Henry VIII: April 1541, 21-25

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 16, 1540-1541. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1898.

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April 1541, 21–25

21 April. 743. The Privy Council.
P.C.P., vii.
Meeting at Greenwich, 21 April. Present: Abp. of Canterbury, Chancellor, Norfolk, Privy Seal, Gt. Chamb., Hertford, Gt. Admiral, Durham, Treasurer, Comptroller, Mr. of Horse, Vice-Chamb., Wriothesley, Sadler, Chanc. of Tenths. Business:—Simon Branthwayte, of St. Katharine's, smith, having accused Sir Chr. Morrys, master of the Ordnance, of untruth, was proved to have proceeded only of malice. He asked Sir Chr.'s forgiveness on his knees before the Council, and was committed to the porter's ward.
744. Attainted Lands.
R. O. Forfeited lands in the office of John Asshton, auditor:—Arrearages due in the ministers' accounts, and accounts of particular receivers, anno 32 Henry VIII.
Lands of the late priory of Lenton:—23 items of sums due for rent, &c., upon lands and tenements specified, the farmers named being Ant. Weston, Roland Colyngwood, Wm. Statham, John Warde, Robt. Lovet for Robt. Capps, Thos. Cockyn, Hen. Fosbrocke, Sir John Wylloughby, Ralph Revell, heirs of Sir John Porte, Sir Gervase Clyfton, — (blank) Bothe, Henry Maxer, rent of Kylchebery Land in Duston, Ntht.; — (blank) Barlo, rector of Blysworth; Edm. Knyghtley, Hen. Parker, executors of Hen. Stathame, Sir John Chayworth, John Wylson, Mich. Stanhope. Rents of the chapel of St. Thomas on the Bridge in Lincoln.
ii. Lands, late of Henry Norres:—Gregory lord Cromwell has taken the profits of Langhame, Rutl., since the attainder of Thos. late earl of Essex, but by what right is not known. Ed. Asshfeld for Wm. Clarke, late bailiff of Langhame, arrears from 1 April, 27 H. VIII. Sir John Norres claims lands in Berks and Dorset as heir of the late Hen. Norres and has taken the profits. (In another hand: Fiat breve ad ostendendum quo titulo proficua earumdem percepit.) John Flower and Ed. Asshefeld for rents received from — Hood of Sonnyngfeld, Berks. Thos. Bradley and Ed. Asshefeld for lands in Maidenhead and Cookham. Nic. Redyche of Cookham, for a tenement in Bynfeld. Wm. Avery, yeoman of the Crossbows, for lands in Wymborn, Dors. Thos. Lawles, bailiff of Ducklington and Fryngeford, Oxon and Bucks. Rents of Southoo and Tylbrock, Beds, and in Est Grenewyche.
iii. Lands, late of Sir Thos. More, attainted:—Ann (sic) lady More, widow of Sir Thomas, for lands, &c., in Chelsey, Midd. Thos. Beane, collector of rents in Chelsey. Alice, relict of Sir John More, father of the said Thomas, for a messuage called Gobeans, in Northmymnes, Herts. The said Alice and Ann for 4 tenements in the parish of St. Peter, Hatfield, Herts, and for a barn, &c., in Chelmsford, Essex.
iv. Lands late of Wm. Brereton and of George Boleyn, lord Rochford, attainted:— The auditors are not known; inquiry is to be instituted.
v. John lord Russell, lord Admiral, farmer of Westley, Suff.
vi. Sir Wm. Essex, farmer of a tenement called Bucklond in Overton Burton, Berks.
vii. Manor of Wansted:—Sir John Hungerford, 20 years' arrears for lands there called le Brokes. John Davye, bailiff there.
viii. Lands of Sir James Fytzgarret, attainted:—Josea, relict of Simon Mountford, late collector of Fytzgarret's lands in Glouc. and Warw. in arrear in 29 Hen. VIII. George Rawley, collector of the same, in arrear for 31 and 32 Hen. VIII.
ix. Lands late of Sir John (sic) Fortescue:—John Woode, farmer of Morehall, Essex. Thos. earl of Rutland for Braunston, Northt., from Mich. 31 Hen. VIII. Sir Thos. Semer Eyworth, Beds, from Mich. 31 Hen. VIII.
Latin. Pp. 12. Endd.: Remembr Burton; also “r. Octab. Trin.”
745. Augmentations.
R. O. A book of payments by the treasurer of Augmentations, headed “anno xxxijdo,” giving the date and intention of each payment (these dates ranging from Oct. 31 Hen. VIII. to 21 April 32 Hen. VIII.), under the following heads, viz., Annuities, Pensions, Fees, Payments of Warrants of the Council [of Augmentations], Payments by Decrees, Payments by the King's Warrants, and Plate and Jewels delivered 16 March ao 32 to Sir John Williams (being a brief statement of jewels, &c., from Christchurch, Canterbury, and St. Peter's, Westminster). The total amount under each head is certified by Wm. Berners and Robt. Burgoyn, auditors, and the whole amount is close upon 142,000l. Some marginal notes show where entries are made under wrong heads, such as “pensions” under “annuities,” and the like.
f. 1.
i. “Payments of annuities” recorded under the date of each payment:—6 Oct. 31 Hen. VIII. to Arthur viscount Lise K.G., for his whole year's annuity due at Michaelmas next, 200l. 10 Dec., Sir Humph Ratclif, gift of the late earl of Northumberland, half year due at Lady Day next, 20l.; Wm. Holgill, master of the Savoy, to the use of Edm. Holgill, gift of the late priory of Heigham, half year due at Martinmas last, 33s. 4d. And so forth, the amounts being yearly, half-yearly, &c., viz.:—
f. 2.
f. 3.
f. 4.
f. 5.
f. 6.
f. 7.
f. 8.
f. 9.
f. 10.
f. 11.
f. 12.
f. 13.
4 Jan., Eliz. Golden. 17 Jan., Ric. Pigot. 21 Feb., Ric. Pollard, gift of the late monastery of Tavistock. 10 March, Thos. Rydley, grant to Sir Thos. Poope and him by the late abbot of Tower Hill; Thos. Rydley, gift of the late prior of Sheen 15 March, Walt. Cromer, doctor of physic, half year 10l.: Alex. Goodman, grant of late prior of Sheen; Eliz. Ellis, ditto; John Fulmer, grant of the late abbot of Bisham. 5 Jan., John Marshall, late prior of Chipstow, pension. 15 March, John Byrchenshawe late abbot of Chester, by the hands of Ric. Whitehed, clk., pension. 10 Jan., dean and chapter of St. Paul's by Ric. Gatys, clk., pension out of late monastery of Leghes, Essex. 28 March, Sir Thos. Poope, late treasurer of the Augmentations, annuity according to a decree dated 10 Oct., 31 Hen. VIII., out of the late monasteries of Ulvescroft, Sheen, St. Mary Overey in Southwark and Bardemonsey. 28 April, 31 Hen. VIII., Sir Thos. Poope, grant of the late abbot of Bisham. 28 March 31 Hen. VIII., John Martyn, according to a decree of 6 Nov. 31 Hen, VIII., grant of the late earl of Northumberland to John Norton. Sir Thos. Poope by Thos. Edgar, gift of the late abbot of Byndon, Dors. 3 April, Hen. Penkhethe, grant of the late priory of Tynmowth. 27 March, Hen. Stevenson, gentleman of the Chapel. 4 April, Ric. Bower, gentleman of the Chapel. 5 April, Robt. Perrye, gentleman of the Chapel. 7 April, Ric. Pigot, gentleman. 8 April, Thos. Byrde, gentleman of the Chapel. 12 April, Ric. Hochens, grant of the late prior of Sheen. 3 April, Wm. Whorwoode, solicitor general, gifts of the late monasteries of Shaftysbury (out of Flegham, Suss.), St. Mary's hospital without Bishopsgate, Wynchecombe, Pershore and Launde. 13 April, Jas. Knottesforde, out of the monastery of Buckfast. 14 April, Thos. Fletewood out of the late monastery of Sheen. 16 April, Sir Ric. Page. 20 April, John Fletewood, out of the late monasteries of Sheen and Ulvescrofte. 21 April, Ric. Pollard out of late monasteries of Newham, Plympton, Torr, Buckfast, Launceston and Buckland; Thos. Parker, fee of “his clerkship of the Exchequer belonging to the late monastery of Saint Peters in Gloucetour.” 20 April, Nic. Whiteney, grant out of the late mon. of Delacrase to him and Mary his wife. 23 April 32 Hen. VIII., Anne Adams, wife of Robt. Adams. 24 April, Wm. Fermer by patent 25 Feb. 30 Hen. VIII. to him and Eliz. his wife. 1 May, Hen. Dyngley. 