Inquisitions Post Mortem, Edward I, File 20

Pages 156-165

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 2, Edward I. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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Inquisitions Post Mortem, Edward I, File 20

271. Henry de Albiniaco.
Writ to Ralph de Sandwico, the king's steward, 6 Aug. 6 Edw. I.
Southampton. Inq. (undated.)
Hale. The manor (extent given), held of Richard de Kardevile by service of 100s. yearly.
Clarice de Albiniaco his sister, and Maurice de Bonham, son of the son of Juliana de Albiniaco his sister, are his next heirs and of full age.
[Wilts.] Inq. Friday after the Assumption, 6 Edw. 1.
Wicford. The manor, held of Sir Payn de Chawrcis by service of ½ knight's fee; and ½ virgate land, held of Bartholomew de Wicford, rendering 4s. yearly.
Berewik. 1 carucate land, held of Sir Patrick de Chawrcis, rendering 1 mark yearly.
Orcheston St. George. 2 virgates land, held of Edi[th ?] daughter of John Cocus, rendering a rose yearly.
Madinton. 1 virgate land and 5a., held of Gilbert Giffard, rendering 3d. and a pair of gloves yearly.
Wodebore. 2 virgates land, held of Adam de la Rivire, rendering 1lb. pepper yearly; 1 virgate, held of Richard Gole rendering 1d.; and ½ virgate, held of the said Adam rending 6d.
Heirs as above, the said Clarice aged 36, and the said Maurice 25 at least.
C. Edw. I. File 20. (1.)
272. John son of John Biset.
Writ of certiorari to Robert de Ufford, justiciary of Ireland, to enquire what lands &c. the said John held in chief of Richard son and heir of Walter de Burgh, who is in the king's wardship, and of others &c. and to whose hands the same came after his death, 27 Oct. 6 Edw. I.
[Antrim.] Inq. taken in Oul, Monday before St. Laurence, 7 Edw. I. (defaced and defective.)
Drouach. 2 carucates land, worth 6l. yearly, held of the inheritance of Richard son and heir of Walter de Burgo.
Three Fountains (trium foncium). 1 carucate, worth 4 marks yearly.
Milltown (villa molendini). 40a., worth 16s. 9⅓d. yearly.
Haket town. 100a., worth 27s. 5d. yearly.
Carlcastel. 2 carucates land and 40a., worth 4l. 9s. 4d. yearly.
Carkemethan. 17s. 92/3d. from 80a. which Elias de Sandal holds in fee.
Glenharm. 2 carucates land worth 6 marks, meadow, orchard, fishery, kitchen garden, wood &c., and pleas &c. of court worth 40s. yearly.
Drouach, Carlcastel and Glenharm. Two parts of the mills, worth 58 crannocks of flour, and 10 of malt.
Glencleve and Glenarthac. Waste places where the Irish dwell, worth 6s. 8d.
Catherich. 20 marks rent.
Racry Island. Worth 4l. 8s. 52/3d.
Psallor. Two parts of the land with the castle of Glenharm and two parts of 1 carucate land in Glenharm, worth 6l. 4s. 5d. and two parts of ½d. yearly, held in chief of the bishop of Connor, and two parts of a mill worth 24 crannocks of flour.
Talactren (?) beyond the water of Ban. Two parts of 1 carucate, worth 2 marks yearly, held of the bishop of Derry.
And the said John before his death dowered Lady Agatha Byset his step-mother of all the lands &c. aforesaid which he had except ... All the lands which he had of the inheritance of the said Richard de Burgo, he held by knight's service.
John Byset father of the said John had the last seisin of these lands, and after the death of John the son they came to the king's hands, and afterwards to those of Walter de Burgo, sometime earl of Ulster, who having taken an inquisition, rendered the land of Psallor and the castle of Glenharm with 1 carucate there, to Robert bishop of Connor for a rent of 10 marks and a hawk, as the right of his church, because the said John held that land of the bishop for 4 (marks ?) yearly. The said bishop and his successor who now is have had seisin of Psallor for eight (years ?) and more, but not of the carucate of land with the castle of Glenharm. All these lands (excepting ?) the land of Psallor, came to the king's hands after the death of the said earl. Nineteen years are (past since ?) the said John son of John died. The price of the crannock of flour varies, but this year is worth . . . 20d.
