Lancashire Fines: Henry VI (various dates)

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Final Concords For Lancashire, Part 3, 1377-1509. Originally published by Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, Edinburgh, 1905.

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Fines Paid For Various Writs Of Different Dates.

(Duchy of Lancaster, Chancery Roll, no. 7. Deputy Keeper's 33rd Report, App. no. 1, pp. 24 to 39.)

1 Henry VI., 1422–3.

Sir William de Stanley, chivaler, John Blundell, of Crosseby, Sir John Stanley, kt., Sir Richard Molyneux, chivaler, William del Hethe, chaplain, Thomas Walker, chaplain, Richard de Pilkyngton, Richard de Chadirton, the prior of Burscogh, Henry de Byrum, John Gerard, of Ines, Hugh de Tildesley, Robert Unton, Richard de Dalton, Richard de Radeclif, of Dounum, Richard de Bradley, Alured Radclif, Thomas Gylowe, Sir William Lovell, chivaler, Richard Botiller, of Kirkland, William Abraham, vicar of the church of Croston, Juliana Fletewod, and William, son of Robert de Barlawe.

3 Henry VI., 1424–5.

William Esslak, executor of the will of Richard Esslak, of Lancaster, Henry de Preston and Joan, his wife, Thomas de Sotheworth, William de Chysnall, Catharine, widow of John, son of Richard Caterall, executrix of the will of the said Richard, Roger de Venables, parson of the church of Routhestorn, Ranulph de Coton, Christopher de Tyldesley and Joan, his wife, Sir William de Haryngton, kt., Sir Richard Molyneux, kt., Ellen, widow of James de Haryngton, kt., Nicholas de Haryngton, Richard de Shirburn, and Thomas de Urswyk, Edward de Chernok, Hugh de Bradshagh, John de Bradshagh, John de Sotheworth, Catharine Baxter, Edmund Frere, Sir Richard Molyneux, kt., William, son of Roger de Assheton, Christopher de Preston, John le Fletcher, chaplain, John de Assheton and Emma, his wife, Thomas, son and heir of William Norreys, Simon Gybunsone and his son Richard, John Gerard, of Ines, and Ellen, his wife, the Abbot of Cokersand, Laurence Gilybrond, Hugh Gilybrond, Thurstan de Anderton, William de Orell, Henry de Pemberton, and Henry Blundell, Agnes, widow of Thurston de Holand, Nicholas de Croft, esq., and John Longshagh, vicar of the church of Hurlegh, in the county of Southampton.

4 Henry VI., 1425–6.

Roger de Ryssheton and John de Radclif, of Ordesale, 14th October; William Merser, chaplain, Master David Price, Ralph de Assheton, Maud, widow of John de Sonky, Rosa, widow of Roger de Assheton, Thomas de Sotheworth, esq., James Pykering, Catherine Baker, Geoffrey, son of Richard de Bold, Isabella, widow of John de Legh, of Shotelworth, Ralph de Prestwyche (for an exemplification of an inquisition touching the river Irwell), Thomas de la Warre, clerk, James del Holt, Richard de Radclif, and Gilbert de Adburgham.

5 Henry VI., 1426–7.

John de Longshagh, vicar of the church of Horsley, Alice, widow of Thomas de Osbaldeston, John Chaloner, of Holbroke, Elizabeth, widow of Richard de Rixton, Sir John de Stanley, kt., and Ralph del Eves, executors of the will of Sir Richard de Hoghton, kt., William de Walton, Sir John de Assheton, kt., John Urswyk and Agnes, his wife, Thomas la Warre, Roger de Chernok, John de Berwyk, John Banastre, of Wakefeld, Alice Baker, William Merser, chaplain, Thomas de Cliderhowe, Elias de Aynesworth, John de Assheworth, Thomas Urswike, John Brokholes, and John Drayton.

6 Henry VI., 1427–8.

William de Coppull, Richard Robynson, of Lidegate, Henry le Birom and Lucy, his wife, and Ellen, widow of John de Par, John de Midelton and Thomasina, his wife, Richard Spoford, clerk, Alan de Kenet, Sarah, widow of William Gibson, Richard Whynwhik, chaplain, William Munkrode, Richard de Kighley and Thurstan, son of Hugh de Standish, James de Hulton, Isabella, widow of Sir Henry Scaresbrek, kt., Hugh More, Robert Parker, Roger Travers, Henry del Knoll, William Jacsone, of Maudesley, Peter Talbot, and William Scargell, the abbot of Cokirsand, Joan, abbess of Syon, Nicholas del Croft, John de Langton, parson of the church of Wigan, John de Legh, and Hugh, son and heir of Hugh de Aghton.

7 Henry VI., 1428–9.

Richard Tunley, Richard de Tounley, Thomas Walbank, chaplain, Thomas de Aton, of York, bowyer, Alan de Classeham, John Dobinogh, and others, Robert del Holt, of Chesum, and Thurstan de Holand, Richard de Syngleton, chaplain, and Robert Brokholes, Thomas Travers, and Elizabeth, widow of Alexander de Etheleston.

