Index of Persons and Places: K

Pages 527-531

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 16, Richard II. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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Kaber [in Kirkby Stephen], Cabergh, co. Westmorland, 836
-, manor, 836
-, Redgate and Rookby in, q.v.

Kail. See Cayl

Kalne, Thomas, chaplain, 1064

Kammoys, Kamoys. See Camoys

Kandelesby, co. Lincoln. See Candlesby

Karkarnau by Dyneles, co. Monmouth. See Coedkernew

Karkedone, co. Worcester. See Carton

Karleton and Coverdale, co. York. See Carlton

Karlynggile [unid., ?in Kirkby Stephen], co. Westmorland, 836

Karnaby. See Carneby

Kateryngton, co. Southampton. See Catherington

Katteshull, Joan, 1057

Kaygnes, Kaynes. See Keynes

Kaynho, co. Bedford. See Cainhoe

Kaythorp, co. Leicester. See Keythorpe

Kaythorp, Idonia de, 810

Kedeswell, [co. Devon], See Loddiswell

Kedington, Kedyngton, co. Suffolk, 393

Kedyngton, Robert de, 445

Keighley, Kyghlay, co. York, 842, 843, 845
-, Laycock, Newsholme, Oakworth and Utley in, q.v.

Kelby, co. Lincoln, 328
-, manor, 328

Kelby, Kellyby, Kylby, Robert de, parson of Hemingby, 692, 694, 695

Kelfield [in Stillingfleet], Kelfeld, co. York, 511
-, manor, 511, 1078, 1079

Kelleveden, co. Essex. See Kelvedon

Kelling, Kellyng, co. Norfolk, 52

Kellington, co. York, Whitley in, q.v.

Kelly, co. Devon, manor, 1085
-, Winbrook in, q.v.

Kelly, Thomas, 1085

Kellyby. See Kelby

Kellyng, co. Norfolk. See Kelling

Kelrede, [cos. Pembroke and Carmarthen]. See Cilrhedyn

Kelsey, North, Northkelsay, co. Lincoln, 328

Kelsey, South, Sowthkelsay, co. Lincoln, 328
-, church of St. Nicholas at, advowson of, 328

Kelvedon, Kelleveden, co. Essex, 772

Kelyngton, co. Westmorland. See Killington

Kemberley. See Kymburlay

Kemerton, Kynemarton, Kynendon, Kynmerton, co. Gloucester, 449

Kempston, co. Bedford, manor, 11, 304, 425, 885, 915
-, inquisition taken at, 425

Kempston, Kemeston, co. Norfolk, 815

Kendal, Kendale, Kirkeby in Kendale, co. Westmorland, 1026
-, hospital of St. Leonard in. See Scalthwaiterigg
-, inquisition taken at, 1023
-, manor, 1023
-, Burton, Crook, Cunswick, Dillicar, Strickland Kettle, Strickland Roger and Tranthwaite in, q.v.
-, Roos of, q.v.

Kendale, Edward, knight, 694
-, John, 374
-, Robert de, 1050
-, Thomas, clerk, 708

Kenedon, co. Devon. See Keynedon

Kene, Denis, chaplain, 241
-, Cf. Kenne

Kenel, co. Cornwall. See Kennal

Kenelworth, Kenelyngworth, co. Warwick. See Kenilworth

Kenet, [co. Cambridge]. See Kennet

Kenilworth, Kenelworth, Kenelyngworth, co. Warwick, prior of, 440, 559
-, Redfern in, q.v.

Kennal [in Stithians], Kenel, co. Cornwall, 666, 667

Kenne, Thomas, 882
-, Cf. Kene

Kennet, Kenet, [co. Cambridge], 1052

Kennington, Kenyngton, co. Kent, 612

Kensale, John, of Blakeney, 1053

Kenstone [in Hodnet], Kentisden, co. Salop, 1065, 1072, 1075

Kent, countess of, 399, 477
-, earl of, 34, 389, 476, 584, 597, 634, 687, 710, 738, 770, 881, 913, 1000, 1077
-, See also Holand; Julers; Plantagenet

Kent, county, escheator in. See Illeston, Thomas de
-, sheriff of, 612

Kenteford, co. Suffolk. See Kentford

Kentesbere, co. Devon. See Kentisbeare

Kentford, Kenteford, co. Suffolk, 1052
-, inquisition taken at, 24

Kentisbeare, Kentesbere, co. Devon, 668, 671
-, Blackborough Boty in, q.v.

