Letters and Papers: December 1539, 6-10

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Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 14 Part 2, August-December 1539. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1895.

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December 1539

6 Dec.
Add. 11,041
f. 61.
B. M.
I send by the bearer, Walter Person, Mr. Pope's bill for the 50l. that I owe you, which I have paid him. Let me know when Mr. Auditor Borgen will be at London. Help me to a suit of vestments or copes or any other thing fit "for sellers of bedys," and I will deserve your pain. Will be glad to conclude about Scudamore's wool; "for now we are both out of London we may bargain without danger. And according to the appointment that we made together coming from Stafford I am content; which is to give you for your wool as Tomkys (?) and Warom (?) sell to my broder, which bargain is made and is a little above 9s. quelat, but ye may not speak this." The wool can be ready packed against next shipping, which will probably be about Candlemas. Desires an answer by bearer and would like to know when Skydmore expects to be at London. St. Nyclas day.
Hol., p. 1. Add.
6 Dec.
Close Roll,
p. 4, No. 23.
Surrender (by Robt. abbot, and the convent of St. Germain's of Selby) of the monastery and all its possessions in cos. York, city of York, Linc., Ntht., and Leic., and elsewhere in England, Wales and the Marches thereof. 6 Dec. 31 Hen. VIII.
Acknowledged, same day, before Ric. Layton, one of the clerks of Chancery.
R. O. 2. Pensions assigned upon the dissolution of Selby abbey, 6 Dec. 31 Hen. VIII.
Robt. Roger, abbot, 100l.; Robt. Mydley, prior, 8l.; Wm. Andrew, Geo. Goode alias Berley, Jas. Laxe late prior of Sneath, Chr. Best, and John Hardewyke, 6l. each; Thos. Harryson, Chr. Taylor, Wm. Cartewright, Thos. Aukton, John Morres, and Wm. Marshall, 5l. 6s. 8d. each; Edm. Pepper, Robt. Kyrkbye, Dennis Huntyngden, Nich. Rayner, Robt. Bracebrigg, Thos. Lightfote, Chr. Burley, Ric. Tompson, and Wm. More, 5l. each; John Mershall, and Thurston Sympson, acolytes, 53s. 4d. each. Signed by Hendle, Legh, Belassys and Watkyns, commissioners.
P. 1.
6 Dec.
R. O.
Hears from Dr. Legh that Barkeley marvels that he has received no money from the prebend of Stodeley. Till the prebend is void by death or resignation, the mean profits are the King's, and no man can be entitled thereto but by his gift. If he has any such gift, and will send it, he shall have the money that remains in the proctor's hands. Before Lee left Parliament, the proctor had delivered to Joye's sister, one Mrs. Stokes, 10l. of the same fruits. Forbade him to do so again. Cawodd, 6 Dec. 1539. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: gentleman usher of the King's privy chamber. Endd.
6 Dec.
R. O.
Account of expenses for "fyllynge stones att the key in Bridlington," by the men of the neighbouring townships (named). Monday, 1 Dec. anno xxxjmo to Saturday, 6 Dec.
Pp. 2. Mutilated.
6 Dec.
R. O.
I am sorry to trouble you with a letter at present, especially as I have been warned that you have no leisure to attend to them. I pray God to help you in your affair. Since Martinmas I sent you a pair of gloves, which I fear you have not received. But I write at present to say that I am sent for to Pont de Remy; which is very inopportune, for the solemnity draws near. To save prolixity, I send you the letter of Madame de Riou. I propose to leave on Tuesday evening. Knowing your friendship for Madame de Riou, and especially Monsieur, I should be ungrateful not to make you aware of it. If you have any commands let me know by Tuesday morning at latest. Dunkirk, St. Nicholas day.
Hol., Fr., p. 1. Add.
Harl. MS.
B. M.
The building of Sandgate Castle. A book (called a "leger") of payments made for the King's buildings there "done of and by" Thos. Cockys and Ric. Keys, commissioners.
The names of the individual workmen, with the number of days each worked, and the amount paid him, are set down under the headings, "masons," "carpenters," &c., each heading giving an indication of the nature of the employment; the cartage account gives details of the amounts carried, &c., and the "emptions" of tools and material are very minutely specified. Each page added up and signed by Stephanus de Hashenperg, "r'c.," Wm. Bakar, mayor, Robt. Lynsted, warden of the masons (with a mark), John Pallmer, carpenter (his name does not appear among those of the carpenters in the account), John Lambert, clerk of the check, Edm. Inmyth, jurat, Thos. Medley, jurat, (he does not sign after the first pay) and Thos. Warner, clerk of the call.
i. First payment, Sunday, 30 March, to Sunday, 27 April, 30 and 31 Hen. VIII.
