Henry VIII: Miscellaneous 1541

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 16, 1540-1541. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1898.

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'Henry VIII: Miscellaneous 1541', in Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 16, 1540-1541, ed. James Gairdner, R H Brodie( London, 1898), British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/letters-papers-hen8/vol16/pp696-730 [accessed 16 July 2024].

'Henry VIII: Miscellaneous 1541', in Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 16, 1540-1541. Edited by James Gairdner, R H Brodie( London, 1898), British History Online, accessed July 16, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/letters-papers-hen8/vol16/pp696-730.

"Henry VIII: Miscellaneous 1541". Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 16, 1540-1541. Ed. James Gairdner, R H Brodie(London, 1898), , British History Online. Web. 16 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/letters-papers-hen8/vol16/pp696-730.


Miscellaneous 1541

1488. Grants in December 1541.
Dec./Grants. 1. Sir Will. Pykerynge. Licence to alienate a grange and tenement called Snylewaythe, in the parish of Hawnebye, Yorks., and other lands there, to Geo. Sandwyth. Westm., 1 Dec. Pat. 33 Hen. VIII., p. 5, m. 9.
2. John Mustyng, the King's “stragulator,” commonly called “our aresmaker,” a native of the Emperor's dominions. Denization, with licence to have six journeymen or covenant servants, not being denizens, born in parts beyond sea, in his service. Westm., 3 Dec. Pat. 33 Hen. VIII., p. 5, m. 25.
3. James Haymys, gunner. To be gunner in the Blockhouse of Leistoft, Suff., with fees of 6d. a day. Westm. Palace, 16 Nov. 33 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 Dec—P.S. Pat. p. 9, m. 38.
4. Charles duke of Suffolk, grand master of the Household, Sir Thos. Cheyney, treasurer of the same, Sir John Gage, comptroller of the same, Edm. Peckham, the King's cofferer, Thos. Weldon, Will. Thyn, Edw. Shellye, and James Gage, masters of the King's household, James Sutton, and Rob. Paganham. Commission to audit the account of John Ryther, cofferer of the household of Edward prince of Wales, touching monies paid at divers times by command of John Gostwyk, treasurer of First Fruits and Tenths. Del. Westm., 7 Dec. 33 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 4, m. 34d.
5. Thos. earl of Rutland and Rob. Turwit, esquire of the Body. Licence to alienate the site, precinct, and chief messuage of the late priory of Nunborne Holme, Yorks., and the chiefhouse in Sandehutton, Yorks., which belonged to the late priory of St. Andrew, York, to Sir Arthur Darcy. Westm., 8 Dec. Pat. 33 Hen. VIII., p. 4, m. 44.
6. Sir Thos. Wharton. To be, during good conduct, keeper or governor and captain general of the city and castle of Carlisle, with 23 soldiers under him, 20 of whom shall be horsemen, and the three others bearers of the keys of the city; with 100 marks a year for himself, 10 marks a year for each of the 20 horsemen, and 26s. 8d. a year for each of the key-bearers. Assher, 3 Dec. 33 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 8 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 4, m. 9.
7. Cornelius Johnson and John his son. Grant, in survivorship, of the office of one of the 12 gunners in the Tower of London, with fees of 6d. a day, and of master smith of the King's ironworks, with fees of 8d. a day; on surrender of patents 23 Nov. 2 Hen. VIII., and 15 Feb. 5 Hen. VIII., by which the said offices of gunner and master smith respectively were granted to the said Cornelius alone. Slyforde, 13 Oct. 33 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 8 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 4, m. 28.
8. James Baker, shipwright. Pension of 8d. a day for life. Westm. Palace, 27 Nov. 33 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 8 Dec. —P.S. Pat. p. 4, m. 28.
9. Jevan ap Tuder ap Jevan, of Berayng (or Bereing) in the commote of Issalet in the lordship or county of Denbigh, Marches of Wales, alias Jevan ap Tuder ap Jevan, of Denbigh. Pardon for the death of Rob. Dolbyn or Dolben, of Denbigh, gentleman, and Morgan Jones alias Barbour, of Denbigh, yeoman, killed by the said Jevan and William ap Robert ap Jevan, of Hellan, Denbigh, rector of the parish church of Cayrus. Bedington, 1 Dec. 33 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 8 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 6, m. 43.
10. Rob. Moffet, a groom of the Chamber. To be clerk of the peace and of the crown in cos. Pembroke, Cardigan, and Carmarthen. Oteland, 4 Dec. 33 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 9 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 6, m. 42.
11. Sir Ric. Lyster. Licence to alienate the manor of Wodrewe, and lands in Wodrewe, Milkesham, and Bromeham, Wilts, to Ric. Blunte. Westm., 10 Dec. Pat. 33 Hen. VIII., p. 1, m. 8.
12. John bp. of Exeter. Licence to demise and confirm to Walter Borlas and the heirs of his body, the lands in the manor of Cargoule, Cornw., called Treluddrowe, Chywynnek, Lawen, and Seghtnans, which the said Walter now holds by copy of court roll, according to the custom of the manor; to hold by a yearly rent of 32s. 6d. and 3s. 4d. of increase, and 13s. 4d. as a relief on the death of the tenant, &c. Assher, 3 Dec. 33 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 10 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 6, m. 44.
13. John Potter, of Chigwell, Essex, husbandman. Pardon for all huntings and slayings of deer in Waltham forest, and all offences against the statutes of vert and venison. Oteland, 7 Dec. 33 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 10 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 6, m 41.
14. The bishopric of Bangor. Assent to the election of Arthur Bulkeley, LL.D., as bishop, vice John Birde, translated to the cathedral of St. Peter, Chester, erected by the King. Oteland, 8 Dec. 33 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 11 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 3, m. 18. Rym. XIV. 743.
15. Ant. Denny, a gentleman of the Privy Chamber, and John Godsalve, a clerk of the Signet. Next presentation to the free chapel or hospital of St. Katharine in Bedminstre, Somers.; on surrender of pat. 3 April 32 Hen. VIII., granting the same to Sir Thos. Hennege, a gentleman of the Privy Chamber, and John Cotton. Oking, 10 Dec. 33 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 11 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 6, m. 43d.
16. The bishopric of Bangor. Mandate to Abp. Cranmer to consecrate Arthur Bulkeley, who has been duly elected bp. of Bangor upon the translation of John Birde. Westm., 12 Dec. Pat. 33 Hen. VIII., p. 3, m. 18. Rymer XIV., 744.
17. Hugh ap Jevan, clk. Presentation to the collegiate and parish church of St. Peter, Ruthin, Bangor dioc. Oking, 11 Dec. 33 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 12 Dec.—P.S. Pat., p. 7, m. 22.
18. Hen. earl of Surrey. Grant, in tail, of the late college or house of St. John, Rusworth, Norf., with the manors of Russhworthe, Bretenham, and Larlingforthe, Norf., and Elvenden, Suff., the rectory of Russhworth, and all other possessions of the said college; with all rents, &c., reserved upon leases or grants by Geo. Wyndham, the late master, and the brethren thereof, in Russhworth, Shadworth, Bretenham, and Larlingforth, Norf., and Elvenden. Suff. Rent, 8l. 11s.d., by way of tenth. Oking, 11 Dec 33 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 13 Dec—P.S. Pat. p. 7, m. 3.
19. Ric Daryngton, one of the King's footmen. To be bailiff of the manors of Southwicham and Molton, Linc., and have the custody of the woods thereto belonging. Westm. Palace, 14 Nov. 33 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 14 Dec—P.S. Pat. p. 9, m. 37.
20. John Canon, of London, merchant tailor. Grant of the manors of Hanyngfeld Temple and Hanyngfeld Perages, and the farm of Hanyngfeld Perages, Essex; which belonged to the late priory or hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England. Oking, 10 Dec. 33 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 15 Dec.—P.S. Pat. 33 Hen. VIII., p. 6, m. 45.
21. Ralph Hensley. To be clerk of the crown in co. Hants. Oteland, 8 Dec. 33 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 15 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 6, m. 42.
22. Yorks.—Walter Grymston, John Vavasour, Marmaduke Franks, and Rob. Walker. Commission to make inquisition on the lands and heir of John Kame, Westm., 15 Dec. Pat. 33 Hen. VIII., p. 4, m. 1d.
23. John Grenefeld, serjeant-at-arms. Lease of the toll of tin within the manor or lordship of Tywarnayle Tyes, Cornw., parcel of the lands called “Cop[ar]cionars lands”; for 21 years from Mich. A.D. 1542, on the expiration of a 21 years' lease granted to Guthlac Overton by pat. 24 Jan. 14 Hen. VIII.; at 100s. rent. Westm. Palace, 15 Nov. 33 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 17 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 6, m. 42.
24. Rob. Bumsted. Grant of the hospital of St. John the Baptist, Lynn, Norwich dioc., vice Chr. Lante, clk., deceased. Westm., 18 Dec.—Pat. 33 Hen. VIII., p. 4, m. 43.
25. Charles duke of Suffolk, grand master of the Household; Sir Thos. Cheyne, treasurer of the Household; Sir John Gage, comptroller of the Household; Edm. Pekham, the King's cofferer; Thos. Weldon, Wm. Thyn, Edw. Weldon, and Edw. Shelley, masters of the Household; James Gage, and James Sutton. Commission to receive and audit the account of Ric. Cotton, late cofferer of the household of the King's daughters, and afterwards comptroller and cofferer of the household of Edw. prince of Wales. Del. Westm., 18 Dec. 33 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 6, m. 27d.
26. John Paston, a gentleman of the Privy Chamber. Custody of the armory for the King's Body and the other habiliments of war in the long galleries of the Tiltyard in the manor of Grenewich, Kent, lately held by Thos. Culpeper, attainted. Horsley, 19 Dec. 33 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 20 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 6, m. 45.
27. Simon Penne, A.M. Presentation to the perpetual vicarage of Walkinstowe, London dioc., void by death. Assher, 4 Dec 33 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 20 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 7, m. 22.
28. Sir Ric. Longe, a gentleman of the Privy Chamber, and Margaret his wife. Grant of the manor of Magna Saxham, Suff., with the advowson of the rectory and parish church; which belonged to the late monastery of Bury St. Edmund's. Horsley, 19 Dec. 33 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 21 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 6, m. 47.
29. Will. Thomas. To be clerk of the peace and of the crown in cos. Radnor, Brecon, and Montgomery, S. Wales. Horseley, 20 Dec. 33 Hen. VIII.—Del. Westm., 21 Jan.—P.S. Pat. p. 6, m. 47.
30. John Glyn and John James, yeomen of the Guard. Grant, in survivorship, of the keeping or oversight of the mansion called “Glocestre Colledge” without the suburbs of the university of Oxford, late appertaining to divers religious houses now dissolved. Greenwich, 22 Dec. 33 Hen. VIII. Del. Walden, 24 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 6, m. 44.
31. Hugh Glasier. See Grants in December 1540, No. 379 (52). Pat. 33 Hen. VIII., p. 4, m. 10.
32. Ric. Gwent, LL.D. Grant of the archdeaconry of Huntingdon in Lincoln cathedral, void by the translation of the last incumbent to the bishopric of Bath and Wells. Horsley, 19 Dec. 33 Hen. VIII. Del. Walden Audeley, 31 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 6, m. 44.
1489. The King's Payments.
Arundel MS.
f. 164b.
B. M.
Household expenses of Henry VIII. in the year 1541 (continued from No. 380, q.v.).
[These payments are mostly entered as paid on warrant or warrant dormant, which, in the following pages, will be, for brevity, indicated as “w.” or “w. d.,” thus: “As appeareth by a warrant bearing date the xxvjth day of January anno xxxij,” will stand briefly “w. 26 Jan.”]
f. 165.
f. 165b.
f. 166.
f. 166b.
f. 167.
f. 167b.
“Rewards given on Saturday, New Year's Day, at Hampton Court, anno xxxijo”:—To the heralds at arms for their largess, 6l.; to the sergeant and officers of the Wardrobe, 6l. 13s. 4d.; “the King's watch on New Year's Eve,” 40s.; the King's trumpeters, in reward, 5l.; porters of the Gate, reward, 40s.; the old sagbutts, reward, 50s.; the pages of the Chamber, 20s.; the King's drumslades, reward, 20s.; “the stille minstrelles,” reward, 4l.; the new sagbutts, reward, 4l.; John Gates of the Robes, reward, 40s.; Irion Brereton of the Privy Chamber, 40s.; John Penn, barber, reward, 40s.; “the King's henxmen,” reward, 40s.; Thos. Evans, Wm. More, and Andrew Newman, the Queen's minstrels, reward, 30s.; Thos. Carden, of the Privy Chamber, 40s.; Edm. Barbour, reward, 40s.; Wm. Hamond, of the Leash, 10s.; the four children of the Leash, 40s.; Robt. Draper, of the Jewel House, 40s.; “Mr. Crane for playing before the King with the children of the Chapel,” reward, 6l. 13s. 4d.; Wm. Sherinton, of the Robes, 40s.; Alex, de Bollony, a rider, 20s.; Hanyball, a ferrour, reward, 20s.; Alex. Gingham, a rider, 20s.; Francis de Rege, a rider, reward, 20s.; the King's vialls, reward, 40s.; “the gentlemen of the Chapel for their painstaking,” 13l. 6s. 8d.; “three hunts of the Privy buckhounds, 20s.; John a Woode and Cowper, “oystregers, that gave the King pheasants,” reward, 20s.; Lewis, Anthony, Baptist, Jasper, and John de Basson, “the King's minstrels, by the King's commandment certified by Master Charles Hawarde,” 4l.; Vincent and Alex, da Venitia, Ambroso da Milano, Albertus da Venitia, Ivam Maria de Cramona (sic) and Anth. de Romano, the King's vialls, by like order, 4l.; the four hunts, reward, 20s.; John Gambolde, reward, 5s.; John Norris and Wm. Raynsford's servants, 6s. 8d. each; Arcangell Arcan, gunner, “that gave perfumed gloves,” 20s.; Grene, the King's coffer maker, “that gave the King a goodly coffer,” reward, 6s. 8d.; the treasurer of Augmentations' servant, 13s. 4d.; Gennyngs and Robt. Bocher, of the Privy Chamber, and Alelie of the Jewel House, 40s. each; servants of Mr. Breham (reward), of George Aynbury (that brought ambergris), John Godsalve (that brought “pomeander of gold”), Mr. Birch (“a skayne”), and Anth. Tote (“a table of the story of King Alexander”), 6s. 8d. each; servants of Mr. Mewtis and Mr. Pennyson, reward, 10s. each; Nich. Wourston, clock maker, 40s.; Wm. Lokk's servant, reward, 10s.; Mr. Pollard's, 20s.; Mr. Ant. Knevet's, 10s.; Mr. Berde's, gentleman usher to the Queen, 13s. 4d.; Mr. Gostwike's, reward, 13s. 4d.; the Chancellor of Augmentations', 20s.; Mr. Wellisborne's, reward, 13s. 4d.; Mr. Robt. Seymer's, 10s.; Mr. Ant. Deny's, 13s. 4d.; Mr. Edgar's, r., 6s. 8d.; Mr. Hare's, r., 10s.; Mr. Morris', r., 6s. 8d.; Mr. Hasilwood's, r., 13s. 4d.; Peter Vans', r., 13s. 4d.; Bastard Falconbrige's, 6s. 8d.; Ph. Parris', 10s.; Bartlet the King's printer's, 6s. 8d.; Fabian Wythers', 10s.; Robt. Lorde's, r., 6s. 8d.; Mr. Elderton's, 6s. 8d.; John Bolter, goldsmith's (that brought “a goodly purse garnished with gold and pearl”), 6s. 8d.; Robt. Southwell's, 10s.; Oliver Leder's, 10s.; Ant. Carsidony's, 6s. 8d.; Baptest the King's dyer's, 6s. 8d.; Mr. Charles Hawarde's, 10s.; Mr. Tate's, 10s.; Christopher Millyner's (that brought “a pair of perfumed gloves”), r., 6s. 8d.; and Mr. Harman's, of the Privy Chamber, 6s. 8d.; servants to the bishops of Winchester, Exeter, York, and Durham, 40s. each; of Canterbury, 53s. 4d.; and of Lincoln, Carlisle, London, Bath, Chester, Ely, Salisbury, Rochester, Worcester, Chichester, Hereford, St. David's, Llandaff, and Westminster, 20s. each; servants of Dr. Bentley, physician, 6s. 8d., of Dr. Chambre, 13s. 4d., of Dr. Augustine, 10s., of the archdeacon of Richmond, 13s. 4d., of Mr. Magnus, 20s., of Mr. Flankeline (sic), dean of Windsor, 13s. 4d., and of Dr. Cromer, 6s. 8d.; the warden of the King's college at Peterborough, 20s.; Dr. Le's servant, reward, 13s. 4d.; servants of the lord Prince, 66s. 8d., of the dukes of Norfolk and Suffolk, 40s. each, of the earls of Rutland, Westmoreland (40s.), Oxford, Huntingdon, Derby, Hertford, Bridgewater, and Shrewsbury, marquis Dorset, lords Chancellor (40s.), Stafford, Chamberlain (40s.), Audeley, Zouche, Windsor, Powes, Mountegle, Privy Seal (40s.), Morley, William Hawarde (13s. 4d), Boroughe, Mountjoy, Russel, of Surrey (13s. 4d.), Parr, and St. John, 20s. each; of the lady Mary and lady Anne Cleves, 53s. 4d. each; of the duchess of Suffolk, the old lady of Norfolk, the duchess of Richmond, the lady Westmoreland, the lady of Rutland, the lady marquis Dorset, the lady of Huntingdon, and lady Audeley, 20s. each; of ladies Rochford, Bryan (10s.), Guildford, Caltrope, Denys (10s.), Baynton (10s.), of Hertford, Kingston, Russell, of Hampton, Hawarde (10s.), Lyster, Russell of Worcestershire, Zouche, Shelton, the young lady marquis Dorset (20s.), Knevitt, St. John, Hennage, Dudley, Page, of Sussex, of Kildare, Herbert of Troy, of Bridgewater (20s.), Margret Dugles (20s.), Edgecombe, Carowe, Tailbushe, Crumwell, Wriothesley, and Bray, 13s. 4d. each; Mrs. Hill, servant, reward, “Mrs. Bourches, servant,” Mrs. Denys', Mrs. Chambours', Mrs. Jenyns', Mrs. Mewtes', the lord Prince's nurse (that brought “a dozen hankerchers garnished with gold”), Mrs. Penn, Mrs. Turwhit, and Mrs. Herbert, 10s. each; servants of Mr. Treasurer, reward (20s.), Mr. Comptroller (20s.), Sir John Dauncy, Sir Ric. Weston, Sir Edw. Baynton, Sir Ric. Longe, Sir Anth. Broune, Sir John Aleyne, Sir Brian Tuke (20s.), Sir John Nevell. Sir Arth. Darcy, Sir Thos. Nevell, Sir John Dudley, Sir Fras. Brian, Sir Thos. Hennege (20s.), Sir Thos. Wriothesley, the Master of the Jewels, Sir Ric. Crumwell, Sir Ric. Gresham, Sir Ric. Page, Sir Thos. Denny (sic), Sir John Gresham, Sir Ralph Sadler, Sir Thos. Poope, Sir Anth. Wingfelde, Sir Ric. Baker, Sir Thos. Elliot, and Sir George Lawson, 13s. 4d. each; Sir Anth. Seintleger's servant, 40s.; the King's players, reward, 6l. 13s. 4d.; Guilliam de Trosshes, Guilliam Dufaite, and Petie John, minstrels, r., 4l.; Edw. Blakney, “that gave a gilt sword,” 40s.; Ralph Pikington, “that gave a purse garnished with gold,” 20s.; “Sir William Pounder, knight,” 5s.; “a woman that gave a book of wax,” 5s.; Thos. Butler, that gave a gilt sword, 40s.; James Footeman, reward, 40s.; Walterus de Lynus' servant, 6s. 8d.; “divers poor men, women, and children that brought capons, hens, eggs, books of wax, and other trifles,” reward, 64s. 4d.; Robt. Morehous, that gave “a purse with buttons of gold,” 6s. 8d.; Baptist Boltrot, Jacob Relinger and Peter Vandevall, reward, 20s.; Fraunces, “a stranger that gave the King perfumed gloves and other perfumes,” 40s.; the Queen's players, 4l.; “the King's launder that gave the King handkerchers,” 20s.; Cornelis Smith, “that gave a casket of iron,” 6s. 8d.; Mr. Chambre's servant, reward, 10s.; Nicholas Astronomer, reward, 10s.; Thos. Turwhit, late of the pitcherhouse, “reward by the King's commandment certified by Master Hennage,” 40s.; a smith of Westminster, reward, 20s.; Nicholas Modena, r., 40s.; the Prince's players, r., 4l.; Bucstede, the King's bowyer, 20s.; Wm. Greneway, bowyer, 13s. 4d.; John Wawyn, bowyer, 10s.; Ric. White, John Wattes, Ric. Inyons, Thos. Corde, Wm. Carpenter, Ric. Wallis, Edw. Tate, Wm. Stafforde, Wm. Polwer, Nic. Parkinson, John Broune, Ric. Faithe, and Wm. Bulkeley, who each gave two bows, 10s. each; Ric. Rawlins, who gave one bow, 5s.; Bollter, goldsmith, that gave “a purse garnished with gold and pearl,” 20s.; the King's fletcher, reward, 20s.; Ric. Holland, a fletcher, 13s. 4d.