William de Fenton and Cecily his wife, Andrew de Bosco and Elizabeth his wife, and David de Graham and Muriel his wife, daughters of the said John, are his next heirs and of lawful age.
C. Edw. I. File 20. (2.)
273. Amice late the wife of William de Bello Campo, of Bedeford.
Writ to Richard de Holebrok, the king's steward, to extend and part into three parts, the dower of the said Amice in Belcham and Lechelade, retaining in the king's hands the capital messuage of Belcham, 5 Feb. 6 Edw. I.
Essex. Extent and partition (undated).
Belchamp (Belluscampus). The manor (extent given), including 183a. 3r. of wood called Northey.
Partition of the above, excepting the capital messuage, into three parts (full extent given with names of tenants).
Buckingham. Extent and partition (undated and defective).
Lincelade. (The manor,) (extent given) including a grove of 6a.
Partition of the above into three parts (full extents given with names of fields and tenants).
Writ to the sheriff of Essex to extend the capital messuage of Belhcham, 8 June, 6 Edw. I.
[Essex.] (Extent (undated).
Belchamp (Belloc') manor. The capital messuage, worth 22s. yearly.
Writ to the sheriff of Bedford to extend and part into three parts, the manor of Bruham, 8 June, 6 Edw. I.
[Bedford.] Extent and partition (undated).
Bruham. 8½a. pasture in a place which was a capital messuage with a holm, 111a. arable, 10s. rent from meadow &c., 8a. meadow, a fishery, 15s. 11½d. rent of free tenants, and 40s. rent and customs of natives.
Partition of the above into three parts (full extents given with names of tenants).
(See Hen. III., No. 516).
C. Edw. I. File 20. (3.)
274. Geoffrey Berchaud alias Berchou.
Writ of plenius certiorari and extent to Thomas de Normanvill, the king's steward, on the petition of Alice late the wife of the said Geoffrey, who seeks her dower in Burton Flamming against the prior of Bridelington, John son and heir of the said Geoffrey being in the king's wardship, 20 June, 6 Edw. I.
York. Extent Sunday before the Decollation of St. John the Baptist, 6 Edw. I. (defective).
Burton Flammyng. A capital messuage, 4 tofts, 2s. rent of free tenants, 8 bovates land in demesne, and the site of a mill, tenure unspecified. The jury know of nothing which ought to hinder the said Alice from her dower.
(See No. 168.)
C. Edw. I. File 20. (4.)
275. William le Bigot.
Writ of plenius certiorari to Richard de Holebrok, the king's steward, on the complaint of Ralph le Bigot, nephew of the said William, that the subescheator had ejected him from a moiety of the manor of Alfreston, of which he had enfeoffed the said William for life only, 30 April, 6 Edw. 1.
Essex. Inq. Saturday after the Ascension, 6 Edw. I.
Alfreston. The said William was enfeoffed by the said Ralph of a moiety of the manor for his life only, and after his death the said Ralph put himself in seisin of the manor and so remained for two days and more before the subescheator took it into the king's hand; it is held of the king in chief by service of ¼ knight's fee.
C. Edw. I. File 20. (5.)
276. William de Mareschal, deceased.
Writ of extent to the sheriff of Stafford, 2 Dec. 6 Edw. I.
Stafford. Inq. (undated.)
Colton. 17s. 11d. rent (names of tenants given), 1d. for a moor, 1d. from Benetleg, and 9d. from the herbage of his part of a wood called Wylderdeleg, and the advowson of the church of St. Mary, Couton, all held of John Hose by service of 20s. yearly, which two free tenants paid for the said William.
C. Edw. I. File 20. (6.)
277. Adam de Moxham, deceased.
Writ of extent, to the sheriff of Wilts, 21 Dec. 6 Edw. I.
Wilts. Extent (undated).
Mockesham. 62a. arable, 5a. meadow, two parts of 1a. pasture, and 5½a. wood &c., tenure unspecified.
