Henry VIII: Addenda, Cromwell Period Papers

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 15, 1540. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1896.

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'Henry VIII: Addenda, Cromwell Period Papers', in Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 15, 1540, ed. James Gairdner, R H Brodie( London, 1896), British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/letters-papers-hen8/vol15/pp510-568 [accessed 13 July 2024].

'Henry VIII: Addenda, Cromwell Period Papers', in Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 15, 1540. Edited by James Gairdner, R H Brodie( London, 1896), British History Online, accessed July 13, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/letters-papers-hen8/vol15/pp510-568.

"Henry VIII: Addenda, Cromwell Period Papers". Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 15, 1540. Ed. James Gairdner, R H Brodie(London, 1896), , British History Online. Web. 13 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/letters-papers-hen8/vol15/pp510-568.


Addenda, Cromwell Period Papers

The Papers which follow are addenda belonging to the Cromwell period.

1028. The Statute of Uses.
R. O.
Petition addressed to my lord Privy Seal showing that the writer has not since the Statute of Uses “devised any estates to bring a term of years to the owner of the inheritance of any lands with a remainder over to declare a will.” Gives explanations. Describes cases in which he has been of counsel since the statute, viz.:—
(1.) Ric. Leftwyche, dec., considering that his son and heir, “being not of most sad conversation, would not be married by him,” sent to the writer to draw an enfeoffment to prevent his son from aliening away his lands. Drew it up with Mr. Bromley. (fn. 1) (2.) Jointure to the wife of the said Richard and an estate for life to Rauff Leftwyche, a younger son of the said Richard. (3.) Drew up enfeoffment at Warrington, Lanc., for Sir Roger Bradsha, dec., of lands for which after Sir Roger's decease there was suit in the Duchy Chamber between Sir Thos. Butler and Ralph Bradsha, brother of Sir Roger. (4.) Enfeoffment drawn at Warrington for one Burye of Lancashire, as in case of Leftwyche. (5.) Indentures between Sir Wm. Brereton, of Cheshire, and Sir Piers Werberton and Eliz. his wife for marriages between either of their heirs apparent and the daughters of the other. (6.) Indenture of marriage of Sir Edw. Fytton's son and heir with Sir Piers Werberton's daughter. (7.) Jointure of the said Sir Edward and estate for a younger son. (8.) Jointure of one of the daughters of Sir Edward, married to one Stanley. (9.) Estate for Urian Brereton, of Hondford, of his wife's lands for life: said to be devised by Mr. Bromley before the Statute of Uses. (10.) Indenture of marriage between Thurstan Tyldesley and one Massye for marriage of Anne, d. of Tyldesley, to the s. and h. of Massye, for which it was said Tyldesley paid 200 mks. Jointure of said daughter and estate for a younger son. Estate for marriage money of daughter of Massye, which Massye, after the death of his ancestor, was ward of Sir Thomas Butler. (11.) Indenture of marriage for s. and h. of Starkye, of Stretton. (12.) Of s. and h. of one Tochett. (13.) Was shown by Sir Alex. Osbaldeston at Lancaster 2 drafts of assurances of lands to his younger sons, devised, as he said, by Mr. Molyneux and Mr. Moyle. Liked the latter best and caused it to be written. (14.) Draft for making estates for marriage of daughters of said Osbaldeston. (15.) Indenture between lady Savage and one Bulkley for marriage of s. and h. of Bulkley with a daughter of lady Savage. (16.) Note of a fine before Mr. Hynde for jointure of wife of one Burscogh. (17.) Jointure, &c., for wife of Barth. Hesketh, of Lancashire. (18.) Jointure of one Cotgreve's wife and of Sir Roger Brereton's daughter to be married to a gentleman of Wales, (19.) Certain estates, &c., for marriage of daughters of Sir Thos. Halsall are contained “in an office remaining before my lord St. John,” which are said to have been devised by Ric. More, a young man of Greys Inn. (20.) Similarly for daughters of Damport, of Henburye, devised by Mr. Sneyde, dec.
Has always thought it his duty to aid widows and pupils, as enjoined by the 4th chapter of Ecclesiasticus, and begs Cromwell's favour, as he is a poor young man, who must gain a living without exhibition or friends.
Large paper, pp. 2.
1029. Cromwell Papers.
The following papers are of various and uncertain dates; but all more or less connected with Cromwell, the first three being in his hand.
1. Memoranda.
R. O. Paper headed “For Mistress Lacye” being a set of questions and answers as to the terms and conditions upon which she will let her manor of Canshern or Cantysherne to some person not named, “he to bear all manner of charges as well again our sovereign lord the King as again all other lords of whom the said manor is holden.”
In Cromwell's hand, p. 1. Endd: Remembrances.
2. Criminal Informations.
R. O. Sir Thos. Gryffythe,
Edw. Sapcottes,
Thos. Nevell of the Holt.
Godfrey Sumersale of Walton in the
county of Leicester adulter.
In Cromwell's hand, p. 1. Endd.: Remembrances.
3. Memoranda.
R. O. Mem. I inquired to day at the Temple for one Wm. Stradling, a base son to the late Sir Edw. Stradling. John Basset said he knew him well and was wont to give him money for clothes and other necessaries. Two years ago he gave him 16d. and has not seen him since. He said Mr. Poppam of the Middle Temple was his overseer, whom I could not find this day.
In Cromwell's hand, p. 1. Endd.
4. Export of Corn.
R. O. Draft of a licence to Thomas Crumwell gent. and James Becke to buy and export 1,500 qrs. of grain. Undated.
Lat. p.
5. Ralph Chetham's Testament.
R. O. Citation of some person unnamed to appear before my lord Privy Seal, vicar general, or his deputy in Paul's Churchyard, “under the Rood at North door at Powlys,” 4 March next, to exhibit Rafe Chetam's testament.
P. 1. Endd.: A citation.
6. [Cromwell's Goods.]
R. O. Very mutilated inventory of household goods. The commencement is lost the first intelligible items being lists of linen sheets, towels, napkins, &c., cloth and beads. Then comes what appears to be the furniture of a chamber (* * * a cloth stayned w[ith a table of t]he taking of the French King … with a carpet of Cawntisshe … with a tabernacle of the Nativity [of Our] Lord gilted and carved 2 pricketts [of] latten, 2 tables of my master his [vis]namy painted,” &c., “a great ball of astronomy,” chamber pot of pewter, “a great muros or looking glass of steel gilted,” &c.), followed by lists of gowns “in the press,” jackets, jerkins, caps, purses, &c. Furniture of another chamber (?), chairs, images, vestments, swords, gowns, hoods, &c. “The Hall”:—hanging of red and green say, with a border of the history of Susan; a cupboard, 6 cushions of verdure wrought with a puggarnard and roses; “a goodly table of the King's arms with two naked children standing upon whelks, painted and gilted; a table of my lord Marquis' arms painted and gilted with a mantegre and the unicorn; a great table of misery of Italy, painted; a table of the Passion of our Lord, painted; a table of Lucrecia Romana and a table of the Pity of Our Lady” * * * * shields, fire-irons, &c., and tables of the Salutation of our Lady, of 2 naked children, and of a naked child with a fiddle in his hand. Then comes the Buttery within the Hall, the Parlor (in which are tables of Our Lord, Our Lady and Lucrese, a cloth stained with the image of a man and a woman loucis (lovers?), an image puerile of our Lord set in a box, the King's arms and the Queen's with an eagle and a white greyhound), the Middle Chamber, the old parlor, kitchen, &c.
Pp. 16. A great part of each page lost by mutilation. Prefixed is a mutilated title page in which the following words alone are discernable: … Power (fn. 2) in Lon[don] … day of — (blank) in [t]he reigne of our sov[ereign lord King] Henry the VIII.
7. [Memoranda to be referred to Cromwell.]
R. O. To know my lord's pleasure in these things following.
To put his lordship in remembrance of a proportion for his apparel. How many sable skins the skinner shall have to make a tippet. Whether we shall continually put new furs into his jackets and jerkins, or sometimes to take out of his other jackets, to serve the same. What shall be done with the mantle of sables with the cape; with three remnants of flannel that have long been in the wardrobe. In the wardrobe of the beds, there lack sheets, counterpanes, beds and hangings. Whether the chamber wherein the steward lately lay shall be hanged and furnished with the rich bed and other things accordingly. What shall be done with the lodging that Mr. Wryothesley had, and the accounting house with all such writings that yet remaineth there. “Item, your pleasure for the back door towards Mistress Prior lodging, the door leading to the kitchen, of the which Mr. Ric. Crumwell (God be with him) spake partly of, unto whom we were accustomed to go for all such like things, now forced to trouble your lordship withal.”
P. 1. Endd.
8. Cromwell's Correspondence.
R. O. “An abbreviation of certain letters directed to my lord.”
John Leigh:—Letters from Leigh of the meeting of the two wardens of the Marches of England and Scotland, dated 23 Oct.
Duchess of Norfolk:—In favour of one Arnall, a brewer, and desiring your intercession with her husband for living. [See Vol. XI., 502.]
Mr. Hutton:—From Andwarpe, saying that John Over has many “tymbres” of sables, 6 of them the best ever seen, and would bring them hither if discharged of customs.
John Anthony:—Letter from John Johnson alias Anthony forwarding a certificate from Davy, of Dover, of debts due and desiring that other things may be discharged before the entry of the new master.
Sir Reynold Carnaby:—“Pretending” to take certain rebels as Edward and William Carletone, &c.
Sir Henry Sacheverell:—Requiring your lordship to be a mean to the King to get him a parsonage in Nottinghamshire belonging to the late monastery of Felley.
Bp. of Rochester:—Is always ready to preach when your Lordship commands.
A supplication against Walter Portland, one of the poursuivants.
Thomas Treffrye:—Letter to one Strode asking what to do with certain ships of Depe yet remaining in Plymouth. (fn. 3)
Pp. 2. In the same hand as § 7. Endd. (erroneously): Remembrances Anno xxvijo.
9. Cromwell's Correspondence.
R. O. Memoranda of certain letters [addressed to Cromwell], viz.:—
1. From the bp. of Worcester “concerning answer to your former letters written for Felix and the allowance of his appellation,” complaining of an inhibition lately sent him out of the Arches and desiring that if Mr. Felix is to be deprived his benefice may be bestowed on Mr. Thyrstill. 2. From the Earl of Derby in favour of Will. Whitof who hath occupied the cell of Stanlowe, Cheshire, belonging to the late monastery of Whalley, and a ground called the Grene Warthe by agreement with Thos. Burgoyne and Ric. Snede, and with the assent of Mr. Pollard, but has been expelled by Harry Bonbery and Hugh Aldersey. 3. From Sir Chr. Willoughby stating that one Hew (?) hath bought the stipends of the chantry priests of Campessey and that they have sold the implements belonging to the house. 4. From Sir Matthew Browne complaining of Jas. Skynner and desiring that he may be put out of the commission. 5. From Nich. Rudstone touching his communication with one Thos. Avir about a letter he delivered to your lordship, in which he talked of going as a soldier into Lincolnshire, and also wished you to write to the dean of York in his behalf (fn. 4) for the farm of certain tithes at Haton and Beleby in the tenures of old Sir Marmaduke Constable and Sir John Oliver, vicar of Haton (who, he says, conveyed the King's cattle from Fareby Abbey), and the tithe of Burmeby. 6. Certain depositions betwixt the Constables and Nich. Rudstone. 7. The resignations of the prior and monks of Coggishall and a letter sent to some of them.
P. 1. Endd.
10. — to —
R. O. I delivered a hook to your lordship concerning the King's commandment and pleasure, the duty I ought to do as comptroller of the works, and the answer I had from James Nedham and Mr. Wylliams, of Hampton Court. If Nedham or any other of the surveyors of the King's works did the King true service, they would not be discontented to have a comptrolment. If I be suffered to do my duty, the King will save much money and have his works executed in much shorter time. The King expects me to see how Nedham bestows his money, as his Grace commanded both me and Mr. Antony Denny, who can show what good I could do if I were allowed to exercise my office at Westminster and elsewhere according to my patent. By negligence of previous comptrollers, the surveyor has been suffered to do what he will and be his own comptroller, as Nedham is. Asks his lordship's help so that he may discharge his duty and deserve his fee. So long as he is not suffered to do it, no man has so much loss as the King.
Suggests that he should summon Nedham to show what he has to bear himself against the King's commandment and the writer's duty.
In the same hand as Vol. VII. No. 1012, which must have been written about the same time. Pp. 2. Not signed. Endd.
11. — to Cromwell.
R. O. “Please it your good lordship to know as towching my departur, which my husband makes himself innosent of, my lord, of truth I was creadably Inffo[rmed] by some that was of his counsel” that if I were once brought to bed I should not escape with my life. And as I was with child and might not have the meats I desired, “nor fire nor candle scant half to serve me and my children, but all my servants were better regarded than myself,” I departed. If my brethren had come to fetch me away there would have been manslaughter. He can lay no shame to me, for I dare bide the trial, “nor no occasion of right to keep my living from me.” I beg your Lordship to get me mine own, for I have nothing and am in daily fear to be cast into prison by my creditors. My husband might as well give me mine own as spend it upon another not so much to his worship, and more to his charge.
Pp. 3. Faded. Add. at the head: To, &c., my lord Privy Seal. Endd.: The complaint of a certain gentlewoman.
12. — to —
Calig. B. iii.
B. M.
“For lack of dew justyce not mynysteryd here unto me in your lordshypes card and bycause I se that ye go aboute by frawde and vyolence for to undoo me I do here to the settyng furthe of the kynges prerogatyve royall provoke and appeale unto my lord pryvy seall, vycar generall to the kynges most noble majestye.”
P. 1.
13. William Assheby to Cromwell.
R. O. Informs Cromwell of slanderous relations existing between Godfrey Somersall, (fn. 5) of Walton, Leic., and Alice, wife to William Blount, of the same town, which have caused Anne, the wife of the said Godfrey, to complain of him to the justices at the assizes at Leicester on St. James' Day last. It was there shown that she was in danger of her life, and the justices bound the said Godfrey to keep the peace; but, after going home with her husband, she was obliged to leave him and go to a friend's, while the said Godfrey continues in the manor of Walton, which he has by right of his wife, and the said Alice remains in the parsonage of that town, which Godfrey has to farm. Begs Cromwell to help the said Anne. Signed.
1. Add.: Lord Privy Seal and Vicegerent. Sealed. Endd.
14. Bastien le Haurlogier (fn. 6) to Cromwell.
R. O. Complains that one of his servants will do him no service notwithstanding Cromwell's orders. He has been told his duty “par le charcheur de vosmestre” (Westminster?), but he says he knows nothing of your lordship, nor who you are.
Fr. Headed: A millord du Privé Seel.
15. Francis Bedyngfeld to “Shargant” Wodhowse.
R. O. Has delivered my lord's letter to Master Wodhowse, “your brother,” who insists that he has gone through with Mr. Strange for the marriage of his daughter and the title of “Anmere.” He refers Bedyngfeld to Strange, who is now at London. Requests him to deliver “this my lord's letter,” and if he do not like his answer to go to one Mr. Carlton (fn. 7), one of my lord my master's chamber, and through him obtain an order to call Mr. Strange before my lord. Massyngham, St. Thomas' Day. Signed.
1. Add. Endd.: Sir Fraunces Bedingfeld.
16. Thomas Berthelet to Morisine.
R. O. I beg you to certify my good Lord and yours that his benevolent letters were read before my lord mayor and aldermen, but, I find, to little effect. My lord mayor told me he would make answer himself that but one stranger born was made freeman these 40 years, and therefore it could not be. If this is all the let, they might easily do it, as there have been so few, but if they can prove that the admission of this poor man would be injurious to their liberties, I would forbear my suit to the Lord Privy Seal and say no more. I fear the answer is somewhat feigned, for instead of one stranger made freeman this 40 years there have been six or more. Perhaps they do it to show that they esteem not the liberty of London so light as to admit a stranger born so suddenly when the King's natural subjects must do so long and painful service before they can enjoy it. “Then must we” humbly pray you to get my lord Privy Seal to write again to the mayor and aldermen.
Hol., p. 1. Add.
17. Thomas Borell, Priest, to Cromwell.
R. O. Petitions for aid, being a prisoner in the Counter of the Poultry in London by Cromwell's commandment, and without friends.
P. 1. Add. at the head: To, &c., Lord Thomas Cromwell, Lord Privy Seal. Endd.
18. Bowyer to Cromwell.
R. O. Coact with extreme poverty and imprisonment, I have no refuge but to lament myself to your Lordship for deliverance out of prison and succour. Have pity on my poor wife, the bearer, who has come from York to visit me. Also have pity on my two sons, arrested in York, at the suit of Miles Newton, because they kept, under me, the King's water at York called Fosse. Newton, their common clerk, pretended that the royalty of the water was given to the city; but I think no more was granted to the city than the fee for keeping, 9l. 2s. 6d. To avoid idleness, I have devised a table by the compound manual, whereby the five moveable feasts, dominical letter and prime, may be found by the casting of two dice for 40 years to come; but I cannot send it formally for lack of colours.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Privy Seal. Endd.
19. Sir Roger Cholmley to Cromwell.
R. O. I have received your Lordship's letters showing that I might with good conscience cause the bailiff of the manor of Kenyngton to seize the lands now in variance between John Henbury and John Twyford and the children of Walter Alpe. It is found by the court rolls of the manor that in 19 Hen. VIII. Robert Tournour was owner of the said lands and surrendered them to the King to be granted to one John Cromwell and Joan his wife and heirs of their bodies with remainder to the right heirs of Robert Tournour; that the said John Cromwell and his wife died without issue and that Walter Alpe, who was next heir of Rob. Tournour, viz., son of Ric. Alpe, and Agnes his wife, Tournour's sister and sole heir, was admitted, and died, leaving issue Stephen and Thomas, and according to the custom of the manor the lands descended to the said Thomas as younger son and heir. He is now five years old, and his wardship is granted to Twyford, so I cannot dispossess him. Signed.
2. Add.: Lord Cromwell, Lord Privy Seal. Endd.
20. Thomas Derbye to Cromwell.
R. O. Before his acquaintance with Cromwell, when he was, as it were, almost dead through ingratitude, was brought to life again by his charitable help. Expresses his thankfulness both to the King and Cromwell. It was his chance or rather the will of God, that Truman should by his means be brought before Cromwell. The same Truman “showed forth divers things afore hid, which (being done in deed out of course and fashion of learning) had nevertheless light in them, as a man more and more seeking faithfully the truth shall find the same.” Upon the ground and principles of Truman, has presented to Cromwell without the knowledge of any man, two several books which open secret mysteries, far past the wit or natural gift of man; “a thing most necessary to be looked upon, first, specially of the indifferent godly that will think God is of power to do things besides their excellent learnings, as they call it, which so many years hath reigned, and now the fruits at the last appear.”
Asks Cromwell, seeing that he has another charge that requires a whole man's diligence, whether he shall proceed farther, as he is desirous to do. It is a most godly matter, the principles whereof known, the rest is easy and will be done in short space. Doubts not that all things will be so plainly set forth, that no man which is of God shall be offended. God has ordained that his truth in the Scriptures shall come out by the unlearned babes and children rather than by the wise. Never saw more godly qualities and stedfastness in any one than in Truman. Having wife and children, he gave up his occupation, upon his faithful mind. After his long lying here, and his having spent such money as Derby might well spare him, at Derby's going westward (fn. 8) he returned scarce with as much as would bring him, where, Derby thinks, he found less. Has not heard of him since. Begs Cromwell to help him.
Hol., pp. 3. Add.: Lord Privy Seal. Endd.
21. Lawrence Elviden to Lord Chancellor Audeley.
R. O. Petition of Lawrence Elviden, grocer, of London, now exercising the science of writing in Kingsstreate within the limits of Westminster palace, accusing Wm. Barton, priest, and Ric. Smyth, of London, “called mere surgeon,” of treason. Has heard Barton say the King was a traitor to God in presuming to take upon him the Pope's authority. It appears that the King had presented one Sir John Jaques to Barton's chantry, but that Barton withheld it. He has also said that a vengeance would strike the Realm “as well for the King's miserable living and presumption of the Pope's power as also for the offence of them that holdeth with his Grace in that behalf.” Both Barton and Smyth have said “that the King was a cokcolde and so should worthily die” and “that you and the lord Chancellor of England now being are the greatest thieves and traitors living within this realm, and trusted once to see your heads leap from your bodies.” Lately Barton said that Smyth told him, by a book of prophecy, “that the King's most honorable person should be torn in pieces with his own mule” and that Smyth wore a chain made at a forge in his own house of two parts gold, the third part silver, and the fourth copper. One Wm. Smyth, goldsmith, of the parish of St. John Sacres lately complained to petitioner and Barton that Ric. Smyth would not pay him for work done “notwithstanding of late he had a piece of work of his whereby he had given the said Richard a Flaunders Geke, but and if he did put such another piece of work in his hands he would, saving your honour, make his ars breke his neke.” Thinks he referred to the chain. Robt. Clerk, of Westminster, has seen Ric. Smyth hurriedly hide wedges of gold when he has come suddenly into his house and found him at work at his forge.
Gives particulars of the occasions upon which the above offences were done and names of the witnesses; those to the article “touching your lordship and the lord Privy Seal” are Smith's wife and mother and one Newcom, glazier.
A broad sheet written on both sides. Add.: at the head: To the right honourable Sir Thomas Awdeley (fn. 9) knight, lord chancellor (fn. 9) of (fn. 9) England (fn. 9).
22. Ellen Ewer to Cromwell.
R. O. Is the widow of the unfortunate Thomas Ewer, who has lately suffered death under the King's laws. Has two young children, the eldest little over two years old. By her husband's death, William Webbe, archdeacon of the privelege and sanctuary of Westminster, has obtained a gift of the King not only of an annuity of 7l. 10s. but of all the goods and bills of her said husband, so that she has nothing left but the clothes on her body, and although Webbe, on the day her husband was arraigned at the Guildhall, declared in open court that as freely as the King had given him the said goods, the annuity alone excepted, he gave them again to her, which saying, the Recorder will testify, he refuses to fulfill his promise, saying that her husband, at the time of his imprisonment, cost him over 40s., though she can prove he did not spend more than 16d. upon him.
P. 1. Add. at head: Lord Privy Seal.
23. John Freman to [Cromwell.]
R. O. Pope informs me that the King thinks I have not truly handled me towards his Highness in Lincolnshire, and that your lordship made answer in my behalf as you have always done. I cannot do you service in recompense. I was of your preferment both in that office and in all the rest. Tell his Grace if I have profited 10l. at his expense then let me lose my office and everything, and be turned into my shirt. I dare not come to your lordship, being so far out of quiet.
Hol., p. 1. Endd.
24. William Fox, Maltman, to Cromwell.
R. O. Petition for payment of 4l. due to him by the late Mrs. Wellyfed whom he served with malt, as her servants Molbery and Marmaduke Sandes can testify. Mr. Richard Cromwell says he is neither executor nor administrator.
P. 1. Add. at head: Lord Cromwell, Lord Privy Seal.
25. The Glaziers.
R. O. Petition of “the felishipe and fremen of the crafte of Glasyers crafte” to lord [Cromwell] against Peter Nicholson, a foreign glasier, who keeps five foreign workmen contrary to the act [14 & 15 Hen. VIII. c. 2] and imports glass ready made, “whereby that our English men cannot be set in work.”
P. 1. Endd.
26. Alice Good to Cromwell.
R. O. Complaint of Alice, wife of John Good of London, dyer, against Alice Cely, wife of a London pewterer, who by procurement of Thos. Cheyny, of London, salter, three quarters of a year ago, cited her husband in the spiritual court, and caused him vexatiously to be arrested along with Will. Archer, brewer, and Ric. Saunders, clothworker. The matter was heard before Cromwell, who commanded Cheyney not to intermeddle, but he still interferes.
P. 1. Add. at the head: Lord Cromwell, Lord Privy Seal and knight of the Garter. Endd.
27. John Gostwyk to Cromwell.
R. O. May it please you to buy of lord Latimer, when he next comes before your lordship, the manor of Ranhall, as cheap as you can get it, and I will give you 100 marks, it is so necessary for me. Signed.
1. Not add., but endd.: A remembrance to my lord Privy Seal for the manor of Ranhall, com. Bedford.
28. John Gostwyk to Thos. Averey.
R. O. Praying you to help this gentleman, my very friend, to my Lord's presence. Scribbled this day going to horseback. Signed.
1. Add.: To my fellow Thomas Averey. Sealed.
29. Jaques Granada to Cromwell.
R. O. Not being able to ascertain what way they meant to go or when their departure would be, as they were supping not in [the writer's] house, but in another house adjoining, did not part company with the young man, but brought him to supper (? “asena” for a cena?) to my lord of Winchester's, and made him good cheer (“bona segra”) that he might have no doubt of him, and sent word by the King's saddler (fn. 10) (? “selaro”) “el qualle e soberstante a la gustisia de seduarc (Southwark) et omo da bene,” to have secret watch kept on the house where they were supping, until I should come with the other young man. Went to their lodging and waited till they came, when the saddler presented them with wine and fruit. Said they appeared to be great persons and that they ought to visit the King before they left the country. He replied that he was willing to do so, but thought he ought first to speak to the ambassador. Advised him strongly to visit Cromwell first and prepared a bark, and he will come to Greenwich (Granux) this morning; and I will cause him to wait in the park up in my chamber in the tower (et faro lo aspettar in el parqe la suso in la tore in camera mia) till I have spoken with your Excellency.
P.S.—The host where they were supping came from France along with them and is also a Frenchman. For this reason, Mr. Actun and I did not wish them to speak together. He therefore keeps the host with him all this night at his house and I keep guard on the others. This morning his servant wanted to go to the ambassador's house, but I caused the door to be shut, for I thought it best he should speak with your Excellency first.
Hol., Ital., pp. 2. Add: el Signor de Privesel. Endd.
30. John Gyyes to Cromwell.
R. O. Thomas Matson, baily of Barkley, keeper of Whytleyff, is departed. I beg you will move the King for me for his office, which His Grace once gave me, by signed bill, by means of Mr. Norris, and you promised to be good lord to me when it should fall. I would come up myself, but am hurt by my horse falling upon me. You sent me word by Robert Acton “that I should stay the lordship of Hollt for you.”
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Privy Seal.
31. John Gyse to Cromwell.
R. O. Is informed that Nic. Wykes makes suit to Master Cownt Rollar for his son, “which is his servant.” I beg your interference, else “I ham like to lese hit.” The man that hath it is very sore sick, as my brother Anthony can show you.
Hol., (fn. 11) p. 1. Add.: Lord Privy Seal.
32. Lucy Harpar to Cromwell.
R. O. Accept this my rude letter as I cannot come myself, I am so punished with sorrow. I fear I shall receive injuries at Master Harper's hand, such as never poor woman sustained. He always makes such boast of your Lordship. He would have half my land in fee simple, and I am sure he has made false reports of me. You know how unkindly he “cast” me and refused me any relief, and in spite of all entreaties, he has driven me seven years to seek my living. At his Grace's commandment, I brought in my indentures, trusting to have justice from your Lordship, but have had no comfort except your Lordship's promise not to make an end without my agreement. I will not disinherit the heirs even if I go a-begging.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Lord Privy Seal. Endd.
33. Felyce Hertford to Cromwell.
R. O. Has been long a suitor to the King for recompense of her jointure, which was assured to her on certain lands before the King's interest therein. Cromwell committed the hearing of the case to Mr.— (blank) Hare of the King's Council, but he has done nothing. Has neither father nor mother nor other friend to help her.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Sir Thos. Cromwell, knight, Privy Seal. Endd.
34. Elizabeth Lady Hungerford to Cromwell.
Titus B. I.
B. M.
Royal and
Ill. Ladies,
ii. 271.
