Index of Persons and Places: O

Pages 550-553

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 16, Richard II. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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Oadby, Oudeby, co. Leicester, 558

Oake, co. Somerset, Harnham in, q.v.

Oakford, Ocford, Okforde, co. Devon, advowson, 875, 880
-, manor, 875

Oakford [in Marshwood], Okford, Okford in the vale of Mersshwode, co. Dorset, 527

Oakham, Okham, co. Rutland, inquisitions taken at, 324, 846

Oakhanger [in Selborne], Okhangre, co. Southampton, manor, 495

Oakley, Ocle, co. Buckingham, 447

Oakley [in Croxall], Ocle, Ocleye, co. Stafford, 453, 1080

Oakley, Great, Great Okle, co. Essex, manor, 755

Oakley, Little, Okle, co. Essex, 389

Oakley, North, [in Kingsclere], Ocle, co. Southampton, 399
-, manor, 150–52

Oakworth [in Keighley], Akeworth, co. York, 842
-, Newsholme in, q.v.

Obeton, co. Wilts. See Upton Lovell

Ocford, co. Devon. See Oakford

Ocham, co. Surrey. See Ockham

Ockbrook, Okebrok, co. Derby, assignment of dower at, 689
-, inquisitions taken at, 687, 690
-, manor, 687, 689
-, wood, 689

Ockham, Ocham, co. Surrey, manor, 438

Ocle, co. Buckingham. See Oakley

Ocle, co. Southampton. See Oakley, North

Ocle, Ocleye, co. Stafford. See Oakley

Odcombe, Odecombe, co. Somerset, manor, 908
-, Hescombe in, q.v.

Odell, Wodhull, co. Bedford, barony, 693
-, honor, 694

Odstone [in Shackerstone], Odeston, co. Leicester, 581

Offeley, co. Stafford. See Offley, High

Offington [in Broadwater], Offyngton, co. Sussex, manor, 403

Offley, High, Offeley, co. Stafford, 453

Offord, Ufford, co. Huntingdon, 433

Offyngton, co. Sussex. See Offington

Ogbourne St. Andrew, co. Wilts, Rockley in, q.v.

Ogle, Robert de, knight, 592, 594
-, Joan Heton wife of, 592–94

Ogwell, East, Estwoggewelle, Estwoggewille, Estwogwille, co. Devon, 875, 880

Okampton, co. Devon. See Okehampton

Okebourn, Okebourne, Okeburn, Robert, 546–48, 567
-, Joan wife of, 548

Okebrok, co. Derby. See Ockbrook

Okeburn. See Okebourn

Okeford Fitzpaine, Hokfordfizpayn, co. Dorset, manor, 363

Okehampton, Okampton, co. Devon, castle, 959, 998
-, honor, 668, 1013
-, Kigbeare in, q.v.

Okes, la, in Avenbury, co. Hereford. See Noakes

Okford, Okford in the vale of Mersshwode, co. Dorset. See Oakford

Okforde, co. Devon. See Oakford

Okham, co. Rutland. See Oakham

Okhangre, co. Southampton. See Oakhanger

Okle, co. Essex. See Oakley, Little

Okle, Great, co. Essex. See Oakley, Great

Okovere, Ralph, 453

Okynfeld, Thomas, 1056

Old Park [in Brough under Stainmoor], le Alde Parke, co. Westmorland, 836

Oldberrow, Ulbargh, co. Warwick, 440

Oldbury, Oldebury, co. Salop, lord of. See Langley, John de

Oldbury upon Severn, Oldebery, co. Gloucester, 449

Oldcastell, Oldecastell, Thomas, 889–91

Oldebery, co. Gloucester. See Oldbury upon Severn

Oldebury, co. Salop. See Oldbury

Oldecastell. See Oldcastell

Oldelond, co. Gloucester. See Oldland

Oldelond, John, 170

Oldland [in Bitton], Oldelond, co. Gloucester, 449

Oldlenn, co. Norfolk. See Lynn, West

Oldmoor [in Bothal], Le Aldemore, co. Northumberland, 394

Oldwarton, co. Chester. See Ollerton

Oleve, Richard de la, 1069

Ollerton [in Knutsford], Oldwarton, co. Chester, 160

Ollerton, Allerton in Shirwod, Allerton Undreshirewode, co. Nottingham, 517
-, manor, 310
-, watermill, 517

Ollyngton, co. Gloucester. See Ullington

Ollyngton, John, 777

Olney, Olneye, co. Buckingham, manor, 969
-, parson of. See Radclif, Thomas de
-, Warrington in, q.v.