C. Edw. I. File 20. (7.)
278. Benedict Byset, deceased.
Writ of certiorari to Ralph de Sandwico, the king's steward, on the petition of John Byset, brother of the said Benedict, for his moiety of the said Benedict's land in Cobbeham, which, during petitioner's absence in foreign parts, had been kept by the late bishop of Rochester, to whom the king demised the manor of Derteford to farm, and had come into the king's hands through the bishop's death, 21 March, 6 Edw. I.
Kent. Inq. Tuesday before St. Dunstan, 6 Edw. I.
Cobbeham. 30a. of gavelkind land of which the said Benedict was seised, held of the king's manor of Derteford by service of 46d. yearly at the court of Derteford, and suit of court, ought to be parted equally between John Byset and Richard his brother as brothers and heirs of the said Benedict, according to the custom of Kent.
C. Edw. I. File 20. (8.)
279. [William de Pasenham,] who is not of sound mind.
Writ of extent to Richard de Holebrok, the king's steward, 4 Sept. 6 Edw. I.
Northampton. Extent. The day of St. Luke, 6 Edw. I.
Pasenham. 2 messuages, 243a. arable, 57a. meadow, 32a. pasture, 2a. wood, 31s. 1½d. rents of free tenants, 62s. rents of customers &c., 51s. 4d. aid of customers, 43s. 6d. works &c., a fishery in the Use &c. tenure unspecified.
C. Edw. I. File 20. (9.)
280. William de Aveny alias Daveny.
Letter from Thomas de Chedd', clerk, to R. bishop of Bath and Wells, transmitting an extent which he had caused to be made after the death of the said William, and praying him to provide for Sir Robert Bagod, the bishop's friend, another wardship and marriage in Swerdes in the place of a wardship and marriage which the bishop had procured for him from the king, where he had lost all he had spent, through the death of the heir, whose land devolved to a man of full age, dated at Finglas the morrow of St. Nicholas, 6 Edw. I.
Ireland. Extent (undated).
The town of David de Lyuns, 104a. and 3 stangs; and at Rathnengel 110a. (extent given with names of tenants), held for 1 carucate land of the inheritance of Emma late his wife, by the courtesy of England. The said William rendered to the chief lord 5 marks yearly; and redeemed 24a. for which he received 24s.
[Dublin.] Swerdes. A burgage for which Richard Unfrey paid him 8s. yearly, and to the chief lord 12d.
Robert his son, aged 14, is his heir, and his wardship is worth 10 marks and his marriage 16 marks.
C. Edw. I. File 20. (10.)
281. John de Prendegaste.
Writ of plenius certiorari to Robert de Ufford, justiciary of Ireland, on the complaint of Geoffrey, brother and heir of the said John, that the late justiciary had ejected him from lands &c. in Ardenescillach which he had entered upon his brother's death according to the custom of the land of Ireland, 13 July, 6 Edw. I.
Ireland. Inq. taken at Dublin, Monday before St. Gregory the Pope, 8 Edw. I.
Ardnesylach. Lands &c. (unspecified) were held by the said John on the day he died of the gift of Sir John son of Thomas, and upon his death the said Geoffrey entered and had good seisin. But Richard de la Rokele, then justiciary of Ireland, ejected him, and seized them into the king's hand and for this cause:—The Lord John, king of England, gave to Sir Thomas, son of Anthony, and his heirs in fee farm his lands of Decies and Desmond for 250 marks yearly; he had five daughters, of whom the fifth died without heir; of the others Gerard de Rup' had one to wife, Geoffrey de Norrach another, Stephen de (sic) Archedekne the third, and John son of Thomas the fourth; the said Gerard, Geoffrey and Stephen were against the king in the battle of Kyldare, for which they could not have favour from him for their lands, but John son of Thomas was with the king, and had for his part of the lands a portion yearly, amount unknown, from the exchequer of Dublin. Afterwards the said John crossed the sea twice or thrice to the Lord Edward seeking all the said lands for 500 (sic) yearly, which the Lord Edward granted him, and he had duplicate charters and letters patent, and a writ of seisin to the justiciary of Ireland, who answered that he would give no seisin because the Lord Edward and his council were openly deceived, until he should confer with the Lord Edward's council &c.; but the said John said he would make no delay, but summoned all the free tenants &c. of the whole country, and showed them the king's charter and letter patent, and they did fealty to him; thus he entered into seisin of his own authority and so died seised. The said John used to offer his rent to the barons of the exchequer at Dublin, who refused to receive it because he never had seisin by the justiciary or other bailiffs of the Lord Edward; and for this reason the said justiciary took the lands of Ardnesylach, with all the other lands of Decies and Desmond into the hand of the Lord Edward. The said Geoffrey as brother and next heir of the said John has right to the lands of Ardsylach by the feoffment of the said John son of Thomas.
