Henry VIII: July 1542, 26-31

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 17, 1542. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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July 1542, 26-31

26 July.
R. O.
536. Adrien De Croy [Sieur De Roeulx] to Wallop.
Can make him no present at this time but three Spanish horses, of which he sends one, which, although not of the youngest, can do a good day's work. If any young Englishmen wish to make pastime of war, with a gentleman [i.e., for their captain, see No. 541], the writer will send money to Montoire or Auderwyck to pay them; provided they take oath to the Emperor against all but their own country. The King might withdraw them when he pleased. Bethune, 26 July 1542. Signed.
French, p. 1. Add.
27 July.
R. O.
537. Heresy at Coventry.
Precept to the sheriffs of Coventry by David Pole, clk., Chr. Waren, mayor, Ric. Herryng, John Jett, Cuthb. Joynour, and Baldwin Porter, justices, for the return of a grand jury at Coventry, 27 July next, to inquire of heresies under the statute of Six Articles. Coventry, 10 July 34 Hen. VIII.
(2.) Jury panel of 24 names annexed.
(3.) Ten several indictments of Ric. Banwell, draper, Geo. Mathewe, mercer, Alice wife of Ric, Banwell, John Pynnynge, draper, Ric. Maxfeild, draper, and Thos. Rogers, cardmaker, for sayings at various places and dates specified, such as "I had as lief be confessed to a post as to a priest," or "I trust to live to see all priests to have wives, and I am sorry that ever I said Our Lady's matins or Salve Regina, and I trust to live till all crosses, chalices and other ornaments and jewels of churches, of silver, shall be sold and put into coin, and none such to be used in the Church," or "A priest cannot bring to me my Saviour and Maker," or "Masters, what make you of the Sacrament of the altar or how take you it? I do take it but as a flour, and I had as lief turn my arse to it as my face."
A file of 12 small parchment documents.
27 July.
R. O. Kaulek. 441. (Abstract.)
538. Francis I. to Marillac.
Has received his of the 16th, relating his conversation with the King of England upon what Francis wrote from Ligny. Although the King of England commonly makes such complaints when he means to remain friendly, Marillac must be on the alert; for it is reported that the King of England has lately sent the abp. of Canterbury (fn. 1) in all haste to the Emperor, and, he is already arrived at Toledo, and gone in post to the Emperor at Monon. Does not write to l'Aubespine, supposing him already departed.
French. Modern transcript, p. 1. Headed : Argily, 27 July.
27 [July].
Poli Epp., III., 100.
539. Cardinal Cervini to Cardinal Pole.
Upon Pole's letter about Alessandro de Bologna, taken there with two English youths on the 25th, questioned Messer Francesco Casale, who said he knew nothing of Alessandro, except that he went to England as a servant, with his brother the Cavaliere Casale, and there took service with the King as a rider. The letter implied that Alessandro was informed by his friends in Bologna that he was entitled to certain money of the said Cavaliere, and he was coming to Rome for it. He never commissioned him to bring English youths to Rome. Has informed the Pope of the whole matter, who thinks Pole should keep Alessandro in custody and examine him diligently. Rome, "a' xxvij."
Poli Epp., III., 100. 2. Information about the affair of the Englishmen, headed "A di 26 di Luglio del 1542."
At Viterbo, Alex. Bolognese and two English youths, who pretended to be a merchant and his servants, all Flemings, were recognised as English. Some of "our" servants recognised the said Alexander as as an old servant of the King [of England], a horse rider (cavalcatore), and in good position at that Court. Being discovered he confessed he came from England on his own affairs, and had ordered the youths to call him a merchant and themselves his Flemish servants. Although the youths were separated from him they have persisted that their master is a merchant, and that, although they have been with him in London three years, they never knew him to be the King's servant or a rider but a simple merchant. They are detained as to be suspected.
28 July.
R. O. St. P. V., 205.
540. The Borders.
An instruction given to Sir Robt. Bowes, now sent to the East and Middle Marches foranempst Scotland.
As, notwithstanding the late promise of the King of Scots' commissioners that good rule should be kept on the Borders, outrages (described) have been committed by the Scots immediately upon the departure of the Commissioners, and the lord Maxwell has "slipped" two days of truce, the King intends to send thither the earl of Rutland, Sir Robert Bowes, and others, to whom Sir Robert has letters, with a convenient force. As the Earl cannot be ready soon enough, Bowes is sent thither, with diligence, to levy 600 men for the month 12 Aug. to 9 Sept., and await the Earl's coming. On his way he shall instruct the Earl to leave orders for raising 400 men to be ready to accompany him, and meanwhile repair to the King for instructions; delivering the Earl 200l. for that purpose. Arriving at the Borders, he shall inform the wardens that the King wishes them to be vigilant and to keep good rule, unless the Scots attempt the contrary (in which case they shall "have one shrewd turn for another"); which determination for good rule he shall notify to lord Maxwell and the officers of Scotland. He shall then cause John Heron and the pensioners and active men to be in readness, and the Borderers to get their hay and corn into safe places. He shall have good espial upon the Scots, especially whether they have ships ready for sea. When he has been there four or five days, and seen how things tend, he shall advertise the King.
Corrected draft in Wriothesley's hand, pp. 7. Endd. : "Sir Robert Bowes instruccion, depeched apud Windsor, xxviijo Julii ao xxxiiijo, to the Bordures with men."
28 July.
R. O.
541. Wallop to the Council.
This morning Mr. Wingfeld sent this gentleman, the bearer, his petty captain, for advice whether to suffer Frenchmen as well as Burgundians to pass the bulwark at Bowtes, being a highway from Bredenerd to Calleis; for of late came a Frenchman, who said he was going from Arde to Marke, to whom Burdecke, warden of the masons there, said that way was no passage. The Frenchman thereupon turned back, and passing through the Emperor's ground, adjoining the turnpike by Bowtes, was taken by Burgundians. For that, and to show the forwardness of that bulwark and other works in the Marresse, sends bearer, Mr. Fostall, who has been very diligent in the oversight of them.