Has been long a prisoner within her husband's castle of Hungerford, where no creature dare come near her at any time but those appointed by him, who have heretofore and do daily seek all means to rid her in secret out of her life, as is known to all the country. Lord Hungerford obtained a commission from Cromwell that he might have a divorce for incontinence, which she denies and accuses him of, and Cromwell told him to make her a yearly allowance. Supposes this to be the cause of his stay, for it will grieve him not a little to depart with one groat at any time, though she is not of herself owner of one penny, nor has any earthly friend but Cromwell able to help her, or house to resort to, or any that will dare speak for her to Cromwell for fear of her Lord's displeasure. He has discharged Cromwell's commissioners assigned, without any examination or amendment of his demeanor towards her. Is in worse case than ever, being continually locked up in one of the towers of his castle, as she has been these three or four years, under the custody of his chaplain, Sir John a Lee, who has once or twice poisoned her, as he will not deny upon examination. When he heard that Cromwell desired lord Hungerford to give her a yearly pension, he promised him he would soon rid her for that matter and ease him of that money, if he might have the keeping of her again, as he now has. Is sure he intends to keep his promise. Has no other meat and drink but what comes from him, and brought by her husband's fool, continually her old servitor. Fears more and more to taste it and is often fain to drink water, “and sometime, for lack of water, saving your honour and reverence, mine own water, or else I should die for lack of sustenance.” Would have died long ago, had not poor women of the country, knowing her husband's demeanour always to his wives, brought meat and drink to her grate window at night, for the love of God, for she has no money to pay them. Has not had four groats from her husband for four years. Is like to perish very soon, unless Cromwell will command her husband, whom she believes to be in London, to bring her and Sir John a Lee before him. He will find out many strange things about her husband's demeanour.
Wishes to be divorced upon reasonable causes, or else her husband to be required to let her out of prison. Would then come up on foot with some poor body to Cromwell for the security of her life. Will not longer continue this wretched life with him. Had rather destroy herself or beg her living from door to door. Signed Eleisbet Ho'rford.
Pp. 2. Add.: Lord Privy Seal. Endd.: The Lady Hungerford to my lord Privy Seal.
35. Jenkyn ap James ap Griffith ap Howell to Cromwell.
R. O. Petition to be taken into his service as he has no lands or other living of certainty.
P. 1. Add. at the head: lord Cromwell, lord Privy Seal. Endd.
36. Christopher Jenney to Cromwell.
R. O. I pray you use me “in this matter betwixt the vicar of Narburgh, (fn. 12) and me, and his own nephew,” that my enemies may not have cause to rejoice and my honesty decay in my country. At my return I shall declare to your Lordship, in writing, the whole matter. If they be comforted in this, I will rather “suggen” (sojourn) with other men than dwell in my own house. These were no men meet to examine this matter, considering the malice they bear me. My mother-in-law intended to stay with me, but, seeing me thus ordered in my own house, she sends word she is afraid to come, “and saith plainly that ye be not my good lord.” What man would not desire to be avenged of their cruelty? I pray you write to the vicar to remain with me. When I speak with your Lordship next, I shall obey your order. I beg that my son may have a copy of their certificate, whereunto I would make answer to your Lordship. I can prove by two or three witnesses that before sealing, the indenture was read to him both by me and his friends, and [he] sealed and subscribed his name both to the indenture and the schedule.Signed.
1. Add.: lord Cromwell, lord Privy Seal. Endd.
37. John Johnson to Wriothesley.
R. O. According to your commandment, I have asked the servants of William Taillor of the sign of the Sun in Ludgate, how their fellow, the prentice, John Maneryng, came by the bill I showed you. They say he had it of one Damport, servant to Lord Zouche, but have forgotten who the other gentlemen, at the reading thereof, were. On examination of Maneryng, who was absent, “I am sure my Lord shall at length thereof know the plans.” If I hear of more such bills, I shall move my master's friends in Northamptonshire to get hold of them. London, Monday morning.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Right Worshipful. Endd.
38. John Kaylewaye to [Cromwell].
R. O. Of late has come into these parts the widow, as she says, of Sir Robert Traforde, and sister to the lord Scrobe of the North, in great heaviness and sorrow, declaring she is with child, which indeed appears. She says she brought out of “that parts” both money and plate, but where it is, as yet I know not, or I had informed your Lordship ere this. “A great part of her thought is for the conveyance of it out of my lord her brother's house, which had the custody thereof to her use,” as she doubts he will be displeased. Her confidence is in your Lordship. She required succour in my house till she were delivered; and I was content for money, and beg to know by bearer how to use myself. Her mind is so troubled and her wits so unsteadfast that I dare not be out of the way. My poor house at Rokeborne, the 12th “of this present month.”
Hol., pp. 2. Add.: Lord Privy Seal. Endd.
39. [Sir] William Kyn[gston] to Cromwell.
R. O. Yesternight it was told me there was assembled in Saynt George field 500 men to do some of your servants displeasure. Sir, if ever such thing should be, I pray you I may have warning, for I will come at midnight “and to do my best, for I would be sorry to see any of your servant[s] beaten.” Wansted, Sunday. Signature torn.
Hol., p.
1. Add.: Lord Privy Seal. Endd.: Sir Wm. Kingeston.
40. Antony Knyvet to Cromwell.
R. O. The King gave his brethren (fn. 13) and him his Highness' part of a forfeit taken on the Thames going beyond sea. It is now “preysed” above the content of the statute, which is a plain forfeit, and the “preysars” will lay down as much money as they have preysed the cloths at. Now the merchant has no remedy, “but only to get out a recognizance to make plea to defraud the King of his right.” Begs Cromwell to stay the recognizance, which, by prolonging the time, would be a great hindrance to Knyvet and his brethren.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Lord Privy Seal. Endd.
41. Antony Knyvet to Cromwell.
R. O. “Certain gold and stone sold unto Garett Copellam and Harry Barksted, goldsmiths, strangers,” 184l. 13s. 4d. Please examine Mr. Clyffton, dean of Harfforthe, and Mr. May of the same deanery, and Mr. Mason; for the money is in custody of the said priests.
I send your Lordship the gold and the stone by this bearer.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Lord Privy Seal. Endd.: concerning the gold and stone sold by the dean and others of the church of Hereford.
42. Antony Knyvet to Cromwell.
R. O. In the dean of Harfforth's matter, if I have not done my duty it is for lack of knowledge, not of good will. Take no displeasure that I do not come to your Lordship myself; I am so weak with the extreme cough I have. Sickness has undone me; this twelvemonth and a quarter I was never a month able to “wayt” (?). Begging your Lordship to remember me to the King; you know my need. Hear my servant, this bearer, who has more to show “concerning the dean of Hereford and his companions. Mr. May is a sottyll child.”
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Lord Privy Seal. Endd.
43. Thomas Long to Cromwell.
R. O. Complaint against Thos. Rygeley, horsekeeper to Sir Piers Dutton, who had attacked him (one of the “hedborowes” of Clerkenwell, beside St. John's of London), in the street, saying “I know thee well enough by thy yellow cap and thy blue feather; thou art one of the watch that took me such a night and set me in the stocks, and therefore I will cut thy flesh and likewise meet with all thy fellows,” and struck him with a bastard sword, which broke, but maimed his right hand. Rygeley then drew his dagger, but was stopped by John Tedder, “upholster,” of Holborn.
P. 1. Add. at the head: Lord Privy Seal.
44. Margaret Lyle to [Cromwell?].
R. O. Your Lordship knows that after the decease of my father, who was beheaded at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the King gave his lands and goods to my brother. I beg your Lordship's favour that I may get an honest living, for my brethren and sisters forsook me because of my mis-living; and I would not care what pains I took all my life.
Hol., p. 1.
45. John Lynsey to Cromwell.
R. O. Your Lordship yesterday commanded me to attend your answer. The ship “valed” at 3 o'clock, so I am hindered of my intended voyage. Understanding by your servant who came to me at night that “have a direct person for that purpose I trust heretofore have fulfilled in everything your good pleasure.” I beg your favour, [since] in that [I] am hindered, in some other way.
P. 1. Endd. Add. at head: Lord Privy Seal.
46: [Micguel Mercator] to —
R. O. Moreover, “mon tres cher and fiel,” make suit to the Lord Privy Seal for a licence for a shipload of barley or malt, for we have much need of barley. Recommend me to my lord Privy Seal. “Escript ut supra.” Not signed or addressed.
French, p.
1. In Mercator's hand.
47. Thomas Mereall to Cromwell.
R. O. Petition setting forth that John Twyford of the parish of St. Pulkers, a great railer upon all true preachers of the Word of God, has, because petitioner has “divers times made answer for them,” indicted him of heresy before the justices of Middlesex. The jury, who are many of them the bp. of London's servants, will not hear him speak in his own defence. Begs Cromwell will write to Mr. Whitreson, (fn. 14) one of the justices, to let him speak and to report the truth.
P. 1. Add. at the head: Lord Privy Seal. Endd.
48. Robert Mery, Vicar of Estwood, Essex, to [Cromwell].
R. O. Petition setting forth that he has been diseased over 7 years with a sore “lask,” and has now lain 7 weeks in this city and durst not wait on his lordship for fear the lask should break. Is more than 10l. in debt and his vicarage is but 12l. in the King's book. Desires a commission to some J.P. to examine him and his parish; for he has never preached out of his own parish. His occusers envy him because he declared the King's injunctions.
P. 1.
49. Thomas Molton.
R. O. Deposition of Thos. Walpoll against Thomas Molton for saying, “There is on the King's Council one of so low in birth that the world shall never be in quiet and rest so long as he doth continue.” In Walpoll's hand and signed by him.
ii. Reply of “the said Thomas Mowtyng,” denying the above words before Sir Roger Towneshend, Sir Thos. Lestr[a]unge, Sir John Heydon, Richard Southwell, Wm. Fermor, and Robt. Holdich. In Mowtyng's hand and signed by him.
1. Add. in Richard Southwell's hand: Lord Privy Seal. Endd.: Moultyng.
50. Christopher More to Cromwell.
R. O. Since coming home I shewed Mr. Weston I had your Lordship's favour in my suit touching the matter I brake unto your Lordship of. I have trusted more than became me in such as have been suitors for me. I shall perform what they have said in my behalf, and, as I shewed my cousin, Henry Polsted, will do as you shall command. I would him that hath it long life; the deputation under him would content me. I would trust that, with your favour, it should be to the King's profit as has not been since my old master's death, Mr. Lytton. (fn. 15) I perceive your Lordship, not being brought up in that Court, doth see as many things out of square as any man, and I know all the bench there think the same. I am bound to wait on your Lordship now at the Court; but loth I would be to come thither, for that divers percase would think I came for this matter. Signed.
2. Add.: Lord Privy Seal. Endd.
51. Richard Morysine to Cromwell.
R. O. The King desires Cromwell to send, with speed, the effect of “these” letters ciphered, with an extract of the rest. Read and interpreted the Italian letters to his Highness, whereat his Grace was merry. “The thing is strange that they show to be very true.” Begs pardon for his rude writing; his hand has no time to serve his heart.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Lord Privy Seal. Endd.
52. [Richard Morysine] to my Lord — ?
R. O. Although he has no acquaintance with or claim upon his Lordship, requests he will restore the bearer to his service and his chamber, as the bearer thinks he will do at Morysine's request. Does not defend his offence, but he meant well, is young, and has been severely punished already. “I am busied at London, my lord my master (fn. 16) is at the Court, and I thought in so base a suit my letters were better lost than twice desired, yet I trust they shall not be written in vain.”
In Morysine's hand, p. 1.
53. [Richard Morysine] to [Anthony] Rous.
R. O. “Jentil maister Rous, I send yow a boke, desiring a booke for it, not as a recompense, but as a matier to make forth th'obligation that your gentil nature longe sithins wold me to make with.”
Commencement of a draft letter in Morysine's hand, with two memoranda in the same hand on the back: 1, “Remember to write to my lord of York”; 2, Richard Tannar (?), surveyor, for George Forde's wife.
54. John of Nimeguen to Cromwell.
R. O. Requests aid of Cromwell, who is well known throughout England and the Dutch nation as a father of the poor. Has sent a supplication concerning some affair of his before the King at Windsor, which has not yet been heard.
P. 1. Dutch, with a Latin heading, and at the end in French: “Du (Dieu) garde le roey et voutre bone grace.” Add. at the head: “Prudentissimo atque fidelissimo Domino, Domino Thome Cromwello Christianissimi Regis Anglie et Francie Domino (sic) Hybernie necnon sub capite Christo totius regni monarcha (sic) amico intimo, Joannes Geldriensis, e civitate Novimagio oriundus, domino suo precatur salutem et pacem.”
55. Alice Parker to [Cromwell].
R. O. “Beseecheth your good Lordship your poor oratrice and late servant, Alice Parkerr,” to speak to your servants, Mr. Stuerde and Mr. Thackerr, to give your poor oratrice one livery and part of her wages, which they detain.
P. 1.
56. Robert Poore.
R. O. Memorandum of the debts of Rob. Poore, of which he desires to put “your good lordship” (Cromwell?) in remembrance.
Persons named:—Mr. Bowser; Will. Hosyer in Fleet Street; one Greye in Fleet street; Mr. Pecoke; Porter in Watling street; “my cousin Poore”; Redmond in Fleet strete; one Brydgys; Mr. Shelton's man; Mrs. Clarencyous; Hunter in Holborn; Stretes of Grey's Inn: and Mr. Bertclet.
P. 1. Endd.
57. Thomas Prestwich to Cromwell.
R. O. Petition setting forth that Jane Persee has obtained a bill signed by the King, of lands in Pytham, in the county of Guisnes, to the disinheritance of Agnes, wife of the said Thomas, and requesting that Cromwell will suffer no Privy Seal to pass till a commission may be directed to the King's Council at Calais or Guisnes to examine the matter.
P. 1. Add. at head: Lord Privy Seal.
58. Thos. Rogers (fn. 17) to Cromwell.
R. O. About Midsummer last, owing to Cromwell's letters in his favour to the Vice-Treasurer and Comptroller of Calais, obtained a grant of the lands which Henry Garbrand forfeited by living in Flanders and marrying a stranger. Garbrande, though still dwelling in Flanders, has made suit to Sir Thos. Palmer, who is bailly of Sandgate, where the lands lie, so that the matter is now before him, and most likely the lands will be given to Garbrand again, notwithstanding the King's laws. Has paid the King's receiver the quitrent, but he will not allow Rogers to receive the rents. Asks for a letter to Palmer that he may receive the rent on giving surety, and also letters to the Council for trial of the right.
Hol., p. 1. Add. at the head: Lord Privy Seal. Endd.: Thomas Rogers of Callis.
59. Rafe Sadleyr to Cromwell.
R. O. On declaring Cromwell's letter touching Cressy the notary, the King commanded Mr. Deny to send his servants to apprehend the man and make inventories of his goods. The Court.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Lord Privy Seal. Endd.
60. Richard Serjeant to Cromwell.
R. O. Complaint of Richard Serjaunt, of Fryngford, Oxon, that he bought, for 80l., from Leonard Chamberlain, a lease made by Sir William Weston, prior of St. John's of Jerusalem and his brethren, under their chapter seal, to Henry Dyngley, of the manor of Greneham, Berks, but is kept out of the place under colour of a former lease to one Marten Docwra, Elizabeth his wife, and Edward their son in survivorship.
P. 1. Add.: Lord Privy Seal.
61. William Sharington to Cromwell.
R. O. At his old master's request, Cromwell wrote in his favour to the rector of Edington for the lease of the lands of Colleshull, Berks, yet unlet. The rector received Cromwell's letters, 22 Dec., but is unwilling to fulfil the request, alleging they have no farm but that to provide for hospitality. They have in their own hands five other farms, and as many appropriations of benefices. The farms are Edington, and the manors of Tynnhed Brutton, and Baynton, and in Oxfordshire, Westwell. Begs Cromwell, for the writer's old master Sir Fras. Bryan's sake, to write again to the rector and to one Charles Bulkeley, in whom is all the rector's trust.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Sir Thomas Cromwell, lord Cromwell, and lord Privy Seal.
62. Richard Smyth.
R. O. Complaints against Dr. Richard Smyth, physician (fn. 18) :—
i. Of [Alice] (fn. 19) Felde, wife of Richard Feld, notary public, who was troubled with wind in her breast and side. Smyth on examining her water said she had three imposthumes in her body which would grow into one, and demanded 40s. to cure her. As she had not the money she declined his medicine at the time, but afterwards he told her she would soon die if she did not take a purge, for which he made her give him 5s. She took it in his house and he said she might go home, but she was forced on the way to take one Mr. Gough's house in Cheapside (else she would have died in the street), and to remain there all the afternoon; then, when she got home, was confined to her room half a year.
ii. Of — Dormyll. Smyth gave Nich. Dormyll a potion, of which he died in four days, though he had assured him of his life, and that he should eat and drink within that period “as well as any man mought do.”
iii. Of Richard Hall, to whom Smyth gave a purge that was to cure him in two days, but which confined him 40 days to the house.
Pp. 6, large paper.
63. Robert Sowthwell to Dr. Bellyses.
R. O. I require your favour to the bearer my cousin Nevell for some comfortable answer from my lord, your master. (fn. 20) You cannot do a more charitable deed than help this young man, who has nothing to live by.
Hol., p. 1. Add. Endd.
64. [Stephen Vaughan to Cromwell.]
R. O. “Myn especiall frende,” I implore your assistance. All the world knows my necessities to be great and only God and you can help me. They have taken from me my “gages,” and yet put me to resist “the very debtors of the same gages which will not pay me their debts.” Sends the account between him and the officers who were his servants. Asks him to speak for him to the King or to the Council. “For if they shall thus use me I may in time have recourse to my friends, who, I hope, will not fail me in so just a necessity. And finally, because I see, if God put not remedy, I shall come to this point (peradventure answering that it shall be given, I wot not in whose name) you shall shut this dore with them, saying that rather I will ask alms for God's sake and die for hunger than do any such thing.” The sum that is owing you will see by this account.
In Vaughan's kand, p. 1.
65. Margaret Whaplod to Cromwell.
R. O. Petition of Margaret, wife of Richard Whaplod, one of the daughters of Richard Hunne who was murdered. They have long been suitors to the King and Cromwell for aid, and have seven small children to support. Desire that Dr. Belhous, Mr. Derbye, Rafe Fane, and John Dearyng may be directed to hear and report upon the wrongs they have sustained.
P. 1. Add.: Lord Privy Seal.
66. John Williamson.
R. O. Draft grant by David Pole, LL.D., vicar-general of the bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, to John Williamson, of London, of an annuity of 40s. during Pole's life, out of his lands in England.
Latin, pp. 2, large paper.
67. Nicolaus Wyllburg to —.
R. O. I would come to you in London as you wish, but I fear you would put me to more business. I have answered your process already and might have tarried at Wells with little cost, if I had not been desirous to commune with you. Neither your process nor your matter is as good as you think, but as you are my lord's (fn. 21) servant, and I of his church, I would be glad to commune with you before the matter goes further. I am willing that my Lord should hear the case, if you will put it in his hands, or to refer it to Master Wysley, Master Popley, or Master Parry. Signed.
1. Begins: “Sir.” Endd. At the bottom of the letter is a memorandum in a clerk's hand, written upside down and evidently relating to some other matter: “Or ellys employed by his Grace's commandment.”
68. Andrew Lord Windsor to Cromwell.
R. O. On Wednesday, in Hounslow Heath, I received your letter by my neighbour Thomas Wodforde, desiring “that the party should [be] brought to you if he came again, though he were not greatly faulty.” I alighted at Hounslow and wrote to Colbroke, where he supped on Sunday, and to his host at Burneham, where he left his casket, whither he came on Friday morning, and Wodforde brought him to London to me. I have sent him to you by my servant Edw. Hawtrye, because you were not at London and Wodforde is returned home. The matter is but negligence. From the King's Wardrobe this Saturday.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Lord Privy Seal. Endd.
1030. Lisle Papers.
It has been found impossible to assign precise dates or places in the Calendar to the documents which follow.
1. Pouch.
R. O. A leather pouch, which at one time contained the following five documents:—
1. Kingston and Wallop to lord Lisle, 5 June [1534]. See Vol. VII., No. 797.
2. Receipt given by J. Husee to Campyon, 5 Sept 1536. See Vol. XI., No. 410.
3. Another receipt by same to same, 6 Dec. 1536. See Vol. XI., No. 1262.
4. Another receipt by same to same, 3 Oct. 1537. See Vol. XII., Part II., No. 820.
5. [Council of Calais to Cromwell], undated. See Vol. XIII., Pt. I., No. 1388.
2. [Lisle to Henry VIII.]
R. O. Henry Cornelis and his company have been here since the —, and have occupied themselves so well that they have not only prepared a convenient place “to do their feat in,” but, as I perceive, the preparations made are in every way suitable. From the works they have done since they came, the workmen must be picked men. The said Henry deserves thanks.
Corrected draft, p. 1.
3. Lord Lisle.
R. O. His passport for Thos. Cockes, whom he is sending with a present of an English hackney to Madame d'Aigremont, in Haynault.
Draft, Fr., p. 1.
4. — to —.
R. O. The name of the Englishman belonging to the company of Caullier and Pacquier Fasqueselle is Musque. They left all together on Friday or Saturday last, and are to return on Friday or Saturday next.
Fr., p. 1.
5. — to —.
R. O. Monsieur, as to the three cows and two calves I have recovered (or obtained?) one cow and one calf. “Et tousans des aultres deux vaxe et ung viou je vous envoie neuf florin che dites (?) bettes au taut quil ont ette vendu et a faiet pluseurs despenses faictes paier oudite companions.”
Fr., p. 1.
6. — to —.
R. O. “Madame, jaye envoye a Bruge pour savoyere sy vostre bage que aves sur ung orfeve net poyen encore fette. Jen atens lundy la responsse et vous avertyray le toutte.”
P. 1.
7. — to the Deputy of Calais.
R. O. Reminding him to send to the Seneschal governor of Boulonnais, the charges and informations against those who are kept prisoners in the belfry at Boulogne, by order of my said lord the Seneschal, for having robbed a ship and merchants of England, that justice may be speedily done. [No sig.]
Fr., p. 1.
8. — to Lord Lisle.
R. O.
The last time I was with you at Calais, I came purposely to see the welfare of your Lordship and my Lady, and welcome you home out of England according to my duty, setting my own business apart. I expected better thanks than I had, for my Lady insinuated that I and my wife had thought scorn that she should do her service. This we never said or thought. I prayed her ladyship at that time, as I do now your Lordship, to have the matter tried before our faces. It grieved me most of all that your Lordship should think of us so. My Lady told me that she was well pleased she met me in another man's house, otherwise I should have known her mind further. I answered I hoped I had not offended her Ladyship to rail with me, but this I said unadvisedly. If my Lady report that I told her the same time that she should scold with me, I will make good by the Sacrament, no such words ever came out of my mouth. * * *
Mutilated, p. 1. Add.: Deputy of Calais. Sealed.
21 Feb. 9. Nicholas Bannoke to Lord Lisle.
R. O. Your letter is received for your livery, and Master Bathart will provide such as shall be for your honour. He will make a medley colour (“amedly collyor”) with which you and yours “shall be well pellsyd.” Canterbury, 21 Feb.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: lord Deputy.
24 Jan. 10. William Beane to Lord Lisle.
R. O. His servant Thos. Bell has sent him word that Lisle desires him to buy half a score of bullocks. Thinks that if lord Lisle had intended this, he would have let him know of it in writing, with his sign manual. Elham, 24 Jan.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: lord Lyle, debyte of Calys.
20 Sept. 11. Bon de la Haye to the Governor of Calais.
R. O. Has received his letter about Mathieu Cimelier, and thanks him for the pains he has taken in finding out the truth. Was informed of the contrary, and that the man was a piper and had played before one named Baquerot, from whom he won money and then returned it, as it was said he won it unfairly. Had ordered the said Mathieu to buy a hackney and lanner. Therouenne, 20 Sept. Signed.
Fr., p.
1. Add. Sealed.
12. Adrian Boustin's wife to Lady Lisle.
R. O. Sends her two barrels of olives and capers and 24 lb. of white cotton at 5 patars per 1 b. = 2 angelos. Desires her to send the money by the carton, and to pay the carton 3 sous de gros for the freight and toll.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: A Madame la feme de Mons le debity de Callais a Calais.
13. Henry Earl of Bridgewater to his Servant, John Butler. (fn. 22)
R. O. I have moved you and also my lord Lisle's council to have an answer about my lands in Devon, Somerset, and Gloucestershire before Michaelmas Day. My lord of Hertford has lately taken possession in all my lands in Gloucestershire, as you will see by his letter enclosed, and a part of those in Somersetshire, so you may see whether it be as I have moved you and my lord Lisle or not. If I and my high friends were to offer my lord of Hertford as much land of my inheritance to release the land in Gloucestershire, which is over 140l., and my lord Lisle to give me but a small sum of money, I would refuse. Unless my lord Lisle will give me 6,000l. in ready money, and I to have everything as in my last letter, keeping possession and having the land to my heirs male, I will not depart from mine inheritance. Signed.
2. Add.
14. Statement of [Thomas Broke].
R. O. “Also against Richard Sandes.”
[1539] Will. Rytson, Ric. Sandes, and Thos. Beke were brought in by the bailly of Westminster by my lord Privy Seal's commandment on suspicion of felony, 28 Sept., and there continued a long time. The said Sandes is household servant with my lord Deputy, and expects to have my room (fn. 23) of my Lord's gift if anything happen to me; for which reason he will not stick to feign what he can to my hindrance; and when the Council had examined 40 or 50 persons and found nothing against me they were fain to take this fellow Sandes for a witness, though it was well known my Lord his master had borne me ill will ever since my first coming to town. I can prove this if I may have a commission to indifferent persons of the Council to examine my Lord on oath, and also such persons as I shall name, whether my Lord has openly said several times that he could not abide the sight of me, and that he would either get me out of the town “and a sort of such heretic knaves as I was,” or he would not tarry himself till Michaelmas. Moreover, my Lord and those of the Council that have written do not show themselves indifferent judges, because contrary to the Act of Parliament [25 Hen. VIII. c. 14] they have kept me in prison from Low Sunday without accusing me to any ordinary till I came here.
P. 1. In Thomas Broke's handwriting. Endd: “Dedimus Pollidamus.” (fn. 24)
15. John Busche to Lady Lisle.
R. O. I have delivered your brooch to your steward, Sir Harry, and have received of him the counterpasse. It and the brooch do agree, and for the fashion 40s., according to my asking at your being here in London.
Hol. Mutilated. Add.: my lady Lyle.
26 Aug. 16. Decanquigny to the Deputy of Calais.
R. O. I see by the letters sent by Guillaume Portier and my procurator at Calais that the matter between Guillaume Marche and me is referred to the mayor of Calais. I beg you to see that speedy justice is done. Fescamp, 26 Aug. Signed.
Fr., p.
1. Add.
17. John Caroo to Viscount Lisle.
R. O. Is upon the King's walls as a prisoner. Begs lord Lisle to send for the parties that were present and heard all the business. Their names are William Aschtwn and John Brygges, soldiers of the King's retinue; John Rycharsone and Edmund Edall, soldiers of the Castle, “and John Rooke, owyre seore off the Kyngges laborarse.”
Hol., p. 1. Add. at the head.: Deputy of Calais.
18. John Cheryton to Lord Lisle.
Five letters of John Cheryton to lord Lisle have already appeared in this Calendar, one of them misplaced, and six others have been overlooked owing to peculiarities in the dates. It is therefore desirable to give the true chronology of the whole correspondence as follows:—
(1.) [Dated “Bordes” (Bordeaux) 15 Feb. 1533. [This was written in the year 1533 according to the usual modern computation, not in 1533–4, as was supposed.] See Vol. VII. No. 191.
(2.) Written from Bordeaux, and dated 1 March 1533. [Not 1533–4 as supposed.] See Vol. VII. No. 274.
(3.) Dated Pisa, 24 Sept. 1533. See Vol. VI. No. 1147.
(4.) John Chereton, of Exeter, to Lord Lisle.
R. O. Wishes to know the King's pleasure touching the ordnance he left at Leghorn. Had better write to Mr. Gonstone let one of his ships bring it home at their next going into the Levant. Will come to London and deliver him the securities. Will be glad if Gonstone's ship brings home his son and heir left with the merchant that has the ordnance. Mr. Degory Granffelde has come from his house in Cornwall to Exeter to know about it.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Deputy of Calais. [Undated, about March 1534?]
(5.) John Chereton to Lord Lisle.