Kentisden, co. Salop. See Kenstone

Kentwode, John de, steward in co. Cornwall, 114, 145

Kenwyn, co. Cornwall, Bosvissick in, q.v.

Kenyngton, co. Kent. See Kennington

Kepwick [in Over Silton], Kepwyk, co. York, 737, 749, 750

Kercolston, co. Nottingham. See Car Colston

Kerdeston, Leonard de, knight, 52
-, William de, knight, 393

Kerdistone, Kerdeston, co. Norfolk, 392

Kerdyf, Edward de, 449

Kerdyngton, co. Bedford. See Cardington

Kerdyngton, Thomas de, clerk, 731

Kersalton, co. Surrey. See Carshalton

Kersey, Kerseye, co. Suffolk, manor and market, 314
-, priory, advowson of, 314

Kesseby, co. Lincoln. See Ketsby

Keswick, East, [in Harewood], Estkeswyke, co. York, 1078

Ketelby, co. Lincoln. See Kettleby

Keteryng, Keterynge, co. Northampton. See Kettering

Keteryngham, William de, parson of a mediety of the church of Hethersett, 678

Ketilby, co. Lincoln. See Kettleby

Ketleston, co. Norfolk. See Kettlestone

Ketryngham, co. Norfolk. See Ketteringham

Ketsby, Kesseby, co. Lincoln, 328

Kettering, Keteryng, Keterynge, co. Northampton, inquisitions taken at, 103, 155, 713, 731

Ketteringham, Ketryngham, co. Norfolk, 52

Kettleby [in Bigby], Ketelby, Ketilby, co. Lincoln, 141

Kettleby Thorpe [in Bigby], Thorp, co. Lincoln, 636

Kettlestone, Ketleston, co. Norfolk, 815

Kevilworth North, co. Leicester. See Kilworth, North

Kevynllumwyd [unid. ?in Fishguard, co. Pembroke], 1064

Keworth, co. Nottingham. See Keyworth

Keynedon [in Sherford], Kenedon, Kynedon, co. Devon, 875, 880

KEYNES, Kaygnes, Kaynes, ELIZABETH, 254, 255
-, Margery de Wotton niece of (pedigree given), 254
-, John, [co. Devon], 538
-, John, [co. Northampton], 595
-, John, [co. Somerset], 374, 680, 991
-, John de, [co. Warwick], 440
-, Margaret, wife of Walter More, 78
-, William de, knight, father of Elizabeth, 254
-, Lettice de Ayot sister of, 254

Keynsham, Keynesham, co. Somerset, abbey, advowson of, 938
-, inquisition taken at, 216

Keysoe, Caysho, co. Bedford, 729

Keythorpe [in Tugby], Kaythorp, co. Leicester, 810

Keyworth, Keworth, co. Nottingham, 1008

Kibworth Beauchamp, Kibbeworth, co. Leicester, manor and advowson, 96

Kibworth Harcourt [in Kibworth Beauchamp], Harecourt, co. Leicester, lord of. See Harecourt, John de

Kidale, Thomas de, knight, 642

Kidderminster, Kydermunstre, co. Worcester, inquisition taken at, 205

Kidstones [in Bishopdale in Aysgarth], Kydstanes, co. York, vaccary, 740

Kiftsgate, co. Gloucester, hundred, 1081

Kigbeare [in Okehampton], Cadekesbear, co. Devon, manor, 1013

Kildale, Kyldale, co. York, Percy of, q.v.

Kildwick, co. York, Bradley, High and Low, Brunthwaite, Cowling, Gillgrange, Glusburn, Holden, Patebridge, Silsden, Sutton and Swartha in, q.v.

Kilgarren, [co. Pembroke]. See Cilgerran

Kilham [in Kirknewton], Kyllom, co. Northumberland, 592, 594

Kilham, Killum, co. York, inquisition taken at, 97

Kilkhampton, co. Cornwall, 538

Kille, John, clerk, 401

Killerby [in Catterick], Kilwardby, co. York, manor, 584

Killesle, —, 621

Killiam, co. Wexford, Ballymascallur in, q.v.