In the Emperor's camp beside Dist, are about 14,000 to oppose the duke of Cleves, who will either march on Andwarpe, being within 4 or 5 days' journey, or else join the French army. All the French forces on these frontiers repair towards Mons. de Vandosme. All from Arde except the ordinary garrison are gone, yesterday, under De Torsey's son. De Torsey said yesterday that there was a bruit of a truce procured by the bp. of Rome. If the Turk's affairs proceed not so well as the French king expects, he will, perhaps, considering how all his armies are answered, make peace. The Emperor desires nothing more than peace, and has forbidden any enterprise upon French ground, and restored a booty of cattle lately taken, although he has taken order against invasion by the French. This morning came a servant of the Great Master with a letter (enclosed) (fn. 2) and a present of a goodly gennet. In the letter he "once again required me to have certain Englishmen with some gentleman to be their captain." Answered that at present all here were in the King's wages; but if any others came who desired to see the wars he should be informed. The servant's news was that the prince of Orrenge has entered Andwarpe, the Regent being at Macklen, fearing the Clevoiez, who are marching thither; that Mons. d'Orleans is withdrawn from Luxemburghe and Mons. de Vandosme encamped at St. Poll.
At 1 p.m. this day received theirs of the 26th, and at once went to Calais, and was with the Council by 3 p.m., "and shall not fail, by God's grace, to put order accordingly." Guisnes, 28 July. Signed.
Pp. 3. Add. Endd. : ao xxxiiijo.

Harl. MS. (fn. 3) 78. f. 24. B. M. Nott's Howard, p. 167.
542. The Earl Of Surrey to the Council.
Although he has required the favour of each of them severally, by his servant Pickering, and has as yet no other comfort than his folly deserves, he renews his suit and begs them to impute this error to the fury of reckless youth. When he so quickly sought for friendship and deliverance, he forgot that a Prince offended has no redress upon his subject but condign punishment. If he were again reconciled, this punishment would prove a valuable experience. Meanwhile he begs them to look into his past life, which is unstained by anything unbecoming such a man as God and the King have made him. The pestilent air of this noisome prison is likely to injure his health, and he begs them to be suitors that the King may grant him favour and liberty, and he hopes in the King's service to redubb this error. Is not the first young man that has enterprised things he has afterwards repented.
Copy, pp. 2. Headed : The Earl of Surrey to the Lords of the Council at such time as he was prisoner in the Tower. (fn. 4)
29 July.
Dasent's A.P.C., 19.
543. The Privy Council.
Meeting at Windsor, 29 July. Present : Southampton, Sussex, Hertford, Russell, Durham, Winchester, Gage, Wingfield, Wriothesley. Business :Letter sent to Warden of the Fleet to bring the earl of Surrey to Court on Saturday next.
[*** Next entry is 1 Aug.]
28, 29 July.
R. O.
544. Cinque Ports.
Inquisition taken at Sandwich, Friday, 28 July 34 Hen. VIII., before John Monynges, lieutenant to Sir Thos. Cheyney, constable of Dover Castle and warden of the Cinque Ports, by a jury (named); who say that, 18 Feb. 33 Hen. VIII., a hoybark coming out of Selond laden with wheat, brasell, iron, steel and other merchandise, on the 21st of the same month, grounded upon Goodwyn sands, and two days after the mariners of the coast going to it found only the stern posts and keel, the goods floating on the sea 20 miles off or else sunk, which they say is a wreck. In proof of which they allege four similar cases (described) in the wardenship of Sir Edw. Poyninges and Sir Edw. Guldeforde, which were held to be wrecks.
Latin and English. Parchment. Slightly injured and seals broken.
R. O. 2. Similar inquisition taken at Dover, 29 July 34 Hen. VIII., to the same effect.
English and Latin. Parchment. No seals.
29 July.
R. O.
545. Wallop to the Council.
Being at Calais yesterday with the Council, about provision of hay and other things, was advertised by Thos. Pawlmer that Mons. de Verven said, on Wednesday last, that this day or to-morrow he should know whether to take us for friends or no, and if for enemies Guisnes should repent it within 48 hours. Repaired hither and caused 60 to watch and work outside the castle gate all night, as 40 or 50 do nightly, because the gate is not yet covered, and the braies lie open and dry. This night hopes to have the water about the castle. Thinks it time to take heed, for this morning he learns that all the country lies full of men of war, who repair not so fast to their camp as was thought; and yesternight De Beez sent to Arde for 50 gunners to shoot great pieces. Their enterprise is said to be for Turneham, but Wallop will take it for Guisnes, and will this night begin taking into the castle nightly Captains Pawlmer and Vaughan with 300 men, taking the Surveyor in also, and piles sufficient to rampire the gate, and removing the powder from between the gates to other towers, for the loops where it lies must be used for defence of the gate, "being the place where the treason should have been executed, as it is thought." The Frenchmen say "We mistrusted a treason which was discovered;" which saying will serve if they charge us with mistrusting them. Promises to render a good account of the castle and keep. As for Purton's bulwark, the Three Cornered bulwark and the bulwark beside the Mill, will put good guard in them, but, in case any great army besiege them, they must be in great danger for victuals and otherwise. Writes to the lord Deputy to look to his charge, because the tower is fallen beside the Lantern gate.
Yesterday received their letters, dated 23 July, of the coming of Mr. Ponynges with 200 footmen. The rather he come the better. In three days trusts to have the town "mawnded" round about, sufficient for any course made with 4,000 or 5,000 men. Guisnes, Sunday (fn. 5) morning, 29 July. Signed.
Pp. 3. Add. Sealed. Endd. : 29 July ao xxxiiijo.
