Supplementary Records: Farleton

Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 3. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1926.

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. "Supplementary Records: Farleton", in Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 3, (Kendal, 1926) 266-267. British History Online, accessed May 20, 2024,

. "Supplementary Records: Farleton", Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 3, (Kendal, 1926). 266-267. British History Online. Web. 20 May 2024,


1684 Edward Wilson, esq., of Dallam Tower to all constables, etc. Whereas the several persons hereafter named, every of them being of the age of sixteen years and upwards and subjects of this realm, were the 19th day of this instant October, present at an assembly, conventicle or meeting under colour and pretence of exercise of religion in other manner than according to the Liturgy and Practice of the Church of England, in the dwelling house of Richard Atkinson of Farleton, yeoman, contrary to an Act of Parliament, etc. being by me, the said Edward Wilson, of the said several offences duly convicted and for their several offences fined . . . . . These are therefore in his Majesty's name to will and command you, and every of you, to demand the said several fines . . . . and in case they, or any of them, neglect or refuse to pay the same that then on such you forthwith levy the same by distress and sale of their goods and chattels respectively. It would appear that the preacher was a stranger and his name and habitation unknown, and being fled . . . . is fined £20. Richard Atkinson of Farleton for suffering such conventicle in his house is fined £20, and a further 10s. for being present it being his fourth offence. Thomas Moore of Newbiggin, house-carpenter is fined 5s. for being present and the sum of £2 towards the £20 forfeiture of the said stranger. Henry Skyring of Lupton for being present is fined 5s. From Richard Atkinson were taken cattle and corn to the value of £39 14s.; from Thomas Moore oats worth £2 5s. 6d. Henry Skyring's fine was paid without his knowledge or consent. Alexander Pearson, Material for an account of K. Lonsdale.

1706 11 October. The house of Richard Atkinson in Farleton is licensed as a place for religious worship for the people called Quakers. K. Order Book, 1696–1724.

1730/1 15 January. In pursuance of an Order made at this Quarter Sessions Benjamin Browne reported that the way from Farleton Bridge to Holme was in several places very narrow and thorn and hazel grows much into the way. Browne MSS., vol. I, n. 220.

1746 11 April. Order for the two high constables to view Farleton Bridge and contract for its repair. K. Order Book, 1738–50.

1750 27 April. Whereas it appears that a certain river called Farleton Beck running between a place called Mansergh Stang and the Bottom of Farleton Ings is now sanded up and runs out of its usual channel whereby the said water overflows the highways by which means his Majesty's subjects cannot pass and repass to the great damage of all adjacent grounds; it is therefore ordered that the several respective persons and owners of the land adjoining unto the sides of the said river do forthwith sufficiently cleanse the same and that they do make the river 13 foot broad and 3 foot deep from Mansergh Stang to a place called Challen Ditch, and from thence to the Bottom of Farleton Ings 18 foot broad and 30 inches deep according to former orders, etc. Ibid.

1818 12 January. Order with plan annexed for diverting the highway leading from Farleton by Ellers towards and unto the turnpike road from Heron Syke to K. Kendal. Also for diverting the highway leading from Overthwaite towards and unto the same turnpike road. K. Indict. Book, 1817–24.

1819 11 January. Presentment that there is a common and ancient King's highway leading between the market towns of Burton and K. Lonsdale and that a certain part of the same in the township of Farleton lying next adjoining the south end of Farleton Bridge and extending southwards for 300 feet and in breadth 16 feet, and a certain other part thereof beginning at the north end and extending northwards containing in length 100 feet and in breadth 26 feet is very ruinous and in decay, etc., and that the inhabitants of the county ought to repair the same. K. Indict. Book, 1817–24.

1820 10 April. Presentment that Farleton Bridge in the king's common highway leading from Burton to Kirkby Kendal is very narrow and incommodious so that the liege subjects of our lord the King, etc. and ought to be amended by the inhabitants of the county. Ibid.

1823 7 April. Filed an order with plan annexed for stopping up and disposing of a certain footway leading from the village of Farleton towards the village of Holme, from and out of a certain public highway leading from Farleton to Milnthorpe at or near a certain bridge over the Lancaster canal near the Duke of Cumberland Inn through and over several closes of land belonging to Thomas Cartmel, esq. and known as Field Close, Holmegate, Long close and the Kiln Cornthwaite, towards and unto the bank of the said canal at the south west corner of the said field called Kiln Cornthwaite and terminating therewith, of the length of 638 yards. K. Indict. Book, 1817–24.