Henry VIII: November 1537, 26-30

Pages 397-410

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 12 Part 2, June-December 1537. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1891.

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November 1537, 26-30

26 Nov. 1129. John Thompson, Master of the Maison Dieu, to Cromwell.
R. O. At Dover, Mr. Auchar, the King's paymaster there, has made two whole pays and part of the third. The first, the 30th pay, is 92l. 13s. 4d.; the second, the 31st pay, 93l. 19s. 2d.; and the third, 32nd pay, 72l. 6s. 5d. This day, 26 Nov., there are 60 labourers, 24 mariners for 8 boats, and 13 small tumbrels or little carts at 10d.the day, with four clerks and one overseer, the writer's brother, in the works.Does not intend to charge the King in the extremity of winter except for empcions and necessaries, according to the bill he has given Mr. Auchar to show to Cromwell. The sum of the old debts amounts to 96l. 19s. 2d., and besides this there is taken by one Worme, purveyor, great sums for trees felled at the King's charge. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: Lord Privy Seal.Endd.
26 Nov. 1130. Jacques de Coucy [Sieur de Vervins] to Lord Lisle.
R. O. I thank you for informing me that there is a fine horse at Calais.I bought one or two lately, but I should be glad to get a good hackney, and you wrote in another letter that there was a gentleman who had a fine one, but wanted to sell it too dear and that you had sent into England to get a couple; also that you would like to get a goshawk for partridges. The season is passing by, and it is very difficult to get any at present. Nevertheless I have written about it to some friends in my country. Boulogne, 26 Nov. Signed.
Fr., p. 1.Sealed.Add.Endd. Mr. Ruge.
26 Nov. 1131. André Chapperon to the Deputy of Calais.
I have received your letters stating that you have done a pleasure to a relation of my wife, and that you are surprised I do not send you the wine that the grand escuyer has given you. As I have already written, I should have been glad to do so, but had no such charge, for the grand [escuyer] has given his land of Laleu to his son who has committed the charge of it to another person. I have sent on your letters to that person, who says he has no charge about it from his master. I thank you for your kindness to my wife's nephew. He says, however, that they have done him great wrong in taking away his goods, and that the capture in Flanders (de Flandres) was lawful. Tour de la Chaine, Rochelle, 26 Nov. Signed.
Fr., p. 1. Add.
1132. The Wife of Captain Chaperon to [Lisle] Deputy of Calais.
R. O. Thanks him for his present. Sends him four pipes of white wine and four bareques of claret. Sends the white wine in pipes because it is stronger. If we live another year I will get some made for you which shall be unexceptionable. This year the grapes have been a little touched by frost. "De votre maison de la Rochelle."
Fr., p. 1. Add.: M. le Chapitaine de Chalais.
26 Nov. 1133. Sir John Duddeley to Henry VIII.
Calig. E. i.
at f. 30).
Is stayed in Lyons by the cardinal of Tournon, and the Chancellor of France and the Council here. A servant of my lord of Winchester who was despatched by his master towards Henry is also stayed. The Chancellor and council will give no other reason than that it is their master's command, and promise to send to their master about it; but it will be six or eight days before they can have an answer. Thinks their policy is to delay the news out of these parts. Report in Lyons that Henry's ambassador in Spain is arrested. Pleaseth you "to understand that [a post was sent] from the Emperor the 20th day of …………… at Monson after the sun setting and ………….. arrived in this town of Lyons the ……………. following at night, trusting to have ………………. your Majesty within four or five days after ……………… hither if God and this had not lett[ed]…" Heard by chance of this bearer, servant at Calais, who, though engaged in a process at law, has left his own affairs to carry this. All the posts between this and Calais are stayed. Fears they can mean no [tr]uth to the King. Lyons, 26 Nov.
Hol., pp. 3. Much injured by fire at the edges. Add.
27 Nov.
R. O.
1134. Henry VIII. to the Bishop of ——.
Of the subsidy granted us by the clergy of Canterbury province, there is unpaid in your diocese 500 marks, as the bp. of London, our receiver thereof, affirms. You are to charge, on pain of 100l., such as delay to pay their portions to appear before our Council in the Star Chamber to show cause for their delay. Westminster Palace, 27 Nov. 29 Henry VIII. Signed with a stamp.
P. 1.
27 Nov.
R. O.
1135. John Mauntell to Mr. Mason.
Since parting from you I had no way to write or send you your money. Francisco told me you were somewhat amended. My lord Privy Seal asked me how you did and seemed very glad to hear you were amended. Harry Francis, my lord of Winchester's man, told him you had broken your back. I have sent you by Peter (fn. n1) 22l. 10s. I received of Mr. Wyatt's money 40 ducats for what he owed you and for Rudston's costs, and the other 10 I keep for that I lacked at my departing. My father-in-law would have had it tarried till he heard from Mr. Wyatt. How slenderly Mr. Wyatt's matters have been handled here, and how few friends he has, the bearer can partly show; I will show you more at our next meeting, which I trust shall be shortly. Since I came no man but myself solicited Mr. Wyatt's matters to my lord. Till Peter departed we thought to send him at Mr. Wyatt's cost, but when he came for my lord's letters he allowed him 20l. Will make "a nend" till we meet next. London, 27 November.
Hol., p. 1. Add: at Lyons.
[27] Nov. 1136. William Byrche to Lord Lisle.
R. O. A ship called the Mare Garce (Mary Grace) has been lost by tempest off the coast of Normandy, 8 miles from Boulogne. In it the bearer, a servant of the writer, has lost cloths to the value of 60l., all he was worth in the world, and without Lisle's help not only he but his brother, Nich. Sawturley, a young merchant, are utterly undone. Has no doubt of Lisle's assistance. The King is merry and on Sunday night supped with your old friend Sir William Kingston at the Black Friars. London, Tuesday before St. Andrew.
Hol., p. 1. Sealed. Add.: lord Lisle, Deputy of Calais.
28 Nov. 1137. W. Welden to John Mason.
R. O. Is sorry for his mischance and wishes for his safe return to England. Has delivered all his tokens, except the gloves for Mr. Selynger, who is not yet returned from Ireland. Gave the hat very lately to Mr. Layton, because he avoided the city for fear of contagion. Were exiled the Court and lay in the country a month, at Woborn, because their chaplain Sir John died of the plague. Before that their master (fn. n2) was commanded daily to wait. Asks him to send the book, which he wrote by Mr. Rouggecrosse was left at Barcelona. Mr. Tuke's clerk says the 200 ducats cannot be allowed and taken as for your journey to Sicily by my lord's (fn. n3) letter, which specifies that they should be taken upon account and allowance for my master's post money. He will not make the 340 crowns, ducats; because my lord's letter names crowns, so that Monsieur must make a new request or else take all as it standeth. The bearer can tell news. "Raptim ex ædibus episcopi (fn. n4) nostri, Holborn," 28 Nov. 1537.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: at Lyon or elsewhere. Endd.
