Kirkby in Kendale: c.1100-1350

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Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 1. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1923.

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t. Will. II. Ivo Talebois gave to St. Mary's, York, the church of Kircabi in Kendale with its land; Cal. Chart. R., iii, 115.

t. Hen. I. Ketel, son of Eltred, gave to St. Peter's hospital, York, land in Kirkeby (in Kendale); ib., ii, 442.

1107–15 Henry I gave the greater part of the parishes of Kirkby in Kendale, Heversham and Burton to Nigel de Aubeigny.

1150–55 Roger de Mowbray gave to William son of Gilbert de Lancastre in fee and inheritance all his land of Lonsdale, Kendale and Horton in Ribblesdale, to hold by the service of 4 knights' fees; Reg. of D. at Levens.

1177 Ranulf de Glanvill by his sewer, Reiner, accounts for 20s. from a fishery in Kendale, (fn. 1) and 1 m. of noutgeld (presumably due from a manor in Kendale); Pipe Roll, 23 Hen. II, 123.

1178The noutgeld (of certain manors in Kendale ?), amounting for the year to £7 14s., is in arrears; ib., 24 Hen. II, 76.

1179 The above arrears are paid this year; ib., 25 Hen. II, 26.

1184 The men of William de Lancastre of Kendale render 10 m. for some plea by the hands of Ranulf de Glanvill; ib., 30 Hen. II, 37.

William de Lancastre II dies; R. de Monte, s.a.

1184–89 Notification by Henry II, addressed to our dear son Richard, comte de Poitiers, of his grant to Gilbert son of Roger Fitz-Reinfrid, our sewer, of the daughter of William de Lancastre with her whole inheritance. Witnesses: Geoffrey our son and chancellor, William Marshal, Richard de Humet; Reg. of D. at Levens, f. 79; Farrer, Lancs. Pipe R., 395.

1189 At Rouen, on 20th July, king Richard confirmed to Gilbert son of Roger Fitz-Rainfrei, sewer to the king, his father, the daughter of William de Lancastre; Benedict, Gesta Ricardi, ii, 73.

This gift, or rather confirmation by Richard I of the earlier gift by the king's father, is recorded in the chancellor's own words, addressed to the comte de Poitiers, now king of England, in L' Hisloire de Guillaume Le Marechal, by Paul Meyer, 11. 9379–84, where it is also shewn that the daughter of William de Lancastre was then, or had been, in the wardship of William Marshal:—

"Et si vos di en bone fei
Que Gilebert le filz Reinfrei
Ne retint il pas a filastre:
Cele li dona de Lancastre
Que li [Maréchal] ont en garde,
Dont il fist molt corteise garde."

On the same occasion the chancellor informed king Richard of the late king's gift of the young heiress of Striguil (Chepstow) to William Marshal, and of "la pucele" of Châteauroux to Baldwin de Béthune; ib., 11. 9362–9378. See Sizergh, s.d., 1184–89.

Richard I grants to Gilbert son of Roger Fitz-Remfrid for 20 marks a weekly market on Saturday at Kyrkebi in Kendale. Dated 9th December, I Richard; Cartae Antiq., C. n. 11 (10).

1190 Richard I grants to Gilbert son of Roger Fitz-Renfrid, acquittance in his land in Westmeriland and Kendale of nutegeld, namely £14 6s. 3d., for the service of 1 knight. For this Gilbert gave the king 60 m.; Farrer, Lancs. Pipe R., 396.

Richard I grants to the same Roger that he shall hold his forest of Westmerieland, Kendale and Furness as William de Lancaster, son of Gilbert, held it, and the forest in Kendal which the grantor gave Gilbert with £6 of land, to hold as fully as Nigel le Albini held it; ib., 399.

Richard I grants to the same Gilbert 1 carucate in Levenes with the fishery of the vill, 4 c. in Farleton and Bet[h]um, 4 c. in Preston and Holme, 2 c. in Burton, 1. c. in Hennecastre, 1. c. in Preston, 3 c. in Lupton and a fishery belonging to the said lands, for £100 which Gilbert gave; to hold by the service of 1 knight's fee; Reg. of D. at Levens, ii, f. 94.

1190 At Easter, 1190, Gilbert Fitz-Renfrid obtains acquittance of noutgeld and customs on his land (fn. 2) which is accounted in the farm of Westmorland at £14 6s. 4d. yearly; also a grant from Richard I of lands in Kendale, valued in the farm of Westmorland at £8 18s. 2d. yearly; also the grant of the fishery of Kendale, valued in the said farm at £5 yearly; Pipe R., Cumb. and Westm., 171.

c. "Achard (parson) of Kirkebi (in) Kendale attests a charter of Benedict de Peningtun to the hospital of St. Mary of Cuningeshovet; Farrer, Lancs. Pipe R., 361.

1190–1210 Gilbert Fitz-Reinfred and Helewise his wife grant to St. Mary's, York, 6 stags yearly for the infirmary. Witnesses: Gregory canon of York, Adam de Bethum and others (named). Seals: (1) equestrian; legend: sigillum gilleberti fil' rænfredi.' (2) a female figure; legend: sigill' Hælæwisie de layncastra; Dodsworth's MS. 159, f. 197.

Gilbert Fitz-Reinfrid and Helewise his wife confirm to the church of the Holy Trinity of Kirkeby in Kendale the land which William de Lancastre, the younger, gave by these bounds: from Blindbeck where it falls into Kent ascending to the garden (ortus) of Blindbeck, thence by Bulebas in ascending to the head of Staynbanck and so by the lower head of Staynbanck towards Kent to the sheepfold of Nicholas, then parson of the same church, so by the wall of the same sheepfold on the western side descending by the path to the way from Watslack, and by the way from Watslack to the way from Helsington and by that way to the head of the bridge; together with 1½ a. in Bulebas, below the way which runs below Staynbanck; Reg. of D. at Levens.

The same Gilbert and Helewise confirmed to the monks of St. Mary's, York, inter alia the church of Kirkeby in Kendale; Nicholas (parson) of Kirkeby in Kendale being one of the witnesses; Mon. Anglic., iii, 566.

1194 The acquittance of the noutegeld of the land of Gilbert FitzReinfrid ceased, so far as the account of the sheriff was concerned, at Easter, 1194, (fn. 3) and the grant of £8 18s. 2d. of land in Kendale, and the fishery £5, also ceased at the same date; Pipe R., Cumb. and Westm., 174.

1197 Gilbert Fitz-Reinfred proffers £100 for having £6 worth of land and for having acquittance of cornage and other liberties, according to the tenour of the king's charter; ib., 180.

1199 Gilbert Fitz-Reinfrid proffers to king John £100 for the confirmation of his charters and for having gallows and pit in his fee which he holds by knight's service in co. Lancaster, and that the agreement made between him and king Richard holds good, namely, for the acquittance of cornage and for holding in peace his land in Kendale, which he has by the gift of king Richard; and for this fine he is quit of £7 3s. 1d. of the farm of Westmerieland for the 6th year of king Richard, and of £21 9s. 3d. for the 7th year, and of £14 6s. 3d. for the 8th year, and of £14 6s. 2d. for the 9th year and of £28 7s. 10d. for the past year and of £28 7s. 10d. for this year. Sum £114 0s. 5d.; ib., 183–84.

