Lancashire Fines: Diverse counties (Edward II)

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Final Concords For Lancashire, Part 2, 1307-77. Originally published by Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, Edinburgh, 1902.

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Divers Counties.

Edward II., 1307—1327.

File 25, no. 104. At Westminster, on the Octave of St. Martin, 8 Edward II. [18th November, 1314]

Between Simon de Gnype, plaintiff, and Henry de Gnype, and Beatrice, his wife, deforciants of 6 messuages, 60 acres of land, 10 acres of meadow, and 10 acres of pasture in Stirkelandketel [Strickland Kettle], Sleddal [Longsleddale], and Loutherqual, (fn. 1) co Westmorland, and of 1 messuage, 7 tofts, 60 acres of land, 20 acres of meadow, and 20 acres of pasture in Broghton in Kertemel [Broughton in Cartmel], co. Lancaster.

Henry and Beatrice acknowledged the said tenements to be the right of Simon, for which Simon granted them to Henry and Beatrice for their lives, rendering a rose at the Nativity of St. John the Baptist for all service, etc. After the decease of the said Henry and Beatrice, the said tenements to revert to Simon and his heirs for ever.

File 31, no. 159. At Westminster, on the Quindene of Easter, 11 Edward II. [17th May, 1318].

Between Ingram de Gynes and Cristiana, his wife, plaintiffs, and John, son of John de Cauncefeld, deforciant of the manor of Casterton, co. Westmorland, and of the manor of Whytington, co. Lancaster.

Ingram and Cristiana acknowledged the said manors to be the right of John, for which John granted them to Ingram and Cristiana for their lives, after their decease to remain to Baldwin de Gynes (fn. 2) and to the heirs begotten of his body, in default to remain to Robert, brother of the said Baldwin, for his life, after his decease to remain to the right heirs of Cristiana for ever.

File 33, no. 263. At Westminster, on the Octave of St. Hilary, 19 Edward II. [20th January, 1326].

Between Nicholas Deuyas, plaintiff, and Hugh de Balne, parson of the church of Baddesword, deforciant of 5 messuages and 5 oxgangs of land in Rysum [Rischolme], co. Lincoln, and of a moiety of the manor of Samlesbury, co. Lancaster.

Nicholas acknowledged the said tenements to be the right of Hugh, for which Hugh granted them to Nicholas for his life, after the decease of the said Nicholas to remain to Alice, daughter of the said Nicholas, and to the heirs whom Gilbert, son of Gilbert de Sotheworth, should beget by the said Alice, in default to remain to the right heirs of the said Nicholas for ever.

This agreement was made by the King's command.


  • 1. Possibly a place near Ambleside.
  • 2. See p. 38.