Henry VIII: Pardon Roll, Part 2

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 1, 1509-1514. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1920.

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'Henry VIII: Pardon Roll, Part 2', in Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 1, 1509-1514, (London, 1920) pp. 217-234. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/letters-papers-hen8/vol1/pp217-234 [accessed 24 April 2024]


Pardon Roll, Part 2

m. 2, 3.
438 (2). PARDON ROLL Part 2. (Membrane 1 missing.)
Concluding portion of a general pardon to a bishop, dated Westm., 4 May.
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James Lorde and Thomas Bounkyer, of St. Constantine's parish, Cornw., husbandmen, 15 May. Thomas Thewell, of Gyddelegh, Devon, husbandman or tinner, 15 May. John Deuyn (sic, for Bevyn), of Lukton, and Meriot, Soms., and London, esq., 12 May. Richard Nykke, bp. of Norwich, 12 May. Matthew Broune, of Berkyng or Westbecheworth Castell, Surr., k., s. and h. of George Broune, k., 5 May. John Ferrers or Ferres, of Tamworth, or Tomworth, Warw. and London, 8 May. Walter Gryffyth or Griffithe, k., of Annes Burton, Burton Annes, Yorks., and Whichenore, Staff., k., 12 May. John Rodenay or Rodney, k., of Stoke Rodney next Wesbury, Rodneystoke, Stokegyfford, Soms., Chepyngnorton, Oxon, 9 May. George Hastynges or Hastyngis, esq., of Fenwick, Norton, Yorks., Elsinge, Norf., Estwell, Leic., London, Doncaster, Yorks., Norwich, and Joan his wife, d. and h. of Roger Brabson, of Estwell, Leic., 12 May. Thomas Docwra, prior, successor of John Kendall, late prior, and the brethren of the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England, 7 May. Wm. Brokesby or Brokysby, esq., of Sywoldby, Assheby le Zouche, Kerby, Leic., 11 May. Thomas Brokesby or Brokysby, g., of Wyng, Rutl., London, Sywoldby, Leic., 11 May. Wm. Mering, k., of Meryng, Kyngeshese, Ketilthorp, Thorney, Notts., London, Westminster, 16 July. Richard Apye, of Bidleston, Daston, and Le Grove, Heref., g. or y., 28 April. John Grey or Gray, of Southwark, Surr., waterman or yeoman, 5 July. Ric. Hals, of Kynedon, Kyneton, Devon, London, esq., 20 June. John Burnett, Burnette or Burneytt, of Thorp next Ripon, Yorks., y. or husbandman, 27 June. Thomas Stokeale, Stokeall, Stokeveale or Stoveale, of Baynbrig, Yorks., y. or husbandman, 27 May. Humphrey Monke or Monk, of Poderugge, Poderigge in Merton parish, Devon, esq., late of Lyons Inne and St. Clement's Danes parish without the bars of the New Temple, London, 20 June. Wm. Lang or Lange, of Caundell Purs, Wotton Glamvile, Tarent Gondevile, Dors., gent., lord of Gothehill, Soms., 26 June. Ric. Wilson, prior and late canon of Drax, alias late of Cauwode, Yorks., of London, Canterbury or Knoll, clerk, alias late of London, of Lambeth or of Bere Norbury, chaplain, 6 July. Robert Stoke or Stokes, of Alcote, Warw., Elford, Staff., esq., s. and h. of Thomas, and Juliana Stoke, widow, of Alcote, Warw., Keegworth,. Kegeworth, Leic., and Elford, Staff., 10 July. Peter Leycestre, g., of Tabley, Chesh., Lathoum, Knowesley and Tabley, Lanc., and London, 10 June. Wm. Zouche or Souche, esq., of Morley, Derb., Kinges Cliff., Ntht., London, 10 July. Nic. Oxunherd, Oxman or Oxenman, late of Pykeworth, Linc., Birkyn, Braton, Yorks., 28 June. John Gilberd or Gilbert, g., of Overcompton, Paynton, Greneway, Devon, London, 22 May. Ralph Delves, Delvys or Delve, of Doddyngton, Dudyngton, Chesh., esq., executor of Ellen and Henry Delve, of Doddyngton, 28 June. Ric. Haydon or Heydon, of Ottery St. Mary's and of Wodbury, Devon, gent., 19 June. Christiana now the wife of Thomas Datte, of Salisbury, tanner, late wife and executrix of Thomas Middelcote, of Shaftesbury, "touker," 3 July. Wm. Geffrey, of Bristol, merchant, 3 May. James Beresford, Basford, Barfford, Barisford or Berisford, clk., perpetual vicar of the parish churches of Chesterfelde and Wikesworthe, prebendary of Pipa Minor alias Prees, rector of Matloke and Whitington, executor of Thomas Humphrey, and Margery Berisford, of John Lytton and Ric. Smith, clerks, of George Fitzhugh, late dean of Lincoln, and of John Leek, of Sutton in le Tale, commissioner general and official of the peculiar jurisdiction of Laghton in Moruyng, York diocese, 2 July. Wm. Fetiplace, Fetyplace, or Fetplace, of Charley, Yattendon and Bray, Berks, and St. Clement's Danes, Midd., esq., and Elizabeth his wife, kinswoman and heir of Walter Waryngis and Thomas Warlo[nd ?], 8 July. Thomas Branche, abbot, and the convent of St. Peter's, Gloucester, 11 July. Edmund Shayll or Shayle, of Dymmocke and Calowe House in Dymmocke parish, Glouc., y. or husbandman, s. of John, 12 July. Thomas Mathewe or Mathew. of Canterbury, mason, late citizen and stonemason of London, 1 July. Walter Willyams, of Argeston or Arkeston, Heref., yeoman, alias Walter Butteler, of Kyngeston, Heref., "butteler," 5 June. John Whitington, of Pantteley, Glouc., esq., 12 July. John Esterfeld, late of Bristol, clk., late scholar of Oxford, canon of St. George's, Windsor, prebendary of Kenneston, Staff., and of Ardenton, Salop, parson of Newbery, Berks, of Dulo, Cornw., and of Bradwell, Essex, executor of John Esterfeld, of Bristol, merchant (who was executor of Mr. John Stokis, clk., late canon of St. George's, and of Richard Payn, clk., late canon, and John Illisley, clk., late chaplain, of St. George's, 24 June. Ric. Basset, or Bassett or Bassite, of Burgham, Worplesdon and Stoke next Guldeford, Surr., esq., s. and h. of Thomas Basset, junior, and kinsman and heir of Thomas Basset, senior, 26 May. Wm. Caa or Cae, of Beswike, Yorks., y. or husbandman, 27 June. Thomas Aldurton, Alhirton or Aldirton, of Tewkesbury, Westminster, Quaredon, Bucks, and London, butcher, executor of Mr. Robert Baker alias Quatley, of London, butcher, and of Joan Jemys, of London, widow, 2 July. John Smyth, of Chagford, Wynscote in St. Giles parish, and Comb in Beauford parish, Devon, tinner, franklin, courtholder, or "sherif clarke" (of John Fortescu, late sheriff), kinsman and heir of John Taverner, 2 July. Richard Hill, clk., master, and the brethren of the hospital of St. John Baptist within the East gate of Exeter, 10 June. Richard Broune or Browne, of Horton, Salop, husbandman or y., 1 July. Richard Loly or Lole, of Langbargh, Bolton in Craven and Bolton in Chanom, Yorks., "barker" or y., 5 July. Robert Proctour, of Bordley and Malhom in Craven, g. or y., s. of Geoffrey, 2 July. Humphrey Gatton, of Mukyng, and Southbemeflete, Essex, Grenehethe and Dartford, Kent, Gafton, Ntht., and Lyllyngston, gent., 16 June. John FitzGeffrey or FitzGeffray, of Clopham, Beds., and Sandon, Herts, esq., 5 May. Wm. Page, of Warmester, Wilts, gent., of Salisbury, mercer, of Devizes, clothmaker and of London, linen draper, 4 July. Robert Adamson, of Bylby, Notts, y., 3 July. John and Thomas Mud or Mudde, of Tunstall next Catrik, Arsgarth and Asgarth, Yorks., labourers, yeomen or husbandmen, 1 July. Andrew Billesby, Bilsby or Byllysby, of Byllesby, Comberworth and Bagenderby, Linc., and London, g., 20 May. Burgesses of Stafford, 10 May. John Stanley, Standley, Staneley or Standeley, of Pype, Castell Hey and Lichefeld, Staff., esq., s. and h. and administrator of Humphrey Standeley, k., 10 May. John Cutte, of Horham in Taxstede parish, Essex, knight, under-treasurer of England, receiver of the honors of Higham Ferrers in the Duchy of Lancaster, 5 May. Thomas Yorke, prior, and the convent of St. Andrew's, Northampton, alias Thomas Yorke, prior of the house or monastery of Tykford, Bucks., etc., 12 May. Ric. Richardson, master, and the brethren of the hospital of St. Thomas the Martyr in Southwark, 12 May., Humphrey Fewster, Feaster, Fouster or Feuster, of Groby, Leic., Asteley, Warw., Bishop's Lenn, Southlyn and Barton, Norf., y., bailiff of Frebrige hundred, Norf., 16 May. Augustine Porter, of Belton, Linc., and Markham, Notts., g. executor of Wm. Porter, 21 May. John Hert or Herte, of Bovytracy, and Southbovy, Devon, g., courtholder, tinmerchant or tinner, late clerk of the peace in co. Devon, 24 May. Ric. Roston, alias Smith., clk., residentiary of Lincoln Cathedral, prebendary of Corringham cum Stowe, master of the College of St. Laurence called Poulteney, in London, 6 May. Wm. Rawelyns or Raulyns alias Bayly or Bayle, of Wareham, Dors., Castell Cary, Soms., and London, g., 15 May. Thomas, the abbot, and the convent of Torre, 18 May. Richard Miller, of Aldermuston, and Aldermynster, Worc., Stretford upon Aven and Warwick, Warw., husbandman or shepherd, 1 May. Mr. Wm. Luky, formerly vicar of Lymmyngge, late vicar of Elham, late rector of Northflete, late vicar, as it was thought, of Heston, late vicar of Sutton, Suss., late dean of the almshouse of Christ's Church, Canterbury, 22 May. Wm. Gayton, prior, and the convent of Sixhill, 15 May. Robert Johnson, prior, and the convent and sisters of St. Katharine's without Lincoln, alias St. Katharine's next Maleudry, executor of John Mone, 1 May. Alex. Boyll, Buyll, Bull or Boill, of Carecroft, Pontefract or Pountfret, Yorks., Newton, Cornw., Abyngdon, Oxon, and Lathom and Dalton in Furnes, Lanc., y., 10 May. John Whitmore, abbot, and the convent of Dunkeswell, 22 May. John Tegeantservant alias John Servaunt Tegeaunt, y., alias John Tegeant, of Westminster, London, and Southwark, servant or y., 14 May. John Sharnebroke, abbot, and the convent of Waltham Holy Cross, 20 May. Ric. Watkyns, of Worcester, Ely, Camb., and Maunsill Lacy, Hertf. (sic), y., 20 May. Thomas Newport, knight and late treasurer of St. John's, bailey of the Eagle, preceptor of Newland, Yorks., of Offyngton (Ossington) and Wynkburn, Notts., of Templebruar, Linc., of Dalby and Rothlay, Leic., and of Polyng, Suss., 17 May. Robert Rede, of Chedynston, Kent, and London, k., chief justice of Common Pleas, 5 May. John Dunham, Dounham or Donham, of Kirtlyngton, Notts., and Bolton upon Dern, Yorks., etc., k., s. and h. apparent of John Dunham, of Kirtlyngton, k., kinsman and heir of Nicholas Bowet and Elizabeth his wife, viz. s. of Eliz., d. and h. of the said Nic. and Eliz., 9 May. John FitzGeffray (repeated as on m. 5). Wm. Roweleigh, Rowelee, Rowlegh, Rowleygh or Rowelegh, of Wolderton, Salop, and Snede in Bursleym or Dursleym parish, Staff., husbandman, 12 May. John Wareyn, Warryn, Waren or Waryn, of Caunton, and Ossyngton, Notts., gent., 23 June. Joan FitzLewes of Lylyngston Lovell, Oxon, widow, alias Joan Tymperley, widow of Robert Tymperley, late of Mewekinghall, Essex, esq., alias Joan Wentworth late the wife of Henry Wentworth late of Codham Hall, Essex, esq., alias Joan FitzLewes, widow of Philip Lewes, late of Sutton Attoon, Kent, esq., alias Joan FitzLewes, late of London, widow, 10 July. Henry Tey, of Colchester, and Parva Birche, Essex, and London, k., 17 June. Wm. Ine, Iny or Ene, of Westminster and Shordiche, Midd., y., one of the gunners of Henry VII., 18 June. John Marler, prior of the hospital of St. John Baptist in Wells, rector of Bakewell, Soms., clerk, 20 June. Giles Pulton, of Desborowe, Ntht., esq., 20 June. John White Robert Burton, Wm. Lepyngton and Chr. Hudson, keepers of the fabric and lighting of the church or chapel of St. Mary of Beverley, 28 June. Wm. Middilton, prior, and the convent of Beawvale, 10 July. John Burnett or Burne, of Ediall, Charley, and Castellhey, Staff., and