—Sundays [2d. 9th, 16th, 23d] at Hampton Court, the King's offerings each Sunday and on New Year's Day, 6s. 8d.; the King's daily alms, each week, 37s. 11d.; the heralds at arms, for their largess on Twelfth Day, 5l.; the King's offering on Twelfth Day, 33s. 4d.
f. 168b.
f. 169.
f. 169b.
f. 170.
f. 170b.
The wages of the Almains, armourers at Greenwich, for a month of 28 days, 7 Jan. to 3 Feb. next, 28l. 16s. 9d. John Gayton, John Hopkyns, and Robt. Smithe, grooms and messengers of the Chamber, riding in the King's business, by commandment of his Grace and sundry of his Council, as appears by bills signed by the said Council, 5l. Adam, a messenger of the Chamber, for his despatch, with letters to the deputy of Calais, 16 Jan., “touching the apprehension of John Mason,” 40s.; Richmond herald, for his despatch with letters to the bishop of Winchester and Sir Henry Knevet, ambassadors with the Emperor, 26 Jan., and for his return, 28l.; Thade, courier, for his despatch, the said day, with letters to lord William Howard, ambassador in France, and for his return, 18l. 13s. 4d., Tirlough Othole, of Ireland, “by way of the King's reward,” 27 Jan., 13l. 6s. 8d.; Stephen Fitzwilliams, of Ireland, the same day, 6l. 13s. 4d.; in all, w. 29 Jan., 68l. 18s. 4d. Anth. Thomsoune and Marm. Sanddes, “who were servants to the late earl of Essex, and were appointed to serve the King, as in sundry his Grace's bulwarks, the same since thought unmeet for the said service for want of personage, be now despatched of the said service,” w. 26 Jan. ao 32°, to be equally divided, 13l. 6s. 8d. Giles Chirchill, yeoman of the Crossbows, w. 6 Dec. ao 32° for wages at 8d. a day which Wm. Awbury late had, from 31 Dec. last to 1 Feb. next, “and so afterwards to be paid monthly,” 20s. 8d. John Awbury, groom of the Crossbows, w. 12 Aug. ao 30° for 4d. a day from 31 Dec. last to 1 Feb. (and so afterwards monthly), 10s 4d. Ralph Holforde and Robt. Pery “for ij carts to bring the great standards, with the rich coats of the Guard, from London to Hampton Court, x miles, and for their charges ij days in December, vijs. iiijd.”; again for returning thence to London in January, 7s. 4d.; again proceeding to Hampton Court in January, 7s. 4d., and returning in February, 7s. 4d., as appears by a bill signed by the Vice-chamberlain; in all, 29s. 4d. The duke of Suffolk's players for playing in the King's shall on Twelfth Even, 20s. Thade, courier, sent with letters to France, 3 Jan., and returning with letters from Sir John Wallop, ambassador there, 18 Jan., 14l.; Francis, courier, for his despatch to the bp. of Winchester and Sir Hen. Knevet, ambassadors with the Emperor, 5 Jan., and return, 14l.; Norfolk herald, for his despatch with letters to Sir John Wallop, 5 Jan., 7l.; Barwike pursuivant, for conveying letters to Sir Wm. Evre, captain of Barwike, 7 Jan., 4l.; Robt. Cramwell, 8 Jan., “being sent into Flanders for certain the King's affairs there,” 20l.; total 59l. The duke of Norfolk, 8 Jan., money disbursed “by the King's commandment” to Tirlough Othole, 5l., and to a servant of Onell, 45s.; w. 19 Jan., 7l. 5s. Michael Davy, conveying money from London to the Court at divers times, and for hire of houses for the payment of wages, from Christmas ao 31° to Christmas ao 32°, “whereas the King's highness hath lain in his last progress at sundry places from time to time, giving daily attendance in the Court, as well for payment of wages as despatching of posts and couriers, having none allowance in the Court of meat and drink in all the said time,” 4l.; James Nedeham, w. d. for 100l. monthly for reparations of sundry the King's castles and manors, for the month ended 31 Dec, 100l. Sir Chr. Morice, master of the Ordnance, w. 5 Jan, to be employed on certain “artillery and munitions of war at the town of Calais,” 144l. 17s. 4d. The King, w. 5 Jan., by the hands of Sir Thomas Hennege, 5,000l. Edm. Harvell, agent at Venice, w. d., diets at 20s., from 31 Dec. ao 32° to 9 April next, 100l. Peter Van Cullen, w. 16 Jan., in “prest to be by him employed abouts the making of privy wagons,” 60l. Edward Kerne, sent in commission with the earl of Hertford about the King's affairs at Calais, w. 17 Jan., diets at 20s. from 17 Jan., 60l. Lord William Hawarde, sent in ambassade to the French king, w. 16 Jan., seven months' diets at 53s. 4d. from 17 Jan. to 31 July next, 522l. 13s. 4d. The earl of Hertford, w. 16 Jan., to be delivered to the Treasurer of Calais, 1,000l. Eliz. Farlion, widow, w. 3 Jan., 10l. 19s. 9d. Sir Ralph Sadler, w. 21 Jan., money disbursed as appears by a bill accompanying the warrant, 22l. 7s. 6d. Edward earl of Hereford (sic, for Hertford), w. 17 Jan, “sent to Calais for the King's affairs,” diets at 66s. 8d. from 16 Jan., 200l. Jas. Nedeham, w. d, for 100l. monthly “for charges of sundry buildings and castles,” part payment for January, 20l. (Marginal note in Tuke's hand; The rest is entered in February “The certificate of March sheweth the reckoning.”) John Clerc, secretary to the Duke of Norfolk, w. 25 Jan., “for provision to be my him made for mattocks and shovels for Carlisle and Berwick,” 133l. 6s. 8d.
f. 171.
f. 171b.
Wages in January ao 32°:—Ten trumpeters at 16d. a day each, 20l.; five others at 8d. each, 5l.; Philip Welder, luter, 66s. 8d.; Peter Welder, luter, 31s.; John Severnake, rebeck. 40s.; Thos. Evans, rebeck, 20s. 8d.; Wm. More, harper, 31s.; Andrew Newman, the wayte, 10s. 4d.; Hans Highorne and Hans Hossenet, vialls, 33s. 4d. each; Marke Anthony, sagbut, 40s.; Pilligrine, sagbut, 40s.; John Harrison. yeoman, 20s. 8d.; John Madison, 31s.; Wm. Rolte, serjeant-at-arms, 31s.; John Poole, yeoman, 10s. 4d.; Wm. Turnour and Ric. Skidmore, of the Toils, 32s.; Wm. Le, yeoman, 15s. 6d.; Ric. Cecill (Cissell), yeoman of the Robes, 31s.; John Bonntauns, tabret, 41s. 4d.; John Gambolde, 20s.; Paul Freland, feather maker, 22s. 2d.; Luke Horneband, 55s. 6d.; the children of the Chapel, board wages, 26s. 8d.; Thos. Walter, a hunt, 10s. 4d.; Gerrarde Brode, 30s., Wm. Barker, 31s., Chr. Walleson and John Shirwood, falconers, each 20s. 8d., Ric. Ellis, 14s. 4d., and Ric. Brandon, 31s., falconers; Ric. Baker's board wages, 6s.; Thos. Farnall 31s., Ph. Clampe, 62s., Ralph Aphowell, 31s., Ric. Awberton, 31s., and Elbert Hoilthusem (Holthusem), 31s., falconers; Robt. Stoner, 15s. 6d.; Oliver Rigby, Roland Ramson (Rampson) and Ric Barnes, 20s. 6d. each, and Ric. Johnson, 15s. 6d., keepers. Wm. Paget, clerk of the Signet, 41s. 4d.; Barthill and Hans, dromslades, 33s. 4d.; Hans Garrat, dromslade, John Pretre, fifer, and Nich. Andrewe and Anth. Symon, sagbuts, 41s. 4d. each; John Whaton, mole taker, 10s. 4d.; Wm. Awbury, yeoman of the Crossbows, nihil; Giles Chirchill (Churchill), groom of the Crossbows, nihil; Ric. Wyther John Broune and Sampson Cleyton, yeomen, 10s. 4d. each; Wm. Welshe, yeoman, 6s. 8d.; Rich. Wourston, and Sebastian Lysney, clockmakers, 20s. 8d. each.; John Node, keeper, 20s. 8d.; Nich. Puvall, minstrel, 41s. 4d.; Anthony Mary, sagbut, 41s. 4d. Sir John Wolf, priest, “devisor of herbours and graftes,” 20s.; Thos. Chatres, 10s. 4d. Matth. de Joanna, caster of the bar, 20s. 8d.; the grooms of the Buckhounds for finding them meat, 22s. 2d.; John Willat, Thos. Johns, Wm. Borras, Robt. Axe, and John Skreven, yeomen, 15s. 6d. each; Nich. van Whitingbroughe, Peter Neve, Jas. Welder (Weller), Henry van Suttenfend, Chr. Hane, Henry van Evilden, Mathie van Satten (Saten), Courte van Hamell, Alerdene Cleyson, and Mighell Moseman, gunners, 15s. 6d, each; Alberto de Venicia, Vincenzo de Venicia, Alexandro da Milana (da Venicia). Johanna Maria da Cramona, Ambrosa da Milano and Romano da Milano, vials, 31s. each; John Russell, crossbow maker, 10s. 4d.
f. 172.
Lyobard Stokeman, gunner, at 6d. a day, wages for the months of October, November December and January ao 32°, when he “was in the parties beyond the sea and was reported here that he was dead, by reason whereof he was left out of the King's book of payments,” and no allowance taken until now, “as doth appear by the said book,” 3l. 18d.
Total payments in January ao 32°, 8,015l. 10s. 3d.
f. 172b.
February.—The King's offering on Candlemas Day, 46s. 8d. Sundays [6th, 13th, 20th, 27th], at Hampton Court. Offerings on Sundays and on St. Matthew's Day, and daily alms, as before.
f. 173.
f. 173b.
f. 174.
f. 174b.
Almain armourers, 4 Feb. to 3 March, 28l. 16s. 9d. Lancaster herald at arms, advance of diets at 6s. 8d. “being sent into Scotland for the doing of certain the King's affairs there,” counting from 5 Feb., w. 6 Feb., 20l. John Lethon, soldier of Calais, “for bringing up a chest with certain stuff of Pate's from Calais vo Febr.” 20s.; Hammes pursuivant, going to Calais with letters to the earl of Hertford, 6 Feb., and returning, 60s.; Ric. Knevat, despatched with letters to the bp. of Winchester, and Sir Henry Knevat, ambassadors, with the Emperor, 9 Feb., 16l. 13s. 4d.; “them that brought up Thomas Mariot of Warwickshire,” 9 Feb., 22s. 6d.; in all, w. 12 Feb., 21l. 15s. 10d. John Piers, clerk of the check of the Guard and five others, “being sent to Dover there to apprehend John Mason in his return out of the parties beyond the sea and to bring him before the Council,” for their own diets and hire of six horses outwards and their own and Mason's and his servants' diets and hire of nine horses homeward, w. 1 Feb., 5l. 14s. 8d. Nich. Lepele, courier, for his despatch with letters to lord William Hawarde, ambassador in France, and for his return, w. 8 Feb., 18l. 13s. 4d. Rowland Rugeley, yeoman of the wardrobe of Beds, and James Jeskyn, clerk of the same, costs, each with one man, riding to Nottingham to charge Thos. Clyff with the keeping of the wardrobe stuff there, 15 days at 3s. a day each in Sept. ao 32, as appears by the Vice-chamberlain's bill, 4l. 10s. Humph. Orme, of the wardrobe of Beds, going to London from Windsor “for certain stuff to serve the King on Allhalloday,” 2 days at 16d. a day on Mr. Vice-chamberlain's bill, 2s. 8d. Sir Ric. Longe, for 10 loads of hay at 6s. 6d. and 6 loads of unthreshed oats at 11s., including carriage, provided for the deer in Greenwich Park, 6l. 2s. Robt. Draper, John Halely, and John Kyrby, of the Jewel House, board wages, being absent from Court, by command of the King and master of the Jewels, at the Tower of London in the Jewel House there, from 11 Aug. to 25 Dec. ao 32°, 132 days at 8d. each; also for carriage of plate and other things brought to the King from time to time “and for carriage of part of the same within the year ended at Christmas ao xxxijo and not allowed in the ordinary payment of his Grace's household, xxs.”, 14l. 4s. Wm. Myngay, servant to Thos. Godsalve, of Norwich, the elder, “for his costs for bringing up of Thomas Walpole and their two horses” and for himself and his two horses returning home, on a bill signed by the Council, 66s. 8d. Adam Gaskin, “Hans Purcyvaunt at armes,” Wm. Polexill, Wm. Bellingham, John Bakster, John Piers and others, Ric. Clerc, Thos. Batersby, Stephen Lambold, George Woodeward, Chr. Yorke, and Robt. Smythe, yeomen, grooms and messengers of the Chamber, riding by command of the Council, on bills signed by the Council, 22l. 3s. The Commissioners in the Marches of Wales, w. d. for 218l. 18s. 11½d. quarterly “for their fees, diets, and foreign expenses,” for the quarter ended Christmas last, 218l. 18s. 11½d. Jas. Nedeham, w. d., “for reparations and buildings done in divers his Grace's places and castles,” full payment for January, besides 20l. paid in January 80l. Sir Edward (sic) Walsingham, lieutenant of the Tower, w. d. for monthly diets “of Margaret Poole, Edward Courteney and Henry Poole,” 2 months, 9 Dec. to 2 Feb., 26l. 13s. 4d.. Cornelis Johnson, William Hunt and Warner Smithe, w. ao 32° (sic), in prest to be employed about certain ordnance,” 200l. The earl of Angus, w. d. for 1,000l. a year, part payment of 500l. for the half year ending 1 March next, 203l. 6s. 8d. (Marginal note, cut by the binders, “The [rest] is entered in …”). The Commissioners in the Marches of Wales, part payment for the quarter ending at Lady Day, 100s. (Marg. note in Tuke's hand, cut by binders, “The rest of ccxvi[ijl. xviijs.] xjd. ob. is entered in …”). Cornelis Johnson, the King's smith, w. 16 Jan., in prest to be “employed about certain pieces of ordnance,” 100l. John Mille, the King's servant, w. 22 Feb., “in prest and to be by him employed upon the making of Thestcow, West Cow, and Freshewater about Southampton upon the sea,” 1,000l. Sir Chr. Morice, master of the Ordnance, w. 23 Feb., for “expenses of Henry Johnson and William Huxley demoring at Calais, as also for the costs and charges of the said Sir Christopher, being now sent in post to Calais,” 30l. 18s. 8d.
Wages in Feb. ao 32°:—As in January. The amounts proportionately less in consideration of the fewer days in the month; and the order slightly different. Liobert Stokman is an additional name. Awbury and Churchill, who in January had each nihil, have 9s. 4d. and 18s. 8d. respectively.
Launcelot Alforde and Humph. Orme, of the Wardrobe, “going from Windsor to the Tower of London for certain stuff to serve the King at Westminster” and conveying it back to the Tower, 4 days, at 16d. each a day, and “for washing of 12 pair of sheets that came from the Tower to serve at Westminster,” on Mr. Vice-chamberlain's bill, 12s.
Total payments in February, ao 32°, 2,146l. 9s. 4d.
.—Sunday [6th] at Hampton Court, “the bishop of Duresme for preaching before the King the first Sunday in Lent,” 20s. Sunday [13th] at Yorke Place, the Queen's almoner, preacher the 2nd Sunday in Lent, 20s. Sunday [20th], — (blank) preacher, the 3rd Sunday in Lent, 20s. Sunday [27th] at Dover, — (blank) preacher on Midlent Sunday, 20s. Offerings on Sundays and on Lady Day and daily alms as before.
f. 176b.
f. 177
Almain armourers, 4 March to 31 March, 28l. 16s. 9d. Sir Ric. Longe, master of the Buckhounds, “for so much money by him given in rewards to keepers of forests, parks, and chases, whereas he hath lain with the King's buckhounds in his Grace's last progress, and for carriage of the said hounds, and for reparations done to the cart that carried the said hounds,” as appears by his bill, 9l. 20d. Hugh Smyth, for conveying letters to Calais to the earl of Hertford, 12 Feb., 30s.; Edw. Wolf, for bringing letters from the said earl, and for his return, 24 Feb., 40s.; John Shorthose, going with letters from the Council to the duke of Norfolk, 25 Feb., 20s.; in all, w. 26 Feb., 4l. 10s. Francis the courier for his journey to Ratisbon to the bp. of Winchester and Sir Henry Knevet, ambassadors with the Emperor, w. 12 March, 37l. 6s. 8d. David Phinsent, keeper of the wardrobe at Hampton Court, “for iij upholsters working in dryvinge (drying) of beds, bolsters and pillows for the King's own lying,” 9 days at 12d. a day each, on the lord Chamberlain's bill, 27s. Nich. Bristowe, clerk of the wardrobes of Beds, and David Phinsent, of the same wardrobes, riding from Hampton Court to London, “about the survey of certain stuff late belonging to Pate,” 5 days at 3s. a day apiece, on the lord Chamberlain's bill, 30s. John Piers, clerk of the check of the Guard, for hire of a house in London “for the standing of the great standards with the rich coats of the Guard,” for one quarter ended Lady Day, 8s. 8d. John Johnson, Thos. Johnson, Ric. Clerc, Ralph Eyre, Wm. Cooke, Adam Gaskyn, John Tailour, Robt. Grenehill, Robt. Smythe, Ric. Wygan, Wm. Hawle, John Piers, yeomen, grooms and messengers of the Chamber, riding by command of the Council, as appears by bills signed by the Council, 15l. 17s. 6d.
