Index of Persons and Places: U

Pages 702-704

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem, Volume 17, Richard II. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1988.

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Uchtrede see Ughtred

Uckfield (Uckefeld), Sussex, inquisition taken at, 492

Uffington (Uffyngton), Lincs, 772
-, manor, 413, 522
-, Casewick in, q.v.

Ufford, Northants, 837
-, advowson of, 837
-, Torpel in, q.v.

Ufford, Edmund, knight, 131
-, Robert alias Robert de, knight, 126, 292

Ufford see Offord

Uffyngton see Uffington

Uffynton (unidentified), parson of. See Tynton, Robert

Ufton Nervet (Ufton Roberd), Berks, manor, 373
-, Tidney Bed in, q.v.

Uftonfield (Uftonwod) [in South Wingfield], Derb, 122

Uggaton (Uggeton) [in Payhembury], Devon, 5

?Uggescombe (Wychescombe), Dors, hundred, 1231

Uggscombe (Ogescombe, Uggescombe), Dors, hundred, 1231

Ughalet, Ughdulas see Uwch

Ughtraset see Oughterside

UGHTRED (Uchtrede, Ughtrede, Uthtrede), Peter, and Alice his daughter and JOHN his son, 146
-, Thomas, and Idonea his wife, 13
-, Thomas, knight, 698

Ughtrythby see Oughterby

Ugley, Essex, Bollington in, q.v.

Ukmanby see Upmanby

Ulbargh see Oldberrow

Ulceby [in Calceworth wapentake], Lincs, 772, 843
-, Fordington in, q.v.

Ulceby [in Yarborough wapentake], Lincs, 843

Ulceby (Ulseby) (unidentified). Lincs, 522, 994

Uldale (Ulvedale, Ulvedall, Ulvedalle), Cumb, advowson of, 1247
-, court, 357
-, manor, 357, 1247
-, ‘Allerthauyt’ and ‘Daudland’ in, 357
-, Baggra Yeat, Longlands, Lowthwaite and Orthwaite in, q.v.

Ulf see Wolf

Ullayk, John de, 1247

Ullayk see Ullock

Ullesby see Ousby

Ullesthorpe (Olesthorp, Ulsthorp) [in Claybrooke], Leics, 733, 1113

Ullock (Ullayk) [in Dean], Cumb, 1247

Ulseby see Ulceby

Ulster, earl of, 1226

Ulsthorp see Ullesthorpe

Ulvedale, Ulvedall, Ulvedalle see Uldale

Ulverscroft (Ulvescroft), Leics, prior of, 346

Ulverstone, Lancs, Conishead in, q.v.

Ulvesby see Ousby

Ulvescroft see Ulverscroft

Umberrleigh (Womberlegh) [in Atherington, Devon, chantry, 942, 949
-, manor, 109, 942, 949

Umfravill (Humfraville, Umframvill, Umframvyll, Umfravyll, Umfrevyle), Gilbert, earl of Angus, 1241, 1243-4, 1246
-, Maud (Lucy, Percy) wife of, 1240-7
-, Robert brother of, 1243
-, Thomas, brother of, 1243
-, Thomas alias Thomas, knight, son of, and Gilbert his son, 56, 1241, 1243, 1246
-, Joan (Rodom), and Robert and Thomas her sons, 1241
-, Thomas de, 1244
-, William, 972

Undele see Oundle

Underhull, Robert, 473
-, Iveta wife of, 473
-, mother of. See Kerdyf, Joan

Underscherewode see Sherwood

Undy (Woundy in the March of Wales), [Monm], manor, 117

Unthank [in Alnham], Northumb, 144

Upanry see Annery

Upavon (Upavene, Uphaven), Wilts, inquisition taken at, 590, 1309

Upclatford, Upclatforde see Clatford

Upcot (Upcote) [in Tedburn St Mary], Devon, 5

Upcote, John, 287

Upcott (Upcote) [in Almeley], Heref, 1213

Upexe see Exe

Uphall (Uphall in Ashill), Norf, manor, 963

Uphall (Uphalle) [in Runhall], Norf, manor, 356

Uphaven see Upavon

Uphell (Uppehull), Agnes, 990
-, John, 868

Upleadon (Leden, Upleden), Glos, 1215

Uplowman (Lomena, Lomene, Uplomene), Devon, advowson of, 942, 949
-, manor, 5, 109, 942

Upmanby (Ukmanby) [in Allhallows], Cumb, 1247
-, manor, 1247

Upminster (Upmenstre), Essex, 1234
-, advowson of, 1234

Uppehull see Uphell

Uppeton see Upton

Uppexe see Exe

Uppingham (Uppyngham), Rut, inquisition taken at, 712, 738, 1287

Uppington (Opynton), Salop, 1002

Uppyngham see Uppingham

Upsall [in Ormesby], Yorks, 1150

Upsall (Upsale) [in South Kilvington], Yorks, 842
-, manor, 253

Upsydelyng see Sydling

Upton (unidentified), rector of. See Walshe, William de

Upton (Upton Prodhome) [in Payhembury], Devon, 5

Upton [in Sibson], Leics, 187
-, manor, 1068

Upton, Lincs, 1151, 1293
-, Kexby in, q.v.

Upton (Upton by Castre) [in Nassaborough hundred], Northants, court and manor, 817

Upton, Som, Bittiscombe and Lowtrow in, q.v.

Upton (Upton by Ratley) in Ratley, Warw, 1088

Upton Cheyney (Upton) [in Bitton], Glos, 228, 1279

Upton Hellions, Devon, Creedy, Lower, and Haske in, q.v.

Upton Magna, Salop, Downton in, q.v.

Upton Pyne, Devon, Rollstone in, q.v.

Upton Scudamore (Upton Escudamour, Upton Escudeamour), Wilts, 89, 500, 761
-, Norridge and Thoulstone in, q.v.

Upton upon Severn, Worcs, inquisition taken at, 18, 380
-, proof of age taken at, 148

Upton, Waters (Wateres Upton), Salop, manor, 607

Upton (Uppeton), Geoffrey, 435
-, John (Bucks) and Amice (Hamden) his sister and Joan (Blome) his daughter, 101
-, John (Corn), 953
-, Cf. Hopton

Upway, Dors, Stotingway in, q.v.

Upwell (Opewell), Norf, 1209-10

Upwymborn, Upwymbourne see Wimborne

Urban, John, 421

Urchfont, Wilts, Stert in, q.v.

Urde see Herde

Ure, river, mill on, 253

Ureby (Urebyfeld) [in Cockermouth], Cumb, 1247

Urishay (Urryeshay) [in Peterchurch], Heref, 1213

Urrey, John de la Haye, 1213

Urryeshay see Urishay

Urtiaco, John de, 868

Usk (Uske), [Monm], 1215
-, castle, 1207

Usk (Uske), Monm, lordship, 1207, 1215

Usk (Uske), river, fishery in, 208, 1278

Ussher (Usscher), Richard, 763
-, Robert, and Roger his brother, 275
-, Cf. Ouchawe

Uthtrede see Ughtred

Utley (Uttelay) [in Keighley], Yorks, 22

Uvedale see Ovedale

Uwch Aled (Ughalet), [Denb], commote, 1197

Uwch Dulas (Ughdulas), [Denb], commote, 1197

Uxbridge (Woxbrigg, Woxbrigge, Woxebrigge, Woxebrugge), Midd, 1099
-, inquisition taken at, 1208
-, manor, 1099
-, mills, 1102

Uzzicar (Husakir) [in Above Derwent], Cumb, 1247