The same Gilbert has acquittance of scutage on 2 knights' fees; ib.

1199–1200 Henry de Rademan, steward of Kendale, R[einer] de Stiveton and R. de Cantia, clerk, witness a charter of Honorius archdeacon of Richmond; Dep. Keeper's Rep. 36, app. 171.

1200 Hugh de Morevill and Helewise his wife proffer 20 m. for having Helewise's dower; R. de Oblat., 88.

25 April. King John confirms to the said Gilbert the charter of Richard I in the same terms; R. Chart., 50.

1200–09 In the full court of Gilbert son of Roger Fitz Reinfrid at Kirkbi, before Henry de Redman, then seneschal, and other good men Matilda de Stiveton, daughter of Ellis de Stiveton, made a release of land in co. Lancaster to the said Gilbert. Witnesses: (fn. 4) Lambert de Bussei, Adam son of Roger (of Yealand), Gilbert de Lancastre, William de Windeshore, Roger de Burton, William son of Waltheve, Gamel the forester, Richard de Arten (sic), Benedict Gernet, Ralph de Stiveton, Luke (?) and John, brethren; Farrer, Lancs. Pipe R., 440.

1201 A jury declare that £6 worth of land in Kendale and a fishery which used to render to the Exchequer 100s. were always in the hands of Henry II and Richard I, as their demesne until king Richard gave them to Gilbert Fitz-Reinfrid; Abbrev. Placit., 67.

1208 King John was at Kyrkebi in Kendale on August 20th and 21st, on his way south from Carlisle; R. Litt. Pat., itinerary.

1209–12 Gilbert son of Roger Fitz-Reinefred grants to Richard Walensis 1 c. in Munketon [co. York, which John abbot of Fountains and the convent had granted to the said Gilbert], which Walter de Fauchenberge held, to hold for 22s. and 1/18 fee. Witnesses: Lambert de Buseto, Anselm de Furneis, Stephen de Welleton, William son of Ketel, Roger de Byrkebyrle, Gilbert de Lancastre, Henry de Alnou, Richard de Coupland, Henry de Rademan, William Tuchet, William Marshall, Thomas Flandrensys, Walter Pychard, Richard de Preston, Walter de Lancastre, Roger Gernet; Lancaster, Chartul. of Fountains, ii, 559.

1212 Gilbert Fitz-Renfrey and Helewise his wife demand against Thomas de Brumfeld 4 carucates of land in Brumfel and Rohetun, as the right of the said Helewise and as those whereof Ketel son of Eutret, ancestor of the said Helewise, was seised, as of fee and right, in the time of king Henry, grandfather of king Henry, father of the king, and from him the right of the said Helewise descended from step to step. Thomas says that Adam his son holds the tenement; Curia Regis R., 55, m. 6.

1215 Letters of safe-conduct for Gilbert Fitz-Reinfrid, father of William de Lancastre, touching the redemption of the said William; R. Litt. Pat., 160b, 187b.

1216 Gilbert Fitz Reimfrid delivered up to the king his castles of Morhull and Kirkeby, at Berewic, on 22nd January, on which occasion he made fine with the king by 12,000 marks for his goodwill and grace and the remission of his rancour against Gilbert for confederacy with the king's enemies, the barons, and that his son, William de Lancastre, and his knights, Ralph de Aencurt and Lambert de Busay, might be delivered from prison, having been taken in Rochester castle in munition against the king; for his and his son's faithful service he was required to find hostages, namely Benedict son and heir of Henry Redeman, the first born son of Roger de Kirkeby, whom he has of the said Gilbert's daughter, the son and heir of William de Windlesores whom he has of the niece of the said Gilbert, the son or daughter and heir of Ralph de Aencurt, the son or daughter and heir of Roger de Burton, the daughter and heir of Adam de Yeland, the son or daughter of Thomas de Bethum, the son or daughter and heir of Walter de Stirkeland, the daughter of Richard de Copland, the son of Gilbert de Lancastre, or other children in their places; R. de Finibus, 570.

Gilbert Fitz Reymfrid pledges himself to the service of the king and his heirs by queen Isabel all his life, under pain of forfeiture of his lands, and he finds hostages: Benedict son and heir of Henry de Redeman, the eldest son of Roger de Kirkeby begotten of the daughter of Gilbert Fitz-Reymfrid, the son and heir of William de Windlesores begotten of the said Gilbert's niece, the son or daughter and heir of Ralph de Ayecurt, the son or daughter and heir of Roger de Burton, the daughter and heir of Adam de Yeland, the son or daughter and heir of Thomas de Buethum, the son or daughter and heir of Walter de Stirkeland, the daughter of Richard de Copland, the son of Gilbert de Lancastre; moreover the said Gilbert has delivered to the king to hold his castles of Mirhull (in Warton), and Kirkeby; R. Chart., 221b.

1217 Mandate to Peter de Maulay to deliver to the earl of Chester, William de Lancastre, a prisoner in his custody; Pat. R., 1217, p. 19.

The same mandate repeated. William de Lancastre to be sent to Gloucester under safe conduct; ib., 46.

1219 William le Breton, Adam de Ieland, Nicholas de Ieland ..... 4 knights sent to Gilbert Fitz-Reynfrey, who is sick, say that he has attorned Gilbert de Witeby, clerk, in a plea of mort d'ancestor between Alan son of Garse, plaintiff, and the said Gilbert; Assize R., 1040, m. 5d.

1220 May 6. The land of Gilbert Fitz-Reinfrid is to be taken into the king's hands and nothing removed therefrom until William de Lancastre, son and heir of Gilbert, does what is due to the king; Excerpt. e R. Fin., i, 47.

Mandate to William de Lancastre to deliver to Theobald son of Theobald Walter his sister Matilda whom king John committed to Gilbert Fitz-Reinfrid, William's father, to bring up; Pat. R., 1220, p. 236.

1222–46 William de Lancastre grants to the free burgesses of the borough of Kirkeby in Kendale certain privileges and liberties to be held of him and his heirs for ever, freely, quietly and honourably, namely that each burgess may take as many tofts as he will, yielding to the grantor and his heirs the rent of 6d. yearly for each toft, and that they may take of his wood between Kent and Wynandermere their necessaries without view of his foresters, and that they may have common of pasture on that side of Kent on which the grantor's Hay is, outside the covert, and on the other side of Kent unto Leesbeck, and common of pasture after the corn and hay has been cut and led away elsewhere with the grantor's other men: Also that they may take dead wood without view of his foresters between the highway and Mynnte, which way extends by the hospital of St. Leonard unto Fowbeck, and following Fowbeck until it falls into Mynt and following Mynt in descending to the bridge, and on the other side of Mynte between the same Mynte and the highway which leads to the messuage of Patrick de Skelemssergh unto Whitwell and so over against and by the bounds of Skelemessergh unto Mynte, and that they may take dead wood there in like manner; The Boke off Record of Kirkby Kendal, 127.