Saham, Norf., y., 10 July. Keeper, brethren and sisters of the Guild of St. Mary, Ludlow, 6 July. Wm., the prior, and the convent of Maxstoke, 24 June. John Normanville or Normanvell, of Kilwike, and Everyngham, Yorks., k., s. and h. of Thomas N., k., 4 June. John Petit, Pety or Petyt, grocer of London, s. of Nic. Petyt of Dente le Dale, Yorks., 16 July. Thomas Messian or Mashon, of Rochester, Kent, and Alvithley, Essex, husbandman, 18 July. Henry Owen or Oweyn, of Midderst, Soms. (sic), Assher, Surr., and London, esq. or g., s. and h. of Mary Owen, dec., late wife of David Owen, k., and d. and one of the heirs of John Boham, esq., 12 May. Thomas Ilderton or Iderton, of Ilderton, Nthld., esq., constable of Werke, alias Thomas Ilderton, k., late sheriff of Northumberland and constable of Berwick castle, 22 June. John Clif, Cleve or Cliff, of Exeter, Fowey, Cornw., and London, gent., 7 June. John Normanville, 4 June (repeated). Elizabeth Bagod of Caleweyse, Wilts., widow of John Bagod of Caylweys or Caylewise, Wilts., and Bristol, esq. or merchant, 28 June. Laurence Aslyn, Aslen, or Asle, of London, pewterer, s. and h. of Walter A., of Sabrigford, alias Sapford, Herts, and executor of Ric. Warham, alias Tomasson, tailor, of London, 22 June. John and Thomas Mudd or Mudde, of Tunstall next Hornby and Askarth, Yorks., husbandmen, 27 June. Henry Scrope of Bolton, lord Scrope, (s. and h. and executor of Henry Scrope, late lord Scrope) alias Henry Scrope lord Scrope, of Upsall, alias lord Scrope of Bolton and Upsall, alias Henry Scrope, late of Fyfeld, Essex, lord Scrope, and Alice his wife d. and h. of Thomas lord Scrope of Upsall, 12 May. Wm. Brice, Brisse or Brise, of Halwill, Loundehelle and Northlewe, Devon, y., 10 July. Wm. Turwhit, Turwhatt, Turwhite, Tyrwhite, Turwhet or Tyrwhyt, of Ketellesbey, Ketilby, Ketelby, Ketilsby or Ketlesby, Linc., k., 5 June. Reynold Pegge, of Ruddestrope, Ntht., g., clerk of assizes in cos. Oxon, &c., 12 June. Wm. Hudson, of Grantham, Linc., yeoman, "coverled-wever," "woolbroger" or late alderman of Grantham, 8 June. Marg. Crosse, of Feversham, Kent, and Hexham, Nthld., spinster, alias Marg. Crosse, of Howe, Norf., singlewoman, alias Margaret Madder, of Norwich, spinster, alias wife of John Madder, 30 June. James Frampton, of Mourton, Bukland Ripers, Morton and Moreton, Dors., g. or esq., 6 June. Richard Fouhell, of Byburgh and "Fouhell is comb," Devon, g., 26 June. Edmond Lucy, of Stratton in Bykylswade parish, Beds., Gaynes in Stowghton Magna parish, Hunts., and London, k., and Eleanor his wife, d. and h. of Walter Trimpynton, k., late wife of Richard Enderby, of Stratton, k., 8 May. Thomas Wildicote, Wildicotis or Widicote, of Tong, Salop, Hexston, Staff., and London, g., executor of Richard Eyton, clk., keeper of the college of Tong, 8 May. Richard Guner, Gummer, Gonnor or Gunner, of Est Bekkham and Reynham St. Mary's, Norf., g., 21 May. Robert Hertlington, of Hunnesworth, Horbury, and Wakefeld, Yorks., and London, esq., 16 May. Elizabeth Clifford, widow and executrix of Robert Clifford, k., late of Aspeden, Herts, late wife and executrix of Ralph Joselyn, k., alderman of London, dec., 15 May. Wm. Clayton or Cleyton, of Lentwardyn in Wigmore lordship, and Nantwich, Chesh., gent., clerk of peace and crown in co. Hereford, undated. Wm. Marshall, of London, pewterer, 1 June. John Studde, of Egham, Surr. and London, one of the six clerks of Chancery, 1 June. Ric. Marbyll, Ant. Fitzherbert, Thos. Plostede and Thos. Soper, g., feoffees of ten messuages etc., in Bermondsey which were formerly of John Haddes, 22 May. Thomas Smyth, senior, of Chester, mercer and alderman, alias of London, merchant or g., 8 June. Paul Cooke, of the King's Chancery, late of Elingham, Hants, g., 27 May. Ralph Rokeby or Rukeby, of Mortham, and Rokeby, Yafford and Zaffurth and London, g., and Margery, his wife, one of the ds. and hs. of Ralph Danby of Yaffurth, Yorks., esq., 15 May. Roger Acheley or Achilley, draper and alderman of London, 26 May. John Pecok, of Chepyngwalden and Depden, Essex, y. or husbandman, "rafman" or "taloughchaundeler," 8 June. John Claymond, clk., president, and the scholars of St. Mary Magdalene College, Oxford, 7 July. Edward Baynes, Baunes or Bones, of Stratford Langthorn, Essex, and London, y., late of Stamford, Linc., pewterer, 5 June. Brian Bradford, of Sanley, in co. _ (blank), late of Stanley next Wakefield, and Warmefeld, Wamerfeld, le Hethe and Bradford, Lancaster and the Inner Temple, gent., 16 May. Thomas Pynchebeke, of London, Westminster and Boston, Linc., y., 12 June. Marg. Ideley, of Bokenham Ferry, Norf., widow and executrix of Thomas Ideley, of London, gent., alias late wife and executrix of John Jermy, sen., and of Thomas Jenny of Bokenham Ferry, gent., 10 July. Thomas Bruge, Brige or Brigge, of Evyngton in Lemyster parish, Heref., g., 20 May. John Braban, Brabyn, Brabon or Braben, of Bovytracy, Southbovy, Bradelegh in Hyewike parish, and Chudlegh, Devon, g., tin merchant or tinner, 15 May. John Birt, Birte or Birtte, of Southpederton, and Wicrofte, Devon, Cokesdon, Dors., and Cherde, Soms., g., brother of Alex. B., esq., 5 May. John Hales, of Canterbury, Tenterden and Natindon, Kent, and of Grays Inn, g., one of the executors of James Aucher, of Otterden; and Chr. Hales or Halis, of Canterbury, Tenterden and London, g., 10 May. James Beamount, g., of Wednesbury, Staff., and Willinghalle, Staff., Thaxstede, Essex, and London, executor of John Beamount, of Wednesbury, esq., 16 May. James Rolleston, Rolston or Rolluston, of le Lee or Leygh in Ashover parish, Derb., esq., 20 May. Richard Holbeche, abbot, and the convent of Thorney, 21 May. Ralph Donne, Dawne or Donna, of Flaxyordys, Ayton and Stretton, Chesh., esq., s. and h. of John, 4 May. Robert Worsley, bailiff of Chepingkington and Parva Kyngton, Warw., Chacomb and Northampton, Ntht., y. or g., 15 May. John Colys, Coles, Colis or Cokles, of Penlyn, Trismyll, Bodman, and Lanlyvery. Cornw., and Strond, Midd., g., merchant, franklin, tinner or y., late one of the collectors of the fines assessed on the parishioners of Lanlyvery for their rebellion at Blakkeheth, undated. James Whitstans or Whitaans, clk., dean, and the chapter of the New College of St. Mary, Leicester, 21 May. John Ingoldesby, of Buckingham and Letymburgh, Bucks., g., 20 May. Andrew Pawe, g., clerk of the peace and of the mayoralty of Norwich, attorney of the Common Pleas, executor of Robert and John Dynne, of Heydon, Norf., John Gardener and John Jowell, aldermen of Norwich, and John Bachecroft, of Melton, Norf., gent., 6 July. James Boton, Beten or Botown, of Herthest or Hertest, Suff., husbandman, 6 July. Marg. Wale, of Longmelford, Suff., widow and executrix of Simon Wale, late of Longmelford, alias Marg. Smyth, of Melford, Suff., widow, 6 July. Wm. Dany or Davy, of Spectishale or Spettishale, Suff., y. or g., or husbandman, 6 July. Wm. Tassell, of Bury St. Edmunds, Suff., and Feulden or Feuldon, Norf., g. or y., 6 July. Thomas Pargettour, Pargetour, Pargittyr or Pargetter, of London, salter, 6 July. Ric. Doket, Dukket, Ducket, Dukket or Dokket, of Grayrig and Kendal, Westmld., 26 June. Wm. Molyneux, of Sefton and Crostath, Lanc., esq., and Joan his wife, d. and h. of Ric. Ruge, of Ruge, Staff., 20 May. Wm. Hewes or Hywes, and Agnes his wife and Robert Gruffith or Gryffith and Katharine his wife, d. of Wm. Hertland, kinsman and h. of Isabella late the wife of Walter Brokhampton (viz. son of Cecilia sister of Robert Sage, father of the said Isabel), tenants of the said Wm. Hartland's portion of the manor of Kyngeshome, Glouc., 10 July. Ric. Starky, Starkey, Starkye, Sterky, or Sterke, of Stretton next Whaley, Mossewode in Stretton or Stretton in Budworth parish, Chesh., esq., s. and h. of Geoffrey and Joan his wife, one of the ds. and hs. of Roger Derbey, late of Chester, gent., 8 July. Wm. Wyles, Wylis, Willis or Wiles, of Kirkham and Brigholme next Egton, Yorks., g., franklin or y., 6 June. Hugh Lewis alias Howell ap Ll'in ap Jevan ap David, late of Revynrose or Keffunros, co. Merion., gent., late constable of Hardelegh castle, yeoman of the Chamber, 9 July. Ric. Sebronde alias Kent, prior, and the convent of Horton Monachorum, Kent, 9 June. Eliz. Eyre, of Magna Cressyngham and Carbroke, Norf., widow and executrix of Wm. Eyre of London, gent., 12 July. John Fermour, late of Hemton, Hempstede and Northpykenham, Norf., innholder, 5 July. George Vyell, of Wade in Alyngton or Alvyngton parish, Devon, gent., 10 July. John Heron, of Prytwell, Maldon, Wodham Mortimer, Banbery and Hadley, Essex, g., 12 July. Roger Walwyn of Synton, and St. John of Bedwardyn, Worc., Marhyll, Ayllton, Kynges Pewen, "Hertf." (sic), and London, g. (s. and h. of Ric. W., late of Marhyll), late bailiff of Mawrreden, Hertf. (sic), undated. Wm. Northorp or Northrop, of Lekynfeld, Yorks., y, 5 July. Robert Yeo, of Heampton Sachevyle, Paddistow, Credyheampton, Exeter and Pynne, Devon, esq., 5 July. David, the abbot, and the convent of Talley, alias Talley Lluche, co. Carm., 4 July. Wm. Radley, of Styrmistermarchall, Dors., husbandman, late of Lambehyth, Surr., baker, 12 July. Hugh Assheton or Asshton of London, clk., rector of Lythe, Yorks., and of Barnake, Ntht., prb. of St. Stephen, of the household of Margaret Countess of Richmond and Derby, the King's grandmother, prb. of Lyme, Dors., rector of the chapel of St. Oswald of Gresmore, Westmld., executor of Wm. Crekys of Baddestan, Herts., and Ric. Lynne of Bassyngbourne, 20 June. John Paulet, Poulet or Palet, of Basyng, Hants, esq., or knight, 20 June. Henry Power or Pover, late of Lelytyn, Lylytyn, Leliten or Lelyton, Warw., and Hanslap or Hanslop, Bucks., husbandman or y., 4 July. Hugh Jenkyn Watkyn, alias Howell ap Jenkyn, alias Hugh ap Jenkyn Watkyn, of Badypytt in the parish and lordship of Monmouth, Troy and Whitebroke in the lp. of Trilleg, marches of Wales, Tokynton, Glouc., and Gate Manor, Suss., g. or y., 9 July. George Jakson, of Carlisle, Durham and Newwerke, Yorks., y., citizen and plumber of London, 24 May. John FitzGeffrey, (repeated as on m. 5). Geoffrey Proctour, of Bordeley next Hetton or Heton in Craven, esq., g. or y., 2 July. Ric. Proctour, of Bordeley, y. or g., s. and h. of Geoffrey P., late of Bordeley, gent., 2 July. Robert Exbrigge, of Ospringe in Feversham parish, Kent, and London, innholder, y. or g., 24 June. Wm. Gifford, of Ichyll and Upton, Hants, k., s. and h. and executor of John G., k., 4 July. Wm. Scotte, k., Vincent Fynche and Thomas Rote, g., tenants of the manors of Crowehurst, Burghwasse and Beuelham, Suss., 25 June. Thomas Dawes or Dawys, of Gloucester. Coverley, Glouc., Andever and Basingstoke, Hants., Petworth, Suss., and Wonersh, Surr., labourer or "tynker," 8 June. Ric. Paynell, Panell or Paenell, of Bothby, and Bothby Paynell, Linc., and London, esq., 3 July. John Langtrowe, or Langetroe or Langetrowe, of Bradney and Hals St. John's, Soms., husbandman, 26 June. John Smalbroke, of Yardey (sic) or Yardeley, Worc., weaver, yeoman, "hostrekeper," "rentgaderer," under-bailiff and receiver of Yardeley, 8 June. Roger Button or Buttun, of London, Chelmsford and the Isle of Jerngnesey, gent., alias Roger ap Thomas, late of Glamorgan and London, gent., 28 June. Leo Dymmoke, Dymoke or Demok, of Maryng on the Hill, Maryng next Horncastle, Spillesby, and Assheby