26 April, Wm. Clement and Chr. Dykenson. 27 April, Thos. Asshewell. 6 April 31 Hen. VIII., lord Crumwell out of the late monasteries of Mayden Bradley, St. Faithes of Horsham, Shepey, Farleye, Shulbrede, Bromer, Cattysbye, Mychelham, Bokenham, Pentney and Furnes Fells (the last two due to the said lord and Gregory Crumwell, his son). 2 May 32 Hen. VIII., Geo. Owen, by hands of Humph. Wells, out of St. Augustine's in Bristowe, by decree 20 April 31 Hen. VIII. 4 May, Thos. Rydly out of Chester nunnery. 6 May, John Eyre, out of Campseye nunnery, Suff. 7 May, Wm. Horde, out of the Charterhouse of Henton. 10 May, Wm. Davys (by decree 12 Feb. 31 Hen. VIII.) out of Henton. 20 April 32 Hen. VIII., Ric. Riche, chancellor of Augmentations, out of the monasteries of Sempringham, St. Osithes, Fountaynes, Hull Charterhouse, Barkinge, Barmonsey, St. Mary Spittell without Bishopsgate, St. Albans, Byndon, Eynesham, Sheen, Nethe, Towerhill abbey, and Bustleham. 12 May 32 Hen. VIII., Thos. Rawlyns of Stecheworthe, Camb., out of late mon. of Selby. 14 May, Dr. Tregonnell by John Howe, servant to Ric. Duke, clerk of the council of the Augmentations, out of the late mon. of Tawnton. 27 May, Ant. Dunryche, out of monasteries of St. Thomas' Hospital in Southwark, Sheen, St. Albans and Bysham. 1 June, Sir Thos. Clyfforde. 1 July, Sir Thos. Awdeley, lord Chancellor, out of late mon. of Chester. 6 May, the same, out of Sempringham. 8 June, Sir Humph. Browne for Thos. Shelton, out of St. Albans. 18 June, Alex. Goodman, grant of the late prior of Sheen. 26 June, Ric. Pigot. 1 July, Eliz. Golding. 16 July, Ric. Hochenson in the name of Wm. Sympson, out of Leyston monastery. 26 July, the same, out of Sheen. 16 July, the same, out of St. Mary Spittell without Bishopsgate, and St. Mary Overey in Southwark. 1 Aug., John Eyre, out of Campsey nunnery, Suff. 27 March 31 Hen. VIII., Mr. Augustine, doctor in physic (half year 10l.). 21 May 32 Hen. VIII., John Godsalve by Wm. Clerke, out of Hyde. 22 July, Ric. Browne. 4 Aug., Robt. Hochenson, out of Sheen. 6 Aug., Edw. Fetyplace, by Thos. Edgar, out of Brewern (confirmed by the Court of Augmentations, 9 Feb. 31 Hen. VIII.). 6 Aug., Robt. Southwell, by Thos. Edgar, out of Bysham (confirmed by the Court of Augmentations 24 April 31 Hen. VIII.). 6 Aug., Thos. Edgar, out of Barmondesey, St. Albans and St. Mary Spittell without Bishopsgate (the two latter confirmed 26 Jan. 31 Hen. VIII.). 8 Aug., Robt. Riche, out of the Charter-house, near Coventry, Sheen and the Mynores without London (confirmed 14 Oct. 31 Hen. VIII.), St. Mary Overeys, and St. Albans (confirmed 10 Feb. 31 Hen. VIII.). 19 Aug. Sir Humph. Radclyf, grant of the late earl of Northumberland. 15 Aug., Ant. Yonge. grant of the late abbot of Buckenham. 20 Aug., Ric. Hochenson, out of Syon. 1 Sept., Dr. Tregonnell, by John Howe, out of Tawnton. 25 Sept., Sir Ralph Sadler, one of the King's principal secretaries, by Jarvis Cawoode, out of Gysburgh and Westminster monasteries. 30 Sept., Thos. Fletewod, out of Sheen. 5 Oct., Dr. Cromer, doctor in physic. 1 Oct., Ric. Bower, gentleman of the Chapel. 21 Sept., Hen. Stevenson, gentleman of the Chapel. 1 Oct., Ric. Browne. 2 Oct., Peter Gerrarde, gentleman of the Household. 4 Oct., Thos Byrde, gentleman of the Chapel. 3 Oct., John Fletewood out of Sheen and Ulvescrofte. 6 Oct., Jas. Knottesforde, out of Buckfast. 4 Oct., Nic. Whytney and Mary, his wife, out of Dyveuley Crosse. 6 Oct., Robt. Adams, by Anne, his wife. 7 Oct., Thos. Asshewell, by Agnes, his wife. 7 Oct., John Fulmer, out of Bysham. 8 Oct., Ric. Wheler, merchant tailor, grant to John Gostwyk and him out of Leades monastery; Eliz. Ellys, out of Sheen; Mr. Augustyne, doctor in physic, by Dr. Cromer; Thos. Edgar, out of Sheen, Byndon, Brewerne, Bysham, Barmondesey, St. Albans and the “monastery of the Spittell.” 12 Oct., Wm. Davys, out of Henton. 13 Oct., Robt. Perryn, gentleman of the Chapel. 11 Oct., Robt. Smert, out of Keynesham. 15 Oct. Sir Thos. Hennage, chief gentleman of the Privy Chamber, by Jas. Joskyn, out of Crowlande, Holy Trinity in Norwich, Christchurch Twynham and Peterborough. 12 Oct., John Godsalve, by Wm. Clere, out of Hyde beside Winchester. 16 Oct., John Martyn. 10 Oct., Sir Ric. Page. 1 Oct., Thos. Rydley, out of Tower Hill and Chester nunnery. 20 Oct., the same, by Ric. Hochenson, out of Sheen; Ric. Hochenson, out of Leyston, Sheen, Syon and Maryspittell; Robt. Hochenson, by Ric. Hochenson, out of Sheen. 19 Oct., Wm. Whorwood, out of Shaftysbury, St. Mary's Hospital without Bishopsgate Winchecombe, Pershore, Launde, Vale Ryall (stewardship fee) and St. John of Jerusalem, 22 Oct., Wm. Fermar and Eliz., his wife. 31 Oct., Ric. Pygot in recompense for his house in Greenwich. 1 Nov., Ant. Dunryche, out of St. Thomas' Hospital in Southwark, Sheen and St. Albans. 6 Nov., Hen. Dyngley. 8 Nov., Robt. Riche, out of the Charter-house in Coventry, Sheene, Mynores and St. Albans. 11 Nov., Sir Thos. Clyfforde, by Thos. Southill. 13 Nov., Jas. Gunter, for keeping the King's woods in the lordship of Almondesbury. 15 Nov., Jas. Joskyn, out of Christchurch Twynham; Sir Thos. Hennage, by Jas. Joskyn, out of St. Mary's and St. Mary's Abbey beside York. 16 Nov., Ric. Pollarde, out of Newenham, Plympton, Torr, Buckfast, Buckland and Launceston. 20 Nov., Ralph Tybbes, by Robt. Sergyer, out of Clyve. 24 Nov., Humph. Wells, out of St. Mary Overey; Thos. Rawlyns, out of Selby. 14 Oct., Eliz. Hochens, widow. 27 Nov., Sir Edw. Mountague and Sir John Bawldwyn, chief justices of assise, &c., in cos. Suffolk and Huntingdon for themselves and the clerks of assise and of the Crown and expenses of keeping courts within the liberties of Burye and Ramsey. 2 Dec. Wm. Whorwood, out of Launde, Leic. 4 Nov. Griffith Richards, by John Rock, out of Thorney and Childerangley. 7 Dec., Geo. Drewe, grant to John Gostwyk and him, out of Meaxe; John Rock, out of Streatclere, Launde, Dunstable, Crowland and Spalding. 6 Dec., Geo. Owen, doctor of physic, out of St. Augustynes in Bristow. 10 Dec., John Eyer. 11 Dec., Ralph Tybbs, out of Clyve, by Philip Harbert. 20 Dec., John Lewes and John Lewson, by John Howe, out of Morgan in co. Glamorgan. 20 July, Edm. Holgill by Wm. Holgill, master of the Savoy beside Westminster, out of Haxham. 20 Jan., Wm. Buttes, out of Ramsey; by the same, to Thos. Buttes, out of Peterborough. 3 Feb., Ph. Babington, late one of the confreres of St. John of Jerusalem, by Ant. Fabyan, pension. 12 Feb., Ric. Tyrrell, out of Burye. 17 Feb., Sir Wm. Sydney. 9 March, Thos. Edgar out of Circiter. 3 Oct., Wm. Hoorde. 7 March, Eliz. Hollande by Geo. Hollande. Pensions:—17 Oct., to Sir John Byrchenshaw quondam of Chester, by Sir Ric. Whitehed, clk. 2 April and 13 Oct., to Hugh Latymer, late bp. of Worcester. 14 April and 1 Oct., to Nic. Shaxton, late bp. of Salisbury. 27 March 31 Hen. VIII., 24 June and 1 Oct. 32 Hen. VIII., to John Marshall quondam of Chepstow. 6 Oct., to Ralph Hunte, “regular of Sheen.” 29 Oct. to the dean and chapter of St. Pauls, by Ric. Gates, clk., out of Bylegh, Islington parsonage appropriate to Stratforde nunnery, and Elsingspittell. Total annuities 1,563l. 2s. Signed as examined by Wm. Berners and Robt. Burgoyn, auditors.
f. 14.
ii. “Payments of Pensions” to members of the suppressed monasteries, quarterly and half yearly payments recorded under date of payment, with the term at which they are due.
f. 15.
f. 16.
f. 17.
f. 18.
f. 19.
f. 20.
f. 21.
f. 22.
f. 23.
f. 24.
f. 25.
f. 26.
f. 27.
f. 28.
f. 29.
f. 30.
f. 31.