29 July.
R. O.
546. Dieppe.
Certificate by Nicolle le Villain, judge of the Admiralty at Dieppe, that Thos. Haris, Wm. Haal, and 15 others named, Englishmen were, on Friday last, brought into Dieppe by a little ship named the Noyer, equipped for war, taken in a Flemish hoy on the coast of England. They are set at liberty in accordance with the alliance with England. Dieppe, Saturday, 29 July 1522 (sic).
French. Copy, p. 1.
29 July.
R. O. St. P., IX. 98.
547. Christopher Mont to Henry VIII.
At Frankfort learnt that the forces of the duke of Saxony and Landgrave were gone to besiege Molhausen, which was last year seized by Henry, duke of Brunswick. The dispute between the duke of Brunswick and the people of Goslar about a mine was by the Emperor referred to Commissioners, but the Duke ignores them. This rivalry between the Duke of Saxony and Landgrave, as captains of the Protestants, and the dukes of Brunswick and Bavaria, as captains of the Catholics, and aided by the Bishops, may involve all Germany in war. The bp. of Mentz is raising soldiers, but whether to guard his own diocese or assist Brunswick is uncertain.
Of the Turkish expedition is nothing worth telling; for the Imperial forces are scarcely yet assembled. Ferdinand has not supplied the men he promised at Spiers, and the Emperor charged the Marquis of Brandenburg to attempt nothing until all the forces were there. Three days ago Ferdinand came to Nrnberg to preside at the Diet, which is likely to be very small. Francford, 29 July 1542.
Latin, pp. 3. Add. Endd.
30 July.
R. O.
548. The Late Abbey of Evesham.
Survey of the possessions of the late monastery of Evesham for Philip Hobbey. An estimate of the value of the lands of Evesham made for the grant to him of 30 July 34 Hen. VIII. The lands of Powden and Offenham have been put in but cancelled, and the other items are marked "pro Hoby" by Sir Ric. Riche, whose signature appears at the end, together with a fragment of that of Robt. Burgoyn, the surveyor.
Fragment (?). Pp. 6.
30 July.
R. O. St. P. IX., 100.
549. Edmond Harvel to Henry VIII.
Wrote on the 8th inst. Letters from Constantinople of 24 June certified the arrival of Polino, the French ambassador. Is told that the Turk, in reply to Polino, refused to lend his navy to the French king without hostage of one of the King's sons. It is thought that navy will do nothing this year, and there is no mention of the Turk going to Hungary, where he has sufficient men to defend Buda. Cannot "perceive that the Christian host proceedeth with any great vigour or celerity in this expedition of Hungary." It seems strange that Ferdinando should leave his camp and go to Noremberg. About 10 days ago an ambassador from the Turk arrived here, demanding 100,000 ducats' recompense for certain ships of Barbarossa's taken a long time past by Venetian galleys. The Venetians will do their best to satisfy him. Lately 6,000 footmen came from Almain to Milan, where Guasto has 20,000 men in wages. Leaving 4,000 horsemen in Piedmont, the French will invade Navarre. Some think they will go to Savona and some to Geane, but if the Turk move not the Frenchmen shall have spent their money vainly, and the French king is spending 300,000 cr. a month. Guasto is minded to take the field against Frenchmen in Piedmont. Venise, 30 July 1542.
Hol., pp. 2. Add. Endd.
30 July.
R. O.
550. Edmond Harvel to Wriothesley.
Has received his of 20 June, and perceives the King's pleasure concerning Albanus, who is in Captain Polino's service and gone with him to Constantinople. If he return hither, hopes to persuade him to return into England, "specially being put in comfort of some honest entertaining;" and if he refuse, will draw out of him, by some discreet fashion, the affairs between the Turk and the French king. Mr. Bucler has rejoiced Harvel by declaring Wriothesley's constant love. Venice, 30 July 1542.
Hol., p. 1. Add. Sealed. Endd.
30 July.
Poli Epp., III. 101.
551. Cardinal Pole to Cardinal Cervine.
His servant the bearer can report what has been done against the two Englishmen arrested with the Bolognese. (fn. 6) Sends them to Rome, with their depositions and process, to be further examined. Bearer can also report what has been done in the case of the Viterbesi. The two culprits have appeared, and the truth shall be investigated. Viterbo, 30 July 1542.
31 July.
R. O.
552. The Privy Council to Wallop.
The King has seen your sundry letters to us, as well those with Barnard Grete and his wife as those containing occurrents, with the desire of Mons. de Reulx and the declaration how the money sent to Guisnes has been employed. His Majesty commands us to thank you for your diligence. He sends now by Sir Ant. Knevet, knight porter of Calais, for payments there, 7,900l. Besides 200 men sent already by Sir Thomas Ponynges, who are paid up to 28 Aug., 500 are now appointed thither, viz., 100 from my lord of Norfolk, my lord Chancellor, the Earl of Oxford, the Chancellor of the Augmentations, and Sir Ric. Long, respectively, with their captains and petty captains; who shall be paid for a month at their shipping. Mr. Rous must be informed and shall pay them hereafter. They are all to be at your orders. You, with Ant. Rouse and the Surveyor, are monthly to take musters of the 300 men lately sent to Calais, of whom the lord Deputy has 200 and Mr. Wotton and Mr. Bray 100. In like manner the lord Deputy, the Marshal, and the Comptroller of Calais are appointed to take monthly musters of your 100 horsemen and the 700 footmen at Guisnes.
Draft in Wriothesley's hand, pp. 5. Endd. : Minute to Mr. Wallop, ultimo Julii anno xxxiiijo.
31 July.
R. O.
553. Calais.
Licence to Sir Ant. Knyvett, knight porter of Calais, to set up a brew house at Calais, brew beer and ale for his own household there "and otherwise," and retain as many servants in livery, denizens or strangers, as he will. Windsor, 31 July 34 Hen. VIII. Signed at the head.
Parchment. Seal gone. Endd. : Licence to brew, &c., and keep as many servants, &c., "as he shall think meet for that purpose."
