Scalthwaiterigg, Hay, Hutton in the Hay and New Hutton

Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 1. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1923.

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'Scalthwaiterigg, Hay, Hutton in the Hay and New Hutton', in Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 1, (Kendal, 1923) pp. 176-186. British History Online [accessed 12 April 2024]


1230 The plea between William de Arundell and William de Lancastre, touching the drawing of bounds between the former's land in Frithebank and the latter's land in the Hay of Kirkeby is put in respite; Close R. 1230, p. 349.

1246 William de Lancastre, for the advantage and profit of the house of lepers of Kirkeby in Kendale, gave to St. Mary of Coningesheved and John the prior and the canons there the advowson of the said house of lepers, to hold to them and their successors with all lands, tenements and rents, etc., given by the grantor or his ancestors, or by others for the support of 3 lepers and 2 chaplains, so that the proir should institute or remove when needful their parson as warden of the said house, who should be under obedience to the said prior and should not alienate the temporalities or spiritualities without the consent of the prior; Reg. of D. at Levens.

Shortly before his death, William de Lancastre III. gave to William de Molineus 40 a. land with pasture in Scaltwaitrig, worth 40s.; to William de Nordwde, the moiety of Scaltwaitrig, worth 40s.; to the hospital of St. Leonard of Kirkeby, 44 quarters of oatmeal yearly from his mill in Patton, for the support of 2 chaplains(?); and he gave the advowson and custody of the hospital of St. Leonard to the prior of Coningesheved, Lancs. Inq., pt. i, 167–8; See also C. and W. A. and A. Soc. Transactions, N.S. X.P. 441.

1272 Walter de Lyndesay held at his death, one moiety of Huton in the Hay (fn. 4) of Kirkeby in Kendale for his part of the forest of the said Haye, with one moiety of the mill there, worth £22 6s. 8d. yearly; pannage of that forest with the herbage of the waste and other places, worth 6s. 8d.; Lancs. Inq., pt. i, 237.

1274 Robert de Ros of Werk, held at his death inter alia the farms of Schalquatrig and Hoton, the farm of tenants in the forest with Schoureshale and Oxinholme. Cal. Inq., ii, 49.

1278 Margaret de Ros was summoned to answer Thomas, prior of Cunegesheued, in a plea that she should keep with him the agreement made between William de Lancaster, maternal uncle of the aforesaid Margaret whose sole heir she is, and John, prior of Cunygesheued, predecessor of the prior, concerning the advowson of the lazarhouse of St. Leonard of Kyrkeby in Kendale. And whereof he says that whereas it was agreed between the said William and the said John [21 Sept. 1264], that the said William should grant to the aforesaid John and his successors, the advowson of the lazar-house of St. Leonard in frankalmoign, (fn. 5) so that it should be lawful for the same prior and his successors to appoint as keeper whomsoever he should consider best, and to discharge and remove whenever it shall be necessary without contradiction from anyone; and also that the said keepers shall give obedience to the said John and his successors for ever; the aforesaid Margaret deforces from him the advowson and does not permit him to appoint and remove the keeper at his will, or permit the keeper of the same house to give obedience to the prior. And because the aforesaid Margaret does not keep the agreement with him, he has loss to the value of twenty pounds. And therefore he brings suit, etc. Margaret, by her attorney, answered that the hospital was assigned to her as part of the inheritance of William de Lancaster, whose sole heir she is, and that she is not able to answer on that occassion without a certain Walter de Faucunberge and Agnes his wife, Marmaduke de Twenge, and Lucy his wife, Joan and Sybil, daughters and heirs of a certain Ladrina, formerly wife of John de Bella Aqua, her partners, which latter are under age, therefore let the suit stand until they come of age, etc. As William de Ros, successor of Margaret, was in possession of the advowson, she must have won her case. Assize Roll, 981, 7 Edw. I, as citied in C. and W. A. Socy. Transactions, N.S. XVIII, p. 240.

1283 William de Lindesey held at his death in Huton in the Hay (fn. 6), 13 tenants who held 253½ a. land which render £8 6s. 4½d.; 63 a. waste land there, rendering nothing; an acre of meadow, 3s.; 4 colters, 4s. 6d.; a mill, 46s.; a brew-house worth 12d. yearly; herbage outside the park in the forest, worth 30s. yearly; a park there of which the herbage is worth 13s. 4d. yearly; a close, the herbage of which is worth 6s. 8d.; pannage of the forest is worth 3s. yearly; Lancs. Inq., pt. i, 255.

