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Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 1. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1923.

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1229 Adam de Yeland arraigns an assize of novel disseisin against William de Lancastre touching a tenement in Sleddale; Pat. R. 1229, p. 296

1246 William de Lancastre III gave to Robert de Layburn a shieling in Sleddale at Sadgill by bounds (described), to hold for ld. yearly and 3½ a. meadow with pasture, worth 10s. yearly; Reg. of D. at Levens Hall; Lancs. Inq. pt. i, 167.

The same William gave to Roland son of Ellis de Revegill 39 a. land, meadow and pasture in Sleddale by bounds (described) worth £5 yearly, to hold for 1d. yearly; ib.; Lancs. Inq., pt. i, 167.

The same William enfeoffed Gilbert de Berebrun of 20 a. land in Sleddale worth 10s. yearly; Lancs. Inq., pt. i, 167.

1263 Settlement (fn. 1) of a dispute between the abbot and convent of Val Magdalene of Hepp (1), and Gilbert de Berebrun, William de Lasscelis, Joan and Amicia, their wives, and Agnes sister of Joan and Amice (2), respecting ½ carucate of land in the vill of Revegill, made at Martinmas, A.D. 1263, namely the convent releases the ½ carucate, which Roland, father of Joan and her sisters held, to Gilbert and the others, to hold for 16d. for cornage and multure at the convent's mill of Revegill to the 13th measure, for all services and suit of court; [covenants for dealing with transgressions by either party against the other]. For this Gilbert and the others release to the convent the land in the vill of Hepp which they have by the gift of Patrick son of Thomas; D. at Levens.

1270 Amice daughter of Roland de Refgyle and relict of William (?) de Lasceles grants to Roland de Thornburg 6 a. land in the dale of Sleddale Brunhof for 2s. rent; Deed at Levens.

1281 Dame Margaret de Ros at Martinmas releases to Ralph de Patton puture of her land serjeants and foresters, both foot and horse, and of Wytnesman; Reg. of D. at Levens.

1280–90 Amice daughter of Roland de Refgyle, in her widowhood, granted to Roland de Thornburg 5 a. land, 1 a. meadow with buildings and one toft in this dale of Sleddale Brunhof, which she had by the gift and inheritance of her father, Roland, to hold for 2s. yearly. Witnesses: Nicholas de Layburn, Roger de Burholfheved, Gilbert his son, Roland de Patton, Robert le Vylur, Lee de Wynfel, Robert canon and cellarer of Hepp; D. at Levens.

1283 Nicholas de Leyburn holds of William de Lyndeseye a shieling in Satgill for 1d. rent; the heirs of Roland de Revegill hold land in Sleddale for 1d. rent; Lancs. Inq., pt. i, 256.

1292 William son and heir of William de Lasseles grants to Roland de Thorneburgh and Alice his wife his right in certain lands and tenements in Sleddale Bronolft, which he had by inheritance from Amice his mother, daughter and co-heir of Roland de Revegyle, for the term of their lives, which the said Roland de Thornburgh and Alice sometime held of the grantor, to hold with common and easements within and without the hays of Sleddale and his part of the mill by rendering one mark yearly; Deed at Levens.

A similar grant by the same William to the same Roland and Alice of all his land and meadow with the buildings and his part of the mill and pasture in Sleddal Brounolf in the vill of Stirkeland Ketel (as above), reserves only a rose at the Holy Trinity for all services. Witnesses: Roger de Brunnolf, Gilbert his son, then sheriff of Westmerland, Nicholas de Layburn, Roland de Patton, Nicholas son of Norman, Thomas son of Thomas de Lancastre, Thomas Collan, Robert villator, Adam the clerk of Carleton; D. at Levens.

1295 The same William son of William de Lasceles of Eskeryg released to Roland de Thornburgh the mark of rent in which Roland was sometime bound to him for the land of Sleddale Brunnolf; D. at Levens.