31 July.
R. O. St. P., IX. 101.
554. Paget to Henry VIII.
Received on the 22nd at Digeon, a letter from Henry to the Admiral for the relief of his (Paget's) man, and another from the Council describing the French ambassador's conference with Henry, with command to ensue the same form of answer here. As criminal proceedings here before the provost de l'hostel are very summary, and the adversaries made hot suit through Madame d'Estampes to have his man "trussed up," Paget went to the King, who had already heard of the matter from the Admiral, and at once benignly granted what he desired, so that he forbore to deliver the letter. Thanks and protestations of obligation.
This King is waiting at Argilly upon the Sone, two days' journey by water from hence, until his war provisions are past this town; when he will go to Avignon, which he may easily do by water. He has sent the Queen, Dolphiness and all the ladies to Bloyes, with all except the principals of his privy band. Of the taking of Danvilly in Luzenbourg, a place of little strength, and other doings in those quarters Henry will have more trustworthy knowledge than can be got here. Mons. Dorleauns has written to his father that he will show himself his son and shortly render him the duchy of Luxembourg, but complaining of the slack coming of the lanskneghtes provided by Count Guillaume and other pensioners, who are only 5,000 or 6,000, instead of 12,000 or 15,000. Count Guillaume has been here, alleging the danger of the proclamation throughout the Empire, and his own promise to serve none but the Empire during the war against the Turk, and has returned to Almain, leaving his cousin, the baron of Hadeck, to govern the lanskneghtes here. His refusal, with the revolt of the Palatine Wolfgang, want of money, and "slack coming on of money from the Turk (if any come)" has "babbyshed" our enterprises; as the Imperials have lanskneghtes enough for Nether Parts, Italy, and Spain, and the Emperor has kept his credit, and can get money readier than we. Six weeks ago, the Queen of Hungary received of the Fockers and Belgers of the Nether Country 250,000 cr., and the Emperor has received in Spain 600,000 cr., whereas we here have much ado to get any. Of this town the house of Luke lends 100,000 fr., the house of Florence 200,000 fr., the house of Belgers 50,000 fr., and the French merchants 50,000 fr., this King giving for surety the Custom House here, and paying the French merchants 10 per cent. and the strangers 16 per cent. Letters are also sent to Paris for 200,000 cr., to Rowen for 200,000 fr., and to every other city, county, and personage of estimation for loans. Pulciano is gone out of Spain to Rome, contrary to his promise, at which great expostulation is made by the Admiral to the Nuncio. I know we here would have treated for all as we did for some, for on Sunday week the Admiral and the Emperor's ambassador, by commission, concluded a neutrality between Franche Countie and Bourgoy[ne], which was first moved by the Admiral, and the Emperor has never moved anything but the continuance of the truce, to which they give no ear, publishing by sermons and letters that the truce is broken by the Emperor's offence. Longevale and the bands of Cleve are passed, and shall shortly join Mons. Dorleauns. On Thursday last the Emperor's ambassador had leave to depart in post to Spain, sending his carriage to his house in the Franch Countie. This King will be here to-night or to-morrow, and, without tarrying, will march forward. The Dolphin departed on the 21st, to be at Narbone on the 31st, when Danebault shall be there with his Italians, Swiss, and lanskneghtes, which will be far fewer than reported, so that Count Russy is sounding the drum here and in the towns hereabout for more men. Within this fortnight 2,000 pioneers have passed hence, and 500 more are ready. On 10 Aug. the whole army for Spain is to advance towards Saulses, an almost impregnable stronghold of the Emperor's, by which they must pass within gunshot or else climb the Montayns Pyreneys. Describes the position of the town which "in the French carte" is written Salles. Proclamation has been made in Bourgoyn for carrying victuals into Languedoc, which is easily done by the rivers Sone and Rhone. The Chancellor and Card. of Turnon are proclaimed lieutenants on this side Paris. The Emperor lies at Monson, near Barcelona, and hastens galleys to Genes, for 8,000 Spaniards and Almains, whom Guasto has ready to send. Some of the galleys took a Turkish galleot issuing out of Aigues Mortes wherein were 60 Turks and 40 Christians. Guasto, who hitherto has prepared against invasion, is now appointed to invade, and is wasting the country of Piedmont, but not assaulting the towns, and intends to enter Provence as soon as the siege is before Saulses. He has all the best captains of Italy and 18,000 foot, besides those he sends to Spain; as Langey has written hither.
The Bishop of Rome is besieging Signor Petro Maria Conte de Santo Secondo in Santo Secondo, to the displeasure of this King, whose servant he is, and who has written to the Bishop to "levye" the siege. To gratify the Emperor, the Bishop has banished from his dominions all Florentine exiles. The king of Cuke, a vassal of the Emperor's in Barbary, has defeated the Algerians, and asks aid of the Emperor to take Algiers. The Danes have taken certain hulks of the Hollanders bound to Spain with wheat. The Swedens are all gone hence, and the Queen of Sweden's brother, here called the prince of Sweden, is looked for again shortly. The gentlewoman of whom he is amorous is Mdlle. de Rieux.
There have lately been in Ireland two Spanish friars, (fn. 7) sent by the Bishop of Rome to practise with O'Nell and O'Donell. They passed through Scotland with letters of commendation to the king of Scots, who gave them instructions for O'Nell, and promise of aid, and sent with them the brother of the bp. of the Isles, (fn. 8) who lies at Conkile, between Scotland and Ireland. The said Spaniards and the Bishop's brother arrived here two days ago, on their return; and, being arrested for spies, confessed to the lieutenant of this town that they did no good because the Scottish king kept not his promise. The Bishop's brother says his brother sent him to Rome to receive instructions there, and that if Henry makes any business with France, the Scottish king will straight molest him. Wrote once before that the Cardinal of Scotland was going home. He has now taken leave, and ships are prepared for him at Dieppe. At his departing he had long and earnest conferences both with the French king and Admiral. They long for Laubeespine's answer, for they have Henry in great jealousy for practising with the Emperor, and sent Laubeespine only to "decipher" him. Every man who comes to Paget is sore suspected. Lyons, 31 July. Signed.