Wages in March ao 32°.—As in February. Chatres has nihil, quia mortuus.
f. 178.
f. 179.
f. 179b.
f. 180.
Gerart Holthrop, w. 18 Feb., for 25l. a year, payable quarterly, for the half year from Michaelmas last to 31 March, 12s. 10s. Florence Diaceto, usher of the Chamber, w. 20 Feb. for 300 cr. soleil a year, at 4s. 8d. the crown, payable quarterly from St. John's Day last, for the half year ended 31 March, 35l.; more prested to him for the half year ending 30 Sept. next, 35l. Thos. Speryn and John, his son, serjeants of the King's bears, w. d. 24 Jan. for 7½d. a day in survivorship from St. John's Day last, payable quarterly, three quarters ended Lady Day, 8l. 11s. 11/8d. Richard Darington, “keeper of the King's mastiffs, bitches, and dogs,” on liberate dormant 7 April, ao 32° (sic) for 14d. a day payable yearly, viz., for “the keeping of xx his Grace's dogs and bitches” at 10d. a day, and 4d. for his deputy, from Michaelmas ao 32°, for the half year ending 31 March ao 32°, 10l. 12s. 11d. Hans Holben, painter, advance of his half year's wages from 1 April ao 32°, 15l. John Miston, w. dated — (date omitted), advance of his wages for a whole year from 1 April ao 32°. Thos. Culpeper, of the Privy Chamber, and keeper of the Long Gallery at Greenwich, advance of wages for a year and a half from 1 April ao 32°, 100l. Robt. Draper and John Halelye, yeomen of the Jewel House, 8l. 6s. 8d. each, and John Kirby, 6l. 13s. 4d., for their wages from 31 Dec. ao 31° (sic) to 31 March ao 32°, “that is to say, for one quarter for their wages after the rate of x mks. by year to the said Draper and Halile, and after the rate of vjl. by year to the said Kirby,” which wages have not been paid until this quarter because of “the new change and order at Christmas ao xxxjo taken and now certified by Sir Thomas Hennagis letter, dated viijo die Januarii anno xxxijo,” that they shall be paid by the Treasurer of the Chamber, 15l. Yeomen of the Guard, at 4d. a day for this quarter ended 31 March, w., 276l.; those at 6d., 106l. 10s. 6d. Jas. Nedeham, w. d., two months ending 31st March, 200l. The earl of Anguishe, w. d., full payment of 500l. for the year ended 1 March, besides payment in February, 296l. 13s. 4d. Anth. Aucher, paymaster of the works at Dover, w. 9 March, to be employed upon the works, 570l. Sir Ric. Southwell, w. 12 March, “by him laid out abouts the King's affairs committed to his charge,” 53l. 10s. 3d. Mr. Wymond Carewe, receiver of the Lady Anne Cleves, w. d. “for the fees of certain officers and gentlewomen giving attendance upon her Grace,” for the quarter ended Lady Day, 121l. 5s. The Commissioners in the Marches of Wales, full payment for the quarter ended Lady Day, besides payment in February, 213l. 18s. 11½d. Gilbert Dethycke alias Richmond, w. 15 March, “sent with letters of importance beyond the sea,” 9l. 6s. 8d.
f. 180b.
f. 181.
f. 181b.
f. 182.
Quarter's wages at Lady Day ao 32°.—Sir Edm. Walsingham, fee, 25l.; “to him for finding of prisoners,” 25l.; wages of the yeomen of the Tower, 36l. 10s. 7d.: Wm. Pennyson, fee, 10l.; Percival Harte, fee, 5l.; Anth. Chabo (Chobo), surgeon, 10l.; Sir Thos. Palmer, of Calais, fee, 50s.; Nich. Crazer (Crasier), astronomer, 5l.; Dr. Buttes, physician, fee, 25l.; Dr. Bentley, physician, 10l.; Piro, the French cook, 66l. 8s.; John Bedle, late of the Jewel House, 33s. 4d.; John Barwike, of the Leash, 10s.; Francis de Rege, a rider, 5l.; Matth. de Mantua, studman, 4l. 11s. 3d., and his servant, 60s. 10d.; Hen. Sell, a hunt, 45s. 6d.; old Mrs. Knevet, annuity, 22l. 8s. 4d.; Anth. Lowe, yeoman, 45s. 6d.; Eleanor Hutton, annuity, 33s. 4d.; Sir Ric. Bawdewyn, priest, 45s. 8d.; Beatrix Apprice, fee, 16s. 8d.; Ric. Dey, groom of the Chamber, 50s.; John Evans and Hugh Harris, falconers, wages 50s. each; Luke de Largo (Lyarke), gunner, 4l. 11s. 3d.; Edm. Moudy (Mody), footman, 15s. 2d.; Wm. Armorer, footman, 10s.; Baltazer de Bolla, myllyver (sic), 6l. 20d.; the lord St. John, master of the Wards, 25l., and his clerk, 50s.; Hugh Pigot, cook, fee, 30s. 5d.; Wm. Lewes, instrument maker, 50s.; John Haywood, player on the virginals, 50s.; Lovell, gardener, wages, 15s. 2d.; Nich. Clerc, keeper of Hatfield Brodoke, 30s. 5d.; Jenyns of the Pastry, wages, 30s. 5d.; Wm. Croughton, the King's hosier, 35s.; Wm, Hastinges, with my lord Prince, 25s.; John Errington (Eringham), yeoman, 30s. 5d.; Thos. Morton, wages, 25s.; Fras. Blake, wages, 45s. 6d.; John Johnson, messenger, 25s.; John de Mayne, graver, 100s.; Wm. Hamonde (Hamon), of the Leash, 20s.; Thos. Wodall, sewer, 30s. 5d.: Chr. Hawte (Haulte), falconer, 30s. 4d.; Thos. Weldon, keeper of Windsor Butts, 15s. 2d.; Henry Romains, locksmith, 13s. 4d.; John Fitzwater, clock keeper, 13s. 4d.; Thos. Vicary, surgeon, 100s.; Wm. Philip, writer, 50s.; Thos. Cowper (Couper), falconer, 4l. 11s. 3d.; Sir Brian Tuke, treasurer of the Chamber, 25l., and his clerk, 100s.; George Node and George Grenefeld, serjeants of the hunts, 114s.; Wm. Howell, John Borne, Jas. Mawperley (Mauperley) (45s. 6d.), Humph. Raynsford (25s.), and Ralph Mowdy (Mody), hunts, 33s. 4d. each; Nic. Purfray, yeoman, 30s. 5d.; George Sutton, late gentleman usher, 50s.; John Cockes, footman, wages, 10s.; John Miston, yeoman, wages, 30s. 5d.; Robt. Hoppes, keeper of More wardrobe, 45s. 6d.; Thos. Spincke, wages, 15s. 2d.; Eliz. Darrell, 50s.; Ant. Toto and Barthilmewe Penn (Pen), painters, 12l. 10s.; George Dodsworthe, keeper, wages, 45s. 6d.; William Harbart, annuity, 11l. 13s. 4d.; Thos. Wollarde (Wolwarde), 30s. 5d.; Ellis Carmilian, milliner, 33s. 4d.; John Lewes, yeoman, wages, 30s. 5d.; John Amadas, yeoman, 45s. 6d.; Robt. Fowler, keeper of Greenwich, 15s. 2d.; Wm. Longe, arrowhead maker, 30s. 5d.; Wm. Philip, writer, board wages, 30s. 5d.; Geoffrey Bromefeld, buckler maker, 15s. 2d.; Sir Thomas Palmer, 100s.; Ric. Bolton (Boulton) of the Leash, 10s.; Viliarde Massy, wages, 100s.; Sir Wm. Wyndesore, 100s.; John Pytcher, of Totenham, 20s.; Ric. Atzile, polisher of stones, 100s.; John Vaughan, sewer, 57s.; John Griffith, yeoman, nihil; Thos. Deacon, yeoman, 60s. 10d.; Giles Everson, yeoman, 30s. 5d.; Gilbert Thomas, late gunner, 33s. 4d.; Wm. Orwell, messenger, 30s. 5d.; Thos. Carewe (Care), sewer, 5l.; Wm. Tolley, yeoman, 45s. 6d.; Simon Burton; 50s.; Stephen Vaughan, 100s.; Walter Dodsworth, a hunt, 33s. 4d.; Chr. Mount, wages, 100s.; John Curson, groom of the Chamber, 30s. 5d.; Wm. Uxley (Huxley), John Reignoldes and Wm. Blakeney, yeomen, 30s. 5d. each; Robt. Hinstoc, Geo. Birche and Ric. Parloo (Parow), players, 33s. 4d.; Owen Dodsworth, a hunt, 33s. 4d.; Sir Wm. Pownder, 100s.; John Yerdley (Yardley), Ph. Chute, George Mountjoy, and David Morgan, yeoman, 45s. 6d. each.; Thos. Smythe, page of the Chamber, 50s.; Robt. Kirke, John Broune (30s. 5d.), Ric. Lewes, Edw. David, Ric. Sentlowe, Ric. Fyssher, John Turnour, Thos. Walton, and Wm. Wyllys (30s. 5d.), yeomen, 45s. 6d. each; Sir Ric. Longe, master of the Buckhounds, 8l. 6s. 8d.; “Doctor (Michael) de la Soo, physician,” 16l. 13s. 4d.; John de Sodo (Zodo), poticary to the lady Mary, 6l. 13s. 4d.; Walter Goodsonne (Godson), a hunt, 33s. 4d.; Sir Ric. Longe, master of the Hawks, 10l.; Ric. Keyes, yeoman, 45s. 6d.; John Care, paymaster and surveyor at Hunsdon, 4l. 11s. 3d.; Hans Holben (Holbyn), painter, wages, nil, quia premanibus; John Younge, annuity, 30s. 5d.; Nich. Alcok, surgeon, 50s.; Marques Erle (Elr), 30s. 5d.; John Aylif, surgeon, 100s.; Hugh Lee, of the Leash, 10s.; John Wolf, armourer, 45s. 6d.; Wm. Armorer, yeoman of the henchmen, 35s.; Wm. Beton, organ maker, 100s.; Thos. Davy, yeoman, 10s.; Thos. Dodsworth, a hunt, 33s. 4d.; Laur. Cooke, yeoman, 30s. 5d.; Thos. Culpeper, keeping the gallery at Greenwich, 26l. 18s. 4d.; Edm. Hodgeson, wages, 45s. 6d.; John Sydnam (Sydinham), wages, 30s. 5d.; Alex. Peinx (Pinx), 45s. 6d.; Walter de Lyen, 106s. 8d.; John Curwyne, falconer, 4l. 11s. 3d.; Ralph Stanowe, schoolmaster to the henchmen, 100s.; John Glover, yeoman, wages, 30s. 5d.; Hierome Benall, wages, 55s.d.; Thos. Paston, annuity, 11l. 13s. 4d.; Thos. Bill, physician, fee, 50s.; Dr. Huic, physician, 50s.; Nich. Bacon, 50s.; Robt. Grene, footman, 30s. 5d.; Nich. de Modeno, 105s.; Henry Webbe, 100s.; Francis Sydney, 100s., Robt. Southwell, 25l.; John Mallard, an orator, 50s.; Thos. Guilliam, 15s. 2d.; George Ranzowe (Rainssewe), 10l.; dame Eliz. lady Kildare, 33l. 6s. 8d.; Thos. Alsop, gentleman, poticary, 6l. 13s. 4d.; Ric. Vaucer, 30s. 5d.; Diricke Johnson, stone cutter, 50s.; John Emyngway, yeoman poticary, 55s.d.; Segebald Fredenz, captain in war, 6l. 13s. 4d.
f. 182b.
Half year's wages at Lady Day, ao 32°.:—The yeomen of the Tower, for firewood, 26s. 8d.; Sir Hen. Pynnago, wages, nihil, quia mortuus: Sir Fras. Bryan, master of the Toils, 33l. 6s. 8d.; lady Anne Grey, 6l. 13s. 4d.; Robt. Seymer, annuity, 5l.; Dr. Leighton, clerk of the Closet, 15l.; Sir Thos. Spert, fee, 16l. 13s. 4d.; Raphael Archaungell, 9l. 2s. 6d., and his servant, 60s. 10d.; Nich. Sampson, wages, 50s.; Bastard Falconbridge, 10l.; Wm. Morrant, wages, 5l.; Michael Marcator, 11l. 5s.; Sir John Gifforde, 100s.; John Min, “the surveyor general clerk,” 100s.; John Ridley, groom of the Longbows, 20l.; Nich. Fytton, wages, 10l.; Dr. Augustyne, wages, — (blank); Robt. Forde, wages, 6l. 13s. 4d.; John Norrice, wages, 20s.; John Hynde, one of the General Surveyors, 25l.; Thos. Myntren, 100s.; John Wylly, rat-taker, 60s. 10d.; Sir John lord Russell 11l. 13s. 4d.; Edm. Pekham, cofferer, 10l. 10s.; Robt. Reignold and Thos. Glyn, minstrels, 66s. 8d.; Barnard de Mela, 35l.; Ric. Warde, for looking to the King's harness at Windsor, 60s. 10d.; lord George, baron of Heydoke (sic), 70l.
Mr. Robt. Southwell, w., “costs and charges to be sustained, being sent at this time into the North parties,” 40l. Sir Edm. Walsingham, lieutenant of the Tower of London, w. d. for diets of Margret Poole, Henry (sic) Courteney, and Henry Poole, two months, 3 Feb. to 3 March, 26l. 13s. 4d.; Edm. Harvell, agent in Venice, w. d., diets at 20s. in advance, 100l.
Total payments in March, ao 32°, 3,545l. 0s.1/8d.
Total since 1 Jan., 13,706l. 19s.1/8d.
April, ao 32 and ao 33.—Sunday [3d] at — (blank), Dr. Malet for preaching before the King on Passion Sunday, 20s. Sunday [10th] at Greenwich, Mr. Rude, preacher on Palm Sunday, 20s. Maundy Thursday, [14th] at Greenwich, “for 51 poor men at the King's maundy,” at 51d. apiece, 10l. 16s. 9d.; four and a half dozen purses for the same, 2s. 6d.; the King's offering on Good Friday, 20s. Easter Day [17th] at Greenwich, the King's offering “at the resurrexion,” 6s. 8d., “at taking his rights,” 6s. 8d., and at high mass, 13s. 4d.; the heralds at arms for their largess, 5l.; the cooks of the kitchen, 6l. 13s. 4d.; the officers of the pastry, 20s., and of the squilary, 20s.; the porters at the gate, 53s. 4d.; “thenxmen for their hoselinge money this Easter,” 20s.; the King's offering on St. George's Day, 6s. 8d.; the heralds' largess that day, 5l.; the King's offering on Easter Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, 20s. Sunday [24th] at Greenwich; the King's offering on St. Mark's Day, 6s. 8d. Sunday offerings and weekly alms as before.
f. 184.
f. 184b.
f. 185.
f. 185b.
f. 186.
Almain armourers, 1 April to 28 April, 28l. 16s. 9d. Hammes Pursuivant, conveying letters from the King to his Deputy at Calais, 25 March, 20s.; Patrick Barnewell and Robt. Dillon, serjeants and attorneys in Ireland, reward, 26 March, 20l.; Francis the courier, for his despatch with letters to the bp. of Winchester and Sir Henry Knevet, ambassadors with the Emperor, 29 March, and his return, 37l. 6s. 8d. Richmond Herald for his despatch to the same bishop, &c., 7 April, and return, 37l. 6s. 8d.; in all, w. 8 April, 96l. 13s. 4d. Sir John Cambell, “ambassador to the king of Scots,” reward, w. 13 April, 45l. Nic. Urcian, keeper of the King's clocks at Hampton Court, w. 24 March, for wages at 4d. a day from 24 March to 1 May next, 12s. 4d. Nicholas de le Plee, a courier, for his journey with letters to the lord William Hawarde, ambassador in France, 26 March, and return, 25l. 13s. 4d.; Robt. Smythe, King's messenger, going with the King's letters to Calais 10 April, 40s.; Edw. Vaughan, Thos. Palmer, Hen. Wingefilde, and Nich. Lambert, 14 April, “for conduct money to Guisnes for themselves, their petty captains, standard bearers, and servants,” 13l. 6s. 8d.; Francis the courier, for his despatch with letters to the bp. of Winchester and Sir Henry Knevet, ambassadors with the Emperor, 22 April, and return, 37l. 6s. 8d.; Norfolk Herald at arms, for his despatch with letters to lord William Hawarde, 27 April, 11l. 13s. 4d.; Thos. Noywell, servant to Sir John Palmer, same day, for bringing letters from his master; in all, w. 27 April ao 33°, 91l. John Apulby, Robt. Smith, Peter Saxson, Nicolinges, John Hopkins, Steph. Lambold, and Edw. Arrundell, yeomen, grooms and messengers of the Chamber, riding by command of the Council, on bills signed by the Council, 24l. 15s. 4d. John Carter, master of the King's barge, with 28 men, “rowing the King's barge called the Lyon from Westminster to Greenwich,” 1 day, in March, at 8d. a day apiece, on the lord Chamberlain's bill, 12s. 8d. Wm. Tyldesley, of the Wardrobe of Beds, “hiring post horses from Rochester to Dartford and from thence to Rochester again in the King's business, and for one of the Wardrobe remaining at Canterbury, attending upon the King's bed and his Grace's lodging by the space of v days; and for one of the Wardrobe going from Rochester to Gravesend to make ready the King's chamber for his Grace to dine in, the space of two days in the month of March last past,” on the lord Chamberlain's bill, 16s. 8d. David Phincent, of the wardrobe of Beds, “making ready the house at Hampton Court against the coming thither of the French ambassador,” 4 days, himself at 20d. and 6 men at 6d., in March last, on the lord Chamberlain's bill, 18s. 8d. Jas. Nedeham, surveyor of works, w. d., for the month of April, 100l. Nicholas bp. of Rochester, w. 8 April, “to be employed and bestowed in the King's alms upon Good Friday,” 133l. 6s. 8d. John Breket, master cook for the King's mouth, w. d. “for the apparelling of xxiiij gallapyns” for one whole year ending Christmas next, 50l. John Scutt, the Queen's tailor, w. 12 April “for certain apparel by him bought and made for Margret Poole, late countess of Salisbury,” 11l. 16s. 4d. The earl of Rutland, w. 18 April, for the wages of the garrison at Nottingham castle, four months and three weeks at 14l. 4s. 8d. a month, 67l. 10s. 2d. Anth. Aucher, w., “for the making of water works at Dover and other necessaries as to labourers and other,” 600l. Thos. Geffrey, w., diets at 13s. 4d. for himself and six persons “for the sure conveyance of certain treasure into Ireland,” 66l. 13s. 4d. Lord William Howard, ambassador in France, advance of diets at 53s. 4d., “by virtue of the King's Privy Council's letter,” 240l. George Broune, master of the ordnance at Calais and the marches, w., 54 days' diets at 3s. 4d. and for provision “of certain necessaries and habiliments of war,” 286l. 6s. 1d. Wm. Buxstede, the King's bowyer, and Wm. Temple, the King's fletcher, w., for 20 bowyers and fletchers sent to Newcastle to repair bows and arrows, themselves at 12d. a day each and the men at 8d., for one month “beforehand,” 20l. 10s. 8d. Sir Edm. Walsingham, lieutenant of the Tower, w., “for the board wages of a woman attending upon the late countess of Sarum within the said Tower,” 83 weeks at 18d. a week, 6l. 4s. 6d.; her “charges” for a year and a half, 60s.; provision of other necessaries for the said late Countess, 66s. 8d. Thos. Welshe, baron of the Exchequer, “sent about the King's affairs in Ireland,” w. d. for diets at 20s., 120l. John Mynnes, King's auditor, sent into Ireland about the King's affairs, w. d. for diets at 13s. 4d., 80l. Wm. Candishe, King's auditor, likewise, 80l. Sir John Wallop, ambassador in France, w., upon a bill subscribed by himself, for posts and couriers, 15l. 16s.