R. O. Anthony de Marynes could get him no surety for the ordnance. Therefore he would not lend it but has left it at Leghorn in the hands of Capones, one of the richest merchants of Florence, who is bound before the duke of Florence for its safe keeping. In the event of war with England, I had it appraised by six merchants. It is valued at 200 ducats of gold, for which his brother in England shall give goods of the same value in the event of its being lost. There are 11 pieces of the ordnance he had at Portsmouth, and two pieces of brass had from Lisle at Porchester Castle. Gives an account of his transactions touching the ordnance, of which John a Borough is charged with one brazen piece. Has a licence for 200 tuns of wine. Has laden about 80 tuns already. Intends to bring part of it to London. Will send Lisle some. Would have sent four tuns from Bordeaux by John Perse, your servant of Weymouth, but he would not carry it. Wishes him to send a commission for him to be victualler, that his goods may not be arrested, and a poor living be secured for his wife. Wishes to know whether he shall pay Nores the money that was paid to “Sir Thos. Denes ys sarvant, Forsse” or else pay it to Lisle. As for the King of Portugal's money, Anthony de Marynes has it allowed in the sale of the ship.
Headed: “Anno 1534 the 13 day of April at Greenwich.”
Hol., pp. 2. Add. Endd.
(6.) John Cheriton to Lord Lisle.
R. O. Has received his letter by Prowze. If his Lordship will continue his goodness, as he has so graciously written, hopes within one year to make him full recompense of all things, and to pay all his creditors besides. Is undone for ever if he is put to any business at this voyage. Begs him, therefore, for the bitter Passion of Christ to admit him a victualler of Calais, that no man may arrest the wines he has brought home. A little thing will satisfy the claims of Nicholas Potte Care (Apothecary) on Lisle, as he has desired by his servant Hose, when the writer has settled his accounts with him and John à Boro. Pottecare has become the servant of Sir William Corteney, who will do what he can against any of Lisle's servants. Begs that the licence may be sent to Geo. Baron's house in London at the Horse Head in Shep (Cheap), or else to Exeter, and the writer will send by the bearer of it the black satin for Lisle's gown for which his Lordship wrote.
Headed: “1534 the 13th day of April at London.”
Hol., pp. 2. Add.: Endd.
(7.) John Chereton to Lord Lisle.
R. O. Heard at Hampton, from John Koper, that the Mary and the John Baptist, the King's ship, were lost at Byllyle (Belleisle). Men of Hwll, coming from Bordes, brought the tidings. Begs he will be good to him or else he is undone. Wishes a place in the butlerage with my lord Chief Baron. Sir Thos. Denes has plainly told John Wat that he will have his whole money. A King's messenger at Salisbury had been to Weymouth and summoned many poor men and women before the Council, where it was said that Water Porttlonde had your commission to make them a general acquittance, and has done so and taken above 40l. They say that Varnam and Torner have used them ill. One of them is Raynalde, who forfeited his ship to you for the anchor he stole. Written at Salisbury.
Hol., p. 1. Add. [Undated, probably before November 1534].
(8.) John Chereton to Lord Lisle.
R. O. The Mare (Mary) is come homs to Hampton. Begs him not to take any present of Anthony Gethott, of Nyckalyne, or of Anthony de Maryne, that was merchant in her, unless it be worth 100l. stg.; for he boasted in Ireland, Calais, and Italy, that however much he may have offended you he can make his peace with a fair word and a present of a pony, if my lady were not by. De Maryne opened Lisle's letters and copied them, and he said your commission to me for the ship “was to bad, your lorde schyp ys aowner (honor) resarvyd, for to wypp hes schoys.” The said De Maryne had more than 600l. brought to him in Ireland out of England, and carried privy letters out of England for the Pope, which he delivered at Pisa. He said, moreover, that he did not care for your Lordship who had lost your office of admiral and gone to Calais. The master's name is Thos. Tottyn alias Gyllam, the falsest wretch in Christendom. Thanks his lordship for what he sent to London by Syntyll, Mr. Degre Granffyld's servant, and for his letter to Sir Thos. Denes to make Philip Forse deliver my obligation of 20l., for Thos. Nores has paid him. Philip Forse has taken out a writ against me, which was contrary to the arrangement made by Lisle.
Headed: “Anno 1534 the 5 day of November.”
Hol., pp. 2. Endd.: the 5th of November 1534.
(9.) Dated 1536, 24 March, at Marseilles. See Vol. X., No. 538.
(10.) John Chereton to Lord Lisle.
R. O. Has sent him more than 20 letters to know what he shall do with the ordnance. “My lord, I have gontola (gone to law) her thys ij er (year) and mor wethe kuownte de Tanto,” great seneschal of Provence, and have had four sentences against him, but can get no justice, though it has cost me 1,000 cr. more than the ordnance is worth. Has sent his licence under his seal. Mons. de Barbose took away the ordnance to Synte Vettorys when the Emperor was before Marseilles. Gives a further account of his troubles. Can have 20l. for the ordnance. The Great Master of France, who is the Count's father-in-law, has ordered it to be delivered to me, but he does not regard the letter. Has bought a ship to carry it to England; for here no mariners will sail thither, because of the wars between the Emperor and France. Wants his commission to sell the ordnance, but it must be written in Latin. Sent his ship to Constantinople on Whitsunday last, and has letters that she will be here by the end of May, when he will receive for her freight 200 cr. a month. With Lisle's commission to sell the ordnance, he will then sell both ship and ordnance and come home by land. Has suffered great losses; for his ship was driven ashore here and damaged, and afterwards he was taken by the Turks a slave to Barbary, and the baron Syn Blankyrd ransomed him for 250 cr. Is undone if Lisle do not pity him. On the 15 Aug. the French king sent 13 galleys to the Turk and two to bring “the prense of Mallffa at home, and the cheffe in bassathor of thes galles ys the baron Syn Blankard.” They were with the Great Turk at Patras 28 Aug., had an answer from him and left for Marseilles, but were dispersed by a storm in the Gulf of Venice, and no tidings have yet come whether they be lost or safe. The King ordered the two galleys that came home to return and seek the rest. The bearer will tell Lisle of the great battle between the Turks and them (fn. 25) and Andrea Doria, and how many galleys they took, and how many Turks they slew. He is a gentleman of Rhodes, a younger brother going home to his friends for help and has a crown a month from the Religion. There is a galleon of Rhodes at Marseilles, of which the captain, Mr. Teryll, received kindness from Lord Lisle at Calais. Hearing of Chereton being here he sent for him and has invited him daily to dinner and supper and lent him money, for lord Lisle's sake. Hopes, therefore, my lord will be special good lord to this gentleman, for he is patron of the said galleon. His name is Mr. Uppton. Begs his lordship to send him 20 cr. till his ship come. Will be with him before Midsummer day, and bring him the money for the ordnance in payment of his debts.
Headed: Jesus Ano 1538, the 20 day of Febreare, in Marselles. [This is not 1538–9, but the historical year 1538.]
Hol., pp. 2. Add.: To the right honorable my singular good lord Arthur Plantagenet Lisle, lord Deputy of Calais.
(11.) Dated 1538, 6 Dec., at Marseilles. See Vol. XIII., Pt. ii., No. 994.
18 Feb. 19. Ph. de Crequy [Sieur de Bernieulles] to the Deputy of Calais.
R. O. The King (Francis) and Mons. de Brienne have written to me to be at your service in anything you require. If therefore, you desire to send me anywhere I will not fail to go with as many gensdarmes as possible. Monstreuil, 18 Feb. Signed.
Fr., p.
1. Add.: A Mons. le Debitis de Callays.
15 Oct. 20. F. (?) Dally to the Deputy of Calais.
R. O. When I was last at Calais, I promised you a goshawk, which I now send. I would have sent it sooner, but that in flying at a partridge, it hurt its wing. Would be glad if the Deputy could procure him a greyhound for leverets. De Toulencourt (?), 15 Oct. Signed.
Fr., p.
1. Add.
— Nov. 21. Thos. Dockyngton to Lord [Lisle].
R. O. Commendations to Lady Lisle. Came from London on St. Martin's Eve in Hugh Colton's ship, which carried 23 tuns of beer, 7 barrels of butter, a hogshead of ale, 2 fardels of kersey, 3 yards of scarlet for Mr. Porter, which cost 12s. a yard, my lady's petticoat and “hor for chelenes” in one pack, 15l. in angels and many other things. When in the Downs, were boarded by a Fleming, who took away a tun of beer. In consequence of this, lost their tide, which would have brought them to Kyles (Calais). The wind changed and drove them to Dover, where they lay four days. On Friday at 12 came out and ran a quarter over and then ran in again to Dover and lay at anchor. The anchor “doveff” and the ship was broken on the rocks. Was like to perish, for no man durst come near, but at last a boat came and saved them. The goods were all driven on shore and all that was good taken away. Begs lord Lisle to write to the Comptroller and Mayor to make search for his goods, which came to land, as the bearer can tell, who saved his life.
Hol., pp. 2. Add.: my lord Debeyt of Kelyes.
10 Jan. 22. Oudart du Bies to Lord Lisle.
R. O. I have received by the bearer, a merchant of Rochelle, your letters dated 5 Jan., stating that the English admiral is content that the merchants of Rochelle, who have had their wines cast on the coast at Calais, shall have the goods saved delivered to them on giving surety that the English shall be well treated at Boulogne. The bearer, accompanied by the English merchant who has recovered some goods saved, will declare to you that delivery of their merchandise was made into the hands of the host of the Image of St. John, in whose house the English merchant was lodged, and as soon as delivery is made of the wines to which these merchants lay claim, the like will be done to your men. Boulogne, 10 Jan. Signed.
Fr., pp.
2. Add.
31 Jan. 23. Oudart du Bies to Lord Lisle.
R. O. I cannot let your servant, John, the bearer, depart without a line of thanks, for your allowing two oxen to pass to my butcher. Boulogne, 31 Jan. Signed.
Fr., p.
1. Add.
8 Feb. 24. Oudart du Bies to Lord Lisle.
R. O. Has lost a falcon bearing aux vervelles the arms of Mons. de Vendome, from whom he received it, which he thinks has flown towards Calais. Desires assistance to recover it. Boulogne, 8 Feb. Signed.
Fr., p.
1. Add.
10 Feb. 25. Oudart du Bies to Lord Lisle.
R. O. Complains of the imprisonment at Sandwich of the master of a ship, Jean Bouchart, and one of his crew, when they had gone thither to recover the anchors and cables of a ship of which he has the charge, belonging to one of Du Bies's servants, in the river of London, laden with coal for Laurens Gilles, of Calais, which anchors and cables they had been obliged to abandon in bad weather. Certifies that Bouchart is a man of good character. Boulogne, 10 Feb. Signed.
Fr., p.
1. Add.
27 Feb. 26. Oudart du Bies to Lord Lisle.
R. O. Begs that he will deliver to the bearer certain tin plate belonging to the sieur de Vervins, which has been sent by the French ambassador in England. Boulogne, 27 Feb. Signed.
Fr., p.
1. Add.
19 Mar. 27. Oudart du Bies to Lord Lisle.
R. O. I think you remember the recommendation I lately made to you, at St. Yngleuert, of the poor merchant, the bearer, touching 14 puncheons of madder in a ship of 120 tons, which struck against your coast of Calais about Twelfth Night. He has not yet been able to obtain restitution. Boulogne, 19 March. Signed.
I thank you for the fine greyhound you sent me.
Fr., p. 1. Add.
2 June. 28. Oudart du Bies to the Deputy of Calais.
R. O. Has received his letter. Is sorry for the affair of the Master Porter. Assures him those of Boulogne are not to blame. Would have arrested the parties if he could have caught them. Has done nothing unneighbourly, and if the Deputy will do his duty, Du Bies will do his. Boulogne, 2 June. Signed.
Fr., p.
1. Add: A mons. le Debitis de Calais mon bon voisin et amy.
2 July. 29. Oudart du Bies to Lord Lisle.
R. O. I received some days ago your letter in favour of the bearers of this, in whose favour I have made the briefest dispatch of justice that I could. I have caused Honfret Canel whom you demand, to be inquired for through this town, but have not been able to hear of him. He is supposed to have withdrawn to Dieppe. Boulogne, 2 July. Signed.
Fr., p.
1. Add.
4 Aug. 30. Oudart du Bies to Lord Lisle.
R. O. Has received two letters from him by the bearer, the one expressing a desire to visit him, Lisle having written to the King his master for leave to go to Boulogne on pilgrimage. He will be most welcome. Has caused the wine of Wilecot to be delivered without paying subsidy, on Lisle's account. Has also expedited the suit of Jaques Justice, the young man who was wounded; in which sentence shall be given to-morrow. Boulogne, 4 Aug. Signed.
Fr., pp.
2. Add.
20 Sept. 31. Wm. Fawkenor to Lady Lisle.
R. O. Asks her to speak to young Master Palmer to make him a lease of Polycott, of which he has the reversion after the death of old Master Pawmer, of Buckinghamshire. For this and for a lease held by one Kyng, in Polycott, will give him 10l., on chance of its coming to his hands. Ashshyngton, 20 Sept.
Asks for an answer for the bearer.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: At Calais.
13 Dec. 32. Thomas Flemyng, Searcher of Dover, to Lord Lisle.
R. O. Has received his letter dated Calais, 20 Nov. Has made inquiries at Canterbury, Faversham, Sandwich, and elsewhere, but cannot hear of his gear which was lost in Colton's ship. (fn. 26) Dover, 13 Dec.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Lord Deputy, &c., at Calais.
33. Rayffe Foxley to Lord Lisle.
R. O. Denying certain words which, Lisle writes, he is accused, by Mrs. Beysse, of speaking of Lisle's surveyor. Has declared the same to Sir Geo. Carrow. His cousin Polle can confirm his innocence.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: My Lord Lysley.
8 Dec. 34. Malyn Froste to Lady Lisle.
R. O. It was appointed by Lord and Lady Lisle, that Nicholas Person should deliver corn to the value 20l. to her, but he has delivered only 5 qrs. wheat, 9 qrs. oats, and 16 qrs. barley, which comes not to 10l., as appears by her letter of this date to Lord Lisle. About 3 Dec., Nicholas said he would deliver no more corn. Begs her to order him to do so. Is a poor widow. Her corn has failed, and she is not able to make shift for her household this year. The Feast of the Conception of our Lady.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: at Calais.
21 May. 35. Sir Richard Graynfyld to Lord Lisle.
R. O. Has sent Master Ryngeley 100l. in part payment, and to Master Porter and Master Skryvyn, a letter, by which you will see my whole intention is to accomplish Ryngeley's desire. Begs remembrance to Lady Lisle. Stow, 21 May. Signed.
1. Add.
13 Sept. 36. Margaret Greanfyld (fn. 27) to Lady Lisle.
R. O. I received your letter by Elizabeth Stekelne, your beadwoman, in which you wrote marvellous things to hear. Good madam, take you no thought for no thing worldly of this transitory world, for I trust ye have love of God. It is a good token, for ye have the love of the people as much as any woman that ever I heard of. Be joyful in our Lord, and no doubt He will send you comfort. It is a token of the love of God when he sends trouble, and especially to them that be good. There is no need to counsel you to take patience. I am sorry that you should have any grief, for I know you of old, for you would no trouble to any living creature. We heard you and my lord would come into these parts. I and many others would be right glad if it might so be.
I have sent two pair of sleeves with this letter. They are not so fine as I would. I cannot get here cloth of the breadth of which you wrote, as it is made in Brittany. If I can get any, I will do my best. Holy Rood Even.
Good madam, be merry, that shall make you live long, and be great gladness to your friends.
Hol., p. 1. Add: At Calais. [13 Sept. 1537. See Vol. XII. Pt. ii., No. 569.]
37. Thos. Hall to Lady Lisle.
R. O. Though unknown to her ladyship, desires her favour and that she will speak to my Lord in his behalf. Is a prisoner for debt, through misfortune by the sea. Would gladly give to the merchant who has imprisoned him for 30l. all the money owing to him in England. Desires to be taken into her ladyship's service for 40s. a year. Would give the merchant also 40s. yearly to come out of debt. Begs she will speak to Mr. Scryven to help him, as my Lord referred the matter to him. The bearer is his wife before God, whom he would have married before leaving England but has constrained to go from place to place and come here for succour. Intended to marry her here at St. Peter's secretly last week, but was disappointed by being put in prison. Said she was his wife that he might not shame her among her friends. Offers her a white ambling gelding of his in England, worth 20 angels of gold. The merchant means to take passage tonight and leave him here in prison. Begs her assistance for his wife, who is with child, else here in prison, “stopyde” with ill airs, he will die.
Hol., pp. 3. Add.: In Calais.
38. Thos. Hall to Lady Lisle.
R. O. Thanks for her kindness. Mr. Skryven says the merchant will take his bond without surety, if Lady Lisle will say that he will be paid 40s. yearly. Begs her to tell Skryven that the merchant will be paid. Will then be delivered out of prison, and if he can go to England, doubts not that he will be able in five months to agree with the merchant for 20 nobles more. Rayffe Iwers and one Bothe, an archer, will be bound for him, but the merchant and Mr. Skryvan will not take them unless Lady Lisle promises to see that he pays them. If he stops here any longer in this air, will be “stoffed up” so that it will be his death, by which the merchant will lose.
Hol., pp. 2. Add.
29 June. 39. Sir Richard Hart to Lord Lisle.
R. O. Is glad to hear that her Ladyship has taken her chamber. Her good delivery will be joyful to all her friends. Thanks my lady for her kind letter. Has since replied. Lord Stourton is merry. Will be glad to hear of a young lord Lysley. Hinton, St. Peter's day [29 June 1537].
Hol., p. 1. Add.: At Calais.
40. [John Husee] to Lord Lisle.
R. O. [I send your patent] “for your annuity of ii [C li.] … the great seal of the Aug[mentation office, and no little trouble I have] had to have it pass before th … for whoever has ado with that Court shall know what he cometh by or he depart thence.” Will do his best to get the money to pay the draper, who calls daily for it. Hoping Lisle will send an acquittance for Mr. Pope by the first that comes, with a gentle letter to induce him to show more gentleness. “For the Friars I trust my [lord Privy Seal] will have it in reme[mbrance]. * * *
Hol., a fragment, p. 1. Add.: Deputy of Calais.
41. Thos. Lark to Mr. Horton.
R. O. I commend me unto you and my bedfellow. On Tuesday before Whitsunday Mrs. Percy put up an answer in the Court against your declaration, of which I send you a copy. In the latter part she acknowledges she had no right to certain tenements, but perhaps it was the negligence of the writer. Take counsel whether the Mayor can allow her to amend her answer. I have received no money of Coley the capper, who says you should have been here long ago, and that Edmund Sandwich bad him pay none till you came. Calais, Thursday in Whitsun week.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Mr. Horton, servant to my lord Chancellor, dwelling in St. Michael's, Cornhill.
42. Sir Ric. Lister to Lady Lisle.
R. O. Sends her a letter from lord Lisle, which he received today by his servant that came from the Court. Was very glad of it, for it answers matters which he feared would put lord Lisle to business, of which lady Lisle's chaplain and he communed. Trusts lord Lisle will not be long away from her. Has told the chaplain his mind. Hampton, Friday evening.
Hol., p. 1. Add.
43. Sir Ric. Lyster to Lord Lisle.
R. O. Waited for him at Poules by his servant's appointment for two hours, but could wait no longer. Will be in London again at the end of next week, and will wait on him and his lady. Asks him to send word by Pony, the bearer, his servant, whether he can do anything to serve his lordship. Syon, Thursday morning.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Lord Lisle. Endd.: Lord Chief Baron.
6 Jan. 44. Charles Martel [Sieur de Bacqueville] to Lord Lisle.
R. O. It is more than a month since I wrote to you and made answer about the wine you wished to have. I fear you cannot have had my letter. If you will send a man eight days before the ship, I will direct him to a place at Rouen where he will get good wine, and will have it sent to Dieppe by cart. Eu, ce jour des Roix. Signed.
Fr., p.
1. Add.
2 Feb. 45. Charles Martel to Lord Lisle.
R. O. I have received your letter, and thank you for the goodwill you express towards me. I should be glad if it were in my power to do you service. Basqueville, 2 Feb. Signed.
Fr., p.
1. Add.
23 Aug. 46. Charles Martel to Lady Lisle.
R. O. I write to excuse myself for not having fulfilled my promise on account of the short stay I have made in this quarter, because of the business we have had in this country. I send two little bitches, and am sorry I could not get finer ones. De vostre maison de Bacquevylle. 23 Aug.
Fr. Hol., p. 1. Add.
47. [Lady Lisle] to [Charles Martel].
R. O. Monseigneur, I have received your letter and handsome present of two little bitches by the bearer. You have more than fulfilled your promise, for you have sent me two instead of one. I esteem your good will even more highly. I am sorry I have nothing worth sending you at present.
Fr. Draft, p. 1.
23 Oct. 48. Charles Martel to Lady Lisle.
R. O. Takes the opportunity of this bearer to write and express his willingness to serve her in any way he can. De vostre maison de Bacquevylle, 23 Oct. Signed.
Fr., p.
1. Add.
15 Nov. 49. Charles Martel to Lord Lisle.
R. O. I am much bound to you for the good turn done to my man at Dover by one of your men. I think you can get good wine if you will send for it. Wines are very dear this year. Beaune costs 20 fr. the half queue, and wines of Auxerrois and Burgundy, 18 fr. the muid. You can send your ship to Dieppe without going to Rouen, but you should send a man eight or ten days before to bring the wines by cart from Rouen to Dieppe, and instruct him to pass here where one of my servants will put him in the way, for today I am going to the Court. Basqueville, 15 Nov. Signed.
Fr., p.
1. Add.
4 Aug. 50. Sir Henry Owen to Lady Lisle.
R. O. Asks her to take some pains in the matter between himself and Rukwod. Has written to him to make her an answer. Will be contented with what will please her and Lord Lisle; otherwise will ask Lord Lisle that he may have justice on him. Has a writ of outlawry against him, which he would be loth to execute. Chichester, 4 Aug. Signed.
1. Add.
51. [Sir] Thomas Ponynges to Lord Lisle.
R. O. My brother (fn. 28) has given Rob. Westby, his servant, his room of 6d. a day. I beg you to admit him. Hostrynghangar, Thursday after Easter Day. Signed.
1. Add.: Lord Lysle, deputy of Calais.
52. J. de Quieret to Lord Lisle.
R. O. I am sorry to learn from you that your daughter is unwell. Let me know if there be anything in my house that may be to her fancy. Landreteun, Thursday.
Hol., Fr., p. 1. Add.: Mons. de Lille, grant gouverneur pour le Roy en la conte de Guines.
19 April. 53. Thos. Rainolde, Priest, to Lady Lisle.
R. O. Received on the 9th, her letter dated Calais, the 3rd inst., saying that she has received his second letters by Mr. Penison and intends shortly to send her son to Paris (fn. 29) as she did before. At his coming, will lament nothing but that his power will not be according to his will to do him pleasure and service, which he is bound to do in consequence of the kindness of Lord and Lady Lisle, when he was last at Calais. Never found such kindness before in persons of their estate and dignity. Is bound also by the old familiarity and gentleness of her brother Mr. John Grainfild, and the singular benefits of Mrs. Grainfild; is also a poor countryman of his. Asks for instructions at his coming. Paris, 19 April [1535].
Hol., p. 1. At Calais.
1 April. 54. Edward Rye to Lord Lisle.
R. O. The six oxen that Henry Southouse has will not be sold under 18l. st. Cannot buy a score of the best fat wethers under 4l. 3s. 4d. st. Faversham, 1 April.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: deputy of Calais.
10 April. 55. Thomas Rythe to Lord Lisle.
R. O. Requests payment of 40 marks, the remainder of a debt of 40l. owing to his deceased mother, Malen Frost, (fn. 30) who borrowed the money of the writer's brother Hall. Lisle might give him a letter to Mr. Wynssor to discharge the debt. The Rolls, 10 April.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: deputy of Calais.
24 June. 56. Mary Seynt Aubyn to Lady Lisle.
R. O. Her husband has received her ladyship's letter by her servant Trevena, to whom she asks the continuance of her favour. He often talks of her great goodness. Though youth has ruled him before this, now he is well amended. Clowens, Midsummer day. Signs as “Your loving and lowly sister.”
Hol., p. 1. Add.: At Calais.
25 June. 57. Thomas Seynt Aubyn to Lady Lisle.
R. O. Desires to be commended to Lord Lisle and thanks her for her kindness to himself and her beadman and servant Trevina, who is now of a new fashion, being Lord Lisle's servant. He hopes to be able to recover the lands which his father put away. Thanks her for the “enbracelett” which she sends as a token, and which he wears as she wrote. Thanks her for the gulls, of which he had ten, and his cousin Digorye other ten. This year they were very few. The raven has destroyed the harnsews, so that none could be had. It has destroyed above a dozen “sygys,” and cannot be destroyed as yet by any means.
Will attend to her affairs as if they were his own. Is sorry he has no token he can send her. The morrow after Midsummer day.
Offers to do any service for Robt. Harrys, her servant, who, while in Cornwall, was glad to do as much pleasure to Seyntaubyn and his wife as he could. He was glad to come to Clewyns at all times. It was a good sight to see him and Trevina together. They are two tall persons, honestly and clean appointed, and of good demeanour and well mannered. Sees none such like them in the west parts of Cornwall. His wife sends half an angel to Lady Lisle by Harrys and Trevina.
Hol., p. 1. Add.
31 Jan. 58. Thos. Seyntaubyn to Lady Lisle.
R. O. Recommendations from himself and her sister his wife to lord and lady Lisle. Thanks for the great reward and gift she sent to her niece, his daughter, and for the coneys, gulls, and other pleasures, for the ship of wheat and other goodness. His cousin, Sir Wm. Gotholghan, and many others have taken as much as they would carry away, but the ship stands as full laded as ever. Sends a dozen puffins. Will do the best he can for her profit. Would be glad to come to Calais as lady Lisle wishes. “With the good help of my good lord, I would then trust to make you to say that I am not your pricklouse nor knave, but mercy ever cry to have.” Is glad to hear of her good recovery, and that she has her health, and that lord Lisle is so gentle and kind to her at all times, and most at her uttermost grievance, 31 Jan.
Hopes Trevinna will be able to serve them. He writes that he is bound during life to pray for her, and heartily thanks her for her kindness. His daughter Phelyppe, lady Lisle's old servant, died on Christmas Day.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: at Calais.
59. John Skwtt to Lady Lisle.
R. O. Thanks her for quails. She shall receive by Master Hussey her black satin gown, furred with sables, and the skinner's bill, to whom Hussey has paid 17s. Hopes she will remember his obligation at Michaelmas.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: at Calais.
25 Feb. 60. Peter Steppe to Lady Lisle.
R. O. Has received all the crewel according to her letters, and it shall be wrought as soon as possible, but he cannot make so much work in that space as she requires. Has not yet received the wheat and barley of which she writes. If he knows what the crewel cost, will provide more. My lady (fn. 31) is at Byssham till May, and is minded to come to Warblyngton at that time. Warblyngton, 25 Feb.
Hol., p. 1. Add.
31 Dec. 61. Mylys Strylley, Mercer, to George Caro.
R. O. My [lord's] letter never came to the hands of Mr. Popley. [I] have spoken with him myself, so that in any wise you must speak to my lord, and speed is necessary. Tell Stephen Gen[i]nges I can have no bows for him yet of the kind he wishes, but will provide for him shortly. This day Thos. Beynyt's sister (fn. 32) is buried. London, 31 Dec.
Hol., p. 1. Mutilated. Add.: To my trusty and well beloved cousin, George Caro, this be delivered at Calais.
62. Johan Van Vermonde to —.
R. O. Asks him to help the writer's servant Frederick to a passport for three horses.
Dutch. Hol., p. 1.
63. Cristofer Westus to Lady Lisle.
R. O. Hopes she and lord Lisle are in good health. Reminds her of the wages and livery she promised him, which is paid to all his company at Subberton, except himself, or else he desires her to get him some good room in Calais.
Hol., p. 1. Add.
64. Eleanor Whalley to Lady Lisle.
R. O. Thanks her for her kind letter received from Ric. Randoll, a servant of Mr. Wallop's, who brought also five oz. of gold, “which he see weighed himself by the goldsmith's weights, very bare weight.” Has received also half an oz. from one of her servants, as appears by a bill enclosed, at 3s. 4d. the oz. The sum is 20s. 2d. Has sent the frontlet in hand, for the time was so short and the holidays so nigh that she could make no more speed. It will stand her in 4 marks and 40d. London, 3 May.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: at Calais.