Masons, "working not only on berkyng skapelyng, but also laying of stone for the foundation and buildings of the foresaid castle at Sandgate," Robt. Lynsted at 10d. a day, 10 at 8d., and 34 at 7d. Labourers to the masons "carrying of water, slaking of lime, making of morter," and serving the said masons, 59 at 6d. a day. Skavell men and rock breakers, digging and casting "beeche" from the foundation, breaking rocks and carrying them from the sea, and lading rocks and earth, 59 at 6d. Carpenters, making wheelbarrows, handbarrows, "bossis," hods and morter tubs, and helving mattocks and other tools, 1 at 8d., and 3 at 6d. Sawyers, cutting boards for the wheelbarrows, &c., and "planks for the stayes going up to the castle walls," 2 at 6d., and 2 others paid by the piece. Wood-fellers, felling scaffold timber and "tallyng" wood for lime kilns, 28 at 6d. Limeburners at St. Radegond's digging a kiln out of the main chalk and also cutting chalk to serve the kiln, 1 at 7d., and 6 at 6d.; ditto, at St. Enswyth, 2 at 7d., and 8 at 6d. Carters, one carrying lime from St. Radegund's, and 24 carrying stone from the quarry. Cartage of wood and elm-board from Lymmynge Park, Swynfeld Mynewis, and Pulton Wood, of wheelbarrows, &c., from St. Radegund's, and of iron from Canterbury.
Emptions of material from various persons specified, and for purposes also specified, such as 526 1bs. of iron from Master Thomson of Dover town, for use in the castle, at 6s. 8d. the cwt.; a "sheff" of steel, 10d., from Ric. Panter of Canterbury, "employed in the King's business;" 700 fourpenny nails from Thos. Hamon, of Ewell, spent in making wheelbarrows, "bossis," and morter tubs; in all 21 items, including boards, ashen timber,
firewood, baskets, shovels, spades, pails, trays, and skopettes. Ironwork, i.e., crowbars, wedges, mattocks, hammers, iron bars, &c., bought by weight; and also steeling and mending of various tools.
Carriage and mending "of two halys and a pavilyon" carried from the house of the Serjeant of the Tents to the ship at London, and thence carried to Sandgate, and brought on land from Dover to Folkestone, in all (items detailed) 33s. 4d. Overseers, at 6d. a day:—Wm. Baker, of the masons, Edm. Inmythe, of the lime at St. Enswyth chapel, Thos. Med (he signs himself "Medley"), of the labourers, each for 14 days, and Thos. Dale, of St. Radegund's lime kiln, 7 days. Clerks of the storehouse (14 days), the call (28), the carriages (28), the receipts of lime (28), and the quarry (3), the first at 6d., and the rest at 8d. a day; Thos. Elgar, purveyor of timber, lime, &c. at 12d., Thomas Busshe, clerk of the "leger" and Francis Dygges, the paymaster's clerk at 8d., for 28 days.
Total (24 pages), 130l. 8s. 10¼d.
ii. Second pay, 27 April to 25 May, 31 Hen. VIII.
Masons:—1 at 10d. at day, 26 at 8d., 49 at 7d., 16 prentices at 6d., and 1 at 5d. Four labourers to the masons at 6d., and 169 at 5d. 20 laders of carts at 6d. Thos. Dale, overseer, and 6 limeburners at St. Radegund's, and Edm. Inmyth, clerk, and 11 limeburners at the King's kiln at Swetton.
Carriage of lime from the King's kilns:—By the hundreds of Folkestone and Bowsbery from St. Radegund's at 10d. a load, 13 carters named, 25 loads; from Swetton, 5 May, 2 carters, 4 loads at 5d. a load; from Swetton, 2 carters, 2 loads; the farmer of St. Radegund's for 54 loads of Caen stone at 8d.; from St. Radegund's, 21 carters, 54 loads; again, 8 May, 22 carters, 55 loads; from Swetton by the hundred of Folkestone, 9 carters, 21 loads; from Swetton, 12 carters, 34 loads; again, 16 May, 4 carters, 25 loads. Lime bought (the names of the carters and number of loads they brought being specified, that bought of Robt. Chese costing 5s. 4d. the load, the rest 5s.):—From Courtes' kiln, 17 loads (a cancelled entry seems to indicate that this was carried by "the hyll hondred of Hayne"); again 6 loads; Langleis kiln, 1 load; Bryge, 5 May, 2 loads; carried by the hundred of Hayne from the kiln at Postlyng, 7½ "semes" at 6d.; the half hundred of Stowtyng, from Mowntes kiln, 2 loads, and Bellynges kiln, 1 load; nether half hundred of Byrchalbarny, from Ford's kiln, 2 loads: upper half hundred of Stowtyng, from Bulbyche kiln, 8 loads; the hundred of Bryge, of Robt. Chese, 21 April, 32 loads; from Impett's kiln, 24 loads; nether half hundred of Stowting, from Mownte's kiln, 6 loads; from Langleis kiln, 8 loads; hundred of Elham (sic), from Hogbyn's kiln, 50 "semes" (5 loads), and, 21 May, 6 loads; hundred of Folkestone, from Ingram Wollett's kiln, 11 loads; hundred of Lounyngborough, from Postlyng, 4 loads; hundred of Folkestone, from John Everynge's kiln, 8 loads.
