Haverbrack and Arnside

Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1924.

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, 'Haverbrack and Arnside', in Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924) pp. 239-246. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/kendale-barony/vol2/pp239-246 [accessed 20 May 2024].

. "Haverbrack and Arnside", in Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924) 239-246. British History Online, accessed May 20, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/kendale-barony/vol2/pp239-246.

. "Haverbrack and Arnside", Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924). 239-246. British History Online. Web. 20 May 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/kendale-barony/vol2/pp239-246.


Haverbrack, first described as a hamlet of Heversham and later as a manor, was in the hands of the local family as early as the time of Henry II and appears to have descended to the four daughters (?) and coheiresses of William de Haverbrec. The names of their respective husbands has not been ascertained, but the representatives of the co-parceners (fn. 1) before the middle of the thirteenth century were: Roger de Cayrous, William de Bentham, Ellis del Gyle and, at a later date, Richard Sturnel, who derived his title from his wife, the coheiress of Hutton Roof. No attempt can be made to trace the posterity of these co-parceners. The families of Cayrous and Sturnel continued for several generations. Roger son of Peter de Astenthwaite had a fourth part of the mill in 1328, a tenement which suggests that he had derived his property from one of the co-parceners. Nigel Cayrous held the hamlet of William de Ros in 1310, and in 1390 John de Wyndesore held it of the fee of Ros, and in 1407 of the Parrs. This freehold came later into the possession of the Prestons. John Preston at his death in 1577 held lands here.

In 1522 and 1536 Robert Dalam, or Dallome, held Haverbrack Hall under the priory of Conishead, apparently at will. In 1543 the property of the dissolved monastery of Conishead in Haverbrack, including Haverbrack Hall, was granted by the Crown to William Thornburgh of Selside. His descendant, William Thornburgh held Dallam Tower with the demesne lands at his death in 1609 and apparently within a year or two Rowland, his son and heir, sold the estate, possibly to the three mine adventurers mentioned by Machel as then prospecting for lead ore. They appear to have sold it to Henry Parker, second brother of William Parker, lord Morley (suc. 1618). Edward Parker, esq., presumably son of Henry Parker, sold it about 1645 to Edward Wilson, son of Thomas Wilson of Kendal, in whose posterity it has continued down to the present owner.

1087–1100 Ivo Talebois gave to the abbey of St. Mary, York, land called "Halfrebek" belonging to the church of Bethum; Cal. of Chart. R. iii, 115.

1120 Ketel son of Elthred renewed the above gift. See p. 142.

1175 Adam de Kendale and Roger de Haverbreck gave 10 marks to the Crown for licence to make an agreement; Pipe R., 21 Henry II, p. 178.

1205William de Haverbrec proffers 20s. for an inquest touching the appeal against him of manslaughter; R. de Finibus (Rec. Com.), 252.

1200–20 Grant in frankalmoign by William de Haverberg, to the canons of Cockersand, of three acres of land within the bounds of Haverbrack namely one acre and a half, of which one end extends upon Flukesty the other upon the turbary, and one acre and a half in the same field so that three full acres should be completed in the same field, for the health of the soul of Lady Helewise de Lancaster; with free common right of the same vill for six beasts, one horse, and thirty sheep; Chartul. of Cockersand (Chetham Soc.), 1014.

1220–46 William de Haverbrec gave to the canons of Coningesheved a messuage and gardens with 2 a. land adjoining thereto in Haverbrec: Mon. Anglic. vi, 557.

William de Haverbrec gave to the same canons land in Haverbrec called Blaketcroft with messuages there, which Blaketcroft lies between the water of Betha and his demesne, with one half acre of moss lying outside the ditch and a perch of land lying between the gate of Betha and the land of the church, also 7 acres land with a messuage below Bethegate; ib.

1220–46 William de Haverbrec granted to the same canons that they might grind their grain at his mill without multure and that they should have as much sand as they required and a messuage for a salt-house between the two ways within the wood (nemus); ib.

