Henry VIII: October 1511

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 1, 1509-1514. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1920.

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October 1511

1 Oct.
Exch. Accts. 417 (3). f. 10. R.O.
Warrant to the Great Wardrobe to deliver Sir Ric. Cholmeley, knight for the Body, deputy lieutenant of the Tower, gowns for Edmond de la Pole and William his brother. Richmond, 1 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII.
P. 1.
3 Oct.
Exch. Accts., 417 (6), f. 78. R.O.
Warrant to the Great Wardrobe to pay Cornelius, "our cordiner," for making "winterboots," &c. Windsor, 3 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII.
P. 1.
4 Oct.
Ib. f. 79.
Warrant to the Great Wardrobe to pay for making jackets, &c., for the King, and also three coats of russet cotton furred with coney and welted with russet velvet for Sir Edward Haward, Charles Brandon and William Compton. Windsor, 4 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII.
P. 1.
4 Oct.
Vitell. B. II., 13. B.M.
889. [1880–1.] HOLY LEAGUE.
Articles of the league made by Julius II. with Ferdinand the Catholic and Venice, place being left for the admission of Henry VIII. (whose ambassador did not sign it, only because his commission had not arrived from England) and Maximilian. Rome, 4 Oct. 1511.
Subscriptio capitulorum:—Jeronimus de Vich, Jeronimus Donatus.
Ib. 17. ii. On 8 Oct., the above articles being read in secret Consistory, the said ambassadors promised that even if the Pope should die the King Catholic and Venetians would observe them for the defence of the Church and the free creation of the future Pope.
Copy, pp. 9.
* The provisions of this league are given in Spanish Calendar, Vol. II, No. 56, from the copy at Simancas.
Lettres de
Louis XII., iii., 65.
2. Another copy.
5 Oct.
Eras. Ep., x. 9. [Edit. Allen, I. 231.]
890. [1882.] ERASMUS to COLET.
Begins to scent out the sort of men whom Colet mentioned. Did not visit him when last in London, not wishing to trouble him. Peter, the one-eyed (fn. 1), told Erasmus that Colet had written:—has not received his letter. Will visit him in December, if he is not kept away by the plague, especially if Mountjoy returns, with whom he can stay. Cambridge, 3 Non. Oct. 1511.
5 Oct.
Eras. Ep., VIII. 2. [Edit. Allen, I. 232.]
891. [1883.] ERASMUS to AMMONIUS.
By some unlucky fatality could not call on Ammonius when last in London (isthic): never thought he was staying at More's, especially as Jodocus, the bookseller, told him that Ammonius was at the college of St. Thomas. Knocked at his chamber next morning, but did not find him at home. After mass heard the tramp of horsemen; begged Linacre to look out, as he (Erasmus) was engaged in writing, and was told that Ammonius was leaving. Wishes to know what news of Mountjoy's arrival, whether the plague is as violent as reported, what's afoot in Italy or France. Cambridge, 3 Non. Oct. 1511.
5 Oct.
Sanuto, XIII. 87.
892. VENICE.
[Extract from a letter received 14 Oct. 1511.]
From Count Hieronymo di Porzia, Rome, 5 Oct.—Describes publication of the League (fn. 2) that day in the church of Santa Maria del Populo. It was announced that the King of England would do what the Pope wished and that an honorable place was left for the Emperor.
6 Oct.
T.R. Calais Comptr. Accts. I., p. 527. R.O.
Sir Hugh Conwey's garrison account for the year ending 6 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII.
Compare Nos. 193 (2) and 589 (2), with the latter of which this is almost identical.
Lat., pp. 6.
Ib. 539. 2. Comptroller's (Sir John Wylshyr's) duplicate of Sir Hugh Conway's Calais accounts for the years ending Mich. and 6 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII.