Purchase at 8d. and carriage at 10d. of 54 loads of Caen stone from the farmer of St. Radegund's, also of over 12,000 bricks, at 4s. 4d. a thousand, from Mr. Boys, of Denton, and from the hundred of Wye.
Provision of 22 dozen wattles; wages of 10 wood-fellers; payment for pieces of ash to make helves for hammers and other tools and for a great tub made of a malmsey butt, and to two carpenters.
Carters with their carts at 1s. 4d. a day, arranged under 12 headings of their hundreds and dates (of payment?), about 50 names. Felling, sawing, carriage, &c., of wood from Horton Wood, St. Radegund's, Mr. Tart's wood beside the late priory of Horton, Lymmyng Park, Kellyng Wood, Swynfyld Menesse, Northe Courte, Swynfeld Forstall, and my lord of Canterbury's wood at Horton. Sea-coal, 72¾ chaldrons at 6s. 8d. received by ships called the Nicholas of Sowolde and the John of Downwiche, with carriage of the same from Hythe in small boats at 8d. the chaldron. (These payments going down to 5 July). Prest money to 41 masons and 2 labourers out of Somersetshire and to 5 other persons named, and horse hire sending to Somersetshire for them. A bill for sawing of timber at Horton from 30 April to 6 June. Payments made by Mr. Keis when Mr. Cockes went to London 10 May 31 Hen. VIII.:—62 items for odd days' works,
canvas for mending the "hales," purveyors' wages, wattle making, bell ringer, paper, helves for hammers, &c. John Lamberd, clerk of the check, Wm. Baker, overseer of the masons, Thos. Medley, overseer of the rockmen, and the clerks of the storehouse, paymaster, receipts, "leger," and carts, their wages as before. Account of John Fynche, smith, for 75 items of iron and steel work.
Total pay (47 pages), 341l. 13s. 4¾d.
iii. Third pay, 25 May to 22 June.
Masons and hard hewers:—1 at 10d., 29 at 8d., 62 at 7d., 81 prentices at 6d. and 5d., all working also extra hours at 1d. an hour. Labourers "reteynyng to the rocks," lading carts and wading in the water to lade boats, with two hours a day extra, at ½d. an hour, for attendance to the tide, 30. Freight of 4d. a ton paid to three boatmen who entered into the King's wages 6 June with their boats of 3 tons apiece. Labourers to the masons at 6d. and 5d., with ½d. an hour for extra hours, 153. Carpenters (working mostly about 9 days at 8d.), 22. Eight sawyers, and the lime-burners at St. Radegund's and Swetton.
Lime bought at 5s. a load (carters specified) from Mr. Monynge's kiln of Swanton, Mr. Everyng's kiln called Everyng, Wm. Hogbyn's kiln at Altham, John Cowrte's kiln, the upper and nether half hundred of Stowtyng (Bulbytche's, Gaye's, Impett's, Fordred's Longley's, Mounte's and Bellynge's kilns), Robt. Chese's kiln of Brydge, the King's kiln of Postlyng in Longborough hundred, Ingram Wollett's kiln of Elkham, and Kyrkman's kiln (Thos. Denne's) from the half hundred of Wyngham, in all 202 loads. Carriage of 100 loads of lime from the King's kilns of St. Radegund's at 12d. and Swetton at 5d., of 84 loads of stone from Horton at 10d., of 21 loads of stone from St. Radegund's (bought of the farmer at 8d. the load) at 10d., 2 loads of Caen stone from Christchurch, 19 June (bought of the prior at 4s. 8d. a ton) at 2s., 49 loads of poles from Horton and from Bewsbery hundred at 10d. (purchased). Felling of trees in Horton and Newnton parishes, five items. Carriage of 95 loads of timber from Horton, and of 1,500 bricks and 12,000 plain and corner tiles from Wye, and 5 loads of boards from Horton. Making and cariage of 22 dozen wattles. Carters at 1s. 4d. a day carrying stone from the quarry, and also sand, pebble, &c., 78 names; also payments for carting rubbish and firewood. Sending to Canterbury for stone-hooks and to fetch a plumber, riding expenses, 4 days, to take up four carpenters (named) for the works. A plumber and his servant 4 days at 10d. and 7d. Payments for solder and lead. Wages of Baker and Medley, the overseers, due in Mr. Cockes' pay. "Item, Mr. Keys asketh allowance for himself and his iij. men for riding to Dover for money" a day and a night, 6s. 8d.
