Index of Persons and Places: A

Pages 521-528

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem, Volume 17, Richard II. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1988.

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Abbedyk see Abdick

Abbeston see Abbotstone

Abbot, William, 350

Abbotesberi, Abbotesbury see Abbotsbury

Abboteston see Abbotstone

Abbots see Abbotts

Abbotsbury (Abbotesberi, Abbotesbury), Dors, 868, 1231
-, abbot of, 868
-, Elworth in, q.v.

Abbotskerswell (Carswill), Devon, Aller in, q.v.

Abbotstone (Abboteston), Hants, manor and advowson, 395

Abbotstone (Abbeston) [in Whiteparish], Wilts, manor and advowson of free chapel, 1119

Abburbury, Richard de, 873

Abbyry see Ebear

Abdick and Bulston (Abbedyke and Bulston), Som, hundred, 855

Abel, Richard, 1314
-, William, 1320

Abergavenny (Bergeveny) [Monm], castle, 986
-, Capel in, q.v.

Abergavenny (Bergeveny), lordship, 986

Abingdon (Abyndon), Berks, abbot of, 83, 1230
-, inquisition taken at, 108

Abinger, Surrey, Paddington in, q.v.

Abington Pigotts (Abyndone, Abyngdon), Cambs, 1193
-, leet, 1193

Ablington (Ablyngton) [in Bibury], Glos, manor, 940

Abre see Awre

Abreham, John, 758

Abyndon see Abingdon

Abyndone, Abyngdon see Abington

Acasseye, William de, 972

Acclom see Acklam

Acford see Okeford

Achecot, Achecote see Edgcott

Achecote, William, vicar of Chalgrove, 533, 542, 1325

Acklam (Acclom, Aklom), Yorks, 954, 1150
-, church, 954

Ackworth (Akeworth) [in Giggleswick], Yorks, 22

Acle see Oakley

Aclethorp see Agglethorpe

Acomb, Yorks, Knapton in, q.v.

Acome (Akom), John de, parson of Petworth, 1242, 1246

Acre, Castle (Castelacre, Castellacre), Norf, castle, 1289
-, prior of, 1071, 1209

Acris, John, 128

Acton (Actom) [in Felton], Northumb, 1152

Acton (Aketon), Suff, 114, 194
-, manor, 194
-, mill, 114
-, Rookwood in, q.v.

Acton Burnell, Salop, 215, 1260

Acton, Iron (Irenacton), Glos, 228, 1279

Acton Trussell [in Baswick], Staffs, 214, 1261

Acton, Edward de, 367
-, John de, 231, 1270

Adam ap Tuder, 1215

Adam, Richard, 128
-, Walter, and Alice his wife, 1321

Adamson, Hugh, 1152

Adber (Atteber, Attebere [in Trent], Som [now in Dors], 869

Adderley, William de, 643, 650

Addingham, Cumb, Glassonby in, q.v.

Addingham (Adyngham), Yorks, 22
-, Beamsley in, q.v.

Addingrove (Addyngrave) [in Oakley], Bucks, 917

Addington (Adyngton), Bucks, 1180

Addington (Adyngton, Adynton), Kent, 1227-8
-, parson of see Feld, John atte

Addington, Little (Adyngton, Little Adyngton), Northants, 216, 236, 556, 1282

Addyngrave see Addingrove

Adelaghton see Adley

Adesham see Attisham

Adewell see Adwell

Adgestone (Aucheston) [in Brading], IOW, Hants, 997

Adley (Adelaghton) [in Brampton Brian], Salop [recte Heref], 1214

Adryngton see Atherington

Adstock (Adstoke), Bucks, 1184

Adthedill, Aymer de, knight, 150

Advent, Corn, Pencarrow and Poldue in, q.v.

Adwell (Adewell), Oxon, manor and advowson, 851

Adymet, John, 990

Adyngham see Addingham

Adyngton, Adynton see Addington

Affeton, Robert de, and Joan (Banastre) his wife, 588

Afflington (Alfrynton) [in Corfe Castle], Dors, 1231

Agglethorpe (Aclethorp, Akilthorp) [in Coverham], Yorks, 253, 385

Aghanby, William de, 1324

Agnes, Richard son of, 1210

Aignene, John, 1210

Aike (Ake) [in Lockington], Yorks, 1320

Aikton (Ayketon), Cumb, 1324
-, manor and advowson, 1324
-, Wampool and Wiggonby in, q.v.