Olney, Olneye, John, 389
-, John, escheator in co. Bedford, 660
-, Ralph de, chaplain, 974
-, Richard de, John son of, 87

Olveston, co. Gloucester, Tockington in, q.v.

Olyver, John, escheator in co. Sussex, q.v.

Ompton, Almeton, co. Nottingham, 129

Ondeslowe, Thomas de, 947
-, Alice sister of, 947

Ongar, Chipping, Aungre, Aungre ad Castrum, co. Essex, inquisitions taken at, 136, 442
-, manor and advowson, 442

Onibury, co. Salop, Padmore in, q.v.

Orby, heir of, 808
-, John de, knight, 212

Orbyry, William, king’s commissioner, 867

Orchard, William, 55

Orchardleigh, Orchardesleigh, co. Somerset, manor and advowson, 272

Orcheston St. George, Orcheston, co. Wilts, manor, 437

Ordemer, John, 250

Orford, Orforde, co. Suffolk, 261
-, marsh, 869

Orleton, co. Hereford, inquisition taken at, 359

Orleton [in Wellington], Erleton, co. Salop, 606, 790

-, Giles son of Warin de, 606
-, Joan wife of Richard de, the elder, 606
-, John father of Richard de, the elder, 606
-, Richard father of Richard, 606
-, Warin, 606
-, William, 775

Ormesby, co. Lincoln. See Ormsby

Ormesby, co. Norfolk, inquisition taken at, 313
-, manor, 313, 881

-, Burgia sister of, 881
-, Roger grandfather of, 881
-, Thomas brother of, 881
-, Thomas father of, 881
-, Agnes, 881
-, Alice, 881
-, Alice daughter of, 881
-, Elizabeth, 881
-, Ellen, 881
-, Gunnora, 881
-, John, 881

Ormeshede, co. Westmorland. See Ormside

Ormond, Ormound, earl of, 457, 577, 931

Ormsby, [?South], Ormesby, co. Lincoln, 328

Ormside, Ormeshede, co. Westmorland, manor, 838

Orpington, co. Kent, Mayfield in, q.v.

Orreby, Thomas, 1082

Orsett, Orsete, co. Essex, 705

Orslow [in Blymhill], Horselowe, co. Stafford, 453

Orston, co. Nottingham, manor, 33

Orton, Overton by Tresele, co. Stafford, 753

Orton, Overton, co. Westmorland, manor, 837
-, Bretherdale and Tebay in, q.v.

Orton, Nicholas de, 835
-, Cf. Overton

Orwell, co. Cambridge, 432, 514
-, manor, 514

Osbern. See Osebourne

Osbournby, Osbernby, Osberneby, co. Lincoln, 328, 770

Osebourne, Osbern, Osebern, John, of Great Wakering, 276
-, John, tenant, co. Somerset, 460
-, Simon, 975

Oseney, Oseneye, co. Oxford. See Osney

Osewaldeslowe, co. Worcester. See Oswaldslow

Osewoldesbekesoken, co. Nottingham. See Oswaldbeck

Osmunderlaw, William de, 1026

Osmundibergh, William de, 513

Osmundiston, co. Norfolk. See Scole

Osney [in Oxford], Oseney, Oseneye, co. Oxford, abbot of, 447, 855
-, convent of, 855

Ospringe, Osprenge, co. Kent, inquisitions taken at, 115, 612, 993
-, Domus Dei at, master of, 620

Ostethwatt, co. Cumberland. See Easthwaite

Oswaldbeck [lost, near Beckingham], Osewoldesbekesoken, soke, co. Nottingham, 905