Pp. 10, partly in cipher. Add. Endd. : ao xxxiiijo.
Caius College, MS. 597, p. 145. 2. Letter-book copy of the preceding, in the hand of Paget's clerk, with the passages in cipher deciphered.
Pp. 7.
R. O. 3. Contemporary decipher of the ciphered portion of the above.
In Wriothesley's hand, pp. 3.

R. O.
555. Trade With France.
Contemporary translation of an order by Francis I. to the lords Bryon, High Admiral, and Barbezieux, High Seneschal of Guienne (made at the suit of the merchants of Bordeaux, because an Act has been made in England, about two years past, contrary to the treaty of peace between the realms, that no person import merchandise into England except in English ships, of which the master mariners are mostly English, whereby many French merchants are ruined), to make proclamation everywhere that no merchandise be brought out of England into France except in French ships, of which the masters and most of the mariners are French; so long as the Act made in England endures.
Pp. 2.
July./Grants. 556. Grants in July 1542.
1. Nich. Fortescue and Katharine his wife. Grant, in tail male to the said Nich., of the reversion and rent reserved upon a Crown lease, made 1 April 33 Hen. VIII., to Thos. Broke, of the messuage or chapel of St. Giles, Warw., for 21 years, at 45s. rent; also the site of the late priory of Cokehill, Worc., with lands (specified and tenants named) in Cokehill, Morton Underhill. Thorneden, Clodshawe alias Clodsall in Inkebarrowe parish, the city of Worcester, and Astewedde in Fekenham parish, Worc.; in Spernall parish, Warw.; in Morton Bagott, Churchelenche, and Alcestre, Worc.; in Bydforde, Warw.; in Cundicote and Campden, Glouc.; and in Westhude and Keampley, Heref.; all which premises belonged to Cokehill priory. Rent 37s. 9d. Hampton Court, 30 June 34 Hen. VIII. Del Westm., 1 July.P.S. Pat. p. 1. m. 32.
2. Thos. Eden. Licence to alienate the manor of Highall, in Horningsey, Camb., to Thos. Wyllet. Westm., 1 July. Pat. 34 Hen. VIII., p. 4, m. 5.
3. Ralph Brereton, late a ward in the King's custody. Livery of lands as son and heir of Sir Ralph Brereton, dec., in England, Wales and Calais; with the reversion of lands held by Eleanor Brereton, widow, late wife of Sir Ralph, grandfather of the said Ralph, Isabella late wife of Sir Ralph father of the said Ralph, and Roger, Urinus and Robert Brereton, for term of life. With profits from 22 March 33 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 1 July 34 Hen. VIII.S.B. (Signed by Lord St. John, Hynde, Sewster and T. Nevyle.) Pat. p. 9, m. 20.
4. Henry Russell, clk., rector of Agmundisham, Linc, dioc., and Hasulbere, Sarum dioc. Licence to hold one other benefice in addition to the above. Hampton Court, 27 June 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 1 July.P.S. Pat. p. 3, m. 14.
5. George Ford, a minor in the King's hands. Livery of lands, as s. and h. of John Ford, dec., in England, Wales, Calais and the marches, with reversion of such lands as Joan Ford, widow, late wife of the said Joan, now holds, as her jointure, for life. Del. Westm., 3 July 34 Henry VIII.S.B. (Signed by Lord St. John, Hynde and Sewster.) Pat. p. 9, m. 8.
6. Sir Edm. Peckham, of Denham, Bucks. Licence to alienate the manor and rectory of Wedon Pynkney alias Loveswedon, Ntht., with appurtenances in Wedon and Weston, Ntht., and a portion of tithes out of the manor or lordship of Wapneham and Aschewell, Ntht., and the advowson of Wedon church, to Ric. Benett, clk., and Ric. Hutton, clk., to the use of the said Sir Edmund for life and, after his death, to the use of Robt. Peckham and Mary his wife, and the heirs of the body of the said Robert, with remainder to the right heirs of the said Edmund. Westm., 4 July. Pat. 34 Hen. VIII., p. 4. m. 5.
7. Wm. Clopton. Livery of lands as s. and h. of John Clopton, esq., dec., in England, Wales and the marches, and in Calais and its marches. Also of the reversion of lands which Ric. Clopton holds for life. With profits since Mich. 33 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 July 34 Hen. VIII.S.B. (Signed by St. John, Hynde, and Sewster.) Pat. p. 1, m. 1.
8. Ant. Smvth. Lease of the farm of Kepwyk in Worton, in the lordship of Middleham, Yorks., late in tenure of Jas. and Chr. Thompson and Christiana Jake, parcel of the lands assigned by Parliament for the pay of the garrison of Berwick; for 21 years, at 14l. rent. Hampton Court, 1 July 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 July.P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 11.
9. John Warde. Lease of divers shops and "shamell.," parcel of the possessions of Middleham, Yorks., and also toll of the market and toll of the two fairs there and stallage there, and also a farm there called Shewvng farm; for 21 years; at 54s. 10d. rent and 5s. 2d. new approved. Del. Westm., 5 July 34 Henry VIII.S.B. (Signed by Daunce, Pollard and Moyle.) Pat. p. 3, m. 22.
10. Ric. Martyn. Livery of lands, as son and heir of Roger Martyn, esq., dec., in England, Wales and the marches. Del. Westm., 6 July 34 Henry VIII. S.B. (Signed by Lord St. John, Hynde and Sewster.) Pat. p. 1, m. 3.
11. Ric. Andrewes and Leonard Chamberlain. Licences to alienate :
(i.) The manor of Wymley, Midd., &c. (No. 443 (39 5)); to Ric. Page. Westm., 7 July. Pat. 34 Hen. VIII., p. 11, m. 2.
(ii.) Frere Place (No. 443 (39 4)); to John Thornton of Northall. Westm, 7 July. Ib.
(iii.) A messuage in Boilston, Derb. (No. 443 (39 6)); to Wm. Cowper. Westm., 7 July. Ib.
