Index of Persons and Places: K

Pages 619-624

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem, Volume 17, Richard II. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1988.

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Kaber (Cabergh) [in Kirkby Stephen], Westm, 13
-, manor, 13

Kaerlyon see Caerleon

Kairwent see Caerwent

Kalilond see Calliland

Kalldere, Thomas, 1152

Kalylond see Calliland

Kamon, Henry, 1252

Kandeler, Nicholas, 150

Karesbrok see Carisbrooke

Karlengill see Carling Gill

Karlill, Adam, 159

Karlill see Carlisle

Karlyon see Caerleon

Katerington (Katerinton), John, clerk, and Parnell his wife, custodians of Joan Jordan alias Spencer, 1315, 1328

Katesby see Catesby

Kaunton, John de, 522

KAYLE (Kayll), John, 487, 489
-, IDONEA (Poulet) daughter of, 484, 486-7, 956
-, THOMAS son of, 484-9, 956
-, Christina (Hertyscote) wife of, 488-9

Kaynes see Keynes

Keddington (Kedyngton), Lincs, 494-5

Kede, John, 1247

Kedewong see Cedewain

Kedyngton see Keddington

Kegworth (Keggeworth), Leics, charter dated at, 43
-, manor, 43

Kegwyn see Keigwin

Keighley (Kyghley, Kygley), Yorks, 22
-, Laycock, Newsholme and Utley in, q.v.

Keigwin (Kegwyn) [in St Just in Penwith], Corn, 678

Keilmershe see Kelmarsh

Keisby (Kyseby) [in Irnham], Lincs, 772


Kekynwych see Kenswick

Kelby [in Haydor], Lincs, manor, 772, 821

Kelby, Robert de, 772
-, Robert de, parson of Hemingby, 660

Keldholme [in Kirkby Moorside], Yorks, abbey, advowson of, 842

Kele (Keyl), Henry alias Henry de, and Elizabeth (Clifford) his wife, 435
-, Humphrey, 1230

Kelham (Kelum), Notts, 252, 282

Kellesey see Kelsey

Kelleythorpe (Kellyngthorp) [in Great Driffield], Yorks, 253

Kelling (Kellyng), Norf, 1209-10

Kellington, Yorks, Whitley in, q.v.

Kelly, Devon, 5
-, Meadwell in, q.v.

Kelly, Thomas, 5

Kellyng see Kelling

Kellyngthorp see Kelleythorpe

Kellyngworth see Kenilworth

Kelmarsh (Keilmershe), Northants, 529

Kelmonsek see Calamansack

Kelquyt see Kilquite

Kelsey, North (Kellesey, Northkelsey), Lincs, 821, 994

Kelsey, South (Southkelsey), Lincs, 821
-, advowson of, 843

Kelstern (Kelsterne), Lincs, 494-5, 772
-, manor, 494-5

Kelum see Kelham

Kelyngholme see Killingholme

Kelyngton see Callington

Kemerton (Kynemarton, Kynmerton), Glos, 228, 1279

Kemmeys (Kemmys), John, 227, 1278
-, Meric and Walter de, 1215

Kemmeys see Cemais

Kempe, Edmund, 379

Kempeleigh see Kempley

Kempland (Kempelond) [in Chulmleigh], Devon, 5

Kempley (Kempeleigh), Glos, 1215

?Kempton (Compton) [in Clunbury], Salop, 1214

Kemsing (Kemsynge), Kent, manor, 472

Kemsyng see Kensings

Kemsynge see Kemsing

Ken see Kenn

?Kenchester (Chilchestre in the March of Wales), Heref, 915

Kendal (Kendale), Westm, 1176

Kendale, Edward, knight, 661
-, Margaret de, 1227
-, Robert de, 1101

Kenderchurch, Heref, Howton in, q.v.

