Records of Kendale: The 'Association'

Pages 54-55

Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 3. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1926.

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A conspiracy to murder William III in order to ensure the success of the return of James II to the throne, was discovered in February, 1696. A great revulsion of Anti–Jacobite feeling swept over the country, the Habeas Corpus Act was suspended and an "Association" was formed for the protection of the king.

On the 14th July, 1696, the following gentlemen in the Barony of Kendale signed the "Association" which read:—"Whereas there has been a horrid and detestable Conspiracy formed and carryed on by Papists and other Traterous persons for assassinating his Majesties Royall person, in order to incurrage an invation from France, to subvert our Religion, Lawes and Liberty. Wee whose names are hereunto subscribed doe heartily, sincearly and solemnly profes, testifie and declare, that his present Majesty King William is rightfull and lawfull King of these Realmes, And wee doe mutually promis and engage to stand by and assist each other to the utmost of our power, in the support and defence of his Majesties most sacred person and Government against the late King James and all his adherents, And in case his Majestie come to any violent or untimely death (which God forbid) wee doe hereby further freely and unanimously oblige ourselves to unite, associate and stand by each other in revenging the same upon his enemies and their adherents, and in supporting and defending the succession of the Crowne according to an Act made in the First year of the Raigne of King William and Queen Mary, entituled an Act declareing the Rights and libertyes of the Subject and settleing the succession of the Crowne"

William Curwen, Mayor-elect of K. Kendal.

William Brownsword, ex-mayor.

Joseph Simpson, ex-mayor.

Tho. Murgatroyd, vicar of Kendall.

John Jefferson, schoolmaster of Kendall.

Tho. Browne, gaoler.

Edw. Nicholson, curate of Old Hutton.

Will. Harryson, curate of Staveley.

Tho. Knott, minister of Ambleside.

Will. Wilson, rector of Windermeer.

Geo. Farmer, vicar of Heversham.

Will. Jackson, vicar of Beathom.

Tho. Barbon, vicar of Burton.

John Briggs, vicar of K. Lonsdale.

John Firbank, schoolmaster of K. Lonsdale.

John Procter, curate of Middleton.

Will. Slater, curate of Killington.

John Hall, under-sheriff.

Will. Birkhead.
Ant. Saul.
Benj. Johnson.
John Jackson.
Jas. Backhouse.
Tho. Birkett.
Chas. Saul.
Rob. Heblethwaite.
John Barker.
Geo. Dixon.
Nich. Atkinson.
John Thompson.
John Jon.
Christo. Harling.
Steph. Slany.
Miles Wright.
Will. Clarke.
Levet Thompson.
Jos. Heath.
Jos. Ward.
Ric. Baynes.
Tho. Holme.
John Lambe.
Tho. Watson.
Sam. Green.
Rob. Cooke.
Rob. Philipson.
Ephr. Sandford.
John Atkinson.
Jeffery Beck.
Geo. Bowes.
Ralph Burden.
Tho. Daniel.
Tho. Lyon.
Raph. Wilson.
Edw. Whinfeild.
Chas. Strickland.
Will. Fleming.
Dan. Fleming.
Edw. Wilkinson.
Ric. Trotter.
Jos. Lambert.
Tho. Hebblethwaite.
Tho. Remington.
John Walker.
Edw. Wilson
John Wright.
Allan Chambre.
Edw. Tonge.
John Brougham.
Ric. Birkett.
Steph. Birkett.

At APPLEBY on the 17th July, the ASSOCIATION was signed among 39 others, by Jas. Robinson, curate of Hugill. On the 25th July, among 5 others, by Will. Wilkinson, vicar of Crosby Ravensworth, and Mathew Rudd, schoolmaster of Russendale. On the 31st July, among 6 others, by Hen. Fleming, rector of Ashby and Grasmere, Rog. Kenion, vicar of Orton, and Will. Atkinson, vicar of Morland. And on the 1st August, 1696, among 3 others, by Thomas Jackson, schoolmaster of Bampton, Rowland Barrow, rector of Brougham and Clifton, Ric. Holme, rector of Lowther, Tho. Knott, vicar of Bampton, and Lanclot Sissan, curate of Thrimby. Kendal Indictment Book, 1692–1724.