Other gifts to the same canons were as follows: By William son of William de Benetham 20 a. land in Haverbrec; by Roger de Cayrous 2a. 3r. and 30 falls (fn. 2) in Laxthwait and all the land he had or which might fall to him in Marleriding, and the toft and messuage which Gerbot sometime held in Haverbrec; by the same Roger 20 a. in Haverbrec which the canons had by the gift of William son of William de Benetham; by Ellis del Gile the land which William de Knyp and William Wagespere held of him and the fourth part of the mill of Haverbrec with the suit thereof and the moiety of the garden late of William de Haverbrec; by Thomas son of Ellis del Gyle his land in Haverbrec; ib.

1242 Roger de Kayrus was amerced one mark for default as surety; Parker, Pipe Roll of Westmorland, 202.

1256 William de Benetham and Alice his wife acknowledge by fine that 20 a. land in Haverbrec are the right of John, prior of Coningesheved, to hold of them in alms; Feet of Fines, file 4, n. 27.

1280 In Michaelmas term Richard Sturnel and Christiana his wife, Adam de Melling and Alice his wife [Christiana and Alice being daughters and coheirs of Gilbert de Hoton Ruf] demand against Roger Kayrus, Alice Kayrus and Geoffrey son of Ketel four messuages and lands in Haverbrec in Heverseym; De Banco R. 36, Mich. 8-9 Edward I, m. 123.

1281 The same Richard and Christiana demand against: (1) Roger Kayrus the moiety of two messuages, 30 a. land and 2 a. meadow in Haverbrec in Heverseym; (2) Alice Kayrus the other moiety of the same tenement as the right of Christiana; (3) Geoffrey son of Ketel ½ a. land in the same place; De. Banco R. 42, Mich. 9 Edward I, m. 21 d.

1281 Notification by Richard Sturnel and Christiana his wife that by agreement made with the prior of Cunigesheved he and his wife will at the first opportunity before the king's justices at Westminster, or those in eyre at Lancaster, make security to the prior and convent concerning the moiety of four messuages, 60 a. land and the moiety of a moiety of the mill in Haverbrec in Heverseym. Witnesses: Sir Richard de Preston, Sir Robert de Bethum, William de Wyndesore, Roger de Levenes, Thomas de Derlay, Gilbert de Hoton, Robert de Dend. Given at Heversam, 1 July, 9 Edward; Duchy of Lanc., Cart. Misc. iii, n. 240.

1287 Gilbert le Provost of Haverbreck acknowledges a debt of £6 2s. to Hugh de Kendal, clerk, to be levied in default of payment from his lands etc. in cos. Westmorland and Lancaster; Cal. Close R. 1287, p. 472.

c 1300 Margaret de Ros confirmed to the proir and convent of Coningesheved their lands, fees and tenements, both in Patton and Haverbrec, quit of suit and puture of her serjeants, foresters and from witnesman and of her bailiffs; also the burgages which the canons have of her pourparty in the vill of Kirkeby; Mon. Anglic, vi, 556 b.

1303 Nigel Kayrous a juror on an inquest; Lancs. Inq. (Rec. Soc.), pt. i, 311.

1304 Pardon to Richard de Haverbergh and others for the death of William son of Ralph de Punczounby and Thomas son of Thomas de Derwent; Cal. Pat. R. 1304, p. 229.

1310 Nigel Cayrous held of William de Ros of Kendale the hamlet of Haverbreck [Lickbergh] by the service of 2s. yearly; Cal. Inq. v, 119.

1328 Roger son of Peter de Astenthwayt recovered his seisin against Nigel Cayrous and others of three tofts, 14 a. and 3 r. land and the moiety of the moiety of a mill in Haverbrek; Cal. R. Original. ii, 22.

1332 Haverbreck. Subsidy of a fifteenth.

Michael de Culewenne in goods 15s.
Nigel Cayrous " 22s. 6d.
Roger de Capilheved " 20s.
Roger Cayrous " 15s.
Henry de Capilheved " 40s.
Robert de Killington " 20s.
Alexander Dregdraer " 15s.
Robert Fox " 22s. 6d.
John Paton " 15s.

Sum £10, whereof to the king 13s. 4d.; Exch. Lay Sub., 195 A.

1349 Rescue by local men at Haverbrack of a Scottish prisoner of Ralph de Bethum, knt. See Beetham. p. 222; Cal. Close R. 1349, p. 62; Cal. Pat. R. 1348, pp. 61, 312.