28 Nov. 1138. Mr. Richardyne to Cromwell.
R. O. After Dr. Crome had heard him preach at Powles Cross and other places, he took him into Lincolnshire, where he has preached lately and found great need of true ministers of God's word, and nothing more desired of the people nor less done in those quarters where he was. He has given Richardyne hope that Cromwell will help him with the first fruits of his 9l. benefice, and has made him tarry, though he has nothing to live upon this year and the people are but poor labourers. Has paid half and asks Cromwell to give Mr. Doctor a token to Gostewike to have patience of the payment of the other half. 28 Nov.
Hol.. p. 1. Add.: Lord Privy Seal. Sealed. Endd.
28 Nov.
Lamb. 603,
f. 84a.
1139. Charles O'Mulloy and McGeoghegan.
Indenture 28 Nov. 29 Hen. VIII. between lord Leonard Grey, viscount Grane, deputy, and Charles O'Mulloy, chief captain of his nation and country of Fercalgh:—1. That O'Mulloy will be faithful to the King and serve the Deputy for the time being, especially against the traitor Bernard O'Chonour. 2. He will serve at 3 days' notice against all Irishmen with 6 horse and 40 foot for one day and night, and in other journeys with 4 horse and 12 foot. 3. He will support Charles O'Chonour, the lord McGoighegan and other subjects of the King. 4. He will pay the King all rents, &c., due.
He places his son Conacius O'Mulloy in the Deputy's hands as a hostage; and the latter agrees that the baron of Delven, Dillon, Dalton, Tyrrel and other captains shall aid him when necessary. Dated Kyllegh in Offaly, as above.
x ii. Indenture 28 Nov. 29 Hen. VIII. between lord Leonard Grey and Rosrid, otherwise Rosse, McGeoghegan, chief captain of his nation and country of Kynneleagh, to the like effect. He has placed his second son Hugh McGeoghegan as a hostage. No crime committed by Cornelius McGeoghegan his sons or followers shall be to the detriment of the said "lord" McGeoghegan or his hostage.
Copies. Lat., pp. 3.
28 Nov. 1140. French Wine.
R. O. Certificate by Guillaume Audrivon, secretary of Mons. de la Meilleraye, vice-admiral of France, of having seen the receipts for custom for 59 tuns of wine in the ship of John Bournyn, Englishman, destined for Calais and England. 28 Nov. 1537. Signed.
Fr., p. 1.
29 Nov. 1141. Derbyshire.
Add. MS.
6,668, f. 679.*
B. M
Coroner's writ of venire to the constable of Calowe for the collection of a jury Asheover for an inquest upon the death of Matilda Backster. 29 Nov., 29 Hen. VIII.
ii. Panel of 24 names attached.
Pp. 2.
29 Nov. 1142. Sir John Porte to Cromwell.
R. O. At my late being with you, you wrote a letter in favour of my kinsman the bearer, Sir Richard Porte, priest. I beseech you to continue his good lord. Vigil of St. Andrew the Apostle, "after I had been with your Lordship." Signed.
P. 1. Add.: Lord Privy Seal. Endd.
30 Nov. 1143. Cromwell to Sir Thos. Wyat.
Harl. MS.
282, f. 219.
B. M.
Nott's Wyatt,
Though I have nothing of importance to write, I take the opportunity of this messenger going upon your private affairs to say that your last letters touching conferences with the Emperor and M. de Grandevile were as well taken as ever I saw orators' letters. Where in your letters to me you make instant suit for money, I took immediate order for the payment of your diets for six months beforehand, and the money you had laid out in posts, and further diet for two months in lieu of a prest for the despatch of posts, so that if your agents here had called for money, or if Rougecroix would have taken your bills of exchange with him, it might have been despatched long ago. I marvel you would put the King to the charge of your interests. The precedent were too evil to be admitted, and such a request would be taken in evil part. Mistrust not but that you shall have as much favour as I may extend, "and indeed you had need of friendship, for I have not seen a wise man leave his things so rawly as yours be left."
Now to touch some of the points in your letters to the King. Surprised that it should be said there that the Emperor's agents here resident could have no audience in six months. The truth is they never desired audience but they had it, as they now confess, since the arrival of the letters, since which time there has been new communication of the marriage. They would have our daughter, whom the King esteems as she is worthy, and would give nothing for it. If it take not effect the fault will be theirs, for we have desired nothing but what the Emperor may do without breach of his leagues with the bp. of Rome. Upon the decease of the Queen the ambassadors made
an overture for the daughter of Portugal. It was thankfully taken, but would have been more so had it come anew from the Emperor, but it appears they did it upon an old commission. The King (fn. n5) is much desirous to hear touching the matter of Digneley. The Nete, 29 Nov.
P.S. Whereas in conversation the Emperor said to Wyat that as long as his affairs went badly his friends made no offers of mediation, but as soon as they seemed to prosper he was solicited to peace both by the King of England and other friends, Wyat must take opportunity to resume the subject and say that now, when news has come of the abasement of his affairs in Italy and the victories of the French king (both in getting the passage at Zuse and the reinforcement of his holds in those parts), the King is still willing to mediate for peace, and has commanded Wyat to renew the overture, although the Emperor's things be not so prosperous altogether as they were. If the Emperor is ready to listen, Wyat shall require him to send a personage to the King for the declaration of his titles, and no doubt the French king will do the like. Wyat may take this opportunity to say that the report that his ambassadors could not have audience in six months was untrue. Observe his answers, so as to "decipher the bottom of his heart." The Nete, 30 Nov.
The King's pleasure is that you send a speedy answer hereof and news of occurrants there. Signed.
In Wriothesley's hand, pp. 6. Add.: Ambassador. Endd.: "My lord Privy Seal in Decemb. at Barsolona by Peter Rede."
30 Nov. 1144. Wriothesley to Sir Thos. Wiat.
Harl. MS.
282, f. 283.
B. M.
Nott's Wyatt,
I thank you for your sundry gentle letters, and can assure you your doings are well taken, for I myself read them to the King. As to your money, the letters of your agents here will declare how you be used. For lack of special words in your letter of attorney to Sir Wm. Hawte they say he can give no sufficient acquittance, so that a new warrant must be sued for every payment. Let that be amended. Yet doubt not but that your warrant shall be ready if your agents will call only four days before. Your things stand rawly, as I understand, but I will be assured to you according to my promise. I thank you for my man Baker, and pray you to set him forward in the attaining of the Latin tongue. If he act as he did with me I trust you like him well. I shall continue my favour to him or withdraw it as you shall think him worthy. The Nete, 30 Nov.
P.S. With much ado about nothing I have saved you a good part of the charges of this post.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Ambassador with the Emperor. Endd.: "Mr. Wryothesley in Decemb. by Peter Rede at Barsolona."
30 Nov. 1145. John Bolter, of London, Goldsmith, to Cromwell.
R. O. Delivered your letter to my lord Chancellor, but am still put off from day to day. Patrick Barnewell, the King's serjeant, sets the judges against me. Sir John Splyman (sic.) drew up and delivered you a book of my matter; but Mr. Serjeant prefers his own learning, though if he would speak to the King's advantage the King might have 500l. from the city of Cork. He is, however, in fee with them (the city) and justice Lutterell. Begs new letters to the Lord Chancellor, and will bring over his books to prove his case. Dublin, 30 Nov.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Lord Privy Seal. Endd.