Kene, John, 131

Kenell see Kennal

Kenilworth (Kellyngworth, Kennelleworth, Kenelworth), Warw, prior of, 224, 567, 869, 1280

Kenley (Kynley), Salop, 304

Kenlles see Cefnllys

Kenn (Ken), Devon, manor and advowson, 5
-, parson of. See Wyke, William

Kennal (Kenell) [in Stithians], Corn, manor, 615

Kenne, Isabel (Buteler), and John her son, 749-50

Kennelleworth see Kenilworth

Kennett, West (Westkynete) [in Avebury], Wilts, 263

Kensings (Kemsyng) [in Cavendish], Suff, 1210
-, manor, 456

Kenswick (Kekynwych), Worcs, manor and advowson, 1061

Kensworth (Keynesworth), Herts [now in Beds], manor, 701

Kent, county, 805
-, escheator in. See Roche, John
-, sheriff of, 805, 1138

Kent, countess of, 1298-9; see also Julere, Isabel
-, earl of, 127, 252, 460, 676, 779, 1020, 1296
-, bailiff of, 1294
-, See also Holand, Thomas; John

Kent, Roger le, 229, 1273

Kentecombe see Kingcombe

Kentisbeare, Devon, Blackborough in, q.v.

Kenton, Devon, manor, 811
-, Chiverston, Mowlish, Oxton and Willsworthy in, q.v.

Kentwode, John, knight, and Alice his wife, 390

Kenweston see ?Kinnerton

Kenwyn, Corn, Bosvissick and Idless in, q.v.

Kenyeyn, Sybil (Tregemynyon), and Ralph her son, 679

Kepwick (Kepewyk) [in Over Silton], Yorks, 698

Kerbrok, Kerbroke, Kerbrook see Carbrooke

Kerby, Alan de, rector of Kirkby Mallory, 186
-, William de, 1324
-, Cf. Kirkeby

Kerby see Kirby

Kercolston see Car Colston

Kerdyf, Edward, 473
-, Joan (Greyndur) wife of, 473
-, William brother of, 473
-, Joan daughter of, 473
-, daughters of. See Bauderyp, Elizabeth; Underhull, Iveta

Kerdyf see Cardiff

Kerdynge by Bourdeford (unidentified), Hants, 1120

Kerdyngton, William, knight, 79

Kerdyngton see Cardington

Kereby see Kirby

Kersey (Kerseye), Suff, court, 802
-, inquisition taken at, 194-5, 249, 802, 839, 995, 1240
-, leet, manor and mill, 802
-, priory, advowson of, 839

Kersnore, John alias John de, 1210

Kersyngton see Cassington

Kery see Ceri

Kesceby, Kesseby see Kexby

Kesteby see Ketsby

Kestelwych, Henry, 953

Kesteven (Keston), Lincs, 244

Keston see Kesteven; Keyston

Ketelberston see Kettlebaston

Ketelleston see Kettlestone

Keteryng, William, 128

Keteryng see Kettering

Kethedyn see Cathedin

Ketilberston see Kettlebaston

Ketilby see Kettleby

Ketsby (Kesteby) [in South Ormsby], Lincs, 843

Kettering (Keteryng), Northants, inquisition taken at, 1312

Kettlebaston (Ketelberston, Ketilberston), Suff, 1209-10, 1212

Kettleby, Ab (Apeketelby), Leics, 242
-, Holwell in, q.v.

Kettleby Thorpe (Ketilby and Thorp) [in Bigby], Lincs, 994

Kettlestone (Ketelleston), Norf, advowson of, 1051

Kettlethorpe, Lincs, Fenton in, q.v.

Keuerdelegh see Cuerdley

Keustok see Kewstoke

KEVERMOND (Kevermound), John, and JOAN his wife and John their son, 176-7

Kevermond see Kirmond

Kevermound see Kevermond; Kirmond

Keworth see Keyworth

Kewstoke (Keustok), Som, 736

Kexby (Kesceby, Kesseby) [in Upton], Lincs, 1151, 1293

Keyberere, William, godfather to William Blount, 578

Keyhaven (Kyavene) [in Milford], Hants, 871

Keyl see Kele

Keymergh see Ceinmeirch

Keynes (Kaynes), John (Corn), and Joan (Wamford) his wife, 1106, 1327
-, John (Warw), 224, 1280

Keynesham see Keynsham

Keynesworth see Kensworth

Keynsham (Keynesham, Keynysham), Som, 1268
-, inquisition taken at, 237, 1268, 1305
-, St Mary’s monastery, and its abbot, 869
-, patronage of, 237, 1268

