Supplementary Records: Middleton

Pages 303-304

Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 3. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1926.

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1634 Middleton Chapel was built on land given by Rev. C. Bainbrigg, D.D.

1671 7 October. Stockdale bridge in Middleton was presented as in decay and repairable by the inhabitants of the county. K. Indict. Book, 1669–92.

1696 14 July. John Proctor, curate of Middleton, signed the antiJacobite "Association" formed throughout the Kingdom for the protection of William III. K. Indictment Book, 1692–1724.

1706 11 October. The house of John Thornbeck in Middleton licensed for religious worship for the people called Quakers. K. Order Book, 1696–1724.

1710/11 12 January. Order for repair of the battlements of "Stocbeck" bridge in Middleton and construction of a new arch 4 ft. broad near the bridge, the lack of which makes the way to the bridge very dangerous. Ibid.

1724/5 15 January. Order to the inhabitants of Middleton to assist towards the repair of two highways leading from Sedbergh to the county bridge called Stockdale Beck Bridge and so along the highway to another county bridge called Barbon Bridge and so to K. Lonsdale. K. Order Book, 1696–1724.

1738/9 12 January. Upon the petition of the inhabitants of Middleton praying for reasons therein contained that a bridge called Low Stocklebeck Bridge may be made a County bridge; Order to the two high constables to view and report the condition thereof at the next Sessions. K. Order Book, 1738–1750.

1772 13 January. Petition of the Surveyor of highways within the township of Middleton setting forth that the highways are greatly out of repair and that 6 days labour is insufficient to effectually repair the same; it is ordered that an assessment of 6d. in the pound be levied upon the several inhabitants owners and occupiers and that in case of refusal or non payment within 10 days after demand, by distress and sale of goods, etc. K. Order Book, 1770–80.

1780 1 February. Died Sunday se'nnight, at his house in Kendal, aged 71, Lt.-Col. John Moore, of the Westmorland Militia, one of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace and Collector of the Stamp Duties for the counties of Westmorland and Cumberland. His remains were removed last Thursday and interred at Middleton Chapel near his county seat. Cumberland Pacquet.

1791 5 March. Died Wednesday se'nnight at Walthamstow in Essex, the Rev. Adam Askew, of Middleton Hall, brother to Henry Askew of Redheugh near Newcastle. Newcastle Chronicle.

1809 14 April. The water course or beck called Black Beck, being part of the highway from K. Lonsdale to Sedbergh, and containing 10 yards in length and 4 yards in breadth, is in great decay and ought to be repaired by the township of Middleton. K. Order and Indictment Book, 1798-1811.

1862 11 April. Resolved that both High and Low Stockdale Bridges be repaired. K. Minute Book, 1859–75.

1891 5 March. Stockdale High Bridge is situate on a Bye Road commencing at Barbon and coming into the Sedbergh Road near Middleton Hall. It has a span of 32 ft. 4 ins. and the width of the roadway between the parapets is 10 feet 3 ins. The bridge generally is built of beck cobbles with rough flag stones to form the arches. C.C. Minutes, 1889–94.

1891 12 September. About two-thirds of the eastern side of Middleton Hall Bridge was washed down. Reported on 14 January, 1892, as being satisfactorily rebuilt. C.C. Minutes, 1889–94.

1899 2 June. Application by the vicar of Middleton to enclose a space which was open to the main road and had hitherto been used as a playground, and which the vicar desired to add to the churchyard. Agreed to. C.C. Minutes, 1899–1900.

1911 3 March. The work in connection with the strengthening of Middleton New Bridge (8 ft. 3 ins. wide) by a ferro-concrete saddle was commenced on 10 April and the work is now going forward in an expeditious manner. C.C. Minutes, 1911–12.