2. John Bolter to Cromwell.
R. O. Petition of John Bolter, of London, goldsmith, that Mr. Powlsted, or other, may be commanded to examine Robert Blewett, of Yawholde (Youghal), now here a suitor to Cromwell, concerning injuries done by the men of Corfe (Cork?) to petitioner; and, especially that Richard (sic) Blewet may be examined, who, when mayor of Yowgholde, attached petitioner's goods for six months and imprisoned him in a cellar 21 days, although he had the lord Deputy's safe conduct, and finally forced him to come away into England without his goods.
P. 1. Add. at head: Lord Privy Seal.
30 Nov. 1146. Guillaume le Gras to Lord Lisle.
R. O. I wrote to you from Paris and also to Madame la Debitis, that I had put your son Master James in the college of Navarre, with the son of the Treasurer of the Exchequer (de l'espargne). I would not have done so but for your letter. I have written to you what he will cost, and as soon as I come back to Paris your son shall write to you his news. I lately wrote to you about a debtor of mine who used to live in this town, who has gone to reside 12 leagues from London. I have given the bearer his "cedulle originalle." I beg you to obtain justice for me. Rouen, 30 Nov. 1537.
Fr. Hol., p. 1. Add.
Nov. 1147. Princess Mary's Expenses. (fn. n6)
R. O. October [29 Hen. VIII.]—To Thos. Gente, yeoman of the horse to my lady Mary, for hay, litter and oats for her own horse, at Kingston, three of her women's and one of his standing at Ham; and baiting of horses at Basingstoke and Bagshot when sent on her business. To John Bell, groom of the stable, for 3 lbs. candles, 4½d. Board wages of Beatrice ap Rice, laundress, 2d. a day; and the hire of a house, 4d. a week. Board wages of Gente and three horse keepers, 4d. a day. Total 5l. 2s. 1½d.
November.—Expenses of Robt. Chechester, her gentleman-usher, going from Hampton Court to Richmond to prepare her lodging, 4s. a day. To Thos. Palmer, groom of the robes, sent from Sonninghill and Windsor to Hampton Court to see her apparel there, and to London to provide mourning after the Queen's death, 8d. a day. To Nicholas Newes, groom of the beds, hire of a house at Windsor, Assher, and Hampton Court, to put in his guard stuff, as there was no house in the Court, 12 weeks at 6d. 1,000 hooks for "the said gard of Beddes," 3s. 4d. Mending saddles, girths, horse collars, reins, "pasternes," &c., 9s. 10d. To John Smith, of Ham, 9 new shoes and 4 removes 20d. Hire of two horses in the progress time, 20s. To Rondall Dod, gentleman-usher, sent to the Court and to London, 12 days at 20d. To Ric. Wilbram, sent from Hampton Court to the King at York Place, twice, four days at 20d. To Robt. Chechester, sent from Richmond to London, two days at 20d. Total, 4l. 8s. 10d.
Received of Gostwyk, Oct. 29 Hen. VIII., 26l. 13s. 4d. Whereof wages and horsemeat, due 30 Sept., 16l. 15s. 10½d., and the above expenses, 9l. 10s. 11½d.
Remainder in Ric. Wilbram's hands, 6s. 6d.
Pp. 5.
— Nov. 1148. Charles V. and Francis I.
Add. MS.
28, 590,
f. 27.
B. M.
Articles agreed upon at Monçon to be sent to the comendador mayor of Leon and Mons. de Granvelle for use in treating the peace with the Grand Master and High Chamberlain (Mayordomo mayor) of France. End of Nov. 1537.
108 articles touching Milan, the General Council, the Turk, the Venetians, duke of Savoy, Italy, Flanders, &c.
The 22nd article points out that it must be considered what course is to be taken with the king of England, the Germans, and the heretic Cantons (desviados de nuestra Santa Fee) to induce them to attend and obey the Council. The 80th is to get the king of France to renounce generally all alliances with heretics (desviados) and particularly with the duke of Saxony, landgrave of Hesse, and duke of Wirtemberg. The 87th is to try and find out if the French would, besides the public treaty, agree to a secret treaty especially touching the King of England and the heretics. The 93rd and 94th provide that if the marriage of the Infant Dom Luys with the daughter of France is spoken of, which was suggested by the king of France to the ambassador of Portugal, their answer will depend upon the state of the negociations in England; and as the best way to satisfy the King will be to suggest another marriage for his daughter, the prince of Piedmont might be mentioned.
97. As to the king of England, considering that relations with him are as like enmity as amity (according to the proverb that he who offends does not pardon) and he has left the Roman Church, and probably the king of France would be the more inclined to treat to be discharged of his pension to the king of England, care must be taken not to give that King cause of offence until assured on the side of France, and on the other hand, not to leave the king of France in distrust of what will be done in this. 98. If it is insisted that England be included as in former treaties, the rest must be left to the secret treaty, if one is made, or to the terms which shall be used as to returning to the unity of the Church and resistance against the Turk and also to the action of the Pope by censure and by calling in of the secular arm. 100. This point of a secret agreement against England is a very delicate matter, and care must be taken not to put the king of France in distrust lest he should temporise with the king of England and so hinder the Council, and the matter of the Turk, and the marriage of Don Luis with the princess of England. It must be seen whether this should not be deferred till after the passing of the public treaty, and nothing done that the French might take advantage of, seeing that they must know what causes the Emperor has to complain of the king of England.
Spanish, pp. 35. Modern copy from the Archives of Simancas. [See Spanish Calendar, V. ii. No. 172.]
1149. [Sir] Henry Longe to Cromwell.
R. O. I desire to have my discharge (fn. n7) from Mr. Pollard, which you promised when I was last with you I should have, for 55l. which I received of Rich. Gardyner, King's collector. Which sum he cannot have without my said discharge, for there is process against the said collector for it. It cost me 100 marks above the 55l. I beg your favour for my daughter, wife of Robert Leversege, who has no manner of living of her husband. I desired your favour for him at the time of his trouble, trusting he would amend, but since then he is rather worse than better. Please let her have a convenient living out of his lands, and I care not if she never see him again. The bearer can declare further. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: Lord Cromwell, lord Privy Seal. Endd.
1150. Grants in November 1537.
1. Sir Will. Sandes, K.G., lord chamberlain of the Household. Grant in tail male of the manor or lordship of Impshote, with appurtenances, in co. Southampton, late of Robt. Aske, jun., attainted. Del. Westm., 1 Nov, 29 Hen. VIII.—S.B.
2. Thos. Byrde, clk. Grant of the free chapel or chantry in the "castrum Leonum" (castle of Holt), Marches of Wales. Hampton Court, 14 Oct. 29 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 3 Nov,—P.S.—Pat. p. 2, m. 9.
3. Sir Nic. Carewe, K.G. Grant in tail male, of the manors of Ebbesham, Sutton, Cullesdon, and Horley alias Hurley, Surrey; the rectories of Ebbesham and Horley, with the advowsons of the churches, and the glebes and tithes thereto belonging, the advowsons of the vicarages, and all other advowsons, &c., in Ebbesham, Sutton, Cullesdon, and Horley, and elsewhere belonging to the said manors, &c., which came to the King's hands by reason of a fine between the King and John abbot of St. Peter's Chertsey, made Term. Trin. 29 Hen. VIII. Westm. Palace, 3 Nov. 29 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 5 Nov.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 40.