Killingholme, Kyllingholm, Kyllyngholm, co. Lincoln, 328, 642

Killington, Kelyngton, co. Westmorland, manor, 1023

Killum, co. York. See Kilham

Kilmacree, co. Wexford, Ballymascallur in, q.v.

Kilmersdon, Kynemersdon, Kynmeresdon, co. Somerset, 371
-, manor, 1090
-, Walton in, q.v.

Kilmington, Kylmyngton, co. Devon, 203
-, manor, 1067

Kilpeck, Kylpek, co. Hereford, manor, 799

Kilton Thorpe [in Brotton], Thorp by Kilton, Thorp by Kylton, co. York, 736, 750

Kilwardby, co. York. See Killerby

Kilworth, North, Kevilworth North, co. Leicester, 558

Kimberley, Kymbirle, co. Norfolk, 816

Kimberworth [in Rotherham], Kymberworth, co. York, 843

Kimble, Kymbell, co. Buckingham, 447

Kimbolton, co. Hereford, Stockton in, q.v.

Kinderton cum Hulme [in Middlewich], Kynderton, Hulm in Kynderton, co. Chester, 157, 158
-, lordship, 158
-, manor, 159, 160

Kineton, Quenton, co. Warwick, parson of. See Caytewayte, Henry

Kineton [in Solihull], Kyngton, co. Warwick, 970

Kinfare, Kynefare, co. Stafford, forest, keepership of, 703
-, inquisition taken at, 703
-, manor, 703
-, Stourton in, q.v.

Kingcombe, Higher, [in Toller Porcorum], Overkentecomb, co. Dorset, manor, 264

Kingcombe, Lower, [in Toller Porcorum], Netherkentecomb, co. Dorset, manor, 264

Kingsbury, co. Warwick, Wigford, Wicfordmylnes, in, 970
-, Dosthill and Drakenage in, q.v.

Kingsbury Episcopi, Kyngesbury, co. Somerset, manor, 781
-, Rodwell in, q.v.

Kingsclere, Kyngesclere, co. Southampton, manor, 647
-, Frobury and Oakley, North, in, q.v.

Kingsdon, Kyngesdon, co. Somerset, 263

Kingsdown [near Sevenoaks], Kyngesdowne, co. Kent, manor, 41

Kingsey, Kyngeseye, [co. Buckingham] formerly co. Oxford, 1093, 1096
-, Tythrop in, q.v.

Kingshill [in Dodderhill], Kyngeslond, co. Worcester, 776

Kingsland, Kyngeslane, Kyngeslone, co. Hereford, 825
-, inquisition taken at, 825
-, parson of. See Nashe, Roger
-, Aston in, q.v.

Kingsmead [in Oxford], Kyngesmede, co. Oxford, 855

Kingsmede [in Wallingford], Kyngesmede, co. Berks, 307

Kingston [in Ermington hundred], Kyngeston, co. Devon, and Merwell, manor, 203

Kingston [in Carlton in Lindrick], Kynggeston, co. Nottingham, manor, 397

Kingston [in Yeovil], Kyngeston, Kyngeston by Yevele, co. Somerset, 488, 489
-, manor, 525
-, watermill, 488

Kingston by Sea, Kyngeston by Shorham, co. Sussex, manor and advowson, 398

Kingston Deverill, Kyngeston Deverell, co. Wilts, 332

Kingston Lacy [in Wimborne Minster], Kyngeston Lacy, co. Dorset, manor, 757

Kingston on Thames, Kyngeston on Thames, co. Surrey, inquisition taken at, 1095

Kingston Russell, Kyngeston Russell, co. Dorset, manor, 629

Kingston Seymour, Kyngeston Seymour, co. Somerset, church, rights of presenting to, 638
-, manor, 638

Kingstone, co. Somerset, Allowenshay in, q.v.