1224 18 Aug. William de Lancastre is at Bedford in the king's court; Pat. R., 1224, p. 465.

The demand against William de Lancastre for the scutage of Montgomery is put in respite; Fine R., 8 Hen. III, m. 7.

1225 Mandate to William de Lancastre to disafforest certain woods in Westmerland afforested by Henry II or Richard I, the men of the county having complained that he still held certain woods and moors afforested as from that time in the same state as they were, contrary to the terms of the king's carta de foresta; Pat. R., 1225, p. 575.

1228 Nicholas son of Robert, rector of the church of Kirkeby in Kendale, attests a charter with other local clergy of Robert, abbot of Furness; Archbp. Gray's Regist. (Surtees Soc.), 161 n.

1234 William de Lancaster and his 2 knights with others are directed to remain at Shrewsbury until the Purification, for safety of those parts; Close R., 1234, p. 547.

1235 William de Lancastre holds 2 fees (fn. 5) of his barony of Kendale; Testa, 412.

1236 Mandate to William de Lancastre to send to the king the sturgeon taken on the sea sands, although it was found within the liberty of the abbot of Furness; Close R., 1236, p. 283.

1242 William de Lancastre was summoned to serve over seas; ib., 1242, p. 528.

1245 Indult to master Roger Pepin to hold one benefice besides the church of Kyrkeby in Kendale (fn. 6); 6 Ides Octobr.; Cal. of Papal Regist., i, 221.

William de Lancastre is on the king's service in Wales; Cal. Pat. R., 1245, p. 464.

He surrenders the county of Lancaster (i.e. the office of sheriff), to Matthew de Redeman, to whom the king has committed it; ib., 481.

1246 William de Lancastre died 28th November; Lancs. Inq., pt. i, 167.

The following were present when William de Lancastre lay on his death bed: John prior of Coningesheved, Roger brother of the said William, Robert de Layburne and Laurence FitzRichard, (fn. 7) knights of William de Lancastre, Rowland de Revesgil his seneschal, Gilbert de Lancastre constable of Kirkeby, Robert le Tailur, Gilbert de Boivile; Coucher of Furness, pt. i, 350.

1247 Dower was assigned to Agnes late the wife of William de Lancastre by writ dated 22nd February; to Peter de Brus the manor of Kirkeby for chief messuage and to Walter de Lindesy the manor of Warton for chief messuage; a partition of the residue of the lands of William de Lancastre was to be made in two equal portions; Excerpt. e R. Fin., ii, 7.

1247–60 Peter de Brus III confirms to the free burgesses of his part of Kirkeby in Kendale all the liberties and free customs which they have by the gift of William de Lancastre, his uncle, as his charter testifies. Witnesses: Sir Gilbert de Lancastre, (fn. 8) Lambert de Samton, (fn. 9) Adam de Henecastre, Alan son of Dolfin, Roger de Brunolvishefd, Randulf de Patton, John de Kentemer, Thomas de Howys, Nicholas de Lee, clerk; Orig. D. in the possession of the Exors. of John Jenkinson of Yealand Conyers. Equestrian seal of green wax, 2½ inches diam.; legend almost entirely defaced.

1248 The debts of William de Lancastre due to the king, or to Aaron and Samuel, Jews of York, and David, Jew of Oxford, are granted to William of Valence, the king's brother; Peter de Brus is ordered to pay off his part of the debts at the rate of £200 yearly; Cal. Pat. R., 1248, p. 33, cf. ib., 547.

1252 The archbishop of York confirmed the consolidation of the church of Kyrkeby in Kendale made by John (Romayne), archdeacon of Richmond, with the assent of the abbot and convent of St. Mary's, York, the patrons; Regist. of Archbp. Gray, III.

1254 Sir William de Valence has demised to Walter de Lindesye the manors of Mollesworth, Middelton, Thorinton, Whitintun and Casterton, which are in the king's hands till the end of 12 years for the debts of William de Lancaster to the king, in lease for £779 0s. 1¾d., whereof Walter shall pay yearly for 11 years to the said William, his heirs, &c., 105 m. within a month after Michaelmas and in the 12th year £29 0s. 1¾d., and when the £779 0s. 1¾d. have been paid to William, they should be allowed to Walter in £3196 9s. 7½d., wherein he is bound to William by another chyrograph concerning his lands in Kendale, whereby Walter is bound to pay to William for his land of Kendale £210 yearly at the terms aforesaid; Bain, Cal. of Scot. Docs., n. 1968.

1256 Roger de Lancastre released to Peter de Brus and Walter de Lindeseye his right in the forestry of the forests of Peter and Walter in Kendale, Lonesdale and Furneys, granted to him by William de Lancastre, uncle of Peter and Walter; Feet of F., file 4, n. 28.

1256 Notification of Peter de Brus, Walter de Lindesey and the heirs of William de Lancastre of the gift made by the said William, their ancestor, to Patrick of Man, clerk, of 100s. yearly for life from the farm of the fulling-mill of Kyrkeby in Kendale; Trans. C. & W. A. & A. Soc., n.s., xiii, 68.

William de la Quisine is in mercy for a false claim to a tenement in Kirkeby in Kendale; Robert son of Eudes de Ormesheved is heir to his uncle Henry de Ormesheved; ib., 70.

Indult to master Roger, called Pepin, sub-dean of York, to hold his sub-deanery and prebend together with the church of Kirkeby in Kendale and on resigning the subdeanery and prebend to accept another dignity and prebend; 13 Kal. Novembr.; Cal. of Papal Regist., i, 338.

1258 Peter de Brus is ordered to pay 100 m. a year, and Walter de Lindeseye 100 m. instead of 420 m. hitherto paid; Cal. Pat. R., 1258, p. 4.

1267 The archbishop notifies the dean and chapter of York of the appointment of Sir G. de Salisbiri, chaplain, to the sub-deanery of York, in the place of master Roger Pepin, deceased, &c. 4 Id. Februar.; Regist. of Archbp. Giffard, 152.

1267–72 The archbishop, in a letter to the Masters of Arts of the University of Cambridge, states that he gave the living of Kirkeby in Kendale to Adam de Northfoulk, according to papal provision; to this their chancellor, John de Asgarby, objects, &c.; Letters from Northern Registers, 4; Regist. of Giffard, 201.

1268 Grant to Peter de Brus of a yearly fair on the eve, the feast and the morrow of the Holy Trinity at his manor of Kirkeby in Kendale; Cal. Chart. R., ii, 112.

1270 Peter de Brus is answerable for half the debt to the crown of William de Lancastre, namely £3196 0s. 7½d., and Walter de Lyndeseye pays the other moiety, viz. £3196 0s. 7½d.; Cal. Pat. R., 1270, pp. 446, 452.

