Lancashire Fines: Various fines of the regality

Final Concords For Lancashire, Part 3, 1377-1509. Originally published by Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, Edinburgh, 1905.

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. "Lancashire Fines: Various fines of the regality", in Final Concords For Lancashire, Part 3, 1377-1509, (Edinburgh, 1905) 56-59. British History Online, accessed June 23, 2024,

. "Lancashire Fines: Various fines of the regality", Final Concords For Lancashire, Part 3, 1377-1509, (Edinburgh, 1905). 56-59. British History Online. Web. 23 June 2024,

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Fines Paid for Various Writs of Different Dates.

(Duchy of Lancaster, Chancery Roll no. 3. Deputy Keeper's 32nd Report, App. no. 4, pp. 348–361.)

First Year of the Regality, 1377–8.

John de Hoddeleston, chivaler, and Catherine, his wife, for a writ of Assize of Novel Disseisin, witness the King and Duke, at Lancaster, 20th May; Nicholas de Syngleton, junior, for a writ de "Conventione," witness the King and Duke, at Lancaster, 8th May; Laurence de Holm and Isabella, his wife; William de Par, chaplain; Ralph de Radeclif; Roger de Pilkyngton, chivaler; Henry de Bradshagh and Johanna, his wife; Amice, widow of William de Bradshagh, chivaler; John de Croft and Mabel, his wife, David de Irland and Margery, his wife, and John de Strangways and Alice, his wife; Roger de Longlegh; William, son of Thurstan de Holand; John del Nott, senior; Thomas le Molyneux of Keverdale; Adam de Hoghton, kt., and Elena, his wife; Robert de Burgh; Thomas le Wyse, clerk, and William Gronel; John, son of William Cay; Thomas de Suthworth, kt.; Robert de Ursewik; William de Accres of Kyrkedale; Robert del Eues, of Par; Richard de Shutelesworth; Matilda, widow of Robert de Legh, of Adlyngton, senior; Geoffrey de Workeslegh, kt., and Maria, his wife; John de Mascy, kt., and John, son of Richard de Radcliffe; Roger, son of Richard de Bradeshagh, of Pynynton.

Second Year of the Regality, 1378–9.

Richard de Shutelesworth; John de Wandesford, and John Le Botiller, of Merton; William Langley, parson of the church of Midilton, 18th March; Richard Sonderland, chaplain, and others, 10th March; John del Eues and his wife, Joan, witness Henry, Earl of Derby, "filio Regis carissimo, custode regalitatis comitatûs sui palatini Lancastriæ," 11th July; William de Wetherby, vicar of the church of Blakeburn, and Robert de Carleton, chaplain; Christofer de Broghton, John de Croft of Dalton, and others, witness the aforesaid custos, 8th August; Hugh de Dacre, kt.; Sarra, widow of Matthew de Burgh.

Third Year of the Regality, 1379–80.

John de Henthorn, chaplain; James de Pykeryng; the Abbot of Vale Royal; John Byron, chivaler; Richard de Shotelesworth; William de Tunstall; John de Assheton, kt.; John Botiller, chivaler, and Alice, his wife; Agnes, widow of William Cupper of Chester; Ralph de Bolton; John del Elmetrydyng; John, son of William Cay; William le Genour; John de Bredekirk; the Abbot of Fourness; Ralph de Tildeslegh; Richard de Shutelesworth.

Fourth Year of the Regality, 1380–1.

William de Bisphame, chaplain, and Thomas le Wrighteson, of Cokirhame; Matilda, widow of John de Etheliston; John de Sonky; John de Kirkeby, chivaler, Edward de Lathum, and Henry de Scaresbrek; John, son of Roger Travers, of Heesham; Hugh de Dacre, kt.; Henry de Scolefeld and Richard de Bolton; Walter Robynson, of Lancaster; Robert de Alvetham and Emma, his wife; John le Botiller of Weryngton, chivaler; Alan de Caterale; Nicholas Baret, chaplain; Roger de Keverdale, chaplain, and Adam de Redeleghs, chaplain; William de Gouer, chaplain, and John de Fourness, chaplain; Richard de Shotelesworth.

Fifth Year of the Regality, 1381–2.

Thomas de Rigmayden; James de Radclif; Geoffrey de Workeslegh, kt., and John le Mascy, kt.; John, son and heir of Richard de Tounlay; Robert del Eves; John de Horneby, parson of Tatham, and William, son of Robert de Horneby; Richard de Redich; Robert de Maunton, vicar of Eccles, and John de Maunton, chaplain; Roger de Byspham and Margaret, his wife; John, son of William Kay; Richard, son of John Banastre, of Walton-in-le-dale, and Joan, his wife.

