, 543
-, Adam de, the elder, of Laxton, 543
-, Alexander, 543
-, Edmund, 543
-, John de, knight, of Birkin, 543
-, Nicholas, 543
-, Reynold, knight, son of Adam de, 541, 637
-, Robert, 543
-, William son of Adam de, 543
-, Alice wife of, daughter of John de Gray of Codnor, 543
-, Joan daughter of, wife of William Elys, 543
-, Katharine daughter of, wife of John de Etton, 543

Evesham, co. Worcester, abbot of, 440, 493
-, inquisition taken at, 946

Ewcross, Yocros, co. York, wapentake, 860

Ewelle, Richard de, 390

Ewelme, co. Oxford, manor and advowson, 1096

Ewelme, co. Sussex. See Newelm

Ewerby, Uardby, co. Lincoln, 328

Ewerby Thorpe, Oustrorp, co. Lincoln, 328

Ewhurst, Iwerste, co. Southampton, manor, 150–52

Ewhurst [in Shermanbury], Iwhurst, co. Sussex, manor, 403

Ewyas Harold, Ewyas, Ewyas Haralde, Ewyas Harrel, co. Hereford, 877
-, honor, 515, 654, 879

Ewyas, John, 877

Ewysham, [co. Suffolk], See Earsham

Exceat [in Westdean], Excete, co. Sussex, 403

Exeter, bishop of, 361. See also Brantingham, Thomas de

Exeter, co. Devon, 607
-, hospital of St. Mary Magdalen, 607
-, inquisitions taken at, 113, 203, 209, 494, 538, 607, 668, 671, 875, 876, 880, 960, 962, 966, 988, 1027, 1067, 1085
-, priory of St. James, prior of, 607

Exton, co. Rutland, 973
-, lady of. See Grene

Exton, co. Somerset, 1018
-, advowson, 216
-, manor, 216, 1004

Extwistle [in Whalley], Extwysill, co. Lancaster, 596

Eye, co. Hereford, Ashton in, q.v.

Eye, co. Suffolk, honor, 46

Eylowe, Thomas, 858

Eylward. See Ayleward

Eynsford, Eynesford, co. Norfolk, hundred, 418

EYOT, WILLIAM son of Nicholas, 504

Eysi, heirs of, 667

Eyton, co. Bedford. See Eaton Bray

Eyton [in Alberbury], co. Salop, 452

Eyton, co. Stafford. See Eaton, Church

Eyton, Eaton, John de, 452, 947