17 Sept. 65. Ellenor Whalley, Silkwoman, to Lady Lisle.
R. O. Hopes Lady Lisle with her daughters and gentlewomen are in good health. Thanks her for the great cheer made to her and her husband. Sends by the bearer, the master of Bartbelettes ship of Calais, a hundred of quinces. Her husband also desires to be recommended to lord and lady Lisle. Tomorrow he rides to the Court, and will not forget lord Lisle's business. Desires to be recommended to Mr. Surveyor, Mrs. Clynton, her cousin Skryven, and his wife, and Mrs. Lylgrave. London, The sign of the Blew Bell in Cheapesyde, 17 Sept.
“Your little man that came with me from Calais, which goeth to Brystowe, lyeth at home with me as yet.”
Hol., p. 1. Add.: in Calais.
15 May. 66. Thos. Wyse, Priest, to Lady Lisle.
R. O. Thanks for her letters and for the kindness showed to the conveyers of his letters. Desires to be commended to lord Lisle. Exeter, 15 May. Signed.
1. Add.: in Calais.
2 Feb. 67. John Yoman to Lord Lisle.
R. O. Desires his favor in behalf of a son of his wife, who has been involved in a fray in which a man was killed, having been attacked in London and other places. He is in sanctuary. All he and his company did was in self-defence; but “they come after him and hys compayne and fowllyng tham to Graves in (Gray's Inn?).” Canterbury, 2 Feb.
P.S. “The whych my son hys Mayster Doctor Hewes serviaunt, and he ys very good mayster unto hym, and aso your Lordschp to be good honorabyll lordschip unto hym, and I beyng your pore servant and orator, John Yoman.”
Hol., p. 1. Add.: To, &c., my lord Lysslye Vecunt thys by delivered at Calys.
68. Household Provisions.
R. O. 1. Memorandum of the delivery of cheeses to lady Wodall, Mrs. Pownddes, Mr. Wette, Benett's wife, Mr. Germon, the Castle, and “for your own house here.”
P. 1.
R. O. 2. Received of my lord 7s. 6d.
For butter, 17d.; to Mawde Hensley for butter, 9d.; eggs, 8d.; strawberries, 1d.; a pig, 3½d.; half a veal, 13d.; chickens, 4d.; half a veal, 16d.; a pig, 4d.; eggs, 3½d.; butter to Whetley, 12d.; butter to Mawde Hensley, 8d.; total, 8s. 3d., and so remains 9d.
R. O. 3. A receipt for making jelly of gooseberries and cherries, &c., and preserving nuts.
Fr., pp. 2. Endd.: Jehan Vauchier dit Noyrelet, de Escales.
1031. Lord Lisle and the Government of Calais.
1. Armour.
R. O. Petition of Bowen Williamson, soldier and armourer of Calais, to Viscount Lisle, the King's deputy, and the Council there, stating that his late uncle Jacob Watt, late armourer to the King, had left in his house much goodly harness, newly wrought, and other necessaries, intending the preferment of the petitioner as next of kin to himself, and willed his executors to deliver the same to him at a reasonable price; that he agreed with them about the sum to be paid at a day appointed, and that if he fail to come that day, they will make the most they can of it. As he is unable to keep his day, and the stuff is worth much more than his price, he begs that, by aid of the Council, the men-at-arms may be induced to contribute, and he will bind himself body, goods, lands and wages for repayment.
Hol., p. 1.
2. Affrays.
R. O. An order made upon the regulation, that no man be so hardy to make affray upon the walls, “neither in the Scowtwache,” on pain of death.
For the offence committed by John Crosby, soldier in wages with Ric. Long, and Jas. Plummer, soldier companion with Sampson Norton, vintner, who in going their course fell at debate and had to be separated by the Scowtwache, it is ordered by Viscount Lisle, deputy of the town and marches, and the Council here that they avoid the town before this day fortnight at sunset.
P. 1.
3. [Retinues] at Calais.
R. O. “Of the retenew”:—Hew Fylcokys, Richard Smyth, Edw. Malpas, John Davy, Rowland Jacson, Wm. Talbott, Wm. Fletcher, Ric. Mon, Wm. Aston, Raff Walsche, Tebott Parrott, Peter Beckwyth (struck out).
Of my Lord's servants:—Thos. Walkley, Robt. Cotgrave, John Cookson, Trevenyon, John Porter.
Of the Checker wages:—Hary Warton, Robt. Westley, Nic. Rowsse, Robt. Dode, Master Marschall's cook, three of Mr. Long's servants, two of Mr. Loveday's servants; John Prestwych, Robt. Upraynold's servant; Robt. Frynde, Mr. Rooewood's servant; Richard, Mr. Bowcher's servant; Ric. Elyot, Mr. Ponynges servant; Robt., Mr. Rawlyns' servant; Jorge Vale, a commoner; a scherman, a commoner; Gylbert Paynter's son, a commoner; Ric. Stoner; Wm., Mr Horleston's servant; John Crosby.
P. 1.
4. Examination before my Lord Deputy.
R. O. Of John à Bryges, soldier, of the Exchequer, and others, touching the alleged intrusion of Andrew Barete on a place in South Skallys in the parish of Guysnys.
Pp. 2. The first line and a half are in the hand writing of Lord Lisle.
1539–40. 1032. Books of the Court of Augmentations.
R. O. Enrolments of grants by the Crown in the Augmentations in 31 Hen. VIII. (Continued from Vol. XIV., Part I., pp. 593–611).
Augm. Book.
233, f. 252.
I. Appointments to Offices in 31 Hen. VIII.
John Wellysburn, gentleman of the Privy Chamber. To be steward of the lands late of Abingdon monastery. 17 Dec. 31 Hen. VIII.
252b. Arthur Porter, King's servant. To be particular receiver of the lands of Lantony monastery, Glouc. 12 Aug.
337b. Thos. Thomwod. To be bailiff and woodward of the lands of the late abbey of Garredon. Undated
338. John Gounter, yeoman of the Crown. To be bailiff and woodward of the lordship of Burgavenny, which belonged to the suppressed monastery of Burgavenny in Wales, vice Mdd. ap Sir Phelyp, dec. 9 June.
341. Walter Cromer, M.D. To be one of the King's physicians in ordinary with 20l. annuity. 8 Aug.
341b. Augustine de Augustinis, M.D. To be one of the King's physicians in ordinary with 20l. annuity.
342b. John Care, groom of the Privy Chamber. To be steward of the manors of Hunnysdon, Estwike, and Pisshebury, Herts. 13 Sept.
Augm. Book.
235, f. 2.
Walt. Hendle. To be attorney of the Augmentations, vice Robt. Southwell, who has surrendered the office. 18 March.
The same. Increase of his salary as attorney by 50l. a year. 19 March.
2b. Nich. Bacon. To be solicitor of the Augmentations, vice Walter Hendle. 18 March.
The same. Increase of his salary as solicitor, by 50l. a year. 19 March.
4b. Hen. Gunnyston. To be bailiff and collector of rents of certain granges, manors, and rectories (specified), which belonged to Combermere monastery. 20 Oct.
5. Sir Anth. Browne, King's servant. To be keeper of the chief messuage and bailiff of the manor of Essher, Surr. 1 Nov.
6b. Sir Thos. Hennege, King's servant. To be keeper of the park of Kynton, Midd. 7 March.
7. Hen. Birde, a yeoman usher of the Chamber. To be bailiff of the manors of Shitlyngton and Barton, Beds, and all lands there which belonged to Ramsey monastery. 4 March.
8b. Ric. Heigham. To be under steward of the town of Bury St. Edmond's, Suff. Bury St. Edmunds. 25 Feb.
9. Sir Francis Bryan, King's servant. To be keeper of the chief messuage and bailiff of the manor of Cheltesey, Midd., which the King lately had of Wm. lord Sandes. 8 March.
11. Gregory Lovell, King's servant. To be keeper of Hanworthe park, Midd. 17 Dec.
11b. Thos. Denton, a sewer of the Chamber. To be under steward of the lands of the late abbey of Abingdon, Berks. 15 Dec.
22. Wm. Turnor and Matth. Coltehirste. Grant, in survivorship, of the office of an auditor of the Augmentations, granted 23 April 28 Hen. VIII. to the said Turnor alone. 16 Oct.
24. Sir John Williams, master of the King's jewels. To be chief steward and bailiff of the manors of Grafton and Hertwell, Ntht., and parker there, and keeper of Grafton manor, which offices Sir John Russell lately held without patent; and chief steward and bailiff of Aston, Pury and Alderton manors, and certain lands lately purchased from Wm. Maryotte in cos. Bucks and Ntht. 8 Feb.
25. Wm. Fermor, King's servant. To be steward of Islip manor, Oxon. 5 March.
Thos. Johnson, a yeoman of the Guard. To be bailiff of the manor or lordship of Swawdell, co. Richmond. Rievaulx. 16 April.
29. Thos. Stydolff, an usher of the Chamber. To be understeward of the lands of the late abbey of Chertsey, Surr., with profits as enjoyed by John Dannaster, his predecessor. 18 March.
Augm. Book.
233, f. 252.
II. Life Grants of Lands and Annuities in 31 Hen. VIII.
Sir Ric. Page, King's servant. 10l. annuity in consideration of his surrender of the keepership of Assher parke and other offices in Assher, Surr., which he had of the bp. of Winchester. 12 Sept. 31 Hen. VIII.
252b. Ric. Dey, King's servant. Two tenements in St. Martin's Owtwiche parish, London. London Charterhouse. 24 Sept.
253. Robt. Adams, King's servant. 6l. annuity, 22 Sept.
Nich. Sympson, of the Privy Chamber. Six tenements in St. Mary Matfelon parish, London. Minories. 16 Sept.
Geo. Harper, an esquire for the Body. Two tenements in le Barge in Buckelersbury, parish of St. Stephen's Walbrook, London. College of Acon. 12 Aug.
337b. John Boneham, King's servant. Manor of Marston, Wilts. Farleygh. 12 May.
338. Lady Joan Rocheford, widow. Manors of Utlecote and Loxley, Warw. Kenilworth. Undated.
338b. Wm. Bolton, King's servant, and Joan his wife. A tenement at the west end of the Grey Friars church in Newgate, which was granted 14 March 30 Hen. VIII. to the said William alone. Grey Friars, London. 30 June.
339. Mary duchess of Richmond and Somerset and countess of Nottingham (in consideration of her marriage with the King's kinsman (consanguineus) Henry, late duke of Richmond, &c., dec.). Manor of Goddescroft and rectory of Southlynne, Norf. Westacre. 16 July.
339b. Wm. Crofton, King's servant, and Blanche his wife. Two tenements in St. Michael's parish, Cornhill, London. St. Helen's priory, London. 29 July.
Sir Chr. Moryse, King's servant. Site of the monastery of St. Mary Graces next the Tower of London, with certain tenements there (minutely described), the manors of Gravesende and Parrocke, Kent, and certain lands (described) in Gravesend, Henhurst, and Mylton, Kent. St. Mary Graces. 17 July.
340b. Wm. Gurlewe, King's servant, and Eliz. his wife. A tenement in St. Helen's parish, London. St. Helen's priory. Undated.
Hen. Stephenson, King's servant. 10 mks. annuity. 7 July.
The like for Ric. Bowyer, Thos. Byrde, and Robt. Pery, King's servants.
342. Robt. Seymer, King's servant. Reversion and rent reserved on a Crown lease, of 16 May 30 Hen. VIII., to John Burdon of Northwelbasset, Essex, of lands in Barford, Wilts. Also site of Ederos priory and manors of Ederos, alias Ivechurche, Alwardbury, Laverstoke, Bemerton, Guidhampton, Croucheston, and Whaddon, Wilts, and the rectory of Caundelhaddon, Dors., corrodies out of Salisbury Cathedral and Wilton monastery, and annuities in Chippenham, Winterslawe, and Claryngdon, Wilts. Ederos. 8 Sept.
Augm. Book.
235, f. 1.
Eliz. Peche, widow of Sir John Peche. 10 mks. annuity, to date from Mich. 30 Hen. VIII. 21 Oct.
John Martyn, a sewer of the Chamber. 20l. annuity out of the manor of Ryblesdale, Yorks. The like annuity was granted 28 July 20 Hen. VIII., by Henry, late earl of Northumberland, to John Norton, who afterwards made it over to the said Martyn, who has surrendered it that this might be granted. 6 Nov. (enrolled again at f. 29).
1b. Hugh Latimer, clk., late bp. of Worcester. 100 mks. annuity. 3 Dec.
Thos. Ashwell. 5l. annuity (payable in Huntingdonshire). 13 April.
Nic. Shaxton, clk., late bp. of Sarum. 100 mks. annuity. 6 Dec.
4. John Tirrell, groom of the Counter House (“gromet. Compatatorii (sic) nostri”). Two tenements beside the Thames in Greenwich. Shene. 16 Oct.
5. Ant. Fenwyke. Tenement called le Stonehouse in Grenelighton, Nthld. Newminster. 12 Nov.
5b. Jas. Mannynge, King's servant, and Joan his wife. A messuage in Richmond, Surr. Shene. 2 Nov.
Hugh Carre, King's servant. Tenement called Moynes in Assheldham, Essex. Bilegh. 6 Dec.
Hugh Nalyngherst, a groom of the Chamber. Several tenements (specified, one is called the Seven Stars) in the parish of St. Olave's in Southwark. Battle. 15 Dec. [This grant is for 40 years, not for life.]
6. Henry earl of Surrey. Reversion and rent reserved on lease to Wm. Burnell, 7 Feb. 30 Hen. VIII., of the house, &c., of Wymondham, Norf.; with grant of the same during the life of Thos. duke of Norfolk, father of the said Henry. 1 Dec.
7. Ric. Breme, King's servant, and Margery his wife. The manors, &c., called Wynslowe, Greneburgh, Parva Horwood, Owyngton, and Marston, and the manor of Byggyng in Greneburgh, with the market and a water-mill in Wynslowe, and the rectories of Greneburgh and Horwood, and tithes, &c., belonging to Wynslowe rectory, Bucks. St. Albans. 12 March.
7b. Wm. Gurlewe, King's servant, and Eliz. his wife. A tenement in St. Helen's parish, London. St. Helen's priory. 21 March.
8. Cecily Unton, wife of Alex. Unton, esquire for the Body. Manor and advowson of the church of Hawtforde, alias Hatforde, Berks. [No monastery named.] 9 Feb.
Thos. Playfote, King's servant. Two tenements in St. John's Street, Midd. London Charterhouse. 21 Feb.
8b. John Worth, one of “lez queries de quere” of the King's stable, who resigns an annuity of 22l. Annuity of 24l. 10d. out of the manor of Bucklond, Soms. Bucklond, Soms. 10 March.
9. John Avery, late yeoman of the Bottles. A messuage called Muswell farm, chapel called Muswell chapel, and the priest's chamber over the gate, in Clerkenwell parish, and two fields called Hoppyng Fields in Iselden parish, Midd.; which premises were leased to him by Isabel, late prioress of Clerkenwell. Clerkenwell. 4 Feb. (In English.)
10. Thos. Hutton, King's servant. A tenement and three shops in the parish of St. Pancras, beside Westchepe, London. College of Acon. 14 Dec.
10b. Wm. Blakenhale, a clerk of the Spicery. Two tenements in Great Allhallows parish, London. Elsingspittle. 15 Dec.
Perot le Doulce, cook pro ore both to Hen. VII. and Hen. VIII. A tenement near Charing Cross. (Former owner not named.) 10 Dec. [For 40 years, not for life.]
14. Jas. Joskyn. Site of Blakeborough priory and other lands, leased to him 20 March 28 Hen. VIII. 17 April.
19. Wm. lord Sandes. Annual rent of 51l. which he is bound to pay for the site, &c., of the priory of Mottisfont granted to him 27 June 28 Hen. VIII. in exchange for his manor of Chelleshithe; and confirmation of his title in the said site, &c. 12 April.
23b. Ric. bp. suffragan of Dover. House and site, &c., of the Black Friars of Langley, alias Langley Regis, alias Childerlangley, alias Chilternelaggley, Herts., with all lands which belonged to that house in cos. Herts and Kent (specified); except certain marshes (named) in Kent. Grant to be void if he be advanced to ecclesiastical benefices worth 100l. 7 Feb.
24b. Edw. Brysseley, King's servant. Tenements in Gildon Moredon, Camb. Barnwell. 17 Feb.
25. Edw. Peyton, King's servant. 20 mks. annuity out of Melford manor, Suff. Bury St. Edmund's. 19 Feb.
25b. Wm. Tyrrell of Beches, Essex. Messuages leased to John Aleyn in Thornedon and Aspall, Suff., and the manor of Ryseangles, Suff. Redlingfeld. 8 April.
39. Sir Wm. Pownder, King's servant, and Margaret his wife. Tenements (specified) in the parishes of St. Dunstan's in the West, St. Andrew's in Holborn, Allhallows the More, and St. Matthew's in Friday Street, West Chepe, London. St. Mary Overey. 8 Feb.
III. Pensions to Monks in 31 Hen. VIII.
[These pensions are to date from Michaelmas or Lady Day, and to be paid half-yearly, and in most cases a money gift equal to about one quarter of the pension is given in addition, to make the pension date from the dissolution of the house. Rectories or manors granted in addition to money pensions have invariably been part of the possessions of the house; and, in the case of men, pensions are to cease upon the recipients of them being advanced by the King to ecclesiastical promotions of equal value. In the following abstract the amounts and particulars of pensions are, for brevity, only given in the case of heads of houses. Dates, where not given, are the same as in the preceding entry. The words “abbot” or “abbess” and “prior” or “prioress” are abbreviated “a” and “p.”]
Augm. Book.
233, f. 106.
Cerne, Dors. Thos. Norman, a. 100l. 25 April 31 Hen. VIII.
Also several warrants for Ric. Forte, Rog. Grenewey, Wm. Geffreys, Hen. Smyth, Thos. Salter, Roger Goolde, Steph. Wykes, Ric. Ide, John Farbur, John Mere, Simon Barwyke, John Croker, Wm. Dyer, Thos. Smythe, John Harrys, John Johnson, monks there.
146b. London, Friars Preachers. John bp. of Rochester, prior commendatory. 60l. and the “Priors Lodging” within the said house. 9 June.
147. St. Osith's, Essex. John Witherik, a. 100l. 8 Aug.
Also John Ruffall, Cornelius Williamson, John Harwiche, John Sherman, John Thorpe, Geo. Thurston, Edm. Grove, Ric. Symnell, Ralph Dale, Robt. Sprotte, Thos. Haywode, Wm. Newman, Nich. Busshe, Ric. Woode, and Wm. Jolly, canons.
150b. Lacocke, Wilts. Joan Temmes, p. 40l. 14 June.
Also Eleanor Monmorthe, Anne Bridges, Anne Patsall, Elena Benet, Marg. Legetton, Eliz. Baynton, Agnes Bygnore, Marg. Welsshe, Joan Marshall, Eliz. Wye, Eleanor Bardall, Anne Trace, Eliz. Wylsoun, Scolease Hewes, Eleanor Maundrell, and Thomasina Jervys, nuns.
154b. York, Friars Preachers. Wm. Vavasour, warden. 5l. 3 July.
197. Montacute, Soms. John Wallys, Robt. Warrenner, John Cogen, Thos. Tawnton alias Chyswaie, Thos. Hamme, Wm. Dyer, John Crybbe, John Clerke, John Webbe, Robt. Bryande, Laur. Herforde, Wm. Wynter, John Palle, John Symmes, Wm. Cryse, and Wm. Rogers, monks. 26 April.
200. Tavystocke, Devon. John Peryn, a. 100l. 26 April.
Also Robt. Walshe, John Corter, John Harres, John Puxeley, John Axworthe, Wm. Growdon, Steph. Kemell, Wm. Chester, Wm. Parke, Ric. Gregory, Wm. Wyllyams, Ric. Wakeham, Wm. Lecheden, Edm. Peryn, John Abrahame, John Benett, Nich. Bukfaste, John Wele, Ric. Peke, monks.
204b. Bradnestocke, Wilts. Wm. Snowe, p. 60l. 24 April.
Also Jas. Cole (enrolled before the prior's), Thos. Penne, Thos. Mason, Ralph Hyll, Geo. Notyngham, Edw. Bruer, Thos. Mesenger, Jas. Wykam, Ric. Ware, Ric. Thomson, John Playsterer, Thos. Baker, and John Hancockes, canons.
207b. Montacute, Soms. Robt. Whytlocke alias Gybbes, p. 80l.; with the chief messuage of Est Chynnok, Soms. 26 April.
Edyngton, Wilts. John Payne, John Chaundeler, Ric. Phelyppes, Thos. Yatte, John Noble, Robt. Heade, John Morgayne, John Webbe, Thos. Button, Thos. Aleyne, and Wm. Whethers, members of the convent. 28 April.
209b. The same. Paul Busshe, rector. All the houses and buildings which the farmer of the manor of Coleshill, Berks, leased to the said rector and his successors; and 100l.
210. Shaftysbury, Dors. Eliz. Zouche, a. 133l. 6s. 8d. 26 April.
Also Kath. Hall (20l.), Eliz. Monmouth, Eliz. Bryther, Marg. Hymnerforde, Joan Amys, Elesia Jakes, Philippa Cattysby, Marg. Cockes, Eliz. Goodwyn, Ursula Payne, Amicia Ball, Joan Farrendon, Avicia Brente, Alice Champeney, Joan Kelly, Alice Payne, Joan Longford, Edith Kemer, Bridget Fauntelaroy, Kath. Gelise, Alice Baker, Eliz. Care, Joan Benbury, Joan Percevall, Marg. Mewe, Anne Awdeley, Alice Pecocke, Mary Cressett, Juliana Burdeauxe, Joan Towse, Anne Phylpott, Marg. Butsett, Eliz. Ayssheley, Christina Weston, Edith Magdalen, Eliz. Horsey, Marg. Neuton, Alice Gererde, Ursula Johnson, Eliz. Larder, Alice Rogers, Dorothy Clansy, Anne Bodenham, Eliz. Denham, Thomasina Hussey, Alice Bonde, Eliz. Wortheton, Marg. Kaylewey, Marg. Aysshe, Joan West, Kath. Haywarde, Marg. Lovell, Eliz. Babyngton, Marg. Frye, and Alice Bysse, nuns.
221. St. John's priory in Wells, Soms. Ric. Clerkson, master. 12l. 28 April.
Also Wm. Markes, John Dyte, and John Carnyke, brethren.
221b. Torre, Devon. Simon Rede, a. 66l. 13s. 4d. 25 April.
Also Ric. Mylton, John Asteredge, John Wyll, Thos. Lawdymere, Thos. Clemente, Thos. James, John Shapeley, John Payne, John Lane, Hen. Bagwell, John Fermer, Thos. Brydgeman, Thos. Emette, Thos. Knolle, and Ric. Yonge, monks.
225. Abbottysburye, Dors. Roger Rodden, a. 80l. 12 May.
Also Thos. Bradforde, Thos. Tolpudle, Wm. Greye, John Blandforde, John Vynsante, Hen. Lyme, Wm. Bonor, Wm. Styvy, and Thos. Holneste, monks.
227. London, the Minories without Aldgate. Eliz. Salvage, a. 40l. 4 May.
Also Anne Hunte, Agnes Lexam, Joan Walgrave, Sibella Vincente, Felicia Ransom, Alice Watts, Eliz. Perpoynte, Marg. Halywell, Alice Edwards, Agnes Elmer, Juliana Cressey, Marg. Boroughe, Marg. Perpoynte, Eliz. Copeleye, Eliz. Baker, Barbara Neyle, Joan Gowringe, Frances Somer, Mary Pylbeane, Barbara Larke, Anne Devereux, Marg. Fitzgarett, Susan Elette, and Marg. Woodwarde, nuns.
231. St. Margaret's beside Marlborough, Wilts. John Rodleye, canon.
231b. Wilton, Wilts. Cecilia Bodenham, a., 100l.; and the house or messuage of Fouffounte. 7 May.
Also Joan Kente, Joan Trowe, Alice Brabson, Marg. Zowche, Kath. Brabonde, Alice Brabonde, Cecilia Sorage, Joan Forgette, Eleanor Auntell, Alice Laughton, Isabel Nevylle, Thomasina Andrewys, Mary Burbage, Cecilia Lambert, Alice Husseye, and Joan Bonehame, nuns.
235. Newarke, Surrey. John Rose, canon. 5l. 6s. 8d.
235b. Brueton, Soms. John Elye, a. 80l. 2 May.
Also Ric. Bogye, Ric. Bushope, Ric. Herte, John Dunster, Wm. Wilton, Hugh Backwell, John Gyles, Thos. Eton, Robt. Welles, Wm. Burges, Ric. Stacye, John Harrolde, John Spycer, John Castlyne, and Ric. Alvorde, canons.
242. Hynton Charterhouse, Soms. Edm. Horde, p. 44l. 24 April.
Also Robt. Frie, Wm. Cooke, Thos. Fletcher, Wm. Reynoldes, Wm. Burforde, Hen. Bowman, John Bachecrofte, Robt. Nelyng, Robt. Savage, Hen. Gorney, Nich. Balande, Robt. Scamenden, Thos. Helyer, Jas. Marble, Hugh Laycocke, John Chamberleyne, Robt. Russell, Rog. Legge, Robt. Lightfoote, Wm. Robynson, Wm. Howe, and John Calert, monks.
247b. Wittham Charterhouse, Soms. John Michell, p. 33l. 6s. 8d.
Also John Wele, John Dove. John Smythe, John Segeforde, John Cliff, John Lawson, Nich. Lichefilde, John Michelson, Ric. Woodnett, John Milett, Aluettus Hales, Thriston Hickemans, Hugh Bytt, and John Swansto, monks.
264. Bukfaste, Devon. Gabriel Dunne, a. 120l. 26 April.
Also Arnold Gey, John Cowle, John Wattys, Ric. Tayler, Wm. Shapter, Matth. Preston, Ric. Splatte, Thos. Gyll, Wm. Averey, and John Dogge, monks.
266. Plympton, Devon. John Howe, p. 120l. 16 May.
Also Bernard Coole, Hen. Luxton (enrolled before the prior's), Wm. Pyers, Hen. Darke, Simon Saverey, Robt. Rudge, John Ferrys, John Darke, Ralph Savage, John Pereman, John Bedforde, Robt. Demonde, Ric. Keyser, John Nycolles, Robt. Heron, Edw. Merten, Thos. Wylcockes, and John Wymonde, canons.
269b. Pulton, Soms. John Hogge, canon. 23 May.
273b. Buckeland, Devon. John Tucker, a. 60l. 26 April.
Also Robt. Tope, John Weste, Wm. Alforde, Wm. Gye, Thos. Hopper, Thos. Maynard, Benet Lovege, Hugh Harvye, Wm. Mylforde, Simon Rudgewyeke, John Jorden, and Wm. Ebbesworthy, monks.
276b. Tawnton, Soms. Wm. Wylliamps, p. 60l.
Also Nich. Beram, John Heywarde, Thos. Dale, Thos. Mathewe, Wm. Person, John Warren, Wm. Gregorye, Wm. Bynsmede, Wm. Culdronde, John Cokerance, and Wm. Baylye, monks.
279. St. John's Hospital in Bridgewater, Soms. Robt. Walshe, master. 33l. 6s. 8d.
Also Thos. Gogyn, Ric. Kymrydge, John Golde, John Wyll, Robt. Fysher, John Wood, and John Mors, brethren.
280b. Crossed Friars of Donyngton, Berks. Hen. Weete, minister or prior. 6l. 13s. 4d. 8 May.
Also Ric. Ungyll, brother.
281. Canonleighe, Devon. Eliz. Fowell, a. 40l. 17 May.
Also Thomasina Sutton, Sabina Cobylston, Alice Bonde, Phillippa Fortescue, Elena Ayssheforde, Agnes Perye, Joan Bowyer, Marg. Sydenham, Eliz. Chudley, Agnes Bratton, Joan Abre, Eliz. Carewe, Marg. Pollarde, Christiana Holbene, Agnes Dulonde, Mary Pomeroye, and Sibilla Fowell, nuns.
284. Bukelande, Soms. Kath. Bowser, p. 50l. 10 May.
Also Marg. Sydnam, Juliana Kendall, Joan Hyll, Anne Plimmer, Thomasina Huntyngton, Kath. Popham, Anne Maunsell, Mary Dodyngton, Alice Emerforde, Joan Babyngton, Mary Mathewe, Agnes Mathewe, and Eliz. Grene, nuns there; and Wm. Maudysley, brother.