Kingswood, co. Southampton. See Alton

Kingswood [in Amington and Stonydelph in Tamworth], Kyngeswode, Kyngeswode by Wylmecote, co. Warwick, 817, 863

Kingthorpe [in Apley], Kynthorp, co. Lincoln, 636

Kington [in Thornbury], Kyngton, co. Gloucester, 449

Kington, Kyngton, co. Hereford, manor, 515, 654

Kington, West, Westkyngton, co. Wilts, manor, 248

Kinlet, Kynlet, co. Salop, manor, 1103
-, Catsley and Meaton in, q.v.

Kinniside [in Ennerdale and Kinniside], Kynisheved, Kyver, co. Cumberland, chase, 385
-, mill in, 385

Kinton [in Great Ness], Kynton, co. Salop, manor, 287, 289

Kinwardston, Kynewardston, co. Wilts, hundred, 437

Kipling Cotes [in Middleton on the Wolds], Kybelyngcotes, co. York, 543

Kirbrun, co. York. See Kirkburn

Kirby Bedon, Kyrkeby, co. Norfolk, 392

Kirby Cane, Kyrkeby, co. Norfolk, 392

Kirby Grindalythe, Kirby in Krendale, Kyrkeby, co. York, 4, 763
-, Duggleby, Mowthorpe and Thirkleby in, q.v.

Kirby Hall [in Gretton and Bulwick], Kirkeby, co. Northampton, 710

Kirby Misperton, co. York, Ryton in, q.v.

Kirk Andrews, Kyrkaundres, co. Cumberland, lordship, 321

Kirk Ella, co. York, Wolfreton in, q.v.

Kirkbampton, co. Cumberland, 1007

Kirkburn, Kirbrun, co. York, inquisition taken at, 543
-, manor, 543

Kirkby le Thorpe, Kyrkebylaythorp, co. Lincoln, 328

Kirkby Lonsdale, co. Westmorland, Middleton in, q.v.

Kirkby Malham, co. York, Airton, Calton, Hanlith, Malham, Otterburn and Scosthrop in, q.v.

Kirkby Malzeard, co. York, Azerley and Braithwaite in, q.v.

Kirkby Moorside, Kyrkebymorisheved, co. York, manor, 1044

Kirkby Overblow, co. York, Rigton in, q.v.

Kirkby Ravensworth, co. York, Ravensworth and Dalton and Whashton in, q.v.

Kirkby Stephen, Kyrkebystephane, co. Westmorland, manor, 836
-, markets and fairs, tolls of, 836
-, le Terne in, 836
-, Karlynggile in, 836
-, Kaber, Nateby, Redgate, Rookby, Rookby Scarth, Smardale, Waitby and Winton in, q.v.

Kirkby Thore, Kirkebythore, co. Westmorland, 836
-, advowson, 844
-, manor, 838
-, Hale and Milburn in, q.v.

Kirkby Underwood, Kyrkeby, co. Lincoln, 936

Kirkdale, co. York, Beadlam and Muscoates in, q.v.

Kirke, Kyrk, Isabel atte, 812
-, Robert atte, chaplain, 1009
-, William del, 336

Kirkeby, co. Northampton. See Kirby Hall

Kirkeby in Kendale, co. Westmorland. See Kendal

Kirkeby, Kyrkeby, Andrew, 495
-, Ellis de, chaplain, 1023, 1026
-, John, clerk, [co. Hertford], 10
-, John de, 838
-, John de, clerk, [co. Kent], 612
-, John de, clerk, [co. Lincoln], 824
-, William de, chaplain, 1078, 1079

Kirkebythore, co. Westmorland. See Kirkby Thore

Kirkeheton, co. Northumberland. See Kirkheaton

Kirkestall, co. York. See Kirkstall

Kirketon [unid.], Lyndesey of, q.v.

Kirketon, co. Nottingham. See Kirton

-, Anne daughter of, 256
-, Joan wife of, 256
-, Thomas de, parson of Irnham, 1009

Kirkheaton, Kirkeheton, co. Northumberland, 1037

Kirklington, co. York, Upsland and Yarnwick in, q.v.

Kirknewton, co. Northumberland, Akeld, Heathpool and Kilham in, q.v.