2 Jan. 31 Hen VIII., John Cordrye, abbot of Bysham. 20 Dec., Julyan Poope, nun of Godstow. 6 Jan., Ric Burman, abbot of St. Albans. 12 Jan, Wm. Maior, prior of St. Mary's Hospital without Bishopsgate. 29 Jan., John Webb, monk of Clyf, by Barnard Dovell; Hen. Manne, prior of Sheen. 12 Feb., Eliz. Sakvile, prioress of Clerkenwell. 24 Feb., Morg. Williams, abbot of St. Augustines, Bristol. 28 Feb., Thos. Horner of Croxton. 12 March, John Cordrey, abbot of Bysham. 15 March, Ric. Whytehed, clk., of Chester, for himself and others of the same late house, i.e., Robt. Wyngham, John Taylor, John Stanley, Hugh Mathewe, Ric. Whytehed, Ric. Robynson, Randolf Fynche, John Mere, John Gostlowe, Thos. Rutter and Ric. Donne. 15 March, Kath. Bulkeleye, abbess of Godstowe, by Dr. Gwent. 22 March, by Thos. Ball, of Chester, to divers late nuns of Chester, i.e., Eliz. Crosbonor, prioress, Marg. Tatton, Frances Bradborne, Joan Foxwiste, Eleanor Dutton, Joan Johns, Marg. Trafforde, Joan Chauntrell, Margery and Alice Taylor. 23 March, John Badock, prior of Barnewell, Camb., by Thos. Broke. 1 April, John Bathowe, prior of Harteforde West, in S. Wales. 3 April, by Thos. Golde, Hen. Manne, prior, Thos. Hyne, Thos. Smythe and Hen. Ball, of Sheen; by Thos. Calton, Thos. Lawe and Wm. Marshall of Sheen. 3 April, Geo. Horneby, John Pysaunte, Edm. Fletewood, proctor, and Robt. Horseley, of Sheen. 7 April Ric. Tyldesley of Sheen, by Hugh Tyldesley, of London. 3 April, Thos. Manfelde of Sheen. 28 April, Robt. Chaffer, of Sheen, by Wm. Locke, mercer. 30 March, Hen. George, of St. Bartholomew's in Smithfield. 3 April, Matth. Dyllye, John Smyth, John Smyth, sen., Peter Wade, Ric. Duff, Robt. Stokes and John Sutton of St. Bartholomew's in Smithfield. 1 May Chr. Reynolds of the same. 4 April, John Heron, abbot of Valla Crucis, by Ric. ap Robert. 6 April, Ant. Kechen alias Dunstone, abbot of Eynesham, and Robt. Forde, monk there. 3 April, Hen. Moore, abbot of Tower Hill. 4 April, Mary Kytson of Dartford, by Robt. Kytson. 3 April, Thos. Chapman, warden of Grey Friars, London. 20 April, John Bachecrofte of Hynton; Agnes Bachecroft of Wynton, by Ric. Bachecrofte. 21 April, John Harwarde, abbot of Vale Ryall, by Robt. Manering. 15 April, Marg. Vernon, abbess, and Rose Moreton, of West Malling, by John Cocks, salter; Ric. Bowerman, abbot of St. Albans, by the said Cocks. 12 April, Marg. Hyll, abbess of Cheshunt. 10 April, John Raynes of Crowland, Linc. 3 April, Ralph Harteley, abbot of Wetheral. 11 April, Arth. Meverhill, prior of Tutbury. Thos. Corverser, abbot of Haghmonde, for himself and his brethren John Colfey and Wm. Rolf. 8 April, John Gybbes, prior of Whitefriars, London; Thos. Brykhed, abbot of Norton. 30 April 32 Hen. VIII., Isabel Seckvyle, abbess of Clerkenwell. 12 April 31 Hen. VIII., Wm. Ellys of Westminster. 24 April 32 Hen. VIII., Wm. Wayte of the Charterhouse beside London. 7 May, John Foster, monk of Westminster, by Thos. Bayter, monk there. 15 May, Wm. Wingfelde, prior of Westacre. 4 April 31 Hen. VIII., Thos. Smythe, prior of Wroxton. 12 May, Joseph Stepney of Asshridge. Geo. Springwell of Westminster, by John Adams. 13 May, Kath. Clovile of Dartford, by Edw. Bowland. 20 May, Marg. Shakeladye of Chester, by Roland Shakeladye. 10 April 31 Hen. VIII., Wm. Maior, prior of the new hospital of Our Lady without Bishopsgate. 26 June 32 Hen. VIII., John Cordreye, abbot of Bysham. 24 June, Jas. Nicholas of Whiteland, by John Pigot. 26 June, Hen. Manne, prior of Sheen; Ric. Bowerman, abbot of St. Albans, by John Cocks, salter. 28 June, Wm. Verytie, of Westminster. 24 June, Wm. Maior, prior of St. Mary Spittell. 3 July, John Wright, of Haghmond. 10 July, Sybill Kyrke, prioress of Stratford at Bow. 7 July, Morg. Williams, abbot of St. Augustine's in Bristol. 1 July, Eliz. Sakvile, prioress of Clerkenwell. 25 June, David Curson, Eliz. Fax and Jas. Wells, of Sion. 26 June, John Howell, of Sion. 8 July, Geo. Springwell, of Westminster; Kath. Bryerton, of Sion, by Pernell Damporte, late nun there; Pernell Damporte, Ant. Sutton, Anne Dauncye, Awdrye Dellye, John Myllet and Marg. Delly, of Sion; Julian Poope, of Godstow; Eliz. Ogle, Jane Strangways, Thos. Precious (10 July) and John Bartlet; 9 July, John Selbye, priest; 30 June, Mary Denham; 11 July, Alice Senosse; 10 July, Eliz. Knottesford; 26 June, Clemens Tresham, Eliz. Strykland, Rose Paget; 16 July, Kath. Somerfelde, Eliz. Mounteyn, Eliz. Yate; and 15 July, Eleanor Pegge; all of Sion. 30 March ao 31°, Robt. Glasyer and Geo. Chapman, of St. Bartholomew's near London, Wm. Verytie and Wm. Estney, of Westminster. 23 March, Wm. Barlowe, of St. Bartholomew's. 27 March, Wm. Melton, of Westm. 30 March, Robt. Keman, of St. Bartholomew's. 16 April, Wm. Pacyens, of Westm. 31 May ao 32°, Mary Martyn, of St. Mary's, Winchester. 24 June, Wm. Melton; 30 Jane, Wm. Pacyens, John Foster; 3 July, Wm. Ellys, Wm. Estney; all of Westminster. 4 July, Robt. Kenam, of St. Bartholomew's. 6 July, Dorothy and Alice Betenham, Bridget Fitzherbert, John Stewken, lay brother, John Massy, lay brother; 9 July, Agnes Jordane, abbess, Bridget Sulyard, Mary Nevell; 6 July, Marg. Covert, Marg. Lupton, Dorothy Sleight, Ant. Lytle, Ric. Browne, lay brother; 8 July, Ric. Whiteforde, Bridget Belgrave; 11 July, John Grene; 9 July, Effamye Elmer, Alice Lyster; all of Sion. 13 July, Barth. Fowle, prior of St. Mary Overeys. 11 July, Eliz. Edwards; 13 July, Dorothy Codrington, Susan Purfreye, Eleanor Fetyplace; 17 July, Eliz. Crechlowe, lay sister; 15 July, Anne Edwards; 20 July, Marg. Wyndesore, Joan Rowsse, Margery Walker, lay sister; 1 Aug., Ric. Lache and Wm. Tyrlyngton, lay brothers; 3 Aug., Mary Watnoo; 10 Aug., Sir Thos. Pollarde; 26 July, Joan Judde; all of Sion. 16 Sept., Thos. Corveser, abbot, and Wm. Rolf, canon, of Haghmond. 9 June, John Adamson, prior of Cockesford. 2 Oct., John Gybbes, prior of Whitefriars, London. 31 Aug., Wm. Barlowe, of St. Bartholomew's. 27 Sept., Wm. Huddleston, abbot of Stratford Langthorne. 28 Sept., John Sutton; 30 Sept., Robt. Glasyer, John Smyth; 1 Oct., Peter Wade, Hen. George; 2 Oct., John Smythe, sen.; 4 Oct., Matth. Delly; 6 Oct., Ric. Duff; 7 Oct., Chr. Reynolde; 8 Oct., Robt. Stokes; all of St. Bartholomew's. 30 Sept., John Raynes, of Crowland. 30 Sept., Robt. Horsley, Wm. Marshall; 1 Oct., Ric. Tyldesley, John Pysaunte, Thos. Smythe, lay brother; 4 Oct., Robt. Thyrbye; 2 Oct., Th. Manfelde; 3 Oct., Edm. Fletewood; 14 Oct., John Bromley; 1 Sept. (sic), Wm. Rylbury, Wm. Woode; 2 Oct., Robt. Chafer; 20 Oct., Hen. Manne, prior, Thos. Hynde; 21 Oct., Geo. Horneby; all of Sheen. 6 Oct., Wm. Pacyens; 1 Oct., Wm. Melton, Wm. Verytie, Wm. Estney; 2 Oct., Geo. Spryngwell; 13 Oct., John Foster; all of Westminster. 1 Oct., Gabriel Dunne, abbot of Buckfast. 2 Oct., Hen. More, abbot of Tower Hill. 1 Oct., John Selby, of Sion. 1 Oct., Agnes Jurdan, abbess of Sion, for herself and Bridget Solyarde, Mary Nevell, Dorothy Sleight, Mary Watno, Marg. Lupton, Marg. Coverte, Ant. Lytle and Ric. Browne, of Sion. 2 Oct., Ursula Fetyplace, Marg. Mounteyn, Marg. Meryt, Dorothy and Alice Betenham, Bridget Fitzherbert, John Stewken, John Massey; 4 Oct., Eliz. Crochelowe; 2 Oct., Alice Senouse; 5 Oct., Sir Thos. Pollarde; 1 Oct., John Myllet; 28 Oct., Eliz. Mounteyn; 8 Oct., Jane Strangways, Eliz. Ogle; 15 Oct., Audrye and Marg. Delly, Kath. Bryerton, Ant. Sutton, Anne Dauncye; 14 Oct., Thos. Precious; 30 Sept., Davy Curson; 28 Sept., Eliz. Fax, Kath. Somerfelde; 12 Oct., Mary Denham, Bridget Belgrave, Ric. Whitforde; 10 Oct., Alice Lyster, Effamye Elmer; 8 Oct., Clement Tresham; 18 Oct., Marg. Wyndesour, prioress, Joan Rouse, Margery Walker; 28 Sept., Jas. Wellye; 12 Oct., John Bartlet, lay brother; 18 Oct., John Howell; all of Sion. 12 Oct., Morgan Guyllyams, abbot of St. Augustine's, Bristol. 