1272 Letters of protection for master Adam de Norffolk, (fn. 10) parson of the church of Kirkeby in Kendale; ib., 1272, p. 639.

Upon the division of the lands of Peter de Brus the dale of Kentemere in Kendale was assigned to John de Belewe and Ladrina his wife; all the fees in Kendale and Westmerland to Robert de Ros and Margaret his wife. The castle of Kirkeby in Kendale and all Kendale which was in the hands of Peter de Brus at his death were assigned to Robert de Ros and Margaret his wife, sister and coheir of the said Peter; Cal. Close R., 1272, pp. 4, 40.

1272 Walter de Lindesay held at his death a moiety of the vill of Kirkeby in Kendale with a moiety of the mills of Kirkeby in Kendale, Rispeton and Appeltwayt and the fisheries of the water of Kent appurtenant thereto, worth £27 18s. 6d.; out of which 10 marks ought to be paid yearly to the brethren of the hermitage of St. Mary's Isle of Wynandermere for ever, according to the said Walter's charter, and 50s. yearly to Patrick of Man, for his support, by the gift of William de Lancastre. He also held 15 a. land lying waste in Brathelaf and Hellesfel, and 4 a. arable under Hellesfel; a free court worth £8, and rent of free tenants in co. Westmerie £13 17s. 9d. yearly, 1 niais hawk, 1 pair of spurs, 1 pair of gloves, 3 lbs. of cummin and 5 barbed arrows; Lancs. Inq., pt. i, 236.

1272–83 Roland de Thornburg granted to the canons of Hepp a messuage in Kirkeby in Kendale, which gift was confirmed by William son of Walter de Lindesay; Nicholson and Burn, i, 472.

1274 Robert de Ros of Werk held at his death the castle, manor and vill of Kyrkeby in Kendale, with the moiety of the mills of Rispeton, Appeltweht, Kirkeby, Patton and Dylaker, the fishery of the Fors, lands in Helsington, the farms of Grenering and Hugayl, a meadow called Rispetun-henge, the farms of Beauconquayte, Staveley and Stirkeland vill, the meadow of Leythilde, the farms of Schalqutatrig, and Hotun, the farm of tenants in the forest with Schoureschale and Oxinholme, a shieling, part of the forest of Ridale with Satsondolf, (fn. 11) Becmelbrid and Curkerdale, the farms of Gresmere with a moiety of the mill, Langeden with a moiety of the mill and herbage of the forest, Crostweyt with the farm, herbage and mill, a moiety of Yverholm, the farm of Chefdor, (fn. 12) Roger's Holme in Wynendamere, small fisheries above Kirkeby and rent from free tenants in Westmorland and Kendale; the tenants in Kentemere of John de Bella Aqua, who married Laderina, one of the sisters and heirs of Peter de Brus, no longer do suit at the fulling mill of Kirkeby; Cal. Inq., ii, 49.

1276 Thomas son of William son of Walter arraigned an assize of mort d'ancestor against Nicholas de Wyresdale touching 3 tenements in Kyrkeby in Kendale; Dep. Keeper's Rep. 45, app. 220.

1280 Thomas son of John le Mouner arraigned an assize of novel disseisin against William le Clerk of Hoton touching a tenement in Kirkeby in Kendale; ib., 49, app. 100.

1281 Three-fourths of a fee in co. Westmorland late of Peter de Brus, which William de Stirkelaund, (fn. 13) Thomas de Pykering, (fn. 14) Roger son of Gilbert de Lancastre, (fn. 15) Gilbert de Brunolesheved (fn. 16) and Thomas de Cheney (fn. 17) hold, are assigned to the pourparty of Margaret de Ros; Cal. Close R., 1281, pp. 90, 106.

Thomas de Derley, a juror; Lancs. Inq., pt. i, 253

1283 William de Lindesey held at his death one moiety of Kirkeby in Kendale, which Roger de Croft held at farm for £4; the mill there which renders 26s. 8d. yearly; the moiety of a garden, 2s.; the moiety of the fishing of Kent used to render 53s. 4d. but is now in the lord's hands and worth as much; ib., 255.

John son of William Sporeman demands against William son of John son of Baldwyn 4 a. land in Kyrkeby in Kendale; and against William le Barkere one messuage in the same place; and against Aldusa late the wife of John son of Baldwyn one toft in the same place; De Banco R., Easter, 49, m. 20 d.

1284 Hugh de Louther and Gervase de Whiteby are attorneys for Ingram de Gynes and Christiana his wife, staying in Scotland; Cal. Pat. R., 1284, p. 123.

1285 Roger son of Thomas releases to Ingram de Gynes and Christiana his wife his right in the mills of Kirkeby in Kendale, and rents issuing therefrom; Cal. Close R. 1285, p. 359.

Alan de Esingwald, official of Anthony bishop of Durham, intruded himself in the church of Kirkeby in Kendale, whereupon the archbishop attempted to expel him. In this the archbishop was successful and Alan was excommunicated; Regist. of Archbp. Romeyn, pt. i, 346.

1287 William de Stirkeland and Robert le Engleys are to enforce the statute of Winchester for the preservation of the peace in co. Westmorland; Cal. Pat. R., 1287, p. 264.

1290 Indult to William de Hamelton, at the request of the king, whom he served in the chancery, to retain the archdeaconry of York in addition to the churches of Embleton, Micheldever and Sawbridgeworth and the moiety of Kirkebi in Kendale, &c.; Cal. of Papal Regist., i, 517.

1290 Letters of protection for 2 years for master Alan de Esingwald, parson of a mediety of the church of Kirkeby in Kendale, going to the court of Rome; Cal. Pat. R. 1290, p. 338.

1295 Commission to certain persons to try those who broke the houses of Walter de Maydenestane, parson of a mediety of the church of Kirkeby in Kendale, at Kirkeby in Kendale, while he was on the King's service in Wales and carried away his goods, &c.; ib., 1295, pp. 159, 161.

Similar commission touching those who carried away the goods of Margaret de Ros of Werk at Kirkeby in Kendale; ib., 160.

William Polle, attorney of Matthew de Redman, impleaded Richard de Welflet, Ralph his brother and William son of Peter for taking the goods of the same Matthew at Kyrkeby in Kendale to the value of £10; De Banco R., Easter, 108, m. 110d.

1296 Master Alan de Essyngwalde impleaded Richard le Orffevre of Kyrkeby in Kendale and others for assaulting him at Kyrkeby in Kendale; ib., Trin., 114, m. 85.

Master Alan de Hesingwold impleaded Baldwin de Shepesheved that he render an account of the time that he was his bailiff in Kyrkeby in Kendal; ib., m. 96d.

1297 Margaret de Ros is in mercy for default. She was summoned to answer Hugh de Louther of a plea that she render to him 3 robes which are in arrears of an annual render of one robe. Hugh says that the said Margaret in the town of Kirkeby in Kendale in 12 Edward I bound herself to give to the said Hugh one robe yearly for life at Christmas at the castle of Kirkeby in Kendale. She now owes 3 robes, to his injury to the value of 100s.; ib., Easter, 118, m. 59.

