Supplementary Records: Levens

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Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 3. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1926.

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1383 The Lumley Fee. Ralph brother and heir of Robert son and heir of Marmaduke de Lumbleye obtained livery of such manors and lands of Thomas de Thweng, deceased, as were lately in the hands of Edward III., by reason of the minority of the said Robert, who died within age in the said late King's wardship; Ralph having proved his age and the King having taken his homage and fealty. A partition of the lands late of Thomas de Thweng had been made between (1) William de Botrieux, Knt. and Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Katherine, sister of the deceased and cousin and one of his heirs; (2) Walter Pedwardyn, Knt. and Isabel his wife, daughter of Margaret, second sister of the deceased; (3) John de Hothom, Knt. son of Matilda, another daughter of the said Margaret; (4) for the pourparty of the said Robert, being son of Marmaduke, son of Lucy, third sister of the deceased, then within age and in the late King's wardship, the King kept in his hand the Manor of Helsyngton, extended at £22 14s. 8¼d. a year; a yearly rent issuing from divers freeholds in Kirkeby in Kendale at 10s.; the free farm of divers freeholders in Kendale and elsewhere with the tarns of Skakeleswater and Grissemire and the fishery thereof at 30s. 2¼d. a year; two-thirds of a pasture and wood called the Haye and of a pasture called Moserthewayte at 12½d. a year; the service of Randolph de Dacre at 12d., of Richard Vernoun at 6s. 8d., of Henry de Threllekeld at 16s., of Hugh de Dacre and Gilbert son of Christopher de Lancastre at 2s., of Robert de Kyrkeby at 12d., of John de Souleby at 8d., of John Knot at 1d., and of Robert Wasshyngton at 12d.; a fourth part of the fishery of the Fors and of the river Kent, the fishery of Wynandermere at 30s.; a fourth part of the hamlets of Severgh, Threllesgrope, Montjowe and Brentwode, pleas and perquisites of court in the premises at 10s., and premises and rents in certain places in Lancashire (named) and £4 5s. 3d. of rent in the manor of Lounde, Yorks.; all which premises were delivered as above to the said Ralph de Lumbleye; (fn. 1) Cal. Close R. 336.

1651 11 April. Forasmuch as the Cawsey between Beathwaite Green and Sampoll is now by the oaths, etc. proved to be a common highway leading between the market towns of K. Lonsdale and Cartmell, and that the same by the Statute, being a common highway, is to be repaired by the inhabitants of the parish wherein it lies. And forasmuch as it appears that by the custom of the Barony of Kendal every constabulary is to repair their own highways, it is therefore now ordered that the inhabitants of the Lordship or Constabulary of Levens, wherein the said Cawsey lies, and now in great decay, shall cause the same to be repaired at or before Michaelmas Sessions next. Quarter Sessions Records.

1654 7 April. For the matter in controversy betwixt the inhabitants of Levens and Witherslack touching the repair of Sampull Cawsey, it is ordered that both parties produce their witnesses in open Court the next Sessions. (Ibid.). At the 17 July Sessions the case was adjourned. (Ibid.). And upon hearing the matter at the 6 October Sessions the Court approve of the necessity of the said way, but for repair thereof leave it as it hath been accustomed for 50 years last past. Ibid.

1666 2 October. The Earl of Derby to Sir John Lowther and Daniel Fleming saying that his tenants at Witherslack have complained that they are very much damnified by the decay of Brathwaite Green "cawsey" and Sampepoole Bridge. Hist. MSS. Com., 12th Rep. 42.

1669 15 January. The jury present that the public bridge called Sampoole Bridge upon the stream called Sampoole is ruinous and in decay and ought to be repaired by the inhabitants of co. Westmorland. K. Indictment Book, 1669–1692.

1672 13 January. Sampool bridge on the highway leading from the market town of Cartmel to K. Kendall having been presented by two justices to be ruinous, order to William Garnett and Tobias Knipe, gent., high constable of K. Ward, to survey the same and contract for the repair thereof. K. Indictment Book, 1669–1692.

The Long Cawsey, leading from K. Kendall, K. Lonsdale and several other market towns over the bridge called Sampoole and so over Bleacragg bridge to the market towns of Cartmell and Ulverston having been presented as in great decay; order that the same be repaired by the inhabitants as formerly before next Sessions. (Ibid.). On 5 May following the way called the Long Cawsey, parish of Heversham, presented at last Sessions as ruinous, was ordered to be repaired by the inhabitants of Leavenes, as formerly, who now petition that being the King's highway, the same for the future may be charged on the county or parish. Order that for the future it be repaired by the inhabitants of the parish of Heversham. K. Indictment Book, 1669–92, see also K. Order Book, 1669–96.

1691/2 15 January. Ordered that the several persons concerned who ought to repair the Cawsey near Beathwaite Green do forthwith repair the same, otherwise to be indicted (K Order Book, 1669–96). On 7 October following there was a further Order that the Long Cawsey be repaired within one month upon pain of £5. K. Indictment Book, 1692–1724.