4. Thos. Wryothesley. Custody of the possessions late of Arthur Russhe or of Sir Thos. Russhe, father of the said Arthur, during the minority of Anth. Russhe, s. and h. of the said Arthur, with the wardship and marriage of the said Anthony. Del. Westm., 5 Nov, 29 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 4, m. 21.
5. —— (blank on roll), the abbess, and the convent of Romsey. Inspeximus and confirmation of pat. 8 Feb. 10 Hen. VII., inspecting and confirming pat. 1 July 2 Edw. IV., inspecting and confirming charter 10 May 13 Ric. II., inspecting and confirming—
I. Charter 18 July 2 Edw. II., inspecting and confirming—
1. Charter 18 July 50 Hen. III., granting the abbess and nuns a market and fair at their manor of Assheton, Wilts.
2. Charter 10 July 52 Hen. III., inspecting and confirming the following:—
a. A charter of king Stephen to the said abbess and nuns, dated at Oxford.
b and c. Two charters of Stephen, dated at Oxford.
d. A charter of Hen. I. dated at Winchester.
e. Another charter of the same King dated at Lutegareshall.
f. Another dated at Winchester.
g. Another dated at Portsmouth.
h. Another dated at Winchester in Easter.
i. Another dated at Westminster on Whitsunday.
k. Another dated at Winchester.
l. A charter of Hen. II. dated at Salisbury.
m. Another charter of the same King dated at Westminster at the Exchequer.
n. Another dated at Falaise.
o, p, q, r. Four other charters of Hen. II. dated at Salisbury.
s. Another, of the same, dated at Hampton.
t, u. Two others, of the same, dated at Salisbury.
v. Another, dated at Romsey.
w, x, y. Three other charters of the same king dated at Salisbury.
3. Charter 3 Feb. 56 Hen. III., granting the abbess and convent a fair at the manor of Romeseye.
II. Pat. 11 Feb. 10 Edw. II. granting to the convent the custody of the temporalties of the abbey during each voidance.
III. Charter 5 March 43 Edw. III. (incorrectly called prœfati proavi) being a grant of free warren. Westm., 5 Nov. Pat. 29 Hen. VIII. p. 3, m. 22.
6. Chr. Billingforth, of Norwich, alias of Stoke, Norf., alias of London, mercer. Protection, going in the retinue of Sir Arthur Plantaginet, K. G., viscount Lisle, deputy-general of Calais. Hampton Court, 27 Oct. 29 Hen. VIII: Del. Westm., 5 Nov.—P.S.
7. Thos. Wryothesley. Grant in fee of the manors of Forwood and Forwey, Devon; the manor of Hasylegh, and the grove or wood, with the land thereof, called Shalflet Wood alias Shaflet Wood, in the Isle of Wight, late parcel of the lands of the suppressed monastery of Quarr; with all presentations belonging to the said manors, and all messuages, houses, &c. reputed parcels thereof in the vills, parishes, &c. of Couleton, Forwood, Forwey, Hasylegh, Atherton, and Shalflete, or elsewhere in the Isle of Wight, or cos. Hants and Devon; and all tithes of corn, hay, &c. growing on the premises. Annual value, 34l. 19s. 9d.; rent, 70s. 4d. Del. Westm., 6 Nov. 29 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 40.
8. Thos. Wynton. Lease of the demesne land called lez Court Orchard, in the lordship of Wolfurlowe, parcel of the earldom of March, Marches of Wales; with reservations; for 21 years; at 22s. rent and 16d. increase. Del. Westm., 6 Nov. 29 Hen. VIII.—S.B.b. Pat. p. 1, m. 33.
9. Stephen Downes of Aston, Staff., yeoman. Pardon for having killed Rob. Birde of Salte, Staff., tailor, in self-defence, under the following circumstances, as appears by inquisition taken at Aston near Doxhey, Staff. The said Robert and John Robyns and John Puylston of Salte, yeomen, came to Aston, which is four miles from Salte, by procurement of the said John Puylston, in order to mow some green oats there, in a croft called "the Tofte at the hedde of the partie crofte," which the said Stephen had sown. And the said Stephen perceiving the trespass remonstrated with them: whereupon he was attacked by the said Rob. Birde, and being wounded fled, the said Robert pursuing him. And the said Stephen gave the said Robert a blow of which he died; on which account the said Stephen was committed to the Marshalsea prison, as certified by Sir John FitzJames, C.J. of the King's Bench. Westm., 6 Nov. Pat. 29 Hen. VIII. p. 3, m. 30.
10. John Jenour. Licence to alienate the manor of Alfreston, Essex, to Nic. Rokewoode; and to the said Nicholas to regrant the same to the said John for life, with remainder to Alice his wife, with remainder to Ric. Jenour and Withburga Catesby. Westm., 7 Nov. Pat. 29 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 25.
11. Yorks., West Riding:—Commission of the Peace to Sir Thos. Audeley, Chancellor, Thos. duke of Norfolk, Charles duke of Suffolk, Thos. lord Crumwell, C. bp. of Durham, Geo. earl of Shrewsbury, Thos. earl of Rutland, Hen. earl of Cumberland, Will. earl of Southampton, John lord Scrope of Bolton, Chr. lord Conyers, Francis lord Talbott, Sir Ric. Lyster, Chr. Jenney, serjeant-at-law, John Hynde, serjeant-at-law, Brian Hygden, clk., dean [of York], Sir Will. Gasconign of Calthorp, sen., Sir Will. Evers, Sir Thos. Wentworth, Sir Will. Middelton, Sir Rob. Nevell, Sir Will. Malyverey, Sir Geo. Lawson, Sir Will. Copley, Sir Hen. Everingham, Thos. Fairfax, serjeant-at-law, John Norton, Rob. Bowes, Will. Babthorp, Will. Malery, Rob. Chaloner, John Aune, John Poleyn, Thos. Wentworth of Wentworth, Will. Hungate, sen., Roger Malett, Thos. Gryce, John Lambart, Thos. Grene, Thos. Sayvell of Ekkesley, Anth. A., (fn. n8) Ralph Poleyn, John Wakefeld, Francis Frobyser. Westm., 8 Nov. Pat. 29 Hen. VIII. p. 4, m. 7d.
12. Cornwall.—Commission of the Peace to Sir Thos. Audeley, Chancellor, Thos. duke of Norfolk, Charles duke of Suffolk, Thos. lord Crumwell, Hen. marquis of Exeter, Will. earl of Southampton, J. bp. of Exeter, Edm. lord Braye, Sir John FitzJames, Sir Thos. Wylloughby, Sir John Arundell of la Hern, Sir Peter Eggecombe, Sir John Chamonde, John Arundell son of Sir John Arundell of la Hern, Sir John Arundell, Sir Will. Godolghan, John Arundell of Talbern, sen., John Arundell of Treryse, John Carmynowe, Ric. Eggecombe, Rob. Vyvyan, Ric. Penrose, Hen. Trecarell, Wymond Carew, Will. Carneshewe, Rob. Langdon, Thos. Chamonde, Humph. Trevylyan, Peter Caryngton, Nic. Carmynowe, Rob. Hyll, John Tubbe, Will. Bere, Walter Kendall. Westm., 9 Nov. Pat. 29 Hen. VIII., p. 4, m. 9d.