Thomas son of Simon Beauvallet demands against Nicholas le Bercher of Kirkeby in Kendale and Adam Underwode one messuage in Kirkeby in Kendale; ib., m. 117.

Margaret de Ros, in her widowhood, gave to her son, William de Ros the castle of Kirkeby in Kendale with the demesnese there, 2 parks, 2 vivaries, meadow-land, the mill of the vivary with 45 a. of the demesnes of Helsington next (propinquiores) the vill of Kirkeby, the hamlets of Skathwaytrigg, Hoton, Hay, Stirkland Randolph, with the meadow of Laythild, and Grenrige, with the tenements which William son of Adam and Henry de Withfalsheved hold in Hogayl, with the mills of the said hamlets, together with the mills of Patton, Dylacre and a moiety of the mill of Respeton, with a moiety of the fees, rents and services of the free (men) which belonged to her of the inheritance of Peter de Brus, her brother, together with the advowson of the hospital of St. Leonard by Kirkeby in Kendale, and with the moiety of her part of the vill of Kirkeby and the moiety of the whole profit (commoditas) of the same vill, of her free court there, of her fishery 'del Fors,' and of the woods of Le Hay, Severgh, Threlesgrope, Mountjowe and Brendewode; to hold to him and the heirs of his body, with remainder to Marmaduke de Thweng and the heirs of his body. Witnesses: John de Lancastre, Ingram de Gynes, Roger de Burton, William de Stirkeland, Richard de Preston, Thomas de Pikeryng and Matthew de Redeman, Knights; Walter de Stirkeland, Nicholas de Grendon; Reg. of D. at Levens; Cal. Pat. R. 1297, p. 304.

1297 Roger de la Cosine was summoned to answer Nicholas de Leyburne and Margery his wife of a plea that he render to them 3 charters which he has unjustly detained. They say that one John le Procuratur enfeoffed the same Nicholas and Margery of 50 a. land in Kirkeby in Kendale; the charters came to the hands of Joan, now wife of the said Roger, and Roger detains the same. Afterwards Roger produced the charters in court and returned them to Nicholas, but because he did not return them before he is in mercy; De Banco R., Easter, 118, m. 93d.

The master of the Knights Templars in England impleaded Ingram de Gynes and Christiana his wife that they render to him 50s. which are in arrears of a yearly rent of 20s. which they owe to him; ib., m. 103.

William de Hamilton, archdeacon of York, Henry de Dunolm, master Geoffrey parson of the church of Great Loudon, executors of the will of Hugh de Kendale, implead Ingram de Gynes that he render to them £24 which he has unjustly detained; ib., m. 186, Westmorland.

1298 John son of Grecius de Kendale replevies to Walter de Stirkeland his land which had been seized for Walter's default against Agnes late the wife of John de Warrewyk; Cal. Close R. 1298, p. 217.

1301 Margaret de Ros conveys by fine to William son of Margaret de Ros 2 messuages, 31 carucates and 45 a. land, 5 mills and the moiety of 3 mills, in Helsington, Scalethwaytrig, Hoton, Hay, Stirkeland Randolf, Grenerig, Hogayl, Patton, Dilaker, the advowson of the hospital of St. Leonard by Kyrkeby in Kendale, the castle of Kirkeby in Kendale and a fourth part of the manor of Kyrkeby in Kendale; and £10 2s. 0½d. of rent, a rent of one sparrow-hawk, three pounds of pepper, two pounds of cummin, one pound of wax and twelve arrows and two-thirds of one knight's tee in Burton, Mannsergh, Preston Richard, Lupton, Henecastre, Kylington, Frithebank, Berghes, Socbrede, Tyregh, Stirkeland Roger, Slegille, Banandesdale, Little Stirkeland, Conyngeswyke, Brathelake, Tranthewayt, Barton, Melcanthorp, Midelton, Staynton, Licbergh, Haverbreke, Stirkeland Ketel, Crok, Patton, Ulvethwayt, Astthewayt and Stirkeland Randolph, co. Westmorland, and the tenth part of one knight's fee in Leghton and Yealand Coygners, co. Lancaster, to hold (as in the donor's charter); Lancs. Fines, pt. i, 214.

1302 Licence for the abbot and convent of St. Mary's, York, towards the relief of their impoverished condition, to appropriate the church of Kirkeby in Kendale, which is of their own patronage and consists of two medieties, on condition that they appropriate none of its chapels, if there are any; Cal. Pat. R. 1302, p. 20.

1303 Margaret de Ros obtains seisin of the moiety of a messuage in Kyrkeby in Kendale, which Roger de Standplogh, who was hanged for felony, held of her. William de Kyrkeby in Kendale ought to answer for the King's year and day; Cal. Close R. 1303, p. 17.

Roger de la Quisine (de Coquina) and Richard de Derley, jurors on an inquest; Lancs. Inq., pt. i, 311.

1306 Provision of a canonry and prebend of York for Walter de Maydenstan and licence to hold the mediety of Kirkebi in Kendale and other benefices in England and France, he not being in priest's orders; Cal. of Papal Regist., ii, 6, 12–13.

1307 Margaret de Ros held at her death a moiety of the barony of Kendale, except the dale of Kentmer, of the King in chief for 1 fee; out of which moiety she enfeoffed Roger de Lancastre of the dale of Ridale; William de Ros, her son, of the castle of Kirkeby in Kendale with a 4th part of the vill &c. (as in her charter); and Marmaduke de Thweng of the manor of Helsington &c.; Margaret and Isabel, daughters of Robert de Ros of Werk, aged 15 and 12, are her next heirs in blood; Cal. Inq., iv, 284.

1309 Commission of "oyer and terminer" to certain persons, on complaint by the abbot of St. Mary's, York, parson of the church of Kyrkeby in Kendale, that Walter de Styrkeland and others assaulted his servants, sent to carry the tithe corn and hay of his church, and also Roger the vicar (fn. 18) and the other chaplains and clerks appointed to celebrate divine service in that church, hindered them in the discharge of the same, trampled down and consumed his corn and hay and took away the horses from his waggons and impounded them; Cal. Pat. R. 1309, p. 129.

1309 Grant to Marmaduke de Tweng and William de Ros of Kendale of market and fair at their manor of Kyrkeby in Kendale; Cal. Chart. R. iii, 130.

1310 William de Ros of Kendale held at his death the castle of Kirkeby in Kendale, in bad repair, 2 granges and an ox house, all out of repair and worth nothing; the mastership of the hospital of St. Leonard by the castle, which is in the gift of the said William and ought to support a master, 2 chaplains celebrating divine service and 4 lepers dwelling there, is worth £8 13s. 4d.; a garden with fruit worth 12d.; 160 a. of demesne land, worth 53s. 4d.; 15 a. meadow, worth 22s. 6d.; a park around the castle, of which the herbage is worth 4s., and another park, worth 15s.; the said William's share of the fishery of Kent, worth 30s.; the 4th part of the vill of Kyrkeby in Kendale with the hamlets and mills, held by the service of the moiety of three fourths of a fee; Thomas his son, aged 3½, is his heir; Cal. Inq., v, 118.