2 Oct., Thos. Brooke, of the Charterhouse in Axham. 4 Oct., “John” Fanne, prioress of Dartford; 16 Oct., Mary Kytson, of Dartford. 2 Oct., Miles Garrard, of Waltham; 7 Oct., Thos. Hawkyns, Robt. Hull, John Norrys; 8 Oct., Humph. Martyn, Edw. Storye, Thos. Warren, Edm. and John Saunder, Wm. Lylle, Robt. Woodlefe; 13 Oct., John Holmested; 14 Oct., Robt. Perker, Geo. Solys, Ric. Rede, Hugh Yonge, Edm. Freke; all of Waltham. 4 Oct., Marg. Hill, prioress of Chesthunt. 2 Oct., Isabel Sakvile, prioress of Clerkenwell. 6 Oct., Eliz. Savage, “abbess of the Mynores.” 4 Oct., Joseph Stepney, one of the Bonhommes of Assheridge, Bucks; Thos. Horner of Croxton. 6 Oct., John Cordrey, abbot of Bysham. 14 Oct., Thos. Potter, of Bysham. 5 Oct., Wm. Maior, prior of St. Mary without Bishopsgate. 30 Sept., Ralph Hartley, prior of Wythrall. 8 Oct., John Adamson, prior of Cockysforde. 3 Oct., Ric. Boreman, abbot of St. Albans. 15 Oct., John Batho, prior of Hertford West in South Wales. 11 Oct., Kath. Bulkley, abbess of Godstow. 16 Oct., Thos. Brykhed, abbet of Norton. 14 Oct., Marg. Vernon, abbess, and Rose Martyn, of West Malling. 17 Oct., Ric. Whitehed, of Chester, for himself, and Robt. Wingham, Robt. Taylor, John Stanley, Hugh Mathewe, Ric. Whithed, Ric. Robertson, Raphe Fynchets, Thos. Rutter, John Mayer, John Gostlowe, and Ric. Dawne, of Chester. 20 Oct., “Robert bisshop of Sent Asaphe” (half-year, 166l. 13s. 4d.). 18 Oct., John Heron, abbot of Valle Crucis. 21 Oct., David Gonson, of London, gentleman (4l. “in part payment of a pension to be assigned unto him”). 18 Oct., John Harwar, abbot of Vale Ryall. 1 Oct., Barth. Fowle, prior of St. Mary Overeys. 19 Oct., Wm. Brooke, of the Charterhouse, London. 1 Nov., Robt. Kenam, of St. Bartholomew's. 2 Nov., Eliz. Crosbonour, prioress, Marg. Tatton, Frances Brandborne, Joan Foxelwist, Marg. Trafforde, Joan Chauntrell, Margery and Alice Taylor, of Chester nunnery. 18 Oct., Wm. Wyngfelde, prior of Westacre. 5 Nov., John Wright, of Haghmond. 3 Nov., Marg. Shakeladye, of Chester. 4 Nov., Joan Judd and Anne Edwards, of Sion. 7 Nov., Agnes Bachcrofte, sub-prioress of St. Mary's, Winchester. 7 Nov., Ric. Lache and Wm. Tyrlyngton, lay brothers of Sion. 11 Nov., Eliz. Yate, Dorothy Codrington, Eleanor Page, Eleanor Fetyplace, Susan Purferrye, Alice Elryngton; 8 Oct., Rose Paget, John Grene; all of Sion. 11 Nov., Thos. Brooke, tailor, to the use of Yon Badcock, prior of Barnewell. 15 Nov., Marg. Elrington, Alice Polton; 4 Oct., Eliz. Knottesford; all of Sion. 15 Nov., John Clement, of Sheen; Jas. Nicholas, of Whitelande in Wales. Nov., Kath. Palmer, of Syon. 23 Nov., Eleanor Dutton, of Chester. 18 Nov., Nich. Harrington, chantry priest of Rochester. 4 Oct., Thos. Lawe, of Sheen. 20 Nov., Thos. Chapman, warden of Greyfriars; Arth. Meverell, prior of Tutbury. 25 Nov., Mary Martyn, of Winchester. 28 Nov., Nic. Spelhurst, Robt. Smythe, Thos. Cockes, Ric. Cheteham; 27 Nov., Rob. Pylton, Thos. Graye, Wm. Canterbury, Robt. Bacon (chantry priest of Northflete), Wm. Albane, Thos. Nevile, and Ant. London; all of Rochester. 12 Oct., Thos. Smythe, prior of Wroxton. 20 Nov., Julian Poope, of Godstowe. 6 Oct., Wm. Wayt, of the Charterhouse, London. 6 Nov., John Bachecroft, of the Charterhouse, Hynton. 18 Nov., Kath. Clovile, of Dartford. 29 Nov., Ellyn Clever, of Hollywell. 14 Dec., Thos. Dobson, of Axholme; Hen. Ball, of Sheen. 17 Dec., Sybyll Kyrke, prioress of Stratford. 20 Dec., Marg. Bourchier, of Sion. 12 Feb. 32 Hen. VIII., by Philip Parrys for Wm. Baynton, prior, Ric. Browne and John Tulye, of Fordeham alias Begyn. 1 March, Joan Denny, of Sion. 9 March, Joan Johns, of Chester. 20 Aug. 32 Hen. VIII., Marg. Frances, of Holywell. Total, 2,536l. 3s. 4d. Signed by Berners and Burgoyn.
f. 32.
iii. “Payments of Fees” recorded in the same way (mainly to officers of the Court of Augmentations), i.e.
Due at Christmas, 31 Hen. VIII.—20 Dec 31 Hen. VIII., Sir Ric. Riche, chancellor; 8 Jan., Walt. Ferr, keeper of the records, John Warde, messenger; 15 Jan., Robt. Southwell, attorney; officers of the Court of Augmentations. 20 Jan., Sir John lord Russell, president of the Council in the West, upon a warrant dormant dated 31 March 30 Hen. VIII. 12 March, Walt. Hendley, solicitor of Augm. 16 March, Robt. Southwell, attorney of Augm. (fee from Christmas to 15 March). 18 March, John Warde, messenger (due Nat. of St. John Bapt.).
f. 33.
f. 34.
Due at Lady Day, 31 Hen. VIII.:—16 March, Ric. Duke, clerk to the Council of Augmentations (2 payments); Edw. Northe, treasurer of Augmentations, by Sir Thos. Poope, late treasurer, fee and diet (“lying in London continually”). 10 April, Sir Nic. Hare, deputy of Thos. duke of Norfolk, high steward of suppressed lands on this side Trent. 20 April, Walt. Henley, attorney of A. (due Nat. S. John Bapt.). 22 April, Jasper Punt, messenger. 21 April, Nic. Bacon, solicitor of A. 27 April, Wm. Cowper, surveyor of woods. 10 April, the lord Crumwell, steward of lands beyond Trent. 11 May, Sir Ric. Riche, chancellor. 10 May, Sir Chr. Hales, master of the Rolls. 18 June, lord Russell for himself and the Council of the West (due Nat. St. John Bapt.). 17 July, Jas. Johnson, usher of the Court of Augmentations (due Mich. 32 Hen. VIII.). 12 July, Sir Ric. Riche, chancellor (Nat. S. Jo. Bapt.). 26 June, Nic. Bacon, solicitor (Nat. S. Jo. Bapt.). 31 March 31 Hen. VIII., lord Russell and Council of the West. 27 March, Walt. Ferr. 12 July, Wm. Cowper, surveyor of woods (Nat. S. Jo. Bapt.). 1 April, Hen. Polsted, deputy steward to lord Cromwell of all lands appointed to the survey of the Court of Augmentations. 26 March, Edw. Free and Geo. Roper, keepers of Hyde park, Midd.; and Thos. Bridges and Thos. Mervyn, keepers of Marybound park, Midd.; by warrants dormant 20 March 31 Hen. VIII.
f. 35.
Due Mich. 32 Hen. VIII.:—13 Sept., Nic. Bacon, solicitor. 30 Nov., Sir Ric. Riche, chancellor. 16 Dec., Sir Thos. lord Audeley, lord Chancellor, high steward of Augmentation lands in the North. 30 Sept., Walt. Hendley, attorney. 1 Nov., Sir Nic. Hare, deputy to the duke of Norfolk. 20 Oct., John Warde, messenger. 14 Oct., Walt. Ferr, keeper of evidences. 22 Sept., Geo. Roper; 10 Oct., Thos. Marvyn; 2 Oct., Thos. Bridges and Thos. Free; keepers of parks of Hyde and Marybound. 29 Sept., Sir Thos. Wryothesley, one of the King's principal secretaries. 25 Sept., Sir Ralph Sadler, one of the King's principal secretaries. 31 Dec., Thos. duke of Norfolk, high steward of Augmentation lands on this side Trent. 27 Feb. 32 Hen. VIII., Wm. Cowper, surveyor of woods. 10 March, Jasper Punt, messenger. 15 March, Edw. North, treasurer. 20 Oct., Ric. Duke, clerk. 13 July 32 Hen. VIII., Walt. Farr (Nat. S. Jo. Bapt.). 4 Dec., Wm. Bernes and Robt. Burgoyne, auditors Total, 2,221l. 10d. Signed by Berners and Burgoyn.
f. 36.
iv. “Payments of warrants by the Council.”
f. 37.
f. 38.
f. 39.
f. 40.
f. 41.
f. 42.
