Henry VIII: April 1514, 11-20

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Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 1, 1509-1514. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1920.

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April 1514

11 April.
Sanuto, XVIII., 181.
2801. VENICE.
[Extract from letters received 6 May 1514.]
From Lorenzo Pasqualigo to his brothers, London, 11 April.—The King of Spain has again made truce with France, thus betraying this King both last year and this year, unlike a good Christian. The King's crossing the sea will be delayed by the many practices on every side. To-day came a letter from Lisbon, from the King of Portugal to this King exhorting him to recover the Holy Land from the Moors of Syria. This because two carvels from Calicut (with pepper, ginger and sandalwood, but no cloves) have brought an ambassador from Prester John (fn. 1) bearing a letter in Chaldean praying the King of Portugal to send a fleet, to be equipped by Prester John with men, &c., and make a landing in the Red Sea while Prester John himself marches by land to join them and proceed to the conquest of the Holy Land. The letter reads like one of St. Paul's epistles; and the Ambassador also brought a piece of the True Cross.
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 401.
11 April.
Roman Transcr., I., 1, f. 191 & 193. R.O.
Innocent Card. of SS. Cosma and Damianus, his nephew, whom he appointed to St. Andrews, wishes to give it up in favour of Andrew abp. of Bourges, who will give up Bourges to him. Begs him to consent to this and aid Andrew in the possession of the said church of St. Andrews and certain monasteries which he holds in Scotland; and to signify this by letter. Rome, 11 April, 1514, ao 2.
Latin. Two modern transcripts, each pp. 2.
12 April.
Add. MS. 18,826, f. 50. B.M.
Warrant to the Great Wardrobe for coats of white and green chamlet and banner cloths with the King's arms to Wm. Bull and Rob. Wreth, the King's trumpets, and to Wm. Hert, Stephen Bull, Wm. Newman, Th. Last, Th. Kyrtewon and Th. Cappe, trumpets with the Earl of Surrey, Admiral. Greenwich, 12 April 5 Hen. VIII. Signed.
P. 1.
12 April.
Stowe MS. 146, f. 115. B.M.
Acknowledgment of receipt from Sir John Daunce, 12 April 5 Hen. VIII., by William Vyllers, warden of the Flete, for board of four Breton prisoners for 22 weeks, from 12 Nov. last to 14 April next, at 16d. each per week.
Small paper, p. 1.
Ib., 129. 2. Wolsey's order for the above payment. Undated. Signed: T. Lincoln.
P. 1.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 7, f. 165. R.O. 2805. [4961.] THE NAVY.
Detailed account of costs at Hull, by the Lord Admiral's command, upon repair of the King's ship, The Mary Jame, from 26 Sept. 5 Hen. VIII. to 12 April following. Signed as proved by James Cokerell, D.D., vicar of Hessill and of Hull, John Talbot, customer, and John Cokett, searcher.
ii. Charges for unrigging the same on 26 Sept., keeping her and rigging her again from 1 March to 12 April.
Paper roll of 7 large pp. End mutilated.
13 April. 2806. ABBEY OF WHITBY.
Election. See GRANTS IN APRIL, 1514 (5 Hen. VIII.), Nos. 28, 35.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 7, f. 172. R.O. 2807. [4968.] THE GREAT HARRY.
"Here followeth all such parcels that I, William Childeley, the King's tourner, hath delivered to Mr. Bond, paymaster of the Harry Grace a Dew, from the 13th day of April," 5 Hen. VIII.
ii. "The receipt of the ordnance received by me, William Bonythan, purser of Herre Grasadeu, of Cornellys Johnson, the King's iron gunmaker."
iii. Apparel pertaining to the foremast, mainmast, foretop, &c.
Pp. 16.
13 April.
Ib., f. 180. R.O.
2808. [4970.] THE SWISS to HENRY VIII.
Credence for their ambassadors, Maurice Hierus of Zurich (Turegum) and John Stoltz of Basle, whom they despatch to England to know what assistance Henry will give them against France. Basle, 13 April 1514. Subscribed: Regiæ Majestatis vestræ benevolentissimi Helvetiorum Magnæ Ligæ Superioris Alemaniæ oratores in Thurego congregati et Basileæ concludentes.
Lat., hol., p. 1. Add. Endd.: Literæ Helvetiorum ad illustrissimum Regem nostrum, the 13th of April 1524.
14 April.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 10, f. 132. R.O.
2809. [4973, II. 323.] PETER WILDANCK'S ACCOUNT.