1390 John de Wyndesore held or Thomas de Roos, chivaler, four tenements and 40 a. land and meadow in the hamlet of Haverbrack for 2s. rent at Easter and Michaelmas, worth 20s.; Chan. Inq. p.m., 14 Richard II, n. 41.

1404 John de Wyndesore held of William de Parr, chivaler, as in 1390; ib. 6 Henry IV.

1407 John de Wyndesore held of John de Parr, as in 1390; ib. 9 Henry IV, n. 38.

c 1512 Rental of the possessions of the priory of Conyngesheved; Haverbrek: The earl of Derby, 43s. 4d.; Richard Milner [cancelled], Edward Hirton, 33s. 4d.; Robt. Diconson, 13s. 4d.; Robt. Hudson, 18s.; Wyllm. Diconson, 7s.; Edmunde [cancelled], Wyllm. Helme, 3s. 4d.; Robert Boro during the life of the aforesaid William; John Thomlynson, 4s.; Duchy of Lanc., Rentals, bundle 4, n. 4.

1522 Rental of Haverbreke for the 14th year [of Henry VIII] beginning, at the feast of St. George [23 April]: Robt. Dalam 43s. 4d.; Edward Hutton 33s. 4d.; Robt. Diconson 13s 4d.; Robt. Hudson 18s.; Willm. Diconson 7s.; Rawland Tomlynson 4s.; Thomas Helme 20d.; Rich. Helme 20d.; ib. bundle 4, n. 4.

1536 Robert Dallome renders for a tenement in Haverbreke, called Haverbreck Hall, at the terms of Martinmas and Pentecost, 46s. 8d. For other tenements there, Richard Hudson renders 18s.; Edward Wyrton 33s. 4d.; and John Dyconson 13s. 4d. The relict of William Hudson (Thomas Atkynson, the wife of Hugh Spence and the relict of Robert Hudson an interlineation (fn. 4) ) renders for a tenement there 7s.; Agnes Howse (Richard Helme and Thomas Helme an interlineation) for a tenement called Annyhouse 3s. 4d.; Rowland Thomson (Hudson an interlineation) for a tenement 4s.; Rental of the possessions of the late priory of Conyshed, Duchy of Lancs. Rentals, bundle 5, n. 11.

1536 "The instructions off the late supressed mounestere off Connyngshedd"; inter alia: Leonard Mount, fermer of Haverbrygge, the rent, 18s. 8d. More to the fermer by yere by the rente be 26s. 8d.; ib., n. 8.

1543 Grant to William Thornburgh of the manor of Haverbreck and the capital messuage called Haverbrack Hall etc., to be held of the king in chief by the 20th part of a knight's fee and a yearly rent of 18s. 3d.; Patent R., 37 Henry VIII.

1553 William Thorneburghe, knt., held at his death the manor and capital messuage called Haverbreke Hall in Bethum with lands in Haverbreke, held of the king in chief by knight's service; Court of Wards, Inq. p.m., vol. 6, n. III. See Selside, vol. i, page 242.

1557 Inquest taken at Kirkebye Kendal 17 October, 4-5 Philip and Mary, before Walter Strykelande, Nicholas Layburne and William Bardesey, esquires, by the oath of Anthony . . . . . . . ., Robt Becke, Richd Midleton, James Williamson, Thomas Sleddall, James Wilson, Stephen Feilde, Thomas Jenyngs, James Strykelande, William Doddyng, John Wilson, John Collinson, and James Tunstall, gentlemen, who say that:

Roland Thorneburghe, son and heir of Sir William Thorneburghe, on the day he died was seised of the manor and capital messuage called Haverbreke Hall in Betham and 10 messuages, 60 acres of land, 20 acres meadow, 10 acres wood, 30 acres waste and a moiety of one water mill in Haverbreke, Patton, Kyrkebye Lonsedall, Whynfell and Lupton. He was also seised of the manor or lordship of Patton and a moiety of the manor or lordship of Whynfell and six messuages or tenements in Selsedde. He was also seised of one messuage or tenement in Skelmesser.