13. Kent, Isle of Sheppey.—Commission of Sewers to Sir Thos. Cheney, Chr. Hales, M.R., John Hales, one of the barons of the Exchequer, Sir Edw. Wotton, Sir Will. Kempe, Sir Will. Fynche, John Baker, Attorney General, John Crowmer, James Crowmer, John Boyes, Walter Hendeley, Th. Dygges, Hen. Crispe, Th. Hardys, and Walter Moyle. Westm., 12 Nov. Pat. 29 Hen. VIII. p. 4, m. 18d.
14. Launceston Castle, Cornw.—Commission of Gaol Delivery to Sir John Arundell of la Heron, Sir Peter Eggecombe, Sir John Chamonde, Sir Will. Godolghan, Ric. Penrose, Hen. Trecarell, Will. Carneshewe, Nic. Carmynowe, Rob. Hyll, John Tubbe, and Will. Bere. Westm., 12 Nov. Pat. 29 Hen. VIII. p. 4, m. 19d.
15. Oxon.—Commission of the Peace to Sir Thos. Audeley, Chancellor, Thos. duke of Norfolk, Charles duke of Suffolk, Thos. lord Crumwell, Will. earl of Southampton, Sir John Porte, Sir John Daunce, Sir Will. Barentyne, Sir Walter Stonour, Sir John Clerke, Sir Rob. Lee, Sir Tho. Elyott, Sir John Brone, Will. Fermour, John Willyams, Thos. Nevell, Thos. Carter, Edm. Horne, John More, Ric. Blounte, Will. Raynesford, John Denton, Anth. Cope, John. Pollard, Thos. Wayneman, Anth. Bursterd. Westm., 12 Nov. Pat. 29 Hen. VIII. p. 4, m. 6d.
16. Lincolnshire, Holland. Commission of the Peace to Sir Thos. Audeley, Chancellor, Thos. duke of Norfolk, Charles duke of Suffolk, Thos. lord Crumwell, Thos. earl of Rutland, Will. earl of Southampton, J. bp. of Lincoln, Edw. lord Clynton, Sir Anth. FitzHerbert, Sir Walter Luke, Sir Will. Husey, Sir Thos. Tempest, jun., Sir John Copledyke, Thos. Hennege, Anth. Eirby, Thos. Gildon, Nic. Roberdson, Thos. Holand, Rob. Walpole, John Rede, Ric. Wolmer, Thos. Halgh, Ric. Ogle, jun., Ric. Rede, Blasius Holland, Ric. Goodyng, John Fryskeney, Thos. Broun, Will. Roberdys, John Tamworth. Westm., 12 Nov. Pat. 29 Hen. VIII. p. 4, m. 9d.
17. Will. Wygmore, a sewer of the Chamber. To be steward of the lordships or manors of Staunton Lacy, Salop, and Ricardescastell, Heref., vice Sir Thos. Cornewayll, deceased, with fees of 20s. a year in each place. Westm. Palace, 7 Nov. 29 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 14 Nov.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 32.
18. Sheriff Roll:
Cumb.: *Sir John Lamplewe, John Lee, Sir John Huddelston.
Northumb.: *John Horseley, Rob. Colyngwood, Sir Cuthbert Radclyff.
Yorks.: *Sir Hen. Savyle, Sir James Strangways, Roger Lassells.
Notts and Derby: Sir John Byron, *Sir Nic. Strelley, John Hercy.
Lincoln: *John Harryngton, Sir Thos. Missenden, Sir Will. Sandon.
Warw. and Leic.: *Sir John Vyllers, John Grevyle, Roger Ratclyff.
Salop: Roger Corbet, *Sir John Talbot, Will. Yong.
Staff.: Sir Will. Basset, *Sir Geo. Greysley, James Leveson.
Heref.: *John Blount of Grendon, Sir James Baskervyle, Thos. Bodenham.
Glouc.: Sir Walter Denys, *Sir Edm. Tame, James Clyfford.
Oxon and Berks.: Sir Will. Barantyne, Sir Will. Essex, *Sir Simon Harecourt.
Northt.: *Sir Will. Parr, Sir Rob. Kyrkeham, John Hasilwood.
Camb. and Hunts: Sir Giles Alyngton, Edw. North, *Thos. Megges.
Beds and Bucks: Sir Rob. Dormer, *Sir Will. Wyndesore, Sir John Mordaunt.
Norf. and Suffolk: John Spryng, *Edm. Wyndham, Sir John Tyndall.
Essex and Herts: John Smyth, *Sir John Raynsford, Sir Giles Capell.
Kent: Anth. Sandys, *Sir Will. Haught, Ric. a Vane.
Surrey and Sussex: *Nic. Gaynesford, Sir Edw. Bray, John Sakevyle.
Hants: *Sir Thos. Lysley, Ric. Andrews, John Kyngesmyll.
Wilts: *Sir John Brudgys, "Edus." Mompesson, Charles Bulkeley.
Somers and Dorset: John Paulet, *Sir John Horcey, Sir Edw. Wylloughby.
Devon: *Ric. Pollard, Sir John Chamond, Sir Thos. Speake.
Cornw.: Thos. Seyntabyn, *Sir Hugh Trevanyon, John Arundell, s. and h. of John Arundell, sen.
Rutland: *Thos. Brudenell, Thos. Sherard, Anth. C ....
Cheshire: Will. Damport, Sir Will. Stanley, *Sir Hen. Delves.
Del. Westm., 14 Nov. 29 Hen. VIII.
Signed by the King at top and bottom.
*** Those names marked with an asterisk were chosen sheriffs by the King.
19. Newgate Gaol, London: Commission of gaol delivery to Sir Ric. Gresham, mayor, Sir John FitzJames, Sir John Baldwyn. Sir Ric. Lyster, Sir John Porte, Sir John Spelman, Sir Walter Luke, Sir Anth. FitzHerbert, Sir Will. Shelley, Sir Th. Wylloughby, John Hales, one of the Barons of the Exchequer, Sir John Aleyn, Sir John Champneys, Sir Ralph Waren, Sir Roger Cholmeley, serjeant-at-law, John Baker, Attorney-General. Westm., 16 Nov.—Pat. 29 Hen. VIII. p. 4, m. 19d.
20. Commissions of the Peace.
Wilts: Sir Thos. Audeley, Chancellor, Thos. duke of Norfolk, Charles duke of Suffolk, Th. lord Crumwell, Will. earl of Southampton, N. bp. of Salisbury, Hen. lord Mountague, Hen. lord Mautravers, John lord Fitzwaren, Will. lord Stourton, Walter lord Hungerford of Heytesbury, Sir John Fitz James, Sir Ric. Lyster, Sir Thos. Willoughby, Rob. abbot of Malmesbury, Sir Will. Pawlett, Sir Edw. Baynton, Sir Will. Essex, Sir Anth. Hungerford, John Bonham, Anth. Styleman, Thos. Apprice, Edw. Mounpesson, John Erneley, Bartholomew Husey, Hen. Poole, Charles Bulkeley, Rob. Wye, John Pye, John Hamlyn, Will. Botton, Ric. Woodcok. Westm., 19 Nov.—Pat. 29 Hen. VIII. p. 4, m. 8d.