289. Shurborn, Dors. John Barstaple, a. 100l. 12 May.
Also John Donster, John Herce, John Paynter, Thos. Cabull, John Style, Roger Percye, John Busshope, Wm. Vowell, Thos. Elyote, Gilb. Saunder, John Kyng, Wm. Crode, John Clerke, Robt. Pytman, Austin Grene, and Barth. Sterre, monks.
292. Polslowe, Devon. Eleanor Sydnam, p. 30l. 1 May.
Also Agnes Carewe, Alice Sawyer, Ibotta Crede, Joan Holwyn, Joan Kelleye, Radigund Tilleye, Alice Worthye, Anestacia Ruswyll, Eliz. Benette, Joan Helton, Thomasina Carewe, Eliz. Assheleye, and Dorothy Cooke, nuns.
298. Rievaulx, Yorks. Roland Blyton, a. 100 mks. (payable from St. Martin's in winter last). 1 May 30 (sic) Hen. VIII.
Also Thos. Jackson, Wm. Steynson, Robt. Smythe, Robt. Wardale, Wm. Storere, Ric. Blythe alias Starburgh, Thos. Poulson alias Yarcome, Ric. Lyng alias Allerton, Wm. Brodeley, Rog. Watson alias Whitby, Ric. Jenkynson alias Ripon, Wm. Stapleton alias Bedall, Ric. Hall alias Gyllyng, Hen. Caulton alias Thriske, Wm. Wordale, Jas. Fayreweder alias Gynsburghe, Chr. Symondson alias Holynsley, Oliver Watson alias Broghton, and Matth. Torte alias Ampleford, monks there, and Thos. Capron alias Skegbye who was also there. 1 May 30 (sic) Hen. VIII.
301b. Newhame, Devon. Ric. Gyll, a. 44l. 6 May.
Also Robt. Cogan, Wm. Westmester, Wm. Pedoo, Thos. Whyte, John Baker, John Roper, Thos. Male, John Riche, and Ralph Alfford, monks.
304. St. Margaret's beside Marlborough, Wilts. John Sympson, p. 10l. 4 May.
Also Edw. Sparke, Thos. Welborne, and John Tangatt, canons.
305. Forde, Devon. John Newman, Wm. Sherneborne alias Rede, Ric. Exmester alias Were, John Brydgewater alias Stone, John Cosyns, Robt. Ilmester, John Fawell, Thos. Stafforde alias Bathe, Elizeus Clestum alias Potter, Wm. Wynsore alias Hyde, Wm. Grene, Wm. Denyngton alias Wyltshere, and Ric. Kyngesburye alias Sherman, monks. 12 May.
307b. Torrante, Dors. Marg. Russhell, a. 40l. 23 May.
Also Marg. Lyne, Anne Cheverell, Eliz. Worsley, Edith Rawlyns, Eliz. Strownede, Joan Mollens, Mary Newborowgh, Alice Parker, Alice Herte, Dorothy Sidenham, Joan More, Elena Michell, Eliz. Morton, Joan Balner, and Anne Gawen, nuns.
310b. Milton, Dors. John Stephyns alias Bradley, a. 133l. 6s. 8d. 20 May.
Also John Whyte, Hen. Rudell, Thos. Garlonde, Paschasius Trigell, Ric. Nette, John ap Thomas, Nic. Godson, John Hibbarde, John Themmys, Nic. Edmond, Wm. Fosse, and Robt. Peter, monks.
313b. Torrante, Dors. Eliz. Holwell, Eliz. Dedmyll, Mary Bragge, and Eliz. Smythe, nuns. 23 May.
319. Pulton, Soms. Thos. Lenewoode, p. 5l.
Also Hen. Draper, canon.
Barmondeseye, Surr. Robt. bp. of St. Asaph's, commendatory. 50 mks. 12 May.
Also Robt. Gyle, Thos. Gaynsborowghe, Thos. Gale, John Kyndarre, Peter Luke, John Cutberte, Thos. Rokeleye, Wm. Paynter, Thos. Stanbake, Steph. Felowe, John Coye, and John Marshall, monks.
321b. Forde, Devon. Thos. Charde alias Tybbes, a. 80l.
322. St. John's Hospital in Exeter. Ric. Harrys, master. 16l. 13s. 4d. 11 May.
Also John Broderyge and John Scates, brethren.
322b. Wylton, Wilts. Christiana Wylloughby, Mary Gylman, Joan Servyngton, Christina Woodlande, Dorothy Lassell, — (blank) Cheyny, Joan Stylman, Eliz. Mogrydge, Lora Staunter, Kath. Auntell, Dorothy Mogryge, Anne Dauncy, Ursula Flomyng (sic), Dorothy Keylway, Joan Bonway, and Anne Asshe, nuns. 7 May.
Augm. Book,
234, f. 1.
Hevenynges, Linc. Joan Sandford, p. 6l. 13s. 4d. 22 Oct.
Also Marg. Tyndall, Joan Duffild, Joan Amcettes (enrolled twice), Isabella Lyndeley, Eliz. Redar, Eliz. Burgh, Joan Clayton, Marg. Nelson, Marg. Marshall, Agnes Nuttyng, nuns.
3b. Shene, Surr. Hen. Man, p. 133l. 6s. 8d. 10 Oct.
Also Edm. Fletewood, Robt. Thirbie, John Pysaia, Wm. Rilbery, Robt. Chaffre, John Bromleigh, Ric. Tildesley, Hen. Ball, John Crabtre, Thos. Manfelde, John Clement, Geo. Hornby, Wm. Marshall, Thos. Lowe, Thos. Hyne, Wm. Wode, Robt. Horseley, and Thos. Smyth, monks.
8. Dertford, Kent. Joan Fane, p. 100 mks. 18 Oct.
Also Eliz. Cressenor, Beatrix Marshall, Kath. Cloffyld, Joan Drylond, Kath. Esselyn, Marg. Cooke, Alice Davy, Anne Lago, Agnes Rooper, Eliz. Whyte, Mary Bentham, Dorothy Sydley, Marg. Warren, Matilda Frior, Eliz. Exmewe, Marg. Okeley, Anne Bowson, Mary Stoney, Eliz. Saygood, Elena Bostocke, Eleanor Woode, Alice Grensmyth, Kath. Garrett, Mary Blower, and Mary Kitson, nuns.
14b. Halywell, Midd. Elena Clare, Margery Fraunces, Alice Martyn, Alice Goldwell, Kath.
Grene, Kath Fog, Isabella Gyve, Beatrix Lewys, Mary Goode, Elena Clave, Agnes Bolney, Christiana Skypper, and Alice Frelonde, nuns. 20 Nov.
17b. Halywell, Midd. Sibilla Newdygate, p. 50l.
19. Kyme, Linc. Ralph Fayrefax, p. 30l. 10 Oct.
Also John Farnam, John Wake, John Bryce, John Favell, John Baxter, Ric. Browne, Oliver Elward, Rob. Ellyngton, Rob. Lunde.
21b. Hide, Hants. Walter Bore, Thomas Welles, Wm. Barthilmewe, Andrew Alton alias Powre, Thos. Welshe, John Bodman, John Andyver alias Phyllepps, John Russell alias Poulter, Ric. Layborn, Wm. Wodall, Ric. Horwell, Thos. Anger, Wm. Courtneyll, Ric. Wodlocke, Edm. Grymboll, John Valantyne, John Benett, John Alfreed alias Walred, John Basill alias Greit, Ph. Leeff, monks. 20 Oct.
26b. Wolvescroft, Leic. Edw. Dalbye, p. 20l. 25 Oct.
Also Thos. Massye, Thos. Mason, Wm. Belton, Ric. Eglott, Wm. Eland, Wm. Smyth, and Hen. Smyth, canons.
28b. Bury St. Edmond's, Suff. Thos. Ryngstede alias Denysse, Edm. Rowgham alias Maltnarde, Wm. Thaxstede alias Gardyner, Thos. Gnatsall alias Eldred, Thos. Stoneham alias Cooke, Simon Berdwell alias Saffere, Ralph Norwiche alias Glanfeld, Thos. Denston alias Stoke, John Westgate alias Bower, John Claydon alias Helperbye, Edm. Burye alias Fennyng, Robt. Hylderclaye alias Fenne, John Wolfspett alias Bucknam, John Sudbury alias Hall, Edm. Wetherden alias Halley, John Cambridge alias Langham, John Osmonde, Geo. Illy alias Moptide, Wm. Elmyswell alias Bockhill, Robt. Hegsett alias Potkyn, Humph. Attylborowe alias Yonger, John Bury alias Howes, John Lavenham alias Hunte, Thos. Mildenhall alias Cole, Oliver Melford alias Marche, Thos. Dysse alias Fenne, John Bradfelde alias Wright, Thos. Ippeswiche, alias Dawes, Ayllot Halstede alias Holte, John Fowldon alias Page, Robt. Honyngton alias Howes, John Hadley alias Kynge, Robt. Nedeham alias Bronyon, John Hicklyngham alias Rede, John Wolspett alias Starre, John Barton alias Harryson, Thos. Hegsett alias Rowght, Thos. Harlowe alias Byrde, John Lophom alias Saunder, Rog. Maldon, Peter Donwiche alias Kylborn, Ralph Warketon alias Marshall, John Walsingham alias Beckham, monks. 5 Nov.
38b. The same. John Melford alias Reve, a. 333l. 6s. 8d. 11 Nov.
39 St. Peter's, Westminster. Wm. Ellys, Geo. Spryngwell, John Foster, Wm. Melton, Wm. Verite, Wm. Pacyens, and Wm. Estney, monks. 21 Jan.
40b. Nuncotton, Linc. Joan Tompson, p. 6l. Undated.
Also Alice Colman, Alice Passmyre, Eleanor Heliarde, Alice Fedell, Joan Bruane, Dorothy Buck, Alice Robynson, Marg. Thompson, Eliz. Scipwith, Marg. Hostybye, Isabel Evrsbye, Marg. Dynwell, and Marg. Jacklyng, nuns.
45. Nuneton, Warw. Agnes Oulton, p. 40l. 26 Nov.
Also Agnes Wylsey, Isabel Purfreye, Joan Whalley, Eliz. Mylwarde, Joan Wetnall, Isabel Rapington, Jocosa Fitzherberte, Anne Everatt, Lucy Hasilrigge, Joan Bate, Joan Haseley, Marg. Dyxwell, Rose Ceton, Mary Worseley, Joan Copstone, Mary Baryngton, Elena Townesende, Dorothy Ryddell, Jocosa Clarke, Eliz. Berdemore, Eliz. Banyster, Joan More, Agnes Kyngeston, and Joan Palmer, nuns.
50b. Bodemyne, Cornv. Thos. Wannysworth, p. 66l. 13s. 4d. 10 Oct.
Also Ric. Olyver, Benedict Smythe, Thos. Rosemonde, John Wylcoke, Thos. Marshall, Mich. Plemyng, John Beste, Thos. Rawlyns, and Ric. Luer (who has besides his pension, certain firewood annually out of Donmyre Wood in the lordship of Bodynell), canons.
53b. Bewvale, Notts. Thos. Woodcocke, p. 26l. 13s. 4d. 20 Oct.
Also John Langforde, Wm. Wellys, Alex. Lowthe, Edm. Garnett, Robt. Gowton, Nich. Doockenar, Thos. Leighton, Thos. Walysshe, Ric. Wakefelde, and Ric. Byrde, monks.
56b. Clerkenwell, Midd. Isabel Sackefelde, p. 50l. 17 Oct.
Also Joan Edmondes, Eliz. Grygorye, Alice Walseye, Anne Borowe, Joan Hussey, Joan Mercer, Marion Smythe, Mary Overton, Thomasina Tufnall, Thomasina Burgoyn, and Joan Sakevylde, nuns.
60. Newstede, Notts. John Blake, p. 26l. 13s. 4d. 28 Oct.
Also Ric. Kychyne, Robt. Sysson, John Bredon, John Darsyld, Wm. Batheley, Geoff. Acrike, Wm. Dutton, Chr. Motteram, Ric. Hardwycke, Hen. Tynkar, and Leonard Alenson, canons.
63. St. Alban's, Herts. Ric. Boreman, a. 266l. 13s. 4d. 14 Dec.
Also Thos. Kyngesburye, John Albon, Thos. Islan, Wm. Hemmyngforde, Wm. Estredge, Wm. Asshewell, John Wendover, Thos. Newnham, Wm. Wyat, Ralph Bury, Wm. Albon, Geoff. Sterkey, Thos. Marchaunte, Edw. Hyll, John Whethamsted, Ralph Campyon, Robt. Bury, Robt. Moreton, Hen. Bestney, John Brightwyse, Steph. Bayly, Wm. Este, Ralph Rykmansworthe, John Salter, Edw. Sibley, Thos. Curtys, Thos. Bartylmewe, Ric. Benett, Wm. Leonard, Robt. Gregory, Robt. Gyles, Peter Catton, Thos. Albon, Thos. Bynham, Rog. Mighell, Wm. Alen, Wm. Adam, Ric. Bever, and Ric. Milmars, monks.
73. Barkyng, Essex. Dorothy Berlee, a. 200 mks. 26 Nov.
Also Thomasina Jenney, Dorothy Fitzlewes, Agnes Townesend, Marg. Scrowpe, Joan Fyncham, Margery Ballard, Martha Fabyan, Ursula Wentworth, Joan Drurye, Eliz. Wyott, Agnes Horsey, Suzanna Suliarde, Marg. Cotton, Gabriel (sic) Shelton, Margery Paston, Eliz. Badcok, Agnes Buknam, Kath. Pollard, Anne Snowe, Marg. Bramston, Mary Tyrell, Eliz. Prist, Audrey Mordaunt, Winifred Mordaunt, Eliz. Banbrik, Marg. Kempe, Alice Hyde, Lucy Long, Matilda Gravell, Marg. Grenehyll, nuns.
80. Elnestowe, Beds. Eliz. Boyvyll, a. 50l. 20 Nov.
Also Ellen Snowe, Anne Wake, Cecily Starky, Matilda Sheldon, Alice Boivyll, Anne Preston, Kath. Wyngate, Dorothy Comberford, Eliz. Napton, Alice Blakwall, Eliz. Staynesmore, Margery Preston, Marg. Nicholson, Barbara Grey, Alice Bolles, Alice Forster, Eliz. Synklere, Alice Crofte, Anne Ardys, Eliz. Waltam, Eliz. Fox, Eliz. Hewes, Cecily Hyllys.
87. Irfurthe, Linc. Joan Tompson, p. 5l. 1 Dec.
Also Marg. Hattelyffe, Joan Doket, Joan Oldman, Cecily Turner. Alice Chapman, Kath. Morelde, and Ellen Dawber, nuns.
89. Grymesbye, Linc. Marg. Riddersdale, p. 4l. 22 Nov.
Also Eliz. Harryson, Joan Roosse, Isabel Kyngeston, Beatrix Frankysshe, Joan Lowndesdale, Marg. Bettnesse, nuns.
90b. Haghmond, Salop. Thos. Corvesar, a 40l. 2 Dec.
Also John Colfax, Wm. Rolff, Rog. Mekyn, Hugh Cooke, Wm. Ryland, Wm. Owen, John Wryght, Wm. Ridge, John Marthowes, Thos. Lee, Thos. Clarke, and Ric. Doone, canons.
94. St. Bartholomew's in Smithfield, London. Robt. Glasier, sub-prior, 15l. 20 Nov.
Also Wm. Barlowe, John Smyth, Hen. George, John Smyth, Chr. Reynolde, Peter Wade, Robt. Stokys, Robt. Kenham, Ric. Duffe, John Sutton, Geo. Chapman, and Matth. Dyll, canons.
97b. St. Oswald's, Yorks. Robt. Ferrer, p. 100l. 20 Dec.
Also John Gybson, canon there.
98. The same. Wm. Brokysbanke, Thos. Musgrave, Thos. Thrugalande, Robt. Cowerd, Geo. Sutton, Thos. Wager, Robt. Holden, Ric. Jenkynson, John Harrysoune, Giles Stanfelde, Laur. Kente, Ric. Batte, Adam Wylkynson, Robt. Thornetone, Wm. Strayghtbarell, John Warde, Thos. Shocte, Thos. Whyte, Thos. Glestons, John Browne, Hen. Browne, Chr. Saunder, John Preston, Ant. Flemmynge, Gilb. Harryson, and John Pullane, canons. 1 March.
105. Hospital of St. Mary without Bishopsgate, London. Wm. Mager, p. 80l. 19 Dec.
Also Dunstan Sawer, John Cokborne, Thos. Almon, John Richardson, Rog. Lambe, and Thos. Wyllys, canons; and Alice Cholmeley, Agnes Brampston, sisters.
107. Burnham, Bucks. Alice Baldwyne, a. 13l. 6s. 8d. Undated.
Also Anne Benefilde, Marg. Browne, Anne Noris, Alice Celles, Eliz. Woodforde, Marg. Mosse, Bridget Woodward, Lucy Pagett, Eliz. Loo, nuns.
110. Maryke, Yorks. Christabel Cowper, p. 100s. 20 Oct.
Also Marg. Levechilde, Joan Norreys, Marg. Conyars, Eliz. Dalton, Eleanor Maxwell Joan Barnynghame, Joan Marton, Grace Rotherford, Eliz. Cloce, Eliz. Robynson,Anne Ledman, and Eliz. Syngleton, nuns.
113. Syon, Midd. Agnes Jorden, a. 200l. 12 Dec.
Also Marg. Wyndesore (50 mks.), Marg. Dely, Bridget Fitzherbert, Bridget Belgrave, Joan Strangwyshe, Marg. Showldame, Eliz. Strykelande, Marg. Bougchier, Dorothy Slyght, Agnes Smyth, Kath. Somerfelde, Kath. Breerton, Eliz. Strange, Eliz. Ogle, Agnes Merett, Esanna Elamere, Joan Russhe, Alice Jaye, Marg. Conyere, Eliz. Mountayne, Anne Unkys, Eliz. Edwardes, Joan Judde, Susan Purpheraye, Alice Lyster, Ellen Phetyplace, Clemens Tressham, Rose Pachett, Marg. Elerton, Marg. Coverte, Joan Deyne, Mary Denneham, Mary Whetnoo, Parnell Damporte, Dorothy Codrington, Anne Edwardes, Eleanor Pegge, Kath. Palmer, Bridget Sulyarde, Eliz. Knottysforde, Marg. Lupton, Alice Betenham, Ursula Fetyplace, Eliz. Faux, Eliz. Yattes, Dorothy Betteman, Audrey Dely, Anne Daunce, Marg. Monyngton, Mary Nevell, Alice Elerton, Alice Pulton, Alice Senosse, Eliz. Crucheley, Marg. Walker, nuns.
Also David Curson, Ric. Whiteforde, John Grene, Ant. Sutton, John Stewken, Ric. Lache, Ant. Litell, John Howell, Thos. Pollarde, John Millet, Thos. Precious, John Selbye, Jas. Wolley, John Bartelet, John Massey, Wm. Tyrlyngton, and Ric. Browne, brethren.
129. St. Mary Overey's, Surr. Barth. Fowle, p. 100l., and a tenement within the close of the monastery. 10 Dec.
Also Thos. Henden, Wm. Goodwyne, John Morpithe, Steph. Byssetur, Wm. Man, Edm. Alston, Jas. Drynker, Thos. Litelworthe, Robt. Goodman, Thos. Kendall, and Alan Blande, canons.
132. St. Swithin's, Winchester. John Carpenter, Thos. Lambe, Rog. Pratt, and Roland Kympeston, monks. 28 Jan.
133. Parshor, Worc. John Stone well, bp. of Politensis, abbot commendatory. 160l., and buildings called the Gallery and New Lodging with a garden, and two orchards with ponds in them, within the site of the monastery. 12 Feb.
Also John Sondyforde, John Hill, Jas. Wellys, Ric. Pollen, Gilb. Gybbyns, Wm. Hibbolde, Thos. Hawkyns, John Survyor, Thos. Elyn, Thos. Bradley, Wm. Creyse, Andrew Dudley, Geo. Philippes, and Thos. Heathe, monks.
137. St. Peter's Gloucester. Gabriel Morton, p. 20l.
Also Edw. Benette, Wm. Morwente, Thos. Kyngeswoode, Edm. Wotton, Thos. Hertland, John Wygmore, Wm. Newporte, Humph. Barkeley, Wm. Augustyne, Thos. Lee, Wm. Symes, Walt. Standleye, and Ric. Anselme, monks.
140. Thornton Curteys, Linc. Robt. Hewette, Wm. Rowche, Thos. Epforthe, Edw. Hudson, John Hylton, Edw. Edname, and John Freston, monks. 2 Feb.
142. Laund, Leic. John Lancaster, p. 60l. 28 Jan.
Also Wm. Stokfaston alias Beyrege, John Atkyns, Thos. Bowman, Wm. Baily, Wm. Worthe, Wm. Barton, Hugh Elye, Thos. Palmer, Robt. Barrette, and Ralph Cooke, canons.
145. Great Malvern, Worc. Ric. Whitborne, p. 66l. 13s. 4d. 1 Feb.
Also Rog. Frome, Ric. Succley, Ric. Webley, Wm. Umbersley, Maculm (sic) Malverne, Wm. Bennett, Ric. Poole, Thos. Powycke, Reg. Werstane, Hugh Lychefyld and Chr. Aldewyn, monks.
147b. Ramsey, Hunts. John Lawrence, a. 266l. 13s. 4d. and a tenement with certain rights (specified) in Ramsey. 10 Feb.
Also Robt. Huchyn, John Dryver, John Pakye alias Ryngestede, John Anyson alias Downhame, John Nycolls, Laur. Bardeney, Wm. Sylke, Wm. Rogers alias Halywell, Wm. Alwyn, Steph. Bawdwyn, Thos. Baker, Wm. Cooke, Thos. Powle alias Brayntre, John Pakye, John Hodyngsett alias Lylford, John Fraunte, John Pawmer alias Haliwell, Thos. Andrewe, Wm. — (blank) alias Swasey, John Brigeman alias Burwell, Robt. Harrys alias Standgronde, Ric. Hawlyng, Hugh Phillippe, Wm. Irlonde, Thos. Fylde, John Pycarde, John Smyth alias Tysense, John Whytewell alias Bollyngboroughe, Geo. Marshall alias London, monks.
155b. Wynchcombe, Glouc. Ric. Munslowe, a. 140l. 21 Jan.
Also John Hancokes, Wm. Craker, Wm. Blossome, Wm. Bradley, Ric. Freman, John Whalley, Ric. Parker, Wm. Trentham, Walt. Cowper, Hugh Cowper, Wm. Horwoode, Ric. Wylliams, Walt. Turbott, Ric. Boidon, Ric. Banister, Geo. Foo, and Chr. Chawnfate, monks.
160. Holy Trinity, Twynham, Hants. Robt. Beverey, Reg. Benett, Ric. South, Wm. Clerke, John Pope, Walt. Churche, John Peppett, Wm. Martyn, Robt. Meryfylde, Walt. Mathell, Wm. Skeyte, John Stone, Thos. Andrewez, John Tulce, Thos. Hancoke, Thos. Cooke, Ant. Pyteman, John Drover, canons. 7 Feb.
164b. The same. John Draper, bp. of Neapolis, a. 133l. 6s. 8d. and a mansion called le Prijours Lodgyng in Somerford, Hants. 7 Feb.
165. Ambresbury, Wilts. Joan Darrell, p. 100l. 4 Feb.
Also Christiana Idesley, Edith Curties, Margery Hunton, Joan Horner, Anne Newman, Anne Preduaux, Marg. Warder, Eliz. Alen, Agatha Sydnam, Joan Dawse, Eliz. Phetyplace, Joan Autyle, Anne Bukkley, Agnes Kyngesmyll, Joan Rolande, Eliz. Exhurst, Marg. Beynbrigge, Sibilla Ingelfelde, Juliana Appryce, Alice Gyfforde, Marg. Beche, Bridget Popley, Marg. Acton, Dorothy Gooderde, Kath. Flewellyn, Cecily Ayeres, Mary Cursyn, Mary Perse, Bridget Clynton, Joan Spadarde, Anne Yate, and Sibilla Antyll, nuns.
170b. Newenham, Beds. JohnBurne, p. 60l. 20 Jan.
Also John Poley, Robt. Gayton, Eustace Brewster, Ric. Gye, Robt. Key, Wm. Warde, Simon Leycestre, John Buntyng, Hen. Walys, John Blakester alias Northampton, Thos. Sterenger, John Smyth, Hen. Kerke, John Forest, and Gilb. Courteman, canons.
174. Peterborough, Ntht. John Chamber, a. 266l. 13s. 4d. and an allowance of firewood (specified). 1 March.
Also John Walpole alias Cheyney, Wm. Castor alias Smyth, Wm. Bristowe alias Dere, Robt. Burne alias Rider, Chr. Lincoln alias Hargyll, Wm. Hareford alias Inde, Robt. Nettlond alias Peerson, John Pomefreitt alias Colman, Robt. Coventre, John Browne alias Peterborough, Humph. Natures, Hen. Sutton alias Chapman, John Overton alias Bretton, Wm. Exetor alias Felde, Wm. Wysbyche alias Bowler, Thos. Ketterynge alias Howlett, John Alwyn alias Vestell, Robt. Kyrton alias Marchaunt, Wm. Thorneton alias Wyndle, Edw. Berney alias Wilkynson, Robt. London alias Westbroke, Thos. Holkeche alias Carnes, Rog. Birde, Wm. Ramsey alias Thorpe, John Morton alias Ubancke, Ambrose Castor alias Mares, Chr. Croylande alias Carleton, Ric. Notyngham alias Riche, Geoff. Lynne alias Paris, John Croylande alias Dyglyng, Ric. Depyng alias Maundesley, John Royall alias Philippe, Ric. Elyngton alias Halle, John Lesingham alias Sawell, Griffin Gloucetor alias Jones, Wm. Clyffe alias Smythe, and Ric. Grauntbam alias White, monks.
183b. St. Augustine's beside Bristol. Morgan Gwillme, a. 80l. and the mansion and chief messuage of the manor of Lee, in co. — (blank). Undated.
Also Humph Hieman, John Restall, John Carye, Hen. Pavye, Wm. Wryngton, Wm. Underwoode, Nich. Corbett, Ric. Hyll, Ric. Oryell, Ric. Kersey, and Ric. Hughes, canons.
186b. Spaldyng, Linc. Ric. Elsyn, p. 133l. 6s. 8d. 27 Jan.
Also Robt. Pynchebecke, John Beston, Thos. Swynneshed, John Spaldyng, John Okebame, Nic. Molton, Ric. Dawber, John Hacsey, Ambrose Irbye, Ric. Gedney, Miles Okehame, John Newarke, John Newman, Leonard Boston, Thos. Fryskeney, John Freston, and Hugh Ideott, monks.
191. Bylleswyke alias Gauntes, beside Bristol. John Colman, master. 40l. 24 Jan.
Also Ric. Fechett, Thos. Pynchyn, and John Glas, brethren.
192. Thorney, Camb. Thos. Hake. Maurice Carter, Wm. Lee, Alan Kendall, Wm. Stalworthe, Thos. Noble, John Gymlette, Rog. Buck, Robt. Huett, Robt. Thacker, Wm. Alborne alias Chamberleyne, John Smythe, Simon Lewes, John Everard, Martin Chipsham, Robt. Bayte, Griffin Stephenson, Robt. Harpyn, and Robt. Hewett, monks. 2 Feb,
197. Crowland, Linc. John Wellys alias Bryggys, a. 133l. 6s. 8d. 1 Feb.
Also Wm. Pynchebeke alias Harbard, Ant. Overton, Ric. Waplod alias Martyn, Ric. Slyford alias Benett, Ric. Coventre alias Harbarley, John London alias Chylde, John Boston alias Grene, John Ramsey alias Elyott, Wm. Tofte alias Skyrbyke, Wm. Gedney alias Dawson, Thos. Stoke alias Alderyche, Nic. Sutton alias Nune, Wm. Bardney alias Saratt, John Halyngton alias Smyth, Wm. Buknall alias Cootes, John Ufford alias Pryour, John Rotherham alias Clerke, Thos. Grantham alias Greneham, Robt. Stanfford alias Townesende, Peter Freeston alias Claye, Wm. Bowgh, Wm. Chesterton alias Gotobed, John Cotenham alias Raynes, Robt. Portyngton alias Shypton, Wm. Denton alias Grene, Ric. Ufforde alias Hall, Thos. Crowland alias Parker (who has in addition a chamber in Crowland called the Master of the Work's office, and the fishing thereto belonging), monks.