18 March 31 Hen. VIII., Walt. Hendley, attorney, for attending on the King at Hampton Court, two days in March, and attending in London from the end of Hilary term until Palm Sunday about exchanges between the King and the Abp. of Canterbury, the Lord Privy Seal, lord De La Warr and others, 5l. 13s. 4d. 20 March, Mr. Baker, attorney general, for assisting the Council of Augmentations, &c., about exchanges between the King and the abp. of Canterbury, 23l. 6s. 8d. 28 March, John Warde and Jasper Punt, messengers, for liveries, 3l. 16 April, Sir Ric. Riche, chancellor, by Walt. Ferr, his clerk, for 12 days' journey to Canterbury and Rochester for the alteration of certain houses of religion, and the survey of lands adjoining Ostinghanger, Adington, and Saltwoode parks, 22l. 16s. 2d. 20 April, Walt. Henley, attorney, suppressing the monasteries of Christchurch in Canterbury and Rochester, between 4 and 16 April; also for writing the surrenders of the same, and the surrender of Canterbury College, Oxford, and deeds of lands to be enclosed in Abington, Ostinghanger, and Saltwood parks, Kent, 6l. 4 May ao 32°, Ric. Hochenson for himself and three of Sir Thos. Poope's servants, delivering 3,000l. for the King to Sir Thos. Hennage, chief gentleman of the Privy Chamber, and attending at Hampton Court two days in March, 12s. 6d. 15 July, Walt. Henley, attorney, for surveying (from 27 May to 7 June), Otterpoole, Blakmanston, Frognall, Snave and other lands of Sir Thos. Wyatt in Kent to be exchanged with the King, 5l. 17 April ao 31°, Ant. Cowley, grocer, a debt of the abbot of Bury, Suff., 6l. 13s. 4d. 10 May ao 32°, Humph. Ogle, clk., debt of the prior of Wormesley, 13l. 6s. 8d. 12 May, John Wyseman, by Wm. Glascock, debt of St. Albans Abbey, 39l. 20d. 12 May, Nic. Thorne of Brystowe, debt of St. Augustine's, Bristol, 60l. 12 May, Sir Wm. Sydney, by Nic. Grene, in recompense of rents of Guldeforde and Foder marshes, which rents lately belonged to the monastery of Robertsbridge, Sussex, 30l. 15 May, John Gostwik, treasurer of First Fruits and Tenths, debt to the King of part of the tenth of St. Albans, due at Christmas 1538, secured on bond of John Cokks, salter, and Hen. Coldewell, goldsmith, 100l.; also to Cokks for executors of Sir Chr. Askew, 20l. 1 June, John Amanton of London, blacksmith, for himself, John Barnarde “for oil and candle,” and John Barbour “for singing bread” due from Augustine Friars in London, 30s. 10d. 6 June, Wm. Knight, founder, debt of St. Mary Spittell, 4l. 18 June, Robt. Maister, for his lands enclosed in Ostinghanger park, 6l. 10s. 9 June, Francis Southwell, expenses of himself and John Waterhouse, commissioners, riding from London to divers monasteries lately surrendered, to inquire into allegations against Wm. Cavendissh, auditor of Augmentations at the time of their surrender (from 1 May to 5 June), 8l. 13s.d. 26 June, Nic. Bacon, solicitor, attending at Hampton Court 6 days in Lent last and at Bishops Hatfield in Whitsunweek last, about affairs in the lordship of Hatfield, 53s. 4d. 13 July, John Gryffyth, clk., late steward of the abbot of Bury's household, debt of the abbot, 28l. 20 March ao 31°, Mr. Whorwood, solicitor-general, attending in London and assisting the Council of Augmentations from the beginning of Hilary term to Palm Sunday, 26l. 13s. 4d. 16 April, Sir Ric. Longe, by John Yonge, his servant, for custody of the place and garden of Knolle, 4l. 7s 10d. 15 April, Wm. Peter, by John Keme, his servant, expenses at the dissolution of Rochester monastery, 26l. 10s. 4d. 4 May, Edw. Northe, treasurer of Augmentations, for making a strong new treasure house and purchasing iron chests, 30l., and expenses taking surrenders of Waltham, Essex, and Christchurch, Canterbury, and carrying the plate and jewels of Christchurch to his house in London and thence to the King at Westminster and thence to the Master of the Jewel house, and for money laid out at Sittingborne, 15l. 20 April, Walt. Henley, attorney, expenses at the surrender of Christchurch and surveying lands to be emparked at Allyngton, Osinghanger, and Saltwoode, 5l. 13s. 4d. 22 April, Thos. Wood of Canterbury, debt of Christchurch, 10l. 10 May, Eliz. Greves, executrix of Ralph Albyn, her late husband, by Hugh Greves, her now husband, debt of Dueleucres, Suff. (sic), to her late husband, 6l. 10s. 10 July, Wm. Cowper, for surveying woods of dissolved monasteries from 10 Dec. to 15 April 31 Hen. VIII., and from 22 May to 24 June 32 Hen. VIII., at 10s. a day, 79l. 12 July, Lady Margaret, countess of Kent, for her interest in the manor of Lytle Home Mede, Herts, parcel of Tower Hill abbey, 20l. 28 June, John Cockeram, Hugh Bowsall, Edw. Alcock, and others, servants of the monasteries of Darley, Pipwell, Meryvell, St. Thomas, and Lytlehull, coming up to the court of Augmentations to give evidence for the King against Wm. Candisshe, auditor, 3l. 10s. 17 July, Sir Ant. Browne, by Alex. Curthorp, money paid by Browne to Sir Nic. Carewe, dec., for a moiety of a yearly fee which Carewe had from the King out of Perchings and Poynings manors in Sussex, which manors Browne purchased of the King before the attainder of Carewe, 3l. 6s. 8d. 28 July, Thos. Androwe of Bury, Suff., and John Aldham by Ric. Tyrrell, debts of the abbey of Bury, 36l. 9s. 6d. 1 Aug., Geo. Wryght, servant to the chancellor of Augmentations for engrossing certain acts of Parliament, 4l. 28 July, Hen. Bestney, late monk of St. Albans, charges of the commissioners at the surrender in December last, 14l. 17s. 10d. 21 Oct., Nic. Bacon, solicitor, expenses from 24 July to 6 Sept., surveying Southwell lordship and certain commandries in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire; also for 7 horses for 14 days, &c., as appears by warrant, 22l. 10s. 2 Nov., the executor of Ric. Fowle, dec., by Barth. Fowle, clk., upon a warrant 28 Oct. last, 4l. 19 Nov., Edw. Metham, yeoman of the late abbot of St. Albans' horse, wages due, 4l. 25 Nov., Nic. Stuttysburye, barber to the late abbot of St. Albans, and for wages and for “vynyger, vergis and mustred,” 3l. 15 Nov., Wm. Ermysted, master of the Temple in London, half year's wages of himself, 4 chaplains and a clerk serving in the said church, 18l. 13s. 4d. 28 Nov., Ant. Walssh of the Exchequer for making out and writing “the books and valuations of thextent after the tenths of all the surrendered monasteries and houses within this realm,” and making abstracts for the surveyor of woods containing 612 sheets of paper at 12d. the sheet, 40l. 29 Nov., John Palmer of Angmering, Suss., for land purchased of him, 119l. 19s. 2d. 30 Nov., Robt. Chepe and Edw. Baker, debts of mon. of Bury, Suff., 8l. 0s.d. 2 Dec., Walt. Philip, dean of Rochester, providing for the commissioners at the dissolution of Rochester priory, 20l. 5 Dec., Wm. Byerman, Jas. Rawson, And. Dueburyes, John Payne, John Rombolde, Ric. Jekyll, and Ric. Cordell, grooms and yeomen of the King's chariots and stable, pensions. 21 Dec., Joan Cootes, widow of Robt. Cootys, groom of the chariots, his pension for 8 months ended 1 Sept. last. 20 Dec., John Hussher, keeping of the Charterhouse in London from Easter last, 40s. 17 Dec., Wm. Whorwood, solicitor-general, debt of Bardesey abbey, 40s. 18 Dec., Galyen Hone, servant to Sir Ric. Longe, repairing and glazing the windows of the King's house at Dartford, upon warrant of 13 Dec, 21s. 7d. 26 Jan., Sir Thos. Cheyney, treasurer of the Household, by Wm. Oxenden, to impark Ostinghanger, Saltwood and Allington, 100l. 5 Jan., John Warde, messenger, 5l. 8s. 1d. 22 Feb., Wm. Cowper, surveying woods, 96l. in part payment of 116l. due. 17 March, Thos. Cowlpeper, the elder, for overplus of Waddenhall, &c., exchanged with the King (warrant, 17 March), 15l. 19 March, Robt. Arrogon, girdler, for cages for fowls at the King's house in Southwark, 4l. 20 March, John Dytling, carpenter, for making a seat in the privy garden there, 17s. 4d.; Wm. Wilson and Chr. Draye, King's plumbers, for melting lead and bells of Tynterne, 8l. 17 March, “to the expenditors and collectors for the Marsshes,” 9l. 13s. 9d. 18 March, Wm. Cowper, surveyor of woods, 20l. in full payment of 116l. due. 20 Jan., Ric Hochenson, carrying money to the Court, 15l. 19s. 1 Aug., 18 Aug., 16 Sept., 14 Dec, 24 Dec, and 3 Nov, small payments to Jasper Punt and John Ward, messengers. 31 Dec., Edw. Northe, treasurer, for stationery, 12l. 4 Dec., Wm. Barnes and Robt. Burgyne, auditors, diets lying at London taking the treasurer's account, 30l.; and to their clerks for engrossing, 10l. 16 March, to the treasurer's clerk, 13l. 6s. 8d. Reward to Mr. Chancellor's clerks, 40s. Total, 1,310l. 12s. 8d. Signed by Berners and Burgoyn.
f. 43.
v. Payments by Decrees.
f. 44.
f. 45.
