Journal, October 1712: Journal Book P

Pages 380-381

Journals of the Board of Trade and Plantations: Volume 2, February 1709 - March 1715. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1925.

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Journal, October 1712

October 16. Present:—Lord Guilford, Sir Philip Meadows, Mr. Moore.


to Flanders.

A letter to the Lord Bolingbroke, in answer to one from his lordship of the 17th of the last month [fo. 212], relating to the trade to Flanders, was signed.


Letter from the Earl of Dartmouth about Treaty of Comerce with Venice.

A letter from the Earl of Dartmouth, of the 26th August, 1712 [fo. 209, 252], directing the Board to prepare a project of a Treaty of Commerce between her Majesty's kingdoms and the State of Venice, was again read; and the draught of such a Treaty was ordered to be prepared accordingly.

October 31. Present:—Lord Guilford, Sir Philip Meadows, Mr. Foley, Mr. Hynde Cotton.


Representation about Skene.

Mr. Crow summon'd.

Ordered that Mr. Crow have notice that the Board design on Tuesday next to finish the business relating to Mr. Skeen [fo. 199, 218], that he may attend at the same time, if he has anything to offer thereupon.

St. Christopher's.

Mr. Cuningham's complaints against Major Douglas sent Earl of Dartmouth.

A letter from Mr. Cunningham, dated at St. Christopher's the 12th August, 1712, containing several complaints against Major Douglas, was read; and a letter to the Earl of Dartmouth thereupon, inclosing the same, was signed.


French invasion.

A letter from Mr. Daniel Smith, dated the 11th July, 1712, giving an account of the French invasion at Mountserrat, was read.

St. Christopher's.

Letter from Lieut.

Governor on same subject.

Two letters from Colonel Lambert, Lieutenant Governor of St. Christopher's, of the 19th July, and 9th of August, 1712, on the said subject, were read.

Leeward Islands.

Two letters from the Governor about attempts made at Mountserrat by the Ffrench.

Two letters from Major Douglas, Governor of the Leeward Islands, of the 13th and 25th of August, 1712, relating to the attempts made by the French at Mountserrat, were read; and the papers therein referr'd to were laid before the Board, and are as follows, vizt.:
Papers referr'd to.
Several proclamations and orders of Major Douglas upon the French invasion of Mountserrat in August, 1712.
Journal of Major Douglas's attempt to relieve Mountserrat.
Proceedings at Barbadoes in relation to assistance to be sent to the Leeward Islands in July, 1712.
Letters between Mr. Lowther, Governor of Barbadoes, and the captains of the men-of-war there, in relation to assistance for the Leeward Islands in July, 1712.
Letters between Major Douglas and the captains of the Barbadoes men-of-war about assisting the Leeward Islands in July, 1712.
Letter from Mr. Edward Parsons, of Mountserrat, to Major Douglas, dated the 2nd of August, 1712.

St. Christopher's.

Mr. Attorny General's report on the oath to prove re settlements.

Mr. Attorney General's report, in answer to a letter writ him the 1st instant [fo. 211, 218], on the subject of the oath to be taken by the sufferers of Nevis and St. Christopher's, to prove re-settlements, was read; whereupon ordered that the persons concerned in that affair have notice to attend the Board on Tuesday next.


Reference from the Treasury about the Lustring Company.

Account of money received by them from the Crown, to be produc'd.

A letter from Mr. Lowndes, of 24th September, 1712 [fo. 221], by order of my Lord High Treasurer, referring to the Board several papers relating to the Lutestring Company, as also a memorial form the said Company, were read; and Sir George Stonehouse, in behalf of the Company, attending, he was acquainted with their lordships’ desire that some members thereof do bring to their lordships, on Fryday next in the morning, a particular account of the sums of money received by the Company from the Crown, and how the same has been laid out.


Order repealing a private Act.

Order of Council, of the 8th March, 17 11/12. on a representation of the 19th February foregoing [fo. 102, 222], proposing the repeal of an Act past in Barbadoes the 21st March, 1709, to render more effectual certain legacies given and bequeath'd to (sic) Captain Williams, deceased, approving the said representation, was read.


Order repealing another private Act.

Another Order of Council, of the 8th September, 1712, on a representation of the 27th August foregoing, proposing the repeal of an Act past in Barbadoes the 8th of August, 1706[fo. 209, 222], to enable the executors of Christopher Estwick, esquire, to pay the debts of the said Estwick, approving the said representation, was read.

Ordered that a letter be prepared for inclosing the said orders to Mr. Lowther.

Plantations General.

Col. Nicholson's commission.

A copy of a commission to Colonel Nicholson, impowering him to inquire into the accounts of monies &c. in the plantations on the Continent of America since 1701, was read.

New York.

Mr. Strahan's memo-rial about augmentation of troops there.

Memorial of Mr. Strahan, agent to the four independant companies of foot at New York [fo. 250], with an extract of a letter from Colonel Hunter, desiring an augmentation of troops there, was read.