Ailby (Aliby) [in Rigsby], Lincs, 772

Ailesbury, Aillesbury see Aylesbury

Ailmondestre see Aymestrey

Ailnodynton see Allington

Ainderby Steeple (Ayndreby Furneux), Yorks, manor and advowson, 253

Ainsty (Anesty), Yorks, 253

Airmyn, Little (Ayremynne) [in Drax], Yorks, 474

Airton (Ayrton) [in Kirkby Malham], Yorks, 22

Aisby (Asseby) [in Haydor], Lincs, 843

Aisholt (Assholt), Som, 628
-, Holcombe in, q.v.

Aislaby (Asilby) [in Eaglescliffe], Yorks [recte Durh], 1150

Aislaby (Aslagby) [in Middleton], Yorks, 842

Ake see Aike; Noke

Akelesdon, John de, 228, 1279

Akelesdon see ?Dixton

Aketon see Acton

Akeworth see Ackworth

Akilthorp see Agglethorpe

Aklom see Acklam

Akom see Acome

Akstan see Axton

Alan, William son of, 239, 1269

Alanby, John de, 1247

Alanby see Allonby

Alberbury, Salop, Amaston, Bausley, Bretchel, Eyton, Gorther, Nether, Hayes, Rowton and Wollaston in, q.v.

ALBERTON, Gregory (Chubbe), and THOMAS his son, 154

Albiniaco see Daubeney

Albo Monasterie, Roger de, 872

Albon, John, 236

Albourne, Sussex, Holland in, q.v.

Albury (Aldebury), Oxon, 872
-, manor and advowson, 156

Alcester (Alyncestre), Warw, inquisition taken at, 897, 900

Alconbury (Alkumbury), Hunts, 568
-, inquisition taken at, 1307

‘Emmescroft’, ‘Grenecroft’, ‘Halgh’, ‘Hyldegarescroft’ and ‘Scoles’ in, 568

Aldbrough (Aldeburgh) in Holderness wapentake, Yorks, 894, 1320
-, Thorpe Garth in, q.v.

Aldebury see Albury

Aldelem, John de, and Katharine his wife and John their son, 167

Aldenham [in Morville], Salop, 304
-, lord of, 304

Aldensheles see Quickening

Alderbury (Alwardbury), Wilts, 381, 760
-, Ivychurch in, q.v.

Alderbury (Alwardbury), Wilts, hundred, 859

Alderfeld see Aldersfield

Alderford (Alderforde), Norf, 1209

Alderholt (Alreholt) [in Cranborne], Dors, park, 1194
-, chief surveyor of see Mortimer, Edmund

Aldersfield (Alderfeld) [in Wickhambrook], Suff, 221, 1277

Alderton (Aldington, Aldryngton), Glos, 228, 1279
-, Dixton in, q.v.

Alderton (Alderyngton), Northants, 972, 1312

Alderton (Aldryngton), Wilts, 1226

Alderton, Richard, and Joan (Fremelesworth) his daughter, 172

Aldestre see Austrey

Aldewerk see Aldwark

Aldeworth see Aldworth

Aldewyncle see Aldwinkle

Aldington (Aldyngton), Kent, 1239
-, Falconhurst in, q.v.

Aldington see Alderton

?Aldon (Bullesdon) [in Stokesay], Salop, 1214

Aldpark see Oldpark

Aldrington (Aldryngton), Sussex, advowson of, 1311

Aldryngton see Alderton

Aldwark (Aldewerk) [in Alne], Yorks, manor, 1150

Aldwarke (Aldwerk) [in Rotherham], Yorks, 253

Aldwinkle (Aldewyncle), Northants, 216, 556, 1282

Aldworth (Aldeworth), Berks, 373
-, Faldeysland in, q.v.

Aldyngton see Aldington; Allington

Alen see Allen

Alerton see Ollerton

Alesby see Aylesby

Alesthorp see Alsthorpe

Alestperet see Perrott

Alet, John, 1173

Alet alias Itheles see Idless

Aley (Ayly) [in Over Stowey], Som, manor, 628
-, ‘Colford Launde’ in, 628

Aleyn see Allen

ALEYNS (Alleyns), Geoffrey, and CHRISTINA his wife, 292
-, Roger brother of, 292
-, Robert son of and Cecily his daughter, 292
-, William brother of, 292

Alfameston see Alphamstone

Alferton, Robert de, chaplain, 643, 650

Alford (Alforth), Lincs, 303, 772
-, inquisition taken at, 303

Alfreston see Alfriston

Alfreton (Alfurton), Derb, inquisition taken at, 650

Alfriston (Alfreston, Alfricheston, Alfrychston), Sussex, 690
-, parson of see Hoo, Peter de

Alfrynton see Afflington

Alfurton see Alfreton

Algarkirk (Algarkirke), Lincs, 553
-, Beausolace in, q.v.