next Parteney, Linc., and London, esq., receiver of Henry Willughby, k., lord of Willughby and Tresby (sic), brother of Robert Dymmoke, k., and Anne his wife, late the wife of Wm. Gurney, s. and h. apparent of Wm. Gurney, esq., dec., 5 July. Nic. Ayssheford or Assheford, of Assheford, and Churston Ferres, Devon, esq., 28 June. Thomas Wryght, of Wymbysshe and Depete, Essex, 12 July. John Marten or Marton, prior (late vicar of Blyton) and the convent of Elsham, Linc., 9 July. John Rand or Rande, of Cetyngborn, Kent, butcher, 9 July. Thomas Hille or Hill, of Coventry, draper, ulnager in cos. Warw., Leic. and Staff., 1 June. John Broughton, esq., s. and h. of Robert B., knight, and kinsman and h. of John B., late of Tyryngton, Beds., esq., and of Anne, d. and h. of John B., 4 July. Richard Fleccher alias Cooke or Coke, of Northieuell, Northiell or Northyevell, Beds., mercer, yeoman, husbandman, or merchant, 10 June. Nic. Smyth or Smythe, of Rynghous, Yorks., and Sholdon, Kent, fishmonger of London, merchant of Berwick (servant of Wm. Tyler, k.,) mariner of Wisbeche, Camb., 12 June. Thomas Trussell, of Byllesley, Warw., London, Coventry and Worcester, esq., sheriff of Warw. and Leic., 10 May. Peter Herwode or Harwode, alias Faunt, surveyor of customs and subsidies in Poole, Bridgewater, Exeter and Dartmouth, Plymouth and Fowey, late of Kyrbykendall, merchant, 12 May. Stephen Bereworthe, Berworthe, Berwithe or Barworth, clk., dean of Wallingford, Berks, doctor of physic, 14 May. Thomas Bekyngham, of Duglyngton, Oxon, and Over Burton, Berks., esq., 12 May. Thomas Wentworth or Wyntworth, of Westbretton, Yorks., esq., s. and h. of Matthew W., late of Everton, Notts., 4 May. Henry Joynour, alias Sax, alias Zose, alias Clyff., of Colchester, joiner, 9 May. Roger Newbrugh or Nuenbrugh, of Lulworth and Walterstone, Dors., and London, k., 12 May. Humphrey Conyngesby, of Roke, Worc., serjeant at law, late justice of assizes, etc., and Anne his wife, d. and h. of Chr. Moresby, k., 12 May. Richard Sutton, alias Baker, minister of the house of Holy Trinity of Motynden, Kent, and his successors, 8 May. Robert Wie or Wye, of Rodmerton, Glouc., g., s. and h. of Wm. Wye, late of Tewkesbury, gent., and kinsman and h. of Thomas Whitington, late of Lypyatt, Glouc., gent., 8 May. Stephen Bereworth, dean of Wallingford, 14 May (repeated). Wm. Hardyng or Harding, of Langrygge or Langrythe beside Bath, Soms., grazier or yeoman, 16 May. Wm. Herbert or Herberd, of Troy in the Marches of Wales, and Pembrothe, co. Pembroke, esq., 16 May. Eliz. Catysby or Cattisby, of Ayssheby Leger, Ntht., Lapworthe, Warw., and Estneston, Ntht., widow and executrix of George Catisby, of A., esq., 16 May. Thomas Norton, k., master of Burton St. Lazarus of Jerusalem in England, keeper of the hospital of St. Giles without the Bars of the Old Temple, London, master or keeper of the hospital of Holy Innocents called Malardry without the suburbs of Lincoln, 18 May. Robert Shilston or Shelston, of Cobham Wike, Bridestowe, Wode, Fulford and Leytwode, Devon, g., 9 May. Thomas Jonys, of Bydeford, Devon, and Trewrew, Cornw., merchant, husbandman or y., 16 July. John Holbeme, of Holbeme, Estogwyll and Exeter, Devon, g., 4 July. George Holand, prior, (late prior of Stanley, Hunts.) and the convent of Anglesey, Camb., 6 July. Laurence Towneley or Tonley, of Barnesheyd, Borunley, Bourneley, Tounley and Colne, Lanc., and Skipton in Craven, Yorks., esq., 20 July. Wm. Wyggeston, Wigston or Wigeston, of Belgrave, Leic., g. or esq., late merchant of Coventry, 12 May. Stephen Bereworth, dean of Wallingford, 14 May (repeated). Robert Bowryng or Bowring, of Wodehouse and Alvyngton, Devon, Bishopworth, Soms., and London, gent., 9 May. Thomas Fyndern, of Fynderne, Derb., and Lublesthorp, Leic., esq., s. and h. of Robert, and James Tone or Ton, late of Repton, Derb., miller, yeoman or husbandman, 20 May. John Underhill, clk., master, and the fellows of the New College of Northyevell, Beds., prb. of St. Paul's, London, and of Stratton and Wrakelford, Dors., 21 May. Robert Godewyn or Goodwyn, of Ipswich, tailor, draper, or merchant, merchant tailor of London, alias "densyn" (i.e. denizen), 12 May. John Aston or Ashton, of Heywode, Bewdesert and Parkehall, Staff., and Onlep, Leic., k., 12 May. James Derne or Derme, of Bristol, merchant, 5 May. John Leeke, of Sutton in le Dale, and Sandeacre, Derb., and Sanford, Notts., esq., s. and h. of John, 18 May. Thomas Benett, alias Lyle, of Carnarvon in Wales, late of Burlyng, Kent, and of Hereford, y., 22 May. John Carewe, Carowe, Carow, Careue or Caru, of Islebruars, Soms., Dontisshe, Dors., Camberwell and Prenttend, Surr., London and Umberlegh, Devon, k., knight for the Body, knight marshal of the court of Marshalsea of the Household or marshal of the Household, 15 May. Ric. Reygny, of Eggisford, Devon, and London, esq., 20 May. John Muscote, Muskett, Muskyn, Muskettes, Musket, Muscotys, of Earl's Berton, Ntht., and London, g., late justice of assizes, etc., prothonotary of Common Pleas, steward of the manor of Savoy, in the Duchy of Lancaster, and Alice his wife, d. and h. of Chr. Beaufewe, late of Huchyn, Herts., g., 14 May. John More, abbot, and the convent of Shirborn, Dors., 20 May. Richard Maliverer, of Allerton Maliverer, Yorks., esq., 20 May. Richard Johnson alias Burgh, abbot, and the convent of Shapp, 20 May. John Crokker, of Lyneham or Lynam in Yalumpton parish, Devon, esq., 12 May. Robert Henrison or Herrison, of London, one of the fellows of the Middle Temple, and of Sandbeke, Bernesley and Roche Abbey, Yorks., gent., 12 May. John Cottesmore, of Brightwell or Bandewen Brightwell, Oxon, and London, k., 16 May. John Dracote or Draicote, of Penysley, Hertwall and Draicote de le Moris, Staff., and Nether Padley, Derb., k., 5 May. Edward Longcastre, Loncastre or Lancastre, of Branton or Braunton, Westmld., Carlisle and Berwick upon Tweed, g. or y., 15 May. Giles Peny, of Yevyll and Chilton Cantlowe, Soms., and London, g., 18 May. Thomas Cressener, of Wyssyngfett (Wissingsett), Norf., Cures, Essex, and London, esq., 15 May. Thomas Sudbury, late prior of Wenloke, quondam prior of St. Andrew's, Northampton, prior of Folkestone, 6 May. Wm. Barlee, Barley or Barlowe, of Elsnham, Essex, and Albury or Aldebury, Herts., esq., executor of Henry Barley, late of Aldebury, Herts., 14 May. Andrew Johnson, of Southwark, Surr., and St. Clement's Danes, Midd., smith or farrier, 12 May. Edward Hawte or Haute, of Petham, Petheham and Itheham, Kent, and London, esq., s. and h. of Richard H. and executor of Thomas Frognall or Frogenall, late of Bukland, Kent, 15 May. Guy alias Henry Hill, Hille or Hilley, of Dymmok, Glouc., London and Westminster, y., g., or mercer, 9 May. John Fayerchild, Feyrchild, Fayrchilde, Farchilde or Ferchild, of Freston, Suff., Herleston, Norf., London, and Norwich, g., 12 May. Wm. Mewys or Mewis, of Kyngyston in Forwell parish in the Isle of Wight, k., s. and h. of Thomas M., esq., 1 July. Roger Chirnok, Chyrnoke, Chinoke or Charnoke, of Hannysworth, Staff., Caredon or Kyrdon, Lanc., Brereley, Yorks., Burton upon Trent., Derb., y. or g., 1 July. John Pope, of Buksted, Suss., London, Hyndale, Suss., esq., s. and h. of Thomas P. and kinsman and one of the hs. of Wm. Weston, late of Hyndale, esq., 1 July. Henry Longe, of Draicotes Serne and Bromeham, Wilts and London, esq., tenant of the manors of Draicotes Serne, Wilts, and Barton Stacy, Hants, s. and h. of Thomas L., k., 18 May. John Revell, of Sharland, Shirland, and Higham, Derb., g. or y., 22 May. Wm. Lynche alias Goodryche, of Westbury under the Playne, and Le Vises, Wilts, y., 20 June. Thomas Brasier or Brasanell alias Underwode, of Ratclyf, Midd., and London, y., 3 May. Thomas earl of Ormond, alias Thomas Ormond, k., lord of Rocheford, Essex, alias Thomas Botiller lord of Rocheford, etc., 4 May. Wm. Carter, of Dunmar, Hants, husbandman, 5 May. Thomas Otteley alias Jakson, prior, and the convent of Bolton in Craven, 5 May. John Breuerer alias Garard. of London, draper, 3 May. Thomas Norton, of Norton, Norton Conyers, Salley, Herforth and Gilling, Yorks., k., 5 May. John Caylewaye, of Colompton and Exeter, Devon, g., 7 May. John Whiting, of Woode and Colompton, Devon and London, esq. or gent., mercer of London, 5 May. John Hawe or Haw, alderman and mercer of London, merchant of Calais, merchant of the Staple of Westminster, or gent., 5 May. Thomas Clifford, of Aspeden, Herts, London, and Stillingflete, Yorks., esq. (s. and h. of Robert C., k., master of Ordnance of Henry VII.), 6 May. Robert Vincent, of Bradgate and Grobye, Leic., Asteley, Warw., Willey and Ludlowe, Salop, Multon in Southelond, Linc., and London, gent., y. or groom, husbandman, or franklin, 4 May. Thomas Sheltham, Chelton or Chilton, of Hanslop, or Hanslap, Ntht., labourer or pulter, 5 June. John Shepard, of Fayreholmes in West Delelond or West Deleland parish and Colchester, Essex, husbandman, 3 June. Wm. Bonham, of Wissheford, Groveley in the pa. of Barford St. Martin, Parva Langford and Bonham, Wilts., g. or esq., 24 June. John Belamy, or Bealmys or Bealmy, clk., rector of Todmerton, Oxon, minor canon of St. Paul's, London, 4 June. John Eston. of Sidestorn, Norf., and Eston, Suff., g., 3 July. George Fitzwilliam of Malberthorp, Southormesby and Louthe in Lindesey, Linc., esq., merchant of the Staple of Calais, s. and h. and executor of Thomas F., late of Louthe, Linc., k., 1 July. Edward Sapcotys, Sapcotis or Sapcotes, of Burley, Rutl., esq., 3 May. Robert Dymnoke or Dymmok, of Screvilby, Linc., and Metglay, Yorks., k., merchant of the Staple of Calais, and _ (blank) his wife, late wife and executrix of Angelus Donne, late merchant of the Staple of Calais and alderman of London, 8 May. Francis Waryn, Waren or Wareyn, of Okam and Cottesmore, Rutl., and Osulweston, Leic., g. or esq., merchant of the Staple of Calais, 4 May. Richard Hadley or Hedley, of Willington and Withecomb, Soms., g., 8 May. Richard Arnold, of Maghfeld or Mafeld., Suss., smith or husbandman, 8 May. Wm. Strode, of Nywanham in the parish of St. Mary of Ylympton and Strode, Devon, g., 8 May. Wm. Copynger, alderman of London, fishmonger, etc., executor of John Snoring, fishmonger, and of Beatrice Stokton, widow, 1 May. John Whityngton, g. or merchant, searcher of Bristol, porter of the Tower of London, 15 May. Ralph Bowes, of Balden and Stretlam, D'ham., and South Cowton, Yorks., k., brother and h. of Wm. B., esq., dec., 11 June. George Swynborn, of Nofferton, Alnwick and Warkeworth, Nthld., Wressill and Lekingfeld, Yorks., constable of Alnwick, 11 June. Robert Horne, serjeant at the mace of the city of London, brewer, 16 April. Thomas Olveston or Wolston, abbot, and the convent of Malmesbury, 16 July. Wm. Bowghton, of Little Lalleford or Laweford, Newbold and Brownswover, Warw., London, and St. Clement's without Temple Bar, Middl., esq, s. and h. of Richard B., esq., 26 June. John Constabul, Constable or Constabill, clerk, treasurer of Lincoln cathedral, and master of the hospitals of St. Leonard and St. Peter in York, execut or of George Fitzhugh, dean of Lincoln, 6 July. Wm. Blancharde alias Whyng, of Horton and Halewell in Horton parish, Dors., husbandman or y., 20 June. John Arnold, of Mathern and Kardyff in the Marches of Wales, Sudeley, Glouc., and London, 22 June. John Ireland or Irelond, of Ledyngton, Ludyngton, or