Sixth Year of the Regality, 1382–3.

Thomas de Ditton, of Fourness, and others; Elizabeth, widow of John de Rigmayden, executrix of the will of John de Rigmayden; Henry, son of Alan de Worthyngton; Geoffrey de Werberton; Anabel, widow of John Comyn, of Neubold, and John de Haydok; John de Wassyngton and Johanna, his wife; William de Athirton, kt.; Master Richard de Wynewyke, parson of Walton, and Master William de Assheton, clerk; John de Holcroft; Nicholas Orell and Thomas de Fasacreley; Robert de Syngleton.

Seventh Year of the Regality, 1383–4.

Roger Henrison le Walssh; Isabella, widow of William de Bradeshagh, of Hagh, and Gilbert le Vikerymon, executors of the will of the said William; William, son of John de Hulm; Geoffrey, son of Adam Medocroft, and Margery, his wife; John de Bridestwisill, chaplain, and Richard de Twyston, chaplain; the Abbot of Cokersand; Thomas de Clayton, chaplain; John Fairfax, parson of Prestcotes; Cecilia, widow of James de Lostok; Richard, son of John Banastre of Walton-in-le-dale; Thurstan, son of Gilbert de Culchith and Elizabeth, his wife; Gilbert de Culchith and Katherine, his wife; Richard de Hadfeld; John, son of Robert de Singleton; Thomas del More; Henry de Strangways; William de Langeton, clerk; William de Blakburn and Katherine, his wife; Henry Hoghwik; John de Pilkyngton, parson of Bury.

Eighth Year of the Regality, 1384–5.

Walter de Strikeland; John de Stanlowe; John de la Warre, kt.; Roger del Barres; William de Tunstall; Robert de Hyde, of Northbury; Richard de Shotelisworth; Isabella, widow of Richard, son of William de Radclif; Thomas, son of Henry de Tildeslegh, and Alice, his wife; the executors of the will of Thomas de Trafford; John de Leght, chaplain; John la Warre, kt., of Mamcestre; Richard de Sutton and Henry de Bradshagh; William de Atherton, kt., and John de Holcroft; John Cauchone, late parson of Warton in Kendale; Alicia, daughter of Adam de Bury; Peter de Shakerslegh; Thomas, son of William de Bolroun; Thomas Jacson del Lee; John de Morlegh; John de Fletewode, executor of the will of John Skilicorn; Richard, son of Henry de Kyghley, kt.; Margery, daughter of William de Rigby, and Alicia, her sister; Edward de Lathum and others; John de Holcroft; Thomas de Strangways and Elena, his wife; John, son of William de Neuham; Philip le Sadeler, of Lancaster; Robert de Hyndelegh.

Ninth Year of the Regality, 1385–6.

John, son of William de Singleton; John del Holt, senior; Ralph de Frekilton; Adam de Bredekirk; Richard de Wysebeche, vicar of Kirkby in Lonsdale, and Alicia, widow of John de Hornby, senior; Ralph de Barton, of Rydale, for two writs.

Tenth Year of the Regality, 1386–7.

Nicholas de Haveryngton, kt.; Abbot of Fourneys; Robert de Clifton, chivaler; Richard de Hoghton, kt.; William, abbot of Whalley; Robert le Spenserson, of Scaresbrek; Richard de Athirton; Thomas Gerard; Isabella, widow of Nicholas de Prestwich; Thomas del Rawe; Henry Geffray and Joan, his wife, and others.

Eleventh Year of the Regality, 1387–8.

William de Rigmayden; Ralph de Radclif; Robert de Plesyngton, chivaler; John Lascy and Agnes, his wife; Thomas del Hogh and Katherine, his wife; Edmund Frere, of Lancaster, and Cecilia, his wife; Richard le Marschall, of Eukeston; John Carles; Abbot of Whallay; John de Catford and others; William de Caton, bailiff of Lonesdale.

Twelfth Year of the Regality, 1388–9.

Henry de Bradscolis; Roger, vicar of Rochedale; John, son of Robert de Ines; Henry de Trafford; Ralph de Radclif; William de Selby, abbot of Whallay; John Botiller, of Kirkland, and Alice, his wife; Matthew de Huyton; John, son of Thurstan de Tildeslegh; John Lovell, kt.; Roger de Pilkyngton, chivaler; Richard, son of Thomas Talbot; John, son of Richard de Tounlay; John, son of Geoffrey del Holt; Nicholas Styveley; Robert de Harynton, kt., and Isabella, his wife.