Wages in April ao 33°. As in March, ao 32°, down to Paget, clerk of the Signet, including Cecil, of the Robes.
A leaf here wanting.
—Sunday [1st] at Greenwich. Sunday [8th] at Waltham. Sundays [15th, 22nd] at Greenwich. Sunday [29th] at York Place. Sunday offerings, also Ascension Day, and daily alms as before.
f. 187b.
f. 188.
George Heron and Miles Staff (sic), gentlemen of the North, reward, 30 April, “then returning into the North,” 5l.; Thos. Colman, servant to Mr. William de Burgo, Irishman, reward, 1 May, 6l. 13s. 4d.; Hams pursuivant at arms, 3 May, “going with the King's letters to the lord Privy Seal and lord Admiral,” and returning, 53s. 4d.; Richmond Herald at arms, going with the King's letters to the Regent of Flanders, his, abode there and return, 6 May, 20l.; in all, w. 8 May, 34l. 6s. 8d. Almain armourers, 29 April to 26 May, 28l. 16s. 9d. John Hopkins, Nich. Collins, Peter Saxson, Walt. Vaughan, John Kellam and Fras. Banaster, yeomen, grooms and messengers of the Chamber, riding by command of the Council, on bills signed by the Council, 54s. 8d. Conduct money of one petty captain out of the North, 12 days, at 2s. a day, 24s.; wages of the said petty captain 14 days ending 11 May, 28s.; wages of 60 persons at 9d. during the said 14 days, 31l. 10s.; the “passage” of the said petty captain and persons, 6s. each, 18l. 6s.; in all, w. 8 May, 52l. 8s. Francis, the courier, for his despatch with letters 10 May to the bp. of Winchester and Sir Henry Knevat, ambassadors with the Emperor, and return, 37l. 6s. 8d.; Ric. Dawkyns and Thos. Bayly, servants to the bp. of Llandaff, president of the Council in the North, and Robert Southwell, “for their journeys at ij several times with letters from their said masters, and their return from the King to them the said xth day of May,” 4l.; Nicholas de le Plee, one of the King's couriers, 11 May, going with letters to the lord Privy Seal, 53s. 4d.; in all, w. 25 May, 44l. Wm. Levet, clerk, “the King's gunstone maker,” w. 28 March, ao 32°, “towards the casting and making of sundry shot of iron,” 200l. Sir John Dudley, master of the Armoury, w., “to be by him employed for and about the buying of gowns, doublets; and hoses for xxti armourers,” as shown by a bill annexed, 26l. Sir Edw. Halteman, clk., w., “money by him disbursed for the maintenance of the household of the late Sir Nicholas Carewe, late attainted, for the time of his imprisonment in the Tower,” 19l. 17s. 10d. Sir Edm. Walsingham, lieutenant of the Tower, w. d. for “diets of Margret Poole, Henry Courteney, and Henry Pole” for two months, 31 March to 25 May, 26l. 13s. 4d. Andrew Wright, the King's serjeant painter, w., “for the painting of certain coats of arms for the heralds at arms,” 39l. 6s. 8d. Sir George Lawson, w. d., “for the wages of xx gunners in a new crew at Berwick,” in advance for the year ending Michaelmas next, 182l. 10s.
Wages in May ao 33°:—As in April and March (that of April being defective) with the omission of Chatres and the addition of Nicholas (Nic. Worsten), clock keeper at Hampton Court, 10s. 4d.
f. 189.
Total payments in May, ao 33°, 797l. 18s. 2d.
f. 189b.
June:—Whit Sunday [5th] at Greenwich; the King's offering at taking his rights, 6s. 8d.; the herald's largess, 5l. Sunday [12th] at Greenwich. Sundays [19th, 26th] at York Place. Sunday offerings and daily alms as before, and also offerings on Whitson Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Corpus Christi Day (two), Midsummer Day and St. Peter's Day. The grooms of the Hall, “reward, as hath been accustomed at the feasts of Midsummer,” 10s.
f. 190.
f. 190b.
f. 191.
f. 191b.
f. 192.
John Piers, hire of a house in London, for the standards and rich coats of the Guard, one quarter, 8s. 8d. Almain armourers, 27 May to 23 June, 28l. 16s. 9d. John Tempest, “costs of bimself and his servants in bringing up out of the North the body of one Henry Nevel,” 77s. 7d.; Edw. Goldsborough, one of the serjeants at arms, “costs of himself and his servants in bringing up the body of the Lady Nevell,” 6l. 19s. 4d.; Chr. Landesdale, servant to the earl of Southampton, lord Privy Seal, “for the bringing up of William Barker,” 38s. 8d.; the foresaid Tempest and Goldsborough for his continuance here 13 days, 6l. 13s. 4d. each, and “for the conveyance down to York the body of Sir John Nevell,” 13l. 6s. 8d.; in all, w. 8 June, 39l. 8s. 11d. Edm. Fryer and John Waren, two of the King's trumpeters, w. 12 June for wages at 16d. a day, which John Strute, dec., had, from 22 Oct. last to 1 July next, 8 months and 9 days, in equal portions, “and so afterwards to be paid monthly,” 16l. 14s. 8d. The Fraternity of St. Dunstan's in the West, for the year ended St. Peter's Day, 40s. George Stonerd, keeper of Ongar Walk in Waltham Forest, w. 1 June for wages at 8d. a day from 20 June ao 32° to 1 July ao 33° “for th'exercising of Ongar Walk which John Stonerd, dec., late had,” 12 months and 10 days, “and so afterwards to be paid monthly,” 12l. 10s. John Appulby, John Hopkyns, Adam Gaskyn, Wm. Beringham, Robt. Grymhill, John Glyn, and Wm. Myller, yeomen, grooms, and messengers of the Chamber, riding by command of the Council, on bills signed by the Council, 22l. 2s. 8d. Peter Francis Benall, graver of precious stones, w. 17 March ao 32° for 10l. a year, quarterly, and 22s. 6d. for livery coat from Michaelmas last, for the half year ended at Lady Day ao 33° (sic), 5l. 11s. 3d. Chr. Ducke, groom of the Buckhounds, w. 5 May, for 6l. 13s. 4d. a year, quarterly, from Lady Day last, for the room which Owen Dodswourth late had, for one quarter ended Midsummer, 33s. 4d. Edw. Grame, one of the riders of the King's stable, w. 11 June for 20 mks. a year, for the quarter ended Midsummer, 66s. 8d. Justice Grame, another rider, w. 11 June, likewise 66s. 8d. The yeomen of the Guard at 4d. a day, for the quarter ended 30 June, 275l. 15s. 4d.; those at 6d. a day, 106l. 18s. 6d. The King, w. 3 June, 6,000l. Lord William Hawarde, ambassador in France, w., advance of diets at 53s. 4d., 140l. The bp. of Winchester, w. 8 June, for the despatch of certain posts to the King, 51l. 10s. Mr. Dr. Kerne, “agent at this time sent to the Regent of Flanders,” w. 16 June, diets at 20s. from 17 June, 50l. Mr. Stephen Vaughan, “agent sent as above said,” w., diets at 20s., from 17 June, and post money, 50l. Anth. Aucher, w. 19 June, for “workmen and labourers and artificers at Dover works for two months unpaid,” 964l. Sir Edm. Walsingham, lieutenant of the Tower and treasurer of the Ordnance, w. 6 June, “to be employed in and about divers kinds of habiliments and necessaries for the war,” 1,251l. 5s.d. Roger, the King's scholar, w. d. “for the yearly advancement beforehand of vjl. xiijs. iiijd. for one year fully to be run at Midsummer A. D. xvcxlj (sic) towards his exhibition,” 6l. 13s. 4d. Sir Chr. Morice, master of the Ordnance, w. 6 June, “to be paid to divers persons for feathering of arrows,” 101l. 4s. 9d. The Commissioners in the Marches of Wales, w. d., for the quarter ended St. John's Day, 218l. 18s. 11½d. Jas. Nedeham, surveyor of works, w. d., for May and June, 200l. The earl of Anguishe, w. d., part of his half year's annuity due 1. Sept. next, 200l. Edm. Standen, w. 20 June, “to be by him employed to divers persons for stuff and workmanship by him to be provided for the King's stable,” 133l. 3s. 5d. Mr. Wimond Carewe, receiver to the lady Anne Cleves, w. d., for fees of her attendants, Midsummer quarter, 121l. 5s. Morgan Wolf, the King's goldsmith, w. 24 Jan. ao 33° (sic), “for parcels of sundry plate by him provided for the King's New Year's gifts at New Year's tide last past, and also for mending of certain plate for the said year,” 973l. 14s. 9d.
Wages in June, ao 33°.— As in May, but there are only nine trumpeters in the first item.
f. 193b.
Quarter's wages at Midsummer; as at Lady Day. Robert Fowler and John Griffith are omitted. Sir Thos. Palmer of Calais hath nothing, because imprisoned in the Tower; but the other Sir Thomas Palmer has his 100s. Lord St. John and his clerk have nothing because paid in the office of the Wards. John Myston has nothing because paid at Lady Day last, and Holbein and Thos. Culpeper nothing because paid already, Wm. Hastings and Owen Dodsworth, each nihil, quia mortuus. The following items are new:—Gerat Holltrop, 6l. 5s.; Florence Diaceto, nihil, quia prius; Thos. Sperin and his son, serjeants of the bears, 57s. 03/8d.; Ric. Darington, 106s.d.; Robt. Draper and John Halely, 33s. 4d. each; John Kyrby, 26s. 8d.; Sir John Gage, for his half year's annuity due this Midsummer, 33l. 6s. 8d.; the earl of Rutland, for his, 50l.: Peter Francis Benall, 55s.d.
Total payments in June ao 33°, 11,914l. 15s. 33/8d.
Total since 1 April, 15,060l. 10s. 83/8d.
Here the volume ends abruptly.
1490. Attainted Lands.
R. O. Book of accounts of Mr. [L]entall, auditor of the attainted lands, riding from London into the North parts. The expenses for meals, shoeing horses, &c., are given day by day.
i. The commencement is lost, the first legible items being Friday 19 Oct., dinner at Colsell, supper at Lichfield, &c.; Saturday, 20 Oct., dinner at Stone, supper at Newcastle; and so on to Homez Chappell, Wigan, Whalley, Wiglesworth, Middelham, York, Byrdlyngton, Gaitesford (“my lady Darcy's”), Slyfford, Staunford, Huntington, and Hatfield, ending with “apud London mens. Jenuar.,” where there is a payment of 8d. “to my mistress.” Among the items are rewards to the servants at Wiglesworth, 12d., and at Middelham, 2s.; at York to Mr. Tesshe's servants, 7s. 8d., and “to a carrier for the expenses of Phillis your maiden to London,” 7s. 6d.; at Huntingdon to Mr. Halles clerk, 2s.
The bill of my charges in my journey ao 29° R. H. VIII.
ii. “Th'expenses of the circuit of Mr. [L] entall, auditor of the attainted lands, riding from London into the North Parts with seven horses,” 31 Hen. VIII.
Commencing Monday, 6 Oct., where there is supper at Saynt Talbonez, and continuing without dates after 9 Oct. through Brikhill, Torcetor, Dayntre, Coventry, Lichfield, Stone, Newcastle, Waryngton, Wigan, Whalley, Skipton, York, Busshop Feild, and Bridlington. Total, 115s.d.
iii. Similar “charges laid out between London and York,” 32 Hen. VIII.
More detailed than the previous accounts, for instance “Dunstable at dinner”—bread and ale 8d., butter and eggs 4d., fire 2d., herrings 6d., apples 1d., “hoysters 2d., salt fish 4d., wine and sugar 11d., cheese 1d., horsemeat 12d., the sadler 6d., for shoeing 2d.” Among the items are at Kellenworth to one that brought my master to Meryday 8d.; at Holmes Chapel “for my master's dinner and seven with him at 2d. the piece,” 16d.; at Whalley to a priest 3d., to Emley, Mr. Kechyn's servant, 4d., to the vicar 12d., to Troughton 12d., to Mr. Receiver's horsekeeper 20d., and to one Edm. Lowe 20d. at Skypton to Henry Felden 12d.; at York “to my master that he lost to Sir Key” 3s. 4d.; at Holme “to my master which he lost at Holme” 14d., to the bailiff's nurse 20d., to my master's godson 3s. 4d.
iv. Money received of my master anno 33°.
At Waterhales “when we set forward on the journey” 33s. 4d.; at Buntingford “that he won of Mr. Fyssher” 10d.; of John Foulbery at Holme upon a reckoning of the parsonage 79s. 8d.; of Mr. Teshe upon a bargain of wheat and rye, in earnest, 5s.; of Mr. Acclome on a bargain of barley, 5s.; “of my master that he won 25 Oct. 7d.; 15 Nov. 7s. 6d.; of Clement 15s.; of Mr. Tesshe 134l., 18 Nov. 20s.; of Mrs. Misseldyne for an enrolment 6s. 8d.; of Mr. Ryddysdale, ditto, nil because he said he had paid my master; of Mr. Baylyff and Henry Jewetson, priest, out of the parsonage of Holme, 11s. 8d.; Mr. Ogle, for enrolment of a decree; nil “because he said he would content my master what soever he would have.”
v. Money laid out at various places as before—the journey being taken by Huntingdon, Lincoln, Hull, Holme, and York. Among the items are at York money my master lost 24 Oct. 8s. 8d., and 26 Oct. 5s. 4d., sent to my mistress by Mr. Fuller 10s., “delivered to my master when he went to offer with Mr. Lawson's maid” 3s. 4d., reward to two honest men that begged for a poor man 4d., lost 25 Nov. 10s. 8d., expenses at Bridlington, Flamborough, and Templehurst. For dressing horses at Colbie, Huntingdon and London, &c.
vj. Receipts at Finchley, 6 Oct. 31 Hen. VIII. 60s., at Newcastle, 11 Oct. 10s., at Wigan 5s., at Skypton 19 Oct. 15s., and four small amounts at York. Expenses laid out betwixt York and Lincoln 2½ days by Pomfret, Bawtry, Whetley, and Lyttilbrugh ferry.
vij. Fragment (?) of similar account commencing at Holme in Spalding More 13 to 21 Nov., where there are several losses at cards, and continuing to Templehurst, Doncaster, Sturton (“ferrying over at Trent”), Lincoln, Bychfeld, Stanford, Huntingdon, Royston, Buntingford, and Stortford.
viij. “Expenses laid out betwixt York and London.”
Commencing Wednesday 26 Nov. at York and Branby the same day (“dressing my master's boots at Sir Ralph Elerker's, 1d.”); Langford Bridge, and Greyingham 27 Nov.; Spittell, 28 Nov.; Ancaster and Bychefeld, 29 Nov.; Stanford and Huntingdon, 30 Nov.; Rayston, Buntingford and Ware, 1 Dec.; London, Wednesday, 3 Dec. (here the first item “is for Williams cost whens he went to Mr. Crumwell,” 3d.).
Much mutilated, 48 small pages.
1491. Bishops.
R. O. Oath of supremacy to be taken by a bishop in terms of an Act of Succession passed in the Parliament begun at Westm., 8 June 33 Hen. VIII. (sic).
Lat., pp. 5. Endd. in a later hand: Ireland.
1492. Calais.
R. O. “The description and trial of certain limits of the English and French Pales.
“The trial of Bradfeld's Busshe, the Chalk Pits, and the 17 acres, ploughed by Cotte of Casiers, to be the King our master, his Majesty.”
1. The uttermost limit of the forest of Guisnes, next to Fynes Mylne, is John Bradfeld's bush, which Martin Hodge, an Englishman, sold upwards of 50 years ago to the King, without any claim being made by those of Fynes. The boundary was then marked by divers great trees, which those of Fynes cut down by stealth in the night, and have thereby encroached upon a piece of the same bush, as appears by depositions taken before John Curson, paymaster of Guisnes, in 1528. Bounds were marked also 58 years ago by certain bushes upon the Dryses which have been long ago cut down. John Bradfeld's bush extended to a great willow, which was standing when the depositions were taken, and from thence to a pit at the side of the Dryses having a hawthorn growing in it. Both the thorn and willow are now cut away, but the stumps remain. There are also two or three other pits which were made for marks; but one pit far within the English pale, which they of Fynes would have as a boundary, was lately made by a shepherd of Fynes dwelling at the Lowe called Jacotin Selander. The highway before Fynes mill leading by Casiers and Landertoone, and the top of the hill to Whitsand, “even to where Hervelingham parish cometh up to the said highway,” ought to be the true limit, though the Frenchmen daily encroach, both upon the highway and on the parish of Guisnes, directly against Fynes Mylne, and still more upon the parish of Brocard, opposite Casiers; and most of all upon the parish of Pytham, even to the ground of Sandinglevert, which is directly against Landertoone. As the house and ground of Sandinglevert has been neutral in all wars, some say that the master of it denies his house to be with the English Pale, others that he cannot tell whether it be in the English or French Pale. It appears by the deposition of Thomas Lawrence, constable of Guisnes Castle, that certain old men, who were examined by Sir Nicholas Vaux about 40 years ago, when he first entered into the lieutenantship of Guisnes, us to encroachments then made by the Picards, said that Sir Thos. Flynderon, the first of the nine last lieutenants of Guisnes, by virtue of a commission, determined the very limits of the Pale by the highway as above, and at Casiere, by a pit sometime called the Watering Place, caused a post to be set up with a sword hanging by it from a chain, on which these words were graven, “No man be so hardy as to take me away, for this is the right Pale between England and France”; and that sword hung there many years after. Lawrence says that Sir William Parre was also present at this deposition. The French, however, daily encroach, not only by pasturing beasts and tilling the ground, but by building houses at Casier and Landertoone on this side the highway, although they themselves call it “Le Rieu Angloys,” i.e., the English street. It appears also that Sir William Pirton, who succeeded Sir Thos. Flynderon, when the mill of Fynes was blown down, and the men of Fynes built it up again on this side of the English street, caused it to be taken down again and built upon their ground. When this was done the tail of the mill reached into the English ground, and Sir William commanded them again, on pain of burning, to remove it to where it now stands. It appears also that Sir James Tyrrell, when he was lieutenant of Guisnes, suffered John Anker and Lewis Savory, men-of-arms in the castle of Guisnes, and Burgundian born, “as then were all in the county of Bullonoys, or not long before,” to occupy certain land in the English Pale, bounded by the highway at Casiers and Landerton; and afterwards Tyrell, being confederate with Jaques de Foxhoole, caused the said Anker and Savory to be delivered to the said Jaques, who hanged them at Boulogne. This act was laid to Tyrell's charge, and the heirs of Anker and Savory, after their fathers' death, became French and occupied the land without paying rent. These encroachments are owing to the land being allowed to lie waste when it might be let to farm and tilled. Many of them are only of late days. Many men living remember seeing all the ground to Fynes mill and Casiers and a great part of that to Landertoon “to lie drises and waste,” which is now tilled by the Frenchmen, who call it “the New found land.” The reason that they have encroached most at Fynes is that the lordship of Fynes has almost always enjoyed the privilege of neutrality; so that when the English Pale has been destroyed, they of Fynes could easily come upon it, and now they usurp upon portions of that for which Englishmen pay rent to the King, among others they have broken up and ploughed a piece of ground called “the King's dryses,” in the parish of Pytham. They withhold a portion of one Canves's ground. The last commissioners of both princes before the earl of Hertford was last at Calais made certain pits not far from Colywaye Wood as limits that neither party were to transgress till their Prince's pleasure were known; yet the French have encroached within them. Ric. Sexton, the predecessor of Henry Palmer, the present forester of Guisnes, exhibited a hill of complaint to lord Lisle that the Picards came with nine mares in a plough where they used to have but four, and broke up new ground within the English pale. John Broke, now clerk of the courts of Guisnes, wrote the bill. One Petit Colin, who was prisoner at Guisnes during the last wars, being asked for a certain due in the court of Fynes in respect of a beerhouse on this side the English street, refused to pay any, because his house stood within the English Pale. As to the land Cotte of Fynes usurps upon Henry Bayes “said bush,” De Bies sent to the lord Deputy of Calais an exemplification of a register to show that he and his predecessors had had it for five or six score years, but as the English did not know the names of the places specified in the register, they asked the officers of Fynes to assist them, which the latter refused to do. The register extended from the year 1432 to 1436, and was made on the report of old men 76 years after the surrender of Calais in 1360, about which time the county of Boulonnois, which had been Burgundian, became French; so it well might be that the lord of Fynes in old times had lands within the county of Guisnes much nearer to Calais. The rental then leaps from 1436 to 1505, and afterwards to 1526. Proofs of the insufficiency of its evidence. Depositions taken before Sir Thomas Poynynges, about the taking of the Frenchmen's cattle upon the ground now claimed by Cotte of Fynes. Sir John Gage, deputy of Guisnes, stopped the making of a lime pit by Colynet Boucher, of Fynes. Not far from Fynes mill is a quarry of chalk for which the quarryman says he has paid a crown a year for 30 years to the receiver of Fynes. The bailiff of Guisnes having lately informed De Bies that the said quarry was within the English pale, De Bies has ordered the quarryman, on pain of hanging, to deliver no more chalk towards the fortification of Guisnes. (fn. 1)
Pp. 15. Endorsed.