Compare Nos. 193 (3) and 589 (3). In comparison with No. 589 (3 §§ 1, 2), we note:—
§ 1 i. (1) Wm. Pawne, collector. (2) 6,328 sacks, 19 cloves, 417,895 woolfells. (3) 5,514½ sacks, 44 cloves; 350,988 woolfells; 2,018 cloves of "breklinge." (4) Henry Plankney, mayor. After art. 21 is entered the article noted in No. 589 (3) but it is cancelled with a note that it is void because entered under heading of allowances to lieutenant and others.
ii. (4) Wm. Pawne, by pat. 5 Oct. 2 Hen. VIII., collector. (18) Payments by warrant, under privy seals dated Greenwich, 30 March ao 4 (for 694l. 5s. 2¾d. to Sir Th. Lovell and Ant. Nele), Greenwich, 12 Jan. ao 4 (for 40l. to Ant. Neill), Greenwich, 30 March ao 4 (for 200l. to Ant. Neill), Greenwich, 16 Jan. ao 3 (for 400l. for serpentines and hagbushes and repairs), [Westm. 7 Feb. ao 3 (for 85l. 12s. 8½d. to Thomas Spynell for the wages of six men called "post" at 18d. F1. a day from 11 Jan. ao 3 to 30 Sept. following.] (fn. 3) (20) Brian Tuke, clerk of the Council.
New entries:—(28) Annuity of Sir Ric. Carew by pat. 7 Sept. 3 Hen. VIII., half year, 10l. (29) Annuity of George Gray, by pat. 12 Dec. 2 Hen. VIII, whole year, 6l. 13s. 4d. (30) Annuity of Humphrey Banaster, by pat. 10 July, 3 Hen. VIII., half-year, 6l. 13s. 4d. (31) Annuity of Henry Breche, by pat. 15 May, 3 Hen. VIII., 15 May to Mich., 49s. 11d. (32) Annuity of John Clement, by pat. 13 Aug. 3 Hen. VIII., half-year 5l. (33) Annuity of Reynold ap Davy, pat. 13 Aug., 2 Hen. VIII., 4l. 8s. 10¾d. (34) Fee of Wm. Davy, by pat. 1 April, 2 Hen. VIII., searcher, 18l. 5s. (35) To Charles Clyfford to whom the King by letters missive signed with his own hand, dated Richmond, 2 Jan. 2 Hen. VIII., gave wages of 3s. 4d. a day for himself and three soldiers under him, 45l.
§ 2. No change.
Lat., pp. 68.
8 Oct.
Exch. Accts. 417 (6). f. 89. R.O.
Warrant to the Great Wardrobe to deliver James Worsley, groom of the Robes, russet damask gown, &c. Windsor, 8 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII.
P. 1.
8 Oct.
Transcr. 176, p. 106. R.O.
8 Oct. 1511.—Wrote on the 4th of the arrival of a Spanish ambassador who had been with the Emperor. On the 6th received yours of 28 and 30 Sept. announcing that the League would be settled on the 1st. and so we summoned the said Spanish ambassador and told him that the League between Pope, Spain and Venice, with the intervention of England, was as good as settled, and therefore the deliverance of Italy and the quiet of Christendom assured.
Italian. Modern extract. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 123.
10 Oct.
Sanuto, XIII. 130.
896. VENICE.
Account of the procession made on 10 Oct. 1511, at the publication of the League. Emblems of the Kings of England and Spain were carried.
Ib. 258.ii. [Note of letters received, 21 Nov. 1511.]
From Andrea Badoer, [London,] 10 Oct.—The King has written to the Emperor to agree with the Signory at any rate; and to Rome, that he will do as the Pope wishes and be ready against France in the spring.
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 130.
11 Oct.
Exch. Accts. 417 (6), f. 83. R.O.
Warrant to the Great Wardrobe to deliver bringer, "for the use of our 9 henxmen and the master of them," demi-gowns of tawny medley, &c. Windsor, 11 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII.
P. 1.
12 Oct.
Le Glay, Analectes Hist. p. 183.
"Henri VIII. recommande à Marguerite d'Autriche Pierre d'Opicys, marchant Anglais, ainsi que ses enfants." Windsor Castle, 12 Oct. 1511.
12 Oct.
Ib. p. 183.
"Lettres de créance de Maximilien et de Charles, son petit-fils, à Gérard de Plaine, Seigneur de la Rochefort prèsident du conseil, qui se rend auprès de Henri VIII. pour affaires importantes." Château de Hamsfeld, 12 Oct. 1511.
13 Oct.
Ven. Transcr., 176. p. 107. R.O.
13 Oct. 1511.—Expect to hear that the Cardinal of York has received his King's power. Doubtless the Pope and Spain will solicit him to act against the enemy on his side.