Emptions of shovels, hemp to make ropes, a bushel to mete sea coal, ink and paper, chisels, plumb rules, sea coal, &c. Riding expenses, 16 days, "to prest masons out of the West Country." John Fynche's bill for 96 items of iron and steel work and Michael Abell's of Canterbury, for 5 items. Wages of overseers, clerks and purveyors. Prest money to 14 men of places within 14 miles, 3d. or 2d. each, to 53 masons and hard hewers coming out of Somerset and Gloucestershire at 4s. each, and labourers coming 80 miles at 1s. 4d.
Total pay (46 pages), 440l. 12s. 3½d.
iv. Fourth pay from 22 June to 20 July.
Details very similar to those of the preceding. The masons (including "hard hewers and layers, quarry men, scapelers and breakers of rocks" who also labour "their hours and vigils") number 174; the labourers to them about 190 and those "retaining to the rocks" and lading carts 100; the carpenters 28, and sawyers 13. Carters and lime burners are fewer than in the preceding.
Carriage of 102 loads of lime from Swetton. Purchase and carriage of 216 loads of lime from various places, as before. Carriage of 9 loads of wattles. Purchase of 7,900 bricks. Carriage of stone from St. Radegund's, Christchurch and Horton, and of many loads of brick from Wye and Lounyngborowgh, of tile from Wye, of coal from Sandgate
to Swetton kiln, of hair, poles, lathe, timber, &c. Payments for felling trees, for freight of Caen stone from Sandwich to Sandgate, and for pails, nails, ropes, &c.; also to the smiths for numerous items of iron work. Wages of overseers, clerks and purveyor.
Total pay (47 pages), 447l. 3s. 0¾d.
v. Fifth pay, 20 July to 17 Aug., 31 Hen. VIII.
Similar details. About the same number of masons as in the preceding, but not quite so many labourers. Carters more. Carpenters 64. Lime-burners as before. The provision of lime and stone is less, but that of brick and tile, lead, and seal coal more than in the preceding. Loads of timber were carried at 2d. a mile from Bromle 12 miles, Harst Wood 6, Bodenden 13, Bishops Wood 14, Rownden 14 (?), Mostock 5, Hyghfright 13, Bishops Wood beside Horton 5, Shadakharst 13, Standford 5; and other timber was taken up and felled in Boddynden, in Wood Church parish, and in Chart and Blackborne. Emptions and overseer's wages as before, but no iron work. Several items of riding expenses; one is:—"Master Keys asketh allowance for riding to the King's Grace for money to Gylford and to Fornam, and there at the King's pleasure by the space of xxiij days for him and his iiij horses and for conducting the said money to the King's castle at Dover at vjs. viijd. the day"; another is the carrying of a letter to the lord Privy Seal at Grafton "by the assignment of Mr. Cockes."
Total pay (42 pages), 450l. 8s. 10¾d.
vi. Sixth pay, 17 Aug. to 14 Sept.
The workmen in wages are much the same as in the preceding, with addition of about 90 bricklayers at 7d. a day. Other details are similar to those of the preceding. Mr. Keys asks allowance of 8l. for riding to the King at Grafton for money, and waiting there 24 days. There is a long estimate of the value of individual trees and their "tops," sworn before Wm. Gooldwell, J.P., the average value of a tree being apparently about 13d. and of a top 2d., but one tree "next to Mr. Tocke's land" is put as high as 3s. 4d. and its top at 5d. List of timber taken of Thos. Cowkewe of Great Chart. Overseer's wages. Ironwork.
Total pay (59 pages), 469l. 19s. 05/8d.
Some marginal notes apparently in the hand of John Lambert, clerk of the check. One of these is, opposite the estimate above referred to: "Note well for the tops of these trees where they are answered."
vii. Seventh pay, 14 Sept. to 12 Oct.
Similar details. Among expenses is the "riding to London to Mr. Brian Tuke's for money by the space of xj days." Eight "pieces of brasses" for the drawbridge, delivered 11 Oct, cost 4l. 0s. 2½d. Some payments for timber date back as far as April.
Total pay (pp. 33), 360l. 15s. 4d.
viii. Eighth pay, 12 Oct. to 9 Nov.