203. Evesham, Worc. Ph. Haford, a. 240l. and certain buildings (specified) within the precincts. 16 Feb.
Also Ric. Gloucetur, John Norton, Ric. Hawkesburye, John Clotsall, Humph. Acton, Thos. Marleborough, Robt. Ombursley, Ric. Grace, John Alcestre, Chr. Bradwaye, Ric. Studley, Reg. Barnesley, John Warewyk, Robt. Vertue, Thos. Weston, Thos. Stafford, Nic. Malverne, Geo. London, John Hupton, John Brokhampton, Robt. Joseph, John Feckenhame, Wm. Egwyne, Wm. Lyttleton, Wm. Caumpton, Thos. Coventrye, Ric. Throgmerton, Thos. Lychefelde, John Bromesgrove, John Streteforthe, Thos. Brystowe, Thos. Alchurche, Walter Grafton, monks.
213. Winton, Hants. Eliz. Shelley, a. 26l. 13s. 4d. 10 Feb.
Also Agnes Masham, Agnes Bachecroft, Marg. Leight, Marg. Schelley, Faith Welbeke, Edburga Scrafford, Eliz. Wonnerch, Marg. Sellwood, Christiana Cuffe, Matilda Aldrech, Thomasina Medelton, Anne Mondaye, Joan Wayte, Joan Frye, Margery Percher, Christina Gannysford, Joan Gaynsford, Joan Eyres, Mary Martyn, Joan Morton, Dorothy Ryngwood, Joan Rydford, nuns.
216b. Wherwell, Hants. Morpheta Kyngismyll, a. 40l. 26 Feb.
Also Alice Gilbard, Margery Waight, Eliz. Clarke, Joan Mychell, Eliz. Pykeryng, Agnes Cyvell, Joan Erneley, Joan Lucas, Mary Inkepenne, Jocosa Harte, Alice Harward, Eliz. Percher, Mary Erneley, Agnes Hardyng, Morpheta Vyne, Joan Mate, Mary Willoughby, Joan Wadlocke. Eliz. Foster, Eliz. Hacker, Joan Doollyng, Agnes Holte, Marg. Aisshe, and Eliz. Tomlyn, nuns.
221. Ely, Camb. Robt. Welles, p. 120l. 1 March.
Also John Custance, Robt. Hamonde, Wm. Sewall, John Warde, Nic. Duxfforde, Robt. Dereham, Ric. Denys, Edm. Cootys, John Corbett, John Chatterys, Wm. Tydde alias Whitrede, John Bury, John Stoneham, monks there.
223b. The same. John Spyrard, Thos. Soham, Robt. Sutton, Thos. Wylberton, Wm. Wysbich, Wm. Hande, Thos. Agarston, John Spirard, John Whitbye, Thos. Maundes, and Thos. Braby alias Overi, monks. 20 Feb.
225b. Cokehill, Worc. Eliz. Hughes, p. 8l. 15 Feb.
Also Anne Morgan, Joan Belamy, Alice Wastle, Marg. Dyson, Anne Reve, and Ellen Owley, nuns.
227. Assherudge, Bucks. Thos. Waterhouse, rector. 100l. and certain firewood (specified). 23 Feb.
Also Thos. Hyll, Mich. Draper, John Hatfylde, Robt. Hychyn, Ric. Garden, Wm. Knyghton, Ric. Bedford, Ric. Canon, Joseph Stepneth, Rog. Byrcheley, Wm. Yonge, Wm. Downham, Wm. Broke, Ric. Sawnders, John Axstell, and Edw. Pecoke, brethren.
230b. Circestre, Glouc. John Blake, a. 200l. 12 Feb.
Also Ric. Woodall, Wm. Warbott, Thos. Fyssher, Thos. Hodde, John Russell, John Walley, Wm. More, Ric. Bolley, John Straunge, Thos. Logger, Ant. Chilcock, Hen. Hankes, Jas. Plebeyne, Wm. Smyth, Ric. Lane, and Wm. Phelps (rectory of Circestre), canons.
234b. Hayles, Glouc. Steph. Sagar, a. 100l., and a mansion called Coscombe or Costome in Dydbroke parish, Glouc. 25 Feb.
Also John Dawson, Ph. Brode, Wm. Choo, John Sylvester, Thos. Pharr, John Gryffyth, Ric. Edon, Reg. Lane, Adam Tyler, Wm. Netherton, Thos. Hopkyns, Ric. Dawnser, Ric. Woodward, Rog. Rede, Wm. Hollydaye, Thos. Rede, Elizeus Dugdell, John Hall, Chr. Hodgeston, John Holme, and Ric. Dene, monks.
239. Worcester. Thos. Sudburye, Wm. Lemster, Ric. Calamon, John Berowe, Ric. Cleve, Wm. Wyche, Thos. Sturbridge, John Crowle, Rog. Batnall, John Cropthorn, and John Newnhame, monks there. 10 March.
241. Malmesbury, Wilts. Robt. Frampton, a. 200 mks., with a tenement in the Broad street and a garden opposite the Red Cross. 26 Feb.
Also John Coddryngton, Thos. Tewkysbury, Ralph Sherwood, Ph. Brystowe, Ric. Assheton, John Gloucetour, Walt. Jaye, Ric. Pylton, Wm. Alderley, John Caulme, Thos. Dorsely, Thos. Gloucestre, Walt. Sutton, John Horseley, Thos. Stanley, Wm. Brystowe, Thos. Froster, Robt. Elmore, Wm. Wynchecombe, Wm. Bysley, monks.
247. Schappe, Westmld. Ric. Baggot, a. 40l. 1 March.
Also Robt. Laylande, Thos. Typpyng, Martin Makareth, John Dawson, John Bell, John Adyson, Ant. Johnson, Ralph Watson, Edm. Carter, Ric. Moll, Hugh Watson, John Rudde, Geo. Ellerson, and Edw. Michell, monks.
249b. Alnwick, Nthld. Wm. Harrysoune, a. 50l. 3 March.
Also Robt. Scheparde, Robt. Clerke, Thos. Trolloppe, Robt. Froster, Thos. Stele, John Huchensoune, Rog. Spence, Wm. Hudsoune, Edw. Hudshonsoune, Robt. Baker, Ric. Myllner, Jas. Sympsoune, Ric. Athe, Wm. Saundersoune, Ric. Wheteley, and Thos. Maunsell, canons.
253. Wenlocke, Salop. John Baylie, p. 80l.
Also Wm. Corffelde, Ric. Fysshewyke, Thos. Acton, John Castell, Ric. Fenymer, Wm. Benge, Ric. Norgrove, Thos. Ball, Wm. Morthowe, John Lee, Wm. Chamberleyn, John Hopkys, monks.
259. Chester Nunnery. Eliz. Grosvenour, p. 20l. 25 Feb.
Also Marg. Shakelady, Marg. Fradson, Marg. Tatton, Alice Tailor, Joan Foxwyfte, Joan Chauntryll, Kath. Smyth, Frances Bradborne, Eleanor Dotten, Joan Johns, Margery Taylour, Margery Crafforde, Eliz. Whithedd, nuns.
261b. Whitbye, Yorks. Hen. Davell, a. 100 mks. 1 March.
Also Robt. Woodhous, Thos. Brabyner, Wm. Clerkeson, Wm. Knagges, Wm. Nicholson, Thos. Thorpe, Peter Tompson, Thos. Hewett, Thos. Strabyler, Robt. Warde, Hen. Barker, Robt. Peirson, Wm. Still, John Watson, Matth. Patche, Wm. Newton, Wm. Froste, Robt. Baxter, Wm. Kyldale, and Wm. Colson, monks.
267. Basedale, Yorks. Eliz. Rowghton, p. 6l. 13s. 4d. 16 March.
Also Alice Stable, Eliz. Couper, Marg. Couper, Agnes Nellis, Agnes Addeson, Barbara Bromeley, Agnes Turtylby, and Joan Fletcher, nuns.
268b. Thykehede, Yorks. Agnes Bekwyth, p. 6l. 13s. 4d.
Also Alice Yong, Marg. Kychynman, Ellen Starkye, Matilda Chapman, Agnes Hunsley, Marjory Swale, Isabel Cawton, and Ellen Fyssher, nuns.
270. Newcastle, Nthld. Agnes Lawson (6l. 13s. 4d.), Joan Scott, Joan Baxter, Joan Prior, Marg. Pendoreth, Joan Colyer, Joan Broderigg, Eliz. Shafthoo, Cecily Middelton, Joan Yonger, and Eliz. Crawmere, nuns. 18 March,
272b. Blanseland, in co. — (blank). Wm. Spragon, a. 10l. 10 March.
Also Wm. Clerke, Thos. Lancastre, John Crosseley, Thos. Browne, Thos. Toppyng, Robt. Collpottes, Thos. Carre, and Thos. Baxter, monks.
274b. Leedes, Kent. Thos. Daye, p. 80l. 17 April.
Also Wm. Daunce, Lancelot Gylbanke, Wm. Shepparde, [Thos. Daye, the prior, repeated], Thos. Sydnour, John Fayrehed, Chas. Waley, Wm. Barker, Ric. Rogers, John Drurye, Ric. Smythe, Wm. Sommer, Thos. Caleye, Wm. Nicholas, and Wm. Hearynge, canons.
278. St. James's, Bristol. Robt. Circestre, p. 13l. 6s. 8d. 4 March.
Derehurste, Glouc. John Bromesgreve, p. 13l. 6s. 8d.
278b. Nunkelynge, Yorks. Christiana Burgh, p. 8l. 8 March.
Also Agnes Hall, Alice Stapleton, Marg. Segeswikk, Isabel Bante, Joan Mason, Isabel Methame, Alice Thornlynson, Dorothy Wylberfosse, Joan Bowman, Joan Hewthwaite, Alice Sygeswike, and Joan Clevynge, nuns.
283. Fountains, Yorke. Mann. Bradley, a. 100l. 1 March.
Also Thos. Kidde, Laur. Benne, Ric. Shebden, Ric. Norreis, Thos. Smekergill, Robt. Clyfton, Robt. Brodebelte, John Tewisdaie, John Melsonbye, Gawen Byrtlestone, Wm. Donwell, Thos. Tutyll, Thos. Grenwood, Wm. Carforde, Wm. Hobsoune, Thos. Dykensone, John Hoton, John Yonges, Chr. Jenkynson, Marm. Jenkynson, Chr, Lyghton, Thos. Browne, Edm. Aland, Robt. Calbecke, Ant. Kendall, Gawen Storke, Edm. Lowde, Matth. Morlande, Robt. Dodgeson, Hen. Jackson, and John Walworthe, monks.
290. Old Malton, Yorks. John Crawshawe, p. 40l. Undated.
Also Robt. Laverok, Wm. Rygwall, Ant. Swynebanke, Robt. Emerson, John Tod, John Jackson, Hen. Bayneley, Robt. Paytes, Wm. Bawdekyn, and John Scott, monks.
292b. Durham. Thos. Holbourne, Ric. Crossebye, Ric. Johnson, John Swallewell, John Browne, Hen. Richardson, Cuthb. Robynson, John Dove, Alex. Wodmans, John Dukett, John Smarthuate, John Watson, Chr. Ryseley, John Scott, Chr. Robynson, Thos. Harper, Cuthb. Balyff, Giles Gonbie, Thos. Robynson, Chr. Eggleston, John Robynson, Miles Swallwell, John Blyth, Robt. Chylton, Rog. Rawe, John Sothron, and Ric. Foster, monks. 10 March.
298b. Eggleston, Yorks. Thos. Shepard, a. 13l. 6s. 8d. 1 March.
Also Robt. Redshawe, Hen. Clacton, Wm. Mason, Wm. Wrighte, Thos. Hildereth, Ralph Cootes, Thos. Eggleston, John Clappam, monks.
303. Watton, Yorks. Thos. Webster, Ric. Wylkenson, Thos. Layther, John Collyer, Ric. Chomeley, Lancelot Shawe, Jas. Harkesaye, and Wm. Gott, canons there. And Joan Warcoppe, Agnes Warner, Anne Ellerker, Dorothy Vavasor, Marg. Evers, Agnes Ellerker, Marg. Willowes, Eliz. Borowe, Marg. Colte, Marg. Tompson, Joan Reynolde, Eliz. Burneholme, Marg. Peghame, Joan Hurtskye, Joan Nicholson, Anne Saltmershe, Joan Rayle, Alice Tyngate, Joan Calverd, Joan Lancaster, Marg. Nicholson, Isabel Dykenson, Margery Trolloppe, Joan Roose, Alice Walles, Constance Hebden, Kath. Hunter, Joan Ayssheton, Eleanor Constable, Eliz. Stoute, Alice Danyell, Eliz. Tavell, nuns; and Anne Cooke, Joan Edmonde, Joan Dyxson, Marg. Danbroke, Eliz. Dowgelbye, Marg. Clerk, Agnes Carter, Eliz. Tayngate, and Marion Graye, sisters. 12 March.
319. St. Werburga's, Chester. Robt. Wyngham, John Taylor, John Stanley, Ric. Whythedd, Hugh Mathewe, Ric. Robertson, Randolph Fynchettes, John Mayar, John Gostilowe, Thos. Rutter, and Ric. Downe, monks. 1 March.
320b. Neshame, Dham. Joan Lawson, p. 6l.
Also Ellen Creithorn, Eliz. Herpor, Marg. Trollopp, Joan Lowyk, Barbara Middelton, Eliz. Hewgill, and Marg. Dowson, nuns.
321b. Holyston, in co. — (blank). Eliz. Turnar, p. 100s. 10 March.
Also Eliz. Rede alias Morpeth, Felix Runderforth, Eliz. Rede alias Reddesdale, Agnes Rede, Cecily Joyes and Marg. Dichaunte, nuns.
322b. St. Mary's beside York. Wm. Dente, a. 400 mks. 26 Feb.
Also Guy Kelsaye, prior (20 mks.) and Ric. Woodde, Wm. Mushame, Thos. Clynte, John Mathewe, Ric. Berwycke, Thos. Syngleton, Thos. Jackeson, Thos. Ketlande, Nic. Berwykk, Wm. Walton, Wm. Crawe, John Alanby, John Thompson, John Birkehedde, Thos. Marse, John Coke, John Elmer, Wm. Hapton, Ric. Adamson, Ric. Watson, Robt. Lowthroppe, Wm. Thompson, John Sympson, John Baitson, Robt. Underwode, Thos. Esshe, Edm. Medcalff, John Potte, Nich. Cowper, Jas. Tatam, Thos. Peerson, Rog. Thomlynson, John Wynne, Adam Sheperde, Ric. Donatson, Robt. Redsawe, Jas. Bukeley, Ant. Hykk, Thos. Berker, Thos. Baynes, Geo. Armorer, Thos. Brysewode, John Nicholson, Edm. Hallowes, Robt. Deane, Ralph Colyer, and Robt. Beckwithe, — (blank) there.
333. Dunstable, Beds. Thos. Cleybroke, Ric. Kent, Geo. Edwardes, John Stalworth, Edm. Grene, Peter Whyppe, Ric. Bulstred, Austin Curtes, Robt. Somer, John Nyxe, Nic. Claybroke, John Percyvall, canons. 20 Jan.
336. Tewkysbury, Glouc. John Bayly, Robt. Cheltenham, Edm. Stanley, Thos. Sturton, Thos. Wynchecombe, Thos. Lemyngton, John Cheltenham, Rog. Cumpton, Thos. Twynnynge, Ric. Compton, Thos. Teynton, John Morton, John Tewkysbury, Thos. Lekhampton, Wm. Streyneshame, Robt. Aston, John Asheton, John Gales, Edw. Stanewaye, Thos. Brystowe, John Derehurste, John Hartelande, Thos. Newporte, Rog. Preston, John Eveshame, Ph. Cardyff, Thos. Thorneburye, Hen. Worcetor, Ric. Cheltenham, Giles Marlowe, Ric. Goderton, Thos. Craneborne, John Welneford, Alex. Belye, and Ric. Wymeborne, monks. 4 March.
342b. Missenden, Bucks. John Otewell, a. 50l. Undated.
Also John Wedon, Rog. Palmer, monks there.
343. The same. Thos. Bernerdys, John Slythurste, Thos. Luffenhame, Wm. Roberts, John Amerey, Wm. Smyth, and Robt. Scheaperde, monks. 1 March.
344b. Cranebourne, Dors. Wm. Dydcotte, p. 10l. 4 March.
345. Swyne, Yorks. Dorothy Knyght, p. 13l. 6s. 8d. 20 Feb.
Also Alice Smyth, Eliz. Clytheroo, Martha Battell, Dorothy Stapleton. Eliz. Thorne, Eliz. Ellisley, Eliz. Patrike, Eliz. Arte, Eliz. Copelay, Eliz. Clyfton, Eliz. Tyas, Eliz. Grymston, Marg. Whitefeld, Mary Banke, Cecily Swale, Dorothy Tomlynson, Barbara Pulley, Alice Nicolson, and Isabel Jenkynson, nuns.
347b. St. Neot's, Hunts. John Gregorye, p. 40l. 10 March.
Also Ric. Carnabye, Robt. Hateley, Wm. Tybye, Wm. London, John Wyseman, and Robt. Nicholas, monks.
349. Esholte, Yorks. Joan Jenkynson, p. 6l. 1 March.
Also Agnes Cokyn, Joan Burton, Barbara Dogeson, Agnes Dogeson, Agnes Bayne, Eliz. Mandy, Agnes Woodd, and Joan Hucon, nuns.
350. Mountegrace, Yorks. John Wylson, p. 60l.
350b. Dunstable, Beds. Gervase Marcham, p. 60l. 20 Jan.
353. Yeddingham, Yorks. Agnes Bradriggè, p. 6l. 13s. 4d. 16 March.
Also Agnes Butterfelde, Alice Pecocke, John Foster, Kath. Flecher, Anne Pecocke, Eliz. Fernam, Joan Orton, and Eliz. Sutton, nuns.
354b. Wylberfosse, Yorks. Eliz. Lorde, p. 8l.
Also Ellen Rede, Agnes Barton, Alice Metcalf, Margery Broune, Alice Thorneton, Joan Andrewe, Isabel Creik, Beatrice Hargill, and Sitha Cotys, nuns.
357. Ardington, Yorks. Eliz. Hall, p. 100s. Undated. (fn. 33)
Also Eliz. More, Eliz. Vavasor, Kath. Cokhill, Janet Thompson, Eliz. Wormewell, Agnes Pettye, Dorothy Porter, Effa Ratclyff, Isabel Whythed, and Joan Hales, nuns.
359b. Wycambe, Yorks. Kath. Neudyke, p. 6l. 13s. 4d. Undated.
Also Agnes Thomlynson, Emma Buttry, Alice Sorell, Isabel Neudyk, Ellen Kereston, Anne Seloo, Felicia Chapman, Kath. Gayle, Joan Kyrby, Eliz. Gyll, Joan Barthwayt, and Eliz. Peyrcy, nuns.
362l. Meuxe, Yorks. Ric. Stopys, a. 40l. 10 March.
Also Geo. Throstyll, John Raynes, Thos. Johnson, Jas. Austen, Ric. Quynell, John Stevynson, Steph. Clerke, Martin Wren, Robt. Robynson, Ric. Butler, Thos. Thompson, Wm. Thompson, John Lote, Wm. Robynson, Ralph Surdenall, Wm. Perken, Ric. Robynson, Wm. Hoggeson, Wm. Saunder, John Walles, Vincent Downey, Ric. Sympson, John Hawnsley, and John Barrowe, monks there.
369. Whitbye, Yorks. Robt. Lydley, monk. 1 March.
Shrewsbury. Thos. Butler, a. 80l. 6 March.
Also Thos. Wenlocke, Ric. Broughton, Thos. Howelles, Thos. Leche, John Walle, John Lawne, Wm. Leichefeld, Wm. Malpas, Ric. Owen, John Calley, John Warryton, Robt. Coventrey, Wm. Cressegge, Thos. Preston, John Drayton, John Wellyton, Ric. Alleyn, monks.
373. Burton on Trent, Staff. John Pole, Robt. Robynson, Robt. Heithcott, Wm. Fyssher, John Goodcole, Wm. Symon, and Humph. Cotton, monks. Undated.
374b. Carlisle, Cumb. John Birkebek, Ric. Throppe, and Wm. Thomlynson alias Lowther, canons there. 1 March.
375b. Pontefract, Yorks. Jas. Thwaytes, p. 34l. with the free chapel of St. Clement in Pontefract Castle and the prebend of James (sic) of Spain there. 26 Feb.
Also Steph. Hemmesworth, Thos. Kaye, Mich. Burton, Robt. Evers, Robt. Clyff, John Colte, Ric. Vavasour, Wm. Bramhille, Hen. Grenc, Thos. Elyson, Hen. Wheteley, Hen. Robynson, monks.
378. Selby, Yorks. Robt. Roger, a. 100l. 1 March.
Also Robt. Mydeley, Wm. Andrewe, Geo. Goode alias Berley, Jas. Laxe, Thos. Harryson, Chr. Taylour, Chr. Burley, Ric. Tompson, Wm. More, John Mershall, Thurstan Sampson, Wm. Cartwright, Chr. Beste, John Hardwike, Thos. Aukton, John Morreys, Wm. Mershall, Edm. Pepper, Robt. Kyrbye, Denis Huntyngdon, Nic. Rayner, Robt. Bracebrigge, and Thos. Lightfote, monks.
382b. Brigende, Linc. Wm. Style alias Skelton, p. 66s. 8d.
383. Stixwolde, Linc. Mary Myssenden, p. 15l. 26 Feb.
Also Marg. Smyth, Marg. Westbye, Eliz. Grauntham, Marg. Londe, Marg. Barnbye, Matilda Myssenden, Eliz. Houghe, Alice Tenaunte, Helen Myssenden, Joan Gefferey, Marg. Adlarde, Eliz. Maye, Agnes Bonnes, nuns.
387. Hampall, Yorks. Isabel Ardthyngton, p. 10l. 1 March.
Also Joan Gaston, Alice Alan, Joan Harrison, Kath. Stokys, Eliz. Wetherall, Joan Rocliff, Magdalen Walton, Agnes Furbyssher, Isabel Lazyng, Marg Thurlande, Alice Pikhaver, Agnes Cutler, Cath. Tyas, Helen Standiche, Agnes Horseman, Joan Pullane, Isabel Coxson, and Eliz. Arthyngton, nuns.
389. Fosse, Linc. Agnes Mar, p. 33s. 4d. 2 March.
Also Alice Curstan, Kath. Amyas, Grace Wysse, Agnes Wilkyn, Joan Bilbie, Joan Osgorbie, and Cecily Stuarde, nuns.
390b. Wormesley, Heref. Rog. Stroty, p. 20l. 4 March.
Also John Hoper, John Wigmore, and Wm. Gilbert, canons.
391. Godstowe, Oxon. Kath. Bukley, a. 50l. Undated.
Also Agnes Weste, Eliz. Graunte, Marg. Hampden, Alice Unyatt, Alice Woodhall, Alice Weste, Margery Haywood, Bridget Valaunce, Sibilla Egerley, Joan Godard, Juliana Pope, Mary Fynes, Kath. Knyght, Margery Higgens, and Marg. Brotherett, nuns.
392b. Lynebroke, Heref. Juliana Barbour, p. 6l. 4 March.
Also Kath. Dodd, Marg. Titley, Eliz. Adams, and Mary Sturye, nuns.
393b. Walthame, Essex. Thos. Warren, Robt. Woodlyffe, Ric. Rede, Wm. Lyllye, Thos. Hawkyns, Geo. Solis, Edm. Saunders, Robt. Parker, Edw. Story, Hugh Younge, Humph, Marten, Miles Garrerd, John Norres, John Saunders, John Holmested, Robt. Hull, and Edm Freke, canons. 20 April.
397. Hull, Charterhouse. Ralph Malevorey, p. 50 mks. 1 March.
Also Robt. Hall, Adam Redd, Wm. Remyngton, Wm. Browne, Robt. Brewett and Thos. Synderton, monks.
398. Nunneapleton, Yorks. Eleanor Normabell, p. 46s. 8d.
Also Joan Gore, Isabel Gaston, Jane Watson, Marg. Carter, Eliz. Carter, Agnes Snaynton, Agnes Ardyngton, Agnes Simpson, Magdalen Kylborne, Agnes Aunger, Dorothy Man, Anne Johnson, Margery Elton, Jane Fayrefax, Agnes Asselabye, Eliz. Parker, Ellen Bayne, and Alice Sheffelde, nuns.
400. Studley, Oxon. Joan Wyllyams, p. 16l. 6s. 8d.
Also Alice Rychardson, Marg. Walsshe, Alice Yomans, Eliz. Bolde, Marg. Whythyll, Susan Denton, and Frideswide Copcott, nuns.
401b. Mountgrace, Yorks. Robt. Fletcher, Hen. Ayraye, Geoff. Hodgeson, John Creyse, Robt. Fynster, Austin Fell, Robt. Mershall, Win. Bee, Robt. Stelle, Thos. Hargrave, Ric. Chyppyng, Thos. Dykenson, Ric. Marshall, Wm. Preyste, John Thorppe, Leonard Hall, John Foster, John Welles, Jas. Nelley, Peter Tutbagge, Ric. Walker, Robt. Shypley, John Saunderson, Thos. Gelley, John Tonges, Rog. Thomson, monks.
406b. The same. John Wylson, p. 60l. and the house and chapel there called le Mounte.
408. Gysborne, Yorks. Robt. Pursglove, bp. of Hull, p. 250 mks. 10 March.
Also John Smyth, Ric. Marton, Hen. Fletcher, Oliver Grason, Chr. Thompson, John Clerkeson, Barth. Lillford, Ric. Lasingby, Robt. Bawnes, Chr. Bolton, Wm. Hynde, Hen. Alanby, Ric. Sterr, Gilb. Harryson, Thos. Whytby, Edw. Cockerell, Wm. Wisedale, Chr. Malton, Robt. Gregge, John Herryson, John Lighton, Robt. Watson, Geo. Hawxeley, Thos. Walker, canons.
413b. Kyrleiges, Yorks. Joan Kyppes, p. 40s.
Also Joan Lenthorpe, Isabel Hopton, Agnes Broke, Isabel Rodys, Kath. Grice, and Isabel Sawterstall, nuns.
424. Fordham alias Biggyn, Camb. Wm. Baynton, p. 13l. 6s. 8d. 22 April.
Also Wm. Taylor, Ric. Browne, and John Tolye, canons.
425. Gromond, Yorks. Jas Richardson, p. 4l. 4 Sept.
Also Edm. Skelton, Wm. Alatson, Robt. Holland, and Laur. Birde, canons.
436b. Tewkysbury, Glouc. John Wakeman, a. 266l. 13s. 4d. 4 March.
Augm. Book,
235, f. 10.
Hospital of St. John Baptist in Sevnoke parish, Kent. John Cleyton, clk., master. 8l. 2s. 10d. 10 March.
IV. Entries of Leases in 31 Hen. VIII.
[In the following abstract names of former owners, where given, are indicated in italics, and folios are omitted when identical with those of the preceding entry. The leases are for 21 years. In the case of monasteries, manors, &c, the demesne lands and other particulars are, for brevity, omitted.]
Augm. Book,
211, f. 22.
Folio 21 is lost; folio 22 commences with the last four lines of a lease dated 10 April 31 Hen. VIII. to persons named John and Hugh, whose surnames are, with the particulars of the lease, lost.
Fulk Merton, of London. Chapel of Llandilo, St. David's dioc. Carmarden priory. 13 June 31 Hen. VIII.
Hen. Lomnour, of London, grocer, and Marg., his wife. A garden in tenure of Robt. Studley, mercer, and Elinor his wife, in Colmansrete, London. Rewley. 20 May.
Sir Chr. Hales. Lands called Balynghams and Marhams, late held by John Newcombe, dec, in Chistlett, Kent. St. Augustine's, Canterbury. 12 June.
John Smythe, of Waterfall, Staff. Rectory of Waterfall, with exception of certain tithes, for 11 years, after which he shall transfer possession to Edw. Draycote for 10 years. Rowcester. 24 May.
22b. Wm. Morgan. White Friars, Gloucester. 3 June.