Italian. Modern extract. See Spanish Calendar, II, No. 124.
14 Oct.
Exch. Accts. 417 (6). f. 88. R.O.
Warrant to the Great Wardrobe to deliver Geoffrey Wren, clerk of the Closet, woollen cloth for a gown. Windsor, 14 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII.
P. 1.
14 Oct.
Lettres de Louis XII., iii., 80.
The King has shown him news just arrived that a league is made between the Pope, the King of Aragon and the King of England and including the Venetians; and that the King of Aragon has promised that England will ratify it, and the Pope and Venetians have already disbursed 40,000 ducats to the ambassador of Aragon for men of arms to be sent to join the Pope's army. * * * Beaugency, 14 Oct.
Postscript.—The King is at Clery, for a week.
16 Oct.
Claud. E. VII., f. 82. B.M. Schanz. Englische Handelspolitik, II., 430.
Appointment, by Henry VIII., of Alderman Sir John Tate as justiciary for the merchants of Almain who have the house in London called Guildehalla Teutonicorum. Westm., 16 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII., A.D. 1511.
Lat. Later copy, pp. 2.
16 Oct.
Exch. Accts. 417 (6), f. 86. R.O.
Warrant to the Great Wardrobe to deliver Rob. Pen and Th. Fardyng, gentlemen of the Chapel, chamlet gowns, &c. Windsor, 16 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII.
P. 1.
16 Oct.
Eras. Ep., VIII. 3. [Edit. Allen, I. 233.]
905. [1900.] ERASMUS to AMMONIUS.
Had no news to send. Wrote a few days ago. Wishes to know if Mountjoy has returned,—the news in Italy,—and what the indomitable Julius is about. Will visit London in the winter if the frost clear off the plague, which he hears is raging. Has been lecturing on the grammar of Chrysoloras to a small audience. Will commence on the grammar of Theodorus, and perhaps take a course of theology. Works hard, but the profits are small. Cambridge, postridie Id. Oct. 1511.
17 Oct.
Lettres de Louis XII., iii., 83.
Louis de Marraton, the Emperor's secretary, whom she despatched to the Emperor to induce him to make peace with the Venetians, as advised by England and Aragon, has returned with a favourable answer. The Emperor has the greatest confidence in Henry, and hopes he will continue the aid he has sent into Gueldres, where she is persuaded the Emperor will repair, to prosecute the war in person, after settling affairs with the Venetians. Boisleduc, 17 Oct. 1511.
17 Oct.
[R.T. 141, f. 118.] R.O.
Decree touching traffic with the English merchants of Antwerp for a week from Sunday next, headed "Geboden ende vutgeroepen by Gielise van Bouchout, onderschoutet, burgermesteren, scepenen ende raide van der stad van Antwerpen den xvij dach in Octobri ao xvc elve."
Dutch. Modern extract from Antwerp, p. 1.
18 Oct.
Exch. Accts. 417 (6), f. 85. R.O.
Warrant to the Great Wardrobe to deliver Elizabeth Vargas, Margaret Penyngton, Elizabeth Colyns and Elizabeth Lysle, the Queen's chamberers, gowns of damask furred with pure miniver and edged with "letewes." Windsor, 18 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII.
P. 1.
19 Oct.
Ven. Transcr., 176, p. 107. R.O.
909. VENICE.
Motion passed in the Senate, 19 Oct. 1511, to elect an ambassador to the Catholic King; and to despatch both him and Francesco Capello, already elected ambassador to England.
"Die supradicto electus Ser Antonius Justinianus, doctor, &c."
Italian. Modern transcript, p. 1.
Warden of East and Middle Marches. See GRANTS IN OCTOBER. No. 22.
20 Oct.
Eras. Ep. (Edit. Allen), I. 235.
Grieves to see other friends get letters from Erasmus while he gets none. London, 13 Cal. Nov.
20 Oct.
Exch. Accts. 417 (6), f. 87. R.O.
Warrant to the Great Wardrobe to deliver Rob. Litil, groom of the wardrobe of Beds, a gown, &c. Windsor, 20 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII.
P. 1.
21 Oct.
Ib. f. 81.