21. Dorset: Sir Th. Audeley, Chancellor, Tho. duke of Norfolk, Charles duke of Suffolk, Th. lord Crumwell, Will. earl of Southampton, N. bp. of Salisbury, Hen. lord Mountague, Hen. lord Mautravers, John lord Audeley, Hen. lord Dawbeney, Sir John FitzJames, Sir Th. Willoughby, Sir Giles Strangwayes, Sir Th. Trenchard, Sir Th. Arundell, Sir Th. More, Sir Will. Uvedale, Sir Edw. Wylloughby, John Rogers, Geo. Lynde, Ric. Phelypps, John Williams, Roger Stourton, John Orynge, Will. Hody, Nic. Willoughby, Hen. Assheley, Hen. Strangways, Will. Thornell. Westm., 16 Nov.—Pat. 29 Hen. VIII. p. 4, m. 8d.
22. Town of Cambridge: Ralph Bekerdyke, mayor, John Hynde, serjeant-at-law, Sir Rob. Payton, Philip Parys, Thos. Hutton, Thos. Rudston, Thos. Brakyn, Edw. Slegge, John Chapman. Rob. Chapman. Westm., 19 Nov.—Pat. 29 VIII. p. 4, m. 10d.
23. Will. Oldebeffe or Oldebefe, of Lusweke or Luswyke in the lordship and liberty of the abbot of the monastery of Peterborough, Northt., yeoman. Pardon for the murder of Ric. Talbot, of Lusweke. Westm. Palace, 17 Nov. 29 Hen. VIII.—Del. Westm., 19 Nov.—P.S.
24. Nottingham Gaol: Commission of Gaol Delivery to Sir Brian Stapleton, Sir John Markeham, Sir John Chaworth, John Constable, Edm. Molynex, Will. Clerkson, Anth. Nevell, Michael Clerkeson, and Roger Grenall. Westm. 20 Nov. Pat. 29 Hen. VIII. p. 4, m. 19d.
25. Peter Assheton, clk. Licence to hold, along with the parish churches of Shitlington, Beds, and Broughton Assheley, Leic., Linc. dioc., which he now has by dispensation, any other incompatible benefices notwithstanding the statute 21 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm. 20 Nov. 29 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m.41.
26. Ric. Warde, clerk of the King's poultry. Reversion of the office of door-ward of the outer gate of Windesor Castle, now held by Thos. Warde, yeoman harbinger; with an annuity of 5l. out of the issues of the lordship of Denbigh, N. Wales. Also to be keeper of the armoury and ordnance in Windsor Castle, with fees of 4d. a day, in reversion after the said Thomas. Greenwich, 28 April 29 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm. 21 Nov.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 25.
27. Ric., Pymound. Lease of certain lands and pasture called Hallelathes, in the lordship of Sandall, and the agistment of Sandall park, members of the lordship of Wakefeld, Yorks., parcels of the lands assigned for the pay of the garrison of Berwick; with reservations; for 21 years, at rents of 4l. for Hallelathes, 13s. 4d. for the agistment, and 13s. 4d. anew approved. Del. Westm. 22 Nov. 29 Hen. VIII.—S.B. b. Pat. p. 2, m. 26.
Vacated on surrender 12 May 30 Hen. VIII.
28. Northampton Castle.—Commission of Gaol Delivery to Sir Th. Gryffyn, Sir Will. Newenham, Sir Th. Tresham, Edw. Mountague, serjeant-at-law, Edm. Knyghtley, serjeant-at-law, Ric. Humphrey, Edw. Gryffyn, John Hasylwood, jun., Edw. Waren, John Lane, and Rob. Chauntrell. Westm. 22 Nov. Pat. 29 Hen. VIII. p. 4, m. 19d.
29. Ric. Hawes. To be, during good conduct, clerk of the peace and of the crown, in co. Warw. Del. Westm. 23 Nov. 29 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 4, m. 11.
30. City and co. of Exeter.—Commission of the Peace to Thos. Hunte, the mayor, Sir Thos. Darcy, John Rowe, serjeant-at-law, Ric. Pollard, Will. Hurst, John Blacaller, Hen. Hamlyn, and John Briknoll. Westm., 24 Nov.—Pat. 29 Hen. VIII., p. 2, m. 27d.
31. Thos. Culpeper, a gentleman of the Privy Chamber. Grant in tail male of the house, site, &c. of the suppressed house or priory of Combewell or Comwell, Kent; the manors of Combewell alias Comwell, Lostherst alias Losseherst, Hooke, and Coldred, Kent; and all messuages, lands, mills, &c., in Comwell, Gowdhurst, Stapleherst, Hooke, Thorneham, Coldred, Borowasshe, Tyseherst, Flemwell, Hartefelde, and elsewhere belonging to the said late priory. Annual value, 81l. 8s. 10d., rent, 8l. 3s. 4d., by way of tenth. On surrender of pat. 23 May 29 Hen. VIII., being a life grant of the same premises to the said Thomas. Westm. Palace, 20 Nov. 29 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 24 Nov.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 42.
32. Michael Stanhop and Anne his wife. Grant in tail male of the house and site of the suppressed priory of Shelford, Notts., the church, belfry, and churchyard thereof, 174 acres of arable land, 30 a. of meadow, and 60 a. of pasture in Shelford, and the common and fishery there, belonging to the said late priory. Annual value, 12l. 6s. 4d., rent 24s. 8d. Westm. Palace, 21 Nov., 29 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 24 Nov.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 33.
33. Hen. Russell, clk. Presentation to the rectory of the parish church of Agmondisham, Linc. dioc. Westm. Palace, 22 Nov. 29 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 25 Nov.—P.S. Pat. p. 4, m. 36.
34. Gloucestershire.—Commission of the Peace to Sir Thos. Audeley, Chancellor, Thos. duke of Norfolk, Charles duke of Suffolk, Thos. lord Crumwell, Will. earl of Southampton, Ric. bp. of Coventry and Lichfield, Hen. (sic) bp. of Worcester, Walter lord Ferrers, John abbot of Cirencester, Sir John Narte, Sir Will. Kyngston, Will. Suherd, Sir Thos. Cornewall, Sir Edw. Crofte, Sir Will. Morgan, Sir Will. Thomas, Sir Edw. Wadham, Sir John Bridges, Sir Chr. Bayneham, Sir Anth. Hungerford, Sir Nic. Paynez, Sir Walter Denys, Roger Wygston, John Pakyngton, John Vernon, John Russell, Anth. Kyngston, John Barlowe, clk., Ric. Lygyn, Thos. Wytyngdon, Rouland Moreton, Nic. Wykes, John Arnolde, Arthur Parter, John Gyse, John Huntley, Geo. Bayncham, Ric. Reede, Rob. Whytney, John Poyner, Leonard Pole, David Broke, Rob. Wye, Thos. Holte, Ric. Hassall, Thos. Matson, Ric. Coton, James Clyfford, Thos. Lane, Ric. Brayne, Peter Ketford. Westm., 26 Nov. Pat. 29 Hen. VIII. p. 4, m. 6d.