Alger, Walter, 556

Aliby see Ailby

Alkborough (Alkebarwe), Lincs, 1153

Alkham, Kent, 401

Alkington, Glos, Newport in, q.v.

Alkumbury see Alconbury

Allcannings, Wilts, Etchilhampton, in, q.v.

Allen (Alen, Aleyn), Richard, 470-1
-, Thomas, and Katharine his wife, 770

Allen Wood (Ayleynwode, Aylyngwode) [in Aylesbeare], Devon, 507, 683

Aller (Alre by Carswill) [in Abbotskerswell], Devon, 1187

Allerby (Crosseby Alwardby) [in Aspatria], Cumb, 1247

Allerdale (Allerdal), Cumb, 694, 1247

Allerford [in Marystow], Devon, 720

Allerford (Alreford) [in Selworthy], Som, 285-6

Allerland see Hulland

Allerthwayt see Orthwaite

Allerton (Alvertonshyre), Yorks, wapentake, 253

Allerton see Ollerton

Alleryngton see Arlington

Allesley, John, 581

Alleyns see Aleyns

Allhallows, Cumb, Baggraw and Upmanby in, q.v.

Allington (Auditon) [in South Stoneham], Hants, 1225

Allington (Alynton), Kent, castle and manor, 308

Allington (Ailnodynton) [in Hollingbourne], Kent, 393

Allington (Aldyngton, Alyngton) [in Amesbury hundred], Wilts, 870
-, manor, 1309

Allonby (Alanby) [in Bromfield], Cumb, 1324

Alltybela (Altebilia) [in Llangwm, Monm], 1215

Alludeston (unidentified), Dors, 1231

Almeley, Heref, Upcott in, q.v.

Almet, Richard, 772

Almondbury, Yorks, manor, 128

Alne, Yorks, Aldwark, Flawith, Tholthorpe and Youlton in, q.v.

Alneburgh see Ellenborough Alnemouth see Alnmouth

Alnesites see Annaside

Alneto, Roger de, 283

Alnewick, Alnewyk see Alnwick

Alnewyke, Thomas de, 275

Alnham, Northumb, Unthank in, q.v.

Alnmouth (Alnemouth) [in Lesbury], Northumb, 876

Alnwick (Alnewik, Alnewyk), Northumb, 150, 254, 566, 876
-, inquisition taken at, 144, 322, 768

Alphamstone (Alfameston, Alphamston), Essex, 1212
-, inquisition taken at, 193

Alphington (Alphyngton), Devon, manor and advowson, 5

Alre see Aller

Alreford see Allerford

Alreholt see Alderholt

Alresford, Essex, Cockaynes in, q.v.

Alryngton see Arlington

Alsthorpe (Alesthorp) [in Burley], Rut, 384

Alta Ripa see Dautry

Altebilia see Alltybela

Alton (Aulton), Hants, inquisition taken at, 572
-, Chauntsingers in, q.v.
-, see also Bentworth

Alton (Alveton), Staffs, lord of, 369
-, manor, 639

Alton Barnes (Aulton Berners), Wilts, 870

Alvarton see Alverton

Alveley, Salop, Lowe, The, and Lye in, q.v.

Alverton (Alvarton, Alwarnton) [in Madron], Corn, 948
-, manor, 84

Alvertonshyre see Allerton

Alveton see Alton

Alvingham (Alvyngham), Lincs, prior of, 772

Alvington, West (Alvyngton), Devon, manor, 261

Alvythele see Aveley

Alwardbury see Alderbury

Alwardby see Allerby

Alwarnton see Alverton

Alwarton see Erwarton

Alwinton (Alwenton), Northumb, 1246
-, ‘Butterland’ in, 1246
-, Farnham and Quickening Cote in, q.v.

Alyncestre see Alcester

Alyngton, Alynton see Allington

Alynton, Mabel de, 393

Amaston (Ambaston) [in Alberbury], Salop, 607

Ambesaas, Nicholas, 868

Ambresbury see Amesbury

Ame, Thomas, 573

Ameas see Amys

Amersham (Amondesham), Bucks, 497-8

Amesbury (Ambresbury, Aumbresbury), Wilts, 870
-, count’s court (‘countescourt’) in, 870
-, inquisition taken at, 26, 105, 137, 630, 1056
-, manor, 859, 862
-, prioress of, 582, 752, 873, 1120

Amesbury (Aumbresbury), Wilts, hundred, 859, 874

Amesbury, West (Westambresbury) [in Amesbury], Wilts, 870

Amondesham see Amersham

Ampleforth (Ampelforth), Yorks, 414-15

Ampney Crucis, Glos, Reddington in, q.v.