Warrant to the Great Wardrobe to deliver Wm. Lee, sewer of the Chamber, a tawny chamlet gown, &c. Windsor, 21 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII.
P. 1.
25 Oct.
Ven. Transcr., 176, p. 108. R.O.
25 Oct. 1511.—Grieved to learn, by his of 11 and 12 inst., the dangerous illness of Hieronimo Donato. He shall tell the Pope, the Cardinal of York and the Spanish ambassador that the Signory will send as ambassadors Ant. Justinian to Spain and Fr. Capello to England. The King of France has sent an ambassador to the Swiss. Through the Cardinal of Sion and otherwise, they must be kept well disposed. Likewise the King of England must be induced to enter the League and show his hostility, which is what the French fear most.
Italian. Modern extract. See Spanish Calendar, II, No. 126.
26 Oct.
Exch. Accts. 417 (6), f. 82. R.O.
Warrant to the Great Wardrobe to deliver Th. Tristram, David Philip, Pety John, Andrew Fosse, John Williams and Wm. Gore, "our footmen," gowns of tawny medley, &c. Richmond, 26 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII.
P. 1.
27 Oct.
Eras. Ep., VIII. 23. [Edit. Allen, I. 236.]
917. [1918.] AMMONIUS to ERASMUS.
His letters have surpassed expectation. They have been more than Ammonius could have ventured to hope; but have not satisfied his thirst. Has not been able, partly from his continual occupation in the King's business, partly from the carelessness of the messengers, to make Erasmus any adequate return. Has received from him three letters, one containing verses. Can say more truly than Erasmus χαλκεα χρυσειων, having exchanged wine no better than copper for verse more precious than gold. Hopes to deliver his letters in a few days to the bishops of Winchester and Durham. As for Italian news, the Spaniard is at open war with the French; the English are not likely to remain indifferent spectators. P. Julius is gone to Loretto, to return thanks for his recovery. The Venetians have slain in an ambuscade more than 500 French. The Emperor is so cold he has not yet left his stove. Florence and Pisa are excommunicated for lending themselves to the spurious Council. Card. Reggio is dead. The plague has not disappeared entirely from London. Has moved to the college of St. Thomas; "ubi sum nihilo magis ex sententia mea quam apud Morum." Sees not the harpey's claw, but has many things to dislike, and scarce knows how he is to live in England. Is told that to live with the Italian merchants would not become him; dislikes the meanness (sordes) of this place; and is too poor to keep a house of his own. Goes to Court to-morrow; will send another flagon. Remembrances to Bovill. London, 6 Kal. Nov. 1511.
28 Oct.
Close Roll
3 Hen. VIII.,
m. 6d.
Indenture, 28 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII., with Wm. Pawne, chief clerk of the Avery, who, by pat. 23 Aug. 3 Hen. VIII., was appointed receiver of the lands assigned for payment of the garrison of Berwick, for his payments in that office. Recognised personally in Chancery 14 Dec. Thomas lord Dacre and Sir Francis Cheyne are sureties.
[28 Oct.] (fn. 4)
Le Glay,
Corresp. de
Max. et
de Marg.,
I., 439.
Lettres de
Louis XII.,
iii., 85.
Has received his letters by Maiître Loys Maraton, secretary, and approves his intention provided that it is duly executed. Will not further trouble him with advice, and has not so much desire to meddle as to see him in peace in his old age and during the minority of this young Prince. Received his other letters by which he advised levying the siege of Vanello. The Seigneurs d'Ilsestin and Edward Poignyon, captain of the English, were not of that opinion and have concluded to make battery for three days and then assault, in which the English offer to take first place. But for the changeable weather this had been already done. Within eight days they will have done or failed, and will then decide about laying waste about Nymeghe as he orders. Assures him that Charles de Gueldres does not sleep and means to keep them waking this winter, for which cause she has summoned the Estates of Brabant and Holland for 6 Nov. at Breda, and will move them to continue their aid. Those of Holland continued their aid ordinary for three years, and in obtaining this the Seigneur de Berghes, the Chancellor of Brabant and the Treasurer General did well. The Treasurer returned hither with her, and Berghes remained ill at La Haye. The siege of Vanello has been prolonged first, because they began it with too few men and secondly because both the Count of Nassau, captain general, and the Admiral fell ill. A great tower in the town which overlooked the English camp has been half beaten down, and the English have made a mound from which their artillery will be able to beat along the town as far as the market place. They acquit themselves wonderfully well, much better than the rest of the army.