1298 Roland son of Nicholas de Thornburgh impleaded Henry de Haybergh that he render to him 40s. which he owes him and unjustly detains; De Banco R., Hil., 122, n. 180d.

t. Edw. I. Alice de Coyners, in her widowhood, grants to her son, Adam de Coyners (died 1276), all her land in Sleddale; Hist. MSS. Com., Rep. x, pt. 4, p. 324; Cf. Cal. Close R. 1276, p. 313.

1306 Robert son of Adam de Conyers of Effingham, co. Surrey, grants to Roger son of Henry de Croft (land known as) Stirkeland Conyers and his manor in the dale of Sleddale; Reg. of D. at Levens.

Roger son of Henry de Croft of Dalton in Kendale grants to Nicholas de Layborne and Margaret his wife the grantor's lands in Sleddale Conyers which he had by the grant of Robert son and heir of Adam de Conyers of Effingham, co. Surrey; ib.

1318 Agnes late wife of Ralph de Patton releases to Roland de Thorneburgh her right of dower in the lands and tenements which Roland purchased of her late husband, Ralph, in Sleddale; ib.

1330 Gilbert de Lancastre grants to his son, Christopher, inter alia all his lands and tenements in Sleddale. See Skelsmergh, p. 252.

1332 Sleddale. Subsidy of a fifteenth.

Robert son of Richard in goods 30s.
Baldewyn son of Gilbert " 30s.
Richard Todde " 40s.
Peter de le Myre " 60s.
Robert de le Thwaytes " 30s.
John de Crolibole " 30s.
William Payfote " 15s.
William de le Schagh " 30s.
Thomas son of John " 30s.
Sum of goods £15 [recte £14 15s.] therefore to the king 25s. 10d. [recte 19s. 8d.]; Excheq., Lay Sub., Westmld. 195, 1A.

1336 Henry de Baynbrigg impleaded John son of Gilbert Dykeson of Kendale for breaking the same Henry's close at Sleddalebrunnolf, cutting down and carrying away trees and other goods to the value of 100s; De Banco R., Easter, 306, 316d.

1356 Ralph son of John de Patton granted to "Rouland" de Thornburgh his lands and tenements in the hamlet of Sleddale in the vill of Stirkland Ketill with all common of pastures which descended to him after the death of John, his father; Deed at Levens.

Roger son of Gilbert de Lancastre, held at his death one carucate in Strickland Randolf and Sleddale of Thomas de Ros, by homage and the service of 6s. 8d. yearly. See Strickland Roger, p. 267.

1360 John son of Roland de Patton held at his death the moiety of a shieling in Sleddale of John de Coupeland and Joan his wife by knight's service as of the lands and fees of William de Coucy. He died in 31 Edward III (1357). Roland his son, aged 36, is his next heir. The said Roland gave the said moiety of a shieling to Roland de Thorneburgh and his heirs for ever. Inq. p.m., 34 Edward III (I) n. 47; Cal. Close Rolls, 1361, p. 185.

William de Thornburgh held at his death the moiety of a shieling in Sleddale and other tenements in Selsett, Whinfell and Skelmiser, and long before his death gave the moiety of the shieling to Roland his son and Alice, wife of the said Roland and their issue; Inq. p.m., 34 Edward III (I), n. 51; Cal. Close R. 1361, p. 185.

1364 Richard de Wysebech, vicar of the church of Kirkeby in Lonesdale and Robert Banes, chaplain, grant to William son of Roland de Thorneburgh the lands and tenements in Sleddale in the vill of Stirkland Ketil with wastes and waters, as they lie between Lyttel Sleddale bekke and the tenement which Thomas son of Benedict then held of Margaret de Lancastre on the west side of the water of Spryt, with licence to make a mill dam both in their part of the water of Spryt and in his part for his benefit; Deed at Levens.

Agnes who was the wife of Ralph de Patton, in her widowhood, released to "Rouland" de Thorneburgh her claim of dower in the lands which Rouland purchased of her late husband in Sleddale; ib.

1390 Thomas de Layburne, chr., held of Thomas de Roos, chr., 3 tenements and 20 a. land in the hamlet of Sleddale for the rent of a sparrowhawk or 12d. yearly, worth 40s. yearly; Inq. p.m., 14 Richard II, n. 41.