Keys, Thomas, 575

Keyston (Keston), Hunts, inquisition taken at, 213

Keyteherdewyk see Hardwick

Keyworth (Keworth), Notts, 123

Kidderminster (Kydermyster, Kydermystre), Worcs, inquisition taken at, 718, 724

Kiddington (Codynton), Oxon, 1223

Kigbeare (Cadekebear) [in Okehampton], Devon, manor, 374

Kilbury (Kyllebury) [in Buckfastleigh], Devon, view of frankpledge, 542

Kilby (Kylleby), Leics, 733
-, lady of, 733

Kildale (Kyldale), Yorks, 142, 1079, 1150

Kildwich, Yorks, Bradley, High or Low, Cononley, Cowling, Glusburn, Patebridge and Sutton in, q.v.

Kilham (Kyllom) [in Kirknewton], Northumb, 144

Kilham (Kyllom), Yorks, 253, 1183
-, fair, 1183
-, inquisition taken at, 318
-, manor, market and mills, 1183

Killingholme (Kelyngholme), Lincs, 843

Killingworth (Killyngworth) [in Long Benton], Northumb, 250

Killyate, Henry, 131

Killyngworth see Killingworth

Kilmersdon, Som, Walton in, q.v.

Kilmington (Culmyngton), Som, 1118
-, Norton Ferrers in, q.v.

Kilnwick, Yorks, Beswick in, q.v.

Kilnwick Percy (Kyllingwyk), Yorks, 1150

Kilpeck (Kylpek), Heref, castle and manor, 915
-, Wormeton in, q.v.

Kilquite (Kelquyt) [in St Germans], Corn, manor, 421

Kilton Thorpe (Thorp by Kylton) [in Skelton], Yorks, 698

Kilvington, South (Kylvyngton, South Kylvyngton), Yorks, 253, 842
-, advowson of, 253
-, Thornbrough and Upsall in, q.v.

KILVYNGTON, JOHN DE, and Isabel his wife and Thomas their son, 69

Kilwardby, Michael del, 1247

Kimberworth (Kymberworth) [in Rotherham], Yorks, 22

Kimble, Great (Great Kymbell, Great Kynbell, Kymbell, Kynbell), Bucks, 101, 223, 497-8, 917, 1275
-, leets, 201, 1275

Kimbridge (Kyngbrygge) [in Mottisfont], Hants, 871

Kimpton (Kympton), Herts, manor, 853

Kineton (Chepyng Kyngton, Chepyngknyghton, Kyngton), Warw, 1088, 1128
-, inquisition taken at, 435, 771
-, manor, 1088

Kineton, or Kington [in Claverdon] (Kyngton), Warw, 1112

King Harry (Kynheury) [in Cumwhitton], Cumb, 1324

Kingcombe (Kentecombe) [in Toller Porcorum], Dors, 786, 791

Kingesmeburne see Meaburn

Kingham (Kyngham), Oxon, 1038

King’s Manor (Kyngeshalle) [in Stanhoe], Norf, 1071

Kings Pyon (Kings Pionia), Heref, 1213
-, William vicar of, 1213

Kingsbury (Kynnesbury), Warw, charter dated at, 605
-, manor, 605
-, Plumpton in, q.v.

Kingsclere (Kyngesclere), Hants, inquisition taken at, 1182
-, manor and mill, 1182
-, Holt, The, Kingsclere Woodlands, Knowle, Poleland and Sandford in, q.v.

Kingsclere Woodlands (Clere Wodelond) [in Kingsclere], Hants, 1182

Kingscote (Kyngescote), Glos, 1257
-, lord of. See Waren, Robert

Kingsdown (Kyngesdoune, Kyngysdowne) [in Milton hundred], Kent, 393, 1227
-, manor, 407, 1200

Kingsey (Kyngeseye), Bucks, 101

Kingsham (Kyngesham) [in Chichester], Sussex, manor and advowson, 424

Kingsholme (Kyngesholme, Kyngeshome by Gloucestre) in Gloucester, Glos, manor, 175, 1257

Kingskerswell, Devon, Odicknoll in, q.v.

Kingsland (Kyngesholme), Heref, 1213
-, Aston, Longford and Shirl Heath in, q.v.