Has received his letters with the instructions of England which she has debated with the Seigneur de La Roche and finds entirely necessary for the Emperor's justification. La Roche's going may serve greatly to the entertainment of that King's amity, and the sooner the better. Will consider whether she can send a secretary with him as the Emperor advises.
* * *
Touching the sending to the Council of Pisa of which he has written she thinks it sufficient that he, as tutor of her nephew and her, should send for them all; and to tell the truth the finances of this country are so short that not a penny could be found for the despatch. * * *
29 Oct.
Eras. Ep., x. 18.
[Edit. Allen,
I. 237.]
920. [4528.] ERASMUS to COLET.
Is busy in completing his work De Copia; and in media Copia, in summa versatur inopia. This is the reason he did not answer Colet's before. Avoids the Scotists that he may not waste time. Has cooled in the translation of St. Basil, because the Bp. of Rochester to whom he sent a specimen, with a letter stating that he undertook it in order that a translation of St. Basil should come out under Fisher's auspices at Cambridge (ex illius Academia), did not rise to the bait. Erasmus has been told that the Bishop thought the specimen sent was not genuine; only an old translation vamped up. Had written to him about Croke, not because he thought Colet had other men's money, but because he thought he would rather show his liberality to an Englishman. Thanks him for his offer, but does not like his phrase, " si humiliter mendicaveris;" remonstrates with Colet for using this and other expressions. It is discreditable that he should be obliged to beg after spending so much time in England. Has had so much from the Archbishop (Warham) it would be a shame to accept more if he offered it. Has asked N., and been refused. Even Linacre, who knew he was leaving London with no more than six angels, and his health indifferent, urged him not to apply to the Archbishop or Mountjoy, but habituate himself to poverty. Could do this when health was strong; must beg now to save his life. Will not refuse Colet's bounty.
Postscript.—When he broached the subject of an under-master among certain Masters of Arts, one said, "Who would be a schoolmaster that could live in any other way ?" When Erasmus urged that this was a Christian work above all others, his interlocutor replied, "If a man wishes to serve Christ let him enter a monastery." When Erasmus rejoined that to do good to others was charity, he was answered, perfection consisted in leaving all things. Cambridge, postrid. Simonis and Judæ.
31 Oct.
Exch. Accts.
417 (6), f. 80.
Warrant to the Great Wardrobe to deliver (to whom is not stated), enough white and green cloth for 100 jackets, "with half sleeves and basys," for the Guard. Richmond, 31 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII.
P. 1.
Eras. Ep., VIII.
[Edit. Allen,
I. 234.]
922. [1917.] ERASMUS to AMMONIUS.
Returns the flagon, which he kept by him to enjoy the smell of the Greek wine. Sends him for good wine bad verses: χαλκεα χρυσειων.
Begs him to forward his letters enclosed to the bishops to whom they are written, when he visits the Court. Bovill desires remembrance. If the poems of Ammonius are sold in London, would like to have a copy.
Sanuto, XIII. 201. 923. VENICE.
[Note of letters received 8 Nov. 1511.]
From the secretary at Rome (date not given).—In Consistory on the 24th (sic), the four Cardinals were deposed. By letters from Peter Grifo, the Pope's ambassador in England, that King had made peace with Scotland. He had not yet heard of the conclusion of the League, but was well disposed. The Secretary has told the Pope of the election of Francesco Foscari as ambassador.
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 127.
1. Gerrard Chauncy, of London, fishmonger. Protection for one year, as he is going in the suite of Sir Gilbert Talbot, Deputy of Calais. Windsor Castle, 29 Sept. 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 6 Oct. P.S. [1884.]
2. Prior and Convent of St. Peter and St. Paul of Kirkeby on Wrethik, co. Leic., dioc. Linc. Protection, and licence during the King's pleasure to declare indulgences and collect alms and donations for their monastery, being in great decay, and the buildings belonging to it having been destroyed by fire. Tutbury Castle, 28 Aug. 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 8 Oct. P.S. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 24. [1885.]