23. Wm. Barkenbury, of Byflete, Surr. Wall Knoll priory, in co. town of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 2 June.
Thos. Wyndham. Chyksand monastery, Beds. 20 June.
23b. Wm. Stokes. Lands called Spytelland and Brodefelde, with a, grange house and other buildings in parish of St. Peter, of Waldon (sic for Maldon), Essex. Bileigh. 1 June.
24. Edm. Pekham. Grey Friars, Dorchester, Dors. 18 June.
Sir Wm. Parre, of Horton. Certain closes in Westgrange, Ntht. Pypwell. (In lieu of a 60 years' lease, cited, by Pypwell abbey of the said closes and certain woods in Westgrange.) 16 June.
25. Sir Philip Draycote. Pasture called Mixton Hey, Staff. Hulton. (In lieu of a 61 years' lease, cited, of the same by Hulton abbey.) 24 June.
26. Robt. Taylor, of Sevynton, Beds., and John, his son. Stevynton (sic) rectory. Herwold. 17 June.
Thos. Hall, of Huntingdon. Lynghowe grange, in Assheby, Linc, with a toft there. Haverholme. Also tithes of Mere rectory. St. Katharine's, Lincoln. 12 June.
26b. Sir Thos. Denys, of Holcombe Burnell, Devon. Holewey manor, Dors., with a sheep pasture there. Milton. (In lieu of a 90 years' lease, cited, by Milton abbey.) 16 June.
27. Hen. Tattenhall, of Sondewaye, Chesh. Tenement and pasture in Sondewaye. Vale Royal. (In lieu of a 61 years' lease, cited, by Vale Royal abbey.) 29 June.
28. Wm. Coppyn. Lands called Old Park (with the coneys there), in Langporte beside Canterbury, and New Purchase, in St. Paul's parish beside Canterbury. St. Augustine's, Cnterbury. (In lieu of a 40 years' lease, cited, by St. Augustine's). 1 July.
28b. Sir Thos. Cheyney, treasurer of the Household. Upbury manor, and the rectories of Upbury alias Gyllyngham, and Minster, Kent. St. Sexburgh. 5 June.
29. Robt. Burgoyne. Clyfford priory, Herts (sic). 25 June.
29b. John Wyldblood, of Stone, Staff. A cottage in Stone. Stone. 26 June.
30. Sir George Lawson. Austin Friars in York. 28 June.
41b. Wm. lord Parre. Lordship and manor of Fawcett called Fawcett Forest with a close of underwood called Fawcett Wood and all lands of Byland Abbey in Bannandysdale, Boroughdale, Boroudale Hedde and Capell Falle formerly in tenure of Sir Thos. Parre and afterwards of lady Matilda Parre, widow, and now of the said lord Parre. Byland. 23 April.
Joan Vale, widow, of Kyngyshyll in Stoneley parish, Warw., and John Dormon, barber, of London. A messuage in Kyngeshyll. Stoneley. 28 April.
42. Ric. Holbroke, of the Household, Byrcle priory, alias Sprawlesmede, with lands there and in Morehowse, Cadcote, Hunspyll, and Cosyngton, Soms. 26 April.
42b. Wm. Fletcher, of Mekesburgh, Yorks. Lands in Mekesburgh. Monkebreton. 27 April. Thos. Hylton, of Norton, Chesh. Tenement in — (blank). Chesh., in tenure of Joan Hylton, widow. Norton. 23 April.
43. Jas. Alcocke, of Stockom, Chesh. Tenement in Stockom. — (blank) monastery. 23 April.
Thos. Coppok, of Norton, Chesh. Tenement in Norton. Norton. 23 April.
44b. Thos. Potkyn, of Senoke, Kent. Demesnes of Rotherden manor, Kent, in tenure of his father John Potkyn. (Former owner not named.) 9 May.
Thos. Robyns, of Snyterfeld, Warw. Snyterfeld rectory. St. Sepulchre's, Warwick. 10 May.
45. Arth. Longvyle. Goore fields beside Sawsy forest, Bucks. Delaprey, Bucks (sic). 10 May.
Jas. Horeswell, of Plymouth. White Friars in Plymouth. 24 May.
45b. Ralph Gowre. Grey Friars in Richmond, Yorks. 26 May.
46. Hen. Swyte, vicar of Hotofte, Linc. Rectory of Hotofte. Markeby. 13 May.
John Colyns, of London. Tithes of Monnemouth rectory, co. Heref. (except tithes of Monnemowes Mill which is parcel of the Duchy of Lancaster). Monnemouth. 6 May.
46b. John Wheler. Feversham monastery, Kent. 10 May.
47. Robt. Darkenall. Tithes in Este Chyrton, Nthld., parcel of Tynmouth rectory. Tynmouth. 26 April.
The same. Lands specified in Longeport beside Canterbury. St. Augustine's, Canterbury. 5 May.
47b. John Leghe, of Isle, Cumb. Rectory of Burghe on the Sands, Cumb. Holme Cultram. 7 May.
48. John Leghe, of London. 584 bushels (modii) of salt due from the saltmakers in the lordship of Holme. Holme Cultram. 8 May.
Lancelot Martyn, of Martyn, Yorks., serjeant at arms. Tithes of Ketyllwell rectory, Yorks. Coverham. 9 May.
48b. Laur. Lee, of Brydgecasterton, Rutl. A water-mill in Brydgecasterton. Fynneshed. 1 June.
65b. Fras. Bassett. Croxden monastery, Staff., with Croxden rectory. Croxden. 18 July.
66. Sir Gervaise Clyfton, of Hodesoke, Notts. Haytfeld rectory, Yorks. Roche. (In lieu of a 41 years' lease, cited, by Roche abbey.) 1 July.
67. Fulk Dutton of West Chester, Chesh. Two chambers and a garden in the White Friars of Chester. 6 July.
Ric. Leftwiche, sen., of Leftwiche, Chesh. Bradford water-mill in Bradford, Ches. Vale Royal. 7 July.
67b. Hen. Porter, of Fleechamstede, Warw. Tithes of Offchurche rectory, Warw. Coventry. (In lieu of a 60 years' lease, cited, by Coventry priory to Thos. Gardener, baker, of Coventry, which Porter has acquired.) 7 July.
68. The same. Two meadows called Fynford Meadow and Priours Darlyng in Wynall parish (sic), Warw. Coventry. (In lieu of a 60 years' lease, cited, by Coventry priory.) 7 July.
69. Ralph Bawde, of Helmysley, Yorks. Manor or grange, in the Marres, called Lunde, Yorks. Rievaulx. (In lieu of a 31 years' lease, cited, by Rievaulx abbey.) 5 July.
70. The same. Tithes of Helmysley rectory and parish. Kyrkeham. (In lieu of a 31 years' lease, cited, by Kyrkeham priory.) 5 July.
70b. Roland Blyton, clk. A grain mill called Hokeld alias Holbeke mill in Welborne in Kirkdale parish, Yorks., and certain land there. Rievaulx. 9 July.
71. John Worthe. Northepetherton rectory, Soms. Bukland, Soms. 6 July.
John Rydgewaye. Granges of Elsham and Shiphaye, in St. Mary Church parish, Devon. Torre. 17 July.
71b. Thos. Carye and John Rydgeway. Torremoham rectory with Cokkyngton chapel, Devon. Torre, 17 July.
72. Thos. Soulemont. Buildings, &c., specified, within the site of the Grey Friars of London. 16 July.
72b. Wm. Harryson, of London. A close called Foggyclose in Whenby, Yorks. Molsby. 4 July.
73. John Swynnowe. Friars' house of Tykhyll, Yorks. — (blank) Aug.
John Rollesley, of London. Marke manor in the parish of Leighton and Walcombestowe, Essex. St. Helens in Bishopsgate. (In lieu of a 99 years' lease, cited, by St. Helen's priory.) 10 Aug.
74. Leonard Bekwith. Grey Friars in York. — (blank) Aug.
Steph. Bagott, of London. Hulton monastery, Staff., with demesnes in Hulton and Stoke, the coal mines in tenure of Thos. Foxe, in Leefylde, in Hulton and Stoke, and tithes of Bedulfe parish church. Hulton. — (blank) Aug.
75. Nich. Holt. Bridgenorth Grey Friars. 21 Aug.
Thos. Burgoyn. Mytton rectory, Yorks. Cokersand. (In lieu of an 81 years' lease, cited, by Cokersand abbey.) — (blank) Aug.
76b. John Walter, chandler, of London. A tenement in St. John's parish in Walbroke. College of Acon. 3 Aug.
77. Thos. Burton, of Lincoln. Friars Preachers in Lincoln. 12 Aug.
Wm. Leigh. Raby grange, Cumb., with the custody of a castle and garth in Wolsty Cowbyre and a tenement there, a water-mill, &c., called le Kelne Houses in Holme Cultran, a salmon fishing on the sea sands, and a draft of fishes in the Derwent. Holme Cultran. 20 Aug.
78. John Aylworth, jun., of London. Hospital of St. John Baptist in Wells, Soms. 21 Sept.
78b. Robt. and Alan Horde. Greneworthe grange upon Mendyppe in Chewton parish, Soms., with two “sleightes for sheep” there and a sleight called Whytnell. Hynton Charterhouse. (In lieu of a 60 years' lease by Hynton priory, cited with schedule of farm stock.) 20 Sept.
80. Giles Smalle. Delapre monastery beside Northampton. 14 Aug.
80b. Robt. Bradshawe. The farm or grange called the Morebarne, Leic. Meryvale. (In lieu of leases, cited, for 82 years by Meryvale abbey.) 4 Sept.
82. Steph. Kyrton and John White, of London, merchants. Bargain and sale to them of 60,000 lbs. of bells or bell metal, “accounting the same weight after the rate of five score and twelve pounds weight to the hundred,” to be delivered to them at the waterside at such ports in Norfolk and Suffolk and elsewhere as shall seem fit. They to have free licence to export the same and to pay for it 600l. in three payments ending Mich. 1541. 14 July (cancelled 20 Dec. 38 Hen. VIII. with the note by Sir Edward North that the 600l. has been paid).
82b. Thos. Dereham. Westdereham monastery, Norf. 20 Aug.
83. Sir Wm. Pykeryng. Netherdale manor, Yorks. Byland. 20 July.
103. Sir Hen. Sacheverell and Ric. Curson. Surr. of lease by Derley abbey, 1 Sept. 30 Hen. VIII., of Aldwark grange, Derb., for 80 years. To be leased to them by the Crown for 21 years. 20 June.
103b. Wm. Coppyn, of St. Martin's parish beside Canterbury. Surr. of 40 years' lease by St. Augustine' Abbey, 12 June 30 Hen. VIII., of land called Old Parke in the lordship of Langparke (sic) beside Canterbury and the New Purchase in St. Paul's parish there, with provision against intrusions by Sir Wm. Fynche. 30 June.
104b. Sir Gervaise Clyfton. Surr. of a 41 years' lease by Roche abbey, 18 April 29 Hen. VIII., of Hatfelde parsonage. To be leased to him by the Crown for 21 years. 16 June.
105b. John Rollesley. Surr. of 99 years' lease by St. Helen's priory within Bishopsgate, 1 Aug. 30 Hen. VIII., of Marke manor in Leighton and Walcombestowe, Essex. To be re-leased for 21 years. 10 July.
106. Hen. Tattnall. Surr. of 61 years' lease by Vale Royal abbey, 31 July 30 Hen. VIII., of a tenement in the Sondwey. 20 July.
106b. Ric. Leftwyche. Surr. of 20 years' lease by Vale Royal abbey, 22 Dec. 25 Hen. VIII., of Bradforde mill. 1 July.
107. Robt. Tayler. Surr. of 81 years' lease by Combermere abbey, 4 Nov. 27 Hen. VIII., of Dodcote grange in Delkesley (Wilkesley?) lordship, Chesh. 4 July.
107b. Alex. Unton. Surr. of 33 years' lease by Abingdon abbey, 22 March 23 Hen. VII., of the manors of Shalyngford, alias Blewbery, and Little Newbery, with certain lands specified. 10 July.
108. The same. Surr. of 39 years' lease by Abingdon abbey, 4 Feb. 26 Hen. VIII. of the same manors. 10 July.
109. Wm. Burghe. Surr. of 60 years' lease by Byland abbey, 16 Sept. 30 Hen. VIII., of Netherdaylle manor, Yorks. 15 July.
109b. Robt. and John Tayler. Surr. of 21 years' lease by Herwolde nunnery, 28 Dec. 11 Hen. VIII., of Stevynton parsonage, to commence from the death of Ric. Greene, then vicar there. 14 June.
110. Ralph Baud. Surr. of 31 years' lease by Kyrkeham priory, 21 Aug. 30 Hen. VIII., of tithes of Helmysley parsonage. 31 July.
110b. The same. Surr. of 31 years' lease by Rievaulx abbey, 6 July 30 Hen. VIII., of Lunde grange in the Marres. 30 June.
111. Sir Ph. Draycote. Surr. of 61 years' lease by Hulton abbey, 1 Feb. 27 Hen. VIII., of Myxston Heys pasture, Staff. 10 June.
112. Robt. and John Tayler. Surr. of a 21 years' lease by Herwold nunnery, 10 Nov. 15 Hen. VIII., of a close in Stagysden, betwixt the park and the bounds of Astwode. 14 June.
112b. Sir Wm. Parre. Surr. of 60 years' lease by Pypwell abbey, 1 March 29 Hen. VIII., of Westgrange farm. To be re-leased for 21 years. 1 June.
113b. Humph. Nycoll. Surr. of 21 years' Crown lease, 29 Mar. 30 Hen. VIII., of tithes in Tugbye parish, Staff. Crokesden. 10 July.
120. Wm. Stokes. Surr. of 21 years' lease by Byleigh abbey, 24 Nov. 20 Hen. VIII., of Spetylland and Brodefeld, in St. Peter's parish in Malden. 20 May.
121. Hen. Porter. Surr. of 60 years' lease by Coventry priory, 2 Sept. 30 Hen. VIII., of Fynford meadow, Warw., “shotyng estwarde uppon Brawne medowe and shotyng westwarde to Wynall medowe, and joynyng to the rever of Aven on the south syde, and on the northsyde buttyng to a lytell grove that ys common to Wynall;” and a parcel of meadow called Priors' Derlyng. 14 July.
121b. The same. Surr. of a 60 years' lease by Coventry priory, 2 Sept. 30 Hen. VIII., of tithes of Oschurche (Offchurch) parsonage, Warw., made to Thos. Gardener. 14 July.
Augm. Book,
212, f. 1.
Wm. Petre, LL.D. Montague priory, Soms., with tithes of the rectory there. 21 Oct.
1b. Chr. Lamberd, of Ipswich. White Friars in Ipswich. 12 Oct.
2. Michael Cameswell. Whitmore Grange, in co. city of Coventry, and the chapels of Sowe and Anstye, in St. Michael's parish, Coventry. Coventry. 10 Oct.
2b. John Lutterell, of Dunster, Soms. Priory or cell of Dunster, and certain tithes and appurtenances of Kyllyton and Dunster rectories. 28 Oct.
3b. John Roodes. Lathes grange beside Wirksopp priory, Notts, and certain closes there. Wirksop. 10 Oct.
4. Wm. Laughtenhouse, of Rovcetur, Staff. Laughtenhouse farm in Rowcetur. Rowceter. 12 Oct.
John Rodes. Workesoppe priory, Notts. 14 Oct.
5. Gregory Baskett. Wulbrige manor and a messuage in Estburton, Dors. Cerne. (In lieu of a 31 years' lease, cited, by Cerne abbey.) 24 Oct.
6. Sir Walter Devereux, K.G., lord Ferrers. Lordships of Aurustly and Kavyliok within the towns of Maghanleth, Llanedeyles, and Kaersones; with appointment of all officers within the said towns and lordships, except the chief steward. 25 Oct.
Jas. Aslabye and Jas. Monforthe. Tithes of wool and lambs of the parishing of Kyrkby in Grendelythe, Yorks. Kyrkehame. (In lieu of 41 years' lease, cited, by Kyrkehame priory.) 26 Oct.
6b. Thos. Walthewe, of Boston, Linc., fishmonger. Tenement beside White Friars, Boston. White Friars, Boston. 26 Oct.
7. Ric. Duke and Thos. Mildemaye. A rent of 60 qrs. 2 pecks of wheat meal, payable on various stated days, upon a 20 years' lease which Thos. Goodchild, miller, holds of two mills called Crasshe mills, upon Thames side, in the parishes of St. Botolph and Whitechapel, without Aldgate, London. St. Mary Graces. 29 Oct.
8. Roger Cokayne, of Braddesley, Warw., and Alice his wife. Tithes in Baddesley (sic) belonging to Pollesworth rectory. Pollesworth. (In lieu of a 60 years' lease, cited, by Pollesworth nunnery.) 28 Oct.
8b. Ric. Pollard. Site of the priory of Marshe, with all its possessions in Marshe, Alfyngton, and St. Thomas' parish, beside Exeter, Devon. Plympton. (In lieu of a 99 years' lease, cited, by Plympton priory.) 29 Oct.
9b. Joan Hall, widow, and Ric. Halle, her son. Tithes in Castorne, in the parish of Maithfed, Warw. Tutbury. (In lieu of lease in survivorship by Tutbury priory, cited.) 22 Oct.
10. John Goodwyn. The New Close and a parcel of meadow in Wynchenden Inferior, in co. — (blank). Nottley, Bucks. 28 Oct.
10b. Ric. Chanon, of Bilchefeld, Linc. Bylchefeld rectory. Bourne. 20 Oct.
11. John Hamond, skinner, of London. Tenement, with wharf adjoining, called the Flower de Lewse, in St. Andrew's parish, London. Friars Preachers, London. — (blank) Oct.
Edw. Skypwith, jun., of Heyburgh, Linc. Tithes of Keylby rectory, Linc. Nuncotton. 6 Oct.
11b. Ric. Pollard. Forde monastery, Devon, with Streate grange there. 28 Oct.
12. Ralph Hopton, of London. Wytham monastery, Soms., with all its tithes in Witham, Westbarne, Billerica, Quarre, and Lez Frary, Soms. 28 Oct.
13. Wm. Snowball, of the Household. Grange called Nonnehouse, in Nonnethorp, in the parish of Eyton, in Cleveland, Yorks. Basedale. 26 Nov.
Thos. Myldemaye. College of Acon, London. 24 Nov.
13b. Fras. Clopton, of Melford, Suff. 63 ac. of land in Melford, parcel of Melford manor. Bury St. Edmunds. 20 Nov.
14. Chr. Peyton, of Bury St. Edmund's, Suff., and Joan his wife. Rent of 200 qrs. of malt from the farmer of Myldenhall, Suff. Bury St. Edmunds. 11 Nov.
Wm. Mamound, of Kyldwycke, Yorks. Tenement in Kyldwycke. Bolton priory. 5 Nov.
14b. Hen. Parker, of the Household. Claveryng rectory, Essex. Prytwell. 6 Nov.
15. Wm. Snowball, of the Household. Basedale priory, Yorks. 26 Nov.
15b. Edw. Garford, of Kyldewicke, and Roger, his son. One sixth part of Kyldewicke grange. Bolton. 26 Nov.
16. Wm. Lambert. Herbage of Flembye park, Cumb. Holm Cultram. 8 Nov.
Thos. Ellys, of Attylbrig, Norf. Black Friars in Lynne Regis, Norf., with certain tenements. 12 Nov.
16b. Wm. Pynney, of Bradeweye, Soms. Chapel of Bradwey within the parish and rectory of Correvell, and parcel of that rectory. Holy Trinity, Bisham. 21 Nov.
17. Austin Salyng, of Stanford Ryvers, Essex. Grain rents from the farmer of Bury alias Estgate Banes. Bury St. Edmunds. 14 Nov.
Sir Thos. Wharton, of Wharton, Westmld. Tithes of Mylhom rectory. Furness. 16 Nov.
17b. Thos. Thacker. Repyndon priory, Derb.; with the herbage and pannage of the wood called Danwell Hey, in Repyngdon, the water and fishing in the Trent within the lordship of Wyllyngton, and the rectory of Repyngdon. Repyngdon. 27 Nov.
18b. Edm. Wryghte, of Egton, Yorks. Priory of friars called Bonhommes of the order of St. Mary of Grandmonte, in Yorkshire, with certain closes and a cottage in Egton which belonged to the priory. 20 Nov.
19b. Thos. Radley, of Ing at Stone, Essex. Hanley manor in Ing aforesaid. Barking nunnery. (In lieu of a 17 years' lease, cited, by Barking abbey.) 28 Nov.
21. Jas. Lee, of Over, Chesh. House, &c., in Over. Vale Royal. 1 Feb.
21b. Thos. Spylman. Grain rent from Robt. Rose, farmer of the demesnes of Chystelet manor, Kent. St. Augustines, Canterbury. 20 Aug.
Walter Hendle, solicitor of the Augmentations. Marshes and woodland in Bylsyngton, Kent. Boxley. 8 Feb. 29 Hen. VIII. (fn. 34)
22. Thos. lord Crumwell. Folkeston vicarage, and tithes in Flete, and in the wards called Waterdyche, Clyffe, Caldham, Uppingwell, Hawking, and Estbroke, Kent, and pensions from Wye College, Cherinton rectory, and Swyngfeld preceptory, Kent. Folkeston priory. 1 Feb. 31 Hen. VIII.
22b Thos. Bolton, of Cosmerblyn, Kent. Manors of Shuldefordys and Medgrave alias Brode Oke (which latter Sir Edw. Boughton of Woolwich, Kent, purchased from Thos. Hardes), in the parishes of St. Stephen's and Sturrey. (In lieu of a 7 years' lease, cited, by Sir Edw. Boughton.) 1 Feb.
25. Thos. de Soulemont, of London. Canonlegh nunnery, with tithes of Hokeforde rectory and Burlescombe church, Devon. 13 Dec.
25b. Sir Thos. Seymour. Edyngton mon., Wilts., with the rectory there. 26 Dec.
26b. Walter lord Hungerford. Henton priory, Soms. 24 Dec.
27. John Garnon, of Selston, Notts. Coal mines in Selston, Notts. Bevall. (In lieu of a 40 years' lease, cited, by Bevall priory.) 3 Dec.
28b. John Dalton, of Clenchewarton, Norf. Lands in North Clenchewarton. Westdereham. (In lieu of 48 years' lease, cited, by Westdereham abbey.) 7 Dec.
29b. Thos. Sydney, of Little Walsyngham, Norf. Certain pasture ground for sheep in Great and Little Walsingham. Walsyngham. (In lieu of 80 years' lease, cited, by Walsyngham priory.) 31 Dec.
31. John Hyllys, of London. Forty acres of marshe, called the Whete Marshe, late inned by Thomas Kempe sometime bp. of London, and lately, by reason of the water of the Thames, broken again, in Stevynheth parish, Midd., with all the lands of St. Mary Graces abbey overflown with water on the south side of “the late great breach out of the said water of Thamys which were there surdrownyd with water,” which premises were in tenure of John Sylvester, butcher, and afterwards of Robt. Amadas, dec., goldsmith, and Eliz. his wife, now wife to Sir Thos. Nevyll; also a tenement called the Stewe, with a stew lead &c., in the parish of St. Michael's at Queenhithe (minutely described). St. Mary Graces. (In lieu of a 99 years' lease, cited, by St. Mary Graces abbey made in consideration of the surrender of an annuity and livery previously granted by the abbey to the said John Hyllys.) 10 Dec.
33. Geo. Pollard, of London. Buckeland mon., Devon. 14 Dec.
33b. John Smyth, of Burton Woldys, Leic. Tenement in Burton Woldys. Garadon. 19 Dec.
34. Thos. Mores, of Cokkeswell Magna, Berks. The chapel within the chief messuage of the manor of Cokkeswell, also the chamber above the vault (super voltam) and the new hall “super pincernam” and the chambers adjoining them. Beaulieu. 17 Dec.
Ric. Wasshyngton, of Kendal, Cumb. (sic). Austin Friars of Penrith, Cumb. 17 Dec.
34b. Anne Hawkesworthe, widow. Certain closes in Hawkesworth and a water-mill for grain in Gyesley, Yorks., parcell of Essholt manor, Yorks. 7 Dec.
35. Ric. Palmer, of Ludlowe, Salop. Austin Friars in Ludlow. 20 Dec.
35b. Wm. Shirwood, of Cambridge. Black Friars in Cambridge. 12 Dec.
Ellen Aysshe, widow. Tenement in St. Olave's in Old Jewry, London. College of Acon. 10 Dec.
36. Jas. Dyer. Trulle rectory and Staplegrove chapel, Soms., except certain tithes of Trulle in Hamwode and Sernehaye. Taunton priory. 29 Dec.
36b. Robt. Kyrke, clerk of the market of the King's household. Handale nunnery, Yorks. 20 Dec.
37. John Rede, of the Household. Three tenements at Runsivall in St. Margaret's parish, Westminster, lately purchased by the King from the master and warden of the hospital of St. Mary of Runsivall. 20 Dec.
37b. Thos. Flower, of Shafton, Dors. Tithes of the vicarage of Shepton Mountague and rectory of Mylton and 3 ac. of meadow in Shepton More, Soms. Bruton. 11 Dec.
Hen. Webbe, of the Household. Certain buildings and gardens within the site of Hallywell monastery beside London. 10 Dec.
38. Wm. Phillipps, of — (blank). Meadows in Moreton and Buxford, Bucks. Bytlesden. 18 Dec.
38b. Wm. Monson, of Ingleby, Linc. Grey Friars in Lincoln. 24 Jan.
Thos. Rydley, of London. Warren of coneys within the lordship of More, Herts. 1 Dec.
39. Matth. Hanmer, of the Household. Tenement in Westkyrbye, Chesh., with land called “le conygree” and a pond with fishery and swans therein; grain rents of le Hall grange there and Caldey grange in Wyrrall; and part of two granges in Westkyrbye. Basingwark. 21 Dec.
39b. Hen. Coke, of Uncote, Staff., and Laurence his son. Uncote grange. Crokesden. (In lieu of lease in survivorship, cited, by Crokesden abbey.) 8 Dec.
40b. Edw. Myllette, of the Household. Black Friars in Chichester. 8 Dec.
41. Wm. and John Williams. Neth monastery, co. Glamorgan. 20 Dec.
41b. Matth. Hanmer, of the Household. Cancelled duplicate of lease on f. 39.
42. Wm. Clarke and Chr., his son, of Swynden, Yorks. Tithes of the township of Westhawton in Craven, Yorks. Bolton. (In lieu of a 71 years' lease, cited, by Bolton canons.) 2 Dec.
42b. Geo. Rowse of London. Iklyngham manor, Suff., with reservations. Bury St. Edmund's. (In lieu of 60 years' lease, cited, by Bury St. Edmund's abbey.) 12 Dec.
44. Wm. Bannfeld, of Turneworth, Dors. Turneworth manor. Forde. (In lieu of a 50 years' lease, cited, by Forde abbey.) 17 Dec.
45b. Ric. Staple, of Tutynggraven, Surr. Grounds called Upper Gravel Pits and Dovehouse beside Bermondsey abbey. Bermondsey. (In lieu of a 50 years' lease, cited, by Bermondsey abbey.) 12 Dec.
46b. Ric. Fareclyff, of Beverley, Yorks. Black Friars in Beverley. 1 Dec.
47. Wm. and Thos. Blythe, of Grastok, Cumb. Tithes of corn in the town of Morland, Westmld., and in Aldbye in the lordship of Cumwhington, Cumb. Wetherall. (In lieu of 21 years' lease, cited, by Wetherall abbey.) 4 Dec.
48. Robt. ap William. Grain rents from several tenants of Nasshe grange. Nethe mon., in Wales. 22 Dec.
49. Sir Giles Strangwysshe. Sydlyng manor and rectory, Dors. Mylton. 16 Jan.
49b. The same. Abbotisbury mon., Dors., with the rectory of Abbotisbury. 16 Jan.
50. Giles Mowerde or Mower, of Chalfont St. Giles, Bucks. Holmer manor in the parish of Little Missenden, Bucks. Burneham. (In lieu of 31 years' lease by Burneham abbey). 22 Jan.
51b. Wm. Bradock, of Leke, Staff., and Matilda his wife. Tenement called le Fryth with two pastures and a meadow. Dieulacres. (In lieu of 39 years' lease, cited, by Dieulacres abbey.) 28 Jan.