Kingsley (Kyngeley, Kyngesley), Staffs, 369
-, lady of, 369
-, manor, 1067
-, mill, 369

Kingsteignton (Kynggesteyngton, Kynstaneston, Teyngton Regis), Devon, inquisition taken at, 438-9
-, manor, 438-9, 1173
-, Whiteway Barton in, q.v.

Kingsthorpe (Kyngesthorp), Northants, manor, 529

Kingston (Kyngestone), Devon, manor of Marwell and, 38

Kingston (Kyngeston, Kyngeston by Yevele) in Yeovil, Som, manor and advowson of chapel, 823-4

Kingston Blount (Kyngeston, Kyngeston Blont) [in Aston Rowant], Oxon, 476, 851

Kingston Lisle (Kyngeston Lille) [in Sparsholt], Berks, 873

Kingston Pitney (Kyngeston, Kyngeston by Yevele) in Yeovil, Som, 676

Kingston upon Hull (Kyngeston upon Hull), Yorks, 253
-, bailiffs of, 253
-, inquisition taken at, 146
-, writ dated at, 193-4

Kingston upon Thames (Kyngeston, Kyngeston by Thames), Surrey, 809
-, bailiffs of, 593, 598, 603
-, St Mary Magdalene free chapel, master of. See Jurdan, Reynold
-, Berrylands in, q.v.

Kingstone (Kyngestone) (unidentified), Devon, 5

Kingswood (Kyngeswode), Glos [formerly in Wilts], 1226

Kingthorpe (Kynthorp) [in Apley], Lincs, 1313
-, manor, 713

Kington (Kyngton) [in Thornbury], Glos, 207, 1279

Kington [in Claverdon] or Kineton (Kyngton), Warw, 1112

Kington Magna (Great Kyngton, Kyngton Ploket), Dors, 868, 1117

Kington St Michael (Kyngton), Wilts, nuns of, 1224

Kingwater, Cumb, Spadeadan and Tercrosset in, q.v.
-, ‘le Greves’ in, 1324

Kinlet (Kynlet), Salop, 1214
-, Catsley, Earnwood, Foxcote and Meaton in, q.v.

Kinnersley (Kynardesley), Heref, 1213
-, Newton in, q.v.

?Kinnerton (Kenweston) [in Wentnor], Salop, 1260

?Kinsley (Kynnesle) [in Hemsworth], Yorks, 266

Kinson (Kynstanston) [in Canford Magna], Dors, 868

Kinton (Kynton) [in Leintwardine], Salop [recte Heref], 1214

Kinwardstone (Kynewardeston), Wilts, hundred, 212, 1271

Kinwarton (Kynwarton), Warw, 897

Kippax (Kypas, Kypax), Yorks, Preston, Great and Little, in, q.v.

Kirby Bellars (Kyrkeby Bellers, Kyrkeby on Wreke), Leics, 124
-, manor, 124
-, priory, advowson and prior of, 124
-, ‘le Clos’ and ‘Dokeplace’ in, 124

Kirby in Cleveland, Yorks, Broughton, Great, in, q.v.

Kirby Knowle (Kyrkeby Undreknoll), Yorks, 253

Kirby Misperton, Yorks, Barugh, Great or Little, Habton, Great, and Habton, Little in, q.v.

Kirby, Monks (Monks Kyrkeby), [Warw], prior of, 124

Kirby Muxloe (Kerby, Kereby) [in Glenfield], Leics, 103-4, 160
-, places (named) in, 104

Kirby Ravensworth, Yorks, Broughton Lythe, Dalton and Newsham in, q.v.

Kirkandrews (Kirkandres), Northumb [recte Cumb], lordship, 813

Kirkandrews upon Eden (Kyrkandres), Cumb, 1174

Kirkandrews upon Esk, Cumb, Liddel in, q.v.

Kirkbampton (Bampton), Cumb, 526, 1324
-, Bampton, Little, and Oughterby in, q.v.