Luthyngton, Rutl., y. or husbandman, 20 June. John Moyle, Moylle, Moyll or Moile, of Baake, Bake, Northblake, and Seynt German, Cornw., g., 20 June. John Savage or Savade, of Yoxsale, Yoxsall and Tutbury, Staff., yeoman, bailiff of Barton, Staff., 24 June. John Baker alias Wyrall, of Sutton and Tamworth, Warw., Alderwas, Alderiche and Yoxhall, Staff., cooper or y., 20 June. Peter Assheton, of Casthorpe, Linc., Barlebrugh, Derb., Catebeston, Yorks., Milton., Camb., and London, esq. 27 June. John Grene, of Bristol, grocer or merchant, 19 June. Thomas Bewzar or Bechear of Princes Rysborough, Bucks, yeoman, 13 June. George Hevenyngham, of Hevenyngham, Suff., Colyweston, Ntht., and Bishop's Hatfeld, Herts, esq., s. of John H., k., 21 May. John Tymperley or Tympurley, of Hyntlesham, Suff., Thetford, Norf., London and Westminster, k., s. and h. of John T., esq., 2 June. Wm. Foster or Forster, of Buslyngthorp and Ledys, Yorks. and London, yeoman, 20 June. Thomas Molens, Moleyns, Mulleyns or Molence, of Byreport and Whitechurche, Dors., Southtawton and Dounesmore, Devon, and London, g., 13 June. Thomas West, of Halfnaked, Suss., k., s. and h. apparent of Thomas West, sen., knight, lord De la Warr, 2 June. Ric. Hampden, of Kymbell Magna, Bucks., esq., lieutenant of Wallingford castle or deputy of Sir Thomas Lovell, the King's lieutenant there, 5 June. John Gylmyn or Gilmyn, of Bristol, 10 May. Robert Courte, Curt or Cowerte, late of Makney, Makkeney, Macney or Maknay, Berks., g., and Joan his wife, 4 June. John Parker, abbot, and the convent of Chertsey, 9 June. Wm. Trembras or Trembrase, of Trembras or Trembrace and Seynt Kyveran, Cornw., undated (in margin "vacat."). Wm. Shroggis, Shruggis or Shroges, late draper of London, merchant or brewer of Calais, 4 July. Richard Chanfer, of Rosedale in Blakamore, Yorks., fishmonger of London, merchant of the Staple and burgess of Calais, 28 July. Thomas Devall, of White Waltham, Berks., husbandman or yeoman, 26 June. George Maners, of Est Compton, Surr., and Edall or Etell, Nthld., k. (s. and h. of Robert M., late of Edall), and Anne his wife, d. and h. of Thomas Seyntleger, knight, 10 July. John Strodewyke, of Wysborough Grene, Suss., y. or glassmaker, 8 July. Edward Rede, of Norwich, merchant, 12 June. Laurence Benston or Beneston, of St. Albans, Herts, tailor, 5 May. Wm. Fyloll, Filoll, or Fylyoll, of Woodland, Dors., k., s. and h. of John F., esq., 5 May. Wm., the prior, and the convent of the Charterhouse near London, 17 May. Robert Fryssell, Frissell or Firsell, of Byrdlyngton, or Bridlyngton, Yorks., mercer, executor of Agnes Somerby, late wife of John Somerby, 5 May. Ralph Evers, Eure or Ivers, k., of Aton in Pikering Lith, Yorks., Waton in Wardall, Dham., and Berwick, Nthld., s. and h. of Wm. Eure, k., 5 May. Edmond Larder, of Bramford Pyne and Upto n Pyne Devon, and London, g., 9 May. Walter Escourte, late of Malmesbury, and Wotton Basset, Wilts, g. or yeoman, late keeper of the great park of Fastourne or Bastourne, 4 May. John FitzGeffrey (repeated as on m. 5). John Roweley or Rowle, of Bemersley and Wegewode, Staff., husbandman, 5 May. Thomas Mores, Moryse, Morice or Morys, of Clayhydon, Devon, and Bukland Sororum or Mynchyn Bukland, Soms., husbandman, 15 May. Thomas Baber alias Musterden, of Norwich, "wosted sherman" or merchant. 28 May. Richard Albon, of Swafeld, Norf., husbandman or "oyle maker," 16 May. John Sabrisford, abbot (late rector of Ayngho. Ntht.) and the convent of Walden, 4 May. Seth Snawesell or Snawsell, of Bylton, co. city of York, g., s. and h. of Wm. S., 29 May. Wm. Thwayte or Twayte, of Merston, co. city of York, g., s. and h. of Thomas T., 29 May. Nic. Belyngeham, of Aberwyk, Nthld., g. or yeoman, 22 May. Saberus Gilpyn, of Scorbrugh or Sorbrugh, Yorks., and Kentmere, Westmld., g., 24 May. Thomas Craneford, of Ely, Camb., shoemaker, 21 May. Robert Rede, of Chedyngston, Kont, and London, k., chief justice of C. P., executor of John Alfegh, late of Chidyngston, g., 5 May. Robert Gyrton or Girton, of Barowe, Suff., and Ivyngho, Bucks., g., and Anne his wife, late the wife of Thomas Wodmancy, late of Ivyngho, gent., 5 June. Edward Musgrave, late of Harteley Arteley, or Hartley, Westmld., London, Gyndale in Gyndale, Yorks., and Ednell, Cumb., esq., or g., 16 May. Nic. Halswell or Halsewell, of London, clk., prb. of Langtoft in York cathedral, s. and h. of Robert H., late of Gotehurst, Suss., and of Katharine d. and h. "Nicholai de Gatcombe in com. Somers," 5 June. Ric. Creshall, prior, and the convent of the New Hospital of St. Mary without Bishopsgate, 5 June. Thomas Chelham (sic, cp. m. 13), Chelton or Chilton, of Hanslap, Ntht. or Bucks., labourer or pulter, 5 June. Thomas Carpenter alias Bruer, of Stanes, Midd., tailor, 6 June. Richard Kyng, of Horram or Horham, Suff., and Bastelden, Essex, labourer, 5 July. Mayor and commonalty of Dounhevedburgh, Cornw., 29 June. John Benet, of Norton Bavent, Wilts., clothman. s. and h. of John B. and one of the executors of Thomas More and John Forthward, and also executor of Alice Gilbert and Agnes More, widow, 1 June. Thomas Percy, Parcye or Percey, of Shaftysbury, Dors., g., one of the executors of John Forthward, 5 June. John Danvers or Daunvers, of Dauntesey, Wilts., Pulworth, Ntht., Prescot, Oxon, London, k., and Anne his wife, d. and h. of John Stradlyng, late of Dauntesey, esq., and kinswoman and one of the heirs of Joan [Houghton] (late the wife of Wm. Houghton, k.) John Colshill, of Benemyd. Cornw., k., and Edmond Arundell, late of Tremethart, Cornw., k., 5 July. Thomas Sherard or Shereard, of Brynkeworth or Brynkenworth, Wilts., yeoman, grazier or husbandman, 3 July. Thomas Tylly, Tyllyy or Tylley, of Canyngton, Soms., esq., 28 June. Edward Baynes, Baunes or Bones, of Stratford Langthorn, Essex, Stamford, Linc., and London, yeoman or pewterer, 5 June. Nic. Tompson or Tomson, of Colton, Norf., labourer or husbandman, 28 June. Wm. Wyght, Wrght, Wright, or Wreght, clk., official of the archdeaconry of the East Riding and of the provostry of Beverley, 10 June. Thomas Duket or Doket, of Carethorne and Shappe, Westmld., Carlisle, and London, g., and Eleanor his wife, late the wife of Robert Worcop, late of Warcop, esq., 1 July. Maurice Heywode, of Wodehouse and Alvyngton, Devon, and Bisshopworth, Soms., y. or husbandman, 14 July. Henry Parker, of Skirwith, Cumb., y., 14 July. Robert Moresby or Morysby, of Wynonderwath, Westmld., and Torpenhowe, Cumb., g., 6 July. Andrew Wyndesore, of Stanwell and Stoke, Midd. and London, k., keeper of the Great Wardrobe, s. and h. of Thomas W., of Stanwell, esq.; and Elizabeth his wife, one of the sisters and hs. of Edward Blount late lord Mountjoye and of the ds. and hs. begotten of the body of William Blount and Margaret his wife, d. and one of the hs. of Thomas Echingham, k., 21 July. Thomas Maughen or Mawhen, of Heyden and Corbrig or Corbrige, Nthld., tailor or y., 17 July. Laurence Champyon, abbot, and the convent of Battle, 8 July. Robert Whynbergh or Wynbergh, of Norwich, g., 15 June. Wm. and John Worthy, of Skagelthorpe, Yorks., husbandmen, 20 July. John Wathan, of Trewyse or Trelewyste in the hundred of Wormelowe in Irchyngfelde, Heref., husbandman, 20 July. Richard ap Jeyne. of Orcop, in the hundred of Wormelowe in Archyngfelde and Langonnok in Wormelowe hundred, Heref., husbandman 20 July. John Copuldike, of Neweland in Cotyngham parish and Copuldike, Yorks., y. or husbandman, 18 July. Richard Smyth, of Bobyngton, Staff., and Little Dene, Glouc., y., husbandman or mercer, 28 July. Robert Badcok, of Hawkehurst, Kent, husbandman or y., 1 Aug. Walter Bagtor, of Assheparton, Ashparton, Shobroke, Exeter and Bovytracy, Devon, weaver or y., 2 Aug. Roger Cholmeley, of Pykering, Yorks., and London, g., one of the gentlemen ushers of the Chamber, 1 July. John Huchyn, of Plymouth, merchant, 8 June. Thomas Fulthorp or Fulthrop, of Ippeswell or Hippeswell, Yorks., and Barnard's Castle, Dham., g., or esq., and Edith his wife, d. and h. of John Hore, late of Elleffeld, Oxon (sic), esq., 21 June. Peter Assheton, of Casthrop, Linc., esq., 27 June (repeated). Edward Rolston or Rolleston, of Lee or Leygh in Ashover or Asshore parish, Derb., Hatfeld or Haitfelde, Yorks., g. or y., 20 May. James Rolleston, Roweleston or Rolston, of Be, or Bye, and Legh in Ashover parish, Derb., esq. or g., 20 May. Edward Robson, of Tynemouth, Nthld., y. or g., 27 June. John Coket, of Hull, Petworth, Suss., Lekyngfeld, Yorks., and London, g., y. or merchant, late searcher in Hull, 20 July. Wm. Feteplace, Fetyplace or Fetplace, of Cherley, Yattendon, and Bray, Berks., and St. Clement's Danes, Midd., esq., and Elizabeth his wife, kinswoman and h. of Walter Warynges and Thomas Walrond, 21 June. Geoffrey Taillour or Tayllour, of Pemrige or Pembridge, Heref., "cordyner," yeoman or "shomaker," 27 June. Robert Wynter, of Worthyngton, Leic., g., s. and h. of Henry W., g., 27 June. James Frampton, 6 June (repeated as in m. 7.). Robert Barrero, of Bristol, merchant, 19 June. Roger Grave, of London, woodmonger, late serving in the house called "le Custome house" in London, 22 June. Simon Tyler, of London, draper, likewise serving, 24 June. John Ardrn or Arden, of Aston and Meryden, Warw., and Nafford in Ekyngton parish, Worc., esq., 22 June. John Wright, master or keeper, and the fellows of the hall or college in Cambridge of Holy Trinity of Norwich, 24 June. Leo Percy or Perchay, of Ryton, Levesham, Brantyngham, Hasyll, and Flyxburgh, Yorks., esq., 10 June. John Bulman, of Shilvyngton in Morpeth parish, Nthld., husbandman or y., 1 July. Thomas Fulthorp, late of Ippeswell, Hippeswell Yorks., and Barnard's Castle, Dham., g. or esq., and Edith his wife, d. and h. of John Hore, late of Ellefeld, Yorks. (sic), 21 June. Wm. Hilton or Helton, of Hilton and Forde, Dham., and Lodebyre, Nthld., esq., s. and h. of Wm. H., k., baron of Hilton, 2 June. John Moreby, prior, and the convent of Gisburn in Cleveland, 28 May. Chr. Fulthorp, of Hippeswell, Ippeswell or Eppeswell, Yorks., and Barnard's Castle, Dham., esq., 4 June. Eleanor Leversage, of Fromeselwod, Soms., Rudlowe, Westbury under the Playne and Bromham. Wilts., widow and administratrix of Edmund Leversage, of Fromeselwod, esq., who died intestate, 20 June. Ninian Markynfeld, of Markynfeld, Romondby and Ripon, Yorks., and London, s. and h. of Thomas M., k., esq., 5 June. Robert Chambre or Chamber, clk., rector of Haughton in the bpric. of Durham, Henry VII.'s chancellor of Durham sede vacante, dean of Chester le Street, 13 June. Thomas Prestwyche, of London, g. or draper, 14 June. John Myklow, Myklowe, Muklowe, Myclowe or Miklowe of Denham, Bucks., London and Chester, esq., clerk of controlment of the Household, 24 May. John Colet, S.T.D., dean, and the chapter of St. Paul's, 8 June. Hugh Kylyngall, Kelynghale, Kelynghall, or Killynghalle, of Middylton George, Dham, esq. or g., one of the customers of Newcastle upon Tyne, 12 June. Thomas Barker, prior, and the convent of Newburgh, Yorks., 12 June. Robert Lathom or Alathom, of Northwokendon and Stifforth, Essex, gent., 12 June. Thomas Maynard, of London, mercer or merchant, and Agnes his wife, late the wife of Laurence Cocke, of Bodennek, Cornw., merchant, 14 June. Thomas, the prior, and the convent of St. Cuthbert's, Durham, 14 June. Thomas Colyns, Collyns or Collyn, of