Appendix: October 1536

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Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 11, July-December 1536. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1888.

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October 1536

[Oct. ?]
R. O.
8. Kent and Surrey.
A list of names with numbers attached, probably indicating retinues (perhaps drawn up before the lists for those counties in No. 580 (2.)):—
Kent.—The abbot of St. Austyns, 20. The prior of Christchurch, 40. Sir Thos. Cheyney, . . . Sir Thos. Nevell, "x . . ." Sir Edw. Nevell, 100. Sir John Dudley, 100. Sir Alex. Culpeper, 40. Chr. Hales, 40. John Blake, 20. Sir Wm. Cromer, 20. Sir Wm. Haute, 40. Sir Wm. Finche, 20. Sir Edw. Ringeley, 20. Sir Ric. Clement, 20. Sir Thos. Wylloughby, 20. Sir Wm. Kempe, 40. John Hales, 6. John Gulforde, 10. Thos. Atclif, 6. Wm. Whetenall, 10. Jas. Walsingham, 10. John Godrik, (fn. 1) . . Henry Stokheth, (fn. 1) . . . Antony Sentleger, 20. Wm. Roper, 10. Wm. Draper, 6. Edw. Thwayts, 6. John Cripps, . . . John Cromer, . . . Edw. Moyne, . . . Thos. Harlekingden, . . . Thos. Ponynges, (fn. 2) . . . Thos. Wyatt, (fn. 2) . . Sir [Edwa]rd Wutton, (fn. 2) . . . Sir . . . Ponyng[es], (fn. 2) . . . Ric. Fane, 10. Thos. Hardes, 10. Ant. Sandes, 10. Thos. Radar, 10. Wm. Goldwell, (fn. 2) 10. Walter Henley, 10. John Culpeper, —. Edw. Crayford, 10. John Winkfelde, (fn. 2) 10. John Mane, 10. Stephen Drauer, 10. Total, 1187.
Surrey.—Sir Wm. Fitzwilliam, 200. John Abbot of Chertsey, 20. Sir Ric. Weston, (fn. 2) 40. Sir Nic. Carew, (fn. 2) 100. Sir Ant. Browne, (fn. 2) 40. Sir Matthew Browne, 40. Sir John Gaynesford, 40. Sir Ric. Page, (fn. 2) 20. Thos. Pope, 10. Nic. Legh, 4. John Danester, 6. Robt. Wintreshull, 6. Thos. Lisle, 6. Thos. Studhalf, (fn. 2) 6. Wm. Westbroke, 6. Thos. Heron, 6. John Skynner, 5. Raulf Vyne, . . . John Mores, 4. Robt. Draper, 4. Wm. Mustchampe, 4. . . . Scott of Camerwell, 6. The abbot of Be[rmonds]ey, 20. Total, 598.
Pp. 2. Defaced.
R. O.
9. A Royal Retinue.
A list of "personages t'attende upon the Kinges Majeste," viz.:—
The marquises of Dorset and Exeter, the lord Steward, the earls of Sussex and Huntingdon, viscount Beauchamp, the lord Privy Seal, the lord Admiral, the bishops of Durham, Hereford, and Chichester, lord Will. Howard, lords Maltravers, Clifford, Clynton, Boroughe, Montagu, Dacres of the South, Talbot, Hastings, Powes, Tailleboys, Stafford, and Bullebeck, Master Controller, Sir Will. Kingeston, vicechamberlain, the Master of the Horse, Sir John Russell, Sir Ant. Brown, Sir Fras. Brian, Sir Edw. Nevell, Thos. Hennege, Henry Knevet, and 81 other names, followed by the grooms of the Privy Chamber, the officers of the wardrobe of Robes, the chaplains, the serjeants-at-arms, the officers at arms, the trumpets, the ordinary officers of the King's chamber, the ordinary officers of his Grace's household.
Pp. 4. Endd.: Personages to attend upon the Queen's grace.
*** It would seem that this list was drawn up at the same time as No. 580 (3 i., ii.) in this volume (see pp. 233–5), as it is on similar paper and in the same handwriting. The two documents, in fact, appear at one time to have been bound up together, and in the seventeenth century they were transcribed as one document by some not very careful antiquary who prefixed to his transcript the very erroneous title:—" A copy of orders taken at the time when king Henry VIII. went to Boulogne, copied out of a book remaining in the Treasury of the Exchequer at Westminster, anno 1612." See Harl. MS. 283, f. 265, B. M.
[10 Oct. ?]
R. O.
10. Passage of the Humber.
Safe conduct given by Sir Wm. Sandon, master Wm. Wyllebe, and master Arthur Dymmok, to two poor religious men, (fn. 3) Sir John Bowtton and Sir Wm. Mowde, to pass over the water of Humer. Signed.
P. 1.
[About 18 Oct.] (fn. 4)
R. O.
11. Pomfret Castle.
Names of gentlemen "warded" in the castle of Pomfret.
Sir Geo. Darcy, Sir Arthur Darcy, Sir Robt. Constable, Sir Robt. Nevell, Sir John Dawnye, Sir Hen. Everingham, Sir John Wentworthe, Sir Robt. Ouztred, Henry Ryder, Wm. Babthorpe, John of Anne (?), and John Aclam, "besides gentlemen above xl."
Small slip, p. 1. Endd.
[21 Oct. ?]
R. O.
12. [The Northern Rebellion.]
An address (fn. 5) to the commons then in rebellion. Proves to them that in rising against evil counsellors of the King, they rebel against the King himself. If they had departed home according to the King's command, they would have shown themselves true subjects; but, raised by some mischievous mad brains whom God will doubtless shortly deliver into the King's hands, to run and send about the realm to raise the people is rebellion. All Christendom and Heathenesse will say, "Behold yonder most noble, most wealthy, and most strong country of England will be destroyed," for Christ says, "that every realm divided within itself shall be desolate." Cites the factions of Marius and Silla and of the generals of the host of Alexander of Macedon after his death by poison. God will take vengeance on them as He did upon Dathan and Abiron unless they return to repentance and cry for mercy to God and their prince.
Begins: "What natural Englishman is he that with himself inwardly doth consider," &c. And after a page of preamble the address itself commences:—"Tell me, good people, tell me good countrymen, what fury of Hell has put in your heads, what madness, &c." Contains many quotations from Scripture, with marginal references to the same.
Pp. 10. Title prefixed on a separate leaf: "A letter sent to the commons that rebell, wherein lovingly is showed to them how they every way rise to their own extreme ruin and destruction."


  • 1. Struck out.
  • 2. These names have the letter "k" prefixed.
  • 3. Doubtless the two referred to by Dacres in No. 647.
  • 4. See No. 774.
  • 5. Probably the "oration" referred to in No. 816.