Free tenants of the pourparty of William de Ros in the vill of Kyrkeby in Kendale: Baldwin de Scheppeshefed holds a toft for 15d.; Roger de Mora (?) 1½ toft for 9d.; John de Camera a messuage, rendering 4 arrows; Adam son of Ranulf a messuage for 2d; Richard the tailor a messuage for 1d.; 36 tofts (fn. 19) each worth 6d. yearly; an orchard worth 18d.; the measure (mensura) of the vill of Kyrkeby extends to 3s. yearly; the dye house (tynctura) in the said vill extends to 5s. yearly; the herbage of Kyrkeby-banck is worth 15d.; the perquisites of the court of pleas of the same vill and the free court extend to 6s. yearly; Inq. p.m., 3 Edw. II, n. 54.

Dower is to be assigned to Elizabeth late wife of William de Ros of Kendale; Cal. Close R., 1310, p. 213.

William prior of Conyngesheved, Richard de Gosefeld, canon of that house, master Adam de Langedale, John de Wassyngton, Roger Croy of Kyrkeby Kendale, William de Wederhale, Roger de Burgh, William le Turner, Robert le Clerk and Philip le Baker were charged with entering the abbot of Whiteby's chapel of Overton, co. Westmorland, carrying away his goods, assaulting his monks, men and servants; Cal. Pat. R. 1310, p. 255.

1310–20 Gilbert de Brunnoleshefd granted to Roger son of Thomas de Lancastre, for his service rendered and to be rendered during his life, a messuage in the vill of Kyrkeby in Kendale, lying near the tenement of master William, the said Roger's brother, on the one side, and the messuage of Baldwyn de Schepeshefd on the other, to hold for 1d. at Christmas. Witnesses: Robert de Wessington, Baldwyn de Schepeshefd, Roland de Patton, Thomas son of William, Robert the smith, William son of John; D. at Levens.

1311 The custody of the lands late of William de Ros of Kirkeby was granted to William de Sulleye, free from all payments, in enlargement of a former grant (fn. 20) to him of that custody during the minority of the heir, subject to rendering to the Exchequer any issues of the lands in excess of £44 a year, and of the marriage of the heir; Cal. Pat. R. 1311, p. 355.

1313 Among the adherents of Thomas earl of Lancaster who were pardoned for complicity in the death of Peter de Gaveston were: Matthew de Redeman, Roger de Brounolvesheved, John de Brounolvesheved, Nicholas de Leyburne, Robert de Leyburne and Marmaduke de Twenge; ib., 1313, p. 22.

1316 Confirmation of a grant to Roger de Kernetteby, vicar of the church of Kirkeby in Kendale, of the custody, during the minority of the heir, of two parts of the lands late of William de Ros of Kirkeby in Kendale and Westmerland, made by William de Sulleye ("Sulle"), to whom the king lately granted the said custody, together with the knights' fees, advowsons of churches, etc. to hold until the full age of the heir together with the marriage of the heir; ib. 1316, p. 452.

Grant to Roger de Kendale, (fn. 21) king's clerk, of the custody of the hospital of St. Leonard without Kirkeby, in the king's gift by reason of his custody of the land and heir of William de Ros of Kendale, deceased; ib., 551.

William son of William the tailor of Kyrkeby in Kendale granted to Roger de Brunolsheved his tenement in the said vill, lying between that of William Dodan and the Kent. Witnesses: John de Derley, Thomas de Levenys, Richard de Derley, Thomas Fatting, Ellis son of Gilbert, (fn. 22) Roger Fatting, Thomas the clerk; D. at Levens.

Ellen late the wife of Robert son of Adam de Staveley released to Roger de Brunoleshefd the tenement in the vill of Kyrkeby in Kendale which he has of the gift and feoffment of Cicely, her daughter. Witnesses: John de Wessington, Roland de Patton, Thomas Daunay ('de Alneto'), John de Derley, Peter son of Margaret, master William de Soureby, Roger son of Thomas de Lancastre; ib.

Thomas son of William son of Walter granted to Roger de Brunoleshefd his tenement in Kyrkeby in Kendale lying between the land of Roger de Brunoleshefd and the tenement of Wymarc Tod. Witnesses: John de Wessington, Thomas Daunay, Thomas de Levenes, master William de Soureby, John Aber, Adam Otteway and Roger son of Thomas de Lancaster; ib.

1323 Marmaduke de Thweng held at his death the manor of Helsington in Kendale, a 4th part of the vill of Kirkeby in Kendale with . . . . rendering 20s. yearly, 10 tenants who hold freely and render 5s. yearly, the 4th part of the court of the said vill, worth 12d. yearly, and a fourth part of the fishery of Le Fors, a moiety of the hamlet of Crostquat, the hamlets of Staveley and Hogayl, a moiety of the hamlets of Grassmere and Langdene, an isle in Winandremere called Roger holme and herbage at Sategill and Heynerholm (extent), which lands he granted to William his son for life; William his son, aged 30, is his heir; Cal. Inq., v, 239; Lancs. Inq., pt. 2, 148.

Long before his death Marmaduke de Tweng granted to William his son, land in Helsyngton, Kirkeby in Kendale and in cos. Lancaster and York; Cal. Close R., 1323, p. 55.

1324 Ingram de Gynes held at his death the moiety of the barony of Kendale, of the inheritance of Christiana his wife, of the king in chief for the moiety of a barony, viz.: divers burgages in Kirkeby in Kendale which ought to render 40s. and now render only 6s. by reason of the destruction by the Scots; Kirkeby-bankes, Braithlagh and the farm of wyndels there render 4s.; stallage and the court of the borough there ought to be worth 26s. 8d., but now nothing by reason of the destruction by the Scots; divers free tenants in Kendale and Westmorland hold freely divers tenements of the moiety of the said barony and ought to render of blanche farm £14 11s. 4½d., but now only £11 4s. by reason of the destruction by the Scots; the fishery in the water of Keent ought to be worth £4 yearly, but now only 40s.; pleas and perquisites of courts are worth 6s. 8d., but should be worth 13s. 4d. yearly; William his son, aged 36, is his heir; Chan. Inq. p.m., 17 Edw. II, n. 60.

1325 Pardon to Richard le Taillour for acquiring in fee from Margaret de Ros the moiety of messuage in Kirkeby in Kendale; Cal. Pat. R. 1325, p. 126.

July 11. Writ to the escheator to take the proof of age of Thomas son of William de Ros, who was born at Kirkeby in Kendale and baptized in the church of the Holy Trinity there, who says he is of full age and seeks his lands &c. which are in the wardship of Richard de Hodeleston by the demise of John de Darcy, to whom William de Soley, who had the same by the King's commission, surrendered it. [The proof of age is missing]; Cal. Inq., vi, 453.

