Appendix: August 1536

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Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 11, July-December 1536. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1888.

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August 1536

[7 Aug.]
R. O.
3. John Kyme. (fn. 1)
"Memorandum that John Kyme, George Medley, Richard Reynolds, Robert Palmer, and Fras. Baldewyn were bounden by three obligations to pay for the debt of Averey Rawson to the King's use by every obligation 5,000 marks, at days now all expired," i. e., 10,000l. in all, of which sum they only received 5,000l. They discharged the first payment, 3,333l. 6s. 8d., in full. Ric. Reynolds and Rob. Palmer are to pay, at days given them, 2,666l. 13s. 4d. The King has received, out of Lewis Harpisfelde's house, 513l. Sir Brian Tuke has received of the rest of Kyme's goods, 715l. 15s. 7d. And though the goods of Fras. Bawdwyn, deceased, amounted to little more than 800l., yet towards the 2,000 marks laid to the charge of his executors, viz., Oliver Leder, who has married his daughter, and Ric. Reynolds, it has been arranged that the King shall be paid 1,200l. in 10 yearly instalments; "which is not so long days by four years as the King's grace gave unto the said Reynolds and Palmer." And for this good sureties shall be put in. Debts owing to Kyme arrested to the King's use, 1,012l. 4s. 3d. Total of all these payments, 9,440l. 19s. 10d., which falls short of the obligations by only 559l. 0s. 2d., but exceeds what Kyme and the others received by 4,440l. 19s. 10d.
ii. Note added by Sir Brian Tuke, and signed by him, touching the above, stating, among other things, that the arrangement for the 1,200l. had been effected by my lord Privy Seal with great difficulty.
iii. Statement of debts owing to John Kyme, late alderman of London. Total 1,052l. 4s. 3d.
Pp. 3.
R. O. 2. Duplicate of the preceding. Endd.
12 Aug.
R. O.
4. Henry VIII. to Sir Richard Riche.
Notwithstanding the King's recent resolution for the continuance of certain monasteries, and among others that of Stanfeld, Linc., yet finding much inconvenience would ensue by its preservation, the Commissioners are now instructed to suppress it entirely, and Riche is to make a lease of the site and demesne lands to Robert Tyrwitt, one of the esquires of the Body, and arrange with him for the purchase of the stock and moveable goods. For the reception of the religious who shall be put out of Stanfeld, Riche is to take a fine of 900 marks of the monastery of Stixwold, Linc. dioc., reserving to the King's use lands to the value of 34l. 10s. 7d. a year only, and according to the former determination put out all the religious there resident and let those of Stanfeld take their places, letting the monastery of Stixwold stand after this translation. Monastery of Chersee, 12 Aug. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: Sir Richard Riche, Chancellor of our Court of Augmentation.
12 Aug.
R. O.
5. Weybourne Priory.
A file of papers relating to the suppression of the priory of Wayborne including:—(1.) Depositions of the prior, Thomas Bulman, showing the number of the religious (two priests who desire capacities), and of servants (three), the weight of bells and lead, &c. Dated 12 Aug. 28 Hen. VIII., and signed by the prior.
(2.) Rent roll for the year ending Mich. 28 Hen. VIII., an account for provisions, a receiver's account, and a schedule of grants under the convent seal; which seal, it is observed, remains with Sir John Heydon or Dr. Maye, chancellor to the bishop of Ely.
R. O. 2. Inventory of the goods and chattels of the priory of Waburn, made — Aug. 28 Hen. VIII., viz:—
Ornaments of the church:—A copper gilt cross with silver image of Christ (3s. 4d.), altar cloths, candlesticks, &c., with prices appended to each. Articles in the hall, in the buttery, parlour, kitchen, brewhouse, guest chamber, chamber over the cloister, cook's chamber, and cart-house.
Pp. 3.


  • 1. This paper is evidently the memorial referred to by Tuke in No. 240.