3. Peter de la Rea, of Spain. Licence to import two hundred tuns of woad and Gascon wine, from Bordeaux or elsewhere. Windsor Castle, 3 Oct., 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 8 Oct. P.S. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 23. [1886.]
4. William Rigley, page of the Wardrobe of Beds. To be keeper, during pleasure, of the chace of Hilwode, Warw., vice Roland Stafford, deceased. Windsor Castle, 30 Sept. 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 8 Oct. P.S. (in English). Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 4. [1887.]
5. Robert Hasilrig, yeoman usher of the Queen's chamber. To be during pleasure, keeper of the King's garden in the Tower of London, with 6d. a day, vice Richard Smyth, dec. Windsor Castle, 1 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 8 Oct. P.S. (in English). Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 4. [1888.]
6. Edward Guldeford. Grant for life, in reversion, of the offices of constable of Dover Castle, and warden of the Cinque Ports, with power to appoint his lieutenant and all other officers in the castle; now held by Sir Edward Ponynges, comptroller of the Household, by patent 9 June, 1 Hen. VIII. Windsor Castle, 3 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 9 Oct. P.S. [1889.]
7. Henry Stokes, of London, merchant of the Staple of Calais. Protection for one year, as he is going in the suite of Sir Gilbert Talbot, Deputy of Calais. Windsor Castle, 5 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 9 Oct. P.S. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 4. [1890.]
8. William Basse, vintner of London. Protection for two years, as he is going in the suite of Sir Gilbert Talbot, Deputy of Calais. Windsor, 5 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 9 Oct. P.S. [1891.]
9. William Botry, mercer of London. Grant, in tail male, of the lordship of Borough near Alesham, Norf., of the annual value of 15l. 15s., forfeited by Edmund De la Pole Earl of Suffolk. Greenwich, 13 May, 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 9 Oct. P.S. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 9. [1892.]
10. Maurice Aparry, yeoman of the Bottles. Grant, for life, of the forest of Radnor in the marches of Wales. Warwick Castle, 10 Sept. 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 10 Oct. P.S. (in English). Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 14 [1893.]
11. Thomas Palmer. To be for life coroner of the lordships of Uske, Llybenyth, and Trelek, constable of Kerlyon castle, approver ("emprower"), beadle, castle-reeve and court-clerk of the lordship of Uske, and constable of Peryth castle, vice William Edwardes, dec. Windsor Castle, 17 Sept., 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 10 Oct. P.S. (in English). Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 5; vacated as to the office of constable of Perith, 20 May, 11 Hen. VIII., in favor of Leonard Musgrave; and as to the other offices, 30 March, 16 Hen. VIII., in his own favor and that of Henry Somerset Lord Herbert. [1894.]
12. George Throkmerton, esquire for the Body. Lease, for 40 years, of the lordships and manors of Tonne-worthe, Warw., and Sheriffes Lenche, Worc., with the custody and herbage of the park of Tonneworth, at the annual rent of 36l.; also licence to cut down and make his profit of the thorns, willows, hollies and birches in the said park, so as to increase the pasturage. With a proviso, that if any annuity has been granted out of the said lordship, the said George is to pay it, and deduct it from his rent. Richmond, 9 July, 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 10 Oct. P.S. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 9. [1895.]
13. John Sayntpolle. Custody of the lands and wardship and marriage of Isaac, son and heir of Abraham Sybbyll. Del. Westm., 10 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 4. [1896.]
14. Gaol Delivery.
Newgate, London.—Commission to Roger Acheley, mayor, Sir John Fyneux, Sir Rob. Rede, Sir Will. Hody, Rob. Brudenell, Humph. Conyngesby, John Boteler, Will. Grevyle, Will. Fayrfax, and Ric. Broke, serjeant-at-law. Westm., 12 Oct. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 3d. [1897.]
15. John Glynne, yeoman of the Chamber with the Queen. To be bailiff of the Three Trayans of Nantheody, with the bailiffship of Moghnaunt, in the lordship of Chirckeland, in the marches of Wales, from Mich. 3 Hen. VIII., during pleasure. Del. Westm., 14 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII. S.B. (in English). Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 4. [1898.]
16. William Pye. Grant of the office of one of the four foresters of Shyrwoode forest, called the custody of the lodge of Immeslowe and Clipston Shrogges, in the "Northbayle" of the said forest; with 4d. a day, out of the issues of co. Notts. Del. Westm., 15 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 4. [1899.]