Dorchester. Dors., mercer, mariner or yeoman, 16 June. Ralph Rokeby or Rukeby, of Morthan, Rokeby and Yaffurth, Yorks. and London, g., and Margery his wife one of the ds. and hs. of Ralph Danby, late of Yaffurth, esq., 11 June. Henry Norres, of Speke, Lanc., and Brekilworth, Ntht., and London, esq., 10 June. Richard Wederove, Woderof or Woderove, of Wolley, Wolveley, Newelond and Newland, Yorks., k., 23 June. John Causton, of Purley and Colde Norton, Essex, husbandman, grazier, cheeseman or y., executor of his father John C. and brothers John and Thomas C., 11 June. [Sir Andrew Wyndesore, Eliz. Litton, Anthony Wyndesore and Sir Wm. Gascoigne, entries cancelled with note "vacat quia in ao r. H. VII. xxiiij."] Richard Wentworth, of Netlestod or Notlystode, Suff., and London, esq., 17 April. Thomas Hartyshed or Hertished, of Ansty, Wilts., y., 8 June, John Butler, Boteler, Buttler or Butteler, of Watton at Stone, Herts., esq., executor of John Butler, late of W., esq., 16 April. John Bedford or Bedeford, of Pole, Dors., and Nubury, Berks., merchant or g., executor of Richard Bedford, dec., 8 June. Thomas Everard, of Hadnam or Hadenham, Camb., y. or husbandman, 6 June. Wm. Dere or Deere, of Almesbury, Glouc., clk., late of Lantwyt, co. Glamorgan, clk., 26 May. Richard Hawe, or Hagh or Haugh, prior, and the convent of the mon. of St. John, Pontefract, 12 June. Wm. Skypwith, of Fordan Hithe, Norf., and London, esq., 4 May. Robert Rede, k., (repeated as on m. 15). Francis Hasilden, Haselden or Hasylden, of Gilden Mordon. Camb., London, and Chesterforth Parva, Essex, esq., 17 May. Robert Nycoll, Nicols, Nicollis or Nicolson, of Barnet or Chepyng Barnet, Herts, yeoman or gent., bailiff of the liberty of the abbot of St. Albans of his town of Chepyng Barnet, 24 May. Wm. Yolton, of London and St. John's Street, Midd., secretary and scribe for the common treasure of Rhodes in the priory of St. John of Jerusalem in England, 17 May. Henry Wikes or Wikys, of Chertesey, Surr., g. or yeoman, bailiff of the liberty of the abbot of Chertsey, 3 June. John Haugh or Hawe, of Happisburgh, Norf., yeoman or husbandman. 8 June. Ralph Carre, of Middelton Hall, Chillingham, Ilderton and Middle Middelton, Nthld., g., 15 June. Thomas Phillips or Phyllyps, of Pykton, co. Pembroke, and Kilsant, co. Carmarthen, g., 14 June. John Herbert or Harbart, of Langhern, co. Carmarthen, esq., 14 June. Edward Rigge, provost, and the scholars or fellows of Queen's Hall, Oxford, 9 May. Thomas, the prior, and the convent of Kyrkeham, Yorks., 22 June. Wm. Wildon, of Wildon, Yorks., yeoman, 10 June. Robert Wode or Wood, of Kele or Celc, Staff., g., 12 June. Thomas Tempest, of Lambton, or Lumton, Dham., and London, g., and Elizabeth his wife, one of the ds. and hs. of Wm. Burgh, late of Burgh, Yorks., esq., 26 June. Roland Tempest, of Holneset or Honeset, Dham., esq., s. and h. of Robert T., esq., 9 June. Wm. Vryn or Vron, clk., provost of the college of St. Thomas the Martyr of Penryn or of Glaseneth juxta Penryn, Cornw., 29 June. John Benet and Thomas Percy (repeated as on membrane 16), John Holdiche, of Feldallyng, Norf., husbandman, 17 June. John Andrewe, clk., chaplain of the chantry of Thomasina Percyvale in the church of Wike St. Mary's, Cornw., 17 June. Chr. Fenton, of Huby, Houby, Houghby and Crake, Yorks., g., 23 June. John Golen, Golyn or Goolyn, of Skirwith, Culgaith, and Culgaeth, Westmld., tailor, 15 June. Thomas Ward or Warde, of Asshewell, Heuxworth and Houxworth, Herts., gent., mercer of London, executor of John Warde, late alderman of London, 6 June. Ralph Worsley, or Worselley, of Hamworthy, Wynborn Mynster and Holte, Dors., and Wigan, Lanc., g., 20 June. Simon Grene, of Bruton and Milton Clovedon or M. Clevedon, Soms., and Rikeley, Wilts., mercer, merchant, or g., 24 July. John Reveley, of Chatton and West Lilbourn, Nthld., g., or y., 2 July. Richard Avenand, clk., vicar of Chepyng Lambourne, Berks., 1 Aug. John Stanland, of Carnarvon, Anglesey, Meryonneth and Hardlaugh, co. Merion., y., 1 Aug. John Manby or Manbee, of Beverley, Mewes abbey in Holderness, Wawne in Holderness, Wharom in le Stret, Rowth and Leven, Yorks., carpenter or y., 4 July. Nic. Fyssher, of Stevynton, Beds., Hampton and Codyngton, Oxon, husbandman or labourer, 26 June. John Heron or Herne, of London, mercer, merchant or gent., late controller of subsidy in the port of London, 18 July. Thomas Tothoth, Totoft, Tutoft, Tothoft, Tuttoft or Thotoft, of Wynthorp, Burgh in le Mershe, Halton and Boston, Linc., esq., g., or merchant of the Staple of Calais, 5 June, John Brasebrige, Brasbrig or Brasbrige, of Kynsbury, Grame and Middilton, Warw., London, and Hakoney, Midd., esq. or gent., 7 June. Robert Brewern, Brewster, Bruwarn, Brewan, Breuwarne or Brower, of Mastorpe or Masthorp, Rutl., and Belgrave, Leic., clk., vicar of Suthwik, Ntht., 2 July. Thomas Parre or Pare, of Kirkbekendale, Westmld., Kirkeswold and Carlell, Cumb., and Herredon, Ntht., esq., 16 June. John Whityngton or Whittyngtun, of Paunteley, Glouc., esq., s. and h. of Wm. W. and kinsman and one of the hs. of Joan [Houghton], (late wife of Wm. Houghton, knight), John Colshull, late of Benamye, Cornw., k., and Edmond Arundell, late of Tremethert, Cornw., k., 8 June. Wm. Chawcy, Chawcey, Chauce, Chaucy, or Chawce, of Charleton juxta Uphaven, Wilts., and St. Mary de Strande, Midd., g., 2 July. Ralph Maxfeld, Makkesfeld or Makelesfeld, abbot, and the convent of Kenilworth, 20 May. John Haget, or Hagette or Haket alias Hobbys or Hobbes, of Bradwey or Bradewey, Soms., dyer or y., 28 June. Richard Elyot, Elyatt, or Elyet, King's serjeant at law, g., administrator of the goods of Wm. Elyot, clk., occupier of the moiety of the manor of Compton Chamberleyn, Wilts, 1 July. Robert Ladde or Lade, of Eccles juxta Mare, Norf., "pedder," y., husbandman or merchant, 8 July. John Coksalle, of Colchester, Peldon and Castell Henyngham, Essex, and Benston, Suff., y., 8 July. John Rowe, Roo, or Roe, of London, "iremonger," late of Hadley, Suff., clothmaker, under-marshal and marshal of the Admiralty in London and Kent and Essex, late deputy of John Fytzlowys, late of the marshalsea of Oxford, and of Wm. Okley, late the marshal of the principal office of the Admiralty, 14 July. John Thyknesse, Thiknes or Thiknese, of Betteley or Beteley, Staff., and Chorley, Chesh., husbandman or y., 10 July. John Bonway, Bonwey, Boneway or Bonewey, of Bristol, merchant, 14 July. Thomas, the prior, and the convent of Major Malverne, 10 July. Thomas West, k., lord La Warre, of Offyngton, Iwehurst, or Ewehist, Suss., Neweton Valans, Hants., Windsor, Westminster, Greenwich, Shene, Richmond, London, and the King's Household, 12 July. Ellis Atturclyff or Attyrclyff, abbot of Croxston, Leic., late prior of Hornby, Lanc., and the convent of Croxston, 20 July. Bartholomew William or Barth. Jenkyn William, of Retyer or Retyre, Whitehaye and Wythyell, Cornw., miller, husbandman or y., 12 July. Thomas Cavendissh, Caundissh or Candissh, of London, and Cavendissh, Suff., g., of the Exchequer of Henry VII., s. and h. of Thomas C., esq.; and Alice, his wife, d. and h. of John Smyth, jun., late of Cavendissh, Suff., esq., and kinswoman and h. of John Smyth, senior, of Cavendish, 13 July. Robert Hawe, Robert Godell or Godyll and Margaret Godell, executors of Wm. Godell, of Southwold, Suff. (late husband of the said Margaret), y., who was a merchant of the Staple of Calais, executor of Wm. Meller and Roger Walsh, mariners of Southwold, and "collector of the waughtyng money for the Kynges shyppys in ffysshyng tyme," 11 July. Wm. Kyttowe, of Launceston, Cornw., canon and late chamberlain of Launceston priory, late rector of Tremene, 12 July. John Messyngham, prior, and the convent of St. Thomas's beside Stafford, 13 July. Thomas Birches or Birkes, mayor, and the commonalty of Newcastle under Lyne, 13 July. George Walker, abbot, and the convent of Louthpark, 12 July. Anne Wyngfeld, of Lethyngham, Suff., a widow and one of the executors of John Wyngfeld, k., alias Anne Audley, d. of James lord of Audley, 11 July. Wm. Sandis, k., John Lesley or Lysley, k., Francis Cheyny, k., Ric. Waller, esq., John Waller, esq., John Wallop, George Poulet, Thomas Blount and Francis Mountford, feoffees of the manor or honor of Basyng, Hants., 1 June. John Daneell, Danell, Daniell or Danyell, of Messynges, Essex, g., s. and h. of Grace D., widow, relisaid Edmond, 9 July. Elizabeth Stanhop or Stanhoppe, late of Dunham upon Trent, Notts., Redborn, and Waynflete Borough in le Mershe, Linc., widow and executrix of Robert Southyll, late of Redburn, Linc., and widow also of Henry Stanhop, esq., and Andrew Leke, late of Waynflete, gent., 14 July. Walter Hopton, abbot, and the convent of Wigmore, 16 July. John Puregold, Pooregold or Pyrgold, of Cambridge, g., B.C.L., notary public, scribe of the acts of the bp. of Ely sede vacante, merchant, or proctor of law, 10 July. Thomas Woddell, of Wodell Magna and Woddell Parva, Beds., London and Southwark, g., 26 June. John Carewe, of Estanton, Cornw., London and Exeter, esq., 14 July. Anne Troppenell, of Estchalfeld, Wilts, widow and executrix of Chr. T., kinsman and one of the hs. of Nic. Carue, esq., 6 July. Thomas Parment or Parmenter, clk., master of the hospital of St. John Baptist in Northampton, executor of Thomas Bukby, Emma Haldenby and John Paledy, clk., and the brethren of the said hospital, 8 July. Roger Halle or Hall, of London, grocer or merchant, 15 June. Giles Cowper, Couper, Cooper or Coper, of Wymburne Mynster, Dors., and Dancaster, Yorks., yeoman or serving man, 10 July. Wm. Brounflete, prior, and the convent and nuns of Ormesby, 6 July. John Jordane, clk., prior, and the convent of Bolyngton, 8 July. John Wyllet, Wyllot, Wellot, Willet or Wellet, of Okeley, Eweherst and Guldeford, Surr., husbandman or y., 12 Nov. Robert Mathewe, of Bradden, Ntht., and London, esq., merchant of the Staple of Calais, executor of John Mathewe, mercer and alderman of London, and of Marg. Mathewe, late of London, widow, 10 Oct. Richard Fyssher or Fissher, of Styvyngton and Apthorp, Ntht., and London, esq., mercer, 9 Nov. The keepers or masters of the guild of St. Mary of Aylesbury, Bucks, 12 Nov. Richard Cornewelle, Cornewall, Cornewaile or Cornewele, of Bereton, or Beryton in Assheton, Heref, and Stanag in the marches of Wales, esq., executor of the will and administrator of the goods of Thomas Cornewelle, k., 12 Nov. Wm. Grocyn, master, and the brethren of Maidstone college, 9 Oct. Henry Fairecok or Fayrecoke, of Watton Abbey, Yorks., sherman, and of Southroppis in Gymyngham Soken, Norf., fuller, 9 Oct. Walter Stone, of Wedmore, Soms., and Lacok, Wilts, clerk or chaplain, 6 Nov. Nic. Cavell or Cavill, of Treverak, Treverek, Treharak, Saynt Kue and Creverrek, Cornw., and London, and Gauetran, g., 24 Oct. Reynold Fyloll or Filoll, of Knyghtstrete, Dors., and Wendongrene or Wantongrene in Fulham parish, Midd., controller of the great roll of the Exchequer, 10 Oct. Stephen Toker, of Lamerton, Abtre(?), and Tavystoke, Devon, gent., s. and h. of John T., late of Tavystoke, mercer, 20 July. Wm. Trowmer or Trowemer, of Tunstall or Dunstall, Kent, k., late sheriff of Kent, s. and h. and executor of James Trowmer, knight, 6 Nov. Thomas Westbury or Westbery, of Wynketon in the parish of Christchurch Twynham, and Ryngwod, Hants, esq., keeper of the