29 April 32 Hen. VIII., George Owen, 66l. 13s. 4d. decreed to him 20 April 31 Hen. VIII. in recompense of 110l. due from the monasteries of Bath and Farleigh. 1 May, Ralph Rowlet, 526l. 13s. 4d. decreed to Martin Bowes, alderman, and to Baker, of Syssinghurst, Kent, 24 April 32 Hen. VIII., for a debt to Rowlet, in the name of Bowes and John Baker, by the abbot of St. Alban's. 3 May, Wm. Hale, 60l., decreed 20 April, debt of Welbeck, Notts. 12 May, John Rogers, 17l., decreed 24 April, debt of the mon. of Bustleham Montague, Berks. 9 June, Edw. Bartilmewe, tailor, 25l. for Anne Baylye, widow and executrix of Robt. Baylye, mercer, decreed 6 Feb., debt of Feversham abbey. 29 July, Ant. Fabyan, 13l. 6s. 8d., decreed 10 June, for 20l. given by him to St. Albans abbey for a lease. 18 July, John Mounson, by Wm. Mounson, 13l. 6s. 8d., decreed 10 June, debt of mon. of Royston, Herts. 2 Dec., Isabell Waide, widow, by Dr. Cromer, 100l., decreed 4 Nov., debt of 112l. 10s. due to Chr. Waide, her husband, by the Cathedral Church of Coventry. 3 Nov., Wm. Lytton, of London, by Thos. Lytton, 15l., decreed 6 July, debt of Derley abbey. 29 Nov., Ric Whalley, 32l., decreed 8 May, debt of Bella Valle priory. 5 Dec., Thos. Clerke, 61l. 14s.d., decreed 9 Feb., debt of Bath Cathedral. 2 Dec., Anne Bayly, widow and executrix of Robt. Baylye, mercer, 25l., decreed 6 Feb. ao 31°, debt to her husband of Faversham abbey. 7 Dec., Peter Bonye, 14l. 6s. 8d., decreed 13 Nov. for 20l., debt of Tutbury priory. 8 Dec., Sir Giles Capell, 66l. 13s. 4d., decreed 26 Nov. 14 Dec., Hen. Hobilthorn, alderman, 50l., decreed 9 Nov. for debt of 60l. 4s. 1d. from monasteries of Hallywell and Spalding. 15 Dec., Emma Ascue, widow, and other executors of Sir Chr. Ascue, 80l., decreed 10 June, debt of St. Albans. 16 Dec., Roger Padye, 20l., decreed 16 Nov., debt of 26l. 12s. of St. Beges priory, Cumb. 20 Dec, Laur. Hebgreves, 20l., decreed 16 Nov., debt (29l. 4d.) of Deulacras abbey. 24 Dec., John Newport, 20l., decreed 15 Nov., debt (27l. 6s.) of Athelney abbey. 27 Jan., Oliver Rudd, 10l. 8s.d., decreed 11 Nov., debt of mon. of Leedes, Kent. 18 March, Alice Lupset, of London, widow, 13l. 6s. 8d., decreed 17 Jan., debt (40 mks.) of mon. of Waltham. 8 Feb. Ric. Morgan, executor to Robt. Baylye, 60l. decreed 7 Jan., debt (75l.) of Feversham abbey. 8 Feb., Hen. Audeley, 60l., decreed 3 Jan., debt (71l.) of Coventry monastery. 17 Feb., Wm. Ibgrave, 80l., decreed 24 Jan., debt (116l.) of St. Albans. 19 March, Ric. Jarvys, mercer, 110l. decreed 15 March, debt (133l. 11s. 8d.) of Westminster Abbey.
Total, 1,559l. 9s. 1d. Signed by Berners and Burgoyn.
f. 46.
vi. “Payments by the King's warrants.”
f. 47.
f. 48.
f. 49.
f. 50.
f. 51.
f. 52.
f. 53.
Paid 25 March ao 31° to Robt. Lorde, paymaster of works, 450l. for wages and provisions in the works at Hampton Court, Nonesuche, Otelande, and Asshere, upon warrant dated the same day. 9 April ao 31°, to Wm. Oxenbridge, paymaster at Wynchelsey, 350l. for the works there, w. 9 April; also to Ric. Keyes, paymaster at Sandgate beside Folkstone, 350l., w. 9 April. 6 May ao 32°, to Sir Thos. Cheyney, treasurer of the Household, 100l., by Wm. Oxenden, his servant, for paling and enlarging the parks of Ostinghanger, Saltwood, and Aldington, w. 6 May. 8 May ao 32°, to Robt. Lorde, 400l., for works upon the “new building of the castles, bulwarks and fortress upon the Downes and at Dover,” w. 7 May. 26 April ao 32°, to Robt. Lorde, 2,400l., for the same castles, &c., w. 24 April; also to the King's coffers by the hands of Jas. Joskyn, 13,333l. 6s. 8d., w. 26 April. 23 March ao 31°, to Ric Cotton, comptroller of the Prince's household, 300l., and, on 10 May ao 32°, 700l., for the said household, w. 22 March. 7 June ao 32°, to Robt. Lorde, 3,300l., for building the castle and bulwarks on the Downs between Dover and Sandwich and the bulwarks at Dover, w. 3 June. 17 May, to the King's coffers by Ant. Denny, of the Privy Chamber, 10,000 mks., w. 17 May. 9 April ao 31°, to Edw. Shortwater and others, 158l. 14s., for lands bought and enclosed in Ostenhanger, Saltwoode, and Aldington parks, w. 9 April. 18 July ao 32°, to Robt. Lorde, 3,600l., for castles in the Downs, provisions for “finishing of the green fortresses and clay bulwarks there,” and for buildings at Dover, w. 15 July. 28 July, to the King's coffers, by Ant. Dennye, 7,938l. 14s. 4d., w. 28 July. 3 Aug., to Robt. Lorde, 800l., for works at Hampton Court, w. 1 Aug. 6 Aug., to lord St. John, master of the Wards, 900l., in recompense of the manors of Boxsted and Horsseley, Essex, come to the King among other lands of the late earl of Essex, w. 8 July. 8 Aug., to Wm. Oxenbridge, paymaster at Wynchelsey, 400l., for works there, w. 6 Aug. 14 Aug., to Sir Ric. Gresham, 1,716l. 13s. 4d., “for certain stuff bought by him and delivered to the King's use,” w. 22 June. 15 Aug., to Ric. Lee, surveyor of Calice, 2,000l., for fortifications there, w. 7 Aug. To Edm. Peckham, cofferer of the Household, 19 Aug., 2,000l., 20 Aug., 1,000l., and 29 Sept., 1,000l., for the Household, w. 24 July. 2 Sept., to John Mylle, 1,000l., to make fortresses at East Cowe, West Cowe, and Calshot, Hants, w. 29 Aug. 11 Sept., to Robt. Lorde, upon a warrant for 6,600l. dated Grafton, 7 Sept., “whereof 3,000l. were advanced out of the King's treasure at his palace at Westm., as appeareth endorsed upon the back of the said warrant,” 3,000l., for works on the castles of the Downs and at Hampton Court. 19 Sept., to Edm. Peckham, 3,000l., for the Household, w. 24 July. 29 Sept., to captains of castles and bulwarks (between Tilbury and Folkstone) for wages, names and amounts specified, 380l. 8s. 6 Oct., to Sir Fras. Bryan, by Ric. Skydmer, yeoman of the Toils, 100l., to convey 600 quick deer from Windsor Great Park and the parks of Moote and — (blank) to the parks of Hampton Court and Okelande, w. 5 Oct. 6 Oct., to Sir Thos. Cheyney, by Wm. Oxenden, 100l., towards paling and making Ostinghanger, Saltwood, and Allyngton parks, w. 5 Oct. 19 Oct., to the King, by Sir Thos. Hennage, 1,000l. and by Ant. Denny, 1,000l., w. 19 Oct. 16 Oct., to Ant. Aucher, paymaster at Dover, 240l. for works there, w. 14 Oct. 22 Nov., to the King, 20,000 mks., w. 22 Nov. 27 Nov., to John Mille, 1,000l., for works about the fortresses of the East and West Cowe, w. 22 Nov. 21 Nov., to Thos. Coolepeper and Mary, his wife, 102l. 16d., in recompense for lands in Ryver, Tullington, Petworthe, Ludgarsale, and Lodesworth, Suss., w. 22 Nov. 1 Dec., to Sir Chr. Morrys, 1,000l., to be transported by him to Calais, and there delivered to Sir Edw. Wotton, high treasurer there, for wages and transport of 300 labourers and furniture of artillery and works there, w. 24 Nov. 30 Nov., to Jas. Nedeham, clerk and surveyor of Works, 200l., for the King's works, w. 14 Oct. 3 Nov., to Sir Fras. Bryan, 40l., to take 120 deer for storing the park of Norton, Ntht. and 120 deer for storing Easton and Pallosperry parks, Ntht., w. 29 Sept. 12 Nov., to Ant. Augerr, 200l., for the works at Dover, w. 11 Nov. 17 Nov., to Stephen bp of Winchester, 1,600l., to be transported “unto” (qu. by?) him unto the town of Callice, there to be delivered to Thos. Fouler, for wages of the garrison due 6 Oct., w. 15 Nov. 17 Nov., to Stephen bp. of Winchester, appointed ambassador to the Emperor, 400l., in advance for diets at 10 mks. a day for four months “from the first day of this present month” (and so from time to time to be advanced as long as he continues ambassador), w. 16 Nov. 19 Nov., to Sir Hen. Knevet, gentleman of the Privy Chamber, appointed ambassador to the Emperor, 973l. 6s. 8d., advanced for diets at 4 mks. a day for one whole year from the first day of this month of November, w. 15 Nov. 20 Nov., to Sir Henry Knevet, 600l., by virtue of Mr. Chancellor's letter (in margin, in another hand, part payment of the manors of Ellerton, Eastrich, and Wiggington, co. Ebor., sold to the King). 27 Nov., to Sir Fras. Bryan, master of the Toils, 100l. 10s., for carrying 201 “quyk deares red” from Beskwood park to Bekeringes park beside Ampthill, w. 13 Nov. 24 Nov., to Edm. Peckham, 6,000l., for the Household, w. 18 Nov. 19 Dec, to the King, by Ant. Dennye, 2,500l., w. 19 Dec. 21 Dec., to Ant. Anthonye and Chr. Golde, for wages in the fortresses, upon conditions specified, w. 21 Dec., 640l. 15 Dec., to Ant. Awger, 300l., for works at Dover. 17 Dec., to Robt. Lorde, 1,050l., for works at Hampton Court, w. 1 Dec. 1 Jan., to the King, by Sir Thos. Hennage, chief gentleman of the Privy Chamber, 6,666l. 13s. 4d., w. 1 Jan. 13 Jan., 404l., and 8 Feb., 500l., to Ant. Awger, for waterworks at Dover from 8 Dec. to 8 Jan., and provisions for the same at March next, w. 11 Jan. 16 Jan., to the King, by Sir Thos. Hennage, 6,666l. 13s. 4d., w. 16 Jan. 28 Dec., to Wymonde Carewe, receiver to lady Anne Cleve, 500l., by Mr. Chancellor's letter. 