1294 Walter de Langeton, master of the hospital of St. Leonard, York, demands against Ingram de Gynes and Christiana his wife, that they permit him to have common of pasture in Hoton, which belongs to his free tenement in Kirkeby in Kendale, (fn. 7) of which William de Lyndesaye, father of Christiana, unjustly disseised Roger de Malton, formerly master of the Hospital; De Banco R., Mich. 106, m. 31 d.

1301 sMargaret de Ros conveyed by fine to William de Ros, her son, the hamlets of Hoton, Hay and Scalethwaytrig, the mill of Hoton, and the advowson of the hospital of St. Leonard by Kirkeby in Kendale; Lancs. Fines, pt. i, 215; Lancs. Inq.. pt. i, 321.

1310 William de Ros held at his death inter alia the mastership of the hospital of St. Leonard (alibi the hospital was in his gift), which is worth, to support the keeper of the said house, 2 chaplains celebrating divine service and 4 lepers dwelling there, £8 13s. 4d.; in the hamlet of Hoton 18 tenants at will, each holding a messuage worth 6d. yearly; 125 a. land divided between the tenants, each acre worth 4d. yearly, sum 41s. 8d.; a water-mill worth 20s.; in the hamlet of Hay, 23 tenants at will, each holding a messuage worth 6d., 272 a. land divided between the said tenants, each acre worth 4d. sum £4 10s. 8d.; in the hamlet of Scalthaytrig 31 tenants at will, each holding a messuage worth 6d. yearly, 218½ a. land divided between the said tenants, each acre worth 4d., sum 54s. 7½d.; a water-mill then worth 24s. yearly; Inq. p.m., 3 Edw. II, n. 54.

1316 Grant to Roger de Kendale, King's clerk, of the custody of the hospital of St. Leonard without Kirkeby, in the King's gift by reason of his custody of the land and heir of William de Ros, decd. Cal. Pat. Rolls, 1316, p. 551.

1324 Ingram de Gynes, held at his death inter alia the hamlet of Hoton, in which were 13 tenants at will, rendering 60s. 4d. yearly; the watermill there ought to be worth 20s. yearly, but is now worth 10s.; in the said hamlet of Hoton were 10 tenements and little cottages, in the lord's hands, which ought to render 27s. 11d., but now render nothing; Inq. p.m., 17 Ewd. II, n. 60.

1328 Ratification of a grant made in 1316 to Roger de Kendale, of the custody of the hospital of St. Leonard, without Kirkeby in Kendale. Cal. Pat. Rolls, 1328, p. 204.

1332 Scatethwayte Rige. Subsidy of a fifteenth.

John de Halleheved in goods 45s.
William his son. " 30s.
William de Almel " 60s.
Richard his brother " 30s.
Robert Gylegwen " 22s. 6d.
Adam de le Park " 30s.
William son of the widow " 22s. 6d.
Thomas de Levens, younger " 15s.
Sum of goods £12 15s., whereof the fifteenth 17s.
Novus Hoton.
Hugh de le Haye in goods 60s.
Patrick de Schepisheved " 45s.
John de le Hole " 30s.
John his son " 22s. 6d.
William son of Hugh " 30s.
Thomas son of Kyte " 45s.
John de Wedrehale " 45s.
Roger Wodeman " 22s. 6d.
Elles de Garethwayte " 45s.
Adam de Garethwayte " 30s.
William Dodding " 60s.
Adam de Halleheved " 45s.
Michael de Haye " 60s.
William Lorimer " 45s.
Robert son of Hugh " 60s.
Denny Gamelson " 41s. 10d.
Sum of goods £34 6s. 10d., whereof to the king £2 5s. 9½d.

Excheq. Lay Sub. Westmorland, 195, 1 A.

1334 Christiana de Gynes held at her death inter alia the hamlet of Hoton1 where there were 13 tenants at will, who render £3 0s. 4d. (or £4 0s. 4d.) yearly, a water-mill worth 26s. 8d., a park (parcus in foris), of which the herbage is worth 30s. yearly; Inq. p.m., 8 Edw. III (I), n. 74.