Similar details, but mostly on a smaller scale. Riding to London to Sir Brian Tuke for money took 12 days and cost 4l.
Total pay (21 pages), 169l. 11s. 8d. Each page signed as before, also many of the items signed by Hashenperg.
ix. Ninth pay, 9 Nov. to 7 Dec.
Similar details, but still smaller. The only workmen are 25 masons and hard hewers, 56 labourers, 8 carpenters, 2 sawyers, 3 plumbers, 5 carters and 5 lime burners. There are some payments for thatching sheds with broom.
Total (9 pages), 77l. 1s. 10d.
A book of 176 large folios, several of which are blank. Ornamental capitals in some places. The name "Thomas Busshe" is written within a large ornomental T at the beginning of the third pay, and again at the beginning of the sixth.
7 Dec.
R. O.
646. ROBT. SOUTHWELL and Others to CROMWELL.
Have taken the surrender of Amysbery, where they found the late prioress and her sisters very honest and conformable. Sir Anthony Hungerford, one of the commissioners, the bearer, can show more, for whom they beg credence. Are now in journey towards Bristol to finish their commission. Amysbery, 7 Dec. Signed: Robt. Sowthwell: Edward Carne: John London: Rycharde Poulet: William Berners.
P. 1. Add.: Lord Privy Seal. Endd.
R. O. 2. Pensions assigned to the late religious of Ambresbury priory, in Dec. 31 Hen. VIII., viz.:—
Joan Darrell prioress, 100l.; Christian Ildesley, sub-prioress, and Marg. Beche, 6l. 13s. 4d. each; Edith Curteys, Joan Horner, Agatha Sydnam, Alice Gifford, Bridget Popley, 6l. each; Margery Hnnton, Anne Newman, Anne Preduaux, Marg. Warder, Eliz. Alen, Eliz. Phetyplace, Anne Bulkeley, Agnes Kyngesmyll, Eliz. Exhurst, Marg. Beynbrigge, and Sibill Ingelffeld, 5l. each; Joan Dawse, Joan Antyle, Joan Roland, Julian Appryce, Marg. Acton, Dorothy Goderde, Kath. Flewellyn, Cicily Ayres, Mary Cursyn, Mary Perse, Bridget Clynton, Alice Hugan, Joan Spadarde, Anne Yate, and Sibill Antell, 4l. each. Signed by Robt. Southwell, Ric. Poulet, and Wm. Berners.
Pp. 2.
R. O. 3. Extract from the book of the commissioners at the dissolution of Amesbury, showing that Joan Horner, prioress of the cloister, had 6l. 13s. 4d. pension. Certified by Wm. Berners, auditor.
P. 1. Endd.: A pension augmented for one of Amesbury; and also: Mr. Mathewe.
7 Dec.
R. O.
Compliments to my lady your wife. I understand your Queen comes to Calais this week, so I suppose you will have good company. Some boars have been taken here, of which I send you a head and a side. Tournehen, 7 Dec.
Hol., Fr., p. 1. Add.
7 Dec.
R. O.
Kaulek, 145.
Wrote lately touching the coming of the Emperor. Hoyet (Wyatt) has come to the King at Amboise and explained his charge, and has had so good a reply that he has cause to be contented. Thinks Hoyet, according to his commission, has gone thence to seek the Emperor. Writes this to intimate that to-day they have had a letter from the Constable from Montlieu, 4 Dec. The Emperor had made such good journeys from Bayonne that he was already at Montlieu, and would leave on the 5th to dine at Barbezieulx and sleep at Chauvesteste. (fn. 1) Expect him here on Thursday or Friday. The King came here yesterday and will here await him. Loches, 7 Dec. 1539.
French. Two modern transcripts, each pp. 2.
7 Dec.
R. O.
St. P. VIII.
Wrote on the 1st concerning the arrival of the marquis of Guasto and the French king's [ambassador] (fn. 2) on the 30th ult. The Marquis declared the amity between the French king and the Emperor, who will go to Flanders, thence to Almain, and so to Italy to make provision against the Turk. Cannot discover their secret practises. It is thought the things between the Emperor and French king are not fully compounded. There is great suspicion and jealousy of these two great princes being so familiar. The Pope seems to be concerned with their secret practises and lately sent Cardinal Farnese to be present at their "parlement."
All the cardinals are summoned to Rome, and Raynold Pole is going thither from Verona, which causes a suspicion that these practices may be in voice against the Turk but in deed against the King and the Almains, whose union neither Imperial nor Papistical can brook. It is more likely, however, that the present practices are against the Turk, whose empire threatens the universal ruin of Christendom, and whose naval power winters in these parts, which means that he will invade in the spring. It is possible, that by means of the French king, truce may be taken with the Turk, so that the adversaries may be able to move war against some of the Christian states, though this seems repugnant to reason, as by our discord the dominion of the world would be given to the Turk without fighting. Thinks, therefore, that the Emperor should rather be studious of universal union. Asks for assistance in consequence of his expenses. Venice, 5 Dec. 1539.