chace of Bur'fyld and Holnestwod, Hants, Henry VII's bailiff of the castle and hundred of Christchurch, 8 Oct. Master and scholars of University College, Oxford, 22 Oct. Henry Garay, Graye, Gray, Gree, Greey, Gay or Graay, of Trovell and Wollarton, Notts., Codnawe and Dale Abbey, Derb., g., 8 July. Robert Barley, Barlowe or Berley, of Barley, in Staveley parish, Padeley and Staley, Derb., g., or esq., 6 Nov. Benedicta Grey, of Copull or Coupull, Amptehill and Wodende in Coupull parish, Beds., widow and executrix of Thomas Grey, esq., one of the ds. and hs. of John Launceleyn, late of Coupull, 6 Nov. John Caster or Castur, of St. Giles' without Cripplegate, tiler, bricklayer or mason, 7 Oct. John Rigby alias Roys, alias Dagnall, alias Oxenford, abbot, and the convent of Tyltey, Essex, 5 Nov. Philip Trolley or Trollop, of Little Dean, Glouc., Berwick and Newcastle upon Tyne, y., soldier of Berwick, 8 Nov. Chr. Wynne, clk., rector of Fyncham, Norf., 4 July. Ralph Swillington, of Beaumand and Ailston, Leic., Magna Briffeld (Driffield), Yorks. and London, g., and Elizabeth his wife, late the wife of Thomas Essex, esq., dec., and d. and h. of Wm. Babthorpe, esq., tenants of Hoohall, Essex, 6 Nov. George Dalyson, of Clothall, Herts., Cranesby, Ntht., and Greysyn, Midd., esq., 16 Nov. Henry Ryton alias Bramley or Bromeley, abbot, and the convent of Rewley, 19 Oct. John Wode or Wood, of Mikylthwaite in Byngley parish, Yorks., y. or smith, soldier of Berwick, 18 Oct. Thomas Bury, Bery, Berry, Bary, Burry or Barry, of Selecotes next Wakefeld, and Berwike in Elmet, Yorks., and London, potter, y. or husbandman, soldier of Berwick, 7 Nov. John Baker, alias Browghton, of Broughton, Oxon, and London, carpenter or husbandman, 1 Nov. John Wellys, Welles or At Welle, of Buksted, Takeham, Lewes, and Cliva juxta Lewes, Suss., gent., 24 Oct. Edmond Bray, esq., and Joan his wife, d. and h. of Richard Halighwill, late of Halighwill, Devon, esq., and kinswoman and h. of John Norbury, late of Stokedauburnon, Surr., k., 22 Oct. Richard Russell, of Whitehayne in Hemioke parish, Weryngton, Pugham in Burscum parish, Samford Peveryll, and Venyngton, Devon, and These, Cornw., husbandman, miller or y., 16 Oct. Richard Pulley, of Apulton and Water Eton, Berks., Fallesdon, Castell Eton, Rodburne and Pyrton, Wilts, g., 23 Oct. Thomas Bryn, Bryne, Brynne, Brene, Brime or Bryme, of Wellowe and Wigley in Elyng parish, Hants., husbandman or y., 6 Nov. Wm. Egerton. of Wall Graunge and Leeke, Staff., and London, g., late mercer and merchant adventurer of London, 26 Nov. Richard Baker, of Everleigh next Colynbourne, Chippenham and Rowodaunce Downe, Wilts, parker, husbandman or y., 29 Nov. Thomas Wenworth or Wentworth, of Northelmesall and Altoftes, Yorks., esq., s. and h. of John W., 10 Oct. Roland Wilson, of Eberton and Berton, Westmld., and Ripon, Yorks., y. or labourer, 16 Nov. Wm. Roche or Rooche, of London, draper, late of Whyxley, Yorks., and Norton Dysneye, Linc., y., 8 Nov. Matthew Redmayne or Redman, of Norwich, Castre and Hokwold, Norf., g. or y., 12 Nov. Henry Leveret, of Grantham, merchant or mercer, s. and h. of Simon, 16 Nov. John Ascote, Addescote, Ayscote, Asshecote, Assecote or Ascot, of Sprayton, Devon, clerk, 12 Nov. Thomas Smythe, alias Fermour, clk., rector of the church or chapel of Holy Trinity in Worcester, perpetual priest of the guild of Holy Trinity there, executor of John Cole, of Northey, Glouc., gent., 9 Nov. Ralph FitzRandolf, of Spenythorn, Yorks., knight, 12 Nov. Wm. Stondon, Standon or Standun, of Micham, Surr., gent., yeoman of the Household, 3 Nov. Thomas Waldern, Walden or Walderen, of St. Albans, Herts, Beverley, Yorks., and Beaudeley, Heref., butcher, 10 Nov. John Cammyswell, bailiff, and the burgesses and inhabitants of Hertford, 16 Nov. Peter Hogeson or Hoggeson, of Scarborough, fisher or y., 5 Nov. Richard Wales or Waleys, of Stanburgh, Burton Agnes and Driffeld, Yorks., and Knaresdale, Nthld., y., 3 Oct. John Ascote, 12 Nov. (repeated as above). Ric. Coton or Cotun, of Hamstall Ridware, Staff., London, Westminster, and Ripon, Yorks., g. or esq., late of Penkriche, Staff., "horsemastyr," 16 Oct. John Grenewaye, 18 Sept. (vacated because afterwards). John Roger or Rogers, of Denturden, Tonturden, Enturden, Assheforth and Hebney, Kent, y. or husbandman, 29 Sept. Wm. Holyngborne, prior, and the convent of Breamore, 9 Oct. John Rowle or Rawe, of Wegewode and Ramesclif, Staff., y., 10 Oct. Henry Thomson or Tomson, of Kesland, Leystoft and Wansworth, Suff., and Yatenden, Berks., butcher, 9 Oct. Cuthbert Lawe or Lawes, of Chillingham and Witton by the Water, Nthld., yeoman, 3 Nov. Wm. Hatclyffe, Hadeclyfe, Hardeclyffe, Hattclyfe, Hatteclffye, Haclyf, or Hedeclyffe, of Hatclyffe, Hadclyfe, Swalow and Haydeclyff, Linc., gent., 12 Nov. Robert Poynes, knight, Wm. Grevyle and Wm. Tracy, tenants of the manors of Lipiatt, Rodmerton, Pychecombe, Bentam, Cors and Longdon, Glouc. and Worc., 5 Feb. Robert Glover, of Allerwas and Kyngesbromeley, Staff., y., 20 Feb. Ralph Canterell or Cantrell, of Lichfield, Staff., doctor of decrees, principal official, chancellor or vicar general of Geoffrey bp. of Co. and Lich., rector of Clifton All Saints, Beds., dean of St. John's, Chester, prb. of Dorcet Parva, late of Cambridge, clk, 20 Feb. John Pollet, of Willesdon, Midd., y. or husbandman, 3 Feb. Eynon ap Philip ap Eynon, late of the parish of St. Michael of Abercowyn, in the commote of Osterlowe, co. Carm., gent., alias Reynold Philip, of Oxford, clk., alias Master Reynold Philip, late of Wadhurst, Suss., clk., 5 Feb. John Tourney, late of Wolverton and Farlegh Hungerford, Soms., Heytresbury, Rode and Roode, Wilts, g., or esq., 24 Jan. John Bek, Beke, Becce, Bekke or Begge, of Ham in Wodeston parish, Bucks., yeoman or husbandman, 3 Feb. John Crosse, clk., parson of St. Nicholas at the Shambles, London, and of Turvey, Beds., executor of John Crosse, late of Lyverpull, Lanc., and Master Hugh Batyll, late vicar of Portorn, Wilts., 5 Feb. Robert Dyghton, Dighton or Dygton, of Lincoln, mercer, draper or merchant, one of the executors of Thomas Knyght, knight, 15 Feb. Wm. Duncombe or Doncombe, of Tyscotte in Masseworth or Maxworth parish, Bucks., and Albury, Herts., y., maltman or husbandman, 12 Feb. John Gryndell. Gryndyll, Grendell, Gryendell or Grendyle, of Bishop's Lynn and Techemarche or Tochemarche, Norf., merchant, alderman of Holy Trinity guild, 4 Feb. Richard Potter, of Horsham, Lewer and Leweb, Suss., mercer, chapman, "pedeler" or husbandman, 19 Feb. Thomas Fitzherbert, clk., late rector of Northwynfeld and of Norbury, Derb., and of Stanford Ryvers, Essex, late prb. of Southwell, Notts, doctor in decrees, 8 Feb. Richard Marler, Merler, Morler or Marlar, of Coventry and late of London and Westminster, "mercinarius," gent. or grocer, executor of Thomas Bowde, clk., 12 Feb. Richard Beyghton, Beghton, Beghtun, Beghttun, Boyghttun or Byton, of Wyrkesworth, Worsworth or Worseworth, Derb., butcher or labourer, 26 Jan. Robert Walton, abbot, and the convent of Sawtry, Hunts., 12 Feb. Robert Horne or Horn, of Norwich, tailor, one of the sureties of Richard Stalworthyman, 15 Feb. Margery Herle, of Prodeous in Luxilian parish, Lossilyon or Luxilyon, Cornw., widow and executrix of John Herle or Herld, 17 Feb. Robert Boys, of Norwich, grocer or potycary, one of the administrators of the goods of Henry Baker, late of Rokelond, Norf., yeoman, 15 Feb. Wm. Hammes or Hammys, of London, yeoman or merchant, s. of Henry H., esq., servant of Oliver Wode, g., who is deputy of John Babyngton, esq., warden of the Flete, 16 Oct. Wm. Yate, of Charelton Regis and Scheltenham, Glouc., and Paylton in Monkes Kyrby parish, Warw., y., 4 Feb. The master and keepers and guild of Jesu of Pritwell, Essex, 1 March. Edmond Noke, Nokke, Nok or Nooke, of Hatfeld Regis or Hatfeld Brodoke, Essex, yeoman, currier, tanner, husbandman or shoemaker, 10 Feb. John Spycer, of Wynterton, Linc., yeoman, s. and h. and executor of John Spycer, late of Wynterton, merchant of the Staple, 12 Feb. Henry Swan or Swanne, prior, and the convent of Hastings, "alias dicti Henricus Prior in parochia de Warbleton in comitatu Sussex, et ejusdem loci conventus," 19 Feb. John Sexsten, Sexten, Sexston or Sexton, alias Radwynter, of Radwynter, Essex, husbandman or y., 4 Dec. Wm. West, of Herleston, Rothewell, Walby, and Hangynghoughton, Ntht., and Thomas West, of Rothwell, Ntht., husbandmen, 17 Feb. Richard Thoker or Thokeer, of Stokeklymlond and Dewnhousyn in Stokyllynglond, Cornw., 12 March. John Yotton or Yottun, clk., dean of Lichfield, rector of Pulham, Norf., warden of Elmeley College, Worc., rector of Rothebury, Nthld., prb. of Knaresborough in York Cathedral, late of Cambridge, S.T.P., 12 Feb. Roger Ward or Warde, of Elton and Scaryngton, Notts., Catney, Linc., and Breylysden, Lanc., y. or serving man, executor of Thomas Sowthw[ell], clk., 9 March. John Martyn or Marten, of Echeham in Westfeld, Suss., yeoman or husbandman, 12 March. Ralph Sanky or Sankey alias Capper, of Gloucester, London and Bristol, capper, mercer or haberdasher, 2 March. Edward Coke or Cooke, of Doncaster, Yorks., Berwick upon Tweed, Lelso (?), Nthld., Akryng, Notts., and London, y., mayor of Doncaster, 3 Sept. Robert Tykenale, Tykenall, Tyknall or Tykenald, of Melton Mowbray, and Wymundham, Leic., and Lincoln, chaplain, 10 Dec. John Richardson, of Canterbury, Hull and Salisbury, g., notary public, executor of Hugh Paynthwyn or Peyntwhyn, LL.D., 8 Oct. John Syche, of Bosworth, Leic., and Shusnall, Salop, shoemaker or husbandman, 28 Nov. Richard Broun or Browne, of Lichfield, Staff., y. or g., yeoman of the Crown, 19 Nov. John Hoby, Hobe, Hobyn or Hoben, of Letton, Brobry and Monsehyll Lacy, Heref., labourer or husbandman, 20 Nov. Joan Norbury or Norbery, of Stoke Davernon, Surr., widow and executrix of John Norbury, k., 8 March. Richard Gowsell, Gawcell, Gaucell, of Denver, Walyngton, Fadhamhithe and Thorplond, Norf., and London, esq., s. of Thomas G. late of Fordhamhithe, Norf., esq., and heir and tenant of the lands which were of John Gawcell, late tenant of the lands which were of John Fysshe, in Suthlyme, or Suthlynne, Norf., late constable of Claclos hundred, bailiff of the liberty of Ramsey Abbey in co. Norfolk and deputy bailiff (for John Wynde) of the same, 17 July. John Awngvyn, Awngevyn, Awngefyn, Awngefynne or Aungefyn, esq., s. and h. of _ (blank) A., late of Asby juxta Hornecastell, Linc., esq., 20 Nov. Edward Vaghan, LL.D., bp. of St. Davids (late chancellor and executor of Richard Hill, bp. of London), late arch. of Lewes, vicar of Isyldon, Midd., and treasurer of St. Paul's, London, 1 May. Robert Cliderowe, of Ankeley and Misterton, Notts., and Baylly, Lanc., g. or esq., 12 June. John Broke or Brooke, of Bristol, Long Aysshton, Assheton Phillip and Clyfton next Bristol, Soms., and of the household of the Middle Temple, London, gent., executor of Richard Ameryk, 10 June. Nic. Cavell or Cavyll, of Treaberak, Trevarek, Treharall, Seynt Kue and Trewarrek, Cornw., London and Ganetran, g., s. and h. of Henry, 24 Oct. John White, of Bodmyn, Cornw., mercer or merchant, 13 Nov. The principal and commonalty of the vicars of the church of Holy Trinity, Chichester, 24 Nov. John Hangmer or Hanmer, of Fennys, Hangner and Hanmer, co. Flint, and Stele, Salop, gent., 30 Nov. Henry Grigge or Grigges, of