Addenda to Calendar of Inquisitions, Vol. II (Edward I)

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 3, Edward I. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1912.

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, 'Addenda to Calendar of Inquisitions, Vol. II (Edward I)', in Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 3, Edward I, (London, 1912) pp. 510-513. British History Online [accessed 19 May 2024].

. "Addenda to Calendar of Inquisitions, Vol. II (Edward I)", in Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 3, Edward I, (London, 1912) 510-513. British History Online, accessed May 19, 2024,

. "Addenda to Calendar of Inquisitions, Vol. II (Edward I)", Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 3, Edward I, (London, 1912). 510-513. British History Online. Web. 19 May 2024,

Long title
Addenda to Calendar of Inquisitions, Vol. II (Edward I)


Writ to the escheator, because the inquisition lately made concerning the lands &c. which the said Avelina held of the inheritance of Richard de Munfichet is insufficient, so that the king cannot divide the same between the heirs, he is commanded to extend the same again, divide them into two equal parts, divide one of those parts into four equal parts, and retain in the king’s hand the other part falling to the heir of Richard de Pleyz, a minor and in the king’s wardship, 27 May, 3 Edw. I.
C. Edw. I. File 10. (8.)
644. JOHN DE BURGO, the elder.
[HERTFORD.] Inq. Wednesday after St. Vincent, 3 Edw. [I]. (fragment).
Wauk(erne). The manor (extent given), with the advowson of the church, held of the king in chief of the barony of Launvale, of the inheritance of Hawis his wife ……… 1/2 knight’s fee.
……………….. the elder deceased, aged 40. ………. [ser]vice of 1 1/2 knight’s fee.
C. Edw. I. File 11. (2.)
SOMERSET. Extext ….. Gregory the Pope, 10 Edw. I. (defaced.)
Blakedone. The manor, which is the head of his barony, held of the king in chief by service of 2 knights for the king’s army, jointly with other lands of the said barony.
Ludeford. The manor (?) held of Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucester and Hertford by service of 2 knights’ fees.
William Martyn, aged . ., is his next heir.
C. Edw. I. File 32. (1.)
Writ to the sheriff of Wilts, escheator there, 26(?) Jan. 10 Edw. I.
W[ILTS]. Inq. made before John de Wuttone sheriff of W …….. (defective).
…….. [60]a……… held of John de Maundevyle [lately under age and in the king’s wardship] by knight’s service (and doing suit at the court) of the said John at Sutton Maundevyle every three weeks.
…… [16]a..…………
….. mbe. A virgate of land containing 16a..…………
..… A mill held of the abbot of Stanleye ……. containing 47a.…… [6]a. meadow.
Schernton. A messuage and 5a. land ……… held of Sir John Giffard, sum 2s. 10d……… held of the Hospital of Jerusalem, a ………, sum 12d.; for which messuage and land he rendered to the said H ………
… tone. 1a. land worth 6d……… 4l. 8s. 9d., saving the service of two fees.
John …… aged 26 ……
C. Edw. I. File 32. (9.)
Writ [ (fn. 1) to the sheriff of Dorset on the petition of] Robert [Russel] showing [that he committed 30s. ?] rent in Haselbere, co. Dorset to James Russel his brother, deceased, [for 2 years for] his expenses in the king’s service in the army in Wales …… the same James within …… the king’s steward after the said James’s death …… (as if ?) the same James (was seised ?) of that rent in his demesne as of fee on the day he died …… is unjustly detained …….. He is commanded …… taking with him the bailiffs of Queen Eleanor (to whom the king) granted (the wardship of the lands &c.) until the lawful age of the heir of the said James, in their presence to enquire concerning the premises, 29 Nov. 10 Edw. I (defective and defaced).
C. Edw. I. File 32. (10.)
Writ of diem clausit extremum to the sheriff of Northampton, Schyreburn, 18 Feb. 10 (Edw. I).
[NORTHAMPTON.] Inq. (missing).
(See Feudal Aids, Vol. IV. p. 2.)
C. Edw. I. File 32. (11.)
Writ to Walter de la Haye, escheator of Ireland, on the complaint of the said James often made, that whereas he begot a daughter named Rose (Roes’) of the said Margery, who after her birth was sent to the house of Philip de Marshal at Lochlosque, co. Tipperary, and there lived fifteen days, and died a natural death, whereby he ought to hold for life the lands &c. of the said Margery, who held of the king in chief, the escheator had taken the same into the king’s hand on the death of the said Margery; he is commanded to make enquiry &c. in the presence of the king’s justices in eyre at Clonmell. Witness, John, archbishop of Dublin, deputy of the king’s chief justice of Ireland, 8 Feb. 17 Edw. I.
Transcript of the above writ, 8 Feb. 17 Edw. I.