1327 At the accession of Edward III, among the numerous body of men to whom a general pardon was granted, was the name of John Warde of Kendale; Cal. Pat. R., 1327, pp. 48, 50.

1328 Ratification of a grant made in 1326 to Roger de Kendale of the custody of the hospital of St. Leonard without Kirkeby in Kendale; ib., 1328, p. 204.

Thomas de Ros, son and heir of William de Ros of Kendale, has proved his age and obtains seisin of his father's land; ib., 1328, p. 264.

1329 Pardon to Roger Fattyng of Kirkeby in Kendale, who lately aided the king when he took the field against certain rebels, for the death of Thomas son of Gilbert de Styrkelandketel; ib., 1329, p. 415.

1332 Subsidy of a fifteenth in Kirkeby in Kendale:—

Alexander Daunay in goods 60s.
Peter son of M[argare]te " 60s.
John de Halleheved " 60s.
Thomas Aber " 30s.
Roger de Wacedale " 30s.
Thomas Fattinge " 30s.
William Cumbelocke " 45s.
Roger Fattinge " 30s.
Adam C[orn]ay " 45s.
Roger Tailor (cissor) " [45s.]
Nicholas de Pa[tton] " [45s.]
John Warde " [45s.]
John Bew[ell] " [45s.]
Robert de Asb' [Askeby?] " [45s.]
Hugh de Vi[kers?] " [45s.]
John son of Richard " [27s. 6d.]
Henry son of John " 15s.
Ellis son of Gyliot " 15s.

Sum of goods £35 17s. 6d., whereof to the king £2 7s. 10d.; Excheq. Lay Subsidies, Westmorld. 195, 1A.

1333 Grant, of special grace and at the request of the count of Hainault, to Christiana, late the wife of Ingelram de Gynes, and her heirs of a yearly fair at their manor of Kyrkeby in Kendale, on the eve, the feast and the morrow of St. Luke the Evangelist (17–19 October); Cal. Chart. R. iv, 298.

1334 James de Douuebiggyng of Kirkeby in Kendale acknowledges a debt of 6 m. to the abbot of St. Mary's, York; Cal. Close R. 1334, p. 348.

Christiana de Gynes held at her death in the vill of Kirkeby in Kendale divers tenants in burgage who render 20s., Kirkeby bank and Brahelagh and the farm of wyndells there render 20s., stallage and the court of the burgesses render 2s., free tenants in Kendal and Westmerland render £10, the fishery of the water of Kente is worth £3 yearly; the said Christiana held the moiety of the barony of Kendale of the king in chief by the service of the moiety of a barony, namely 1¼ fee; she died on Friday after St. Lucy the Virgin, 7 Edward III; William de Coucy, son of the said Christiana, aged 55, is her next heir; Chan. Inq. p.m., 8 Edw. III, 1st nos., n. 74.

1334 Wheeras divers lands late of Christiana de Gynes, tenant in chief, had passed into the king's hands on her death, whilst they were in the king's hands, William de Coucy, who has been proved by inquest to be her son and heir and of full age, by deed granted to William de Coucy his son, certain manors in co. Lancaster, and the manor of Wynandermere with a moiety of the vill of Kyrkeby in Kendale, lands in Casterton, with the mills there and the advowsons of the chapels of Wynandermere, Marieholme and Gressemere, without having done homage and fealty to the king or of livery made of them in the usual manner; the king at the request of the count of Hainault, his father, has pardoned those trespasses and also the relief which William de Coucy, the father, ought to have rendered, and ratifies the grant to William, son of the said William, having taken his homage and restored the land to him; Cal. Pat. R. 1334, p. 560; 1340, p. 69.

1335 Commission of "oyer and terminer," on the complaint of William de Coucy that Thomas de Ros of Kendale, William and Robert his brother, Thomas de Levenes, John de Levenes, Adam de la Solare (alibi Celere) of Kyrkeby in Kendale, Roger son of Adam Otteway of Kyrkeby in Kendale, Robert de Capplesheved, Patrick de Shepesheved, William de Aldehargh and others broke his park at "Hoton in the Haye," hunted there and carried away his deer; ib. 1335, pp. 146, 216, 291, 297.

Alexander son of Henry le Potter demands against Alexander Dounay of Kirkeby in Kendale one messuage in the same place; De Banco R., Hil., 301, m. 49.

1336 Roger le Taillour of Kirkeby in Kendale is in mercy for default. He was attached to answer Robert de Eglesfeld of a plea that he with John Bewell of Kirkeby on Kendale took 220 lambs of the said Robert at Burgh, value £12; ib., Mich., 308, m. 456d.

1337 William de Tweng, Thomas de Ros of Kendale, William de Ros of Kendale, Robert de Ros of Kendale, Thomas de Levenes and others are in mercy for default. They were summoned to answer William de Coucy of a plea that, whereas the said William holds a moiety of the manor of Kyrkeby in Kendale and William de Tweng and Thomas de Ros the other moiety, a market was held at the manor each Saturday, William taking half the tolls, &c. and William and Thomas the other half; the said William de Tweng and the others assaulted the servants of William de Coucy while they were collecting his half of the tolls and prevented them from taking the same. The defendants do not acknowledge that they have a market at Kirkeby in Kendale and say that they, the said William de Tweng and Thomas de Ros, have a fair at Kirkeby in Kendale every year on the eve of the Holy Trinity, the day and the morrow of the same, of which fair Marmaduke de Tweng, father of the same William, whose heir he is, and William de Ros, father of the same Thomas de Ros, whose heir he is, died seised, and that the day of the supposed assault was the day of the fair of the said William de Tweng and Thomas de Ros, and that Thomas de Levenes and the others, as the servants of William and Thomas, collected the toll and profits belonging to the said fair. The plea was adjourned.; ib., Hil., 309, m. 307 d.

1340 Grant, of special grace, to William de Coucy and his heirs of free warren in all their demesne lands, inter alia in Wynandermere, Stirkeland Ketel, Gressemere, Langedon, Amelsat, Troutebek, Apelthwayt, Lolton (sic), Crosthwayt, Hoton in T'haye, Casterton and Kirkeby Kendale, co. Westmorland; and licence to impark his woods of Troutebeck, Hoton, Mourholm and Aldepark and to hold them so imparked to him and his heirs without impediment from the king and his ministers, &c.; Cal. Chart. R., iv, 485.

William de Twenge held at his death at Kirkeby in Kendale the rent of free tenants, £6; fee farm of free tenants in Kendale and elsewhere in co. Westmorland, 60s. yearly; perquisites of court in the manor aforesaid (Helsington) and tenements (in Kendale) are worth 6s. 8d., and not more by reason of the poverty of the tenants; Robert de Twenge, parson of the church of Warton, brother of the said William, aged 40 and more, is his next heir; Chan. Inq. p.m., 14 Edw. III, 1st nos., n. 31.