1335 William, son of William de Coucy impleaded Thomas de Ros, William de Ros, Robert de Ros, Thomas de Levenes and others for breaking into his park at Hoton in the Hay and taking his deer; De Banco R., Mich., 304, m. 69d. See Kirkby in Kendale, p. 19.

1341 William de Tweng held at his death inter alia a certain pasture called le Haye, the herbage of which is worth in summer 12d. and nothing in winter; a pasture called le Mosertwayt, the herbage of which is worth in summer 2s. 6d. and nothing in winter; Inq. p.m., 14 Edw. III (1), n. 31.

1357 Ralph Salter of Skalthwaytryg impleads Thomas, son of Thomas Thomson, that he render to him 40 sheep which he has unjustly detained; De Banco R., Hil., 389, n. 85d.

1374 Thomas de Thwenge held at his death, of the king in chief, two parts of a pasture and wood called Le Haye, held undivided with Thomas de Ros, "chivaler," with two parts of a pasture called Moserthwayte; Inq. p.m., 48 Edw. III (1), n. 68.

1375 Joan de Coupeland held at her death inter alia the hamlet of Hoton1; Inq. p.m., 49 Edw. III (1), n. 29.

1390 Thomas de Ros died seised of the advowson of the hospital of St. Leonard, which is extended yearly to 40s. Chan. Inq. p.m., 14 Rich, 11, n. 41.

1390–95 Rental of Philippa, Duchess of Ireland: the moiety of the hamlet 95 (i.e. New Hutton) belongs to the lady; the names, acreage and rents of 21 tenements are recorded; intakes named Deregaete and Warthbegarthe are mentioned; the moiety of the water-mill yeilded 13s. 4d. John de Brughe held Hotton Park for £8 rent; sum total £17 1s. 8d. Roll at Levens.

1404 William Parr died seised of the advowson of the hospital of St Leonard, near Kirkby in Kendall, which is worth as much as 40s. per annum. Inquisn p.m. 6 Henry IV. In 1407 John de Parr died seised of the same; ib, 9 Henry IV, n. 38.

1427 Mandate to dispense John Wricht of Kirkeby, deacon in his 20th year, to be ordained priest and to receive and administer the poor hospital in Kendale which is of the patronage of laymen and which by its original foundation, can only be granted to a priest or to one of such an age that he can be ordained priest within a year from his receiving it. Cal. Pap. Reg., 8; letters vii, 499.

Ratification of the estate of John Wryght as chaplain of the chantry in the hospital of St. Leonard, Kirkeby in Kendale. Cal. Pat. Rolls, 1427, p. 387.

1431 Robert Bek, younger (in 1434 Robert Bek, elder) paid 34s. 8d. for farm of the tithes of New Hutton, namely for 52 bushels; Roll at Levens.

1433 In the will of Nicholas James, citizen and ironmonger of London, there is a bequest of vestments to the altar of the hospital in Kendale.

1439 The sheriff accounts for the issues of the lordship of Hoton in his yearly accounts. Robert Garnet was farmer of the park of Hoton at £8 yearly; Minister's accts.

1440 Richard Clyvedon, groom of the king's chamber, was farmer of Hoton park at £8 yearly; ib.

Thomas Parr, knt., quit-claims to Thomas prior of Conyngesheved and the convent, his right in the hospital of St. Leonard by Kirkbye in Kendale and in all the lands, tenements, &c., annexed or belonging to the same, which the prior lately recovered by assize of novel disseisin against the said Thomas Parr, Henry Wright and John Wright, clerk, by the name of 2 messuages, 120 a. land, 6 a. meadow, 100 a. pasture and 10 a. wood in Scalthwaytrigg, given on Thursday before St. James the apostle, 18 Henry VI; Duchy of Lane., Cart. Misc. ii, p.31.

1454 Edmund Bekke, bailiff, rendered account of the rents and farms of two parts of the lordship for 18 months, £8 18s.; Robert Gernet accounted for £8 as farmer of the park; Ministers' Accts.

1459 Robert Tunstall paid 7s. 6d. for farm of the tithe of Scalthwaitrig (10 bushels); New Hutton paid 39s. (52 bushels); Roll at Levens.

1484 Grant for life to William Dukett of the free chapel of St. Leonard by the town of Kirkby Kendall, void by resignation of Sir Thomas Fell, chaplain, and in the king's gift by reason of the minority of Thomas Parre, son and heir of William Parre, kt. deceased. Cal. Pat. Rolls., 11 Rich. III.

