Journal, November 1746: Volume 54

Pages 212-215

Journals of the Board of Trade and Plantations: Volume 8, January 1742 - December 1749. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1931.

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Journal, November 1746

Tuesday, November 11. Present:—Mr. Plumer, Mr. Pitt, Mr. Leveson Gower.



Read a letter from the Earl of Harrington, dated the 21st of October last, inclosing the copy of one from Mr. Alexander Wallace, consul in Norway, dated at Bergen, the 4th October, N.S., 1746, complaining that the consulage due to him is withheld by the merchants, with a copy of the king's patent appointing him consul there, dated the 9th of November, 1744.

The Board having taken the said letter and papers into consideration and made some progress therein, agreed to reconsider the same at another opportunity.

Tuesday, November 18. Present:—Mr. Plumer, Mr. Pitt, Mr. Leveson Gower.


Read a copy of his Majesty's warrant, dated at Kensington, August 19th, 1746, to Thomas, Earl of Leicester and Sir Everard Fawkener, knight, Postmaster General, freeing from postage all letters and packets directed to the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations on his Majesty's Service.


Read a certificate from his Majesty's Remembrancer's Office in the Exchequer, dated October 4th, 1746, that Samuel Ogle, Lieutenant Governor of his Majesty's province of Maryland, hath given security for the due execution of his said office.

Read the following reports from Mr. Fane, upon Acts passed in the several governments mentioned in the margin.
Mr. Fane's report upon six Acts, passed at Pennsylvania, in February, 1742–3. Dated September 1st, 1746.
Mr. Fane's report upon sixteen Acts, passed at Jamaica, between December, 1744, and July, 1745. Dated September 1st, 1746.
Mr. Fane's report upon twelve Acts, passed at Barbados, between December, 1744, and December, 1745. Dated September, 1746.
Mr. Fane's report upon four Acts, passed in the Bahama Islands, the 29th December, 1743. Dated September 22nd, 1746.
New Jersey.
Mr. Fane's report upon five Acts, passed at New Jersey the 17th November, 1743. Dated September 1st, 1746.
South Carolina.
Mr. Fane's report upon seventeen Acts, passed in the province of South Carolina, in May, 1744. Dated September 1st,1746.
New Hampshire.
Mr. Fane's report upon twenty-six Acts, passed in the province of New Hampshire, between the 12th February, 1741–2 and the 16th of February, 1744–5. Dated September, 1st, 1746.
Mr. Fane's report upon thirteen Acts, passed in the Island of Antigua, between June, 1744, and April, 1746. Dated September 23rd, 1746.
Mr. Fane's report upon eight Acts, passed in the Island of Nevis, between July, 1744, and May, 1746. Dated September 22nd, 1746.
St. Christophers.
Mr. Fane's report upon five Acts, passed in the Island of St. Christopher's, between November, 1744, and September, 1745. Dated 22nd September, 1746.
Mr. Fane's report upon four Acts, passed in the Island of Montserrat, between August, 1744, and July, 1745. Dated the 22nd September, 1746.


Read a letter from Mr. Cossart, agent of the Moravian Brethren, to the Board, dated London, November 8th, 1746, in favour of an Act of Assembly, passed in Pennsylvania, for Naturalizing such foreign Protestants, as conscientiously refuse to take an Oath, etc. made for the Benefit of the Moravian Brethren; with a Memorial concerning the Moravian Church.


Read a letter from General Oglethorpe to the Board, dated 1st November, 1746, relating to the character and behaviour of the Moravian Brethren in Georgia.

Friday, November 21. Present:—Mr. Plumer, Mr. Leveson Gower, Mr. John Pitt, Mr. Grenville.


The draught of a representation to his Majesty, accompanying the draught of instructions to Samuel Ogle, Esquire, appointed Deputy Governor of Maryland, having been prepared, as ordered by the minute of the 30th of September last, was laid before the Board and signed.

New Hampshire.

Read Mr. Fane's report upon an Act, passed in New Hampshire, in April, 1742, for docking the Intail of a certain parcel of Land in that Province, devised by Thomas Honson in his last Will and Testament to his two Sons, Maul and Jonathan. Dated November 1st, 1746.

New Jersey.