Endorsed:—It seems he ought to be restored, saving right to the king or anyone, and the king will prosecute him that he may have recovery against his feoffor; and he shall answer when restored without essoin.
C. Edw. I. File 20. (11.)
282. William de Erdesdon.
Writ of certiorari to the sheriff of Northumberland to enquire whether the said William killed himself through madness or by felony, 28 Nov. 6 Edw. I.
Northumberland. Inq. made in full county (court), Thursday the feast of St. Hilary, 6 Edw. I.
[Erdesdon ?] 50a. land in demesne, 2a. meadow, and 10s. 1d. rent of assize, tenure unspecified.
The said William was taken with an infirmity called frenzy (frenesis) from Easter to the feast of SS. Peter and Paul following, on which day he went out into his garden and furiously killed himself with a knife, and not by felony and malice aforethought.
Robert his son, aged 30, is his next heir.
C. Edw. I. File 20. (12.)
283. Robert de Chaundos.
Writ to the sheriff of Hereford, 24 Feb. 6 Edw. I.
Hereford. Inq. Monday after St. Gregory, 6 Edw. I.
Strongeford in the hundred of Wurmelou, held of Robert de Chandos of Snodhull for ½ knight's fee, pertaining to his barony of Snodhull.
Wilmeston (?) in the hundred of Webbetre, similarly held for the service of ½ knight's fee, pertaining to the said barony.
The sheriff took the lands &c. into the king's hand because he understood that the said Robert held Strongeford of the king in chief.
C. Edw. I. File 20. (13.
284. Roger de Monte Alto, deceased.
Writ to Guncelin de Badelesmere, justice of Chester, 12 Feb. 6 Edw. I.
Wales. Inq. made in full county (court) of Chester, Wednesday before St. Gregory, 6 Edw. I.
The vale of Mold (de Monte Alto), which the said Roger held, is without the county of Chester and in Welshry, and he held it of the king of England in chief in Welshry and owed no service, and no wardship there pertained to the king.
Letter to the king (?) (defaced). Having been commanded to examine the rolls of the exchequer of Chester, the writer signifies that there is only found there that Sir Roger de Monte Alto held 2½ fees, viz.—
Brimstache and Oxeton. 1 fee held by Sir Roger de ...
Cherdingham, Themlowe, Wristre (?), Somerford and the other Somerford, Bothes, Lauton, Crosseleye and Herode. 1 fee held by Richard de Sweteham.
Codington and Bechinne. ½ fee held by Ralph le Butiller.
Writ (repeated) to Guncelin de Badlesmere, justice of Chester, 12 Feb. 6 Edw. I.
Chester. Inq. Wednesday before St. Gregory, 6 Edw. I. (defaced.)
Neston. The manor held of the king in chief by foreign service, viz.—finding one judicator at Chester county (court) and at the king's hundred (court) of Wilaston; the wardship pertains to the king.
Boseleg, held of the king in chief in socage, rendering 1d. yearly or a pair of gloves.
La Lee. The manor held on the north side of the stream (aque currentis ?) by the mesne of the abbot of Chester of the frankalmoin of his church, without service; and on the south side of the said stream (aque) held of Peter de Arderne in socage, rendering 18d. yearly.
Bradeleg, a member of Frodesham, held of the lord of Frodesham in socage, rendering ½ mark yearly.
Pevere. A moiety held of the lord of Weverham in socage, rendering 17d. yearly.
Holm. A moiety held of Richard de Swetinham in socage, rendering 4s. yearly.
Nordwode. 1 carucate land held of the lord of Suddinton in socage, rendering 5s. yearly.
Raby. 2 bovates land held of Hugh de Raby in socage, rendering 2s. yearly.
Claverton. 17a. land held of William Bunse in socage, rendering 2d. yearly.