8 Henry VI., 1429–30.

Agnes, widow and executrix of Robert de Blondes, the executors of the will of Giles Lovell, late prior of Lancaster, William de Langton, parson of Wygan, John Paton, Roger Dokwra, clerk, John Banastre of Wakefeld, Robert Becansawe, John de Stanley, kt., Gilbert Bury, Hamo le Massy, and Christofer de Tildesley, citizen and goldsmith of London.

9 Henry VI., 1430–1.

William de Haryngton, chivaler, Thomas de Radclif, kt., the executors of the will of William de Berdesey, of Berdesey, the executor of the will of William Moton, chaplain, Richard del Merssh, of Ditton, Richard Risley, James de Langton, Richard Botiller, Ralph, son of John de Assheton, Robert de Haryngton, kt., and Robert Brokholes, William Haukesegh, William Lovell, kt., James Pykeryng and Joan, his wife, Henry de Kyghley, and James de Langton.

10 Henry VI., 1431–2.

John de Radclyf, of Ordesale, kt., and Joan, his wife, Alice, widow of Ralph de Langton, kt., Alice, widow of Thomas de Osbaldeston, of Keuerdale, Edmund de Trafford, John de Radclyf, of Chaderton, and Elizabeth, his wife, Edward de Stanley, Robert de Orell, William de Langton, late parson of Wygan, Roger Passemych and Katherine, his wife, Henry Mosok of Liverpool and Joan, his wife, Thomas Brigge and Margery, his wife, Henry de Shotilworth, Roger de Bolton, junior (against John de Bradshagh and others), Robert Unton, John de Bradshagh and Richard, his brother, Margaret, widow of Ralph de Langford, kt. (for a writ of dower against Thomas, Bishop of Durham, and others), John de Broghton, esq., and Margaret, his wife, Alice, widow of John Gerrard del Brynne (for a writ of dower against Peter Gerrard), John Huntyngdon, clerk, Richard Bothe, Roger Bothe (for a writ of covenant against Richard, son of John Byron, kt.), John de Bradshagh, of Bradshagh, and Richard, his brother, William Lathewayte, of Pemberton, Henry del Hull, of Totyngton, John de Radclyff, of Chaderton, kt., Henry, son of Henry de Scaresbrek, kt., William Robynsone Atkynsone, of Claghton, yeoman, Richard Chorlegh, William Jacsone of Maudesley, Anton Banastre, John Banastre, of Walton, John de Aghton, of Hoghwyk, Agnes, Katherine, Elizabeth, and Joan, daughters and co-heiresses of William de Thorneton, of Thorneton (for the seal fee on letters patent of exemplification of divers writs and inquisitions touching their inheritance), Thomas Sadler, of Wygan, chaloner, James de Langton, parson of Wygan, Nicholas Geffraysone, the executors of the will of Ralph de Radclyf, kt., Margaret, widow of Milo de Blakeburne, Ralph de Radclyf, Thomas Urswyk, esq., and Richard de Blundell, Hugh de Huyton, parson of Eccleston, Richard de Chester, vicar of St. Mary's, Lancaster, and Thomas, brother of Henry de Trafford (for respite of homage).

11 Henry VI., 1432–3.

Thurstan de Tyldeslegh, Simon Perpunt, Thurstan Byrum, John Westhyl, William de Becansawe, John de Huntyngdon, clerk, Ralph de Assheton, Henry, son of Nicholas Blundell, and John and Robert, his brothers, executors of their father's will, and Thomas, abbot of Cokersand.

12 Henry VI., 1433–4.

Thomas Norreys, Edmund de Trafford, kt., Arthur and Otwell, sons and executors of John Nowell, of Reved, John de Pilkyngton, kt., Robert de Pilkyngton, esq., Henry de Fletewode, Alice, widow of John de Clyderhowe, John de Whiteledale, of Wyresdale, Robert de Billyngham, esq., Arthur and Otwell, sons of John Nowell, of Rede, Christopher de Radclyf and Joan, his wife, Henry Scaresbrek, William del Shagh, the elder, and Joan, his wife, the Abbot of Whallay, Henry Fletewode, and others.

13 Henry VI., 1434–5.

Alexander, son and heir of Nicholas, son of John Nowell (for respite of homage), Joan, widow of Thomas Nightgale, and Richard, his son, Henry de Kyghley, Christopher Banastre, John de Stanley, chivaler, Ralph Byrtwesill, of the parish of Burnley, Richard Molyneux, chivaler, Robert de Rygby and Elizabeth, his wife, William Thornehill, Geoffrey Fildyng, John Wrennaw, Richard Beby, Thomas le Causey, miller, William Wynstanley, Cecilia, widow of Ralph de Radclyf, kt., Henry de Scaresbrek, Robert, abbot of Furness, Henry de Kighley, and Thomas de Bethum.

14 Henry VI., 1435–6.

John de Eccleston, Robert Gerard and others, Thomas, abbot of Cokerham, William de Faryngton, Alice, widow of Robert del Holt, Robert de Haryngton, kt., and Thomas de Haryngton, esq., John de Claghton and Elizabeth, his wife, William Bothe, clerk, and John Byrom, kt., Alice, widow of William de Legh, Thomas de Tarleton, chaplain, Richard del Zate, chaplain, Ralph Boteler, and Richard le Mylner, executors of the will of William Abraham, late vicar of Croston, Nicholas le Botiller, of Rouclif, and John de Pilkyngton, of Whithull.