Prests of 7s. 2d. each given 4 March 5 Hen. VIII. to 200 men (named) of Antwerp and elsewhere in the Low Countries and Eastland. A week's pay (3s. 6d.) delivered, 9 April 6 (sic) Hen. VIII., to 62 men of Holland; and their conduct money from London to Portsmouth at 2s. each, 14 April 6 Hen. VIII. Wildanck's own daily expenses (no particulars) going from London to Grawysend, Rochester, Canterbury, Dower, Callys, Breges, Andarpe or Antwarp, Makyll or Machelyn, Antwarpp, Busse, Doorte, Rotyrdame, Delfft, Leyen, Harlame, Amstyrdam, Enchusen, Hardwick, Hoorne, Amstyrdam, Enchussen (or Henkhewes), Hardwick, Uttrecht, Monakdam, Uttrecht, Bredale, Leyen, Delfft, Delffthawen, Embryell, Syrkezee, Westonskowe, Turgoes, Armuden, Uerehawen, Slewe, Breges, Callys, Dower, Canterbury, Rochester, Grawisende and London. Sums of 4s. 2d. and under delivered to officers of towns where men were retained, viz., Makyll, Antwarpp, Harthaumbusse, Uttrecht, Hardwike, Armewe, Myedyborowgh, Olynbusse, Doorte, Rotyrdam, Delfft, Leyen, Harleham, Amstyrdam, Encusan, Bredale, Serkese and Breele. Various payments for hoys. "Delivered for making 19 of the Duchess's letters at the commandment of Sir Thomas Spynell, knight," 22s. For himself and servant at 2s. a day, 6l. 6s. Paid to Leonard Fryscombald to exchange 128l. 6s. 8d. st. into Flemish, 8l. 6s. 8d. Total, 126l. 0s. 3d.
Long narrow paper, pp. 10.
16 April.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 230, f. 146. R.O.
"These parcels following be the debts which be owing unto divers officers and workmen of the Armoury houses" from 25 June to 16 April 5 Hen. VIII., viz.:—
Details of wages due for various periods (specified) to John Blewbery, John Back, armourer, John Gelyott, overseeing and paying the workmen, Wm. Gurre, John Mores, Laurence Streynsham, John Sole, and other armourers not named. Also costs (described) of Gurre and others as appears by their books of "parcels." Total, 250l. 2s. 1d. Signed by the King.
Pp. 3.
17 April.
Galba B. III., 145. B.M.
2811. [4976.] FOX BP. OF WINCHESTER to [WOLSEY].
"... my departing ... that mused for the instruc[tions ...] have the charge (if it so come to p[ass] ... upon the matter that the same instruc[tions ... u]pon, I pray you look upon them and a[lter them] as ye shall see cause. But shew them yet [to no one] for it is yet no season, and some folks peradven[ture who should] see them would say that we were much busier [than needed] and if none effect come thereof they might ... of mockery. Nevertheless, if the King's grace [would take] the labor to see them at a good leisure, I thy[nk it may] do good, for little make we but by his ... is some amends. And to make the matter the [surer] it should not be amiss if there were a commiss[ion with] glass windows, ad tractandum et concludendum, [and like]wise a safe-conduct with glass windows had forthwith, this ... because the time is very short. And much I m[arvel] that there come no news from Mr. Ponynges of ... that were sent to him by Thomas Pawlet. Me seemeth [there] myghte some thing have be do upon them by th[is]. Also it is not to be liked that my Lady of Savoy maketh none answer for the marriage appointed f[or to] be at Calais. And in case she make none answer, [or] that she will put it over to some other time and place, t[his] is a plain matter wherewith to prove their entents [as to] the said marriage, and whether they will perform it [as] concluded upon that treaty (fn. 2) ... one article containing ... oratorem vel procuratores suos ad [hoc post quart]um decimum ætatis suæ annum sufficienter auct[orisatos infra quadraginta di]es postquam dictam ætatem xiiij annorum im[pleverit proximo] sequentes ad dominam Mariam in regnum Angl[iæ missum vel missos cor]am duobus apostolica et imperiali auctoritate notariis, et [testibus ad hoc] specialiter vocatis et rogatis, cum eadem domina Ma[ria m]atrimonium per verba de presenti ad hoc apta rea[liter] contrahet et cum effectu. This article is not derogate by the treaty made at Lysle, as may appear in the end of [the sa]me. Also the said 40 days be past, as may appear [by] account making from St. Matthias' day last past hither. And for as much as they have not observed this article it shall in my mind by right expedient, if they will not perform the matter of Calais, or make none answer, but drive the time, then forthwith require [my] Lady to perform the said article; and if she refuse so [to] do, it is plain matter that they intend no marriage, or else that they will protract it uncertainly, &c. Much [I] muse of the word that the Governor of Bresse said, scilt. that within two months it should be seen, &c, should do harm. And thus myn own good lord," &c.