1493. Durham Cathedral.
R. O. “Nomina nuper Monachorum in ecclesia cathedralis Dunelmensi.”
S.T.P.—Hugh Whitehede, prior, Rog. Watson, Wm. Bennet, Wm. Todde, Edw. Hyndmers. S.T.B.:—Thos. Sparke, suffragan, Wm. Watson, sen., Steph. Marley, Robt. Dalton, John Towten, Nic. Marley, Thos. Pottar, Geo. Clyffe, John Mathewe.
Latin, p. 1. Endd.
1494. Naval Affairs.
Cal. of Cecil
MSS., Pt. i.
Report of shipwrights and caulkers on repairs required for the King's ships; and determinations of Wm. Gunson, paym[aster], John Osborn, controller, and Edw. Water, clerk of the ships, on the report. 33 Hen. VIII.
1495. St. James's, Northampton.
R. O. Extract from the account of the late monastery of St. James, Northampton, 33 Hen. VIII.
Nich. Gifford, collector, enters in his account that 24l., farm of the rectory of Watford, with tithes in Syllesworth, due from Henry Wright, has been taken in part payment of the pension of 40l., given to the late abbot by letters patent, 30 Hen. VIII.
Lat., pp. 2. Headed: “Com. Northampton.”
1496. Edmund Sexton.
Add Ch.
B. M.
Grant by Hen. VIII. to Edm. Sexten, in fee (for 42l.), of the site of the monastery of the Friars Minors in Limerick, made upon the advice of Sir Ant. Sentleger, deputy of Ireland, John Alen, chancellor, Gerald Aylmer, chief justice, and Wm. Brabazon, vice-treasurer there, who were authorised by the King's Commission, dated Westm., 1 Sept. 33 Hen. VIII., to make sale of the houses of Friars in Ireland to the King's advantage. Dublin, vicesimo quinto die … (fn. 2) ….
Latin. Beautifully illuminated parchment. Slightly mutilated.
1497. George Sowche.
R. O. Note signed by Robert Henneage desiring the person addressed to show his lawful favour to the bringer “for the allowances of the parcels within written.” Subscribed by Edw. North—“Mr. Duke, I pray you to peruse the exchange between the King's Majesty and Mr. Sowche, (fn. 3) and to certify whether he be bound to discharge the King of the premises,” &c.
P. 1. Written on the back of a bill for allowance of 48s. 4d. for pasture in some park not named; ending with a mem. that “the said Eyre” demands further allowance for windfall, which Mr. Sowche, who has bought the park, refuses; signed by John Wiseman, auditor.
ii. Answer, by Ric. Duke, to the preceding question of Sir Edw. North, that Mr. Sowche is discharged of all fees except 20s. a year to the bailey of Rypley manor; so that the King is chargeable with the fee of keeping of Bytterley park granted to Gregory Eyer by the late monastery of Derley, Derb.
Hol., p. 1. Attached to the preceding.
25 Dec. 1498. Subsidy.
Rot. Add.
B. M.
Account of Thos. archp. of Canterbury of the issues of the subsidy in the province of Canterbury for the year ended at Christmas 33 Her VIII.
Vellum roll of two large membranes.
1499. Diocese of Winchester.
Add. MS.
B. M.
Names of all the stipendiary priests, and of those who pay their stipends within the diocese of Winchester at Christmas last, viz., in the year 1541.
[Giving under deaneries the names of places and of those who receive and pay stipends, but not the amounts, e.g. (on f. 1, Winchester deanery), “Weke. Dns. Will'mus Hall, curat. ib'm h'ens stipend a M'ro Johan'e Atkyns rectore ib'm.”]
Latin. Parchment, pp. 22. Add.: “Preclaro et circumspecto viro Cancellario Curie Primorum Fructuum et Decimarum Domini nostri Regis.”
1500. Books of the Court of Augmentations—(continued from Vol. XV. No. 1032.).
Enrolments of grants by the Crown in the Augmentations in the year 32 Hen. VIII.
R. O.
I. Appointments to Offices in 32 Hen. VIII.
(*** Feess and all other particulars are, for brevity, omitted. Former owners of lands given in italics.)
Augm. Book.
235 f. 13.
Sir Ant. Seyntleger, King's servant. To be steward of the lands of Leedes priory, Kent. 15 July 32 Hen. VIII.
Sir Fras. Bryan, King's servant. To be steward of the manors of Newnam Courteney and Ewelme, Oxon, with fees since the death of Henry Norris. 8 May.
22b. Wm. Herbertte, esquire for the body. To be chief steward of the lands of Wilton monastery, Wilts. 24 July. (Enrolled again at f. 29.)
23. Sir Ant. Seyntleger, King's servant. To be keeper of the house and site of St. Augustine's monastery beside Canterbury; also of the house called the Almery adjoining the said site, and the pasture called Northe Holme adjoining it, and of the park called Newe Parke beside the said site. 6 July.
33b. Sir Thos. Cheney, treasurer of the Household and warden of the Cinque Ports. To be constable of Saltwode castle, keeper of the mansion of Westyn Hanger, Kent, chief steward of Alington and Chylham manors, bailiff and woodward of Chylham manor, keeper of the parks of Westynhanger, Alyngton, and Saltwood, and master of the deer in Lymmage park, Kent. 28 June.
34b. Maurice Denys, King's servant. To be receiver of rents in England and Wales of the lands of the priory of St. John of Jerusalem in England. 20 Dec.
35. Sir Thos. Hennege, King's servant. To be chief steward of the lands of St. Mary's, York. 21 Feb.
36. Hen. Goodryk. To be bailiff of lands of Rybston preceptory, Yorks. 25 Nov.
Oliver Wellysbourn, King's servant. To be keeper of the chief messuage called the Manour Place at Cumnere, Berks. Abingdon. 29 Aug.
36b. Wm. Penson, yeoman of the Guard. To be parker or keeper of the parks of Eymore and Halowe, Worc. St. Mary's Worcester. 12 Nov.
37b. Clement Throkemorton. To be receiver of the lands of Evesham monastery. 15 Dec.
38. John Thorougood, yeoman of the Buttery. To be bailiff and collector of the manors of Battersey and Wannesworth, Alferdyng Downe, Mordon [and] Cleygate, and of the rectories of Wannesworth, Batersay, and Morden, Surrey. Westminster Abbey. — blank day of — (blank) 32 Hen. VIII.
Ric. Archer, esquire for the Body. To be steward of Knoll manor, Warw. Westminster Abbey. 11 Nov.
Wm. Whorwood, solicitor-general. To be chief steward of the lands of Vale Royal, Chesh., vice Thos. earl of Essex, attainted. 20 July.
38b. Thos. Horseman, King's servant. To be bailiff of the town and lordship of Peterborough, of the manors of Bughburye, Eye, and Dosthorpe, Ntht., and of all lands of Peterborough abbey in these places. 9 Feb.
40. Sir John Wallopp, King's servant. To be keeper of Dogmansfeld manor, Hants, and keeper of the park and bailiff of the manor there. 10 Dec.
Robt. Tyrwyt, King's servant. To be keeper of the mansion of Mortlake, master of the hunt of deer in Mortlake, alias Rokehampton park, bailiff of Wymbledon manor, chief steward of the same and of the manors, &c., of Wandelesworth, Batrychesey, Dunsford, Wymbledon, Putneythe, Mortlake, Rokehampton, Barnes, and Brystowe, Surr., and keeper of woods in these places. 1 Sept.
40b. Thos. Audeley, K.G., lord Audeley of Walden, Chancellor. To be chief steward of lands of religious houses which have come to the King beyond Trent. 20 Sept.
41b. Ralph Sadleyr, a gentleman of the Privy Chamber. To be steward of the manors of Nonesuche, Ewell, Eschaym, Weschaym, Sutton, Bansted, nnd Walton on the Hill, Surr., bailiff of these manors, keeper of the chief messuage of Nonesuche and keeper of the park, wardrobe, and gardens there. 3 Jan.
42. John Baker, esq., attorney general. To be keeper of the site and house of the manor of Halden, alias Lambyns, Kent, keeper of the gardens, park, and waters there, master of the hunt of deer in the park, and bailiff of the manor. 10 July.
43. Ralph Sadleyr, a gentleman of the Privy Chamber. To be bailiff (sic) of the manors of Nonesuche, Ewell, Eschaym, Weschaym, Sutton, Bansted, and Walton on the Hill, and bailiff (sic) of the same manors, keeper of the chief messuage o Nonesuche, and keeper of the park, wardrobe, and gardens there. 15 Oct. [Identical with that of 3 Jan. above, except for the use of the word “bailiff” in the first clause, which seems to be accidental as “steward” is used in the clause specifying the fees.]
43b. Wm. Rygges. To be auditor of all accounts of receivers, bailiffs, &c., of lands of the late priory of St. John of Jerusalem in England. 28 Jan.
45. Sir Ric. Longe, King's servant. To be keeper of the site, &c. of Dartford monastery, Kent. 18 Aug.
John Bourne. To be keeper of the park and warren of Batenhall, Worc., in reversion after Thos. Mores. Worcester Cathedral priory. The preamble states that Mores obtained a grant of the office for life 14 May 23 Hen. VII., and that one Robt. Everest, sewer of the Chamber, obtained the reversion of it 23 Aug. 28 Hen. VIII. under certain specified conditions; which reversion was allowed by the Court of Augmentations 30 June last and a new grant in lieu of it issued 1 Aug. last, which is now surrendered for this grant to be made. 14 Jan.
50. Ric. Audeley, King's servant. To be keeper of the house and park of Wade manor, Hants, and bailiff of the manor, vice Hen. Huttoft. 20 Nov.
72. John Wellysburn, a gentleman of the Privy Chamber. To be steward of the lands of Abingdon abbey. 8 Feb.
II. Life Grants in 32 Hen. VIII.
[In this abstract rents and all other particulars are, for brevity, omitted. Names of former owners given in italics.]
Augm. Book.
235 f. 13.
Robt. bp. of Llandaff, president of the Council in the North. Priory of Watton, Yorks., and manors of Watton, Howton Cranswik, Kylnwik, Huggat, Barneby upon Downe, Sawnton, and Hasill, Yorks., Ravenstondale, Westmld., and lands called Howald and Hasilschew, Yorks.; the rectories of Watton, Howton Cransewyk, Kylnewik, Northdalton, Saunton, Birdesall, Hasill, and Beswyk, Yorks., and Ravenstandall, Westmld.; and all possessions of the said priory. Also the messuage toft and inn (hospitium) called the Master of Sempringham's “hedhous” in London, with six messuages in Cowlane to the east of the said hospital towards Smithfield, and two to the west towards Holborne Crosse, and all buildings, &c., lying between Cowelane on the “west and south-east” (sic Qu. West, South, and East?) and Cheke Lane on the north and abutting upon the tenement of Edw. Barber, scrivener, and that of the guild of St. Mary and St. Stephen in the parish church of St. Sepulchre without the walls of London towards Smithfield and the east; also certain tenements in tenure of Silvester Todde, which belonged to Sempringham, towards Holborne Crosse and the south-west and the land of the bp. of Ely towards the west, in the said parish. Reserved the principal church of Watton called the Nuns' church. 16 July 32 Hen. VIII.
14b. Thos. Gyes, of Collesbourne, Glouc., King's servant. Collesbourne manor. Lantony beside Gloucester. 27 June.
15. John Smythe, yeoman of the Guard, and Richard, his son. House and site of the Dominican Friars in Newcastle-under-Line, Staff., with the hall called Kyngesley Hall, within the said site, with numerous tenements, described, in Newcastle, which belonged to the said Friars, to Trentham priory and Hulton monastery. 4 May.
15b. Ambrose Barker. Four tenements in the parish of St. Martin Pomers in Ironmonger Lane, London, which were leased to him by the hospitals of Acon and Elsing spittle (details of the four leases given). 20 June.
16b. Sir Thos. Hennage, King's servant, and Kath. his wife. Messuage, &c., called Bevyse Markes, in the parish of St. Katharine Christchurch, London. Bury St. Edmund's. 7 June.
17. Robt. Fuller, clk., late abbot of Waltham Holy Cross. Manors of Woodford, Theydon Boyes, Netysswell, Paffyld, Stanford Hope, Wormyngford, and Stanwey, Essex; Cullynges, Herts; Alrychesey, Beds; and rectories and advowsons of Wormyngford and Alrychesey churches. Waltham Holy Cross. 6 May.
18. Robt. Fuller, late prior commendatory of St. Bartholomew's, West-Smithfield. Manors &c., of Great Stanmer, Little Stanmer, Canons, Portepole, and Wyndbores, Midd.; Langleyhall, Shortgrovehall, and Bradfeld, Essex; Tuyng, Canonholmes, and Walhall, Herts; Mentmore, Bucks; and all buildings, &c., in London and elsewhere which belonged to the said priory; except the chief messuage of the priory now in tenure of Sir Ric. Riche. Also annual fairs called Barthylmewe feyres held within the precincts of the priory for three days from the vigil of St. Bartholomew. Also rectories of St. Sepulchre's in the suburbs of London, Theydon Boys, Essex, Gorleston, Suff., Leystoft, Norf., Mentmore, Bucks, with the advowsons; also pensions out of Wannaxton church, Suff., and Danbury church, Essex, tithes of Chardyngton, Midd., and oblations in St. Mary's chapel, of Yarmouth, Norf. St. Bartholomew's. 6 May.
22b. Cornelius Symondson, locksmith, King's servant. Rent of 3l. 6s. 8d. upon a lease by John Kele, prior of the White Friars in Fleet Street, 26 June 25 Hen. VIII., to Wm. Vascombe, of three houses, &c., adjoining the church of the Friars Preachers, London 10 June. (Enrolled again at f. 28b.)
26. Katharine queen of England. Jointure under the Act 32 Hen. VIII. c. 51, of the lordships and manors of Owendell, Assheton, and Warmyngton, rectories of Owendell and Warmyngton; and hundreds of Polbrok, Welforde, and Howkestowe (sic), Ntht: Peterborough. Lordship and manor of Elmyngton, Ntht: Crowland. Lordships and manors of Baverstoke and Fovent, Wilts: Wilton. Manor and lordship of Estkennet and house and site of St Margaret's priory beside Marlborough, with appurtenances in Marlborough, Estkennet, Manton, Yatesbury, and Monketon, rent of assise in Alington, and rectory of Estkennet: St. Margaret's beside Marlborough. Lordships and manors of Hannyngton, Sutton Scotney, Mowndesmer, Oldefyssheborne, Denne Demollence, Priorsseden, Culmere, and Stubington and Hoo, Hants: Southwick. Lordships and manors of Bulberne in Breimer, Rockested and Langley, grange of Barnes and site of Bremer priory, Hants: Breamore. Lordships and manors of Therfelde, Herts, and Ayleton alias Alyngton, Hunts: Ramesey. Lordships of Brent and Cherchstowe, Devon, and lordship and manor of Stokelande, Dors: Milton. Lordship and manor of Culhampton, Devon: Buckland. Lordship and manor of Beere, Devon: Shirborne. Lordship and manor of Newton St. Ciric, Devon: Plympton. Lordship and manor of Yarcombe, and the rectory of Yarcombe, Devon: Sion. 14 Jan.
28b. John Gylmyn, serjeant of the King's woodyard, and Susan his wife. Four tenements in the parish of St. Dunstan in Fleet Street, London. White Friars, London. 14 May.
30b. Sir George Carewe, King's servant, and Mary his wife. Polslo priory and manor, Devon. 1 Feb.
31. John lord Audeley. Annuity of 20l. out of Long Sutton manor, Soms. Athelney, 27 Sept.
31b. Sir Ralph Sadleyer, one of the two principal secretaries. Annuity of 100l. towards support of his office. 15 Sept.
Sir Thos. Wryothesley, the other principal secretary. Like annuity of 100l. 15 Sept.
32. Robt. Cole, King's servant. Tenement in Istelworthe and Whytton, Midd., with the ferry of Istelworth. Shene. 4 Aug.
John Lany, page of the Chamber. Laxfelde manor and rectory, Suff. Eye. 16 Aug.
32b. John Joslyn, King's servant, and Anne his wife. Lands in Thornborowe, Bucks— Bytlesden; and in Densanger, Wyken and Thornton, Bucks—Snelshall; and tithes, &c., in Aston Rowant, Chalforde, Kyngston Blunte, and Stokenchurche, Oxon— St. Albans. 20 Sept.
33. Ric. Wheteley, King's servant. Annuity of 7l. 6s. 8d. 22 May.
33b. Thos. Chapman, groom of the Chamber. Annuity of 6l. out of Westfarleghe, Kent. Ledes. 10 June,
John Josselyn, King's servant. Three tenements in Buckingham and a grove of wood called Heremytes Grove in Westbury, Bucks. College of Acon. 14 May.