Ampney, Down (Dounamneney), Glos, manor, 1054
-, Wick, The, in, q.v.

Amport, Hants, Sarson in, q.v.

Amptill (Ampthull, Ampthulle), Beds, inquisition taken at, 1229

Amwyk see Anwick

Amynton see Emmington

Amyrable, Richard, 470-1

Amys (Ameas), John, 128
-, Thomas, 737

Ancaster (Ancastre), Lincs, 244
-, Sudbrook and Willoughby, West, in, q.v.

Ancton (Anecon), Thomas, 224, 1280

Anderby, Lincs, 303

Andersey (Andresey) [in Westonzoyland], Som, 868

Andover (Andever, Andevere), Hants, inquisition taken at, 211, 231, 456, 499, 534, 548, 979, 1124, 1270
-, Foxcott in, q.v.

Andreby see Ainderby

Andresey see Andersey

Andrew (Andreu), John (London), 1321
-, John (Norf and Suff), 131

Anecon see Ancton

Anegos see Angus

Anesty see Ainsty

Anglesey (Angleseye, Anglisey) [in Bottisham], Cambs, priory, 1285
-, advowson of, 1221
-, prior of, 233, 1264

Angois, Angos, Angous see Angus

Angram, Anguram see Ingram

Angre see Ongar

Angus (Anegos, Angois, Angos, Angous), earl of, 772; see also Umfraville, Gilbert

Ann Abbotts (Abbots Ann), Dors [recte Hants], 1231

Annaside (Alnesites) [in Whitbeck], Cumb, 1247

Annassyde (unidentified), Northumb, manor, 876

Anne, queen of England, 126, 179, 189, 244, 247, 249, 253, 295, 313, 355, 373, 385, 414, 423, 453
-, executors of, 453

Anne, John de, 1225

Anne Savage see Sarson

Annery (Upanry) [in Monkleigh], Devon, 157-8

Annesley, Hugh de, and Joan his wife, 528
-, Reynold de, 282

Anstey, West (Ansty), Devon, 5

Ansthorp (unidentified), Lincs, 1243

Ansty, Warw, manor, 324, 328

Ansty see Anstey

Anthorn (Aynethorne, Aynthorne) [in Bowness], Cumb, 1174

Anwick (Amwyk), Lincs, 1243
-, ‘Le Brentfen’ in, 1243

Apeketelby see Kettleby, Ab

Apelby see Appleby

Apelderford see Appleford

Apelton see Appleton

Apethorpe, Robert de, 1210

Apeton see Apton

Apgriffith see Griffith

Apley, Lincs, Kingthorpe in, q.v.

Apley (Appeley) [in Stockton], Salop, manor, 304

Appelby see Appleby

Appeldore see Appledore

Appelegh, John, and Emmota (Cadehay) his wife and John their son, 606

Appeley see Apley

Appelgarth see Applegarth

Appelton see Appleton

Appeltre see Appletree

Appiltrewyk see Appletreewick

Appleby (Appelby), Lincs, 86

Appleby (Apelby, Appelby, Appulby), Westm, castle, 13
-, inquisition taken at, 13, 91, 793, 795, 1176, 1323
-, manor, 13
-, Crackenthorpe, Hilton, Hoff, Kirkber, Langton, Murton and Ribillandes in, q.v.

Appleby (Appelby), Geoffrey de, 239, 1269

Appledore (Appeldore) [in Clannaborough], Devon, 5

Appleford (Apelderford) [in Godshill], IOW, Hants, manor, 997

Applegarth (Appelgarth), Roger de, 1210

Applesham [in Coombes], Sussex, manor, 592, 599, 604, 690

Applethwaite (Appulthait) [in Crosthwaite], Cumb, 1247

Appleton (Appelton, Appulton), Berks, manor, 180-1, 455
-, wood, 181
-, Eaton in, q.v.

Appleton, Nun, or Appleton Roebuck (Apelton) [in Bolton Percy], Yorks, 97

Appletree (Appeltre) [in Aston le Walls], Northants, manor, 906

Appletreewick (Appiltrewyk, Appultrewyk) [in Burnsall], Yorks, 22

Appulby see Appleby

Appulthait see Applethwaite

Appulton see Appleton

Appultrewyk see Appletreewick

Apton, Bergh (Apeton, Apton, Aptone), Norf, 520, 612, 1290

Aquila see Eagle

Aquitaine, duke of. See John

Aquitaine, prince of. See Edward
-, princess of. See Joan

Arblaster, Thomas, 1210, 1212

-, JOHN son of, and Maud his wife and John and Philippa their children, 699

Archedekue, Alice de la, or Eleanor (Roche), 149
-, John son of, and Warin his son, 149

Archenfield (Irchenefeld), Heref, 915

Archer, Robert, rector of Gayhurst, 879

Arcleby, Alan de, 1174

Arcy see Darcy

Ardeley, Ardeleye see Ardleigh

Ardern (Arderne), Avicus de, 563
-, Hugh (Yorks), 146
-, Hugh de, of Great Driffield, 513, 518
-, John alias John de, 267-8
-, Thomas de, 350
-, Walter, 1048

Ardleigh (Ardeley, Ardeleye), Essex, 841, 1212
-, Bovill’s Hall in, q.v.

