Supplementary Records: Barbon

Pages 297-298

Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 3. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1926.

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1698 7 October. Petition of the inhabitants of K. Lonsdale and neighbourhood respecting a very useful bridge near Barbon called Hodge Bridge over the river called Barbon beck, and the highway between the bridge and the houses lying by the river side, being both very much our of repair to the danger of travellers between Sedbergh and K. Lonsdale; Order to the constablewick of Barbon to erect a sufficient bridge where the other bridge stood and repair the way now in decay. (K. Order Book, 1696–1724). At the following January Sessions it was found that the bridge ought also to be repaired by Richard Dodgson and Samuel Gibson, by reason of their tenure of a parcel of land called Le Waistes lying near the said bridge. K. Indictment Book, 1692–1724.

1699 21 April. Further order to the inhabitants of Barbon to repair Hodge Bridge and the way there, before 1 July next or else to be severely fined. (K. Order Book, 1696–1724). On 6 October following the order was made absolute. Ibid.

1702 17 April. Ordered that the Chief Constable of Lonsdale Ward view the defects of Barbon bridge and give an estimate. K. Order Book, 1696–1724.

1724 17 April. Presentment that the public bridge in Barbon is in great decay for want of repair. K. Indictment Book, 1692–1724.

1729 April. Presentment that the alta via Regia into Underley and Barbon Beck foot is very ruinous. K. Indictment Book, 1725–37.

At Barbon High Beck Foot there is an ancient pack-horse bridge which must be the narrowest in the Barony; it is only 2 ft. 5 inches between the parapets and 4 ft. wide over all. It has a single span of 23 feet across the Beck and the crown of the arch rises 6 ft. above the mean water level. In its way it is almost unique and should be carefully preserved.

1746 11 April. Order to the 2 high constables to view Barbon Bridge and contract for the repair of the same. K. Order Book, 1738–50.

1752 14 July. Presentment that there is a certain common and ancient King's highway leading between the market towns of K. Lonsdale and Sedbergh, and that a certain part of the same at High Lane beginning at Ellerbeck and from thence unto Rainrigg beck containing in length about one mile and in breadth 8 feet is very ruinous, miry, deep broken and in decay, etc., and that the inhabitants of the township of Barbon ought to repair it. (K. Indictment Book, 1750– 60). At the court held on 5 October, 1753 the road was certified as well and sufficiently repaired and the indictment was discharged. Ibid.

1771 7 October. Presentment that a common public bridge called Barbon Bridge situate over Barbon beck in the highway called the Low Road leading from the town of Sedbergh to the town of K. Lonsdale is very ruinous and in great decay, etc. and that the public ought to repair and amend the same. (K. Indictment Book, 1770–80). Ordered that the two high constables view and report the condition at the next sessions. (Ibid.). Certified on 27 April, 1772, as in good and sufficient repair so that the indictment can be discharged. K. Order Book, 1770–80.

1810 4 May. Certificate under the hands of William Braithwaite, Joseph Salkeld, James Coates and John Coates, that a dwelling house in the possession of Thomas Winn in Barbon, was intended to be used for religious worship; allowed. K. Order and Indictment Book, 1798–1811.

1813 26 April. Presentment that on the King's common highway leading between the market towns of K. Lonsdale and Dent there is a common public bridge called Blind beck bridge in the townshship of Barbon that is in a very ruinous and broken condition, etc. and that the inhabitants of the county ought to repair the same. (K. Indictment Book, 1811–17). On 12 July following the inhabitants pleaded Guilty and were fined £50 if the bridge is not repaired sufficiently before the Midsummer Session, 1814. Ibid.

1813 12 July. Order for the diverting and turning of a road within the township of Barbon through the lands and grounds of James Harrison of Lowfields, instead of the road now used, a plan of the same being filed. K. Indictment Book, 1811–17.

1867 3 January. Report that Hodge Bridge requires the expenditure of £100 in building retaining walls and in making the bridge secure. Ordered that plans and estimates be prepared. K. Minute Book, 1859–75.