12. Leonard Chamberleyn and Ric. Andrewes. Licences to alienate :
(i.) Lands (tenants named) in Radway and Ratcliff, Warw. (No. 443 (39 29)); and in Orilscote, Warw. (No. 443 (39 45)); to John Lecke of Astrop, Ntht., yeoman, and Edw. Leke, his son. Westm., 8 July. Pat. p. 3, m. 27.
(ii.) Lands (named and tenants named) in Rocheforde in Tenby parish. Salop, and in Parva Sutton, Worc. (No. 443 (39 26)); to Thos. Acton. Westm., 8 July. Pat. p. 3, m. 27.
(iii.) The grange and messuage called Hullynghull Graunge in Stoneley, Warw. (No. 443 (39 22)); to Thos. Gregory. Westm., 8 July. Pat. p. 3, m. 28.
13. Robt. Skern. Livery of lands, without proof of age, as s. and h. of Edmond Skern, dec., in England and Wales; and of reversion of lands held by Dorothy Skern, widow, late wife of the said Edmund, as jointure, for life. Westm., 6 Feb. 33 Hen. VIII. Del. 8 July 34 Hen. VIII.P.S. Pat. p. 9, m. 12.
14. Edm. Brudenell and Agnes his wife. Livery of lands in right of the said Agnes d. and h. of John Bussyar, dec., viz. :The lordships or manors of Hougham alias Hagham, Marston, Scotton and Maunton, Linc., Northwynkefeld and Morton, Derb., and Thystelton, Rutl., with all appurtenances in Hougham, Syston, Ryngstorp, Suswath, Asseby, Cletham, Wydnes, Scotton. Malmeton and Kymnalfrey, Linc., North and South Wynkefeld and Morton, Derb., Thistelton, Rutl., and in a burgage in the city of Lincoln. Del. Westm. [8 July.]S.B. (Injured and date lost. Signed by St. John, Hynde and Sewster.) Pat. 34 Hen. VIII. p. 9, m. 17.
15. Eliz. Mustchamp, widow, servant to Prince Edward. Annuity of 6l. 13s. 4d. for life. Hampton Court, 23 June 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 8 July. P.S. Pat. p. 3, m. 26.
16. Ric. Venablez, gent., one of the King's serjeants at arms. Lease of a tenement and land in Warford Parva and Tetton, Chesh., in tenure of Ralph Blakeshawe, and tenements in the several tenures of George Grafty, Jas. Rigeway, Ralph Bradforth, Jas. Backester, John Stretyll (with watermill), and John Fythean, in Tetton (with reservations), late belonging to Wm. Leghe, attainted; for 21 years; at rents of 57s. 4d., 22s., 15s., 12s., 10s., 30s., and 33s. 4d., respectively, and 7s. increase. Del. Walden, 10 July 34 Henry VIII.S.B. Pat. p. 3, m. 18.
17. Ric. Candishe, comptroller of the King's "water works" at Dover. Licence to buy and export 500 tuns of been. Hampton Court, 9 July 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 15 July.P.S. Pat. p. 6, m. 2. In English.
18. Wm. Moote, clk., King's chaplain. Presentation to the parish church of St. Mary the Virgin in Calais, Therouenne dioc., vice Wm. Chamberlayn, resigned. Addressed to the abp. of Canterbury. Hampton Court, 27 June 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Walden, 16 July.P.S. Pat. p. 6, m. 33.
19. Ant. Lysle, clk., M.A. Presentation to the perpetual rectory of St. Peter of Bonings, in the marches of Calais, in the jurisdiction of the abp. of Canterbury, vice Wm. Moote, King's Chaplain, resigned. Hampton Court, 8 July 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Walden, 16 July.P.S. Pat. p. 6, m. 33.
20. Commission of the peace. West Riding, Yorks.Chancellor Audeley, Treasurer Norfolk, President Suffolk, Privy Seal Russell (sic). C. bp. of Durham, Ralph earl of Westmoreland. Fras. earl of Shrewsbury. Thos. earl of Rutland, R. bp. of Llandaff, Wm. lord Dacre of Gillesland. John lord Scrope of Bolton, Sir Ric. Lyster, John Hynde, King's serjeant at law, Edm. Molyneux, King's serjeant at law. Thos. Magnus, clk., Sir Ric. Longe, Sir Marm. Constable, sen., Sir Wm. Evers, Sir Thos. Tempeste. Sir Wm. Gascoign, Sir Thos. Wentworth, Sir Thos. Clyfford, Sir Ralph Ellerker, Sir Ric. Gresham, Sir Wm. Myddelton. Sir Robt. Nevell, Sir Wm. Malyverey. Sir George Lawson, Sir Wm. Copley, Sir Henry Everyngham, Sir Chr. Danby, Sir Robt. Bowes, Sir Marm. Tunstall. Sir John Dawnev, Sir Wm. Malorv, Sir John Wentworth. Sir Gervase Clyfton, Sir Wm. Gascoign. jun. Thos. Fayerfax, serjeant at law, Michael Stanhon, John Uvedale. John Norton, Wm. Babthorp, Ric. Redmavn, Robt. Chaloner, John Anne. Thos. Wentworth of Wentworth, Wm. Hungate. sen., Fras. Frobyser. Roger Malett of Normanton, Thos. Gryce. John Lambert, Thos. Grene, John Pekke, Chas. Jakson. Ant. Awmond. John Gascoign, Wm. Vavasour' of Heswilwood, Wm. Skrympshere. John Wakefeld. Hen. Rychar. Hugh Wyrall, Wm. Tankerd, Thos. Waterton, Thos. Wydreff, Thos. Gargrave, John Tempeste, Leonard Bekwyth, Arthur Key, Thos. Raynold, Robt. Swyfte of Sheffeld and Thos. Draxe. Walden, 17 July. Pat. 34 Hen. VIII., p. 11, m. 3d.