The draught of a letter to the Duke of Newcastle, as likewise the draught of a representation to his Majesty, for accompanying the draught of general instructions, and of those which relate to Trade and Navigation, to Jonathan Belcher, Esquire, appointed Governor of New Jersey, were laid before the Board, agreed to and ordered to be transcribed.


Read a letter from Mr. Jennings, Secretary of Maryland, dated at Annapolis, the 24th July, 1746, acquainting the Board that since the 1st of June, 1744, till the 1st June, 1746, only one person (to wit George Gump) had been qualified in the provincial Court of Maryland (in April Term, 1746), in pursuance of an Act of Parliament, passed in the 13th year of his present Majesty, for naturalizing foreign Protestants, as are settled, or shall settle in any of his Majesty's colonies in America.

Wednesday, November 26. Present:—Lord Monson, Mr. Pitt, Mr. Leveson Gower, Mr. Grenville.


Read Mr. Fane's report, dated the 7th instant, upon two Acts, passed in Virginia, in 1744, to which he has no objection.

Thursday, November 27. Present:—Lord Monson, Mr. Herbert, Mr. Pitt, Mr. Leveson Gower, Lord Dupplin, Mr. Fane.


The Secretary presented to the Board a Commission under the Great Seal of Great Britain, bearing date the 20th day of November, 1746, continuing John Lord Monson, Richard Plumer, Robert Herbert, John Pitt, Baptist Leveson Gower and James Grenville, Esquires, Commissioners for promoting the Trade of this Kingdom, and appointing Thomas Hay, Esquire, commonly called Lord Viscount Dupplin, in the room of James Brudenell, Esquire, deceased, and Francis Fane, Esquire, in the room of Edward Ashe, Esquire, resigned; and the said Commission having been read, they took their places at the Board accordingly. At the same time Mathew Lamb, Esquire, whom his Majesty had been pleased to appoint one of his counsel for the service of this Board, in the room of Francis Fane, Esquire, was presented.


Read a letter from Colonel Gooch, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, to the Board, dated at Williamsburg, 4th of July, 1746, transmitting the following public papers, viz.:—
His observations on the Acts of Assembly, passed in Virginia, the 12th of April, 1746.
Minutes of Council, from the 26th October, 1738, to the 28th of August, 1740.
Journals of the Upper House of Assembly, from the 20th of February, 1745–6, to the 12th April, 1746.
Journal of the House of Burgesses for the same session, and also a printed copy of it.
Twenty-eight Acts, passed the 12th April, 1746, also, a printed copy of them, abstracted in the margin.
Naval Officer's lists of ships entered and cleared at the several ports of Virginia, viz.: South Potomac, Rappahannock, Hampton and the Upper District of James River, from 1735 to 1745 and 1746.

Ordered that the said Acts be sent to Mr. Lamb, for his opinion thereon, in point of law.

New Jersey.

A letter to the Duke of Newcastle, inclosing a representation to his Majesty, for accompanying the draught of general instructions, and of those that relate to Trade and Navigation, to Jonathan Belcher, Esquire, appointed Governor of New Jersey, having been transcribed, as ordered by the minutes of Friday last, were laid before the Board, and signed.

Friday, November 28. Present:—Lord Monson, Mr. Plumer, Mr. Pitt, Mr. Leveson Gower, Lord Dupplin, Mr. Fane.


The Board took into consideration six Acts, passed in the province of Pennsylvania, the 3rd of February, 1742–3, and after making some progress therein, ordered that the Secretary write to Mr. Paris to attend on Tuesday next, between eleven and twelve, in order to have some discourse with him upon one of the said Acts, entituled, An Act imposing a Duty on persons convicted of heinous Crimes brought into this Province, and not warranted by the Laws of Great Britain, and to prevent poor and impotent Persons being imported into the same.


The draught of a representation to his Majesty, for confirmation of an Act, passed in Jamaica, in April, 1745, entituled, An Act to intitle Mary Johnston Rose, of the Parish of St. Catherine in the said Island, a free Mulatto Woman, and her two Sons, Thomas Wynter, and William Fuller, begotten by white Fathers, to the same Rights and Priviledges with English Subjects born of white Parents, having been laid before the Board, was ordered to be transcribed, which was accordingly done and signed.