Colchester and London, tailor, 24 Nov. John Hewet, Hewette or Heewet, of Stoke juxta Neylond or Stokneylond, Suff., merchant, clothmaker, or yeoman, 14 Nov. Henry Thomson, butcher (repeated as on m. 24, but dated 22 Nov.). Robert Darcy, of Brymley, Midd., and Crixhithe and Stokys in Althorn, Essex, g., s. of Robert Darcy, k., dec., 1 March. Edmond Hill or Hille, of Downe in Shire parish and Sutton, Surr., y. or gent., yeoman of the Crown, 20 Feb. John Rosse, Rousse, Russhe, Russe, Rossh or Bosse (sic), of Wytton next Bromholme, Norf., carpenter or husbandman, 24 Nov. Edward Tyrell, Terell, Tyrrell, alias Playsterer, alias Smyth, of Clacke, Bradstoke and Stanley, Wilts, Bristol, Kaerdyff and Swaynessey in S. Wales, smith, 1 Feb. Llyson Thomas, abbot of Neath, alias Llyson Thomas, late of Oxford, monk, and the convent of Neath, 28 Jan. John Pampyng, Pampyn, Pampyne or Peympyne, of Teverton, Tyverton, Colome and Colomjohn, Devon, g., or y., 6 Feb. Nic. Henson or Hynson, of Melcheburne, Beds., and Polbroke, Ntht., husbandman or labourer, 29 Jan. John Bulloke or Bullock, of Lostithyell and Lanyvet, Cornw., tin merchant, yeoman, or franklin, 5 Feb. Henry Deyman, late of Horewode, Fremyngton, and Londcote, Devon, husbandman, 4 June. Wm. Forster, of Denmede, Hamulden, Glyddyn and Glydden, Hants., labourer, y. or husbandman, 3 Feb. Robert ap David Vychan, alias Robert Newton, alias Robert Owf, of Carnarvon, and Llankeblike, co. Carn., yeoman, 5 Feb. John Gynes, of Magna Waltham, Essex, husbandman, 4 Feb. Wm. Pecchy, alias Cokeston and Richard Parker, of Stondon, Herts., husbandman, 3 Jan. John Breynton, of Sugwis, Heref., and London, g. or esq., s. and h. of Thomas B. and executor and administrator of his lands, tenant of the manor of Eton Gamage, Heref., which was of Richard Hackeluyt, esq., s. and h. of Henry H., esq., 29 Jan. John Trewman or Treweman, clk., parson of Warmyngton next Worcester, late of Kynnesbury and Lenyngton, Warw., chaplain, 3 Feb. Thomas Spenser, master or prior, and the brethren of St. John's, Bridgewater, 1 March. David ap Thomas Appowell or Ap Houell, abbot, and the convent of Margan in South Wales, 1 Feb. Wm. Huet, Huett or Hewet, of Dunster, and Mynhede, Soms., and Chartham, Kent, g. or courtholder, 29 Jan. John Neuport, Neweport or Newport, of Sobton, Sobberton or Soberton, Hants., g. or esq., 12 Oct. Robert Brokysby, Brokesby, Brokysbe or Brokisby, of Sywoldby, Baxulby, Grymston and Frisby, Leic., Bewdeley, Heref. (sic), Beverley and Cawodys, Yorks., and Carylinton in Lynracke, Notts., gent., 28 Jan. Richard Grene, of Tameworthe, Tomworth or Tamworth, Staff., yeoman, pewterer or labourer, 4 Feb. Wm. Baldyng, of Tyryngton, Norf., yeoman, one of the jurates of Frebrige hundred, 13 Feb. Henry Ogard, Ogarde, Hogard or Ogerd, of Emneth, Norf., and London, k., 13 Feb. Humphrey Gough alias Johnson, alias Oweyn Hapieynkyn, of Shefford in Camelton parish, Beds., yeoman, and Thalnmorek in Wales, 12 Feb. John Westun or Weston, of London, Colchester, Feryng and Kelveden, Essex, mercer, 5 Oct. John Geney or Genny, of Erchenfeld, Irchenfeld or Erchyngfeld, Heref., y., 18 Sept. Robert, the prior, and the convent of Hekelyng, Norf., 10 July. John Lee or Legh, of Ellesmere, Salop, gent., merchant, "merchauntman," wool gatherer or yeoman, 16 Jan. Thomas Thorp, of Altoftes in Normanton parish, Yorks., Wisbiche, Camb., and St. Mary Matfelon without Algate, Midd., husbandman, dyer or sherman, 12 Jan. John Shyngellys or Shyngels, of Malmesbury, Wilts., yeoman or husbandman, 29 Jan. Robert Mitford, Metford or Mitfurth, of Sighill and Heton, Nthld., gent., 24 Jan. Res ap David ap Griff ap Kever, of Gwetheryn and Deenemele in Denbighland, y., 8 Feb. The keeper or master of the college de Valence Marie, commonly called Pembrokehall, 14 Feb. Robert Parys, of Kenebalton, Hunts., Bedford, Beds., Felbrig, Crostethwayte, and North Walsham., Norf., y., 24 Jan. Margaret, the prioress, and the convent of Flixton, 8 Feb. Peter Savage, of Stanesby, Derb., Huknall Torkerd and Newstede in Shirwode, Notts., Hanley, Worc., and Fenwyk, Yorks., gent., 22 Feb. Wm. and Walter Broun or Browne, of Cheryell next Calston, Wilts., husbandmen, 11 Feb. Wm. Tancret, Tancrette, Tauncrett or Taunecret, of Tavestok, Devon, g., 8 Feb. John Coltman, of Egremond, Egremount and Whityngham, Cumb., husbandman or y., 14 Feb. Richard Scottyng or Scotyng, of Stowe Bordall, Stoke Bordall, and Wymbottesham, Norf., waterman, 13 Feb. Nic. Dodo, merchant of Venice, of London, 10 Feb. Richard Covert, of Sullyngton, Hechyngfelde, Shagham, Slagham and Horsham, Suss., gent., and Elizabeth his wife, late wife of Thomas Barkeley, esq., 29 Nov. Richard Bell or Belle, late of North Sheles or North Cheles, Nthld., chaplain, 24 Feb. John Marton or Merton, labourer, and Richard Thorley, mercer, of Byddell, or Bedell, Staff., 22 Feb. Stephen Cokkys or Cokkes, of Cheryton, Chyrton, Konke in Chirton parish, or Cheryte, Wilts., husbandman, 22 Feb. John Taillour, of Brampton, Whytyngton, Beighton, and Swocall, Derb., yeoman or husbandman, 22 Feb. John Cokswete or Cokkeswete, of Clavering, and Radewynter, Essex, husbandman, 16 Jan. John Warre of North Newton in the parish of North Pederton, Neuton Placy or Neuton Plassy, Soms., g., 5 March. Richard Hauchet, of London, Leyndon and Runwell, Essex, skinner, 4 Nov. Thomas Wall or A Wall or Walle, of Durham and Hexham, draper, yeoman or merchant, 26 Feb. Richard Peke, Peek, Pecke or Pekke, of Conway, g., 8 March. Walter Fowyn or Fowen, of Chilfrom or Childefrom, Dors., husbandman or yeoman, 2 March. Richard Blakhall, Blakall, Blachall or Blakcall, of Nettlebed, Oxon, yeoman, 4 Feb. Wm. Clerke or Clerk, of London, armourer, 6 March. Ric. Peke and Walter Fowyn (repeated as on m. 28). Richard Burgh, abbot, and the convent of Shapp, 12 March. John Slakok, Slacok, or Cok, of Norwich, dyer, late of Nuport, Essex, y., 16 March. Thomas Mellours, Mellers, Meller, Myller or Mellour, of Nottingham, mercer, grocer, haberdasher or bell founder, 19 March. Thomas Combes or Combys, of London, Wretill, Essex, and Stoke next Guildford, Surr., g., late auditor of various Crown lands (specified) executor of Wm. Combes, 21 Feb. Wm. Smyth, of Hadley, Geddyng, Felsham and Bilston, Suff., merchant, clothmaker or yeoman, 22 March. Thomas Bond, of St. Leonard's parish, Shordyche, co. Midd., tallowchandler, brewer or innholder, 12 March. John Rempnam or Remenam, of Chabham or Chalham, and Pyrbright, Surr., husbandman or y., 11 March. John Groos, Gros, Croos, Grosse or Crosse, of Crostweyth next Bromeholme, or Crostthawaite, Norf., and London, g., 17 March. Ralph Mill, of Milfeld and Kymerston, Nthld., 7 April. Richard Hunte, of Snodehill, Heref., yeoman, 18 April. John Kempe, of Pesnalle, Pesnale and Sybton, Suff., mercer, 19 April. John Spryng or Sprynge, of Moche Waryng, Essex, fisher or fowler, 18 April. Richard Algar or Algor, of London and Stepneth, Midd., girdler, 24 April. Robert Hudson, of Eslyngton and Whityngeham, Nthld., g. or y. or labourer, 23 March. Richard Coppeley, Coppley or Copley, of Westhamptenet, Suss., Claxton and Norwich, Norf. and Wyngfeld and Westhorp, Suff., esq., 28 Jan. Thomas ap Harry or ap Henry, of Puston, Heref., esq., 15 April. Giles Chetham, of Farnewurth and Hardesshawe, Lanc., and St. Clement's Danes, Midd., g., 17 April. John Wode, of Halton, Chesh., Pynyngton, Lanc., Beaumaris and Ruscolyn or Roscolyn, co. Anglesey, g., s. and h. of Arnulf Wode, 2 March. Thomas Wennesley, Wenysley, Wenley or Wennysley, of Wennysley, Yolgreve and Yologreve, Derb., gent., 4 March. Thomas Bekke, Beke, Beek, Bey or Bek, of Whitnes in Sunnyng parish, Berks., Westminster, Midd., Shrenham and Shryham, in eodem com., and Hampton Courte, Surr. (sic), g., 3 Jan. John Grene, of Parva Samford, Essex, k., executor of George Skypwyth, late farmer of Henry VII.'s manor of Wederesfeld, Essex, 1 May. Wm. Whirret, Whiret, Whyrette or Whyret, late of Lichfield, Salisbury, Bath and Bristol, clk. or chaplain, 4 March. Wm. Mason, of Stratford atte Bowe, Midd., Dover, Kent and Merston, Staff., baker or y., 16 April. Thomas Webbe, late of Seyntmary Wyke, Maramcherch and Treneglos, Cornw., and Alyngton and Slapton, Devon, chaplain, vicar of Treneglos, 1 May. Peter Newton, late of Petton, Ludlowe, and Acton Burnell, Salop, and Beverley, Yorks., esq., late secretary of Arthur Prince of Wales, 26 April. Henry Milbourne or Milborne, of Larstokke, Laverstoke, and Chitterne, Wilts., London, and Selismershe, Dors., esq., 1 May. Richard Draper or Drapar, of Hasilbare Pluknet, Soms., yeoman, grazier or butcher, 16 April. John Seele or Sele, of Wirkesworth, Derb., barker, 16 April. Edward Sakvyle, Sakfyld, Sakfeld or Sakefeld, of Blechynglie, Blecchynglee or Blechyngleigh, Surr., Wythyham or Withiam, Suss. and London, g., 4 May. Benedict Davy or Dave, of Maldon and Ampthill, Beds., Touchetre, Ntht., and Kenelworth, Warw., yeoman, 29 April. Henry Barker, of Towcester and Esten, Ntht., 6 May. Alice Fixer, of Gryngley, Notts., widow and executrix of Hugh Fyxer, late keeper of the parks there, 15 May. John Jakson, of Hundhill, Yorks., y., 11 May. Richard Beamont or Beaumont, of Whitley, Croslond, Whitley Halle and Heton, Yorks., London and Westminster, esq.; and Elizabeth his wife, d. and h. of John Haryngton, knight, and kinswoman and h. of Thomas Haryngton. knight, and late the wife of John Stanley, of Mellyng, Kent., esq., 1 May. Richard Fuller or Fullar, of Waterdown in Retherfeld parish, Brodhurst in Horstedkeynes parish, and Horsham, Suss., and Suthfrith, Kent, y., 20 March. Robert and Thomas Okeley, Hokeley or Ocly, of Warbesdon or Warbesdowne, Surr., y., 1 May. Matthew Bysshoppynden, Byssynden, or Bysshoppysden, of Warbulton, Suss., and Rowenden, Kent, clothmaker, 8 May. Thomas Fox, of Little Walsingham, Norf., and Newcastle, Nthld., merchant or mariner, 2 May. Ralph Hanley, Handeley, Henley or Haneley, of Hungerford, Berks, labourer, yeoman or husbandman, 10 April. John Sakvyle, Sakevyle, Sakfeld or Sakyfeld, of Calais, g., late soldier, late of Wythyam, Suss., gent., 3 May. John Russell, of Helmysley, Yorks., Bolyngbroke, Linc., Walpole, Swanton Abbot, Newton next Castelacre, Mundesley or Munnysley, Norf., chaplain or clk., 10 May. Hugh Kyngesley alias Berdmore, abbot, and the convent of Medmenham, 1 March. Wm. Roolande, Rowland or Roweland, of Callowe and Bakewell, Derb., y., 16 June. Henry Roper, of Turnedyche and Clowdys in Mogynton parish, Derb., y., 16 June. Richard Mounteney or Mountenay, of Threxton and Baconsthorpe, Norf., gent., 25 June. John Smyth alias Clerke, of Assyngton and Shepeley, Suss., y. or husbandman, 18 June. Wm. Stroke, of Wyrkesworth, Etwall, and Etwell, Derb., organmaker or y., 17 June. Wm. Holme, Holmys, Holmes or Hoolme, clk., late rector of Hersham, Norf., rector of Carlyngton in Lyndryke, Notts., and Shirland, Derb., executor of Elizabeth late Duchess of Norfolk and of Lady Joan Talbotte, late wife of Humphrey Talbotte, knight, 20 June. John Tate, of London, Woolley, Berks., Stokbury, Kent, Totnam and Clerkenwell, Midd., and Emlode, Worc., esq., brother and h. of Robert Tate, late alderman of London; and Margaret his wife, d. and h. of John Croke, g., 1 July. Thomas Screven, Schrevyn or Scryvyn, of Froddesley, Schrawerden and Shrewsbury, Salop, esq., 5 July. Thomas Merchaund or Marchaund, of Messyngham, Scotter