34b. Peter Gerrard, a sewer of the Chamber. Annuity of 20 mks. 20 Sept.
35. Morgan Phylyp alias Wolffe, goldsmith, and sewer of the Chamber. Two tenements in Watlyngstrete in the parish of All Saints in Brodestrete: London Charterhouse. Also two tenements in the parishes of St. Peter's Woodstreet and St. Mary de Arcubus in Chepe, London: New Hospital of St. Mary without Bishopsgate. 4 Nov.
36b. Thos. Cornewalles and Anne his wife. Abbottes Thorpp manor, Norf. Bury St. Edmunds. 14 Nov.
37. Nich. Alcoke, King's servant. Two tenements at the Fresshe Wharff, in the parish of St. Botulph's beside Billingsgate. St. Mary Grace's. 23 Dec.
Thos. Derbye, King's servant. Annuity of 20l. 18 Jan. (Addressed to Sir Ric. Riche, chancellor, and Edw. Northe, treasurer, of Augmentations).
37b. Sir Ric. Page, King's servant, and Eliz. his consort (consors). Mansion called the Provincial's Lodging, within the White Friars, London. 15 July.
39. John Halyle, yeoman of the Jewels. Seven tenements, &c., in Forster Lane, in the parish of St. Michael ad Bladam, London. 12 July.
39b. Jas. Coffyn and Anne his wife, late wife of Sir George Sleger (sic), dec., during the life of the said Anne. Monkeleighe manor, Devon. Montacute. 26 Aug.
41. John and Robt. Owen, of London, gunfounders, the King's servants. Tenement called the Belfounders House in Hundesdiche in the parish of St. Botulph without Aldgate. St. Mary Grace's. 4 Dec.
42b. Wm. Morant, gentleman of the Queen's cellar. Rent of 40s. due from John Wheeler for a tenement he holds under a lease by the priory of St. John of Jerusalem, 20 March. (In English.)
43b. Edm. Levesey, King's servant. A tenement within the site of the Friars Preachers, London. 22 Nov.
44. Wm. Clyfton, merchant taylor af London. (For 60 years.) Tithes and glebe lands in Bury St. Edmunds, Suff. Bury St. Edmunds. 20 Oct.
46b. Lady Anne of Cleves, for certain considerations (As in No. 503 (32)). Manors of Tangham, Bawdesey, Chesilford, Magna Glemham, Stratford, Boyton, Waybrige, and Magna Fynborough, and rectories and advowsons of Waybridge, Bawdesey, Glemham Magna, and Fynborough Magna, Suff., manor of West Somerton, and rectories and advowsons of West Somerton and Upton, Norf.,—Butley; manors of Culphoo Regis alias Culphoo Abbatis and Glaverynge, and rectory and advowson of Corton, Suff.,— Leyston; manors of Ockolte and Fresyngfeld and rectories and advowsons of Yaxley, Dunwiche, and Pleyforthe, Suff.,—Eye; manors of Huntyngfelde, Newhawe, Thornedon, Watlesfelde, Walsham, Cretyng, Neddyng, Saxmondham Merkett, Vyrles, Swannes, and Cotton Hempnall, and hundred of Hartesmere, also manors of Frossenden, and Stratforde juxta Benhall and hundred of Stowe, also manor of Cotton Brisworth and hundred of Waynforde and Blythyng, also manor of Stradebroke, Suff.,—Charles duke of Suffolk; manors of Saxlingham, Claxton, and Helyngton, and hundred of Frebrige, also manors of Stoketon and Costessey, Norf., and rent of 23l. 6s. 8d. out of Combes manor, Suff.,—Charles duke of Suffolk; lands now in tenure of Thos. Weldon in Bustlesham Mountague and Cockham, Berks, manors of Bustlesham, Mountague, Cockeham, Maydenhed, and Braye, Berks, of Ivez (or Iver), and Hurdecote, Soms. and Berks, and of Little and Great Marlowe, Bucks,—Bisham; rectories and advowsons of Kyngesclere with Ocle chapel, Hants, Westwycombe, Bucks, Echynswell (with chapel and grange), Hants, Shaldeflete in the I. of Wight, Stokenham, Devon, Molesden, N. Wales, Curryryvell with Bradewey chapel, Soms., and Helmerton, Wilts,—Bisham; site and chief messuage of Crawstons manor, Bucks, with appurtenances in Little Marlowe and Great Wycombe, Bucks, and Sondayes Wharff in the parish of St. Andrew at Baynards Castle in London,—Bisham; house and site of Bethekilhert alias Belchelkelherd, co. Carnarvon, and all its possessions in cos. Carnarvon and Anglesey, South (sic) Wales; manors of Hever, Seale, and Kempseyng and park of Hever, Kent,—Thos. earl of Wiltshire; lordships [and] manors of Shene alias Richmonde, Petresham and Ham and island of Crowell and park called Richmond Park; advowsons of the churches of Shene, Richemonde Petresham, Ham, Hever, Seale, and Kempseyng, Surr., and Kent. With reservations, and on condition of payment of certain fees and annuities, specified, due upon the premises. 20 Jan.
70. John Dale, master cook to the King's household (familia) and Eliz. his wife. Three tenements, &c., in Trumpaley in the parish of All Saints. St. Bartholomew's in West Smithfield. 21 Nov.
70b. Thos. Nevell, King's servant. Annuity of 10l. 20 March.
Wm. Grene, the King's chest-maker (cistarum nostrarum fabricator). Tenement called the Sazernes Hedd in the parish of St. Leonard's Eastchepe, London. 19 April.
71. Edw. Fetiplace. Annuity of 13l. 6s. 8d. upon his surrender of a grant to him by Charles duke of Suffolk, 20 Aug. 18 Hen. VIII., of the offices of the castle, lordship, or manor of Donyngton, Berks, and keeper of the park, castle, and almhouse there. 20 March.
71b. Sibilla Penne, wife of David Penne, in consideration of her services in the nurture and education of Prince Edward. Manor of Beamonde, Bucks, and rectory of Little Myssenden, Bucks,—Burcester; manor or farm called Aufrikkes in Little Myssenden,—Godstow; rectory of Penne, Bucks, and two cottages in Penne,— Chacombe; with advowsons of the churches of Little Myssenden and Penne. 24 March.
72. Watkin Apowell, King's servant. Manor and rectory of Lantrissam, in the Marches of Wales, with the tithe grange there. Lanthony beside Gloucester. 16 Feb.
72b. Sir Griffin Dune, King's servant. Annuity of 20l. 21 March.
Augustine de Augustinis, M.D., King's physician. In lieu of annuities of 20l. and 50l. heretofore granted to him: manors of Worthye Abbatis, Byketon, Foughlerton and Leckeford, Hants,—Hyde; manor of Bekington, Soms.,—Maiden Bradley; with tithes of hay of Foughlerton and Leckeford. 22 March.
86. John Gough, of London. Reversion of the rectory of Kadockeston, co. Glamorgan, advowson excepted, which was granted 12 March 30 Hen. VIII. to Lesan Thomas, late abbot of Nethe, on condition of being vacated upon the said Lesan's obtaining ecclesiastical promotions to the annual value of 48l. To hold for 21 years. 26 May.
Charles Foxe. Priory or cell of Bromefelde, Salop, with the manor and rectory and all lands (in various places named) belonging thereto. Upon his surrender of a 99 years' lease of the said priory and manor, 1 Aug. 30 Hen. VIII. by St. Peter's, Gloucester, to Sir Hen. Knevett, whose interest he had acquired. 29 Jan.
88b. Sebastian le Sene Pollet, the King's clockmaker. Tenement in St. Margaret's, parish, Westminster. 11 Feb.
III. Pensions to Monks in 32 Hen. VIII.
Augm. Book.
234 f. 313.
Rochester, Kent. Robt. Pylton, Thos. Grey, Robt. Smythe, Ant. London, Thos. Nevyll, Wm. Albon, Nic. Spelherst, Wm. Cantorborne, Ric. Chetham, Thos. Coxe, Nic. Haryngton, and Robt. Bacon, monks. 8 May 32 Hen. VIII.
424. Worcester. Hen. Holbeche, now bp. suffragan of Bristol, prior. 240l. 10 July.
425a. Christchurch, Canterbury. Thos. Goldewell, prior. 80l. 8 May.
Also John Elphe, Wm. Lychefelde, John Ambrosse, Nic. Clemente, John Garrarde, Wm. Gyllyngham, John Crosse, John Langdon, John Oxney, Robt. Boxley, Ric. Godmersham, Ric. Bonyngton, Nich. Herste, John Thoroughley, Wm. Causton, Quentin Denysse, Wm. Gregory, Robt. Anthony, Wm. London, Wm. Goldwell, Wm. Cantorbury, John Stone, John Lamberherste, Edw. Glastonbury, Thos. Goldston, and John Morton, monks. 8 May.
431. Whitland, co. Cardigan (sic). Jas. Nicholas, monk. 3l. 10 June.
431b. St. Leonard's, York. Edw. Smyth, Wm. Shutte, Ric. Thompson, Wm. Doughtye, John Grayson, Robt. Hall, Ric. Calverde, David Bell, Geoff. Adamson, John Turner, Ric. Holme, brethren. 20 July.
434. Also Anne Barton, Jane Menwell, Kath. Michell, and Marg. Hardle, sisters. 20 July.
435 Also Thos. Magnus, clk., master. Reversion and rent of 14l. 5s. 4d. of Bennyng borough grange and other lands leased to Leonard Beckwith, 28 May 32 Hen. VIII.; and 73s. 6s. 8d. 28 July.
Augm. Book.
285 f. 85b.
St. Peter's, Westminster. Dennis Delyon, monk. 10l., and the office of a prebendary in Westminster Cathedral. 11 April 32 Hen. VIII.
The same. John Alleyne, monk. 40s., and the office of Gospeller in Westminster Cathedral. 11 April.
87–8. St. Swithin's, Winchester. Walter Moryce, John Mean alias Rynge, Walter Froste alias Broke, John Estgate alias Cobbe, John Morton, John Woodesone, and John Heycrofte, monks. 6 April.
88b. St. Neot's priory, Hunts. Ric. Andrewe, monk. 8l. 24 April.
IV. Leases in 32 Hen. VIII.
[These leases are for 21 years. In the following abstract the names of former owners, where indicated, are printed in italics, and, for the sake of brevity, all particulars (such as the details of demesne lands let with monasteries and manors, the nature and tenants' names of the tithes of rectories, &c., the fields attached to granges and farms, the extents and tenants' names of lands, the positions of tenements in towns, and the like, which are, as a rule, minutely specified, with, of course, the rents and conditions of the leases) are omitted.]
Augm. Book,
212, f. 95b.
Thos. Haryson, of Setryngton, Yorks. Tenement in Setryngton. Sir Fras. Bygod. 26 April.
96. John Burne. Demesne lands of Worcester monastery, in the parishes of St. John, St. Peter, and St. Clement there. Worcester. 14 May.
116. Sir Ric. Gresham, of London. Nunkelyng rectory, Yorks. Nunkelyng monastery. 20 Aug.
127. Ranulph Madockes. Weston farm in Welford parish, Berks. Abingdon. 26 April.
127b. Ambrose Becwythe, of Elleton, Yorks. Messuage at Drowghton, Yorks, Feryby; also a sheepcot, &c., in Carleton and Westowe, Yorks.,—Kyrkham. 28 April.
128. Ralph Sadler. Mansion called le Habyte in the outer court of the site of Nuneton monastery, Warw., with the buildings and gardens lying outside the inner close of the monastery (except five tenements specified) and the demesne lands. Nuneton. 26 April.
130. Geo. Medleye, of Tyltey, Essex. Pasturage of certain horses, cattle, and sheep which was reserved to the abbey of Tyltey under a 60 years' lease, 6 Oct. 27 Hen. VIII., by the said abbey to Margaret marchioness of Dorset of the grange, manor, and demesnes of Tyltey abbey. Tyltey. 26 April.
131b. Edw. Fetyplace. Tenement in Cumpton and lands called Buttons Sawe in Hampstede Norres, Berks, on surrender of a thirty years' lease (recited) to Ric. Clerke, of Streteley, Berks, 7 March 7 Hen. VIII., by Charles duke of Suffolk. 28 April.
132b. John Spencer. Lands and tithe lambs in Wollarston, Ntht. Delapree beside Northampton. 14 May.
Wm. Thomas, of London. Haye rectory, in South Wales. Brecknock priory. 6 May.
133. Thos. Tycheborne. The abbess's lodging within the walls of the late monastery of St. Mary, Winchester. 13 May.
133b. Geo. Dakyns, of Setteryngton, Yorks. Rectory of Oldemalton and Newmalton, Yorks. Old Malton priory. 15 May.
John Alexander and Wm. Hewette. Two tenements in the parish of St. Mary, Aldermanbury, London. Elsingspittle. 28 May.
134. Robt. Mannyng, of Hampton Court, Midd. Rectories of Portbury, Tyckenam, and Clevedon, Soms. St Augustine's, Bristol. 14 May.
134b. Sir Wm. Kyngston, of the Household. The Inner Cloister and other buildings (named) within the site of the Black Friars, London. 6 May.
135. Hen. Polstede. Pebworthe rectory, Glouc. Evesham. — (blank) May — (blank) Hen. VIII.
135b. Edw. Lyttleton. Tithes of the rectories of Shawbery, Staunton-super-Hyne Hethe, and Wroxcetour, Salop, in numerous places (named), with reservation of those leased to Ric. Corbette, Roger Lancashyre and Ric. Prowde. Haughmond. 31 May.
136b. Geo. Baynehame, of Wesburye, Glouc. Manors of Raddell, Glouc., and Hopemelshun, Heref. St. Peter's, Gloucester. 10 May.
137b. Nic Randall, of Trewroo, Cornw. Black Friars, Trewroo. 10 May.
138. Wm. Berners, of Thobye, Essex. Barton Grange, in Cirencester, parish, Glouc., certain demesnes of Cirencester abbey, and the chief messuage of Okeley manor. Cirencester. 1 May.
138b. Roger Basyng. Cirencester abbey, with Spyryngate alias Spytle, and Almery granges there and lands in Mynty, Glouc. Cirencester. 11 May.
139b. Wm. Herberte, of the Household. Wilton monastery, Wilts, with meadows and a water mill, Wasshern manor, and the fishery of Wylyborne water and Nadder water in Wylton, Wasshern, Fowleston, Sowthnewton, Parva Wyssheford, Ugford St. James, Baverstocke, Quidhampton and Foffaunte, Wilts; also tithes in Chylhampton; also Bulbrydge rectory, and a sheep pasture and warren of coneys within Brodechalke manor, Wilts. Wylton. 16 May.
140b. Wm. Grene, of Heyle, Wilts. Blanchelaund mon, Nthld., with the rectories of Kyrkeharloo, Hedon, and Bywell Andrewe, Nthld. 1 May.
141b. Wm. Herberte, of the Household. Rents in kind out of Alvedeston, Wylye, Foughleston, Berewyke, Chylmerke, Wysshford, Bradcombe, and Chalke and Brodechalke manor, Wilts. Wylton mon. 16 May.
142b. Thos. Hastelen. Manor and rectory of Meopham, Kent, upon surrender of a 21 years' lease (recited) to him by the priory of Christchurch, Canterbury, 3 July 13 Hen. VIII., of the premises, with farm and other stock (detailed). Christchurch, Canterbury. 12 May.
144b. Robt. Manwayring, of London. Tithes of Darnall manor and in Swanlowe, Over, Knightes and Bradford, with the moiety of a tithe barn at Knyghtes and tithes of Over parish which belonged to Chester nunnery; also tithes of the manors of Merton, Overmerton, Foxwyfte, and Brokehowses, Chesh. Upon his surrender of two leases (recited) by Vale Royal abbey, one for 61 years to Sir Wm. Venables, dated 1 July 30 Hen. VIII., the other for 20 years to himself dated 13 March 29 Hen. VIII. Vale Royal. 14 May.
146. Wm. Laughtenhowse. Cottage in Roucester, Staff. Roucester. 9 June.
146b. Sir Roger Cholmeley, of London, serjeant-at-law. Cell of St. Martin-beside-Richmond, Yorks., with its possessions in Monkbye and many other places (named) in co. York. St. Mary's, York. 18 June.
147. Hen. Goodwyn, of the Household. Tenement in Blatherwike, Ntht. Fynchehed priory. 10 June.
148. Edw. Shereff, of London, brickmaker. One acre of land in Clerkenwell Fields, Midd., parcel of 29 acres lately leased to John Englond. Clerkenwell. 19 June. (For ten years.)
Ranulph Horsley. Messuage in Bramham, Yorks. Merton mon., Yorks. 10 June.
148b. Eliz. Sympson, widow. Mytford rectory, Nthld. Lanercost. 24 June.
149. John Reynoldes, a yeoman ef the Guard. Austin Friars in Shrewsbury. 24 June.
149b. Wm. Reed, of Mytton, Worc. Tewkesbury mon., Glouc., with the grange called Abbot's Barton and certain demesne lands and fisheries. 12 June.
150b. Sir Thos. Wryothesley. Hide mon., Hants, with buildings and demesnes specified beside Winchester. 9 June.
151. Mich. Wentworthe, a clerk of the Kitchen. Leke rectory, Staff. Delacres. 9 June.
151b. Ant. Aucher, of Swyngfelde, Kent. Crossed Friars of Modynden, Kent, with demesnes, and Folkeston park, Kent. 26 June.
152b. John Hooner. Bemonde manor and tithes of Little Myssenden rectory, Bucks; on surrender of a 30 years' lease (recited) by Burchester priory, 4 June 18 Hen. VIII., to Hen. Hooner. Burchester. — (blank) June.
160. Maurice Baker alias Vaughan, of Newport in Wenllock lordship, S. Wales. Chambers. within the Black Friars, Newport. 1 May.
161b. Edw. Carne, LL.D. Wenlock priory, Salop, with demesnes and certain tithes. 10 May.
163. Nic. Arnolde, of the Household. Priory or cell of Lanthony Prima in the Marches of Wales, with the demesnes and mill in Hothneyslade, Camyowe (or Camyowett) manor in Hothneyslade, a tenement beside the north gate of Aburgaveny, grain rents out of Oldecastell manor, rectories of Oldecastell and Walterston, St. Martyn in Camyowe and St. Cleodoc in Ewyaslacy and the chapel of St. Martyn of Trewyn, in the Marches of Wales; also meadows in Howston and — (blank) juxta Moram, Heref., and rectories of Oldecourte, Newton and Kenderchurche, Heref., and tithes in Penparke and many other places (named) in co. Heref. Lanthony Prima. 1 Aug.
164. John Bradshawe, of Ludlowe, Salop. Wigmore mon., Heref., with lands (specified) in Leyntwardyne parish and oblations and tithes of Leyntwardyne rectory. 3 Aug.
165. Thos. Langtofte, of Hundmanby, Yorks. Windmill of Hundmanby. Earldom of Northumberland. 27 June.
Edw. earl of Hertford. Grain rents of Weston manor and lands in Launceden, Soms Bath mon. 15 June.
165b. Robt. Latham, of Westhorpe, Suff. Meadows in Wyverston and Westhorpe parcels of the manors there. Charles duke of Suffolk. 1 June.
Wm. Stabuls, of London. Tenement within the Black Friars, London. 2 July.