4 Jan., to lord Wm. Howarde, 266l. 13s. 4d., by Mr. Chancellor's letter. 8 Feb., to Sir Fras. Bryan, 20l., to carry red deer from Clyfton park, Notts, to Bekering park, Beds, w. 23 Nov. 8 Feb., to Ant. Awger, paymaster of works at Dover, 250l., w. 8 Feb. 18 Feb., to Morgan Wolf, the King's goldsmith, 200l., w. 6 Jan. 15 Feb., to Wm. Gonson, 500l., in advance, for mending, rigging, and victualling the King's ships, w. 13 Dec. 3 March, to Jas. Nedeham, for buildings and reparations done at the city of Rochester, w. 27 Feb. 9 March, to Robt. Lorde, 359l., for works at Hampton Court and Otelandes, w. 3 March. 14 March, to Sir Thos. Pope, 2,100l., for purchase of 105l. a year out of Trentham mon. and other lands granted to Jas. Leveson in fee farm, w. 16 Jan. 16 March, to Edm. Peckham, for the Household, 4,000l., w. 18 Nov. 18 March, to Sir Sir John Williams, treasurer of the Jewels, 1,000l., to be coined into harp groats, w. 15 March. 15 March, to the King at Westminster palace, 13,333l. 6s. 8d., w. 15 March. 20 March, to Thos. abp. of Canterbury, by Jas. Kylligrewe, his servant, 800l., w. 20 March. 20 March, to Sir John Williams, 4,000l., for repairs at Grafton, upon warrant dormant of 9 Jan. 19 March, to Morgan Wolf, goldsmith (two payments), 483l. 18s. 6d. for certain plate which the late earl of Essex received of him “and delivered, by way of loan for a time,” to the bp. of London for furniture of his house to the value of 210l. 12s. 10½d., and by way of reward to Sir John — (blank), knight, that came from the king of Poole, “a collar of gold made with esses,” 73l. 17s.d., to a gentleman “that brought relation unto the King's highness of the birth of the prince of Scotland,” a chain of gold, 65l. 2s. 6d., and to the provost of Camer, ambassador from the Emperor, of plate gilt weighing 519 oz., 134l. 5s.d., w. 25 Aug. 18 March ao 32°, to Sir John Williams, for Morgan Wolf and Cornelius Heyes, the King's goldsmiths, 1,631l. 8s. for plate “to be delivered to certain ambassadors, ladies, gentlewomen, and other strangers that came in with the lady Anne Cleve,” named in the warrant dated 18 Feb. ao 32°. 18 March, to Dr. Belleses, by — (blank) Husey, of London, 1,062l. 14s. 4d., which Belleses has heretofore paid for the site, &c., of Newburgh mon., Yorks., w. 11 March. 6 March ao 32°, to the King's own hands, 1,100l., parcel of 3,600l. due for the purchase of Sowthelmeham manor, Suff., lately granted unto me, (fn. 1) as by the King's acquittance, dated 6 March, may appear.
Total, 132,698l. 23d. (signed as examined by Wm. Berners and Robt. Burgoyn, auditors).
Total of all the foresaid payments by the treasurer of the Augmentations, 32 Henry VIII., 141,888l. 9s. 10d. Signed as before.
vii. Plate and jewels received at the surrenders of Christchurch, Canterbury, and Westminster, and afterwards 16 March 32 Hen. VIII., delivered to Sir John Williams, master of the Jewel house.
Christchurch:—Broken gold, 26 oz. Gilt plate, 941 oz. Parcel gilt 1,018 oz. White, plate with two candlesticks and a crucifix for an altar lent to the late Lord Lysle by the prior and afterwards restored by Lysle to the “said treasurer,” 2,131 oz. Also 2 mitres garnished with silver and set with coarse pearls and counterfeit stones; a staff garnished with silver called Becket's staff; a chair of wood covered with crimson velvet tissue and garnished with silver upon the pommels and handles.
Westminster:—Plate (detailed as before) 1,004 oz. Also two nuts garnished with silver, a maser called St. Edward's maser, garnished with silver, 3 ends of a broken cross of byrrall with two bolts of iron through them, the whole weighing 44 oz. Signed by Berners and Burgoyn.
A bound book of
53 folios.
22 April. 746. Sir John Gage.
See Grants in April 1541, 33 Hen. VIII., Nos. 4, 5.
22 April. 747. The Privy Council.
P.C.P., vii.
Meeting at Greenwich, 22 April. Present: Abp. of Canterbury, Chancellor, Norfolk, Privy Seal, Gt. Chamb., Hertford, Gt. Admiral, Durham, Treasurer, Comptroller, Mr. of Horse, Vice-Chamb., Wriothesley, Sadler, Chanc. of Augm. Business:—By the answer of Mr. Merven to the letter sent to him and John Gunter on the 15th, and otherwise, it appeared that Sandwich had accused the parson of Racton, by means of Sir Geoff. Poole, only of malice; and the parson was let to bail.
22 April. 748. Wotton to Henry VIII.
R. O. Wrote that Dr. Olesleger had signified that he would be here on Monday to communicate somewhat of importance from the Duke. He arrived on Monday very late and next day left without seeing Wotton. Sent that Tuesday morning for an audience, but was told he was busy with the Council, and after dinner learned that he had departed. Sent a servant with a letter after him, who overtook him on Wednesday morning, and who was told he would be here again next day. So at last, yesterday, Thursday, at 7 p.m., he came to Cleves and alighted at Wotton's door. He excused himself for not having spoken with Wotton by stress of business and having to ride to Arnhem. He then said the French king had sent word to the Duke that he desired the marriage they had agreed upon between the Duke and his kinswoman (fn. 2) should take effect and that the said Duke should come and visit him in France and marry the lady there. The Duke, therefore, took leave of his mother and was gone into France. As he went with a small company, secretly, and would be back shortly, it was not meet that Wotton should follow him. It is remarkable that the Duke expressed no desire that Henry should know of this, but only gave it as an excuse that Wotton should not follow him to France. He left Hambach on Tuesday after Palm Sunday so suddenly that the Duchess only knew it the night before. The letters from the French king only arrived on Palm Sunday. He took with him only two gentlemen, Trimbourne and Rushebergh, a secretary and a servant, and they five went by St. Hubert through the Ardenne, Moson, Masieres, and Soissons, towards Paris. Letters have come from him written on Easter Eve at a town 7 leagues beyond Masieres, so that by this time he is at Paris. About 15 gentlemen follow him by divers ways, among them the earl of Ryversheyt, the young earl of Mandersheyt, son of the eldest, and a son of the earl of Oversteyn, who was in England with Lady Anne of Cleves, also three councillors, the Chancellor Gogrefe, the Marshal, Wachtendonke, and Martyn van Rosham, marshal of Gueldres, who, both in Duke Charles's time and now, has chief authority in Gueldres, and is the best man of war in these parts and very popular with every one. He speaks good French and serves the Duke in affairs of Gueldres, but is not of the secret council like the other two. The Duke will tarry for his company at Paris and reckons to find the French king at Bloys. The marriage shall be made in France, and the lady and the queen of Navarre return home with the Duke. This is all Wotton could learn from Olesleger, who declined supper as he must despatch a messenger to the Duchess, to whom all matters are referred in the Duke's absence.
People were surprised at this journey, for all through the marriage was despaired of; but they are not so troubled as they were last year when the Duke went to the Emperor, for they reckon the French king has no cause to do him displeasure. Cleves, 22 April 1541.
Hol., pp. 5. Add. Endd.
5–22 April. 749. The Diet of Ratisbon. (fn. 3)
R. O. Opening address of the Emperor to the diet at Ratisbon, headed, “Propositio prima Caesaris facta, 5 Aprilis anno, &c., 1541, coram statibus Imperii Ratispone,” and recounting the events with which he has been engaged for the past nine years, which have prevented the meeting of a Council.—On the fourth page, opposite the article of the war in Savoy, is the following note in Gardiner's hand: “This is truly translated out of the Dutch, where it appeareth that the French king's name is suppressed, and yet in a translation in Latin of the Protestants' doing, which I have seen, the French king is named by this word, sororum: and the Dutch is not so, for I have seen it and have had this noted unto me, and the words in Dutch expounded particularly to make me understand it: and therewithal noted that these Protestants will say nothing truly, be it divine or human. And I hear say further how the other copy was by a Protestant delivered to the French ambassador to be sent into France.”
Latin, pp. 10. See Corpus Reformatorum, IV., 151, where this address is given in German, but with the omission of the historical narrative.
R. O. 2. Reply of the States of the Confession of Augsburg to the preceding, 9 April.
ii. Second reply of the Protestants, 12 April.
Latin, pp. 7.