and Scoter, Linc., 1 July. John Veer, of Hevenyngham Castell and Wyvenhoo, Essex, esq., and Elizabeth Trussell, his wife, sister and h. of John Trussell, esq., and kinswoman and h. of Wm. Trussell, knight, viz., sister of the said John, son of Edward, s. and h. of the said Wm., 4 July. Robert Belcher, Belchier or Belcheer, of Wevenhoo, Essex, esq., s. and h. of Humphrey, 4 July. Wm. Bawdwynson or Bawedwynson, of Kyrkeby Kendall, Hailston and Hersom, Westmld., 28 June. Robert Morton or Murton, of Mawdeleyns, Herts., Botely, Soms., and Mullesworth, Hunts., g., s. and h. of Robert M., late of London, g., 1 July. Wm. Westell, of Burgh under Stanmore, Westmld., labourer, 1 July. Miles a Briggis or Brigges, of Calmyre and Crosthwaite in Hersham parish, Westmld., chapman, 5 July. John Lambe, of Westerham or Westram, Kent, y. or husbandman, 6 May. Henry Baret or Barret, of Holberton, Devon, y. or husbandman, 8 July. Thomas Palmer, clk., late of Fraunsham Magna, Norf., parson of Langham Parva, Norf., 14 Oct. Gerard Rowce or Rouce, of London, hatmaker, 4 Sept. John Skelton, of London, clerk, poet laureate, alias late of Disse, Norf., poet laureate and rector of Dysse, 21 Oct. Elizabeth, the prioress, and the convent of St. Leonard's, Stafford, alias "Stafford at the Bowe," 1 June. Robert Depyng, abbot, and the convent of Selby, 4 Sept. Wm. Smyth, of Elford, Staff., esq., and Isabel his wife, late wife and executrix of Wm. Huddyston, late of Millom, Cumb., and late wife and administratrix of the goods of Ranulph Dacre, late of Carlisle, esq., alias Elizabeth or Isabel Nevyll, one of the daughters and heirs of John Nevyll late marquis Mountaguy, 29 Oct. Wm. Halle, abbot, and the convent of Lawnden, Bucks., 10 Nov. John Townyng or Towenyng, of Barnes, Surr., and Dychelyng, Suss., cook or y., 19 Nov. Thomas Knelle or Knell, of Apuldre, Appuldurre, Appuldree or Apuldore, Kent, y. or husbandman, 28 Oct. Michael Fyssher or Fisher, of Clyfton, Beds. and London, g., 8 Nov. John Eche, of Wodbastwyk, Cryngelford and Hafburgh, Norf., shepherd, 22 Oct. Augustine London, abbot, and the convent of Wardon, Beds., 12 Nov. Robert Jakson, Jacson or Jakeson, of Newport, Salop, Coventry and London, y., fishmonger or cutler, executor of Richard Jakson, late of Coventry, fishmonger, 10 Nov. Thomas Kynaston, Kenaston, Akynaston, Akeneston, Kynnaston, Kynarston or Kenarston, of Fennemere in Baschurch parish, Shotton in Middill parish, and Shrewsbury, Salop, and Farnehawgh in Ellysmere parish in the marches of Wales, esq. or merchant, and Ellen his wife, late wife of Roger Soysbury, late of Shrewsbury, vintner, and of Robert Thornes, late of Shrewsbury, gent., 21 Nov. John Baldwyn, late of London, Norwich, Magna Cressyngham and Sametony, Norf., chaplain or clerk, 12 Nov. Thomas Trendill or Trendell, late of Hengham and Sahamtony, Norf., yeoman, scrivener or courtholder, 28 Nov. John Horsey, late of Merton, Wilts, esq., s. and h. of Thomas, 12 Nov. Thomas Stukelegh or Stukeley, of Affeton, or Afton, Devon, esq., executor of Thomas Wode, late chief justice of Common Pleas, 20 Nov. Francis Salvage or Salvagus, of Genoa, late of London, merchant, 27 April. George Lakan, Lacan, Lakyn or Lakayn, of Derby next Burton Stather, Linc., gent., 27 April. Joan, the prioress, and the convent of Nonnemonketon, 1 May. Thomas Selth, Selthe, Sellyth, Seelth or Seleth, of Wodallyng or Wooddallyng, Norf., butcher, 1 July. Richard Halgh or Halghe, of Turnedych, Derb., husbandman or yeoman, 15 June. George Evers, of York, notary public, registrar of the archdeaconry of East Riding, and the provostry of Beverley and the archdeaconry of York, proctor general of the consistorial court of York, 24 Jan. Elizabeth Stevenson, prioress, and the convent of Bungey, 2 July. Philip Corff or Corf, of London, gent., clerk of essoins in the Common Bench, late of Fulmare and Buckingham, Bucks., 28 June. Elizabeth Norwode, gentlewoman, one of the ds. and hs. of John Norwode, junr., late of Milton next Sedyngborne, Kent, esq., and lady of the manor of Cherughton, Wilts., 26 April. John Elys, Elyes or Elyse, of Southwark, Surr., Plumstede, Kent, London and Westminster, gent., alias of London, mercer, 19 April. Robert Hasard, of Bridport, Brideport, Britteport or Britport, Dors., merchant, innholder or y., 1 Feb. Robert Park, prior, and the convent of Bliburgh, Suff., 12 May. Thomas Wyman, Weyman, Wymman or Wymane alias Milner, of Leicester, miller, 16 April. John Pacchyng or Patchynges, clk., perpetual chaplain of St. Mary in the church of St. Mary, Steynyng or Staynyng, Suss., 10 May. William Buntyng alias John (sic) Codneham, abbot, and the convent of Bury St. Edmunds, 12 May. John Jamys, of Great Yarmouth, merchant, waxchandler, barber or yeoman, 8 May. Walter Symond, chaplain, master or keeper, and the guild in the chapel of Holy Trinity next Stathedyche in Walsokyn, Norf., 14 May. John Colshill, Colshull, Colsehill, Colsihill, Colsuhyll or Colshell, of Exeter, merchant or mercer, 12 May. Robert Coweper or Couper, of Bungey, Spexsale and St. James in Suthelmham, Suff., y. or husbandman, 12 May. Roger Temple or Tempull, of Barton under Nedewode, Suff. (sic) Wynfeld, Derb., Shuffenhall, Salop, Tempull and Barton in Nedewod, Leic. (sic), g., 20 April. John Westeley or Westley, of Whitclyf in Brykston Deverell parish, and Kyngston Deverell, Wilts, and Bristol, g., 25 April. Wm. Lysley or Lyley, late of Tempull Thornton, Felton, Witlyngton, Neuton Hall and Terset Hall, Nthld., g., 13 May. Thomas Spencer, of St. Osithe, Essex, carpenter, 10 May. Henry Goodwyn, clk., vicar of Stowmerket, Suff., late of Cambridge, chaplain, 10 May. Wm. Bulstrode, of Bekenesfeld, Bucks, esq., one of the customers of wools, etc., in London, s. and h. and executor of Robert, 11 May. Roland Pelter, Pelleter or Peltere, of Syggeston and Siggeston Castell, York, Briggenell and Cawode, Yorks, y., 9 Oct., 2 Hen. VIII. (fn. 1) David ap Jevan, of Westbury, Soms., Alveston or Alyston, Dyrham, and Ciston, Glouc., Blanford, Dors., and Pentirche, co. Glamorgan, y., alias David Parker, of Aleweston, Glouc., 6 June, 2 Hen. VIII.* Thomas Dalby, archd. of Richmond, provost of Beverley, prb. of Stillington in York cathedral, late of Cambridge, clk., 2 July. Thomas Mayncell, John Pole, Wm. Hopton, John Brugge, Wm. Adams, Ric. Hay and Owen and John Baudewyn, collectors of the first of two fifteenths and tenths granted in 3 Hen. VII. in co. Salop, and Wm. Spencer and George Coten, sons and heirs of the other collectors, 27 June. Edmond Conqueste, of Houghton Conqueste and Chikeshande, Beds., g., 12 Nov. Robert Bolte or Bolt, of London, mercer or merchant, 4 May. Peter Billet, Billett, or Byllete, of Byllokby, Norf., y., husbandman or labourer, 7 May. Margery Fyncham, prioress, and the convent of Blakeburgh, 11 May. John Hyndley or Hyndeley, of Newcastle under Lyne, Staff., mercer, 25 April. Thomas Smyth, of Rewenhale and Terlyng, Essex and London, g., s. and h. of Thomas, and servant of Richard bp. of Norwich, 1 May. Wm. Harman, Harmer or Hermer, of Mondeslee and Edyngthorp, Norf., butcher or husbandman, 1 May. Robert Smyth, of Wysbeche, Camb., butcher, 1 May. Herman Bokelman, merchant of the Hanse, 6 June. Edmond Nowers, of Tackeley, Oxon., esq., and Anthony Nowers, of Tackeley or Takkeley, Oxon., and London, gent., his son, 12 March. John Rees, Reese, Ryce or Rice, alias John ap Howell Rece, late of Naregod and Brymston in the lordship of Irchynfyld, Heref., labourer or husbandman, 19 June. Hoell or Howell ap Ll'n (or Lewelyn) Beste, late of Ewyslande or Ewyaslande in the marches of Wales, yeoman or husbandman, 20 June. George Ocley or Okley, of Heyngham, Norf., husbandman or tailor, 19 June. Wm. Frye or Frie, of Perrowen, Porrowen or Porruwen, Cornw., merchant, 20 June. John Skyllyng or Skellyng, of Layneston, Hants, London and Salisbury, gent., s. and h. of Michael S., late of Layneston, gent., and John Skyllyng, junior, of Rolneston, Draycote and Salisbury, Wilts, Layneston, Hants, and London, gent., 10 June. Giles Strangways, Strangwyssh, Strangwysse or Strangwyse, of London and many other places (named) in Dors., Soms., Oxon., Berks., Warw., Worc., Staff., Glouc., and the Isle of Wight, esq., esquire for the Body, s. and h. of Henry, s. and h. of Eleanor Strangways alias Eleanor Twyneo or Tewneo, 13 July. Thomas Bonham, late of London, gent., and Katharine his wife, late wife and executrix of Edward Knevet, late of Stanwey, Essex, 18 Oct. Richard Fox, of Edelmeton, Midd., brewer, yeoman or husbandman, 26 Oct. John Robynson, late of Faukeham or Fakeham, Kent, Magna Tey and Fobbyng, Essex, and Elvyngton, Yorks., clk., 4 Nov. Robert Harres, Harries or Harrys, of Hokley and Danbury, Essex, husbandman, 28 Nov. The mayor and burgesses of Grimsby, 7 Nov. John Beamount, Beamound, Bewmount, Bemond or Beamont, of Overton Quatremarc' or Coleoverton and Gawdebye, Leic., esq., 20 Oct. John Holand or Holande, late of Nassyngton, Ntht., and Westminster, yeoman, executor of Robert Birche, clk., collector of the issues of Nassyngton, Yarwell and Suthwik, 10 Feb. Town of Ayssheberton, Devon, 8 July. Wm. Bolton, late of Badyngham, Suff., Brysyngham, Norf., and London, gent., 5 July. Richard Derley or Darley, late of Osmondthorpe, Gawekethorp and Wystowe, Yorks., yeoman, 5 Feb. John Fournes, Fourneys, Fowrneis, Fourneis or Furnes, of Southkyrkeby. Yorks., labourer or yeoman, 25 Jan. Robert prior of Sempyngham, alias Robert Hemmysley, late rector of St. Andrew's of Irnham, Linc., and the convent of Sempyngham, 4 Feb. John Seynt John or Sen John, esq., of Ewell, Surr., tenant of the manors of Lydiard Tregose, Wilts, Hatfeld Peverell and Termyns, Essex, Gousyngton, Oxon., and Depford Stroud, Kent, s. and h. of Olivers, and Elizabeth his wife, 6 Feb. Oto Vetery, Veterey, Veterry or Vetterry, of Paynton or Peynton, Devon, labourer, 12 Jan. Wm. Russell or Russyll, of Kyngis Sunborne, Hants, husbandman, 1 Nov. Wm. and Thomas Gobull, of St. Columba, Cornw., Wm. Segemore, of Bodmyn and James Drew, of St. Veryan, Cornw., merchants, denizens, 4 Feb. Hugh Frebody, of Sanford, West Rowesham and North Aston, Oxon., and Thorpe Moundevyle, Ntht., gent. or esq., 5 Jan. Wm. Pope, warden or keeper, and the guild of Holy Trinity of Dadyngton, Oxon., 5 Feb. Richard Lufton, mayor, and John Royse, bailiff, of Chichester, 8 Feb. George Evers (repeated as on m. 32). Richard Vesy, Vessy or Vecy and John Gryndell, of Lynn, Norf., merchants, 16 April. Thomas Harnes or Harneys, prior, and the Friars Preachers of Ipswich, 20 April. Thomas Raymond or Raymound, of London, grocer or merchant, 1 April. John Conyam or Quoniam, late of Honyton or Honyngton, Devon, "touker," 12 Feb. Robert Radclyff, Racclyffe, Radelyve or Ratclyff, rector of the parish church and master of the hospital of St. Leonard of Newport Pond, Essex, late of Bryxworth. Ntht., and Manchestre, Lanc., clk., one of the chaplains of James bp. of Ely, 19 April. Richard Wycam or Wycum, of Westminster and London, baker, 1 April. Wm. Creswell, Creswyll or Cressewell, of London, fishmonger, late of York, gent., 7 Nov. Edmond Wykes, Wykeys or Wykys, of Durseley, Glouc., esq., s. and h. of John, 28 Nov. 2 Hen. VIII. (fn. 2) (Membrane 34 bears endorsement "The pardon is enrolled in this roll verbatim.")


  • 1. These two enrolled in the wrong year.
  • 2. Enrolled in wrong year.