"At Esher, this Monday in Easter week; with the hand of your loving brother, RI. WYNTON."
Hol., pp. 2, badly mutilated.
17 April.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 7, f. 181. R.O.
2812. [4977.] ORDNANCE AND STORES.
Account of gunpowder, "corn powder," demi-lances, marespykes, bows, arrows, bowstrings, stakes for archers, fighting bills, felling axes, hedging bills, mattocks, spades, scowpes, sickles and scythes, nails, horseshoes, iron crows, cart clowts, brass boxes for gun wheels, gun wheels, axletrees with bars of iron, strews, mantells for bumbards, draughts for fare-carts, horse-harness, horse-collars, cart-saddles, trees for cart-saddles, thylbells, hames, bits for horses, buckles and rings, headstalls without rings and bits, "hides of leather hungry," tanned hides, white leather hides, linch pins, axletree pins, "hurtelers," cressets, leather buckets, "lates stakes," "lates caltroppes," ropes, and "fare carts," shipped from the Tower to Calais, on 28 March.
ii. "Ordnance remaining in Flanders the 8th day of April the 5th year of the reign of our sovereign lord King Henry VIII.," viz., four bumbards with Hans Pope Reyder, gunfounder of Mechlin, one of which was given to the King by the Emperor, the others being of Hans' manufacture; 6 curtowes with the same Hans; 6 curtowes delivered by Young Browne, merchant of the Staple, to the Duchess of Savoy for the King's use; 3 pot-guns to be made by the said Hans from a broken gun; gunpowder, and iron shot.
iii. Ordnance in the Tower of London and Hunsdyche, 17 April, 5 Hen. VIII., sc. bumbardes, double curtowes, serpentines and fawcons of Herbert's making; culverines, demi-culverins, minion pieces, serpentines and fawcons of Humph. Walker's making; hakbusshes and hand-guns; culverines, vice-pieces, curtowes, pot-guns, serpentines and fawcons of Symond's making; gunpowder, shot of iron; "artillery," viz., spears, marespykes, bows, sheaves of arrows, bowstrings, stakes for archers and fighting bills; necessaries, viz., felling axes, spades, horseharness, &c.
Pp. 6, large paper. Mutilated.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 3, f. 130. R.O. 2. [3904.] Continuation of § 1.
List of stores wanted, ending with memoranda that provision must be made for 75 waggons and 796 Flanders mares.
Large paper, pp. 2. Headed: "Ordnance, artillery, and habiliments necessary for the King's three wards lacking the 17th day of April, over and beside all such ordnance and artillery as remaineth at Calis, The Tower of London, and Mechlyn." Endd.: "Ordnance to be provided for the vauntgard, reargard, and middlegard."
Exch. Accts., 57 (11). R.O. 3. "The whole proportion of ordnance to be had for our sovereign lord the King's royal army into France the 6th year of his reign," with all other artillery, habiliments, carters, &c.
Showing in columns how many of each kind of gun "for the battery" and "for the field," with the shot and gunners for them; and, similarly, how many lances, bows, arrows, weapons, implements and necessaries of all sorts are ready at Calais and how many must be provided. Among the battery pieces eight "greate apostilles" and a gun called "The Henry of Dover" are ready at Calais. A final note shows what guns remain at Hounesdyche, at Berwyk, in Flanders and at Tournay.
Large paper, pp. 4. Endd.: "A boke of proporcion of certayn ordynaunces for the thre wardes."
17 April.
Add. MS. 18,826, f. 51. B.M.
Warrant to the Great Wardrobe for a gown cloth of russet damask, &c., to Wm. Gower, one of the grooms of the Chamber. Greenwich, 17 April 5 Hen. VIII. Signed.
P. 1.
18 April.
Ib., f. 52. B.M.
Warrant to the Great Wardrobe for a gown cloth of gold, &c., to the Earl of Devon. Greenwich, 18 April 5 Hen. VIII. Signed.
P. 1.
18 April.
Galba B. III., 183. B.M.
2815. [4978.] WINGFIELD and Others to HENRY VIII.