Kirkber (Kyrkebergh) [in Appleby], Westm, 13
-, manor, 13

Kirkbride (Kyrkbryde, Kyrkebryde), Cumb, 1174, 1247
-, advowson of, 1247
-, manor, 1174, 1247

Kirkbride, Richard alias Richard de, 1247

Kirkby Green (Kirkeby), Lincs, 283

Kirkby in Ashfield (Kyrkeby, Kyrkeby in Aschfeld), Notts, inquisition taken at, 1147
-, manor and advowson, 1147

Kirkby la Thorpe (Kyrkeby), Lincs, 772, 843, 1243

Kirkby Malham, Yorks, Airton, Calton, Hanlith, Malham, Otterburn and Scosthrop in, q.v.

Kirkby Mallory (Kyrkeby Mallore, Kyrkeby Malory), Leics, 187
-, rector of. See Kerby, Alan de

?Kirkby Mallory (Kirkeby), Leics, Alan parson of, 104

Kirkby Moorside (Kirkebymoresheved, Kyrkebymoresheved), Yorks, 842
-, manor, 815, 984
-, Keldholm in, q.v.

Kirkby on Bain (Kirkeby, Kyrkeby, Kyrkeby on Bain), Lincs, 430
-, manor, 1133
-, Tumby in, q.v.

Kirkby Stephen (Kirkebystephan, Kyrkebystephane), Westm, 793
-, manor, 13
-, Hartley, Heggerscale, Kaber, Nateby, Pendragon, Redgate, Rookby, Smardale, Soulby, Southwaite, Tarn, Waitby and Winton in, q.v.

Kirkby Thore (Kirkebythore, Kyrkebythore, West Kyrkebythore), Westm, 793, 1176
-, manor and advowson, 13
-, parson of. See Corbrig, William
-, Howgill, Milburn and Sowerby, Temple, in, q.v.

Kirkby Underwood (Kyrkeby), Lincs, 533, 772

Kirkcambeck (Kirkcambok) [in Lanercost], Cumb, 1324

Kirkclifton see Clifton

Kirkcrofte, le (unidentified), [?in or near Cockermouth], Cumb, 1247

Kirkdale, Yorks, Muscoates and Wombleton in, q.v.

Kirke, William atte, 331

Kirkeby (Kyrkeby), Andrew, 371
-, Anne (Chike, Emery, Hebbere) wife of, 371
-, sister of. See Longford, Denise
-, John, 308
-, John, the younger, 1128
-, John de, 13, 793
-, William de, chaplain, 1174
-, Cf. Kerby

Kirkeby see Kirkby

Kirkebymoresheved see Kirkby Moorside

Kirkebystephan see Kirkby Stephen

Kirkebythore, John de, 1176

Kirkebythore see Kirkby Thore

Kirkelef, John de, 331

Kirkestede see Kirkstead

Kirketon, John de, and Elizabeth his wife, 413

Kirketon see Kirton

Kirkham (Kyrkham), Yorks, priory, 954
-, John prior of, 954
-, servant of. See Roclif, Walter de

Kirkheaton (Kirkheaton), Northumb, 876
-, Coldstrother in, q.v.

Kirkland, Cumb, Culgaith in, q.v.

Kirklevington (Kyrkelevyngton), Yorks, 1150
-, Picton in, q.v.

Kirklevington or Castelevington [in Kirklevington] (Leventon in Cleveland), Yorks, 97

Kirklinton (Kyrklevyngton) [in Kirklinton Middle], Cumb, 1174

Kirknewton, Northumb, Heathpool and Kilham in, q.v.

Kirkoswald, Cumb, 1324
-, manor and advowson, 1324
-, mills, 1324
-, Patonsonlande in, q.v.

Kirkstall (Kyrkestall) [in Leeds], Yorks, abbot and convent of, 815

Kirkstead (Kirkestede, Kyrkested), Lincs, abbot of, 331, 772

Kirmington (Kyrnyngton), Lincs, 681, 994

Kirmond le Mire (Kevermond, Kevermound), Lincs, 177, 423

Kirtlington (Kirtlyngton), Oxon, manor, 1037

Kirton (Kyrketon) [in Kirton wapentake], Lincs, 1245

Kirton (Kirton in le Clay, Kirton in le Cley, Kyrketon), Notts, 1160
-, advowson of, 717, 730

Kirton (Kyrketon), Suff, 1210, 1212

Kirton in Lindsey (Kirketon, Kirketon in Lyndesey), Lincs, court, 1293
-, inquisition taken at, 1293

Kirton in Lindsey (Kirketon in Lyndesey), Lincs, soke, 1293

Knaith (Knayth), Lincs, manor, 1151
-, Heynings in, q.v.