1390–95 William Thorneburgh holds lands and tenements of Philippa, 95 countess of Oxford, in Sleddale; Roll at Levens.

1404 Robert de Leyburne held of William de Parr, "chivaler," and Elizabeth his wife (deceased), one of the kinswomen and heirs of Thomas de Ros, "chivaler," three tenements and 20 a. land and meadow in the hamlet of Sleddale for the rent of a sparrowhawk or 12d. at the feast of St. Peter's Chains, worth 40s.; Inq. p.m., 6 Henry IV, n. 37.

1407 Robert de Leyburne held of John de Parr (as in 1390 and 1404); Chan. Inq. p.m., 9 Henry IV, n. 38.

1411 William Thorneburgh held of Philippa, duchess of Ireland, certain tenements in Sleddale by fealty and 1d. rent at Whitsuntide and Martinmas, worth 10s. yearly; ib., 13 Henry IV, n. 44.

1431 Roger Benetson and John Harrison pay 5s. 8d. for farm of the tithe of a moiety of Sleddale; Roll at Levens.

1459 Simon Gnype paid 7s. 6d. for tithes of one moiety of Sleddale and John Dod paid 6s. for tithes of another moiety; ib.

1531 William Vaux and Joan his wife passed by fine to Anne Haryngton and Thomas Haryngton tenements in Langsleydayll [probably including Yewbarrow Hall]; Feet of Fines, 24 Henry VIII.

1569 After the death of Walter Strickland, the Court of Wards granted to Alice his relict inter alia a tenement in Sleddale in the tenure of the wife of George Harrison, yielding 14s. 1d. See Natland, p. 173.

1573 James Harrington, gentleman, for lands in Sleddale paid 12d. yearly. He held as of the manor of Staveley, which had been assigned in dower to Helen, marchioness of Northampton; Nicolson and Burn i, 139.

A daughter of [Robert] Layburne married [Nicholas] Harrington and had Yewbarrow Hall as her maritagium or dower.

1579 James Layburne, esq., conveys by fine to Thomas Bellingham, esq., 30 messuages &c. and lands in Sleddall, Stockdall, Swinkelbancke, Sadgyllthwaite, Sadgyllhead, Stockdallhead, Sleddallhead, Graycragg, Arnecrewe and Towside; Reg. of D. at Levens.

Indentures of bargain and sale dated 13 March, 21 Elizabeth (1579), made between James Laburne of Skellesmerghe, esq., and Thomas Bellingham of the Myddell Temple, London, esq., reciting that in consideration of £800 the vendor conveys to the purchaser his lands, tenements, wastes, heaths, moors, turbaries &c., known as Graycrage, Arncrooe, Towsyde, Scleddalhede, situate in the townships or hamlets of Scleddall, Stokdall, Sadgill and Sadgilhed, late in the tenure of the said James Laburne, and all these messuages, tenements, lands &c. in Scleddall, Stokdall, Swynkelbanck and Arncrooe in the occupation of [the tenants named in the ensuing rental]; ib.

Rental of tenements of Sleddale, Stockdall and Swynklebanke, lately being the inheritance of James Laiburne, esq., and now the tenements of Thomas Bellingham, esq., made 27 March, 21 Elizabeth; [endorsed] "27 March, 1579, the attornement of the tenants in Sleddal, Stockdall and Arncra and the rents of yr own confession."


James Gilpin, 12s. 2d., and Eden Gilpin his mother, 24s. 6d., being tenants of a tenement in Swynkel Banke; full rent 36s. 8d.: Giles Gilpin 6s. 2d., and Catherine his mother 18s., and Randall Benneson being tenants of one tenement in Swynkelbanke; full rent 36s. 8d.: William Gilpin tenant of one tenement in Swynkelbanke, rent 36s. 8d.: Richard Gilpin (as above) 36s. 8d.: Total rent for Swynkelbanke £7 6s. 8d.