Kirkstall [in Leeds], Kirkestall, co. York, abbot and convent of, 303, 304

Kirkwhelpington, Estwhelpyngton, co. Northumberland, 470
-, Whelpington, West, in, q.v.

Kirton, Kirketon, co. Nottingham, 129

Kirton, Kyrketon, co. Suffolk, rector of. See Fynesforde, John de

Kirton in Lindsey, Kyrketon in Lindesey, co. Lincoln, manor, 93, 210
-, Schrewesbury of, q.v.

Kismeldon Bridge [in West Putford], Kysmelbrygge, co. Devon, 258

Kitson, John, 104

Knappe, co. Sussex. See Knepp

Knaptoft, co. Leicester, Mowsley and Shearsby in, q.v.

Knapton, co. Norfolk, manor, 754

Knapton [in Wintringham], Knapton by Scameston, co. York, 4, 6, 743
-, See also Farnham

Knaresborough, Knaresburgh, co. York, castle, 396

Knave, William, 372

Knebworth, co. Hertford, Broadwater in, q.v.

Knepp [in Shipley], Knappe, co. Sussex, park, 398

Knevet. See Knyvet

Knighton [in Broad Chalk], Knyghteton, co. Wilts, manor, 294, 296, 298

Knightsholme [in Whitegate], Knyghteshulme, co. Chester, 160

Knipe, High and Low, [in Bampton], Gnyp Patrik, co. Westmorland, manor, 837

Knobourn, of the fee of the Marshal, [co. Berks]. See Enborne

Knock [in Long Marton], Knoksalcock, co. Westmorland, manor, 837

Knockin, Knokyn, co. Salop, Straunge of, q.v.

Knoksalcock, co. Westmorland. See Knock

Knokyn, co. Salop. See Knockin

Knokyn, Roger de, chaplain, 283, 285

Knoll, co. Somerset. See Knowle

Knolles, Robert de, knight, 616

Knook [in Heytesbury], Knouke, Knowke, co. Wilts, advowson, 437
-, manor, 298, 437

Knottenmore, co. Stafford. See Knutton Heath

Knouke, co. Wilts. See Knook

Knouston, co. Devon. See Knowstone

Knowke, co. Wilts. See Knook

Knowle [in Long Sutton], Knoll, co. Somerset, manor, 170

Knowle, Church, co. Dorset, Bradle, West, in, q.v.

Knowle St. Giles, co. Somerset, Ely in, q.v.

Knowstone, Knouston, co. Devon, 258

Knowt, Knowte, Margaret, 737, 749

Knutsford, co. Chester, Ollerton in, q.v.

Knutton Heath [in Newcastle under Lyme], Knottenmore, Knuttenmore, co. Stafford, 1073

Knyght, William, 250

Knyghteshulme, co. Chester. See Knightsholme

Knyghteton, co. Wilts. See Knighton

KNYVET, Knevet, ELEANOR, 433, 707–11
-, JOHN, knight, husband of, 706, 707–11
-, John son of, 707–11
-, Margery daughter of, 710
-, Ralph son of, 710