35. The dean and canons of the free chapel of St. Mary and St. Stephen in Westminster Palace. Privilege of retaining from time to time for divine service in the said chapel and elsewhere in the said palace as many priests, chaplains, and clerks as they shall deem expedient, with power to remove them at pleasure; each of the said priests, &c. to be a King's chaplain and to possess the same privileges as other King's chaplains, and to be capable of holding other benefices without residence, notwithstanding the Act 21 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 26 Nov. 29 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 4, m. 20.
36. Alpin Loren, a native of France Denization. Westm. Palace, 16 Nov. 29 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 26 Nov.—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 14.
37. Will. Betun, the King's chief organist. Annuity of 20l. for life. Westm. Palace, 24 Nov. 29 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 27 Nov.—P.S. Pat. p. 4, m. 36. Rym. XIV., 584.
38. Will. Gybson, of Burneham, Norf., clk., Carmelite friar and co-brother of John prior of Burneham, Ric. Malyot alias Maryot, of Welles, Norf., yeoman alias mariner, John Grygeby or Greggby, of Langham, Norf., clk., rector of the parish church of Langham, Thos. Penny, of Houghton near Walsingham, husbandman, John Puntte or Punte, rector of Waterden, Norf., Rob. Hawker or Hauker, of Walsingham alias of Walsingham Parva, Norf., butcher, and Will. Yonger of Walsingham alias of Feltwell, Norf., clk. Pardon of all treasons, rebellions, &c. committed by them before the 1st Aug. last. Del. Westm., 27 Nov. 29 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 27.
39. Cuthbert Oxley, licentiate of theology. Licence to accept and hold for life one cure or other incompatible benefice without personal residence. Westm. Palace, 28 Nov. 29 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 28 Nov.—P.S. Pat. p. 4, m. 20.
40. Hen. Palmer, one of the horsemen-at-arms in the King's great retinue in Calais. Lease of divers parcels of waste land adjoining and within the forest of Guysnes, called Dryes in co. Guysnes, Marches of Calais; with reservations; for 21 years; at the annual (new) rent of 15s. Del. Westm., 28 Nov. 29 Hen. VIII.—S. B. b. Pat. p. 4, m. 21.
41. Commissions of the Peace.
Herts: Sir Thos. Audeley, Chancellor, Thos. duke of Norfolk, Charles duke of Suffolk, Thos. lord Crumwell, Hen. earl of Essex, Thos. earl of Rutland, J. bp of Lincoln, T. bp. of Ely, Hen. lord Morley, Sir John Spelman, John Baker, Attorney-General, Sir Ric. Riche, Sir Hen. Parker, Sir John Russell, sen., Sir Giles Capell, Sir Griffin (sic) Dune, Sir Philip Butler, John Goodryke, John Bolles, Geo. Hyde, Edw. Brokett, John Peryent, sen., John Conyngesby, John Bassyngbourne, Thos. Knighton, John Gyll, John Newporte, Rob. Dacres, Will. Gery, John Sewster. Westm., 28 Nov. Pat. 29 Hen. VIII. p. 4, m. 10d.
42. Suffolk: Thos. abp. of Canterbury, Sir Thos. Audeley, Chancellor, Thos. duke of Norfolk, Charles duke of Suffolk, Thos. lord Crumwell, John earl of Oxford, Rob. earl of Sussex, Will. earl of Southampton, T. bp. of Ely, Thos. lord Wentworth, John abbot of Bury St. Edmunds, Sir John Baldewyn, Sir Ric. Lyster, Sir Chr. Willoughby, Sir Geo. Somersett, Sir Arthur Hopton, Sir Anth. Wyngfelde, Sir John Hevynghame, Sir Thos. Tyrrell of Gyppyng, Sir Humph. Wyngfelde, Sir John Wylloughby, Sir Thos. Tay, Sir Will. Rowse, Sir John Corwales (sic), Sir Will. Walgrave, jun., Sir John Jernyngam, Sir Thos. Barnardeston, Sir John Wyseman, Anth. Rowse, Thos. Jermyn, Ric. Warton, John Sprynge, Lionel Talnage, John Sulyerd, John Gooderyke, Hen. Gooderyke, Geo. Colte, John Barnard, Rob. Downes, Rob. Crane, John Harvye of Oulton, Rob. Roockwood, Rob. Broun, John Harman, jun., Edm. Lee, Will. Reede, Thos. Danyell of Sudbury, John Southwell, Hen. Doyle, Thos. Sekford, Walter Wadland, Rob. Reynolde, son of Rob. Reynolde, sen., Rob. Ryse, Clement Higham, Hen. Hubbert. Westm., 28 Nov. Pat. 29 Hen. VIII. p. 4, m. 10d.
43. Lincoln Castle: Commission of Gaol Delivery to Sir Will. Skypwith, Sir Will Askue, John Mounson, John Seyntpoll, John Hennage, Anth. Missenden, Anth. Eirby, Ric. Ogle, Rob. Wallpoole, and Geo. Seyntpoll. Westm., 28 Nov. Pat. 29 Hen. VIII. p. 4, m. 19.,
44. Sir Michael Lyster and dame Margery his wife. Acquittance and discharge of the jewels, treasure, and money of the late Queen Consort Jane, which the King, at the said Queen's desire, committed to the custody of the said dame Margery, and which she delivered into the King's own hands at Westminster Palace on the 22nd inst. Westm., Palace, 28 Nov. 29 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 29 Nov.—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 18. (In English.)
1151. Cromwell's "Remembrances."
R. O. Touching Mr. Sulyard's fee, to declare to the King that Mr. Inglefelde had 150l. a year besides his judge's room and assises and many other offices, and therefore 200l. would be meet for Sulyerd. Concerning Sir Geo. Darcy. Concerning Sir Marmaduke Constable, the younger. Of the hunting in Kent, and to declare the confession. Touching the earl of Worcester and my lord Ferrers for the stewardship of Abruswyth (Arustley?) and Kevylyoke. For the assignment of the pensioners in the North for their fees at Christmas.
In Cromwell's hand, p. 1. Endd.
2. Another set of "Remembrances."
Titus B. i.
f. 437.
B. M.
First to call for the copy of the commissions for the Marches and also the warrant for their diets. To cause the bill and indenture for Horseley to be signed. My bills for [the justices of the Forest], (fn. n9) the high-steward of the earl of Northumberland's lands; the high-steward with making all officers as receivers and under-stewards of Furness with a reasonable fee. My lease of the demesnes of Furness to be signed. To declare the payment of the debts of the Great Wardrobe; and also the Queen's burial. To despatch the duke of Saxony's messenger [and to declare the news of Germany]. (fn. n10) To show St. Jermayn's opinion upon the Bishops' book. To remember Sir John Wallope, Sir Thos. Hennege, Ralph Sadler, Peter Mewtes, Wm. Twaytes, young Ralph Evers, John Freman, the Chancellor of the Augmentations, the Master of the Rolls, the King's attorney, Hynde the serjeant, Cattelyn of the Temple, Broke common serjeant of London, Sir Wm. Pickeryng, my lord Chancellor, the earl of Oxford for both his bills, my lord Lisle, my lord Chamberlayne, John Gostwike. To send Dr. Peter to Coventry and Combe. To send Dr. Lee to Muchelney.
