Index of Persons and Places: Q

Page 665

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem, Volume 17, Richard II. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1988.

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Quadring (Quadryng), Lincs, 1313

Quainton (Queynton), Bucks, manor and advowson, 497-8
-, parson of. See Knight, John

Quantock (Cantok), Som, hills, 869

Quantoxhead, East (Estcontokeshede), Som, lord of. See Lutterell, John

Quaplade see Whaplode

Quarmby (Querneby) [in Huddersfield], Yorks, 528
-, manor, 528

Quarme Mounceaux (Quarum Mounceaux) [in Winsford], Devon [recte Som], 5

Quarrington (Qweryngton), Lincs, 1243

Quarum see Quarme

Quatremars, Nicholas, 737


Quatt (Quatte) [in Quatt Malvern], Salop, court and manor, 95

Quatt Malvern, Salop, ‘le Birches’ and ‘Sirehughesmede in le Brodemere’ in, 95

Quedgeley, Glos, Woolstrop in, q.v.

Queenhill (Quenhull) [in Ripple], Worcs, manor, 473, 747

Quemerwell, Hugh de, 1226

Quencammell see Camel

Quendon (Quenden), Essex, advowson of, 1049

Quenecammell see Camel

Quenhull see Queenhill

Quenton see Quinton

Querldale see Wharfedale

Querneby, William de, 528

Querneby see Quarmby

Quethiock, Corn, Hammett and Trecorme in, q.v.

Queynton see Quainton

Quick (Quyk) [in Rochdale, Lanes] and Yorks, 174

Quickbury (Cowykbury) [in Sheering], Essex, 841

Quickening Cote (Aldensheles in Ridesdale) [in Holystone], Northumb, manor, 56

Quidenham (Quydenham, Qwhedynham, Qwydenham), Norf, 520, 612, 1290

Quidhampton (Quydampton) [in Fugglestone St Peter], Wilts, 1119

Quik, Walter, 869

Quincy (Quyncy), Roger de, 1210, 1221
-, Roger de, earl of Winchester, 1222

Quinton (Quenton), Northants, 1295

Quinton (Quenton), Warw [now in Glos], 771

Quydhampton see Quidhampton

Quydenham see Quidenham

Quyk see Quick

Quyncy see Quincy

Qwale see Whale

Qwaplade see Whaplode

Qwassyngburgh see Washingborough

Qwatton, Robert de, 522
-, Cf. Walton

Qweldryk see Wheldrake

Qweryngton see Quarrington

Qwhedynham, Qwydenham see Quidenham

Qwynholme see Whinhowe

Qwyten see Whitton

Qwytewelle see Whitwell

Qwytley, Thomas de, and Margot his daughter, 275