The Venetian ambassador with the Turk has arrived, but his relation is unknown. Thinks the Marquis' business is only to declare the amity between the Emperor and French king, and to know what this Dominion will do.
Barbarossa remains at Previsa and about Cephalonia. It is said that 2,000 Italians will be sent to Flanders for the Emperor's guard. 7 Dec.
Hol. Add.: Lord Privy Seal. Endd.
8 Dec.
R. O.
Begs him to intimate to the King the death of her husband. He died of the great sickness, full of God's marks over all his body. Begs Cromwell to be her good lord that she may know how she and her servants stand. Standon, 8 Dec.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Privy Seal. Endd.
8 Dec.
R. O.
Is sorry that he put him to so much pain, and begs him to regard no letter but this. Has tried to-day all the truth for Water Eton ferm and Cuttislo close. The former is gone by convent seal three years ago to a neighbour of the writer's. The latter was also granted by convent seal which is now in the keeping of the lord Privy Seal, as Dr. London can inform him. It was he caused all the seals granted under colour to come to my lord's hands. Begs him to speak to my lord for the said seal, which is 6l. yearly. Will give my lord 20l. for it. Reynesford may obtain Sandford and Little Tewe in his own name. Will give him 20 mks. if he obtains Cuttislo for 40 years. Would not sue for it, but that it lies next his own ground. Hears that Dr. London is now with my lord. Will help Reynesford to some pasture about Combe Abbey, if possible. This Lady Day the Conception.
Hol., p. 1. Add. Endd.
8 Dec.
R. O.
Names and pensions of the late prior and monks of Spalding, Linc., which surrendered 8 Dec. 31 Hen. VIII., viz.:—
Ric. Elsyn alias Palmer, prior, 133l. 6s. 8d.; Robt. Pynchebecke, subprior, 12l.; John Beston, 10l., Thos. Swyneshedd, 8l., John Spaldyng, 8l., John Okeham, 7l., Nich. Molton, 6l. 13s. 4d.; Ric. Dawber, John Hacsey, Ambrose Irby, Ric. Gedney, 6l. each; Miles Okham and John Newarke, 106s. 8d. each; John Newman, 3l. 6s. 8d.; Leonard Boston, Thos. Fryskeney, and John Freeston, 40s. each; Hugh Ydeott, 26s. 8d. Signed: Phylyp Parys: Jo. Tregonwell: Jo. Hughes.
P. 1.
8 Dec.
Cleop. E. IV.
B. M.
of the
Have altered Burton-upon-Trent and dissolved Hampole, St. Oswald's, Pontefract, Fountains, St. Mary's in York, Nonappleton and Selby, and altered St. Leonard's in York. Had some difficulty in part of these places, as Cromwell will see at their repair to London. Have taken the shrines of all the places for the King, and, as they have no commission to do so, they desire to have one bearing the same date as the other commissions, to show if necessary. Selbie, 8 Dec. Signed.
P. 1.
9 Dec. 654. CITY of WORCESTER.
9 Dec.
Ribier, I. 493.
The King is writing to the king of France touching the sending back of the process here of the Easterlings against the Sieur de Beaucourt, calling himself captain under M. de Rochepot, Montmorency's brother; which cannot be remitted without prejudice to the King's honour. Asks him to move his brother to pursue his right by the means the King offers. London, 9 Dec., 1539.
9 Dec.
R. O.
Kaulek, 146.
[London] 9 Dec.:—Has pressed for the remission of Rochepot's affair on which Francis has twice written to this King. This King replied that though his "gens de lettre" and Council had found it not subject to remission, yet, to show his friendship to Francis, he would condescend to have it decided between Boulogne and Calais. Proved to the Council that this was unreasonable; and it was promised that the King should write to Francis about it. An old complaint of injustice done in France to the duke of Suffolk has been spoken of; but it is unnecessary to write more as ample instructions are sent to the English ambassador to propose to Francis' Council. Has written to the Chancellor and sent the evidences (pieces) to Rochepot. This King's ministers seem to fear Francis will take offence on pretext of this affair (having written twice to make such urgency), in spite of the writer's honest remonstrances.
French. Two modern transcripts, each pp. 2.
9 Dec.
Add. MS.
33,514, f. 29.
B. M.
Ribier, I. 490.
Rochepot's affair (as in the letter to Francis I., but more full).
