Index of Persons and Places: Q

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 6, Edward II. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1910.

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J E E S Sharp. A E Stamp, 'Index of Persons and Places: Q', in Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 6, Edward II, (London, 1910) pp. 627-628. British History Online [accessed 21 May 2024].

J E E S Sharp. A E Stamp. "Index of Persons and Places: Q", in Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 6, Edward II, (London, 1910) 627-628. British History Online, accessed May 21, 2024,

Sharp, J E E S. Stamp, A E. "Index of Persons and Places: Q", Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 6, Edward II, (London, 1910). 627-628. British History Online. Web. 21 May 2024,


Qeurstede, co. Suff. See Wherstead.

Quappelad, John, 277.

Quarel, William, 238 (p. 143).

Quarmby, Quernby [in Huddersfield], co. York, 663.

Quarme, Quarme Mounceaux [in Winsford parish, co. Somers.], 710 (p. 450).

Quarneley, co. N’humb. See Wharnley.

Quarr, Quarera [co. Hants., I. of W.], abbot of, 710 (p. 450).

Quarrom Percy, co. York. See Wharram.

Quatermains. Cf. Katremeyns.

Queccheworth, co. Sussex? 338.

Queccheworth, John, 338.

Queen Hoo, Quenehawe [in Tewin parish], co. Hertf., 186 (p. 113).

Quekeshall, co. Salop. See Whixhall.

Quenehawe, co. Hertf. See Queen Hoo.

Quenton, co. Glouc. See Quinton.
-, ……, co. N’hamp. See Quinton.

Querleton, co. York. See Whorlton.

Quernby. co. York. See Quarmby.

Querneby, John de, 663.
-, ……, John de, son of John, 663.

Querondon, co. Leic. See Quorndon.

Querton, Henry de, lord of Croglin, 693.

Queye, John de, 486 (p. 285).

Quickbury, Couwykebury [in Sheering parish, co. Essex], 518 (p. 331).

Quidenham, Quidynham, Quydenham, co. Norf., 487, 518 (p. 333 bis).

Quidhampton, Quidhamptone [near Salisbury], co. Wilts, 581.

Quintingham, co. Lanc. See Whittingham.

Quinton, Quenton, co. Glouc., manor, 350.

Quinton, Quenton, co. N’hamp., 96, 612 (p. 390).
-, ……, Holte in, 96.

Quixle, co. York. See Whixley.

Quorndon, Querondon, co. Leic., 700 (p. 433).

Quy, Couye, co. Camb., manor, 83.
-, ……, St. Nicholas’ Chapel, 83.

Quydenham, co. Norf. See Quidenham.

Qwerleton, co. York. See Wholton.

Qwytewell, James de, and Alice his wife, 430.
-, ……, Walter de, 430.

Qwytingham, co. Lanc. See Whittingham.

Qwytlok, William, of Bressingham, 187.