Robert Shepherd tenant of one tenement in Stockdall 18s. 8d.; John Shepherd, 18s. 8d.; Edmond Tod, 18s. 8d.; and Matthew Tod, 18s. 8d.: Gressomes to Mr. N[icholas] La[yburn] 53s. 4d. by Edmund S[hepherd]; to Ja[mes] L[ayburn] £3 by John S[hepherd]; to Sir James Layburn by Edmund Tod 33s. 4d.; to Nicholas Layburn by the same Edmund Tod 33s. 4d. and to James Layburn £4 13s. 4d.; to James Layburn by Matthew Tod, £6 13s. 4d.

The wife of William Nicholson, tenant during her widowhood of one tenement in Stockdall, rent 18s. 8d.: Gressomes to Sir James Layburn by William Nicholson, 33s. 4d.; to Nicholas Layburn by the same William Nicholson £3 13s. 4d.; to James Layburn by the said wife of William Nicholson, 40s.

The wife of Edmund Shepherd, tenant during her widowhood, rent 18s. 8d., whereof the wife of William Harreson has for her life and payeth 5s. parcel of the said rent: Gressomes to James Layburn by Edmund Shepherd £7 6s. 8d.; to the same James Layburn by the said William Harreson's wife, 16s.

John Potter, tenant of one tenement in Stockdall, rent, 18s. 8d.: Gressomes to Sir James Layburn by John Potter's father 33s. 4d.; to Nicholas Layburn by the same 40s.; to James Layburn by the said John Potter £6.

Nicholas Whitehead tenant of one tenement in Stockdall, rent 18s. 8d.: Gressomes to Sir James Layburn by the father of Nicholas Whitehead, 33s. 4d.; to Nicholas Layburn by the same, 40s.; to James Layburn by the same Nicholas Whitehead, £4 13s. 4d. Total rent for Stockdale, £7 9s. 4d.


Robert Mitchell tenant of one tenement in Arnecrewe, rent 6s. 8d.: Gressome to James Layburn 33s. 4d. Richard Cowper tenant, rent 6s. 8d.: Gressome by him to Elizabeth Layburn, 26s. 8d.; to James Layburn by the same 20s. The wife of Rowland Lyckbarrow tenant during her widowhood rent, 13s. 4d.; Gressome to Nicholas Layburn by Rowland Lyckbarrow 20s.; by her to James Layburn, 46s. 8d.

John Shepperd, th' elder, rent 13s. 4d.: Gressome to Nicholas Layburn, by him 20s.; to James Layburn by the same £4. Gilbert Sheppherd tenant, rent 13s. 4d.: Gressome [torn off]. Nicholas Whitehead, the wife of William Nicholson and John Potter, tenants of one "fullen mylne" in Stockdall, rent 3s. 4d.: Gressome [torn off].

Total rent for Arnecrewe £2 16s. 8d., making a sum total of £17 12s. 8d.

1579 William Holme holdeth a biefier (fn. 2) in Stockdall and payeth yearly 2s. 8d.

1585 When Thomas Strickland succeeded to his inheritance he owned a messuage in Sleddale, held of the queen, worth yearly 13s. 4d. and 16d. increase; Roll at Sizergh.

1593 James Harrington (d. 1606) pays 1s. yearly for Ubarrow Hall in Sleddale (Marquis Fee); Roll at Levens.

1611 Inquest taken at Kirkbie in Kendall, 31 August, 9 James I (1611), before John Lowther, esq., escheator, by oath of Edward Wilkinson, James Strickland, Miles Eskrigge, Phillip Winster, Richard Holme, Henry Brigges, Peter Mowson, Anthony Gilpin, Brian Walker, Peter Birkett, Adam Shepherd, Nicholas Cocke, Thomas Robinson and Robert Harryson, gentlemen, who say that James Harrington of Troutebecke, gentleman, long before his death was seised of a capital messuage and two other messuages, 40 acres land, 10 acres land, 10 acres meadow, 10 acres pasture in Longsleddale; also a messuage and six acres of land in "Nubie stones" also a messuage 6 acres land in Orton; also a messuage 6 acres land in "Greengill"; and 3 messuages and 20 acres land in Great Salkeld in co. Cumberland. Premises in Longsleddall held of king by knight services as of his barony of Kendall and by a rent of 1s. or one hawk, worth yearly clear 20s. Premises in Nubie stones, held they know not of whom, are worth yearly clear 3s. Premises in Orton, held they know not of whom, are worth yearly clear 3s. Premises in "Grenegill," held they know not of whom, are worth yearly clear, 3s.