52b. Alan Kynge, of London. Egleston mon., with demesnes in Egleston and Stratford, in the archdeaconry of Richmond, two grain mills called Barnardcastell Mills, in Barnardcastell, bpric. of Durham, and tithes of Stratford in the archdeaconry of Richmond. 24 Jan.
53b. Wm. Ardren and Ric. Cooke. Certain closes within the lordship of Chykessand, Beds. Chicksand. (In lieu of 31 years' lease, cited, by Chicksand priory.) 15 Jan.
54b. Humph. Maynewaryng, of Nantwich, Chesh. Tithes in the lordship of Newhall and Colelane, in the parish of Audelem and the lordship of Wylkesley, except Smetenwood. Combermere. (In lieu of 61 years' lease, cited, to John Browne, by Combermere abbey.) 15 Jan.
55. John Peke, of London. Tenement called le Owter Dagger, in parish of St. Mary de Arcubus, London. College of Acon. 18 Jan.
55b. Thos. Hardewyke, of Woodehouse beside Leedys, Yorks. Tenement, &c., in Gyesley and Yedden, Yorks. Essholt. 20 Jan.
56. Thos. Baskett. A meadow called Northmede in Burleston manor, Dors., with water and fishing within the said manor. Mydleton. (In lieu of 84 years' lease, cited, by Mydleton abbey.) 14 Jan.
56b. Sir John Horsey. Shirborne monastery, Dors., with Corsecombe grange, Wyke manor, the prebend of Shurborne and the rectory of Bradforde. 4 Jan.
58. Wm. Thwaytes, of Lownde upon the Wold, Yorks. Yeddyngham priory, Yorks., with tithes of Synnyngton rectory and Yeddyngham rectory, and messuages (specified) in Yeddyngham, Eberston, and Swaynton (Snainton) in Pykerynglyth, Yorks. 20 Jan.
59. John Yonge, of Hereford. Certain chambers, &c., which belonged to the Grey Friars of Hereford. 16 Jan.
John Barton, of Woodsettes, Derb., tanner. Tenements in le Woodsettes in Norton parish. Beauchief. (In lieu of 90 years' lease, cited, by Beauchief abbey, to Ric. Cowle and Kath. his wife.) 26 Jan.
60. Hen. Thomas, of London. Cell or house of St. Anthony, Cornw., with its demesne lands called Sand Parke, Wenyat Downe, Langparke lodge and hall, with two water-mills and the rectories of St. Anthony and St. Gerend, Cornw. Plympton. 20 Jan.
60b. Ric. Tyrrell, of London. Grain rents from the farmer of Pakenham manor, Suff. Bury St. Edmund's. 4 Jan.
61. Wm. Castelynne, mercer, of London. Wirkesop rectory, Notts; with reservation of the tithes of Shirrok and Gedforth and of Hagunfeld and Darholt granges. Wirkesop. 20 Jan.
61b. John Melforde alias Reve, clk., S.T.P., late abbot of Bury St. Edmund's, and Ric. Higham. Messuage of Hornyngsherth, in Littell Hornyngesherth, and the whole manor of Littell Hornyngesherth (to the said John alone); also Bounton close, in Saxham and Chevyngton, and certain sheep pasture in Forneham St. Martin's (to the said John and Ric.). Bury St. Edmund's. 10 Jan.
62. Robt. de la Woode, of Abendon, Berks. Tithes of Lyvery mede and Bayworth mede in Radley, and tithes in Barton, Norcott, Thropp, Wyke, and Radley, Berks. Abingdon, 26 Jan.
George Pollard. Carehampton rectory, Soms. Dunster. 26 Jan.
63. Wm. Abbott, of the Household. Hertland monastery, Devon. Undated.
63b. John Soper, of Taunton. Chief messuage of the manor of Hamp, in Bridgewater parish, Soms. Athelney. 11 Feb.
64. Isabel Curwen, of Thornethwayte, Westmld., widow. Tithes of Bampton rectory, Westmld., except the tithes of wool which are let to Ric. Wesshyngton and certain tithes in tenure of the vicar of Bampton. Shapp. 23 Feb.
64b. Sir John lord Russell. Tarrant mon., Dors., with the manors of Kayneston and Wynterborne Musterton, certain pasture lands of the manor of Beere Regis, grazings in the manors of Crayford Magna, Charleton, and Gussage All Saints, and tithes in Keynston and tithes of Crafford Parva rectory. Tarrant. 12 Feb.
66. Jas. Rokeby. Kyrkeleys priory, Yorks., with tithes of Myrfeld rectory, Yorks. 23 Feb.
67. Sir John Done, of Utkyngton, Chesh. A water called Petypole with the dam and fishing, &c., pasture called Petypole Hyll and certain waste land (boundaries traced) adjoining, in Delamere forest, and a mere in Delamere forest called Okemere, with the moor belonging to it. Vale Royal. (In lieu of 60 years' lease, cited, by Vale Royal abbey.) 25 Feb.
68b. Anth. Burleighe, of Brent, Devon. Lands in Brent manor. Buckfastre. (In lieu of 80 years' lease, cited, by Buckefastre abbey.) 14 Feb.
69b. Ric. Wesshyngton, of Graryge, Westmld. Shapp rectory; with reservation of certain. tithes in Bampton parish, &c. Shapp. 18 Feb.
Wm. Wytham, of Derlyngton, in the bpric. of Durham. Thikhede nunnery, Yorks. 20 Feb.
70b. John Herbert, of Ellerton, Yorks. Ellerton priory, with Ryddyng grange, certain tithes specified in Aughton parish, and the rectory of Ellerton and Estcottingwyth. 9 March.
71b. Robt. Strelley, of Northampton. Five water-mills by Northampton called Quengions Mylles, two to grind “meselyn corn,” one a “colyn mylle” to grind wheat and two for fullers' craft. Delapray. (In lieu of 21 years' lease, cited, by Delapray nunnery to John Parnen, of Northampton, merchant.) 10 Feb.
73. Hen. Stokewythe, of Stokewyth, Notts. Priours close in Misterton parish, Notts. Workesope. 14 Feb.
73b. Thos. Ball. Pasture called Southfylde in Hundbrige, Chesh., with a tenement. Chester nunnery. (In lieu of 51 years' lease, cited, by Chester nunnery.) 4 April.
74b. Sir Anth. Seintleger. Parcels of marsh ground in the Westmarsh in Barking, Essex. Barking. (In lieu of 23 years' lease by Barking nunnery.) 16 March.
75. Robt. Kemsey, of Kingston upon Hull. Priory of Friars Preachers in Hull. 12 March.
75b. Anth. Harvye, of Haywood, Devon. Boryngdon grange in Plympton parish, Devon. Plympton. 12 March.
76. Sir George Throkmartin. Grain rents from the farmers of Aldyngton and Wykewanford manors, the tithes of Churchonyborne and the manor of Mydle Lytleton, Worc. Evesham. 20 Feb.
76b. John Scudamore, of Wylton, and Wm. Wygmore, of Shobdon, Herts (sic). Black Friars priory in Hereford. 16 April.
77. Ric Whalley, of Welbeke, Notts. Grain rent from the farmer of Grinley rectory, Notts. Worksop. 19 March.
77b. Ric. Bellysis. Tithes of Cuckewold rectory, Yorks. Newburgh. 19 March.
Robt. Tankard, of Over Popilton, Yorks. Messuage, &c., in Over and Nether Popilton, parcel of Popilton manor. St. Mary's, York. 10 March.
78. Robt. Darkenall, of the Household. Nun Appleton nunnery, Yorks, with certain lands in Colton and Steton, Yorks. 18 March.
79. Wm. Knevett, of the Household. Essholte priory, Yorks. Undated.
79b. Denys Toppys, of the Household. Tithes and a cottage in Alestre in Makeworthe parish, Derb. 3 March.
80. Wm. Woode, of the Household. Burton rectory, Notts. Worksop. 16 Nov.
Hugh Huntley. Cowfyldes in Tewkesbury manor, Glouc. Tewkesbury. 12 March.
80b. Ric. Browne. A garden opposite the well in Turnmill Street, beside Clerkenwell, near London, and a garden in St. John Street there. Clerkenwell monastery. 24 Jan.
81. Thos. Wriothesley, of Tichfelde, Hants, and Wm. Averey. Christchurch Twynehame priory, Hants; with tithes in Christchurch and Hynton, and tithes of the rectory of Soppeley and Ripley, and of the chapel of Milton; and the manor of Horne. 1 March.
81b. John Cheyne of Drayton, Bucks. Mountgrace priory, Yorks. 16 Feb.
82b. Sir Robt. Ellerker, of Hull Parke, Nthld. Black Friars, of Hull Parke, with two water mills and certain burgages and rents in Alnwick, Howyke and Aylmouth, Nthld. 16 Feb.
83. Thos. Wriothesley. Chesilforde manor and Baudesey rectory, Suff. Butley. 12 Feb.
83b. Thos. Locke, of Multon, Ntht. Lands in Multon. Fynneshed. (In lieu of 50 years' lease, cited, by Fynneshed priory.) 1 Feb.
4b. Hen. Over. Two orchards and two ponds called Swans Pool and New Pool lying beside the late priory of Coventry. Coventry Cathedral priory. 20 Feb.
Thos. Pole, of Nedehame Markett, Suff., miller, and Wm. Dobbys, of Bacton. Water-mill called Hornemille with lands beside Crepynge Mille in Combes and Crettynge, Suff. Flixton. 3 Feb.
85b. Wm. Bente, of Cosseybie, Leic. Cossebie manor place. Kirkby Bellers. (In lieu of 21 years' lease, cited, by Kirkby Bellers priory.) 4 Feb.
86b. Hen. Smythe, of Great Grimsby, Linc. St. Leonard's priory beside Grymesbie, with a windmill there. 25 Feb.
87. Anth. Byllesbye, of Byllesbye, Linc. Pasture called Nobsis in Hotofte, Linc. Markeby. 4 Feb.
87b. Thos. Sutton, of London. Coal mine in Ripley, in the lordship of Butterley, Derb. Darley. 8 Feb.
John Sharpe, of London. Black Friars in Derby, with certain cottages there. 14 Feb.
88. Hugh Starkie, of Olton, Chesh. Two salt pans (salinas) containing 40 “lez weightis” of lead, in Northwich, Chesh. Basingwark. 23 Feb.
88b. Sir Ric. Brereton. Two tuns (dolia) of wine called “prise wyne” annually to be received at Chester. Vale Royal. 12 Feb.
89. George Throkmerton, of Derehurst, Glouc. Priory or cell of Derehurst, with the manors of Derehurst, Wolston, Okyngton, Hawe and Trynneley, and the rectories of Derehurst, Okyngton, Hardwyke, Bodyngton, Staverton, Ligh and Trynley, and tithes in Harsfeld, Glouc. Tewkesbury. 20 March.
89b. Wm. Breres, of Preston in Amounderness, and Oliver Breres of Chorley, Lanc. The great chamber and other chambers, &c., in the Grey Friars of Preston, a common called Frere Lane, and lands held on a 70 years' lease from Viscount Gormeston. Grey Friars, Preston. (In lieu of three several leases, cited, by the warden and friars of Preston.) 10 March.
91b. John Wyseman, of London. Three tenements in the Grey Friars, London. 17 March.
92. Ric. Blount, of the Household. Hornesey rectory and manor, Yorks. St. Mary's, York. Westm., 5 March.
92b. Wm. Hopkyns, of London. Rectors' tithes of St. Donat's (decimas rectorias Sancti Donati) in co. Glamorgan. Neth. 10 March.
Thos. Dalaryver, of Brandisbye, Yorks. Messuage, &c., in Steresby, Yorks. Marto priory. 1 March.
93. Peter Johnson, of Arthyngton, Yorks. Arthyngton nunnery. 6 March.
93b. Brian Layton, of Norham in the Bpric. of Durham. Friars preachers in Yarome, Yorks. 1 March.
94. Wm. ap John Owen, of Astradvelte in the lordship of Brecknock. Tithes in Astradvelte. Brecknock mon. 6 March.
94b. Lewis Lloid, of the Household. Four tenements in the town of Brynned in St. Asaph's diocese. Conweye. 8 March.
Ant. Harvie, of Haywood, Devon. Tithes of Pahembury rectory, Devon. Forde. 12 March.
95. Thos. Bulkeley, of Bewmarres, senior. Grey Friars of Bewmarres alias Llamaysse, Bangor dioc. 6 March.
96b. Ralph Beckwythe, of York, goldsmith. White Friars in York. 20 April.
97. Robt. Darkenall, of the Household. Tenement called Hagwormehall in Baldersdale, Yorks., and another called le Cragge in Lyrtyngton, Yorks., with lands there. Egleston. 8 March.
Hugh Huntley. Cancelled duplicate of lease on folio 80.
97b. Sir Fras. Bryan. Pastures, &c., in Fletwyke parish, Beds. Dunstaple. 1 March.
98. Edm. Kynwelmershe, of Northampton, mercer. Water-mill called Mervelles Mille beside Northampton, with certain meadow land there. St. Andrew's, Northampton. 18 March.
Ric. Cholmeley of Kynthorpe in Pykeryng Lyth, Yorks. Whitby monastery with Staxby manor and tenements, &c., in Stowpebrowe, Wragby and Whitby, a windmill beside the monastery and a water-mill in Ryswarpe. 1 March.
99. Thos. Bolde, of Kyllynyok in Anglesea. Tenement called Thethyn Irrythcayr in the town of Kyllynyok, commote of Meney, with a tower called Tower Melyn Wynt there and certain land adjacent. Conway. (In lieu of a 60 years' lease, cited, by Conway Abbey to Henry Balfront, burgess of Caernarvon, and Agnes his wife, and Robt., Nich. and Thomas his sons.) Undated.
100. John Lelowe, clk. House in Black Friars, near Ludgate, London. 8 March.
Sir John Eland, of Kingston-upon-Hull, and Rose his wife. Tithes in Wolfreton, parcel of Elley rectory in co. Hull. Haltemprice. 1 March.
100b. Gawin Carowe, of London. Launceston priory, with the rectory of Wurlyngton and chapel of St. Giles in Wurlyngton, certain tithes of the rectory of St. Thomas beside Launceston, and the rectory of St. Stephen of Trysmere and the chapel there, Cornw. — (blank) March.
101b. John Southcote, of Bovye Tracye, and Ant. Burleyghe, of Brente, Devon. Tithes of the parish church of St. Patrick of Brente. Buckfaste. (In lieu of a 60 years' lease, cited, by Buckfaste abbey.) 28 March.
102. Robt. Acton, of the Household. Hayles monastery, Glouc., with works of customary tenants there, the chief messuage of Coscombe or Coscome in Dydbroke, Glouc., and lands called Pynnockes Skerne or Pynnockes Shyre, in Pynnock, Glouc. 7 March.
103. Thos. Blakett. Tithes of Kareham and Warke, Nthld., parcel of Kareham rectory. 14 March.
John Wellisborne, of the Household. Parcel of the manor of Culnam, Oxon. Abingdon. 23 March.
103b. John Gostwyk. Blaunchmarle grange in the lordship of Wayrter, Yorks. Mewxe. (In lieu of 99 years' lease by Mewxe abbey.) 14 March.
104b. Wm. Lokwood, of Skarborough, Yorks. Hakneys manor, Yorks. Whitby. 1 March.
105. David Hobbis. White Friars in Bristol. 16 March.
105b. Anth. Brakenbury, of Sellebye, Bpric. of Durham. Frerehouse grange in the parish of Middelton in Tyesdale in the lordship of Barnard Castle, Bpric. of Durham. Rievaulx. 22 March.
106. John Jenyns, of the Household. Manor of Comebenewell in the parish of Kingston-upon-Thames, Surr. Merton mon., Surrey. 20 March.
106b. Thos. Wolsaye, of Clayghton, Lanc. Tenement called Westend or Bankhouse in Clayghton and pasture called Cokshotes in Ellell, Lanc. Cokersand. 20 March.
107. John Foxer, of the Household, and Hen. Hylton, of Winton, Westmld. Issues of the attachments of cattle within the King's forest of Midelwarde, Cumb., with reservation of a pasture called Bowderdale close within the forest. 18 March.
Sir Nich. Hare. A chief messuage or tenement and six other tenements adjoining it, abbutting on the east upon White Cross Street in the parish of St. Giles without Cripplegate, London. Ramsey. (In lieu of a 90 years' lease, cited, by Ramsey abbey.) 15 March.
108. Anth. Sowthwell, of the Household. Pershore mon., Worc., with certain meadows there, (as well as the demesnes). 10 March.
109. Nich. Willoughby, of Turnarspudell, Dors. Lands called Hambury in the manor of West Lulworth, Dors. Byndon. (In lieu of 81 years' lease, cited, by Byndon abbey to John Tregonwell.) 1 March.
110. Thos. Swanne, grocer, of London. Lands in Sulkhome, Notts, and certain tithes (specified) of Fedderston rectory, Yorks. St. Oswald's, Yorks. 1 March.
110b. Jerome Grene, of Bristol. Grey Friars, Bristol. 16 March.
Wm. Knevet, of the Household. Meadow and pasture in Calverley, Yorks. Essholt. Undated.
111. Wm. Davell, of Cukewolde, Yorks. Manor of Felyng alias Fylynghall, Yorks. Whitby. (In lieu of 75 years' lease, cited, by Whitby Abbey.) 1 March.
112b. John ap Ryce, of London. Barton Abbott's manor, Glouc. St. Peter's, Gloucester. 12 March.
113. Wm. Turnour, of London. Dyghton manor, Yorks. St. Mary's, York. 10 March.
113b. John Gostwyk. Saltagh grange in Kayngham parish, Yorks. Meux. (In lieu of 99 years' lease, cited, by Meux abbey.) 14 March. [*** This lease marked as void because not issued.]
114. Robt. Pynkeney, of Sylton, Yorks. A messuage, chapel, and certain lands and tithes in Thirske, Yorks. Newburghe. 20 March.
114b. Geoff. Bromfeld, of Westminster, yeoman of the Crown. Tithes on Brynkenolle manor, Wilts. St. Denis by Southampton. 10 March.
Wm. Proctor, of Haknes, Yorks. Grain rents due from the farmers of the chapel of Ayton in Pykeryngleth parcel of the rectory of Semer, of certain tithes (specified) of the rectory of Haykenes, of the rectories of Foxholes and Staxston, of certain tithes of Naffreton, and of certain garths in Haykenes. Whitby. 6 March.
115b. Geo. Clifford, Adelstre rectory, Warw. Burton-upon-Trent. 18 March.
Alan Kynge of London. Holme pasture beside the sea in Byllyngham parish, co. Durham. Durresham mon., co. Durham. 10 March.
116. Ric. Gery, of Cleve, Salop. Tithes of Uffyngton rectory, Salop. Haughmounde. 13 March.
116b. Ric. Waller, of St. Andrew's parish, Canterbury. Lands of Natyngdon manor, Kent. St. Augustine's, Canterbury. (In lieu of 30 years' lease, cited, by St Augustine's.) 20 March.
118. Sir Thos. lord Crumwell. Furness monastery, with herdwicks called Greneham, le Mowsell, Watflatte and Grenesyke, sheepcots called Stannyardecote and Yerlethecote, sheep pasture on the commons of Kyrkeby Yerlethemore, in Dalton parish, a sheep-cot called Idelcote in the Isle of Waynowe, fishery of the water of Ramsyde and Waynowe, the coneys in Waynowe, a fishery called Oyestergarth at le Hedde and Bekyngill between Ramsyde and Southend, and a fishery called Doddyngfysshyng in Angerton Mosse, Lanc. Furness. 20 March.
119. Sir Wm. Bassett. Messuage in Marston, Derb. Tutbury. (In lieu of a 92 years' lease, cited, by Tutbury priory, to Peter Boney, of Eyvyngton, Leic.) 1 March.
120. Wm. Myldemaye. Tenement in Tolleshunt Darcy, Essex. Bileigh. 20 March.
Fras. Poole, of Rodborne, Derb. Dale abbey, Derb., with a grange called Okebroke-grange, in Elvaston parish, a coal mine in Stanley field, in Spondon parish, several closes of pasture, &c., in the parishes of Dale and Ilkeston, two granges in Dale parish with certain tithes in Spondon parish, a water-mill called Parke Mill in Dale, South-house grange and the Tanhouse in Dale, and Dale rectory. 5 July.
121b. Ralph Gell, of Hopton, Derb. Tithes in Makworthe and Marton parishes, Derb. Derley. 2 March.
122. Ciriac Petite, of — (blank), Kent. Meadow in Westebere parish, Kent. St. Augustine's, Canterbury. 16 April.
Sir Thos. Cheyney, warden of the Cinque Ports and treasurer of the Household. Upbury manor and the rectories of Upbury and Grene. St. Sexburgh. 5 June.
123. Wm. Cowper, of Westminster. Thurgarton and Hoveringham rectories, Notts. Thurgarton priory. 10 March.
Ric. Sympson, of Thornton-on-the-Hill, Yorks. Brafferton rectory, Yorks. Newburgh. 1 March.
123b. Thos. Vernon. White Friars, of Ludlowe, Salop. 1 March.
124. Ric. Turnor, of Thorpe, Suff. Grange, of Thope (sic) and rectory of Thorpe. Ixworthe. 20 March 28 Hen. VIII. (fn. 35)
124b. Thos. Brydges, of Corneburye, Oxon. Manor of Fulbroke and Westhall, Oxon, which the King purchased from George lord Cobham. 10 March 31 Hen. VIII.
125. Chr. Wandysforthe, of Kyrkelyngton, Yorks, Tithes of Brafferton rectory, Yorks. Newburgh. 5 March.
125b. John Drewe, of Bristol. Mynchynbarowe rectory, Soms. Mynchynbarowe. 20 March 28 Hen. VIII.
126b. Sir Thos. Arundell. The master's lodging within the gates of the late hospital of Byllyswyke alias le Gauntes, beside Bristol, with cemetery and gardens adjoining. 14 April.
Ciriac Petytte. Grain rent from the farmer of Ikham manor, Kent. Christchurch, Canterbury. 10 April.
127b. Robt. Derknall, of London. Meadows named in the parishes of Northgate in Canterbury, Westbere, Fordewyche, and Westgate, Kent. Christchurch, Canterbury. 8 April.
129. Thos. Holcrofte, of Holcrofte, Lanc. Vale Royal mon., Chesh.; certain lands in Whytegate, Chesh., the rectories of Weverham and Frodsham; lands belonging to Coversley grange in Whytegate, certain tithes of Frodsham rectory leased to Ric. Grosvenor; Bradforde grange in Whytegate; and the herbage of Parkewoode there. Vale Royal. 18 April.
134. Wm. Aylyff, of Little Badowe, Essex. A place or parcel of land (boundaries given) in Mullesham, Essex. Bileigh. 20 May.
136. Robt. Southwell. Bermondsey mon., Surr., with the coney-yard and the right of fishing and hawking in Bermondsey and Rederyghe marshes. 1 May.
137. Thos. Bentley, yeoman of the Guard. Black Friars in Dunstable, Beds. 8 May.
155. Ant. Knevett, of the Household. Shapp mon., Westmld., with reservation of Sleddale grange. 14 March.
155b. Walter Notte. A great hall and certain chambers, &c., in the Grey Friars, Hereford, with a water-mill and parcel of land beside the river Wye there. 20 March.
156b. Wm. Caldecote, of Home Lacy, Heref. Brounshyll manor, Heref. Acornebury. 10 March.
Thos. Broke, of London. Church and parsonage of Whytby, Yorks., with the chapels of Fylyng, Haschar, Uglebar by Asshedale, Haselby, and Dunsley thereto annexed. Whitby. (In lieu of 70 years' lease, cited, by Whitby abbey.) 12 March.
157b. Nich. Ligh, of Adyngton, Surr. Adyngton parsonage, Surr. St. Mary Overey in Southwark. (In lieu of 21 years' lease, cited, by St. Mary Overey priory.) Undated.
160. Thos. Sutton, of London. Wyndegrevys pasture in Rypley, Derb. Derley. 20 April.
160b. Edm. Conquest, of Houghton Conquest, Beds. Pastures in Houghton. 13 April.
Sir Thos. West lord Lawarre and Eliz. his wife. Messuages and lodgings within the White Friars' in London with a chapel called St. Nicholas' chapel. (In lieu of lease in survivorship, cited, by the White Friars.) 16 April.
179. Robt. Sacheverell. Darley mon., Derb., with certain tithes in Osmaston and Lutchurche, Derb., and certain lands of the monastery in Chillwell, Bramecote and Aldenburghe, Notts. 15 July.
185. Eliz. Pratte, of London, widow. Tenement in the parish of All Hallows within Graces Strete. Charterhouse. 9 July.
186b. Sir Thos. Heunege. Merton priory, Surr. 6 July.
201. Wm. Tyldesley, groom of the Wardrobe of Beds. Burneham mon., Bucks, with tithes in Burneham, Sypenham, and Dorney, Bucks. 20 Nov.
202. Peter Manby, of Kyrkham, Yorks. Conygarth close in Westowe, Yorks, with certain tithes in Barton and Bossall Dale Yuge, a meadow in Columblade, and tithes of the rectory and hamlets of Crambom (Crambe?), Whitwell, and Barton, Kent (sic, qu. Yorks.?). Kyrkeham, Yorks. 1 March.
202b. Sir Thos. Denys and Walter his son. Torrewood grange, Devon, with certain lands there. Torre. (In lieu of a 99 years' lease, cited, by Torre abbey.) 20 Dec.
203. Anne, widow of Edw. lord Grey, dec. Certain chambers and stairs in the Black Friars in London. 10 Jan.


  • 1. Thomas Bromley, who was made King's Serjeant, 2 July 1540.
  • 2. St. Peter le Poor parish, in which Cromwell had a house purchased from Vivaldi Ant. in 1534. See Vol. VII., No. 944.
  • 3. See Vol. XII., Part ii., No. 759.
  • 4. Which Cromwell did. See Vol. XIV., Part i., Nos. 421, 544.
  • 5. See § 2.
  • 6. Sebastian Lesney. See Vol. XIV., Part ii., No. 781, f. 58b.
  • 7. George Carlton, a servant of Cromwell.
  • 8. In April 1539. See Vol. XIV., Part i., Nos. 743, 904 (12).
  • 9. These words substituted for others which have been erased and were doubtless “Cromwell” “Privy Seal.”
  • 10. Robert Acton.
  • 11. Not the same hand as the letter immediately preceding.
  • 12. The vicar of Narburgh at this time seems to have been William Shortwhayt (Strothwayt in Valor Eccl. III. 333), who was presented to the vicarage as far back as 1493. See Blomefield's Norfolk (8° ed.) VI. 166.
  • 13. “His brethren” meaning his fellows of the Privy Chamber?
  • 14. Henry Whitreason.
  • 15. Probably Sir Rob. Lytton, Remembrancer of the Exchequer, in Henry VII.'s time. See Vol. I., No. 3656.
  • 16. Cromwell.
  • 17. Clerk of the Council in Calais. See Vol. VIII., No. 324.
  • 18. See Laurence Elviden's letter above (No. 21 of this series).
  • 19. Supplied from endorsement.
  • 20. Cromwell.
  • 21. Cromwell, who was Dean of Wells from 1537 till his death.
  • 22. See Vol. XIII., Pt. ii. No. 530.
  • 23. His office of Customer of Calais.
  • 24. Meaning Broke's nom de plume of Didymus Paludanus. See No. 460.
  • 25. The knights of St. John.
  • 26. See Thomas Dockyngton's letter, § 21.
  • 27. Margaret Grenville, widow. See Vol. VI., No. 1154. Mrs. Green (Miss Wood) says she was the wife of Sir Roger Grenville, Lady Lisle's brother (“Royal and Ill. Ladies,” III. 123).
  • 28. Edw. Poynings? See Calais Chronicles, 137.
  • 29. James Basset went to Paris in August 1535. We have no notice of his having been there earlier in that year, but this letter does not seem to be later.
  • 30. See her letter, No. 34 above.
  • 31. The countess of Salisbury.
  • 32. Thomas Benet, of London, occurs along with lord Lisle in a statute staple. See Vol. VII. No. 1672.
  • 33. — (blank) day of — (blank) 31 Hen. VIII.
  • 34. This grant was overlooked in Vol. XIII., Part I., p. 589.
  • 35. This grant was overlooked in Vol. XIII., Part i., p. 582.