TIPPERARY. Inq. taken at Clomelle at the assizes held there in the presence of the said James in the eyre of the justices after the Purification, 17 Edw. I.
The said James never begot any child of the said Margery, nor was any child sent to the house of Philip le Marschal at Lochloske to be kept or brought up.
Endorsed: … Returned into the chancery ……
Writ to the justice of Ireland, on the complaint of the said James that he had begotten a daughter of the said Margery his wife, daughter of Robert son of Richard, as abovesaid, but that the escheator by pretext of an inquisition taken by jurors, ignorant of the truth, has detained the said Margery’s lands &c.; commanding him to make inquisition &c. and if he finds that the said lands ought to remain to the said James for life by the courtesy of England, to deliver the same to him. Westminster, 6 Feb. 20 Edw. I.
Endorsed: Because …. this inquisition is repugnant to the first inquisition, let no execution be made of delivering seisin to the said James.
[TIPPERARY.] Inq. made at Clare, before William de Vescy, chief justice of Ireland, on Tuesday after the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 20 Edw. I.
A daughter was begotten between the said James and Margery before he married her, and after he married her she bore the said daughter named Rose.
Writ to the abovesaid justice of Ireland to send the inquisition he has made, as above, that the king may have it at his next parliament after Easter next, 28 Nov. 21 Edw. I.
Similar writ to the abovesaid escheator, 28 Nov. 21 Edw. I.
Memorandum of the case. After the first inquisition (recited) the lands in Adlangport and Fydoun were given into the custody of Hugh de Bruges and James Ketyng going to England three or four years after the said Margery’s death obtained a writ for William de Vescy to make inquisition in Connaught, when it was found as in the second inquisition and reported to the Council three weeks after Michaelmas 20 Edw. I. (French.)
Writ to the abovesaid escheator at the suit of the said James, commanding him to make fuller enquiry in the presence of Thomas Cantok, the king’s chancellor of Ireland, and of the said James, because the second inquisition is repugnant to the first, 30 Aug. 22 Edw. I
[TIPPERARY.] Inq. made at Cassell on Wednesday after St. Peter in Cathedra, 28 Edw. I.
A child was begotten between the said James and Margery at Dundeir (?) in Connaught (Connacia), named Rose, who was at the house of Philip le Marechal in Tipperary to be brought up, and survived for fifteen days and more, and was heard by John Gloucestre, John son of Daniel Ketyng, and several others, who often saw her and heard her voice.
C. Edw. I. File 54. (14.)
Writ (missing).
LANCASTER. Inq. made at Preston on Saturday before St. Michael, 17 Edw. I.
The said Adam is not of sound mind nor ever was.
C. Edw. I. File 55. (15.)
Writ (missing).
NORTHUMBERLAND. Inq. Monday after St. Hilary, 18 Edw. [I].
Bolum. The advowson of the church held jointly with his partner Hugh de Gosebec, of the king in chief. Richard de Gesebec and Margery his wife, whose heir the said Hugh is, presented the last parson, who still survives, and Thomas, son and heir of the said Thomas, ought to present at the next vacancy. The said Thomas held no other advowson in the county.
Endorsed: Extent of advowsons of churches which were of Thomas de Bekering in the bailiwick of Thomas de Normanvill.
C. Edw. I. File 58. (15.)
Writ to Malcolm de Harlegh, escheator, to deliver to Isabel, late the wife of the said Simon, a third part of the lands and rents which were of the said Simon in Huntingdon, and which by his death the escheator has taken into the king’s hand, to hold in tenancy together with the arrears of rent since the said Simon’s death, until it shall be known whether the wardship ought to pertain to the king or another, 24 May 18 Edw. I.
Endorsed by the escheator, that he has never taken the said lands &c. into the king’s hand and they are not in his custody.
C. Edw. I. File 58. (16.)
Petition of Ralph son and heir of the said Peter to the king and council, showing that his father held nothing of the king as of his crown but as of the honour of Aubemarle which is in the king’s hand, whereupon it was considered by the council at the parliament last summer that the said Ralph should have seisin of the other lands held by his late father in socage, if it were found at the exchequer that he held nothing as of the crown at the time of his death; it has been so found and Hugh de Notingham, treasurer’s clerk, endorsed the inquisition accordingly, yet the said Ralph cannot have execution; whereof he prays remedy.
(French, undated.)
C. Edw. I. File 60. (7.)
See Vol. II. No. 822.


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