R. O. 3. Reply of the Emperor, 11 April, to the Protestants' reply.
Latin, pp. 2.
R. O. 4. Reply of the obedient States to the Emperor, 12 April.
ii. Second reply of the same, dated 13 April.
Latin, pp. 6.
R. O. 5. Reply of the obedient cities, 12 April.
Latin, p. 1.
R. O. 6. Declaration of the Emperor to the States concerning the persons elected (Dominus Julius Pflug, Johannes Eckius, doctor, Johannes Gropperus, doctor, Philippus Melanchtonus, Martinus Bucerus, Johannes Pistorius) and the order of proceeding, 20 April.
Latin, p. 1.
R. O. 7. Third reply of the Protestants, 22 April.
ii. Demand of the three representatives of the Protestants (delectis a parte Protestantium) to the princes and ambassadors of their League.
iii. Note that the Emperor chose as presidents, Frederic count Palatine and Granvelle, and added as auditors Eberhard Rude, councillor of the Card. of Mayence, Theodoric count a Manderschiedt, councillor of the abp. of Cologne, Heinrich Has, vice-chancellor of the Elector Palatine, Francis Burckhard, chancellor of the Elector of Saxony, John Feig, chancellor of the Landgrave, and Jacobus Sturmius, senator of Strasburg.
Latin, pp. 4.
750. The Diet of Ratisbon.
R. O.
iv. 330.
In the beginning of the Diet, after the Emperor Charles had explained his wish for ecclesiastical disputes to be settled, the league of Augsburg begged that the disputation at Worms should be gone through with, so as to show the Emperor and Princes the origin of their discussion. The Emperor refused, and said he would delegate a few persons, not to quarrel amongst themselves, but to see what articles could be accommodated. and afterwards the final conclusion should be referred to the Council of the Princes. The Emperor asked to have the choice of the delegates. After some discussion this was agreed to, and the Emperor chose for the papists (ex pontificiis) Julius, (fn. 4) Eccius, and Gropperus, and for the other side Bucer, Niddanus pastor, (fn. 5) and Philippus. (fn. 6) Frederic duke Palatine and Grandvelle were chosen presidents, and the auditors were count Manderfeld, Eberhardus Rhuede, the chancellor of the Elector Palatine, the chancellor of Saxony, the chancellor of Hesse, and Jas. Sturmius.
Latin, p. 1. Headed: Historia conventus. Endd.: The story of the convent writ by Melancthon.
23 April. 751. The Garter.
Anstis, Order
of the Garter,
ii., 421.
Chapter of the Order of the Garter held on St. George's Day, 23 April, in Westminster Palace, by the King, the duke of Norfolk, earls of Southampton, Sussex, and Rutland, lords Walden and Russell, Sir Thos. Cheyney, and Sir Ant. Browne, for the choice of knights to the three stalls then vacant. The nominations were as follows;—
Sir Ant. Browne:—Princes, earls of Shrewsbury, Worcester, and Surrey. Barons, lords Cobham, Matrevers, and Parr. Knights, Sir John Gawge, Sir Ant. Wynkfeld, Sir Wm. Sydney.
Sir Thos. Cheyney:—Princes, earls of Surrey, Shrewsbury, and Worcester. Barons, lords Cobham, St. John, and Parr. Knights, Sir John Gawge, Sir Edw. Baynton, Sir Giles Strangwysh.
Lord Russell:—Princes, lords Shrewsbury, Surrey, and Worcester. Barons, lords Windsor, Delaware, and Parr. Knights, Gawge, Wynkfeld, and Strangwysh.
Lord Walden:—Princes, marquis of Dorset, earls of Surrey and Shrewsbury. Barons, lords Matrevers, St. John, and Parr. Knights, Gawge, Wynkfeld, and Sir John Dudley.
Earl of Rutland:—Princes and barons, same as lord Walden. Knights, Gawge, Wynkfeld, and Strangwysh.
Earl of Sussex:—Earls of Surrey, Shrewsbury, and Derby. Barons, lords Parr, St. John, and Windsor. Knights, same as lord Walden.
Earl of Southampton:—Princes, same as lord Russell. Barons, lords Cobham, Windsor, and Parr. Knights, Wynkfeld, Gawge, and Strangwysh.
Duke of Norfolk: Princes, same as Sussex. Barons, same as Southampton. Knights, Wynkfeld, Gawge, and Dudley.
On seeing which the King, with assent of those present, chose the earl of Surrey, Sir John Gawge, and Sir Ant. Wynkfeld. The feast was appointed to be kept at Windsor, 22 May next, by the earl of Sussex, as the King's deputy, associated with the earl of Rutland and Sir Thos. Cheyney, who were charged to install the forenamed knights,—which was done.
23 April. 752. Henry VIII. to the University of Oxford.
R. O. The University has lately fallen into no small ruin and decay, both of learning and good manners, because the proctors (who should be men of gravity and learning and apt to teach youth, they being called “masters of the schools”) are chosen by “undirecte” means, and are sometimes young men of little learning; “at whose elections there is yearly also much strife, debate, and variance, with other inconveniences.” Commands that henceforth no one shall meddle in the election of proctors but the Chancellor, his commissary, all doctors not married, and all masters of colleges; that the proctors must be masters of arts of eight years' standing at least; and that those chosen shall not refuse to serve, and shall not meddle with other causes, but attend only to “the good order and rule of the schools, to the disputations, lectures, readings, pervisses, determinations, and ordinaries, as appertaineth.” The Latin sermons, by able bachelors of Divinity, are to be observed. If they cannot agree in the election of proctors the first day before noon, or that the voices are equal and the younger part will not incline to the elder, the Chancellor or his commissary shall have two voices, and the part having most voices have the preferment; without protracting the election more than one day. Greenwich, 23 April 33 Hen. VIII.
Copy, pp. 2. Endd.
24 April. 753. The Privy Council.
P. C. P., vii.
Note that at Greenwich, 23 April, being St. George's Day, the Council did not sit.
Meeting at Greenwich, 24 April. Present: Abp. of Canterbury, Chancellor, Norfolk, Privy Seal, Gt. Chamb., Hertford, Gt. Admiral, Durham, Treasurer, Comptroller, Mr. of Horse, Vice-Chamb., Wriothesley, Sadler. Business:—Giles Hasbarde, of Southampton, brewer, for his offence noted on 31 Jan., committed to the Fleet.
24 April. 754. Paul III. to the Clergy and People of Ireland.
xxxii., 593.
Has heard of their slaughters and disturbances in the Catholic Faith inflicted by the impiety and cruelty of the neighbouring kingdom, and sends as nuncios John Coduri and Alphonsus Salmeron, priests, the bearers, to whom he has given mandates and not a few facultates de Christi thesauro for the welfare of their souls. Rome, 24 April 1541 anno 7.
24 April. 755. Paul III. to Con O'Neil, Prince of Ulster. (fn. 7)
xxxii., 592.
Has received his letters dated the eve of All Saints by his servant Raymund, and heard with grief how that Island is by the present King reduced to such impiety and devastated with such cruelty, and how the honour of God is trodden under foot by the ferocity of that man. Rejoices, however, to learn that he is the defender of the Roman Church and Catholic religion, and commends and thanks him. Exhorts the whole Irish people to persevere in the faith they received from their fathers. Holds that Island specially dear, as these nuncios, John [Codurius] and Alphonsus [Salmeron], (fn. 8) and Raymund will report. Rome, 24 April 1541.
25 April. 756. The Privy Council.
P. C. P., vii.
Meeting at Greenwich, 25 April. Present: Abp. of Canterbury, Chancellor, Norfolk, Privy Seal, Gt. Chamb., Hertford, Gt. Admiral, Durham, Treasurer, Comptroller, Mr. of Horse, Vice-Chamb., Wriothesley, Sadler. Business:—Agreed that Ant. Marler, of London, merchant, “might sell the Bibles of the great volume, unbound, for 10s. st., and bound, being trimmed with bullions, for 12s. st.”
25 April. 757. Roger Basyng to Wriothesley.
R. O. Received, 5 April, a letter from the King's Council, dated 18 Feb., to return shortly if at liberty, and if not to signify how he employed the 450l., and the 60l. which Wm. Yates received from the King over and above the 150 ducats paid to the Wylfordes, which Yates also received. As for the 450l., has received but 400l. from Sir Brian Tewke, as appears by bill; the 150 ducats and other money Yates must account for. Sees no likelihood of liberty; for the Emperor's letter sent from the King's Council binds him to pay both his debts and the fines imposed on him for buying and sending more jennets and mares for the King than in the Emperor's licence. This is untrue, unless they reckon those he bought for the journey. Sends an account to the lord Privy Seal. Begs to be excused to the King that owing to this trouble he has not done his duty according to his Grace's memorial.
The king of Morewcos, called the Charyffe, has taken certain ports which the Portuguese held in Barbary and is now besieging Azamor, to relieve which the king of Portugal sends 2,000 soldiers levied here, and 10,000 more under his brother Don Louis. Cyville, 25 April. Signed.
2. Add.: Sir Thos. Wriothesley, knight. Endd.: “Roger Basing to Mr. Seer. Mr. Wrioth. 25° Aprilis 1541.”


  • 1. Edw. North, treasurer of Augmentations.
  • 2. Jeanne d'Albret.
  • 3. All these papers, except § 5, will be found printed, either in Latin or German, under their dates (with some account of other printed and manuscript copies of them) in the Corpus Reformatorum, Vol. IV., 151–181.
  • 4. Julius Pflug.
  • 5. Johannes Pistorius.
  • 6. Melancthon.
  • 7. “Conossio Yneyllo Principi Hibernicorum Wltoniæ”.
  • 8. Besides the surnames Raynaldus adds within the brackets “D. Ignatii Sociis” Salmeron is said to have joined the Order in 1553.—Nouvelle Biographie.