The jury say that Sir William Thorneburgh knight, father of said Rowland, by the name of William Thorneburgh of Hamsfell in co. Lancaster, esquire, by his Indenture dated 29 March, I Edward VI (1547) granted to Richard Assheton, Anthony Duckett, Cuthbert Hutton, Nicholas Thorneburghe and Wm Pykeryng, esquires, the house and site of his manor of Selsedde and all other houses, buildings and demesne lands there in tenure of said Wm Thorneburghe, and one grain mill with one melting house and other premises there, then in his tenure; and 20 messuages, two fulling mills in the town of Sleddall then in the several tenures of John Harryson, Thomas Lyckbarrowe, John Atkinson, [Leonard] Hoghschon, Thomas Jackeson, Edmund Warryner, Robert Docker, John Backster, Richard Docker, Edmund Bennys[on], the lelict of Richd Lyckbarrowe, deceased, Robert Bempson, Anthony Bempson, Wm Myklowe, Hugh Todde, John Todde, Thos Holme, Henry Sheparde, Robert Sheparde and James Sheparde; and also two messuages in the town of Crosthwayte in several tenures of Brian Brigges and Henry Brigges; also three burgages in Kirkebye Kendall in several tenures of Christpher Foxe, Wm Becke and Henry Becke; and all the lands, rents and services to the said messuages and burgages belonging; To have and to hold to the said Richard Assheton and others their heirs and assigns to the use of the said Wm Thorneburghe and Thomasine his wife for their lives and the longest liver and after their deaths to use of the heirs of said William Thorneburghe by Thomasine, and in default of such to his own right heirs for ever. Which Thomasine is still alive at Salsedde.

By another charter dated 1 May, 2 Edward VI (1548), the said William Thorneburghe granted to Robert Curwen, gentleman, and Margaret his wife, mother of said Wm Thorneburghe, late the wife of one Rouland Thorneburgh, esquire, deceased, grandfather of Rouland named in the Commn, an annuity of £16 13s. 4d., issuing from six messuages in Selsedde, then in the several tenures of Wm Hogeson, Edward Sheparde, the relict of Peter Helme, Rouland Moserghe, Robert Bulmes and Wm Warryner and from all the other messuages, lands, etc. in Whinfell and Patton. To have, enjoy and levy the annuity to said Robert Curwen and Margaret during her life in name of her whole dower falling to her after the death of her late husband Rouland Thorneburghe. Which Robert Curwen and Margaret are still alive at Wetharyckes in co. Cumberland.

William Thorneburgh by another charter dated 27 Sept., 6 Edward VI (1552), granted to Anthony Gymell of Kirkeby Kendall "surgen" an annuity of one mark during his life issuing from two messuages at Crossebanke in Kirkeby Kendall, late in tenure of the relict of Christopher Foxe and John Becke. Which Anthony Gymell is still alive at Kirkebye Kendall.

The jurors further say that John Mydleton, John Preston, William Kyrkebye and Nicholas Thorneburgh, esquires, feoffees of the said Rouland Thorneburgh grandfather etc. (see above) of all his lands etc. in co. Westmoreland, by another charter dated 11 January, 26 Henry viii (1534–5), granted to Rouland Throneburgh, gentleman, younger son of said Rouland the grandfather etc. an annuity of £3 6s. 8d. issuing from all his messuages and lands in Whynfell and Selsedde. To have, enjoy and levy the same to the said Rouland, gentleman, during his life according to the effect of the last will of Rouland the grandfather etc. Which Rouland Thorneburgh, gentleman, is still alive at Cartemell, co. Lancaster.