Added in Cromwell's own hand: To remember specially the despatch of Mr. Sulyerd. To declare the examination of the prior [of] Newborough by my lord of Durham and other of the Council, and of their opinions. Touching the finding of the office in Yorkshire of the manor of Thorpe Bulmer to be within the shire of York, whereas the same is within the bishopric of Durham. For answer to be made to my lord of Durham's letters. A letter to be directed to Calais for the Bryton's wines. To appoint certain doctors to hear the cause of Mons. de Rochepott's agents here against Saturday. To know whether the lords will give any New Year's gifts to my lord Prince. For the signature of Mr. Wriothesley's bill. Letters to be sent into Kent touching the weirs. Touching the Household. [My lord of Norfolk touching his daughter. My lady Mary for more money]. (fn. n10) To remember the execution of the clipper of money to be done to the example of other. To remember the examination of my lord Marquis' bearward and Payn his fellow. To send for the rest of the hunters unto Sussex with all speed. To examine Sir Henry Parker and Sir John St. John for hunting. Order to be taken for Tyrrell's wife, a great offender. To send for the abbots of Boxley and Robertsbridge with speed. To remember my lady Wallope to send her a kirtle cloth. To take order for my office of the justice of the forests. To cause a congé d'élire to be made for St. Albans. "To send for Belyngham of Sussex to know the state." To send specially for one Banester into Sussex, who is a principal hunter. To despatch Sir Thomas Strange and Dr. Leighton unto Norfolk "for the taking of the knowledge of Westacre." To know the true value of the goods of Castellacre for my part thereof. To appoint the New Year's gifts which I will give this year. To speak with the abbot of Tower Hill for Coggeshall for Thomas Seymor. A proclamation for the false and clipped coin going in this realm; with a great punishment to every person that shall be found with any false or counterfeit money. My lord marquis of Exeter. The French ambassador's allegation to Thos. Solemownt. My lord of Norfolk for Pope. For the sending of such persons as shall go unto the Emperor, French king, the king of Denmark, and other the states of Germany, as Kern, Thyrlbye, Skyp, Thykstyll, Tayler, Boner, Mounte and other. Sir Thomas Palmer of Calais. Sir Wm. Pikeryng. Wm. Byrche to be remembered. To remember Sir Piers Dutton. To set order for making ready of Lewes and to have a book made of the stuff that shall go thither. Touching the deceit in the Subsidy.
Pp. 4. Headed: Remembrances.
3. Another set, partly identical with the preceding.
Titus B. i.
"First, my bills for the high-stewardship of the earl of Northumberland's lands, the high-steward, with making all officers as receivers and under-stewards of Fourneys, with a reasonable fee." To remember Sir John Wallop, Sir Thos. Hennege, Ralph Sadler, Peter Mewtys, Wm. Thwaytes, Ralph Yvers, John Freman, the Chancellor of the Augmentations, the Master of the Rolls, the King's attorney, Hynde the serjeant, Cattelyne of the Temple, Broke common serjeant of London, Sir Wm. Pikering, my lord Chancellor, the earl of Oxford for both his bills; my lord Lisle, my lord Chamberlain, John Gostwike. "Item, touching the finding of the office in Yorkshire of the manor of Thorpe Bulmer to be within the shire of York, whereas the same is within the bishopric of Durham. Item, to appoint certain doctors to hear the cause of Mons. de Rochepott's here against Saturday. Item, touching the King's Council. Item, to remember the execution of the clipper of money, to be done to the example of other." To remember the examination of my lord Marquis' bearward and Payne his fellow. To send for the rest of the hunters into Sussex. Order to be taken for Tyrell's wife, a great offender. To send for the abbots of Boxleye and Robertsbridge with speed. To send my lady Wallop a kirtle cloth. To take order for my office of justice of the forests. To cause a congé d'élire to be made for St. Albans. "To send for Belingiam of Sussex to know the state." To send especially for one Banestre into Sussex, who is a principal hunter. To know the true value of the goods of Castellacre, for my part thereof. To speak with the abbot of Tower Hill, for Coggeshall for Thos. Seymor. A proclamation for false and clipped coin, and great punishment for possessors of false money. The French ambassador's allegation to Thos. Soulemont. The sending of such as shall go to the Emperor, the French king, the king of Denmark, and the other German States, as Carne, Thurlebie, Skippe, Thickstill, Taillor, Boner, Mounte, and other. Sir Thos. Palmer of Calais, Sir Wm. Pickering, Wm. Byrche, Sir Piers Dutton. To set order for making ready of Lews, and to have a book of the stuff that shall go thither. Touching the deceit in the Subsidy.
Added in Cromwell's own hand: To remember to send my lord of Winchester two horses. To speak for Sir John St. John and Sir Hen. Parker. To send John Apryce, Dr. Tregonwell, and the Lieutenant (fn. n11) to examine the clipper, Tyrrell's wife, Bright, Philip Clerke, and other that be in the Tower. To send to Williamson to prepare and provide carriage for the stuff for Lewse. To take an end with Bellingham and other for such leases as be out. My lord Steward's suits. My lord of Derby. Eryon a Brereton. Signature of Robt. Dacre's bill. Matth. Boynton for the stewardship of Bridlington. To show the King what I have done for the house at Lewsham. Sir Wm. Godolgan's bill. Sir John Dudley. To send to the bp. of London for Hakneye. To speak to Thawytes (sic) to be my deputy in Gawteres forest. To cause a book to be made of all the forests, parks, and chaces beyond Trent and to take order for officers in the same. To speak with the officers of the Exchequer for the Subsidy. Speak with Thos. Argall for the view of all the inventories made these four years, and to set men awork to engross and cast them up. To send out my letters to all monasteries for their stay. To view the book of the charge of a law day.
Pp. 4.
1152. William Sulyard to Cromwell.
R. O. Perceiving by your Lordship's letters the King's pleasure touching my repair to the Marches of Wales and my slack setting forward to the same. "These great late worldly chances" wherein your Lordship was busied, caused me to stay lest I should importune you. The Council there being adjourned to next term, I shall meantime prepare to be at the next Council, and beg your Lordship to tell the King so.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Lord Crumwell and lord Privy Seal. Sealed. Endd.


  • n1. Peter Rede.
  • n2. Richard Pate.
  • n3. Cromwell.
  • n4. The Bishop of Lincoln, Pate's uncle.
  • n5. The two leaves of the P.S. are here bound in out of place.
  • n6. These are not included in her privy purse expenses printed by Nicholas.
  • n7. This doubtless refers to his expenses as sheriff of Wiltshire from Mich. 1536 to 1537.
  • n8. Sic in origine.
  • n9. Cancelled.
  • n10. Cancelled.
  • n11. Walsingham, lieutenant of the Tower.