1706 11 October. Beathwaite Green new bridge indicted by the jury, upon presentment of Richard Fleming, esq, and Dr. Archer, to be in decay. K. Indictment Book, 1692–1724.

1709 7 October. Indictment and order to repair the way from Beathwaite Green to New Bridge. Ibid.

1709/10 13 January. Presentment that Levens Bridge, being a public bridge is in decay and that the Cawsey adjoining thereto is broken up and by the violent floods lately happened deep holes are made in the same; order for the chief constable to view and repair the causeway and report as to the cost of repairing the bridge. K. Order Book, 1696–1724.

1712 10 October. Order to contract for the repair of Levens Bridge and causeway. (K. Order Book, 1696–1724). Ditto on 17 April, 1713. (Ibid.). On 25 August following Rowland Walker, mason, received £10 for his work. Browne MSS. vol. i, n. 265.

1720 11 March. Christopher Bindloss entered into an agreement to firmly and sufficiently repair and amend the public highway between Levens Bridge end and Nether Levens, i.e. first to make a good strong and broad wall of large and long stones in the river from the entrance into the water of Nether Levens side below the said Levens Bridge down the water 40 yards or thereabouts to be made and raised so high as to defend and secure the public highway. Laying all the foundation and groundwork very low and deep in the sand and to be four foot broad in the bottom. Item to cut shift and remove the sand bed which now lies in the midst of the water below the said bridge to either side of the river. Also to complete and finish the work and every part thereof on or before the 1 August next ensuing. Also shall from time to time and at all times as often as shall be requisite and needful well and sufficiently repair amend maintain and uphold all the said new intended wall and work for and during the term of seven years The contract cost £7 10s. of lawful English money. Browne MSS., vol. xv, n. 190. This was when the highway passed for a distance of about a furlong close beside the north bank of the river and consequently before the Turnpike Act made the present diversion.

1816 Survey of the Levens Hall estate

1720 12 July. Order for the high constable to view the public bridge called Levens Bridge. (K. Order Book, 1696–1724). On 13 January following an Order was issued to the high constable of K. Ward to contract for repair of part of Levens bridge in decay next to Nether Levens and pay £5 as a gratuity towards the repair of Pow house Bridge, it being not a public bridge, so that it be effectually repaired by those that ought to repair it. Ibid.

1722 5 October. Presentment that several persons in and above Beathwaite Green make a public way over the bridge called Sampey (Sampool) Bridge with carts and carriages to the prejudice therof; order to the high constable to view and report the cost of repair. Ibid.

1730/1 15 January. In pursuance of an Order made at this Sessions Benjamin Browne reported that the way from Levens to Beathwaite Green was in several places very narrow and covered with hedges. Browne MSS., vol. i, n. 220.

1737 7 October. Order to the high constable to view Levens Bridge and contract for the repair of 300 feet of the highway at the end of the bridge. K. Order Book, 1725–37.

1740/1 16 January. Presentment that 100 roods in length and 3 yards in breadth in the King's highway in a certain place called Brigsteer Park in the parish of Haversham leading from the township of Underbarrow to the market town of Burton is in great decay for want of reparation so that the subjects of the King passing and repassing on horseback and with their carts and carriages cannot without danger to their lives to the great let and common niusance of all his Majesty's liege people, and that the said way was dirty, founderous and bad, etc. K. Indictment Book, 1738–50.

1748/9 13 January. Presentment that Levens Bridge is out of repair. Ibid.

1760 14 January. Presentment that Levens Bridge is one of the public bridges and in great decay and ought to be repaired at the public expense of the county. (K. Indictment Book, 1750–60). Order to the two high constables to view and report the condition of the said bridge at the next Sessions. (Ibid.). On the 14 April following an order was issued to contract with some able and experienced workmen for the repair of Levens Bridge. (K. Order Book, 1750–60). On 9 January, 1764, the presentment was discharged on a certificate that the bridge was in good and sufficient repair. K. Indictment Book, 1760–70.

1766 15 July. Order that the two high constables do forthwith repair the old part of Levens Bridge. K. Order Book, 1760–70.

1768 11 April. Presentment that New Bridge (Sampool) is one of the public bridges belonging to the County and that the said bridge is in great decay for want of due reparation to the great damage and common nuisance of all the king's liege subjects, and that it ought to be repaired at the public expense, ordered that the two high constables view and report the condition at the next Sessions. K. Indict. Book, 1760–70.

1783 6 October. Presentment that Levens Bridge is one of the public bridges and that the east or higher side of the said bridge and the arches thereof is in great decay, and ought to be repaired at the public expense of the county. (K. Indict. Book, 1780–87). Certified in good and sufficient repair on 4 October, 1784. Ibid.

1787 13 January. George Haresnape of Hincaster was convicted for attempting to take salmon and other fish in enclosed ground called Levens Park on 2 November last past and was fined £5 to the Lady Mary Howard the owner of the fishing. K. Indict. Book, 1780–87.