No news of this country of any importance except that Duke George (fn. 3) of Bavaria arrived here yesterday, (fn. 4) it is not known for what, and that the new Queen is to be at Calais on Thursday the 11th inst. London, 9 Dec. (fn. 5) Signed.
French, pp. 3. Add.: Monseigneur le Connestable.
R. O.
St. P. VIII.
Wishes him happiness on his marriage lately contracted with the duchess of Juliers (cum Illma Guliae duce). Thanks him for having received him so honourably at his palace. Was particularly glad that an opportunity had offered of showing the desire he has always had to serve Henry; and, in deference to Henry's wish that he should come with the least possible company, set out, in the very month this was announced to him, with a very small train, notwithstanding the dangers of the journey and the inclemency of the weather. He accordingly now presents himself. The King knows why he has come. Speaks of his family and prospects. It remains for the King to say what he will do with his daughter. Signed.
Lat. Endd.: Non est præsentatum Regi nam licet Ill. Princeps postquam met (fn. 7) Regem salutaverat obtulerit se (?) illius Mti hanc epistolam (?) præsentaturum tamen (?) Mtis suam (sic) eam acceptare renuit. (fn. 8)
9 Dec.
R. O.
Is bound to inform the King of things prejudicial to his royal estate, at whose hand those "captive caitiffs" daily seek relief who ought to be utterly exiled. At his coming out of Hyspayn in October, within the gate of the town of Bayona, a certain Spaniard, before two or three Portingals and a young man, son to Mr. Dean, grocer, of London, slanderously reported his Grace to be a favourer of heretics, as all the English were, and to have cast out all images from the churches, and other slander concerning "the usurping of the supreme head in this his Church of England." I rebuked him, but he threatened me so that I was glad to leave him. I pointed him out to George Thornton, who dwells by the Custom house in London; by whom I understand he is become a suitor for wheat (though worthy to be famished). I send this in writing as I am "empeched" with business in Hampton. Dated at head: 1539, 9 December, in Southampton.
Hol pp. 2. Add.: Lord Privy Seal. Endd.
9 Dec.
R. O.
Pensions assigned to the abbot and monks of St. Augustine's by Bristol, on the surrender of the monastery, 9 Dec. 31 Hen. VIII., viz.:—
Morgan Gwillame, abbot (with the mansion place, garden, &c., of the manor of Lee, and 20 loads of firewood yearly), 80l.; Humph. Hieman, prior, 8l.; John Restall, student, 8l.; John Carye and Nich. Corbett, 6l. 13s. 4d. each; Hen. Pavye, Wm. Wryngton, Wm. Underwood, Ric. Hill, Ric. Oriell, Ric. Kersey, and Ric. Hughes, 6l. each. Signed: Rob't Sowthwell: Edward Carne: Ri. Gwent: John London: Rycharde Poulet: Will'm Berners: John ap Rice: John Arnold.
P. 1.
9 Dec.
R. O.
Pensions assigned to the late religious persons of the house of Billeswik, alias Gauntez, near Bristol, by Robt. Southwell, esq., Edw. Carne, and John London, doctors of law, and other commissioners, 9 Dec. 31 Hen. VIII.
John Colman, clk., late master there, 40l. [and to have the house on the further side of the church of the Gauntez, wherein Hen. Kemys dwells, for life, at 20s. rent]. (fn. 9) Ric. Fechet, priest, 6l. 13s. 4d. John Eles, priest, to be curate of the parish church of St. Mark, with 8l. over and above the small tithes and oblations; if he refuse the said cure, to have but 6l. Thos. Pinchyn, clk., 6l. Signed: Rob't Sowthwell: Edward Carne: Rycharde Poulet: Will'm Berners.
P. 1.
9 Dec.
R. O.
Pensions assigned on the dissolution of the Charterhouse beside Hull 9 Dec. 31 Hen. VIII.
Ralph Malevourie, prior, 50 mks.; Robt. Hall, Adam Rede, Wm. Remyngton, Wm. Browne, Robt. Brewet, and Thos. Synderton, priests, 6l. 13s. 4d. each. Signed by Hendle, Legh, Bellassys, and Watkyns, commissioners.
P. 1.
9 Dec.
R. O.
Rymer XIV.,
Surrender (by Robt. bp. of Llandaff, president of the Council in the North, and commendatory of the priory of Watton, and the convent there) of the monastery and all its possessions in cos. York, Linc., Westmld., and Cumb., and elsewhere in England, Wales, and the marches thereof. 9 Dec. 31 Hen. VIII. Signed by the Bishop and by John Warcoppe, prior (who signs last), Thos. Webster, sub-prior, and seven priests, Agnes Warner, prioress, Anne Ellerker, sub-prioress, and 11 nuns. [See Deputy Keeper's Eighth Report, App. II., 47.]