Ardres, Hugh, 665

Areley see Arley

Arendell see Arundel

Aresom see Ayresome

Argrim, William, knight, and Elizabeth his wife, 955

Arkesden, Essex, Chardwell in, q.v.

Arle see Earley

Arlesey (Arlychesey, Arlycheseye), Beds, 916
-, inquisition taken at, 646

Arley, Warw, manor, 617

Arley, Upper (Areley), Staffs [now in Worcs], 1196

Arlington (Alleryngton, Alryngton), Devon, manor, 109, 285-6

Arlychesey, Arlycheseye see Arlesey

Armurer, William, 1048

Armyne see Ermyn

Arnald, Arnall see Arnold

Arncliffe, Yorks, Hawkswick in, q.v.

Arnewood (Arnewode, Ernewode) [in Hordle], Hants, 871, 1120

Arnold (Arnall), Notts, inquisition taken at, 1041
-, manor, 1040-1

Arnold (Arnald), Thomas, 131
-, William, 149

Arrington (Arnyngton), Cambs, 233, 1264
-, leet, 1193

Arrow, Warw, Oversley and Ragley in, q.v.

Arthingworth (Arthyngworth), Northants, 216, 556, 1114, 1282
-, parson of. See Basset, Roger

Arundel (Arundell), barony (honour), 315, 406, 609
-, court, 406
-, earl of, 320, 765, 1214; see also Fitz Alan, Richard

Arundel (Arendell, Arundell, Darundel), Edmund, 991
-, Elizabeth (Carmynowe), 616
-, John, knight, son of, 616
-, John son of, 615-16
-, William de, knight, 328

Arwystli Iscoed (Darwystly Iscoyd), Mont, commote, 1003

Asby, Westm, advowson of, 91

Asby Cotsforth (Askeby Cotesford) [in Asby], Westm, manor, 13

Asby, Little (Little Askeby, Askeby) [in Asby], Westm, grange and manor, 13

Asby Winderwath (Askeby Wynanderwath, Askeby Wywanderwayth) [in Asby], Westm, manor, 13, 91

Ascheford see Ashford

Ascome see Askham

Ascowe, Robert, 957

Asfordby, William de, 303

Asfordeby see Asserby

Asgarby [in Aswardhurn wapentake], Lincs, 772

Asgarby (Asgardby) [in Aswardhurn or Bolingbroke wapentake], Lincs, 772, 1243-4

Ash (Asshe) [in Axton hundred], Kent, manor, 472

Ash [in Wingham hundred], Kent, Goldstone in, q.v.

Ash (Assheboloyne) [in Martock], Som, 868

Ash Bocking (Asshe), Suff, 1209-10, 1212

Ash, Rose (Asshe Raaf), Devon, 1086

Ash Thomas (Ayssch Thomas) [in Halberton], Devon, 949

Ashampstead (Asshamstede), Berks, manor, 373
-, Billards Land and Coleridge in, q.v.

Ashbourne, Derb, Fulwood and Hulland in, q.v.

Ashbrittle (Asshebrutel), Som, 868

Ashbury, Berks, Odstone in, q.v.

Ashbury (Aysshbery), Devon, 1187
-, Scobchester in, q.v.

Ashby (Askeby) (unidentified), Lincs, 843

Ashby (Askeby) [in Ashby cum Fenby], Lincs, 245

Ashby (Asshby) [in Loddon hundred], Norf, 1209

Ashby (Askeby), Suff, manor and advowson, 482

Ashby by Partney (Askeby by Perteney), Lincs, 843

Ashby, Canons (Assheby Canonicorum), Northants, manor, 657

Ashby, Cold (Coldassheby), Northants, vicar of. See Russell, Henry

Ashby de la Zouche (Assheby la Zouche), Leics, 770

Ashby Folville, Barsby and Burdett fee in, q.v.