The enclosed letters were delivered to them the .. of this month. Hear from the Archduchess that the Emperor is resolved not to ratify the [truce] if the King will prosecute the enterprise, but will be glad if the King will consent to it. They said if that was the case they wondered at his "recule" to Lynche. She said she did not know the reason, but from the manner which was peculiar "to her father, to her, and to all their house," there was something he would have, which he would not press, and that the Emperor was not satisfied that the 30,000 crowns promised him at Tournay were not paid. Great offers were made him by the Kings of Aragon and France, and if the King be liberal the Emperor will be tractable. In this she agrees with Lord Berges. She said this was the manner of her house, "that in case their fortune had been to a descended of humble and low stock, her father and she should a perished rather for hunger than their courage would a served them to ask for God's sake." On her asking the ambassador of Aragon how to satisfy Henry with "their truce," he said that the governance of Scotland should be delivered to England for a recompense. She promised that Don John Emmanuel should depart this week for the Emperor, notwithstanding that the ambassador of Aragon hath importuned her to the contrary, to whom she said she had "learned of his master to tender her singular profit and [interest and] regard none other." Mechlin, 18 April. Signed: Wingfeld, R., k., Wylliam Knyght, Thommas Sp[ynelly].
P. 3, mutilated. Add.
18 April.
Roscoe's Leo X., ii. App. No. 106.
* * *
The Pope had letters, of the 1st, from the King of England, complaining of this truce, and has begun a movement to reconcile England and France.
Italian. Extract headed Rome, 18 April, 1514.
19 April.
Add. MS. 18,826, f. 53. B.M.
Warrant to the Great Wardrobe for gown cloths of tawny chamlet, &c., to Th. Trestram, John Williams, David Philips, Andrew de Fosse, Wm. Gower, and Stephen Toote, the King's footmen. Greenwich, 19 April 5 Hen. VIII. Signed.
P. 1.
19 April.
Eras. Ep. (Edit. Allen), I. 291.
Received three letters from him last summer, the last about six months ago, by John Sixtinus and Augustine Aggeus, who sailed hence into Friesland. After waiting months for their return he is sending this to the Dean of St. Paul's. Much desires to have his writings in revision of the New Testament and elucidation of St. Jerome's epistles. Aggeus gave him a copy of Plutarch's De tuenda bona valetudine. As he wrote a year ago the writer has been given the prebend of Middelburg by Philippus Hispanus (whose character and lineage he describes). Philippus has a brother in the abbey of St. Bertin, co-adjutor and successor designate of the abbot. Middelburg, 13 Cal. Maias 1514.
20 April.
R.T. 144, f. 249. R.O.
2819. [4986.] TOURNAY.
Patents of Edward Ponynges, captain of Tournay, viz.:—
(1) Reciting letters patent of Henry VIII., dated Tournay, 25 Sept. 1513, permitting the town to sell rents à rachat, and to impose new assizes, in aid of the 50,000 crowns which they have promised the King. 20 April 1514, après Pasques.
French, pp. 3.
Ib., f. 247. (2) [4987.] Authenticating letters patent of Hen. VIII., dated 26 Feb. 1513, 5 Hen. VIII., for retention of le mis sus (see No. 2684, § 109). 20 April, 1514, après Pasques.
French, pp. 2.
20 April.
Roman Transcr., I., 1, f. 195. R.O.
2820. LEO X. to his NUNCIO IN ENGLAND.
Venerabilis frater, we have received your letters dated London, 1st inst., of the King's kindness to you and love to us and the Holy See; but, whereas you write that you have sent other letters about all things, we have received none about your interview with the King; and also we wonder that you have received none of ours, since we wrote twice or thrice. He must animate the King towards a general peace. Rome, 20 April 1514, ao 2.
Latin. Modern transcript, p. 1.
20 April.
Ib., 196. R.O.
2821. LEO X. to FOX.
Has received from the Bp. of Worcester fresh assurances of Fox's service to the Holy See. Exhorts him to continue directing the King's mind to counsels for the common safety. Worcester will write more at large. Rome, 20 April 1514, ao 2.
Latin. Modern transcript, p. 1. Headed: Wintoniensi.
20 April.
Ib., 197. R.O.
2822. LEO X. to WOLSEY.
To the same effect. Rome, 20 April 1514, ao 2.
Latin. Modern transcript, p. 1.
20 April.
R.T. 153, f. 92. R.O.
Congratulates him on his victories in India. To open the way for an enterprise against the Infidels and a general peace among Christians, has procured a truce to be made for one year between the Emperor, the Queen of Castile, England, the Prince of Castile on the one side, and France and Scotland on the other. Also, at his solicitation, the Pope to whom the Emperor and the Venetians compromitted their quarrel, has declared a peace between them which the Emperor has ratified, but it is not yet known whether the Venetians have ratified. Madrid, 20 April 1514. Signed.
Spanish, copy, pp. 4.


  • 1. For a translation of Prester John's letter and a letter from Lisbon (of 23 March) giving the list of the cargoes of the two ships see Sanuto, XVIII., p. 142.
  • 2. See Rymer, XIII., p. 173.