Knaplock (Lytelknaplok) [in Winsford], Som, 736

Knapp (Knappe) [in Christchurch], Hants, 871

Knapthorpe [in Caunton], Notts, 282

Knaptoft, Leics, Mowsley in, q.v.

Knapton, Norf, manor, 60

Knapton (Knapton by York) [in Acomb], Yorks, 97

Knayth see Knaith

Kneburn see Enborne

Knebworth (Knebworthe), Herts, 853

Knecchebole, Robert, 1048

Kneesal (Knesale), Notts, inquisition taken at, 1040
-, lord of, 1160
-, manor, 1040

Kneesworth (Knesworth) [in Bassingbourne], Cambs, 355

Knesale see Kneesall

Knesworth see Kneesworth

Knight (Knyght, Knyth), Adam, chaplain, 676
-, John, of Chewton Mendip, 98
-, John, clerk, parson of Quainton, 496-7
-, Robert, freeman of the city of London, 577
-, Thomas (Northants), 46
-, Thomas (Som), 990
-, Thomas, of Kelmarsh, and Agnes (Stokes) his wife, 529
-, William, clerk, 1170

Knightlow (Knyghtlowe, Knythtelowe), Warw, hundred, 627, 1088

Knighton (Knyghton, Knytheton, Tatton) [in Durweston], Dors, 1231
-, manor, 402-3

Knighton (Knyghton, Knyghtteton) [in Newchurch], IOW, Hants, advowson of chapel, 791
-, manor, 788, 791

Knighton (Knythton, Kynton), [Rad], 1197, 1214
-, lordship, 1197

Knighton, West (Knyghton by Dorchestre, Knythton by Dorchester, Kyngeston by Dorcestre), Dors, 106, 868
-, manor, 939

Knipe (Gnyp Patryk) [in Bampton], Westm, manor, 13

Knipton (Knypton), Leics, 952

Knock (Knokesalcok, Knoksalcok) [in Long Marton], Westm, 13
-, manor, 13

Knockin (Knokyn), Salop, 637, 911, 1095-1104
-, castle and lordship, 1100

Knokesalcok, Knoksalcok see Knock

Knokyn see Knockin

Knoll [in Shepton Montague], Som, manor, 855

Knoll see Knowle

Knolle (Knull), Richard de (Glos and the March of Wales), 1215
-, Richard de (Kent), 229, 1273
-, Cf. Noyl

Knolle see Knowle

Knolles, Robert, knight, 393

Knollow see Knoway

Knolton see Knowlton

Knook (Knouc, Knouke), Wilts, 232, 1271
-, manor, 212, 1271
-, view of frankpledge, 212

Knossington (Knoston), Leics, advowson of, 462

Knot (Not), Henry, clerk, 48
-, Roger, and Joan his wife, 430

Knouc, Knouke see Knook

Knouston see Knowstone

Knovill, John de, 1215

Knoway (Knollow) [in Brough], Westm, 13

KNOWESLEY, RICHARD, and Margery his wife, 370

Knowle (La Knolle) [in Kingsclere], Hants, 1225

Knowle, Church (Knoll in Purbyk), Dors, advowson of, 1231

Knowlton (Knolton) [in Horton], Dors, 1231

Knowstone (Knouston Beaupel, Knouston Botryaux), Devon, 1187

Knowt, Margaret, 698

Knoyle, East, Wilts, Pertwood in, q.v.

