Journal, September 1707: Journal Book L

Pages 409-410

Journals of the Board of Trade and Plantations: Volume 1, April 1704 - January 1709. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1920.

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Journal, September 1707

September 2. Present:—Sir Philip Meadows, Mr. Pulteney, Mr. Monckton.



Letters to the Governors.

The letters to Colonel Seymour, Governor of Maryland, and Colonel Hunter, Governor of Virginia, agreed on at the last meeting, were signed [v. supra].


Mr. Dummer about setling correspondence with the Continent.

He will form a scheme for that purpose.

Mr. Dummer attending, and being acquainted with what Colonel Seymour writes in his letter of the 10th of June last [fo. 324], touching the said Mr. Dummer's proposal for settling a correspondence to and from the continent of America, he said that he has not as yet made any such proposal, but that he had some thoughts of doing it, and would form a scheme for that purpose and lay the same, as soon as finish'd, before the Board.

He will bring some considerations about trade to Africa.

He promised to give their lordships also some considerations relating to the trade to Africa in a short time.

New Jersey.

New York.

Budge's complaint against Lord Cornbury.

The letter from the Earl of Sunderland, referring to this Board the petition of Richard Budge [fo. 305, 328], setting forth the great hardships he has suffered in relation to a ship of his illegally seiz'd and condemn'd at New Jersey, and praying relief therein (mentioned in the minutes of the 11th of July last), was again read, and the papers relating thereto were laid before the Board, and are as follows, viz.:—
List of papers relating to Budge's complaint.
No. 1. A copy under seal of the whole proceeding in the Court of Admiralty at New York.
No. 2. An authentick copy of the citation from the High Court of Admiralty in England.
No. 3. Order of the Admiralty of England for restitution.
No. 4. Dr. Bramston and Sir John Cook's report.
No. 5. Copy of the Secretary' of State's letter to the Lord Cornbury.
No. 6. J. Jeffreys's affidavit of Richard Budge's proceedings at New York upon the said letter.
No. 7. Joseph Prankerd's affidavit of the value of the ship and cargo and expence.
No. 8. S. Stokes's affidavit of the seising the ship in the Lord Cornbury's name.
No. 9. The Lord Cornbury's certificate to clear Governor Hamilton.
No. 10. Richard Budge's account of his whole demand.

New Jersey.

New York.

Copy of Budge's petition sent to Mr. Sloper for his answer.

Whereupon order'd that a copy of the said petition be sent to Mr. Sloper, agent for the Lord Cornbury, for his answer thereunto [fo. 327, 334] on Fryday morning next, in case he have anything to offer to their lordships thereupon.


Merchants summoned about admeasurement of ships.

Order'd that the merchants of Virginia have notice to attend the Board on Fryday morning next, in relation to the clause in an Act past in that colony [fo. 158], touching the admeasurement of ships.

New England.

Draught of a letter to the Governor.

The draught of a letter to Colonel Dudley, Governor of New England [v. infra], was agreed and order'd to be transcribed.