Leye. 2 marks rent for 1 carucate land, held of Ralph son of Simon in socage, doing no other service.
Swinehevet. ½ mark rent from William de Haurthin, held for 1 ... of Peter de Frodesham in socage, owing no service.
Wardhul. One ... or 18d. rent from Katherine ... for 1 carucate land held of . . . son of Simon in socage, doing no service.
Of all these the king has no wardship.
Haurthin. The manor held of the king in chief without service, as Ran' sometime earl of Chester held it, who enfeoffed Robert le Blakestiward, ancestor of the said Robert, thereof. The king seems to have the wardship, but this for default of challenge as the jury understand.
(See No. 128.)
C. Edw. I. File 20. (14.)
285. Henry de Aldedelegh.
Writ of extent and scire facias (repeated) to the sheriff of Stafford for the purpose of assigning her dower to Lucy late the wife of the said Henry, 5 May, 6 Edw. I.
[Salop and Stafford.] Extent (undated).
[Salop.] Forde manor. 6 hamlets in which he had 25l. 10s. 8d. rent of assize, and the tenants give 20d. tallage for each 1l. when the king taxes his manors, and from pleas and perquisites 4l. 13s. 4d.
Marchemeleg manor. 1 carucate land in demesne, 7l. 2s. 8d. rent of assize, and customs &c. of villeins worth 30s. yearly, pannage &c.
Kentenesdale. 30s. rent of assize, 2s. 4d. works of villeins &c., and from pleas and perquisites in Marchemleg and Kentenesdale 40s. yearly.
Weston manor with Wynekeshul. 2 carucates land in demesne, a garden, meadows worth 1 mark, 65s. 9d. rent of assize, customs worth 3s., tallage worth 3s., pleas &c. worth 1 mark, a fish pond with a mill, two parts of two parks worth 1 mark, and a warren worth 1 mark.
Neuport. Two parts of the town.
Dennsdale. 4s. rent of assize.
[Stafford.] Knotton. 4s. rent of assize.
New Castle (Novum Castrum). 17s. 3d., 12 knives and 1lb. cummin, rent of assize.
Chaueledon mill. 20s. rent of assize.
Ruston. 10s. rent of assize.
Rodhord. 2s. rent of assize; and from Walter de Stanleg 12d.
Baltredeleg. 6d.; and stone mines worth 30s. yearly.
[Stafford.] Extent (undated).
Bettileg. 4l. 5s. rent of assize, 66s. 8d. farm of mills, 20s. pleas &c., and 10s. from the fishery of the same.
Heleg. 2 carucates land worth 40s. yearly, and herbage &c. of the park and garden worth 56s. 8d.
Tunstall. Two parts of 1 carucate land in demesne, a meadow worth 6s. 8d. yearly, 14l. 10½d. rent of assize, 40s. pleas &c., 20s. aid yearly, and 40s. 'constont' every third year.
Talk. 48s. rent of assize, 13s. 4d. perquisites of court, 10s. aid yearly, 20s. 'constont' every third year, and 'quarrerium mowul' 6s. 8d.
Coldenorton. 6 carucates land in demesne, meadow worth 40s. yearly, herbage &c. 13s. 4d., pasture 20s., dovecote 6s. 8d., rent of assize 4l. 7s. 8d., two parts of a mill worth 40s., perquisites &c. of court 36s., and aid 13s. 4d.
Enedon. 21s. 8d. rent of assize, pleas &c. 13s. 4d., 'le constont' worth every third year 15s., aid 13s. 4d. yearly, two parts of a mill within the park worth 20s., meadow 10s., herbage &c. 70s., &c.
Overelongisdon and Netherelongisdon. 5l. 3s. 6d. rent of assize, pleas &c. 30s., aid 20s., the fishery of Dunnismour (?) worth 5s. yearly, and 'le constont' every third year worth 20s. yearly.
Dunwode. Issues worth 20s. yearly.
(See No. 196.)
C. Edw. I. File 20. (15.)
286. Walter de Aure.
Writ to Ralph de Sandewyco, the king's steward, 7 Aug. 6 Edw. I.
[Gloucester.] Inq. The morrow of St. Laurence, 6 Edw. I.
