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Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 1. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1923.

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1221 Lambert de Buyssy, a knight of William de Lancastre, gave £40 for his redemption from prison; R. Litt. Claus., i, 481 b.

1235 Lambert de Buschi holds the 20th part of a knight's fee of the barony of Kendale; Testa, 412b.

Nicholas, son of Bernard, in the king's prison at Appelby and appealed for the death of Matilda, mother of Adam de Lambrug, for spite, is to be bailed; Close R. 1235, p. 147.

1246 William de Lancastre appeared against Hugh de Bushey of a plea that he should keep the agreement made between them touching the manor of Lambrig. Hugh is to be summoned in co. Lincoln to appear at Hilary term; Assize R. 1045, n. 54.

1256 Roger de Lancastre makes an agreement with Thomas de Chenay and Is[abel] his wife in a plea of warrantry of charter (fn. 1); Assize R. 979, n. 2d.

1275 Lambert de Bussey arraigns an assize of novel disseisin against Margaret de Ros and William Gilpin touching a tenement in Lambrigg; Dep. Keeper's Rep. 44, app. 160.

1279 Hugh de Bussey held the hamlet of Lambrig of Peter de Brus for the 20th part of a knight's fee; Cal. Inq., ii 190.

1281 Upon the partition of the lands of Peter de Brus the knight's service of Thomas de Cheney was assigned to Margaret de Brus; Cal. Close R. 1281, p. 90.

1283 Thomas de Cheney conveyed to Gilbert de Brunulvesheved the hamlet of Lambrigg, reserving the park; Nicolson and Burn, i, 110.

1294 Walter de Langeton, master of the hospital of St. Leonard, York, impleaded Gilbert de Brunolvesheved that he permit him to have common of pasture in Lambrigg which belongs to his free tenement in Kirkeby in Kendale (i.e. in Docker), of which Gilbert unjustly disseised Master James de Hispania, formerly master of the hospital; De Banco R., Mich., 106, n. 31d.

1332 Lamberige. Subsidy of a fifteenth.

Nicholas de Louther in goods 30s.
Roger de Dufthwayte " 22s. 6d.
Thomas son of Henry " 15s.
John son of Nicholas " 30s.
William son of William " 22s. 6d.
William Scharp " 30s.
Sum of goods £7 10s., whereof to the king [10s.]; Excheq., lay sub. Westmld. 195, 1A.

1333 By deed dated at Sirithherd on Sunday next after Easter, 7 Edw. III, Walter de Stirkeland granted to John de Stirkeland, his son, inter alia, all his lands and tenements in Grarigg and Lamberigg. See Whinfell s.d. 1333.

1358–60 Robert de Belingham obtained in marriage Margaret, daughter and heir of Gilbert de Brunolvesheved.

1366 Thomas de Stirkeland, knt., enfeoffed Thomas de Seynesbury, vicar of the church of Kirkeby in Kendall, and others, of his lands and tenements in Quynfell, Grarig and Lamberig; and by deed dated at Quynfell on Thursday next after Easter, 40 Edw. III, the feoffes granted the premises to Sir Thomas for life with remainder, etc. etc. See Whinfell.

1431 William Moyser and Robert Holgill paid 11s. 4d. for farm of the tithe of Lameryke, namely for 17 bushels of oatmeal; Roll at Levens.

1526 John Atkinson of Lambrick, "King's Balife." See Anct. Deeds, A. 13286.

Ante 1546Rental of Sir Roger Bellyngham's lands in Lambryge. (fn. 2)

Richard Holgyll (fn. 3) 1 5 9
Relict of John Newby 22 4
Richard Robynson 7 9
William Newby 7 9
Robert Walker 8 4
Richard Walker 8 4
Thomas Walker 6 8
Robert Walker 6 8
Richard Walke[r]
William Holgyll 11 0
Nicholas Rawlynson 13 4
Robert Philipson 5
John Wylson 1 2 9
William Cade 16 8
Thomas Dokar 16 8
Miles Warde 11 8
James Warde 11 8
Relict of W. Beke 11 8
Wm. (cancelled) John Holgyll 1 4 9
William Newby 6 8
Richard Robynson
John Tholuson (Sic) 7 0
Roger Staynbanke 8 4
Relict of John Staynbanke 8 4
Henry Thomson 5
Henry Hollgyl 6 8
William Holgyl1 1 0 0
Item, le Corne Mylne 1 0 0
The parke at 8 marc
Total £22 14 2

Upon the death of Sir Robert Belingham, knt., his second daughter and coheir, Dorothy, wife of Anthony Ducket of Grarigg, obtained for her share of her father's inheritance £17 1s. 4d. of rent in Lambrigg and Kendal; Dodsworth's MS. 149, f. 103b.

1592 The land of Margaret Davenport of Broomhall, co. Chester, widow, a recusant, was in the Queen's hands, namely two parts of a yearly rent of 6s. 6½d. issuing out of lands in Lambrigge, called Lambriggeparke, late in the tenure of Richard Duckett of Grayrigge; Catholic Record Soc. XVIII, 168. See Casterton.

1669 A Breviat of all the hearths chargeable.

19 in number—19s. tax.

Willm Burtell 1
Tho: Wilson 1
John Harrison 1
Richard Newby 1
Willm Docker 2
James Becke 1
John Atkinson 1
James Rowlandson 1
Allan Wilson 1
Robt Nicholson 2
Tho: Garnett 1
Tho: Nicholson 1
James Tarne 2
Widd: Rowlandson 1
Willm Wilson 1
John Washington 1
These persons following are discharged by Certificates unpaid
Widd: Dennyson 1
Widd: Rowlandson 1
Widd: Atkinson 1
Richard Wilson 1

c 1685 Anthony Duckett, Esq., sold the manor to Sir John Lowther, of Lowther, bart.


  • 1. Probably touching land in Glencoin, near Patterdale.
  • 2. For explanation of this rental see Crook.
  • 3. Later "Howgill."