Roger de Brunoleshefd demised to Adam "del Celere" and Margaret his wife, for their lives in survivorship, his tenement of waste land in the vill of Kyrkeby in Kendale, lying between the tenement of John Daunay and that of Robert de Romundby, to hold for 2s. yearly. Witnesses: John de Wessington, William de Thorneburgh, Thomas Warde, Alexander de Daunay, Piers son of Margaret, John Warde. Dated at Kyrkeby in Kendale on Saturday next before St. Lawrence the Martyr, 14 Edward III; D. at Levens.

1342 William de Coucy, younger, died on Wednesday after Candlemas, 16 Edward III (6 February, 1342). Ingelram (his elder brother), was his next heir. Joan del Strother, relict of the said William, afterwards married John de Coupeland, the captor of king David II of Scotland; The Genealogist, n.s., iv, 90.

1343 Commission to Thomas de Roos of Kendale, Thomas de Dent and Marmaduke de Tweng to make inquests in the wapentake of Kendale, co. Westmorland, touching the frequent breaches of the peace now reported there and to arrest and imprison until further orders those found guilty by the inquests; Cal. Pat. R. 1343, p. 93.

1344 Presentation of William de Slaytburn to the vicarage of the church of Kirkeby Kendale (12 March); ib., 1344, p. 217.

Notification to Robert de Wodehous, archdeacon of Richmond, that the king has revoked his presentation of William de Swyneflete, king's clerk, to the vicarage of the church of Kirkeby Kendale, as void by the death of William de Slaytebourn, because the latter is alive and well (30 March); ib., 220.

Notification to the treasurer and barons of the Exchequer that the king has reserved to his chamber inter alia the manor of Kirkeby in Kendale with its members in co. Westmorland; Cal. Close R. 1344, p. 303.

Grant and demise at farm to the king's kinswoman, Mary de St. Paul, countess of Pembroke, of a moiety of the manor of Kyrkeby in Kendale with its members, co. Westmorland, the manor of Mourholm with Kerneford and Lyndeheved, a moiety of the manor of Wyresdale and a moiety of the vill of Ulvereston, co. Lancaster, late of William de Coucy, and 16 messuages, a mill, 8 bovates and 60 a. land, 80 a. meadow and 12d. of yearly rent in Thornton in Lonesdale, co. York, late of Ingelgram son of Ingelram de Gynes, and in the king's hands, to hold for 3 years, rendering yearly in the chamber at the Tower of London £174 6s. 11d. at which the premises are extended, and £66 13s. 4d. of increment beyond, saving to the king knights' fees, advowsons of churches, wards and marriages; so that she maintain the houses, mills and others buildings at her own costs, without committing waste or destruction or extortions, damages or injuries voluntary or unjust against any tenant; Cal. Fine R., 1344, p. 357.

1345 Ratification of the estate of John de Bokham as vicar of the church of Kirkeby in Kendale; Cal. Pat. R. 1345, p. 467.

1346 Extension of the demise made in 1344 to the same countess, from January 28, 1347, for a term of 8 years, rendering (as above) £194 16d., whereof £53 19s. 4d. are increment beyond the extent; Cal. Fine R., 1346, p. 455.

1347 Commission to 6 persons (including Thomas de Bethum) to make an extent of the value of the knights' fees, &c. belonging inter alia to a moiety of the manor of Kirkeby in Kendale with its members, and of the value of the park and the several wood upon Le Bredewood, the wood in the island of Wynandermere, of a moiety of the wood called Richemerfeld, of the wood of Crosthwayt called Brendewode and of the wood of Aynerholm, which have come into the king's hands as escheats after the death of William de Coucy; Cal. Pat. R. 1347, p. 395.

1348 Pardon for William de Syggeswyk and Alice his wife, for ½ mark, of their trespass in acquiring an estate in fee from John de Bewele in a moiety of a messuage in Kirkeby in Kendale which the said John had acquired from Richard Taillour, who held in chief, and for entering the same without the king's licence; ib., 1348, p. 124.

The king has created John de Coupeland a banneret for his service in taking David de Bruys, styling himself king of Scotland, in the battle of Durham and has granted to him £500 yearly, namely inter alia a moiety of the manor of Kirkeby in Kendale with the members and lands in cos. Lancaster and York, late of William de Coucy and escheated to the king after his death to the yearly value of £231 8s. 9¼d., saving to the king the several wood above Le Bradewode, the wood below the island of Wynandermere, a moiety of the wood called Richemerfeld, the wood of Crosthewayt called Brendewod and the wood of Aynerholm and the knights' fees and advowsons; Cal. Close R., 1348, pp. 453, 554.

1350 The king granted to John de Coupeland, in consideration of his service in war and of his vigorous action in the battle of Durham, where he took David de Bruys, self styled king of Scotland, and freely delivered him to the king, for which the king created John a banneret, to maintain that estate, inter alia the manor of Coghull (in Thornton), co. York, and a moiety of the manor of Kirkeby in Kendale with its members, and a moiety of the manor of Ulverston, which belonged to William de Coucy, to the yearly value of £231 8s. 9¼d., at which they are extended, in part satisfaction of £500 a year granted to him, saving to the king the several woods (described above); and grant also of the manors of Morholm, Warton, Carneford and Lyndeheved, to the value of £78 5s. 11d. yearly; ib., 1350, p. 179; 1354, p. 18.


  • 1. It is not improbable that certain manors in Kentdale and a fishery had been held of the late lord of Westmorland, Hugh de Morevill.
  • 2. Partly in Westmorland and partly in Kendale.
  • 3. In consequence of the rebellion of John, count of Mortain and lord of the honor of Lancaster.
  • 4. Probably the suitors of the court at Kirkby.
  • 5. These 2 fees were additional to what he held in co. Lancaster, as of the honor of Lancaster.
  • 6. He had the mediety of the church. See Natland.
  • 7. Probably Lawrence de Cornewayl of Ulverston.
  • 8. Gilbert de Lancastre of Patterdale was living as late as 1256; Lancs. Court Rolls (Record Soc.), p. viii; Transact., C. & W. A. and A. Soc., N. S. X, 442.
  • 9. Brother of Ingelram de Samton, tenant of Firbank in 1235; Testa, 412 b. See the Cockersand Chartul.
  • 10. He held a prebend in the church of Beverley and died on the eve of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 1282; Regist. of Archbishop Wickwane, 16.
  • 11. Seat Sandal.
  • 12. The name of a free tenant in Crosthwaite.
  • 13. In Great Strickland, Winder, etc.
  • 14. In Killington and Firbank.
  • 15. In Barton.
  • 16. In Strickland Roger.
  • 17. In Lambrigg.
  • 18. Roger de Kerneteby. See Sizergh.
  • 19. This points to a total of 144 burgage tenements in Kirkby in Kendale, each having a toft and croft of approximately one customary acre, held for six pence yearly. This would be exclusive of Kirkland.
  • 20. Cal. of Fine Rolls, 1310, p. 65.
  • 21. In 1323 he was presented to the church of Dufton; Cal. Pat. R., 1323, p. 343.
  • 22. Alias Ellis Gyliotsone of Kyrkeby in Kendale. See Sizergh, s.a. 1321.