166. Wm. Helderker. Lands in Cottyngham, Yorks. Haltemprice. 24 June.
166b. Edw. Thwaytes, of Chilham, Kent. Grain rents of Godmersham manor, Kent. Christchurch, Canterbury. 27 June.
Sir Hen. Knevett. Grain rents of Forde and Sowthstoke manors, Soms. Bath mon. 27 June.
167. Henry earl of Cumberland. Monastery of Bolton Canons in Craven, Yorks., with its lands there, rectory of Preston in Craven, tithes of Broughton rectory and in Carleton parish, rectories of Skypton and Kyldwyke and certain tithes. Bolton Canons. 29 July.
168b. Sir Ant. Browne. Newark priory, Surr. 15 July.
169b. John Johnson. Lands in Orgaryswyke in Romney Marsh, Kent. Christchurch, Canterbury. 18 July.
Sir Ant. Seyntleger. Leedes priory, Kent, with Leedys rectory and Bromefelde chapel, and Billingherste meadow in Bromefelde. 27 June.
170b. John Thorpe. Tithes of Wyntringham rectory, Yorks. Malton priory. 10 July.
171. John Vaughan, of London, LL.D. Whitlande mon., St. David's dioc., with demesnes and other lands specified. 6 July.
172b. Robt. Pakenam, of the Household. Kyrkstall mon., Yorks., with lands specified in Leedes, Cukryge, Brameley, Hedyngley, Horsfurth, Westhedyngley, Brerehaugh, Addyll, and Ecope, Yorks. 10 June.
174. Ph. Hobbye. Evesham mon., Worc., with demesnes in Evesham and lands in Hampton beside Evesham, Worc., Salforde, Warw., Heyforde and Burghton on the Water, Glouc., and tithes of the rectories of Lenchewyke and Norton, Offenham, Beaugeworth, and Hampton, Worc.; with reservation of buildings (specified) assigned to Ph. Hafford, clk., late abbot, and Clement Lychefelde, quondam abbot, or reserved for the officers of the Augmentations. 5 Aug.
175b. Sir Ph. Champernon. Plymton priory, Devon. 17 June.
176b. John Champernon, of the Household. Tottenes priory, Devon, with the barton or grange of Volaton, in Tottenes parish. 19 June.
177. John Parker, of Little Waltham, Essex. Lands within the lordship of Beaulewe, Essex. 26 July.
177b. Sir John Bridges. Wynchecombe mon., Glouc., the mansion called Corneden alias Cornedon, in Wynchecombe parish, and pasture upon Corneden Hill, a messuage called le Amery, and pasture upon the downs of Charleton Abbots, and the common of Snoweshyll, Glouc., and certain parcels of the demesne lands of Sudley manor, Glouc. 2 July.
178b. Sir Ant. Seyntleger. Grain rents of the manors of Langeporte alias le Barton, in St. Paul's parish, near Canterbury, and Mynster in the Isle of Thanet, and the grange called le Nethercourte in Feversham parish, Kent. Feversham. 27 June.
179. Robt. Sacheverell. Darley mon., Derb., with its demesnes; and certain tithes in Osmaston and Lutchurche, Derb., and lands and a fishery in Trent in Chillwell, Bramecote, and Aldenburghe, Ntht. 15 July.
180. Urian Brereton. Chester nunnery with Lachehill grange in St. Mary's parish, Chester, and certain lands some of which were leased by the nunnery from Basyngwerk monastery. 26 July.
181. John Worthe. Northepetherton rectory, Soms. Buklande. 6 July. (Cancelled, with note that it is enrolled in 31 Hen. VIII.)
181b. John Craye, sen., of Wicheford, Camb., and John his son. Wicheford manor; upon surrender of a 21 years' lease (recited) by Ely Cathedral to Wm. Goldsmyth, 11 Jan. 13 Hen. VIII. Ely. 24 July.
182b. Hen. Mylwarde. Tithe hay of Dowbrige, Derb. Tutbury. 20 July.
183. John Parker, of Little Waltham, Essex. Tenement called le Deyhouse, in Boreham, Essex; upon his surrender of a Crown lease (recited), 6 July 28 Hen. VIII., to Edm. Horseley. 26 July.
183b. Sir Gervaise Clyfton. Armyne manor, Yorks. St. Mary's, York. 10 July.
184b. Thos. Vyllers, of London. Tenement in Mark Lane, in the parish of St. Olave, London. London Charterhouse. 16 July.
Thos. Frende and Wm. Potter, of Saxham, Suff. Manor of Saxham Magna, Suff. Bury St. Edmunds. 4 July.
185b. John Wykwyke. Water-mill called Monke Mylle, in St. Mary's parish, Bath. Bath mon. 14 June.
Sir Ric. Longe. Lands in Dartford parish, Kent. Dartford. 6 June.
186b. Thos. Lane. Pasture in Snedeham, in the parish of Upton St. Leonard's, in co. town of Gloucester. St. Peter's, Gloucester. 24 July.
187b. Robt. Parette, of the Household. Messuage called Trinity Hall, outside the eastern gate of the town of Oxford. Muttenden Crossed Friars, Kent. 18 July.
188. John Palmer, of Estfarleigh, Kent. Confirmation of a lease (recited) to him 20 Jan. 29 Hen. VIII. by Leeds priory, Kent, of lands called Mersey, in Marden parish, for 99 years. 11 June.
188b. James Lawson, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Site of Newcastle nunnery, with lands in Isemond, Nthld., and Owston grange, in Chestre parish, in the bpric. of Durham. 12 June.
189. John Spencer. White Friars, in the parish of St. Martin and St. James beyond the water, Norwich. 4 July.
189b. John Bruge. Tithes in Bucton, in Bukneyll parish, Heref. Wigmore. 20 July.
John Berkley. Tithes of Berkeley Heron's rectory, Glouc. St. Augustines, Bristol. 26 July.
190. John Thurgood, of the Household. Grain rents out of the manors of Wydcombe, Luscombe, Osmyngton, and Frome Bellet, Dors. Mylton. 4 June.
Thos. Butler, of the Household, and one of the pages (garciones) of the King's Chamber. Talgarth rectory, S. Wales. Brecknock priory. 21 July.
190b. Thos. Dalston, of Dalston, Cumb., and Robt. Wheatley. Tithes of King's Meborne, in Morelande parish, Cumb. Wetheral. 28 July.
191. John Champernon, of the Household. St. German's priory, Cornw. 19 June.
191b. Sir Thos. Denys. Barking monastery, Essex. 8 July.
192. Thos. Hungate, of the Household. Manors of Mulsey Matham (with reservation of those parcels of the manor which the King purchased from John Carleton, Corpus Christi College, in Oxford, and Giles Legh, or which are in tenure of Sir Thos. Hennege), and Walton Legh, Surr., and a messuage called Brokelands, parcel of Otelande manor, Surr. 14 July.
192b. Hen. Jernyngham. Herbage and pannage of Tewkesbury park, with certain lands and mills in Tewkesbury, Glouc. Tewkesbury. 31 July.
193b. Thos. Draper, of Brokehurst, Hants. Lands called Westatle, in Roydon, Hants. Letteley. 4 July.
Thos. Hynton, of Wenborowe, Wilts. Messuage called Erlescote, in Wenborowe, lately obtained from Thos. duke of Norfolk. 7 July.
194. Thos. de Lalynd. La Lee manor, in the parishes of Mylton and Whitechurch, Dors. Wylton. 16 July.
195. Wm. Frewers and John Pye, of Oxford. Grey Friars (except the churchyard and gardens called Paradice and Boteham), and Black Friars, in Oxford. 10 Aug.
Sir Ric. Gresham, of London. Thirty-nine cottages in Swyne, Yorks.; South Skyrleigh manor, with certain cottages; lands in Riston and Holme on the Woold; Benyngholme grange, in the parish of Swyne, in Holderness, and a close there; Swyne rectory; and tithes in Swyne and many other places (specified). Swyne priory. 20 Aug.
196b. Sir Thos. Curwen. Furness monastery, Lanc. 29 Aug.
197. Sir Thos. Hennege. Sheep pastures and meadows in Gouxhull and Gouxhull Estmershe, Linc. Thorneton. 12 July.
197b. Wm. Dalyson, of Lawghton, Linc. Rents in kind, which he pays under a 40 years' lease to him, 1 Oct. 24 Hen. VIII., by Nunneapleton nunnery, Yorks., of Hymyngham rectory, Linc. 1 May.
198. Matth. Colthurste. Grain rents out of the manors of Craforde Magna, Wodyattes, Gussage St. Andrew's, Gussage All Saints, Hampforde, Bere Regis, and Hyde, Dors. Tarraunte. 10 May.
200. Sir Ric. Gresham, of London. Manor of Bavent Combes, Suff., upon his surrender of an 80 years' lease (recited) to him of the same, 15 July 30 Hen. VIII., by Dartford nunnery. Dartford, 1 Sept.
200b. John Awkebarowe, of York, merchant. Messuage called “the Inne of the Swanne” in Bothome Street in the suburbs of York. St. Mary's, York. 20 Sept.
201. Anne Lythego, widow, and Thos. Ayer, ironmonger, both of London. Two tenements at the Gate of the Grey Friars, London. 1 Sept.
Wm. Tyldesley, groom of the Wardrobe of Beds. Burneham monastery, Bucks, with demesnes, and tithes thereon, in Burnham, Sypenham and Dorney, Bucks. 20 Nov.
203b. Hugh Ascue, of the Household. Newbiggynge grange, Cumb. Carlisle priory, 2 Aug.
Augm. Book.
213, f. 1.
Ric. Berde, of the Household. Great Malvern priory, Worc., with the manors of Mote Court in Great Malvern and Garleford, the rectory of Great Malvern with its tithes and those of St. Lawrence chapel there, lands (specified) in Badnall in Great Malvern parish and Pixham in Powyke parish, the manors of Pixham and Powyke, and Powyke rectory, Newlond grange in Great Malvern parish, Wodysfeld manor in Powyke parish, and the rectory of Upton Snodysbye, Worc. 16 Oct.
2 John Ogan, of the Household. Taunton priory, Soms., with the grange of Barton alias Bakedon, the rectory and chapel of Corff and Pytmyster, Middelton grange, and tithes of the rectory of St. Mary Magdalen of Taunton, and chapels of Ryssheton, Wylton, and Hull Bishop's and of the rectory of St. James beside Taunton and chapel of Staplegrove, Soms., with reservation of Trull chapel. 23 Oct.
3. Thos. Lambe, of Ipswich. Benhall rectory, Suff. Butley. 12 Oct.
3b. Indenture of sale to Edw. earl of Hertford of the lead upon the buildings of Shene monastery, estimated by the King's plumber at 42 fodders, for 168l. 26 Oct. (In English.) John Norreys, of the Household. Lands in Ayssherige, Bucks. Ayssheridge mon. or college. 10 Oct.
4. Indenture of sale to John Core, grocer, of London, of 100,000 lbs. of bell metal reckoning 112 lbs. to the cwt. (delivered to him by Fras. Jobson and Thos. Spylman, receivers of Augmentations, to be exported under the King's licence given to the said John Core), for 900l. 20 Oct. (In English.)
4b. Robt. Hill, of Styllyngton, Yorks. Messuage in Morehouses, Yorks. Hampall. 4 Oct.
5. Sir John Baker. Chapels of Shebourne and Capell, Kent. Preceptory or commandry of Pekham alias Cameram Mag'rale, Kent. 4 Oct.
Nich. Bristowe, of London. Priory or New Hospital of St. Mary without Bishopsgate, London; except the buildings in which the infirm there lie for term of their lives, and the lead of the cloister. 10 Dec.
5b. Ric. Wodene, of Warlyngham, Surr., and John Cater, of London, vintner. Warlyngham rectory with Chelsham chapel; on surrender of a 27 years' lease (recited) by Bermondsey abbey to the said Wodene, 4 May 18 Hen. VIII. 14 April.
6b. Humph. Querneley, of Nottingham, bellfounder. Tithes of Alfreton rectory, Derb. Beauchief. 28 March.
7. Chr. Vaughan. Messuage in Cornehill, London. London Charterhouse. 20 March.
Ric., Thos., John, and Eliz., the children of Ric. Newton, of Backford, Chesh., dec. Tenement in Backford. Byrkynhed. 16 Feb.
7b. Ric. Hales, of London. Grain rent out of Redborne manor, Hants. St. Albans. 10 April. John Thorgood and Thos. Horseley. Preceptory or commandry of Swynfeld, Kent, with Swynfeld and Tylmanston rectories. 16 March.
9. John Seymour. Grain rents out of Preston manor, Soms., and Stykelonde manor, Dors. Bath. 26 Nov.
George Cotton, of Wyddeford, Glouc, Wyddeford manor, which the King purchased of Thos. duke of Norfolk. 24 Nov.
9b. John Goodcole, of Burton-upon-Trent, Staff. Lands in Burton -upon-Trent in cos. Staff, and Derb. Burton-upon-Trent. 26 Nov.
Wm. Wodrof, of Howell, Yorks. Tithes of Fedderston rectory, Yorks., and land in Prestoniaclyn, Yorks. St. Oswald's. 26 Nov.
Wm. Rudde, of Rotclyff (or Roclyff), Yorks. Cottages in Roclyff. Grey Friars, York. 20 Nov.
10. Ric. Bryan, of Cogges, Oxon. Cogges manor. 15 Nov.
10b. Marian Blakenhall, of London. Tithes of Barking rectory and in Barking parish, Essex. Barkyng mon. 28 Nov.
John Alyghe, of — (blank), Surr. Sheepfold and pasture in Gouxhill, Linc. Thorneton abbey. 24 Nov.
11. Ric. Daryngton, one of the King's footmen. Elwerton manor, Kent. Christchurch Canterbury. 15 Nov.
Edw. Fenes, lord Clynton and Saye. Manor or preceptory of Rybston, Yorks. St. John's of Jerusalem. 16 Nov.
12. Lancelot Alforde, of the Household. Melsa alias Mewxe abbey; certain fisheries; rents in kind from the farmers of Nafferton, Skipsee, Waghen, Sutton, Ruthe, and Seton, Yorks.; sheep cots and pasture in Sutton; and Esyngton rectory with Owtenewton chapel. Meux. 20 Nov.
13b. John Jenyns, of the Household. Boxgrave priory, Suss., with the manor and rectory of Boxgrave, the manor of Halfnaked in Boxgrave parish, grain rent of Halfnaked mill, and lands in Stretehampton, Suss. 18 Jan.
14. Edw. Hastynges, of the Household. Manor or preceptory of Dyngley, Ntht. St. John's of Jerusalem. 23 Feb.
14b. Wm. Babthorp, of Osgodbye, Yorks. Rectory and tithes of Adlyngflete, Yorks.; on surrender of a 40 years' lease (recited) to him and his son and heir apparent, Robt. Babthorp, by Selby monastery, 4 March 27 Hen. VIII. 23 Feb.
15b. Sir Ralph Sadler, of Hackney, Midd. Four water mills called Selby Mills in Selby, Yorks.; a sheep cot and pasture in Stanyngbroke, Linc.; tithes of Brayton rectory and in Brayton and Selby parishes; a house called “the vicarege” in Selby; site of the late cell or rectory of Snathe and certain tithes in Snathe, Yorks.; Hoke chapel with a little mansion there in Snathe parish; and the ferry over Owse and ferry boat of Selby. Selby mon. 23 Feb.
16. Hen. Thwaytes, of York. Saxton rectory, Yorks., and Leade grange in Saxton, with reservation of Salley Lands and le Spytell Falle in tenure of John Smythe. St. Leonard's Hospital, York. 18 March.
17. Rice ap Morgan and Ric. Merden, of Cranebroke, Kent. Pennaley rectory, co. Pembroke. Acornebury. 6 Feb.
Jas. Maperley, of Tatenhall, Staff. A pasture lying within Ecton pasture in Wetton, Staff. Tutbury priory. 10 Feb.
17b. Brian Talbot. Lands called Westwell Parke, Kent. Christchurch, Canterbury. 4 Feb.
18. Wm. Fynche, of Warkeworth, Nthld., carpenter, and Geo. Clarkeson, of Alnewike, merchant. The whole fishery within the sea between Bulmer and Alnemouth, and the whole fishery between Alnemouthe water and Cokett water and as far as the lordship of Warkeworthe extends. 18 Feb.
Ric. Thirkylde, of Consley, in the Bpric. of Durham. Grey Friars in Hartlepool, Bpric. of Durham. 13 Feb.
18b. Wm. Marten, of Edmundton, Midd. Lands in Tottenham and Edmundton. Clerkenwell. 10 Feb.
19. Nich. Reynoldes. Chief messuage of Charteham manor, Kent, with a meadow there. Christchurch, Canterbury. 4 Feb.
19b. Roger Lasselles, of Brakenbergh, Yorks. Holme grange in the parish of Billingham next the Sea, in the Bpric. of Durham. Durham Priory. 28 Feb.
20. Ant. Sylver, leatherseller, of London. Fulling mill in Carsalton, Surr. St. Mary Overey. 10 Feb.
Walter Williams alias Crumwell, of Chatteres, Camb. Thorney monastery. 28 Feb.
20b. Ph. Lovell, of Skelton of Galtres, Yorks. Messuage, &c., in Roclyff, Yorks. St Mary's, York. 16 Feb.
21. Geo. Clyfforde, of London. Parcels of land and a barn called Fauxehall Barne in Lambeth, Surr. Christchurch, Canterbury. 6 Feb.
21b. Alan Kynge, of London. Lands in Egleston and tithes of Argilgarthdale rectory, Yorks. Egleston mon. 28 Feb.
22. Edm. Peckham. Several small fields in the parish of St. Andrew's, Holborn, Midd. London Charterhouse. 18 Feb.
23. Sir Thos. Cheyney, warden of the Cinque Ports. Messuage called “the Abbot's house” in Sturrey, Kent, late in tenure of John Essex, dec., late abbot of St. Augustine's, Canterbury; and the manor of Sturrey. With reservation of a fulling mill and several parcels of land in the occupation of various tenants in Sturrey or imparked in the King's park there. 16 Feb.
24. Robt. Maynwaryng, of London. Woods, underwoods, loppes, toppes, and croppes of trees and hedgerows in Darnhall Park, Chesh.; except timber trees. On surrender of an 80 years' lease (recited), 13 July 30 Hen. VIII., to Roger Harwar, of Wiche Malbank, by Vale Royal abbey. 10 Feb.
24b. Wm. Jackson. House in Stowpe Browe and certain tithes in Stowpe Browe and Thirnaye in the parish of Fyleng, Yorks. Upon surrender of a lease (recited), 18 Nov. 25 Hen. VIII., of the premises to him and his wife in survivorship, by Whitby abbey by which also he was appointed forester and keeper of Fyleng and Fyleng Dayles and of the woods therein, which office was confirmed to him by decree of the Court of Augmentations, 8 Feb. 32 Hen. VIII. 18 Feb.
26b. Sir Ant. Kyngston, son and heir of Sir Wm. Kyngston. Mershefeld manor and lands in Mershefeld, Soms.; on surrender of a 99 years' lease 10 Oct. 30 Hen. VIII. by Keynesham abbey to Sir Wm. Kyngston. 20 Dec.
33. John Chery, of Magna Creton, Ntht. Tenement in Creyton Magna. Soulby. 8 Feb.
Robt. Bankes, of Purleigh, Essex. Tenement in Purleigh. Beighleigh. 12 Feb.