Ashby, Mears (Assheby Mares), Northants, manor, 46

Ashby, West (Askeby), Lincs, 772

Ashby (Askby, Asscheby, Assheby), Emma (Clavill), 284
-, Robert son, of, 284
-, Robert son of, and John his son, 284
-, Richard (Leics), 104, 134
-, Richard, lord of Lubbesthorpe, 124
-, Thomas, 733
-, William de, clerk, 513, 518

Ashcombe (Asshcombe) [in Lewes], Sussex, manor, 400

Ashefeld see Ashfield

Ashen, Essex, Claret Hall in, q.v.

Ashendon (Asshyngdon), Bucks, 982

Ashenfield (Essmerysfelde) [in Waltham], Kent, 1227

Ashfield cum Thorpe (Ashefeld), Suff, manor, 1016

Ashford (Asshford) [in Bakewell], Derb, manor, 808

Ashford, Upper (Ascheford, Esforde) [in Ashford Carbonell], Salop, 1214

Ashill (Acslegh, Asshele), Norf, 963, 1209-10
-, advowson of, 963
-, Panworth Hall and Uphall in, q.v.

Ashill (Aysshull), Som, manor, 487

Ashingdon (Assyndon), Essex, 479

Ashley (Asshele), Hants, lord of, 752

Ashley (Assheleye) [in Bentworth], Hants, 1299

Ashley (Asshele), Wilts, manor and advowson, 1056

Ashley, East (Estasshelee) [in Milton], Hants, 871

Ashley, North (Asshele, Northasshelee) [in Ringwood], Hants, 871, 1120

Ashmore (Eshmere), Dors, 1231

Ashow (Assho), Warw, 345

Ashprington (Aysperton), Devon, inquisition taken at, 38
-, Bowden in, q.v.

Ashreigney, Devon, Goodcott, Hansford Barton, Hook, Northcott Barton, Riddlecombe and Westacott in, q.v.

Ashridge (Asscherugg, Asshrygge), Berks and Wilts, hundred, 862, 1056

Ashton (Esseton by Wynbourne) [in Hinton Parva], Dors, 868

Ashton (Wynterbourne) [in Winterborne St Martin], Dors, 1231

Ashton Giffard (Ashton) [in Codford St Peter], Wilts, manor, 903

Ashton, Steeple, Wilts, Littleton in, q.v.

?Ashton under Hill (Aston), Glos, 228, 1279

Ashton under Lyne (Assheton under Lime), Lancs, advowson of, 1306

Ashtonfield (Asshetonesmede) [in Ashton Keynes], Wilts, 1087

Ashwell (Asshewell), Herts, 1048

Asilby see Aislaby

Ask, John de (Cumb), 526
-, John de (Yorks), 146

Askby see Ashby

Askeby see Asby; Ashby

Askerton (Askirton) [in Lanercost], Cumb, 1324

Askew (Herskugh) [in Caldbeck], Cumb, 1247

Askham (Ascome), Westm, manor, 13
-, Helton Flechame in, q.v.

Askham Bryan (Brianaskeham), Yorks, 97

Askham, Peter de, 401

Askirton see Askerton

Aslagby see Aislaby

Aspatria (Aspatrik), Cumb, 1247
-, manor, 357, 1247
-, Allerby, Brayton, Ormesby and Oughterside in, q.v.

Aspenden (Aspedene), Herts, 389

Asplion, John, attorney to William la Zouche, 739

Asscheby see Ashby

Asscherugg see Ashridge

Asseby see Aisby

Assenden see Stonor

Asserby (Asfordeby) [in Bilsby], Lincs, 843

Asserton [in Berwick St James], Wilts, 870
-, advowson of free chapel, 105, 945

Asshamstede see Ashampstead

Asshby see Ashby

Asshcombe see Ashcombe

Asshe, Assheboloyne see Ash

Asshebourne, Henry, 741

Asshebrutel see Ashbrittle

Assheby see Ashby

Asshefeld see Asshfeld

Asshele, John, 958

Asshele see Ashill; Ashley

Asshelee (unidentified), Heref and the March of Wales, 1213

Assheleye see Ashley

Assheman see Asshman

Assherst, Gilbert, 958

Assheton (Essheton), John de, 64
-, Robert de, 22
-, William de, clerk, 855
-, Cf. Aston; Ayston; Eston

Assheton see Ashton; Aston

Asshetonesmede see Ashtonfield

Asshewell see Ashwell

Asshfeld (Asshefeld), Robert de (Essex), 996
-, Robert de (London), 927

Asshford see Ashford

ASSHMAN (Assheman), THOMAS, idiot, 295
-, William brother of, and Margery his daughter, 295