15 Henry VI., 1436–7.

Antony Banastre, Henry Bowes, esq., Thomas, abbot of Cokersand, Thomas, prior of Penwortham, Thomas de Hesketh, and Hugh de Hesketh, Laurence de Standyssh and Joan, his wife, Thomas de Fisshewyk; writ of Postdisseisin, in favour of Agnes, widow of Ralph de Bradshagh, against Laurence de Standyssh in respect of lands in Wygan and Shevynton, as her dower, 21st March; like writ at the suit of the same Agnes against Alexander de Standyssh and Constance, his wife, 21st March.

16 Henry VI., 1437–8.

John Beron, kt., James de Walton, James de Langton, clerk, Richard de Hulton, Peter de Worsley, Thomas de Bethum, Joan, widow of Matthew Gelybrond, Robert de Sale, William Lumner, the executors of the will of Edmund Frere, the Abbot of Vale Royal, Richard Broune, Robert de Radclyf and others, Robert de Haryngton, kt., and Christiana, his wife, and Nicholas Botiller de Rauclyf, esq., Robert Laurence, kt., John Longton, John Byron, kt., Robert de Longley, Alice, widow of John de Berwyk, Elias de Aynesworth, Richard de Caterall, the elder, and others, Robert de Haryngton, kt., and Henry Bolde.

17 Henry VI., 1438–9.

John de Okulshagh, vicar of Croston, James de Aynesworth, Thomas de Haryngton, Thomas de Radclyf, kt., and Robert Longley, Edward, son of Robert de Lathum, Robert de Rygby and Elizabeth, his wife, William de Haryngton, kt., Thomas de Stanley, kt., and Henry de Hoghton, William Greneholl, of Preston, Thomas de Haryngton, esq., Laurence de Hamerton, Henry de Scaresbrek, Agnes, widow of John Bonyfaunt, and William Bonyfaunt, clerk, Henry de Scaresbrek, and Thomas de Barton, of Barton, Henry de Passe, John de Legh, and Isabella, widow of William del Legh.

18 Henry VI., 1439–40.

Henry de Radclyf, Master Gilbert Halsall, Gilbert de Scaresbrek and Elizabeth, his wife, Thomas de Haryngton, esq., and Edmund Skirauch, William de Heton, Alan de Thorneton, Roger de Bolton, Hugh Cay, John Botiller and Elizabeth, his wife, Agnes, widow of John Bonyfaunt, Ralph de Prestwych, Margaret, widow of William Haryngton, kt., Thomas Haryngton and John Haryngton, sons of the aforesaid William, and Alexander Radclyf, executors of the will of the said William Haryngton, otherwise called William de Haryngton, cousin of William, lord Haryngton, John Robynson, of Overkellet, Roger Scarthwayt, Gilbert Cunclyf, Edmund Parker, and John Byron, chivaler.

(Duchy of Lancaster, Close Roll, no. 2. Deputy Keeper's 37th Report, App. no. 2, pp. 175–6.)

31 Henry VI., 1453.

At the sitting at Lancaster on Monday next after the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 31 Henry VI., . . . . . . gives a fine for a writ of debt, 28th July, 31 Henry VI. Robert Croke the like for a writ of robbery, same date.

32 Henry VI., 1454.

At the sitting on Monday in the third week of Lent, Katherine, who was the wife of Richard Botiller, of Kirkeland, gives a fine for a writ of dower, 28th March, 32 Henry VI. William Bradford the like for a writ of debt, same date.

34 Henry VI., 1455–6.

Nicholas Tode, William Heton, John Botiller, kt., Oliver Nuthowe, and William Noereys, esq.

35 Henry VI., 1456–7.

Peter de Legh, esq.; Margery, who was the wife of Henry Robynson; Thomas Haryngton, kt., and John Haryngton, esq.

36 Henry VI., 1457–8.

William Coppull the elder; the abbot of the monastery of St. Mary of Whalley; Thomas Nelson; and Richard Banastre, dated 28th July, 36 Henry VI.

(Duchy of Lancaster, Close Roll, no. 3. Deputy Keeper's 37th Report, App. no. 2, p. 177.)

37 Henry VI., 1458–9.

John Botiller, kt., 28th January, for a writ of covenant, and Richard West, (fn. 1) kt., for a writ of formedon, 22nd February, 37 Henry VI.

38 Henry VI., 1459–60.

Thomas Nicoll, late rector of Aldyngham, John Haryngton, clerk, Roger Betham, esq., and John Forton, executors of the will of William Haryngton, late lord of Aldyngham, otherwise called William, late Lord Haryngton, 5th February; Hugh Worthington, for a writ of formedon, 17th March; and Roger Asshawe, for a writ of debt, 8th July, 38 Henry VI.


  • 1. Kuerden's MSS. gives "Ralph" West.