Aure in the forest of Dene. Land worth 19 marks yearly, held of the king in chief by serjeanty of serving the king in his chamber whenever the king will, but with what service is unknown; a water-mill held of Robert Andelyn in fee farm, rendering 40s.; and a little grove held of Philip Baderun by 2d. rent.
John his first born son, aged 1 and more, is his next heir.
C. Edw. I. File 20. (16.)
287. Henry De Pynkeny alias de Pinckeny, deceased.
Writ to the sheriff of Northampton, to enquire how much the said Henry used to pay from his own fees and how much from others for the guard of the castle of Windsor, 14 July, 6 Edw. I.
[Berks.] Inq. (undated.)
He used to pay 15l. yearly, from his own fee, of which he used to receive 7l. 10s. from his tenants, viz.—4l. 10s. from William de Pinckeny of Morton, 20s. from Robert de Wauncy, and 40s. from the abbot of Redengg' for Micham and Erleye.
(See. No. 206.)
C. Edw. I. File 20. (17.)
288. Richard son of Nicholas le Mire of Colchester, deceased.
Writ to Richard de Holebrok, the king's steward, to enquire whether the lands &c. of the said Richard are the king's escheat or not, 18 Jan. 6 Edw. I.
Essex. Inq. Friday after Ash Wednesday, 6 Edw. I.
Colchester liberty. A messuage held of the king in burgage of the fee of the castle of Colecestre by service of 17d., with other lands &c. within the liberty; which lands &c. are not the escheat of the king or of any other, but the said Richard bequeathed them to Roger Colebayn and Rose (Roes') his wife, their heirs and assigns, which all men of that liberty can do, and have been accustomed to do. The lands &c. are in the king's hand.
Writ super causa captionis, 12 March, 6 Edw. I.
Essex. Inq. Monday the feast of St. Ambrose, 6 Edw. I.
Colchester. The sheriff took the said Richard's lands &c. into the king's hand because he held a messuage of the king in burgage (as abovesaid), and they ought to be restored to the abovesaid Roger and Rose, to whom the said Richard bequeathed them.
C. Edw. I. File 20. (18.
289. Meredith (Mereducus) ap Griffyn.
Writ to Master Henry de Bray, the king's bailiff of Belgeveny alias Bergeveny, to enquire what right Morgan ab Mereduk has in the lands &c. of Meredith ab Griffin his father, 10 Jan. 6 Edw. I.
[Monmouth.] Inq. (undated.)
Edelegon and Ylebeneyt alias Ylebenete. These tenements descended to the said Meredith by right of inheritance through the death of one Wirvil his ancestress, daughter of Morgan de Kerlyn, and he was seised thereof until Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucester and Hertford, ejected him while the king was in the Holy Land.
Mameylad alias Mammeylate was his own inheritance and he died seised thereof.
Compmot hirvryn alias Cummot hyrvreryn. These tenements he died seised of in demesne as of fee, and the said Morgan after his death entered therein by the will of Llewellyn, prince of Wales, who commanded him to come to Snowedon to do his homage and then ejected him. The aforesaid tenements ought to be held of the king in chief by barony, and are not within the bailiwick of Bergeveny except Mameylad, nor will the jury append their seals, for they say they have never done so to any inquisition that it might be transmitted anywhere out of their parts.
The said Morgan is his next heir.
C. Edw. I. File 20. (19.)
290. Robert L'estrange (Extraneus), deceased.
Writ of certiorari to Ralph de Sandwyco, the king's steward, to enquire who have intruded into the said Robert's lands &c. in the manor of Chauton, to the disinheriting of the said Robert's heir, who is within age and in the king's wardship, 8 Feb. 6 Edw. I.
[Southampton.] Inq. made at Chalkton, 15 March, 6 Edw. I.
Katerinton. The said Robert enfeoffed Hugh de Cheny of 194½a. land and 100s. rent in Katerinton, saving to him and his heirs homage, suits of court, and all escheats from the said 100s. rent, but after the said Robert's death the said Hugh appropriated to himself the said suits and escheats to the value of 20s. yearly, and also intruded on a hill pasture and an underwood called Lythes, the herbage of which is worth 5s. yearly.
C. Edw. I. File 20. (20.)