17. John Camby. Grant of a corrody in the monastery of Eynesham, Oxon, on surrender by Master Nicholas Bradebrige, clk. Windsor Castle, 3 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 16 Oct. P.S. (in English). [1901.]
18. Fenebentley church. Licence to James Barisford, clk., Laurence Barisford, and Godfrey Barisford, to found a perpetual chantry for a secular chaplain in the church of Fenebentley, Derb., Cov. and Lich. dioc., or in the church of Wyrkysworth, Derb.; to be called the chantry of James Barisford, or the chantry of St. Katharine and St. Anthony, in the church of Fenebentley or Wirkesworth, with mortmain licence for endowment to the annual value of 8l. Warwick Castle, 8 Sept. 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 17 Oct. P.S. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 11. [1903.]
19. To the Abbot and Convent of St. Mary without the walls of York, Nomination of Master of John Froste, S.T.B., to be presented by them to the chapel of Cresmere, archdeaconry of Richmond, void by resignation of Master Hugh Assheton, doctor in decrees. Windsor Castle, 13 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 18 Oct. P.S. [1904.]
20. John Beynton. Livery of lands as kinsman and heir of Sir Richard Beauchamp Lord St. Amand, viz., son of Sir Robert, son of John Beynton, daughter [son ?] of Joan, one of the daughters and heirs of Sir John Roche, father of Elizabeth, another daughter and heir of the said Sir John Roche and mother of William, father of the said Richard; the said Joan being also one of the daughters and heirs of Wilhelmina, daughter and heir of Peter de Lamare and wife of the said Sir John Roche, and mother of the said Elizabeth, another of the daughters and heirs of the said Wilhelmina: of the lands of the said Sir John and Wilhelmina. Windsor Castle, 13 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 18 Oct. P.S. (injured). Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 23. [1905.]
21. William Honnyngs and William Burwell. Next presentation to the free chapel or priory of St. John the Baptist, Shrewsbury, near the Walshe gate, in Mardewall, Cov. and Lich. dioc., whereof Robert Dackus is now incumbent. Windsor Castle, 29 Sept., 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 18 Oct. P.S. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 10, and p. 1, m. 17. [1906.]
22. Thomas lord Darcy. Authority, during pleasure, to execute the office of keeper [and] warden of the "Estmarche and Middelmarche" towards Scotland and prohibit and punish offences against the truce with the King of Scots. Westm., 20 Oct. Scotch Roll, 3 Hen. VIII. m. 9. [1907.]
23. Thomas Danvers, of Powdram, Devon, gentleman. Pardon for killing Jas. Loore, yeoman, in self-defence, as certified before Ric. Elyot, &c., justices of gaol delivery at Exeter Castle. Westm., 20 Oct. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 3. [1908.]
24. Priory of St. Oswald, Gloucester. Inspeximus and confirmation of:—
A. Pat. 4 Aug. 50 Hen. III. (m. 9).
B. Pat. 17 Nov. 12 Ric. II. (p. 1, m. 10), confirming:—
Ch. of Hen. I.
Chs. (3) of Hen. II.
C. Pat. 27 Aug. 18 Ric, II. (p. 1, m. 9).
Westm., 20 Oct. [3 Hen. VIII.]. Conf. roll 46, No. 10.
25. Sir Richard Fowler. Livery of lands as s. and h. of Richard Fowler, esq., and Joan his wife. Greenwich, 1 July, 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 21 Oct. P.S. [1909.]
26. John Yle, perpetual chaplain of the chantry of Richard Ravenser, in St. Giles' Chapel, Lincoln Cathedral. Presentation to the church of Greynesby, Linc. dioc., in exchange with William Horner. Windsor Castle, 16 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 22 Oct. P.S. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 10. [1910.]
27. William Marcham, of London, haberdasher. Reversal of outlawry in co. Surrey; sued by Agnes Bulkey, widow, for trespass. Westm., 22 Oct. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 3. [1911.]