1494 John Tayllour, reeve of Hoton, accounted for £17 4s. 6d. for the rent of Hoton; Roll at Sizergh.

1520 Protection for Ralph Becke of Hutton, chapman, going in the retinue of Sir Anthony Ughtred, captain of Berwick; Letters and Papers, Hen. VIII, iii 395.

1534 James Layburn (Deputy Steward of Kendal) to Mr. Thomas Cromwell. The persons named in the enclosed list entered by night in harness, the lands of my lord of Richmond, called New Hutton, in the barony of Kendal, and sowed corn and grain on John Becke's tenement, taking an oath not to discover each other. I beg they may be brought to London, or a commission be appointed to inquire and punish. I am steward under master Parr and therefore show you the truth; Letters and Papers, Hen. VIII, vij, 181.

1537 For the rent roll of St. Leonard's hospital, see page 71.

1545 John Carell, attorney general of the duchy, lodged a bill of complaint in the duchy court against Allan Bellyngham and Alan Wylson, alleging trespass and tortious possession of lands and tenements and illegal levy of rents belonging to St. Leonard's hospital, near Kirkeby in Kendall, holden of Conyngshed priory; Cal. of Duchy Pleadings, i, 186.

1546 The hospital of St. Leonard, near Kendal, valued at the dissolution of the monasteries at £11 4s. 3d. yearly, was granted to Alan Bellingham and Alan Wilson, to hold for the 100th part of a knight's fee.

1548 For the articles concerning the hospital of St. Leonard purchased of the king's father by Alan Bellingham and Alan Wilson, see Kirkby in Kendale, pp. 88, 89.

1551 By letters patent of Edward VI, dated 12 February, 5th year, in consideration of £120, the Spittle was conveyed to Alan Bellingham of Helsington, gent.

1579 Inquest taken at Kirkbiekendall, 31 Decr, 22 Elizabeth (1579) before Thomas Brathwate, esq., deputy feodary of co. Westmorland, George Gilpyn, gent., and Walter Chambers, gent., commissioners of the Queen, by the oath of Richerd Bowskall, gent, Miles Fox, gent., Christopher Eskrigge, gent., Brian Edmundson, gent., Christopher Mylne, John Twhaites, Alan Wilson, Henry Wilson, Richard Speddyn William Carus, Lancillot Machell, Barnard Willson, William Fell and Robert Dodding, yeomen, who say that:—Gilbert Wilson long before his death was seised of 2 messuages, 44 a. land, a third part of a fulling mill at" le Spittle" in the parish of Kirkbie Kendall, and of 17 messuages or burgages, 17 gardens, 5 a. land and a rent charge of 6s. 8d., issuing from a mess. or burgage and a garden, now in the tenure of Edward Wilson, in Kirkbie Kendall; and of 14 mess. 80 a. land in Wyndermer and Whinfeld. By his will he bequeathed to Elizabeth Wilson, Anne Wilson and Margaret Wilson, his daughters, 2 parts of the lands, tenements and rent, in 3 parts divided, to receive the profits arising therefrom during the minority of Alan Wilson, his son. The premises at "le Spittle" are held of the Queen, as of her duchy of Langcastre by homage, fealty, the 300th part of a knight's fee and a yearly rent of 3s. 1⅓d., at Michaelmas, worth yearly clear 52s. The messuages or burgages in Kirkbiekendall are held of the lords of the barony of Kendal, in free socage, by fealty & a yearly rent of 2s. 6d. and, with the rent charge of 6s. 8d., are worth yearly clear £9 6s. 8d.; the messuages, lands etc., in Wyndermer & Whinfeld, are held of the Queen by fealty, & a yearly rent of 1d., in free socage, worth yearly, clear 40s. Gilbert Wilson died 24 June, 20 Elizabeth (1578), & Alan Wilson is his son & heir, aged 18 years and 7 months, at his father's death. Elizabeth & Margaret, two of Gilbert's daughters, have occupied 2 parts of the premises from the time of Gilbert's death until now, and Alan, as son & heir of Gilbert, for the same time has occupied the residue of the premises; Chan. Inq. p.m., ser. ii, vol. 191, n. 120.