James Harrington died 30 September, 4 James 1 (1606), and Thomas Harrington is his son and next heir, aged 35 years now. Chanc. Inq. p. mort., ser. ii, vol. 676, n. 138 and 148.

1627 William de Thorneburgh, esq., held at his death 20 messuages and tenements and 2 fulling-mills in Sleddale of the late Marquis of Northampton in socage for 6d. yearly rent, being of the clear yearly value of £12 4s. 4d.

1629 William Thorneburgh, esq., and Katherine his wife conveyed by fine to Sir James Bellingham, knt., 18 messuages &c. in Sleddale, Longsleddalehead, Sadgill, Sadgillhead, Sadgillthwayte, Toderagge, Towside, Docker, Docker Forest, Gawtherbarrow, Potterfell and Hyefell or Overmore Fell, with warranty against the said William and Katherine, the heirs of the said William, the heirs of William Thorneburgh, deceased, grandfather, and Rowland Thorneburgh, deceased, father of William; Reg. of D. at Levens.

1647 Indentures of a marriage settlement dated 2 February, 23 Charles 1, 1647, between Richard Bennison of Longsleddall, yeoman (1), George Bennison, his son, of Beethon, schoolmaster (2); reciting that in consideration of a marriage to be solemnized between the said George Bennison and Elizabeth Bacchouse of Haverbracke "on this side and before the feast day of Pentecoste," the said Richard hath granted to the said George a messuage tenement in Longsleddall at a place called Waddshow in Longsleddall, in the tenure of the said Richard Bennison parcel of the land of Sir Henry Bellingham knt., and "barronett," of the yearly rent of 11s. 8d., to the said George and his heirs immediately after the death of the said George Bennison and Cecilie his wife; D. at Levens.

1669 Demise dated 2 February, 1669, from Alan Bellingham of Over Levens, esq., to Richard Lickbarrow of Longsleddall, yeoman, of all his pastures, meadows and commons called Gray Crag and Iron Craw "together with all the sheep heafes and the barne there," to hold for one year for £10 rent to be paid on 11 November; with covenants that the tenant maintain the walls and fences, "thack" and keep up the barn, and that the said Richard Lickbarrow shall have his ewes to pasture there until 15 April after the expiration of the term and such "gelt" sheep as he may require; D. at Levens.

Hearth Tax Roll; Lay Subsidy R. 195, n. 73.

John Harrison 2
Willm Harrison 1
George Lickbarrow 1
John Todd 1
Robt Lickbarrow 1
Henry Lickbarrow 1
Mrs. Ellertson 1
Mrs. Benson 1
Chr: Sheapherd 1
Antho: Todd 1
Peter Lickbarrow 1
Eliz: Gilpin 1
Chr: Garnett 1
John Mattinson 1
Widd: Sheapherd 1
Gawen Gilpin 1
Nich: Cowperthwte 1
Robt Gilpin 1
John Todd 1
Miles Sinkinson 1
Mr. Hardington 2
John Aerey 1
Chr: Todd 2
Isaac Lickbarrow 1
Renald Harrison 2

These persons following are discharged by Certificates. Unpaid.

Richard Lickbarrow 1
John Dowthat 1
Math: Todd 1
John Lickbarrow 1
John Todd 1

1676 Mr. Harrington pays 1s. yearly for Ubarrow Hall in Sleddale (Marquis Fee).


  • 1. This agreement shows how the land of Roland de Revegill in Sleddale came to the Lasceles of Escrick.
  • 2. Housestead fire. The reference is to 'smoke-groat,' 'smoke-silver' or 'smokepenny' and the lord's licence to permit a fire-house in his lordship.