28. Ralph Egerton. Lease, for 41 years, of the prisage (two tuns for the entire prise of each ship) and custom (of 2s. per tun) on wines in the county palatine and in the city and suburbs of Chester, and of all prises of fuel and sea coal brought to the city of Chester; rendering yearly at the Exchequer for each prise of Gascon wine 4l. and of sweet wine 7l. 3s. 4d. (besides paying freight, batellage and carriage to the merchants), for the custom 2s. a tun and for the prise of fuel and coal 4 marks a year. Monastery of Merevale, 30 Aug. 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 23 Oct. P.S. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 9. [1912.]
29. Sir Edward Darell, knight for the Body. Pardon and release as late sheriff of Wiltshire; and discharge to his sureties for 40l., viz. John Baynton of Falston, Philip Baynard of Lakham, John Williams of Marleburgh, and William Quarrell of Lacok, bound 13 Nov. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 23 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 9. [1913.]
(2) Exemplification of the enrolment of the above. Filed as an S.B. wrongly, in the year 2 Hen. VIII.
30. Priory of Ledes. Inspeximus. and confirmation of:—
Pat. 3 July, 1 Hen. VIII. (Conf. roll 9, No. 9), confirming:—
Pat. 21 Feb., 22 Edw. IV. (p 2, m. 6).
Westm., 23 Oct. [3 Hen. VIII.]. Conf. roll 45, No. 5.
31. Gaol Delivery.
Hereford Castle.—Commission to Sir John Lyngon, Ralph Hakeluytt, Will. Clerk, and Roland Bruges. Westm., 24 Oct. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 4d. [1914.]
32. Sir William Trevanyon. Custody of the lands and wardship and marriage of Agnes Copleston. daughter and heir of John Copleston. Del. Westm., 25 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 3, m. 7. [1915.]
33. Thomas Salter, sewer of the Chamber. Grant, for life, at the annual rent of one red rose at Midsummer, of the possessions called Somerbury, Mabankes, Saltland, Slehurst, in the parish of Ewhurst, and Leybrokes in the parish of Schire, Surrey, in the King's hands by attainder of James Twychett lord Audeley. Del. Westm., 26 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII. S.B. [1916.]
34. French pension. Form of acknowledgment of receipt, at Calais, 1 Nov. 1511, for 25,000 francs in crowns of gold, part of payment of 745,000 crowns of gold due to the King by treaty between Henry VII. and Charles late King of France. Westm., 5 Nov.
ii. Commission to Sir Gilbert Talbot, deputy, Sir Richard Carewe, lieutenant of the castle, Sir Hugh Conwey, treasurer, Sir John Wilshire, comptroller, Robert Wotton, porter, Walter Culpeper, vice-marshal, and John Bunowlte, secretary, of Calais, or three of them, to receive the said 25,000 francs on 1 Nov. 1511. Teste 27 October. S.B. [1919.]
35. The Weavers of the City of York. Grant, during pleasure, that they may be exempt from paying the 100s. yearly due to the King as fee farm, and may have a guild and liberties; no one else may make cloths dyed or striped within the city; with proviso that the weavers without the city shall not be compelled to contribute to those within. Westm., 15 Feb. 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 27 Oct. P.S. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 1. [1920.]
36. Sir John Cutte, Sir Ric. Chamley, Rob. Blagg, a baron of the Exchequer, John Daunsy, and Th. Barnewell. Commission of inquiry in the city of London as to the death of Will. Lymster, of London, labourer. Westm., 28 Oct. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 14d. [1921.]
37. Gaol Delivery.
Kingston-on-Hull.—Commission to Rob. Herryson, mayor, Brian Palmes, Edw. Baron. Th. Wilkynson, and Roger Busshell. Westm., 28 Oct. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 3d.
Bedford Castle.—Commission to Will. Gascoigne, Walter Luke, Mich. Fissher, and John Poley. Westm, 29 Oct.
Gloucester Castle.—Commission to John Whytyngdon, Chris. Throgmerton, Rob. Wye, Roger Porter, and Will. Freme. Westm., 29 Oct. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 12d. [1922.]


  • 1. Peter Meghen (Magius).
  • 2. Sanuto subjoins a copy of the League, as dated at Rome, 4 Oct. 1511, and signed by the Spanish and Venetian ambassadors, Hier. de Vich and Hier, Donato.
  • 3. Cancelled
  • 4. Dated from a letter of Maximilian from Inspruck, 18 Nov. 1511, mentioning receipt of this.