1593 On the 14 May, 35 Elizabeth, William Typper and Robert Dawe, of London, gents., granted to Myles Doddinge of the parish of St. Dunstan, in ffleete streete, London, gent., the rents heretofore paid to the Quenes maiestie, now arising from the lands of the late hospital of St. Leonard, near Kyrkby Kendall . . . And all that marshe or comon with salt water oftentymes overflowen near Conyshede and Plumpton in the parish of Ulverstone . . . lyeing betweene the Creeke of the Ryver called Crake and a certaine Isle called Harelesyde [Chapel Island] of the late dissolved monastery of Conyngshed, paying to the Queen, her heires and successors twelve pence yearlie for the hospital lands. Conishead was subsequently the seat of Myles Dodding. C. & W. A. Soc. Transactions, N. S. XIX, 169.

Rental of the Marquis Fee: Skaltwhatrig, 9 tenants (named) pay rent of £12 5s. 0¾d.; The Hay: 19 tenants (named) pay rent of £12 8s. 9¾d.; Hutton in the Hay: 16 tenants (named) pay rent of £8 17s. 10d.

1600 Inquest taken at Kirkbye in Kendall, 7 Augt, 42 Elizabeth (1600), before Miles Phillipson, esq., escheator, by the oath of Alan Chambers, gent., Ranulph Bateman, gent., James Strickland, gent., Simon Swainson, gent., Robert Tunstall, gent., Thomas Collinson, yeoman, John Hodgson, Henry Kytchin, Peter Mowson, Brian Phillipson, Anthony Jackson, Charles Strickland, Christopher Sprotte and William Birkett, yeomen, who say that: Alan Willson was seised at his death of 2 mess., 40 a. land & the third part of a fulling mill lying at "le Spittle" in the parish of Kirkbie in Kendall, & a parcel of the late dissolved hospital of St. Leonard by the town of Kirkbye Kendall, late in the tenure of his late father, Gilbert Willson, deceased; & of a mess., 2 cottages, 3 tofts, 9 a. land & the third part of the late dissolved hospital of St. Leonard & of the fulling mill in the parish of Kirkbie in Kendall, late in the tenure of Alan Willson, junior, of Kirkbie in Kendall; & of 17 mess. or tenements in Wynandermer, now in the several tenures of divers tenants, according to ancient custom used there called "Tenantrighte"; & of a mess. in Whynfell, with divers lands in Whynfell, now in the tenure of William Warriner, according to the said custom called "Tenantrighte" used in Whynfell; & of 17 mess. or burgages, 5 a. land & a rent charge of 6s. 8d., issuing from a mess., or burgage & a garden in the tenure of Edward Willson, deceased, situated in Kirkby Kendall, now in the several tenures of divers tenants according to the ancient custom called "lez Tenantrighte," used within the town or borough of Kirkbie Kendall, which burgages last specified, were the inheritance of Alan's late father, Gilbert Willson; & also of 14 messuages, or burgages with lands in Kirkbye Kendall, now in the several tenures of divers tenants (as above), being late of the inheritance of Oswald Bethome, deceased, Alan's late father in law; & of 3 mess. in Staveley, now in the several tenures of Christopher Hodgson & Jenet Warde, lately purchased by Alan Willson to him & his heirs, from Henry Staveley, deceased. Alan Willson by his will gave all the lands given to him by his father, according to the uses of a fine levied with remainder to the said Alan & his heirs, with remainder to the right heirs of Alan's father, he gave the lands late of his father in law to Thomas Bethome, for term of his life and after his death to Anthonye Bethome, son of the said Thomas & his heirs for ever; he gave the lands purchased from Alan Willson, junior, at "Spittle" to Tobias Knype & his heirs for ever; he gave the lands lying in Staveley, purchased from Henry Staveley to Samuel Knype & his heirs for ever. The premises parcel of late dissolved hospital of St. Leonard, by Kirkby Kendall, are held of the Queen in chief by homage, fealty, & a 60th part of a knight's fee and a free rent of 6s. 2½d., worth yearly, clear £3 12s. Od.; the premises in Wynandermer & Whynffell, are held of the Queen, as of her manor of Kendall, by fealty, & a yearly rent of 1d. in free socage worth yearly, clear 40s.; the burgages & tenements in Kirkby in Kendall, late in tenure of Gilbert Willson, deceased, are held of the Queen & James Bellingham, esq., as of their barony of Kendall, in free socage, namely 3 parts of the Queen, & one fourth part, of James Bellingham, by fealty, & suit at their Court Baron twice a year & a free rent of 2s 6d., and they are worth yearly, clear £9 6s. 8d.; the burgages & tenements late in the tenure of Oswald Bethome in Kirkbye Kendall are held of James Bellingham, esq., as of his purparty of his barony of Kendall, by fealty, & suit at the Court Baron, twice a year & a free rent of 3s. in free socage, worth yearly, clear £6 14s. 0d.; the premises in Staveley are held of the Queen, as of her castle of Kendall, by service unknown, worth yearly, clear 16s. Alan Willson died 10 Feb., 42 Elizabeth (1600) & Elizabeth Willson, spinster, Jane Knype, widow, and Margaret Mowson, wife of George Mowson, sisters of the said Alan, and Frauncis Kitchin, son and heir of Katherine Kytchyn, deceased, another sister of the said Alan, are his coheirs. Elizabeth, Jane and Margaret, at the time of their brother's death were of full age, namely 34 years and upwards and Frauncis, on the day of Alan's death, was of full age, namely, 22 years and upwards; Chan. Inq. p.m., ser. ii, vol. 259, n. 45.