Oswaldkirk, co. York, 49

Oswaldslow, Osewaldeslowe, co. Worcester, hundred, 773

Oterham, co. Cornwall. See Otterham

Oterhampton, co. Somerset. See Otterhampton

Oterton, co. Devon. See Otterton

Otery St. Mary, co. Devon. See Ottery St. Mary

Oteryngham, co. York. See Ottringham

Otford, Otteford, co. Kent, 612

Otley, Otteleye, co. Suffolk, manor, 27, 898

Otreburne, co. York. See Otterburn

Otryngham, co. York. See Ottringham

Otteford, co. Kent. See Otford

Otteleye, co. Suffolk. See Otley

Otterburn, Otyrburn, co. Northumberland, manor, 470, 1043

Otterburn [in Kirkby Malham], Otreburne, co. York, 842

Otterham, Oterham, co. Cornwall, manor, 114

Otterhampton, Oterhampton, co. Somerset, manor and advowson, 765
-, court of, 198

Otterton, Oterton, co. Devon, 1027
-, prior of, 1027

Ottery St. Mary, Otery St. Mary, co. Devon, college, warden and canons of, 1027

Otteway, Agnes de, 1026

Ottringham, Oteryngham, Otryngham, co. York, 643

Otyrburn, co. Northumberland. See Otterburn

Oudeby, co. Leicester. See Oadby

Oulton, co. Norfolk, 60, 61, 928

Oundle, Oundell, co. Northampton, inquisition taken at, 710
-, parson of. See Treton, Richard

Ouneby by Frysseby, co. Lincoln. See Owmby

Ousby, Ullesby, co. Cumberland, 408
-, Hughson of, q.v.

Oustrorp, co. Lincoln. See Ewerby Thorpe

Oustwyk, John, 302

Outhorp, John (de), clerk, 963, 964, 969, 970, 972

Outon by Grimisby [unid.], co. Lincoln, 328

Outwell, co. Norfolk, 701

Overe, co. Gloucester. See Awre

Overgorther, [co. Montgomery]. See Gwarthlow, Upper

Overheyton, co. Salop. See Hayton, Upper

Overkentecomb, co. Dorset. See Kingcombe, Higher

Overlongesdon, co. Stafford. See Longsdon

Overorton, co. Oxford. See Worton, Over

Overton [in Richards Castle], co. Salop, 775

Overton [in Stottesden], co. Salop, 751

Overton, co. Westmorland. See Orton

Overton by Tresele, co. Stafford. See Orton

-, MICHAEL DE, 479, 480, 882
-, Joan Worthin daughter of John de, 751
-, Richard de, chaplain, 6
-, Robert, clerk, 430
-, Thomas father of Michael de, 479, 882
-, William, 954
-, Cf. Orton

Ovingham, Ovyngeham, co. Northumberland, barony, 470, 1043

Ovington [in Ovingham], Ovyngton, co. Northumberland, 746

Ovington [in Forcett], Ulvyngton, co. York, 583

Ovyngeham, co. Northumberland. See Ovingham

Ovyngton, co. Northumberland. See Ovington

Owenby, Owenby by Sprydlyngton, co. Lincoln. See Owmby

Owermoigne, co. Dorset, Galton in, q.v.

Owmby [in Searby] Ouneby by Frysseby, Owenby, Owenby by Sprydlyngton, co. Lincoln, 328
-, advowson, 232, 812

Owston [in Stamfordham], Ulkeston, co. Northumberland, 746

Oxendon, co. Gloucester. See Oxenton

Oxeneye, co. Kent. See Oxney

Oxenhall, Oxenhale, co. Gloucester, manor, 211

Oxenhawth, John de, 836

Oxenton, Oxendon, co. Gloucester, 449

Oxewiche, Richard, 513

Oxford, countess of, 264, 389, 535
-, earl of, 346, 390, 446, 447, 692, 762, 870 See also Vere, Robert de

Oxford, co. Oxford, 167
-, inquisitions taken at, 15, 167, 586, 587, 764, 801, 855, 906, 933
-, St. John’s hall, master of, 440
-, watermills, 855
-, writs dated at, 691, 692, 784
-, Hythe Bridge, Kingsmead and Osney in, q.v.

Oxford, county, escheator in, 188

Oxhill, co. Warwick, 440

Oxmardike [in South Cave], Oxmerdyk, co. York, 1034

Oxney, Oxeneye, co. Kent, 620

Oysterlowe, Oystrelowe, [co. Carmarthen]. See Ystlwyf