Assho see Ashow

Assholt see Aisholt

Asshrygge see Ashridge

Asshyngdon see Ashendon

Assyndon see Ashingdon

Astcote (Auescote) [in Pattishall], Northants, 10

Asteley, Asteleye see Astley

Asterley (Asturley) [in Pontesbury], Salop, 618

Asthorp (Aystorp), William, knight, 5

Asthorp see Astrop; Hasthorpe

Astley (Asteleye), Warw, manor, 1140

Astley Abbotts (Asteley Abbates by Bruggenorth, Asteley Abbots by Bruggenorthe), Salop, 215, 1260
-, lordship, 215

Astley (Asteley, Asteleye), Thomas de, and Elizabeth his wife, 462
-, William de, knight, 187

Aston [in Kingsland], Heref, 1213

Aston [in Stone], Staffs, 214, 1261

Aston, Warw, view of frankpledge, 367
-, Bordesley, Duddeston and Erdington in, q.v.

Aston Cantlow, Warw, Shelfield in, q.v.

Aston Clinton (Aston Clynton), Bucks, advowson of, 863, 874
-, manor, 863-4
-, Dundridge and Mountjoy in, q.v.

Aston Eyre (Aston Eyr) [in Morville], Salop, manor, 304

Aston Flamville (Aston), Leics, 974
-, Burbage in, q.v.

Aston Ingham (Assheton), Heref, 1213

Aston le Walls (Aston), Northants, manor and advowson, 906
-, Appletree in, q.v.

Aston Mullins (Aston Bernard) [in Dinton], Bucks, manor, 1180

Aston Munslow (Assheton) [in Munslow], Salop, 1214

Aston, North (Northaston), Oxon, 1223

Aston Pigott (Aston Pigot, Aston Pygot) [in Worthen], Salop, 215, 618, 1260

Aston Rogers (Aston under Cawes) [in Worthen], Salop, manor and court, 95

Aston Rowant, Oxon, Kingston Blount in, q.v.

Aston Sandford (Aston Saunford), Bucks, manor and advowson, 686

Aston, Steeple (Stepleston), Oxon, 872

Aston ?Tirrold (Aston), Berks, inquisition taken at, 390.

Aston under the Wrekin (Astoun under le Wrekene) [in Wellington], Salop, 1002

Aston, Robert, 957
-, Thomas de, knight, 214, 1261
-, William de, 1003
-, Cf. Assheton; Ayston; Eston

Aston see ?Ashton

Astrop (Asthorp) [in King Sutton], Northants, 350

Asturley see Asterley

Asty see Hasty

Aswardby (Aswordby), Lincs, 772, 1243
-, manor, 1243
-, parson of. See Ovyngham, Richard de

Atcham, Salop, Emstrey in, q.v.

Athelney (Atelney) [in Lyng], Som, abbot of, 869, 1055

Atherfield (Atherfeld) [in Shorwell], IOW, Hants, 871

Atherington (Adryngton, Atheryngton, Athryngton), Devon, advowson of, 942, 949
-, parson of. See Boys, Roger
-, Langley Barton and Umberleigh in, q.v.

Atholl, earl of. See Strathbogie, David

Athryngton see Atherington

Attbrygge (unidentified), Dors, 1231

Atte Asshe (unidentified), Dors, 1231

Atteber, Attebere see Adber

Attelburgh see Attleborough

Attenborough, Notts, Chilwell and Toton in, q.v.

Attepark see Park

Attestone (unidentified), Dors, 1231

Attezard see Yard

Attilbrigge see Attelbridge

Attilburgh see Attleborough

Attisham (Adesham) [in Broadwindsor], Dors, manor, 4

Attleborough (Attelburgh, Attilburgh, Attilburgh Market, Attylburgh), Norf, 412, 611, 1290
-, advowson of, 520, 1290
-, inquisition taken at, 611-12
-, ‘Brodmedowe’ in, 611
-, Crowshall and Plassing Hall in, q.v.

Attlebridge (Attilbrigge), Norf, 1209

Aubourn, Lincs, Haddington in, q.v.

Aubre, John, 418

Aucheston see Adgestone

Audele, Audelee, Audelegh, Audeley see Audley

Audelston see Oxton

Auditon see Allington

Audley, Staffs, Heighley in, q.v.