Seal injured.
Enrolled [Close Roll, p. 3, No. 33] as acknowledged, same day, before John Uvedale and others, King's commissioners.
R. O. 2. Pensions assigned on the dissolution of Watton priory, 11 Dec. 31 Hen. VIII.
Brethren:—Thos. Webster, sub-prior, 5l.; Ric. Wylkynson, Thos. Laither, John Colyer, Thos. Cholmelaye, Launcelot Shawe, Jas. Harkesaye, and Wm. Gott, 4l. each.
Nuns:—Joan Warcoppe, prioress, 5l.; Agnes Warner, sub-prioress, 4l.; Anne Ellerker, Dorothy Vavasour, Marg. Ewers, Agnes Ellerker, Marg. Willowes, Eliz. Borowe, Marg Colte, Marg. Tompson, Joan Rainold, Eliz. Burneholme, Marg. Pegham, Joan Hurtskye, Joan Nicollson, Anne Saltemersshe, Joan Rayle, Alice Stankay, Joan Calverd, Joan Loncastre, Marg. Nicollson, Isabel Dykenson, Margery Trolloppe, Joan Rose, Alice Walles, Constance Hebden, Kath. Hunter, Joan Ayssheton, Elinore Constable, Eliz. Stoute, Alice Danyell, and Eliz. Tavell, nuns, 53s. 4d. to 33s. 4d. each; Anne Coke, 20s.; Joan Edmond and seven others, named, sisters, 13s. 4d. each. Signed by Hendle, Legh, Belassys, and Watkyns, commissioners.
P. 1.
R. O. 3. Pensions assigned there by John Ovidale and other commissioners, on the dissolution, 9 Dec. 31 Hen. VIII.
The same names as in the preceding, although the spelling of most of them is very different. Signed: Jo. Uvedale: William Grene: James Rokeby: Robert Waide: John Hastynges.
P. 3.
9 Dec.
R. O.
Ellis, 3rd Ser.
III. 251.
Yesterday received news of lady Anne's repair hither on Thursday next. She will cross on Sunday, wind and weather serving. After entering the English Pale she and her train will be at the King's charge. There are 300 horses in her company. The lord Deputy, with all the spears and officers, will receive her at the English Pale; my lord Admiral, "with all us" accompanying him, a little without the town. Lady Lisle and other ladies and gentlewomen will be at the town gates. Wishes for news of her and his little boys. Calais, 9 Dec. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: at Ledes Castell. Sealed. Endd.
9 Dec.
R. O.
Sends the King's procurator general of this county with sure information as to the dispute at Audresselles, and begs Lisle to order his subjects as they have deserved. Boulogne, 9 Dec. 1539. Signed.
Fr., p. 1. Add.
9 Dec.
R. O.
Encloses letters from the Palsgrave Fredericinus (sic). The bearer will wait for an answer. Antwerp, 9 Dec. 1539.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Lord Privy Seal.
9 Dec.
Royal MS.
18 B. VI. 70. b.
B. M.
Has received the Pope's brief commending Thomas Huchesoun, which his Holiness would not have done if he had known his conduct towards James and his subjects. Has ordered the cardinal of St. Andrews to write more fully. Falkland, 9 Dec. 1539.
Lat., p. 1. Copy.
9 Dec.
Royal MS.
18 B. VI. 70 b.
B. M.
Has received his letter saying that the Pope wishes James not to press his request for a legateship for the card. of St Andrews, lest other princes should be induced to make a similar demand. Is very desirous for his request to be granted in consequence of the difficulty of the journey from Scotland to Rome. Falkland, 9 Dec. 1539.
Lat., p. 1. Copy.
10 Dec.
R. O.
Asks him to put away his extreme raging and stout boasting over him and his nigh kinsfolk. Reminds him that it is better to lose one penny than two. Their brother, the bearer, will explain. 10 Dec. 1539.
Hol., p. 1. Add.


  • 1. So read by Kaulek, but one of the R. O. transcripts reads the name "Cbannesif" and the other "Chasteau-neuf."
  • 2. Omitted in original.
  • 3. Philip ?
  • 4. The remaining words are omitted in Ribier and a passage substituted from Marillac's despatch of the 24th.
  • 5. "1539" is added in a different hand.
  • 6. Written by a secretary who speaks of his master in the third person "dominus meus," but signed by Philip.
  • 7. Met (sic). Apparently for ipsemet.
  • 8. This endorsement is written in a very cramped hand, and the reading of one or two words seems as doubtful as the grammar.
  • 9. This is, however, cancelled, with a marginal note that he shall not have the house.