The manor of Haverbreke Hall and other the premises in Haverbreke, Patton, Kirkebye Lonsedall, Whynfell and Lupton are held of the king and queen in chief by knight service, namely one twentieth part of a knight's fee and by a rent of 18s. 3d. yearly, worth yearly clear £8 2s. 4d. The manor of Patton is held of the late Marquis of Northampton as of his castle of Kendall by the service of one red rose yearly for all services, worth yearly clear 20s. The moiety of the manor of Whynfell is held of the heirs of Richard Redman, esquire, deceased, in socage, worth yearly clear 13s. 4d. The messuage in Skelmesser is held of Nicholas Layborne, esquire, in socage namely, by fealty and a rent of 3d. yearly for all services, worth yearly clear 6s.8d. The six messuages in Selsedde are held of the heirs of said Richard Redman in socage and are worth yearly clear 6s. 8d. The house and site of the manor of Selsedde and grain mill and kiln (ustrina) and other the premises there granted to the use of Thomasine, are held of the heirs of said Richard Redman in socage and are worth yearly clear £8 13s. 4d. The 20 messuages with two mills and other premises in Sleddall granted to use of said Thomasine are held of the late Marquis of Northampton as of his castle of Kendall in socage by fealty and a rent of 6d. yearly for all services, worth yearly clear £12 4s. 4d. The two messuages in Crosthwaite granted to use of said Thomasine are held of late Marquis etc. as of etc. by rent of one white rose for all services, worth yearly clear 26s. 8d. The three burgages and other the premises in Kyrkeby Kendall granted to use of said Thomasine are held they know not how or by what services and they are worth yearly clear 23s.

Thomasine has received the profits of the premises assigned to her in dower from the time of the death of Rouland named in the Commission until now. And the customary tenants of the remainder of the premises above specified have received the profits from time of said Rouland's death until now as tenants at will of the King and queen according to the custom of the country called Tenantright.

Rouland Thorneburgh named in the Commn died 12 June, 3–4 Philip and Mary (1557) and William Thorneburgh, esquire, is his brother and next heir and is aged 11 years 25 weeks and upwards now. Chan. Inq. p.m., ser. ii, vol. 112, n. 166.

1609 William Thorneburghe, gent., held at his death a capital messuage called Dallam Tower and 60 a. demesne land and other tenements, and the moiety of a corn-mill called Heron Milne in Haverbracke, held of the king in chief by knight's service; which tenements in Haverbracke the said William Thorneburghe and Rowland his son and heir had purchased of John Preston, Richard Hollande and others (named). Court of Wards, Inq. p.m., vol. 43, n. 105. See Selside, vol. i, page 245.

c 1610 Rowland Thornburgh of Selside and Hampsfield sold the manor of Haverbrack to Henry Parker, brother of Edward Parker, lord Morley; Nicolson and Burn, i, 229.

c 1645 Edward Parker, esq., sold the manor to Edward Wilson, son of Thomas Wilson of Kendal, esq.; ib.

1651 Mr. Wilson paid to the Marquis Fee 2s. yearly for Haverbrack; Parl. Surveys, Westmorland, n. 5.

1676 Edward Wilson, esq., paid a yearly rent of 2s. in respect of Haverbrack to the Marquis Fee; Rental and Extent at Lowther Castle.

1764 At the Court Baron of Daniel Wilson, esq. (a minor), lord of the manor of Heversham, holden by Mrs. Dorothy Wilson, his mother and guardian, at Heversham Hall, 29 October, 1764, John Smyth made fine of £8 16s. due on the death of Edward Wilson, esq., late lord, 26 Sep., 1770. John Smyth is described as of Dallam Tower in indentures of bargain and sale, dated 23 February, 1773, of premises to be held in trust to the use of Mr. John Wilson, Schoolmaster of Heversham School, and his successors. Farrer, Heversham Gram. School Records.


  • 1. Where a man or woman seised of lands or tenements hath no issue but daughters, and dieth, and the tenements descend to such daughters, then they are called parceners, and are but one heir to their ancestor. And they are termed parceners because by the writ de Partitione facienda the law will constrain them to make partition, though they may make partition by consent.
  • 2. c.f. Charter Conishead Priory, Monasticon ii, 425; Parker, Pipe Rolls, 170, etc. The distance over which a measuring-rod "falls," i.e., rod, pole or perch. Skene, De Verb. Sign. s.v. Particata, "Sa meikle lande as in measuring falles under the rod or raip in length is called ane fall of measure." Peacock, Lonsdale Gloss, "a rod of seven yards." In Lancashire and Westmorland we still use seven yards to the rod for fence walling and drainage.
  • 3. Fr. Eire, viz. iter. The Court of Justices itinerant. These justices were sent with a general commission to hear such causes as were termed Pleas of the Crown, for the ease of the people who must else have been hurried to the King's Bench, if the cause were too high for the County Conrt.
  • 4. The interlineations refer to subsequent changes of tenant and in one instance to the former tenants.