33b. Ric. Astell, of Nuneton, Warw. Manor of Wyken, Leic., and pasture called Pyceley Hill there; on surrender of a 40 years' lease (recited) 7 Jan. 21 Hen. VII., by Nuneton nunnery. 13 Feb.
34. Ric. Yarnolde, of Hartpurye, in co. town of Gloucester, and Margery his wife, and Ant. Yarnolde, their son. Hartpury manor; upon surrender of an 81 years' lease (recited) to John Northey and Margaret his wife and the said Ric. and Margery, with succession to various daughters of the said Richard, 15 Oct. 30 Hen. VIII., by St. Peter's abbey Gloucester.
36. Kath. Blande, widow. A toft and lands in Somercootus in the parish of Alfreton; upon surrender of a 40 years' lease (recited) by Battle Abbey, 14 Jan. 1501, to Ric. Blande and Margery his wife and their children lawfully begotten. 16 Feb.
38b. James Folgeambe, of Walton, Derb., son and heir of Godfrey Folgeambe, dec. Prebend and free chapel of Tykhull and rectories of Estmerkeham, Parva Markeham, Lowdam, Walesby, Wheteley, and Hareworth, and certain tithes and oblations of Hassall, Merteyn, Lympoyll, Plumtrefeld, Notts, and St. Nicholas of Tykhull, Yorks. On surrender of a 50 years' lease (recited) by St. Peter's Abbey, Westminster, 27 April 7 Hen. VIII., to Denis Baxster, chaplain, and the said Godfrey. 10 March.
8. Ric. Grenewey, a gentleman usher of the Household. Myssenden monastery, Bucks., with Myssenden rectory. 2 Feb.
39. Hugh Johns, of the Household. Tithes of Churche Dylwyn rectory, Heref., and certain lands there. Wormesley. 11 Dec.
39b. Thos. Charde. Manor or preceptory of Yeveley alias Stede, Derby. St. John's of Jerusalem. 6 April.
41. John Boys. Lands lying among the possessions of Swyngfeld preceptory and Dover priory in Denton, Wotton, Swynfeld, Hougham, and Okeryge, Kent. Swyngfeld preceptory. 12 March.
41b. Conan Richardson, of Parshour, Worc. Rectories of St. Cross and St. Andrew in Parshour, with reservation of certain tithes in Walcote, Broughton, Cadycroft, le Hermytage, and Chevynton, in the parish or St. Cross, and in Wyke, Bryklampton, Pynvyn, and Befforde in St. Andrew's parish. Also tithes in Byrlyngham parish, Worc., woods (specified) in Stoke, Hawkesburye, Ingleston, and Hillesley, within the lordship of Hawkesburye, Glouc. 23 March.
42b. Wm. Fitzwilliam. Hampall priory, Yorks., with certain lands and tithes in Hampall and Owston, Yorks. 8 March.
43b. Hen. Strangewayes. Manor or preceptory of Templecombe, Soms. St. John's of Jerusalem. 12 March.
44. John Moyle, of Westchester. Lands in Chorleton and Broughton, Chesh. St. Werburg's, Chester. 12 March.
44b. Wm. Grenesmyth, of Hampton, Midd., and Joan his wife, late wife of Robt. Mannyng, dec. St. Augustine's monastery beside Bristol with two marshes in St. Augustine's parish and a sheep pasture in Lye, Soms. 15 March.
45. John Alleyn, of the Household. Late cell or rectory of Holy Island, Nthld., with 15 cottages and gardens called Bagottes and Coldingham Walles in Holy Island, a water mill in Fenham, Nthld., and all lands in Twedmouth, Ellyk, Kaylough, Hewbourne, Boldesden, Ancrofte, Cheswike, Scrymerston, Beyll, Barmore, Lowyke, and Hurde, Nthld., with tithes and fisheries in Bukton, Fenwike, Fenham, and Holy Island, which belonged to the said cell. Durham priory. 16 March.
45b. Avery Burnett, of the Household. Manor or late cell of Fenkaloo, in the Bpric. of Durham, with demesnes and a water mill beside the gate and fishery in the water of Were, in Fenkaloo and in St. Oswald's parish, Durham; also tithes of Middelham Episcopi rectory, Dham. Durham priory. 16 March.
46. John Barker, of London. Hospital of St. John the Evangelist of Burforde, Oxon, with lands in Burforde, Upton, and Astall, Oxon, the manor of Fyfhyde alias Fifeld, Oxon, and lands in Wydforde, Sherborne within the tithing of Rysyngton Magna, and Baryngton, Glouc. 23 March.
46b. John Cowell. Stede manor, Lanc., which belonged to Newlande preceptory, Yorks. St. John's of Jerusalem. 10 March.
47. Wm. Horton, of the Household. Cell of Oxeney, Ntht., with lands in Peterborough parish. Peterborough. 12 March.
47b. Robt. Darknall, of the Household. Downeham rectory in the archdeaconry of Richmond. Coverham. 16 March.
48. Wm. Roper, of Chelseth, Midd. Lands called Walsyngham, Powneys and Ryddons in Bartrichesaye and Bridgecourte, Surr., which were held by Sir Thos. More, attainted, from Westminster Abbey for a term of years. 10 March.
Wm. Aldeworth, of Frilforde, Berks. Lands in Sonyngwell, Berks. Abingdon 26 March.
48b. Joan Glascocke, widow. Tenement within St. Bartholomew's monastery, London. 7 March.
49. Reginald Alderson and Chr. Maunsell. Tenement called Spytelhows upon Staynesmore in the archdeaconry of Richmond. Marryk. 7 April.
Oliver Wellisborne and Thos. Peers, John Peers and John Bradshawe. Greatbury mead in Kevyngton parish in the lordship of Radley, Berks. Abingdon. 8 April.
49b. Wm. Prentyce, of Westham, Essex. St. Thomas meade beside the stone bridge called Bowebrydge in Westham parish. Stratford Langthorn. 8 April.
Chr. Bolton, skinner, of London. Tenement in the parish of All Saints in Thames Street. Minories without Aldgate. 8 April.
50. Ric. Ince, of London. A salt pan (salina) of twelve leads in Nantwich, Chesh. Cumbermere. 8 April.
Thos. Spylman, of Canterbury. Grain rents from the rectories or granges of Allond and Newland, in the Isle of Thanet, and the manor of Stodmershe, Kent. St. Augustine's, Canterbury. 1 April.
50b. John Eyton, of Thurmaston, Leic. Tithes and a tenement in Thorpe Sechefeld, Leic. Kirkby Bellers. 12 April.
Thos. Wrothe, of Enfelde, Midd. Highbury manor and grange, Midd., late in tenure of Thos. Crumwell earl of Essex, attainted of high treason and heresy. St. John's of Jerusalem. 14 April.
51. Ric. Goodryke, of London. Rectories of Holy Trinity and St. Mary the Virgin in Ely and chapel of Chettesham, Camb., with a grange called “le Sexterye barne” in Ely; with reservation of Stunteney chapel. Ely Priory. 13 April.
51b. Edw. Bayles, of Somerby, Linc. Town of Hunnysley, Yorks.; on surrender of a twentyone years' lease (recited) by Durham priory, 6 Feb. 1534, 26 Hen. VIII., to Sir Marmaduke Constable. 6 April.
52. John Forster, of Alderston, Nthld. Cell of Bawmburghe, Nthld., with tithes of Bawmburghe, Budyll and Burton, Shafton and Synderlond, Esyngton and Roos, Nthld.; and Belforthe and Tughall chapels, Nthld. 9 April.
53. Jas. Rokeby, an auditor of Augmentations. Lands near Durham. Durham priory 20 April.
53b. Ant. Denny. Waltham grange in Waltham, Essex, except the forge and the stable for the King's chariot horses there; also the demesne lands of Waltham Holy Cross monastery; the rectory of Waltham Holy Cross, and pensions out of Wormeley rectory and Eppyng vicarage, except the tithes of Waltham rectory already let to others named; the manor and rectory of Nasyng alias Nasyngbury, Essex. Waltham Holy Cross. 12 April.
54b. Steph. Brakenbury, of the Household. Herbage of Rylley wood in Rylley, Dham. Durham priory. 10 April.
55. The same. Tenement in Rylley. Durham priory. 10 April.
Wm. Bacon, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Nthld. Two coal mines within the lordship of Benwell, Nthld. Tynmouth. 5 April.
56b. John Zowche, of the Household. Anstye manor and rectory, Wilts. St. John's of Jerusalem. 8 April.
57. Ric. Randall, of London. Sheepfolds and pastures of Hawlyng and Cottesden, Glouc., manor of Rowell, Glouc., and certain tithes. Wynchelcombe. 15 April.
57b. Thos. Harryngton, of Preston beside Faversham, Kent. Manors of Copton Selgrave and Hamme beside Faversham; upon surrender of a 21 years' lease (recited) by Christchurch, Canterbury, 26 Aug. 29 Hen. VIII., of the said manors, with the stock (detailed) which he has now bought. 16 April.
(Folios 60 and 61 are blank, 62 and 63 are missing, and 64 is blank.)
65. Wm. Mylwarde. Rectory of Stevyngton, Berks, with lands there. St. Peter's Westminster. 18 March.
Thos. Sternolde. Bodmyn priory, Cornw. 5 March.
65b. Nich. Fortescue. Cokehyll priory, Worc. 18 March.
66. John Cowell. Manor or preceptory called “the Trynytiez” in Beverley, Yorks. 8 March.
66b. John Gate, of Garnettes, Essex. Lands and fisheries (in Thames and Brent) in Istelworthe, Twykenham, Eston, Worton and Hownslowe, Midd., which were the demesnes of Sion monastery. 17 March.
67. Wm. Mondies, of Lamborne, Berks. Manor called the Lighe in Lamborne parish; on surrender of a 20 years' lease (recited) by Cardinal College, Oxford, 3 Oct. 21 Hen. VIII. to Thos. White alias Thos. at Lye, now deceased. 4 March.
68. Sir Giles Strangwysshe. Abbottysbury monastery, Dors., with the rectory. 26 March.
69. Edm. Harvy, of Elnestowe, Beds. Elnestowe monastery, with certain lands in Wyllehampsted, the rectories of Elnestowe, Wyllehampsted and Kempston, and all annual fairs at Elnestowe, Beds. 10 March.
70. Robt. Danyell, of London, haberdasher. Five tenements at Smythfeld Barres, Cowcrosse, and Turnmyllestrete near London. Clerkenwell mon. 13 April.
John Legh, of the Household. Byllyngham manor, in the bpric. of Durham, with sixteen messuages called Husbondes tenements in tenure of the copyholders, seventeen cottages, the passage of the water of Tise, rents of the free tenants of the manor, and tithes of Byllyngham rectory in Byllyngham, Newton, Cowpon, and Wolston in Beauly; with reservation of a water mill in Byllyngham. Durham priory. 14 April.
71. John Coke, of Houghton, Hants. Estudderley rectory, Hants; on surrender of a lease (recited) by the priory of St. Dennis beside Southampton, 21 Jan. 16 Hen. VII., to John Orpytt, rector of All Saints, Southampton, and Edm. Barnarde, clk., for term of the life of the said Edmund. 4 March.
72. Thos. Rede and Anne his wife. Barton manor, Berks. Abingdon. — (blank) April.
73. Thos. Leghe. Gysbourne priory, Yorks., with certain tithes of the rectories of Gysburne (with Uplethone chapel), Marske, Skelton (with Brotton chapel), Ormesbye (with Eston chapel), Merton, and Stanton (with Acclome and Thormonbye chapels), Yorks., and Stranton (with Seton chapel), and Harte (with Hartyll Pole chapel), in the bpric. of Durham; with reservation of certain tithes of these rectories and certain lands in tenure of John Pickard and John Preston. 21 Nov.
74b. Sir Walter Deveroux lord Ferrers and of (sic) Charteley. Overton rectory, Leic. Meryvale. 22 Nov.
Ric. Wasshington, of Kendall, Westmld. Certain tithes of Bampton rectory with a tenement in Shappe, Westmld. Shappe. 20 Nov.
75. Nich. Saunderson, of Tykell, Yorks. Cell in the Marsh, Notts, with demesnes in the parishes of Harworth, Notts, and Tykell, Yorks. Humberston Abbey. 24 Nov.
75b. Thos. Leighe. St. Bege monastery, Cumb., with the rectory of Kyrkeby Beycoke and chapels of Lowsewater, Ennerdale, Eshedale, and Wasedale, Cumb. 21 Nov.
76. Edm. Wryght. Grain rent out of Yowcote Grange, Yorks. Whitby. 26 Nov.
76b. Sir Arthur Darcye. Tithe lands of Bamburgh parish and tithe fish of Bedenell there; on surrender of a twenty years' lease (recited) to him by St. Oswalds of the Nostell monastery, 1 March 28 Hen. VIII. 9 Nov.
77. John Soper and Alice his wife. Manor place and rectory of Esse Priour alias Aisshepriours, Soms.; on surrender of a lease (recited) to them in survivorship, 29 Feb. 27 Hen. VIII., by Taunton priory. 10 Nov.
78. Robt. Tyrwytte. Certain pasture with a stable, barn, and dovecot, parcel of the manor of Batrichsey, Surr., with grain rent of that manor, also pastures in Mortelake, Surr.; with the right to purchase certain hay, oats and straw to be delivered yearly at Wimbledon manor by Jas. Harryngton and Eliz. his wife under an agreement (conditions detailed), dated 28 March 22 Hen. VIII., made by them with Wm. late abp. of Canterbury. 16 Dec.
79. Ric. Blounte, of the Household. Rectories of Oveston and Haxhey in the isle of Haxham, Linc.; on surrender of a 92 years' lease (recited) by Newburghe priory, Yorks. 20 Nov. 30 Hen. VIII. to Sir Ric. Gresham, alderman of London. 1 Dec.
80. Wm. Wentworth, of — (blank) grange, Yorks. Newall grange in Wath parish, Yorks. Monkebretton. 6 Dec.
80b. Amyas Hyll, of the Household. Tithes of Monkys Kyrkeby rectory, Warw. Axholme priory. 3 Dec.
Ric. Pollard. Grain rents out of the manor, &c., of Tollepedell, and the manor and rectory of Portesham, Dors. Abbottysbury. 11 Dec.
81. Thos. Broke. Chapels called Byrchynton and Woodchurch in Monketon parish, Isle of Thanet, Kent. Christchurch, Canterbury. 9 Dec.
Ric. Hessaye and John, his son, of Beilbye, Yorks. Close called Wrytholme; on surrender of a 24 years' lease (recited) to them, 2 April 8 Hen. VIII., by Nunburneholme nunnery. 16 Dec.
81b. John Cockes and Wm. Rygges, of London. Tenement beside the site of the late hospital of St. John of Jerusalem beside London, which belonged to the preceptory of the Eagle, Linc. St. John's of Jerusalem. 10 Dec.
82. Thos. Dyggys, of Newyngton beside Sydyngborn, Kent. Halstoo rectory, Kent. Christchurch, Canterbury. 8 Dec.
Sir Thos. Seymour. Glebe lands and tithes of Kyrkeby Kendall rectory, Westmld. St. Mary's, York. 10 Dec.
82b. Peter Wakefelde, of Pountfrett, Yorks. Two watermills in Pountfrett and a windmill in Darryngton, Yorks. Pountfrett priory. 18 Dec.
83. John Edmondys, of Dedyngton, Oxon. Kencote manor and lands called Nayres in Kencote, Oxon. 14 Dec.
Ralph Fane. Manors of Westpekham and Stallysfeld and rectories of Rodmersham, Hadlowe, and Tunbrige, and pensions out of Shyrburne and Capell chapels, Kent, which all belonged to Pekham commandry. St. John's of Jerusalem. 15 Jan.
83b. Ric. Holbroke. Tenement in Chettham, Kent. Leeds priory. 16 Jan.
John Cowell. Tithes of Swynderby township, Linc. St. John's of Jerusalem. 24 Jan.
84. Robt. Twaytes, of Barnesley, Yorks. Water mill called Holl Myll in Bretton upon the water of Derne, Yorks. Monkebreton. Also an iron mine called Iron Stone Delf in Dodworth lordship, Yorks. Pontefract. 24 Jan.
Robt. Mydelmore, of Edgebarston, Warw. Pasture called Mychell Hay in Edgebarston, parcel of the possessions of Edw. Birmyngham. dec. 26 Jan.
84b. Sir Edw. Baynton and Isabella his wife. Padyngton manor, Midd., a messuage in Padyngton, in tenure of Edw. North, and the rectory of Padyngton. St. Peter's, Westminster. 7 Jan.
Indenture of sale to John Core, grocer, London, of 44, 500 lbs. of bells and bell metal, to be exported under the King's licence granted to Ant. Donryche, for 445l. 28 Jan.
85. Sir Ric. Wyllyams alias Crumwell. Manor or lordship of Wrydfyn alias Rudfyn; on surrender of an eighty years' lease (recited) to him by Kenelworth abbey. 20 March 29 Hen. VIII. 3 Jan.
85b. Wm. Paynton, of Byrmyngham, Warw. Pasture called Colbourne Feldes in the “forren” of Byrmyngham; on surrender of a twenty years' lease (recited) by Edw. Byrmyngham, of Byrmyngham, dec., to Ric. Russell, of Tyrretend (Deritend), in the same town, 12 Dec. 16 Hen. VIII. 28 Jan.
86b. Andrew Flammok, of Kenelworth, Warw., King's servant, and Eliz. his wife. Manor and grange of Lekewotton alias Crosse Grange, Warw., with tithes in the townships of Lekewotton, Hillewotton, and Wodcote, and the advowson of the vicarage of Lekewotton; with reservation of groves of wood called Thikthorne and Grete Grove beside the said grange. For 43 years. 9 Jan.
87. John Stanton. Rectory or priory of Stokeneyland, on surrender of a twenty years' lease (recited) by Prytwell priory, Essex, to Lancelot Ayra, 22 Nov. 20 Hen. VIII. 24 Feb.
95. John Watson, of Pykerynglithe, Yorks. North Cave rectory, Yorks.; on surrender of a ten years' lease (recited) to Wm. Genyson and Jane, his wife, 6 Oct. 23 Hen. VIII., by Hull charterhouse. 11 May.
95b. Leonard Beckwith. Bennyngbrough grange, Yorks., with lands in Bennyngbrough, Newton, and Gaultres Forest, Yorks. St. Leonard's, York. 28 May.
96. George Weidwood. Tithe corn of the town of Weitwood in Chatton parish, Nthld.; on surrender of a thirteen years' lease (recited) to him, 13 Sept. 1529, by Alnewyk abbey. 4 May.
96b. Robt. Darkenall, of the Household. Site and chief messuage of Strode hospital, Kent. Rochester priory. 11 March.
97. Robt. Foger, of London, gyrdelar. Tenement in the parish of St. Lawrence, in Old Jewry, London. Austin Friars, London. 10 Feb.
125. Hen. Rydon, of Batrichesey, Surr. Manor of Batrichesey with rents of copyholders and stock and reservations as set forth in a lease (recited), with two schedules (also recited) by Westminster abbey to him, as son of the late Hen. Rydon, farmer there. 4 Nov. 1538. 10 March.


  • 1. See No. 917.
  • 2. As this grant is not enrolled in the Irish Patent Rolls it is impossible to supply the exact date.
  • 3. Geo. “Sowthe” in Index of Particulars for Grants, Rep. X., App. II. 275. 1 July 33 Hen. VIII.