Knoyle, West (Knoyel Odyern, Knoyel Odyerne, Knoyl Odyern), Wilts, 1056, 1119

Knull see Knolle

Knyght see Knight

Knyghtley, John de, 304

Knyghtlowe see Knightlow

Knyghton (Knygton), Henry, chaplain, 764
-, John de, 454

Knyghton, Knyghtteton see Knighton

Knypton see Knipton

Knyth see Knight

Knytheton see Knighton

Knythtelowe see Knightlow

Knythton see Knighton

Knyvet, Eleanor (Basset), 119, 133, 233, 1114
-, John son of, 119, 133, 1114
-, John, 508, 1265

Kokenache, John, parson of Wimpole, 356

Kokerell see Cokerell

Kreyenyon see Caereinion

Krumpton, Saer de, 770

Kulfordestre see Culliford Tree

Kyavene see Keyhaven

Kybbill, John, 963

Kydermyster, Kydermystre see Kidderminster

Kyghley, Gilbert de, knight, 22

Kyghley see Keighley

Kygley see Keighley

Kyldale see Kildale

Kylgoigan see Llanfihangel Pont-y-moel

Kyllebury see Kilbury

Kylleby see Kilby

Kyllerton, William, 862

Kyllesthorpe see Calcethorpe

Kyllingwyk see Kilnwick

Kyllom see Kilham

Kylmeston, William, parker of Netherwood, 1206

Kylpek see Kilpeck

Kylpesham, Kylpsham see Clipsham

Kylton see Kilton

Kylvyngton see Kilvington

Kyma see Kyme

Kymbell see Kimble

Kymberley, William de, escheator in Essex, 317

Kymberworth see Kimberworth

Kyme, North (Little Kyme, Northkyme) [in South Kyme], Lincs, 239, 1243, 1269
-, manor, 1243

Kyme, South (Kyme, Southkyme), Lincs, 643, 1243
-, charter dated at, 1243
-, manor, 643, 1243

Kyme (Kyma), Philip de, 239, 1269
-, Simon de, 283

Kympton see Kimpton

Kynardesley, Hugh de, 1213

Kynardesley see Kinnersley

Kynaston, John, 1100, 1103

Kynbell see Kimble

Kynemarton see Kemerton

Kynewardeston see Kinwardstone

Kyng, John (Norf and Suff), 131
-, John (Worcs), juror, 148

Kyngbrygge see Kimbridge

Kyngeley see Kingsley

Kyngesclere see Kingsclere

Kyngescote see Kingscote

Kyngesdoune see Kingsdown

Kyngeseye see Kingsey

Kyngeshalle see Kings Manor

Kyngesham see Kingsham

Kyngesholme see Kingsholme; Kingsland

Kyngeshome see Kingsholme

Kyngesley see Kingsley

Kyngeslond, Thomas, 1086, 1089, 1091

Kyngesmeburne see Meaburn

Kyngesneuton see Newton Regis

Kyngessombourne see Somborne

Kyngesthorp see Kingsthorpe

Kyngeston see Kingston; Knighton

Kyngestone see Kingston

Kyngeswode see Kingswood

Kynggesteyngton see Kingsteignton

Kyngham see Kingham

Kyngiston, John, knight, 885-6

Kyngton, John, 990

Kyngton see Kineton; Kington

Kyngysdowne see Kingsdown

Kynheury see King Harry

Kynlet see Kinlet

Kynley see Kenley

Kynmerton see Kemerton

Kynnesbury see Kingsbury

Kynnesle see ?Kinsley

Kynstaneston see Kingsteignton

Kynstanston see Kinson

Kynthorp see Kingthorpe

Kynton see Kinton; Knighton

Kynwarton see Kinwarton

Kypas, Kypax see Kippax

Kyrcolston, Gilbert de, 282

Kyre Magna (Cuyrewyard), Worcs, manor, 1059

Kyriell, William, 282

Kyrkandres see Kirkandrews

Kyrkbryde see Kirkbride

Kyrkebergh see Kirkber

KYRKEBRYDE, RICHARD, knight, and Alice and Joan his wives and Richard his son, 1174

Kyrkebryde see Kirkbride

Kyrkeby see Kirby; Kirkby; Kirkeby

Kyrkebymoresheved see Kirkby Moorside

Kyrkebystephane see Kirkby Stephen

Kyrkebythore see Kirkby Thore

Kyrkelevyngton see Kirklevington

Kyrkestall see Kirkstall

Kyrkested see Kirkstead

Kyrketon see Kirton

Kyrkham see Kirkham

Kyrklevyngton see Kirklinton

Kyrmyngton see Kirmington

Kyseby see Keisby

Kyteherdewyke see Hardwick