Knyveton, Robert de, chaplain, 100

Kraykall, Little, co. York. See Crakehall, Little

Kybelyngcotes, co. York. See Kipling Cotes

Kychin, John del, 742, 747

Kydermunstre, co. Worcester. See Kidderminster

Kydstanes, co. York. See Kidstones

Kyghlay, co. York. See Keighley

Kyghlay, Gilbert de, knight, 842, 845
-, John de, 843

Kylby. See Kelby

Kyldale, co. York. See Kildale

Kyllemer, William, chaplain, 78

Kylletrew, Richard, parson of Merton, 650

Kyllingholm, co. Lincoln. See Killingholme

Kyllom, co. Northumberland. See Kilham

Kyllyngholm, co. Lincoln. See Killingholme

Kylmyngton, co. Devon. See Kilmington

Kylpek, co. Hereford. See Kilpeck

Kyma, Little, co. Lincoln. See Kyme, Little

Kymbell, co. Buckingham. See Kimble

Kymberle. See Kymburlay

Kymberworth, co. York. See Kimberworth

Kymbirle, co. Norfolk. See Kimberley

Kymburlay, Kemberley, Kymberle, John, 1057
-, John de, 392
-, William, 8

Kyme, honor, 127

Kyme, Little, Little Kyma, co. Lincoln, 939

Kymenhole [unid.], co. Kent, court of, 612

Kympe, John, 374

Kynardele. See Kynardesle

Kynardeseye, John, 1065, 1075

Kynardesle, Kynardele, Thomas, 611, 612, 615, 623

Kynder, Hugh, 336
-, Thomas son of, 336

Kynderton, co. Chester. See Kinderton cum Hulme

Kynedon, co. Devon. See Keynedon

Kynefare, co. Stafford. See Kinfare

Kynemarton, co. Gloucester. See Kemerton

Kynemersdon, co. Somerset. See Kilmersdon

Kynendon, co. Gloucester. See Kemerton

Kynesson, William, 341

Kyneton, Nicholas de, 116, 117
-, Mary wife of, 116, 117

Kynewardston, co. Wilts. See Kinwardston

Kyngeley, Richard, 571

Kyngesbromleye, co. Stafford. See Bromley, King’s

Kyngesbury, co. Somerset. See Kingsbury Episcopi

Kyngesclere, co. Southampton. See Kingsclere

Kyngesdon, co. Somerset. See Kingsdon

Kyngesdowne, co. Kent. See Kingsdown

Kyngeseye, co. Buckingham. See Kingsey

Kyngeslane, [co. Hereford]. See Kingsland

Kyngeslond, co. Worcester. See Kingshill

Kyngeslond, John de, 776

Kyngeslone, co. Hereford. See Kingsland

Kyngesmeburne, co. Westmorland. See Meaburn, King’s

Kyngesmede, co. Berks. See Kingsmede

Kyngesmede, co. Oxford. See Kingsmead

Kyngesneuton, co. Warwick. See Newton Regis

Kyngestanley, Kyngestanleygh, co. Gloucester. See Stanley, King’s

Kyngeston, co. Devon. See Kingston

Kyngeston, Kyngeston by Yevele, co. Somerset. See Kingston

Kyngeston by Shorham, co. Sussex. See Kingston by Sea

Kyngeston Deverell, co. Wilts. See Kingston Deverill

Kyngeston Lacy, co. Dorset. See Kingston Lacy

Kyngeston on Thames, co. Surrey. See Kingston on Thames

Kyngeston Russell, co. Dorset. See Kingston Russell

Kyngeston Seymour, co. Somerset. See Kingston Seymour

Kyngesweston, co. Gloucester. See Weston, King’s

Kyngeswode, Kyngeswode by Wylmecote, co. Warwick. See Kingswood

Kynggeston, co. Nottingham. See Kingston

Kynghorn, John, 460

Kyngman, Robert, ‘of the office of the pantry of the King’s household’, 1018

Kyngton. See Kington

Kyngton, co. Warwick. See Kineton

Kynisheved, co. Cumberland. See Kinniside

Kynlet, co. Salop. See Kinlet

Kynmeresdon, co. Somerset. See Kilmersdon

Kynmerton, co. Gloucester. See Kemerton

Kynthorp, co. Lincoln. See Kingthorpe

Kynton, co. Salop. See Kinton

Kyrk. See Kirke

Kyrkaundres, co. Cumberland. See Kirk Andrews

Kyrkeby, co. Lincoln. See Kirkby Underwood

Kyrkeby, co. Norfolk. See Kirby Bedon; Kirby Cane

Kyrkeby, co. York. See Kirby Grindalythe

Kyrkeby. See Kirkeby

Kyrkebylaythorp, co. Lincoln. See Kirkby le Thorpe

Kyrkebymorisheved, co. York. See Kirkby Moorside

Kyrkebystephane, co. Westmorland. See Kirkby Stephen

Kyrkestede, Henry, constable of Trematon castle, 259

Kyrketon, co. Suffolk. See Kirton

Kyrketon in Lindesey, co. Lincoln. See Kirton in Lindsey

Kyrkham, John, Amy wife of, daughter of Lucy Spygornell, 1032

Kyrton, Alan, escheator in co. Bedford, 275

Kysmelbrygge, co. Devon. See Kismeldon Bridge

Kyver, co. Cumberland. See Kinniside