1605 Richard Wilson, yeoman, long before his death, was seised inter alia of two closes containing by estimation, 8 a., commonly called "Astwhaitrigges," in a place called "le Spittle," lately parcel of the possessions of the late hospital of St. Leonard. They are held of the king in chief, by the 40th part of a knight's fee and are worth yearly, clear 36s. 8d. See p. 99.

1640 Arthur Wilson, gentleman, long before his death, was seised inter alia of a capital messuage and tenement, called "Spettle" and of divers lands, meadows, pastures, commons, hereditaments, etc., thereto belonging and adjoining, containing two parts, in three parts to be divided, of all the lands and hereditaments called "le Spittle." See pp. 109, 110.

1669 A Breviat of all the hearths chargeable:

12 in number—12s. tax.
Rich:Sleddall 1
The same 1 wald up
John Atkinson 1
James Featon 1
James Fisher 1
Antho:Lowes 3
The same 2 wald up
Robt. Nicholson 1
Edward Addison 2
The same 1 wald up
Tho: Wilson 1
Richard Dixon 1
19 in number—19s. tax.
Gabriell Dawson 1
The same 1 unerected
Stephen Whitrigg 2
James Hodghson 1
Tho: Ward 1
Henry Rowlandson 1
Rich: Becke 4
Widd: Ingerson 3
Widd: Becke 2
John Warriner 1
John Fainton 1
James Waugh 1
Stephen Will[ia]mson 1
Hutton in the Hay.
10 in number—10s. tax.
James Jackson 1
Widd: Jackson 1
James Mitchell 2
Widd: Tarne 2
Edmond Saull 1
Maryan Mitchell 1
Annas Mitchell 1
Antho: Mitchell 1
New Hutton.
20 in number—£1 tax.
Tho: Becke 1
Mr. Rodger Batemond 1
John Garlicke 1
Widd: Becke 1
Edward Harrison 1
John Wilkinson 2
Henry Story 1
John Wood 1
Thomas Wilson 2
Edward Newby 1
Rich: Story 1
Tho: Becke 1
Edward Willyson 1
Mr. Rodger Batemond 1
James Becke 1
Edw: Tarne 1
Nicho: Townson 1
Richard Garlicke 1

1676 Marquis Fee: Skalthwaite Rigg, £12 5s. 0¾d.; Hay, £13 3s. 3d.; Hutton in the Hay, £8 18s. 2½d. Richmond Fee: New Hutton: £10 9s. 9½d.; Roger Bateman for Hutton Park, £8.


  • 1. A clearing for the shiels or huts in the hunting grounds.
  • 2. Park or-hunting grounds.
  • 3. Hut settlements in the same.
  • 4. This was New Hutton and the Park.
  • 5. Tenure given to such people as bestow themselves in the service of God, for pure and perpetual alms, whence the ffeoffees cannot demand any terrestial service.
  • 6. New Hutton.
  • 7. In respect of Docker. In 1296 the same master made a similar claim to common of pasture in Helsington.
  • 8. New Hutton.
  • 9. New Hutton.