Audley (Audele, Audeley, Daudele, Daudeley), lord, 214, 228, 613, 1261, 1279

AUDLEY (Audele, Audelee, Audelegh, Audeley, Daudele, Daudelegh, Daudeley), Elizabeth, lady Audley, 628
-, James (Devon), 109
-, James, knight, of Heighley, and James his son, 138
-, JAMES, lord Audley, knight (Devon), 155
-, Joan, lady Audley, 29
-, John, knight, 1133
-, Nicholas, lord Audley, 214, 126
-, Thomas, knight, 1330
-, ELIZABETH wife of, 1330
-, sister of. See Poynings, Isabel

Auescote see Astcote

Aulton see Alton

Aumale, duke of. See Edward
-, earldom (honor) of, 22, 453
-, earl of, 893, 974, 976
-, fee of, 179

Aumbresbury see Amesbury

Auncell, John, 772

Aungeville, Richard, 872

Aungre see Ongar

Aunsby (Ounesby, Ownesby), Lincs, 843, 1243
-, parson of. See Hamond, John

Aure, Walter de, 1213

Aure see Awre

Austrey (Aldestre), Warw, manor, 1140

Auucher, John (Devon), 1111
-, John (Som), 1317

Avebury, Wilts, Kennett, West, in, q.v.

Aveley (Alvythele), Essex, inquisition taken at, 889, 1074

Avenderset see Dassett

Avene see Avon

Avenell, Richard, 666-7
-, Maud (Northgrove) wife of, 666-7
-, sister of. See Beaumont, Katharine
-, Robert, 1215
-, Thomas, 1213

Avenesheys see Avishays

Aveton Gifford (Aveton Giffard), Devon, 5

Avington (Avynton), Berks, 1096

Avishays (Avenesheys) [in Chaffcombe], Som, 489

Avon (Avene) [in Sopley], Hants, 871

Avon (Avene) [in Bremhill], Wilts, manor, 314

Avorell, John, 1319

Avynton see Avington; Hullavington

Awliscombe (Oulescomb), Devon, Marlcombe in, q.v.

Awne, William de, chaplain, 69

Awre (Abre, Aure), Glos, 1213
-, advowson of, 1215

AXEBY, John, and ISABEL his wife, 744

Axholme (Haxholme), [Lincs], isle, lord of. See Mowbray, John de

Axminster, Devon, Trill and Wyke in, q.v.

Axmouth, Devon, Bruckland and Stedcombe in, q.v.

Axton (Akstan), Kent, hundred, 401

Aykehede, William, 1247

Aykeskarth see Aysgarth

Ayketon see Aikton

Aylemersthorp see Elmsthorpe

Aylesbeare, Devon, Allen Wood, Houndbeare and Rosamondford in, q.v.

Aylesbury (Ailesbury, Aillesbury, Ayllesbury), Bucks, 537, 801
-, inquisition taken at, 2, 49, 72, 464, 497, 537-8, 686, 785, 801, 845, 982, 1013, 1058
-, manor, 801
-, mill, 537
-, sheriff’s tourn and view of frankpledge, 537
-, Walton in, q.v.

Aylesbury (Ailesbury, Aylesbure, Aylesbyry), Agnes de, 224, 1280
-, Joan (Basset), and John, knight, her son, 119, 133, 1114
-, John de, 982
-, Thomas de, knight, 917

Aylesby (Alesby), Lincs, manor, 359, 1169
-, ‘Treamtonfee’ in, 1169

Aylesbyry see Aylesbury

Aylesford (Eylysford), Kent, 1227-8
-, ‘Battel’, ‘Bromfeld’, ‘Dittonesmede’ and ‘Kyngesfeld’ in, 401
-, Eccles and Tottington in, q.v.

Ayleshamburgh see Aylsham

Aylesthorp see Elsthorpe

Aylestone (Ayleston), Leics, 770
-, Glen Parva and Lubbesthorpe in, q.v.

Ayleynwode see Allen

Ayllesbury see Aylesbury

Aylmer (Aylmar), Katharine, 131
-, Thomas, and Agnes, Christina and Parnel his daughters, 853
-, William, 996

Aylsham (Ayleshamburgh), Norf, 292

Ayly see Aley

Aylyngwode see Allen

Aymestrey (Ailmondestre), Heref, 1213
-, Covenhope in, q.v.

Aynethorne, Aynthorne see Anthorn

Ayot St Lawrence (Ayote), Herts, 1048

Ayremynne see Airmyn

Ayresome (Aresom) [in Middlesborough], Yorks, 1150

Ayrton see Airton

Aysford, Roger, 147

Aysgarth (Aykeskarth), Yorks, advowson of, 698

Aysperton see Ashprington

Ayssch see Ash

Ayssh (Ayssche, Aysshe), Joan, 1106
-, Richard (Som), 300
-, Richard, of Hereford, 624
-, Thomas, 5
-, Cf. Nassh

Aysshlegh (unidentified), Devon, 1187

Aysshull see Ashill

Ayston, John, and Reynold his son, 953
-, Cf. Assheton; Aston; Eston

Aystorp see Asthorp

Ayton, Great, Yorks, Nunthorpe in, q.v.

Ayton, Thomas de, 1223
-, Cf. Eton; Eyton