Journal, November 1719: Journal Book W

Pages 125-127

Journals of the Board of Trade and Plantations: Volume 4, November 1718 - December 1722. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1925.

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Journal of the proceedings of Her Majesty's Commissioners for promoting the trade of this Kingdom, and for inspecting and improving her plantations in America and elsewhere, from the twentieth of November, 1719, to the twenty-second December, 1720.


Journal, November 1719

November 20. Present:—Earl of Westmorland, Mr. Chetwynd, Mr. Pelham.


Letter to Mr. Wich.

Their Lordships, taking again into consideration Mr. Wicke's letter of the 30th of October, N.S., mentioned in yesterday's Minutes, and an answer thereto being directed to be drawn, the same was agreed and signed.

Letter from Mr. Tigh.

Woollen manufacture, Denmark. Sound duties.

Two letters from Mr. Tigh, Consul at Elsinore, the one dated the 4th of November, in answer to that writ him the 1st of October, 1719, relating to the woollen manufacture in Denmark, the other of the 18th of November, with an account of the amount of the Sound customs from the year 1706 to 1718 inclusive, were read, and directions given to the Secretary to acknowledge the receipt of the said letters and thank Mr. Tigh for the accounts he has sent.


Memorial, Brown and Elliot.


New Church Caveat.

A Memorial from Anthony Brown and John Elliot relating to an Act passed at Antigua for raising money to build a new Church in the Parish of St. Philips in the said Island, was read, whereupon ordered that the persons, who have entered a Caveat against the said Act, be desired to bring as soon as may be in writing what they have to offer on that subject.


Mr. West's report.


William Clarke, Philadelphia, Zachariah Richardson.

Mr. West's report upon an Act passed in Pennsylvania in 1718, for vesting the house and lot of ground in Philadelphia, formerly the estate of William Clarke, deceased, in trustees, to be sold for payment of his debts, was read; whereupon ordered that Zachariah Richardson, whose memorial relating to the said Act is mentioned in the Minutes of the 7th of the last month, have notices to bring in writing, on Thursday morning next, what reasons he has to offer against it.


Letter from Mr. Delafaye.


Mr. Cross.


Treaty with Spain.

A letter from Mr. Delafaye of the 28th of September last transmitting to this Board a memorial received from Mr. Cross, His Majesty's Consul at Tenerif, relating to several matters which concern the Trade of His Majesty's subjects with Spain, was read; and their Lordships gave orders for preparing an abstract of the said memorial, and agreed to consider thereof when another Treaty shall be negotiated between Great Britain and Spain.

November 24. Present:—Earl of Westmorland, Mr. Chetwynd, Sir Charles Cooke, Mr. Docminique, Mr. Pelham.


Letter from Mr. Oxenford.

Silk imported, re-exported.

Letter to Mr. Martyn.

Raw silk, Italy.

Wrought silk, East Indies.

Letter from Mr. Woolley.

A letter from Mr. Oxenford of the Inspector General's Office, dated yesterday, together with an account of the quantity of Raw, Wrought and Thrown Silk imported and re-exported for the year 1718, were read, whereupon ordered that a letter be writ to Mr. Martyn, Inspector General of the exports and imports, to know of him how much of the 5,500,862cwt. of raw silk was imported from Italy, and whether any and how much of the 53,423 7/16 pounds of wrought silk was imported from the East Indies.

Weavers' petition, Calicoes.

A letter from Mr. Woolley, Secretary to the East India Company, dated the 20th inst., together with the answer of the said company to the letters writ to the said Woolley upon the Weavers' petition relating to calicoes &c., were read.

New England.

Mr. Usher.



Earl of Clarendon

General Nicholson.

Mr. Usher attending, according to appointment, and being asked whether he had anything further to the Board on the subject of his petition, relating to his accounts, as Treasurer of several Colonies in New England, referred to their Lordships, and mentioned in the Minutes of the 19th inst.; he said the Earl of Clarendon and General Nicholson were acquainted with the state of his case, and he promised to speak to them in order to their certifying to the Board what they know of that matter, and in the meantime he presented several papers relating thereto, which their Lordships agreed to consider at the first opportunity.


Mr. Mauvillian and others.


Weavers' petition.

Mr. Mauvillian and several other printers of calicoes and linnen attending, presented to the Board their representation in answer to the Weavers' petition, which representation their Lordships agreed to consider to-morrow morning.

November 25. Present:—Earl of Westmorland, Mr. Chetwynd, Sir Charles Cooke, Mr. Docminique, Mr. Pelham.


Mr. Piers.

Title to a Plantation.

Proofs of his right should be made there.

Mr. Lewis Piers attending according to appointment, in relation to his petition, praying for letters patents to confirm his title to a plantation in Montserrat, as mentioned in the Minutes of the 19th instant, and their Lordships inquiring of him what proofs he had of his possession and right to the said plantation, as set forth in the petition, he said he could produce affidavits of several persons now in Ireland that were acquainted therewith; but it being signified to the Petitioner that due proofs of his right to the said plantation should be made upon the Island, before it would be advisable that a patent should be granted as he desires, either in the Leeward Islands or this Kingdom; and the Board having some further discourse with the said Mr. Piers thereupon, he promised to consider again of this affair and to acquaint their Lordships with his intentions herein.


Calicoe printers' Representation.

Weavers' petition.


The representation of several printers of calicoes and linnen, presented yesterday in answer to the Weavers' petition, was read, and directions thereupon given for preparing the draft of a representation to His Majesty on the subject of the said petition and other papers, as well for as against the weaving of printed calicoes and linnen.

November 26. Present:—Mr. Chetwynd, Sir Charles Cooke, Mr. Docminique, Mr. Pelham.


Zachariah Richardson.

Objections to Act.

William Clarke.


Letters and Papers.


Zachariah Richardson attending, according to appointment, he presented to their Lordships objections in behalf of himself and wife against the Act of Pennsylvania, mentioned in the Minutes of the 20th instant, for vesting the house and lot of ground in Philadelphia, formerly the estate of William Clarke, deceased, in trustees, to be sold for payment of his debts &c., together with the copy of a Deed of Settlement of William Clarke, and likewise communicated some letters and other papers relating to the said Act; whereupon the said Richardson being withdrawn, ordered that he be desired to produce, as soon as may be, a copy of the said Deed attested by the proper officer, and that in the meantime the draught of a representation be prepared upon the said Act.


St. Christophers.

Letter from Mr. Stanhope.

Agent's petition.

Sufferers, French invasion.

Interest on Debentures.

List of those delivered.

Answer to Mr. Stanhope.

A letter from Mr. Charles Stanhope, one of the Secretaries of the Lords of the Treasury, inclosing a petition from one of the Agents for the sufferers by the French invasion of Nevis and St. Christophers in the year 1706, relating to the interest due upon several Debentures belonging to the said sufferers, and signifying the desire of the Lords of the Treasury to have a list from this Board of those Debentures issued since the last list transmitted to them, was read, whereupon directions were given for preparing such list accordingly, and an answer to Mr. Stanhope's said letter.

November 27. Present:—Earl of Westmorland, Mr. Chetwynd, Sir Charles Cooke, Mr. Docminique, Mr. Pelham.

Letter to Mr. Stanhope.

The draught of a letter ordered at the last meeting to be prepared, in answer to that from Mr. Charles Stanhope, by order of the Lords of the Treasury, upon the petition of some of the Agents for the sufferers of Nevis and St. Christophers, by the French invasion in 1706, relating to the interest due upon several debentures belonging to the said sufferers, was agreed and ordered to be sent.