1793 12 April. Presentment that Levens Bridge and 300 ft. of the road at each end of it are in great decay and ought to be repaired at the public expense of co. Westmorland. K. Order and Indictment Book, 1786–98.

1795 9 October. Order to get an estimate for rebuilding the addition to Levens Bridge lately fallen down, and to contract for the necessary repair. Ibid.

1798 12 January. Presentment that Sampool Bridge, otherwise (the old) New Bridge, and the public highway called Long Causeway or Beathwaite Green Causeway, ought to be repaired. Ibid.

1810 12 January. Appointment by Ric. Howard, esq., of Hon. Fulk Greville Howard, as his gamekeeper for the manors or lordships of Levens, Heversham, Millthrop, Clawthrop, Fawcett Forest, High House Skelsmergh, Helsington, Underbarrow, Crosthwaite with Lyth, Crook, Staveley, Hughgill, Long Sleddale, Sadgill, Kendal, Kirkland, Watchfield and Gathorn. K. Order and Indictment Book, 1798– 1811.

1815 10 July. Presentment that Edward Metcalfe unlawfully did keep at large and did permit and suffer to go at large 10 horses, 10 mares, 10 geldings then and there being infected and diseased upon the King's highway by reason whereof the liege subjects could not pass without great danger of being kicked and lamed and without being greatly obstructed, etc. (K. Indict. Book, 1811–17). Fined £20 and William Metcalfe also fined £20. Ibid.

1818 21 November. Died on the 13th inst. at his seat, Ashtead Park, aged 85, Richard Howard, Recorder of Kendal, brother of the late and uncle of the present lord Bagot, having survived his worthy lady only a few months. The Hon. Col. Fulke Greville Howard, his son-in-law, is shortly expected at Levens. Local Chron., 29.

1819 18 October. Order that Lyth Pool Bridge, in decay, shall be wholly taken down and rebuilt upon a new and more convenient site within 200 yards of the former one; and that the Trustees of the Ulverston and Carnforth Road be allowed to take the old materials of the present bridge, conditionally on their erecting a new bridge southward, down the river Pool or upon a diversion of the same river, and that they make a temporary bridge over the river before the present bridge is removed. K. Order Book, 1817–24. See Plan on the next page.

1821 8 January. Order with plan annexed for diverting and turning and stopping up a certain part of a public highway in Levens. (K. Indict. Book, 1817–24). Also for stopping up two useless footways. Ibid.

Sampool bridges

1821 30 April. Filed an order with plan annexed that a part of the public highway leading from the site of the late bridge over the river Pool towards Beethwaite Green for the length of 220 yards, coloured red on the plan as being unnecessary, to stop up, sell or dispose of such part, reserving nevertheless to the Hon. Fulk Greville Howard a free passage for persons horses cattle and carriages through the land of that part of the said highway which leads from Beethwaite Green to the close belonging to him adjoining to and lying on the north side of the said old highway. K. Indict. Book, 1817–24.

1824 19 June. On Wednesday last the foundation stone of a new school at Beathwaite Green was laid, and on 5 July, 1826, the Hon. F. G. Howard laid the foundation stone of the new chapel there. Local Chron., pp. 59, 122.

1865 7 April. Rev. Arthur John Smith took the usual oaths and subscribed the Declaration on his appointment to the Incumbency of Levens. K. Minute Book, 1859–75.

1886 The question "is meat ever used to give strength to beer" appeared in Tit-Bits, vol. x, 326. Considerable doubts have been expressed as to the possibility of combining meat with malt and hops. Such a combination, however, was made in the case of Morocco, brewed at Levens Hall from a secret recipe, and flesh was certainly introduced into the Durham University strong beer. It is almost dark, pours like oil and tastes mild as milk in its treachery. K. Notes and Queries, n. 671.

1891 25 February. Levens Bridge consists of two spans, 52 ft. 7 ins. and 47 ft. 9 ins. on the south and north sides respectively, with a central pier 11 ft. 5 ins. thick. It has been built in two sections, the lower portion built first with an overall width of 10 feet, and the upper portion added. There has been no attempt to tie the two portions together and the consequence is that they have separated from nothing at the springing line to something approaching 12 inches at the crown. The whole structure is out of plumb, inclining from west to east. The surveyor suggests bolting the two sections together, and that the arches be bared on the top and levelled up with cement concrete and that covered with asphalte to prevent the water percolating through and further disintegrating the masonry. C.C. Minutes, 1889–94.

1899 2 June. The damage done to Levens Bridge by the flood of 2nd November last was serious. A great portion of the abutment on the south-east side was washed out. The cost of repair amounted to £76 3s. 2d. C.C. Minutes, 1899–1900.


  • 1. The above described premises formed part of the Lumley fee which was acquired by the Bellinghams; was in the possession of Thomas Bellingham at his decease in 1580 (vol. 1, pp. 156–159) and now forms part of the Levens Hall estate.