21. The mayor, bailiffs and commonalty of Coventry. Grant, for 1,378l. 10s., of the reversion and rent reserved upon a Crown lease, 20 Feb. 31 Hen. VIII., to Hen. Over, of gardens called the Great and Little Orchards, and ponds called Swannespole and Newpole in Coventry, which belonged to the late Cathedral priory of Coventry; for 21 years, at 4l. 14s. 4d.; annuities of 2s. from Hen. Over, 8s. from John Sewall, 2s. 8d. from John Crampe, 2s. from Wm. Sterkey, 16d. from Thos. Saunders, and 2s. 8d. from the churchwardens of Holy Trinity in Coventry, for lands in Counden, Warw.; also the messuage called the Motehouse in Counden, closes, &c. (specified) in Counden in tenure of Mich. Bolde and Simon Parker; a messuage in Counden, late in tenure of John Congleton and afterwards leased to Wm. Egerton; a grove of wood in Radford in Holy Trinity parish, Coventry, in tenure of John Yerdley; lands in the several tenures of Wm. Kelingworthe, Barth. Ryley, Jas. Rogers and Wm. Alikoke in Radford, with other lands, specified, in Radford, and a water-mill there; a messuage in tenure of David Povey in Stoke Bygeing in Coventry and a rent there of 16s. 8d. from the mayor and bailiffs of Coventry, lands in tenure of Thos. Dudley and Thos. Birde in Bigging alias Stoke Bigeing, and of Humph. Randall and Joan his wife there; fields (named) in tenure of John Todde and Joan his wife, and Richard their son, and Agnes and Margaret Todde their daughters, in the parishes of Holy Trinity and St. Michael and in Stoke, also lands there late in tenure of Wm. Marler and afterwards leased to Thos. Napton; pasture called Windmill fields and tenements called Sponne Calcey near St. James' Chapel and other lands (named) in tenure of Guy Speke; messuages, &c. (specified), in tenure of Thos. Whyte (formerly of Thos. Woodehowse), Wm. Kenelworthe, Hen. Saunders, Roger Hodnet, John Castell, John Joyner, Chr. Warren, Thos. Bruer, Thos. Bustard, Wm. Saunders and Ric. Preste, in Coventry; Hawkesbury farm and wood in the parish of Sowe in co. Coventry, the chief messuage with the moat in tenure of Thos. Dean and Margery his wife and John their son in Sowe parish, with all other lands in their tenure in Sowe, Folxhull and Wyken in co. Coventry; a messuage in tenure of John Ratcliff in Sowe, and all other lands leased to him, 4 May 30 Hen. VIII., in Clare and Sowe; and lands (specified) in tenure of Simon Parker, Ric. Preste and Wm. Brecknocke, in Holy Trinity parish; all which premises belonged to the late Cathedral priory of Coventry.
Also the house and site of the late Friars Minors in Coventry.
Rent of 7l. 13s. 2d.; free of charges except an annuity of 20s. to Wm. Allicocke, bailiff and rent collector in Old Fillingley, Kerseley and Counden, Warw. Guildford, 22 July 34 Hen. VIII. Del. 29 July.P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 1.
22. George Throkmerton, of Derehurst, Glouc. Grant, in fee (in exchange for the manor of Whyte Waltham, Berks., and lands in Whyte Waltham, Shottesbroke, Binfeld and Lawrence Waltham, Berks., and for 89l. 6s. 8d.), of the house and site and demesnes of the late priory or cell of Derehurst, Glouc., which belonged to the late monastery of Tewkesbury, Glouc., the manor and rectory of Derehurst with their appurtenances in Derehurst and Ligh, Glouc., the messuage in tenure of Adam Aphowell in the city of Gloucester and all possessions of the cell of Derehurst in Ligh, Glouc., all which premises belonged to Derehurst; also the advowson of the vicarage of Bradwell, Oxon, which belonged to the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England. Assher, 13 July 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Walden, 20 July. P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 15.
23. George Hawe. Reversion of the office called "appositor forinc' Sccii" or "appositor for' extract' in Sccio" (foreign apposer of the Exchequer) now held by Thos. Pymme. Westm., 11 July 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Walden, 20 July.P.S. Pat. p. 3, m. 22.
24. Thos. Yonge, clk. Appointment to the free chapel or parish church of Hoggeston, Pemb., St. David's dioc., void by death and in the King's presentation for this time by the attainder of Lady Katharine Countess of Bridgewater, one of the patrons. Guildford, 21 July 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Walden, 23 July. P.S. Pat. p. 6, m. 33.
25. The free grammar school of Henry VIII. at Burgevenny. Foundation (for the better education of the King's subjects in co. Monmouth) with a master at a salary of 13l. 6s. 8d. and an undermaster (ypodidascalus) at 6l. 13s. 8d.; Nich. Oldysworthye, M.A., to be master. Also grant to the town of Burgevenny of the tithes of the rectory of St. Michael of Kylcorney, Llandaff dioc., in tenure of Wm. Herbert and Lewis Jones, which belonged to the suppressed priory of Burgevenny, of Llandewy Rothergh, Llan. dioc., in tenure of John ap Powell, of Llanellen, Llan. dioc., in tenure of Wm. Goughe, of Llanthewy Skredde, Llan. dioc., in tenure of John Lawrence, of Bringwine, Llan. dioc., in tenure of Ant. Dey, of Llanwenarthe, Llan. dioc., in tenure of Thos. Petts; all which belonged to the suppressed priory of Burgevenny; and tithes of Bedgeworth, Glouc., in tenure of Chr. Woodwell, clk., and Anth. Welles, which belonged to the late priory of Uske, Monm.; to hold as one-fortieth of a knight's fee at 40s. rent : and out of these tithes the salaries of the master and under-master are to be paid by the town. On every vacancy of the mastership, the bailiffs of the town and the vicar of the parish church for the time being, or the bailiffs alone if the vicarage be vacant, shall elect a master. This grant to be forfeited if the master and under-master are not paid their salaries; and provision made for depriving the master if he neglect his office. Form of prayers for the King and Prince Edward, to be said daily, set out. Assher, 13 July 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Walden, 24 July.P.S. (mutilated). Pat. p. 4, m. 14 (stained).
