Henry VIII: December 1514, 21-25

Pages 1483-1485

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 1, 1509-1514. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1920.

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December 1514

21 Dec.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 230, f. 316. R.O.
Receipt, 21 Dec. 6 Hen. VIII., by John Asshburneham, from Sir John Daunce, on behalf of Sir Edward Guldeford, of a further prest towards making a tower and bridge at Wynchelsee. Signed.
P. 1.
22 Dec.
Ib., f. 317. R.O.
Unsigned order to "Fellowe Sir John Daunce" to pay Rougecrosse for his journey to Paryse, 10 days more than his allowance at 2s., [shipping of his horses 20s., hiring post horses 6s. 8d.] (fn. 1) and "conveying over to Calais of Mons. Puycener, one of the French ambassadors' gentlemen," 20s.
Subscribed with receipt for the above 22 Dec. 6 Hen. VIII. Signed Thomas Hawlay alles Rouge Cros.
P. 1.
22 Dec.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 230, f. 318. R.O.
Receipt, 22 Dec. 6 Hen. VIII., by John Guillyot, from Sir John Daunce, of wages of workmen making a new wharf at Erith and finishing the King's storehouses there and at Depfford. Signed: John Gelyott.
P. 1.
22 Dec.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 9, f. 221. R.O.
3567. [5712.] CARD PLAYING.
Copy of the pleadings in a court of pie-powder held at Calais, 22 Dec. 6 Henry VIII., before Humph. Bannaster, mayor, Ric. Chauffer, Hen. Keyll, Ric. Broune, Reymond Cutturus, Will. Newton, Ric. Dyer and Will. Davy, aldermen, in an action brought by Thos. Thacker, of the Staple of Calais, against Peter Roy, Peter le Negro and Bartholomew Costopolegrino for cheating at cards and dice. The defendants deny the charge, and state that they have played with many noblemen in England.
P. 1.
22 Dec.
Leonis X. Regesta, Vol. I., No. 13,399.
3568. LEO X.
Desiring the monastery of Crutched Friars, Colchester, for a hundred years in secular hands, to be suitably furnished with buildings and its church (in which a fraternity of either sex is instituted) provided with vessels, the Pope grants indulgence to those who bring alms to the church and enlarges the privileges of the fraternity.
Latin. Modern abstract.
Ib., 13,403. 2. Similar indulgence for the Crutched Friars, London, of which the buildings (except the church) have been burnt and where the number of friars is doubled.
Latin. Modern abstract.
22 Dec.
Sanuto, XIX., 363.
3569. VENICE.
[Note of letters received 8 Jan. 1514–5.]
From Ambassador Dandolo, Paris, 22 Dec.—The King had returned from St. Germain with gout. Assurance that arrangements for the enterprise will be finished by Epiphany, and the King at Lyons by Candlemas. He was not afraid of a few Swiss and would avoid engaging a great number whom the Pope and the others would only pay for one month at 100,000 ducats the month. He had written to the Pope to decide whether to be with him.
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 553.
22 Dec.
Simancas MS.
Note of the sending of the bp. of Tripoli (sic) to be resident ambassador in England. He left Valladolid 22 Dec. 1514.
See Spanish Calendar, Vol. II, No. 205.
23 Dec.
Rawlinson MSS., Bibl. Bodl., Oxon., A. 290, f. 4.
Receipt by H. VIII. of jewels from Wyat. 23 Dec. 1514.
From catalogue.
23 Dec.
R.T. 137. f. 239. R.O.
The King's ambassador with the Prince of Castile and Archduchess of Austria forwarded the Duke's instructions sent by his chancellor who is delayed by illness, signifying his desire for the continuance of amity between them. Cannot believe that the Duke of Gueldres, in his letter to Duke George, has correctly represented the intentions of the King of France. Has written to Louis stating the friendship which the King entertains for the Duke of Saxony. Sends a copy of the letter. As to his business against the Count of Emden (? Comitem evidere qu. Emdene ?), will procure (? jurabimus qu. procurabimus ?) it with the French King. Greenwich, 23 Dec. 6 Hen. VIII.
Lat., modern transcript, p. 1.
23 Dec.
Galba B. III., 147. B.M.
3573. [5714.] MARGARET OF SAVOY to WOLSEY.
A letter of compliments. Brussels, 23 Dec. 1514. Signed. Countersigned: Marnix.
Lat., p. 1, mutilated. Add.: Rmo, &c., Arch'po Eboracensi.
23 Dec.
Sanuto, XIX., 336.
3574. VENICE.
[Note of letters received 27 Dec. 1514.]
From Ambassador Lando, Rome, 21 to 23 Dec.—The Pope has in Consistory absolved the Bishop De Ziglis, English ambassador, who was imprisoned on a charge of poisoning the Cardinal of England. * * * Has received letters from the Signory with the answer given to Piero Bembo. Spoke with Cardinal Bibiena; and sent his secretary to the Pope, who said, with regard to the answer, that he had done the office of a good pastor, we should lose Padua and Treviso, the French would be opposed by the Swiss and perhaps make an agreement against us, "&c.," also that this interview between France and England is important, "&c." Certain Swiss ambassadors have come to Rome. * * *
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 543.
24 Dec.
Exch. Accts., 418 (5), f. 37. R.O.
Warrant to the Great Wardrobe to deliver James Woursley, groom of the Robes, a black damask gown, &c. Greenwich, 24 Dec. 6 Hen. VIII.
24 Dec.
Sanuto, XIX., 371.
3576. VENICE.
[Note of letters received 13 Jan. 1514–5.]
From Ambassador Dandolo, Paris, 24 Dec.—Arrival of the Duke of Bourbon and other captains. The King ill.
1 Jan.—The King's death at the 6th hour.
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 562.
25 Dec. 3577. REVELS.
Wardrobe stuff for revels at Greenwich. 25 Dec. 6 Hen. VIII.
See Vol. II, p. 1500.


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