26. Sir John Cornwaleys. Grant, in tail male, of the reversion and rent reserved upon a Crown lease, made 1 June 32 Hen. VIII., to John Aldeham, of the grange or manor of Tytteshall alias Tyvettishall, Norf., with pasture there called the Park, two closes, a pightell called Cattescroft and a close called the Lawnde, for 21 vears at 15l. rent; also a pasture called Highwood and all appurtenances of the manor in Tytteshall, Dekylburgh, Shympling, Multon, Pulham, Gyssyng and Wacton, Norf.; also the advowson of the rectory of St. Mary and St. Margaret in Tytteshall; all which belonged to Bury St. Edmund's abbey, Suff. Assher, 12 July 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Walden, 24 July.P.S. Pat. p. 6, m. 22.
27. Edw. earl of Hertford. Grant, in fee (in exchange for the rectories of Abbotts Ile, Ilmyster, Meryett, Ilcombe, Horton, Somerton, Fyffehed, Myddelney, Moreton and Drayton, Soms., 20s. a year out of Somerton vicarage, the tithes of the demesne lands of the manor of Weston, Soms., and lands in Great Marlow, Bucks., lately sold to the King, and for 402l. 5s. 7d.), of (1) the reversion and rent reserved upon a Crown lease, 6 Oct 28 Hen. VIII., to John Grenefeld, serjeant at arms, of the house and site of the late priory of Tywardreth, Cornw., with lands called Corogett and the grange of Trenante, for 21 years at 9l. 9s. 4d.; also all the demesne lands of Tywardreth, the foresaid grange of Trenante in Foy parish, the manor of Tywardreth, and the advowson of the vicarage there, all which premises belonged to Tywardreth priory; (2) the manor of Yng at Stone, Essex, the advowson of the rectory of Gynge Hospitall, Essex, and all appurtenances in Yng at Stone, Gynge Freren, Gynge Hospitall and Gynge Abbesse, which belonged to the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem; (3) the mano of More Abbesse and More Malwyn Hants., which belonged to Romsey abbey, Hants.; (4) the manor of Loke ridge, Wilts., and lands (named) in tenure of John White in Putteshall Lane in Myldenall parish, Wilts., which belonged to St. Margaret's priory beside Marleborough, Wilts.; (5) the manor of Kentbury Eyton, Berks., which belonged to Nonne Eton priory, Warw.; and (6) the manor of Wynterbourne Monketon Wilts., which belonged to Glastonbury abbey, Soms. Rents of (1) 9s. 8d. for the site and demesnes and 9s. 4d. for the grange, and 28s. 6d. for the other possessions, (2) 56s. 8d, (3) 46s., (4) 6s. 1d. for the manor and 3s. for the rest, (5) 58s. 7d., and (6) 53s. 4d. Okyng, 15 July 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 27 July. P.S. Pat. p. 8, m. 3.
28. Thomas Devell, of Tottenham, Midd., surgeon. Pardon for having, along with Kath. Heyther alias Dyer, late of London, 21 Nov. 33 Hen. VIII., about 4 a.m., broken into the house of John Grey at Edelmeton and stolen various articles of woman's apparel (named and valued) and 25s. in money, for which felony both now stand indicted. Del. Walden, 28 July 34 Henry VIII. S.B. (Endd. : "One Thomas Devell of Totenham most humbly sueth to your Majesty for your gracious pardon.") Pat. p. 6, m. 7.
29. Winifred Luxston, of Exeter, spinster. Pardon for having upon three separate, occasions (10 March and 3 March 32 Hen. VIII. and 16 Sept. 33 Hen. VIII.) broken into the house of Wm. Hurst, sen., at Exeter, and stolen 27l., 3l. and 20l. Assher, 12 July 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Walden, 29 July. P.S. Pat. p. 6, m. 5.
30. Ph. Hobby, King's servant. Grant, in fee, for 891l. 10s., of (1) the house and site of the late monastery of Evesham, Worc., with the demesne lands (specified), except the buildings called the Almery, bounded by the monastery gate on the north, the Abbot's stables on the south, the Basse court on the east and Barton gate on the west, with the Almery garden and stables and the gate called Barton Gate with the dovecot upon it and other buildings and lands (specified) which have been granted to Clement Lichefeld, late abbot of Evesham, for life; except also the buildings called the Receipt and those in which the records of the monastery remain and some other buildings, specified. Also grant (2) of lands (specified) in Salforde, Warw., and Beangworthe, Evesham (in tenure of Rob. Cannyng), and Lenchewike (beside Offenham Bridge there, with the fishing in the weir there in tenure of Wm. Cokesey), Worc.; (3) the manor of Hudycote Bartram, Glouc., with lands and rents (specified) thereto belonging; all which premises belonged to Evesham. Also grant (4) of the messuage in tenure of Rob. Holland in Richeston, Linc. which belonged to Torkesey priory, Linc. Rents of (1, 2 and 4) 69s. 10d., (3) 12s. 4d. Guildford, 24 July 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Walden, 30 July.P.S. Pat. p. 6, m. 33.


  • 1. He really sent the bp. of Westminster.
  • 2. See No. 536.
  • 3. Nott's reference to Harl. 283 is erroneous.
  • 4. This heading is certainly inaccurate, although the handwriting of the MS. looks contemporary, or nearly so. Surrey does not seem to have been lodged in the Tower either now, or in his later imprisonment in 1543, but in the Fleet on both occasions.
  • 5. Sunday was the 30th, not the 29th, in 1542.
  • 6. Alessandro de Bologna. See Nos. 535, 539.
  • 7. Salmeron and Capata. See No. 102.
  • 8. The Bishop's name, according to Keith, was Ferquhard Ferquhardson.